and i am a cow

My Name Is Cow: Masterpost(?)

(The first few stanzas covered by i-ddpej here.)

my name is Cow,
and wen its nite,
or wen the moon
is shiyning brite,
and all the men
haf gon to bed -
i stay up late.

i lik the bred.

my name is Dog,
and wen its tea,
i hope they giv
sum foode to me -
i hope they shair
befor its gon -
they never do.

i dont get non.

my name is Cow,
and this is tru -
my caynine frend,
its up to yu.
so just be brayve
and smart insted -
and be like me.

i lik the bred.

(Bridge, dividing original content from fan content: First Of All How Dare You)

my name is Cat
no cares have i
be it sun or moone
that lytes the sky
by night i prowl
by day i stretch
i salute u, Cow

u bold old wretch

O clevr Cat
Who roams the barn
I promys you
I men no harm
As yor a friend
With stelthy tred
I invyte you

To lik sum bred.

I am the bred
With yeast I ryse
Mine amber crust
Doth pleas thyn eys

The cow and cat
Whos tongues delit
Upon my crust
Both noon and nite

Are easy stop’d
By dor and slat
Perhaps the baker
Noes not that?


I don’t feel this cow is as enamored with Zion as I am.


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(artwork above by Jay)

i lik the welsh bred

Buwch ydw i
ac yn y nos
neu phan mae lleuad
fawr a chlos
a phob un dyn
tu fas o glyw -
i fwyta'r bara
dw i'n byw

(”I am a cow / and in the night / or when there is / a big close moon / and every man / is out of hearing / to eat the bread / is what I live for”)

anonymous asked:

season two thoughts???

i watched all of this as soon as it came out last night so i probs forgot a lot of details lol. here’s some stuff i liked about s2:

  • sheith fucking died good riddance
  • shiro in ep 1 just being like “guess i’ll die lol” Mood
  • episode 2
  • pidge being cute heals my wounds
  • for some reason i wasn’t expecting a rebel galra organization at all so i really liked that!
  • that monster from the 3rd episode that essentially vores things and then vored itself and died
  • the pool scene and also every klance interaction in general tbh
  • paul blart mall cop space edition! how does netflix know who i am and what i want!!!!!!
  • lance’s cow that just fucking disappeared 
  • galra keith!!! Nice!!!!!!!!!!!
    • hunk making galra keith jokes is my fave i hope we see more of that lmao
  • the scene w lance’s insecurities setting the stage for a lance arc in s3
  • i wasn’t expecting the twist w haggar at all and now i want answers lol
  • i really loved every coran scene i would die for coran

things i didn’t like about s2

  • hunk being reduced to food and fat jokes like…he’s so much more than that wtf hunk deserves better
  • building up other character’s intelligence at lance’s expense is :/// lance is a Smart Boy give him some credit wtf i hope we see lance being respected more in s3
  • lance, hunk, and allura weren’t really around but i’m hoping that this means that s3 will be focused on them like how s2 was focused on keith, shiro, and pidge
  • i wish we saw more of ppl’s (and keith’s tbh) reactions to galra keith but i’m hoping that’ll be addressed in s3 cuz i doubt keith can adjust to this info as quickly as it seemed like he did
    • i hope we learn more about keith’s parents too wtf where is keith’s mom
  •  i can’t remember anything else but there’s a good chance i’ve missed some stuff

so yeah i liked season 2 a lot!!!! it wasn’t perfect but i have a feeling that s3 is gonna be way better and probably make up for what a lot of s2 neglected

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