and i always wear old clothes

Little Melbourne Things
  • frantically topping up your myki so you get to your train on time
  • the disgusting toilets at flinders st
  • the macca’s on swanston street
  • the giant pocket watch clock at melbourne central
  • all the coffee is great
  • having to walk a million kilometers to get to a vline platform
  • “it looks like it’s gunna be hot today i’ll wear cooler clothes…well fuck it’s raining now”
  • the ptv mates
  • wondering wtf occupies 90% of the flinders st building because it all looks abandoned af
  • theres always somethin goin on at fed square
  • taking a tram instead of walking for 10 minutes because youre just too lazy
  • dont even think about taking the train between 4 and 6, you will SUFFER
  • the tram noise
  • flying half way across the tram because it’s suddenly stopped
  • the really weird mix of old and modern architecture ??
  • the giant chess board out the front of the state library
  • HSPs…!!!!
  • the dread in your heart when you hear your myki get declined
  • getting horribly lost like mate you better know where you’re going bc i am sick of walking

but apostate hobo mage ROBES

*kicks your door down*

Damian wearing Dick, Jason, and Tim’s hand-me-downs.

Dress shirts and suit jackets that are a little too big.

Jeans that ‘you’ll grow into, Dami’.

Old t-shirts and sweaters with characters from old cartoons and games.

Sweatshirts that always carry the faint, vaguely comforting scent of their previous owner no matter how many times they’re washed.

I know Bruce is like a gazillionaire and most of Damian’s clothes are probably brand new and tailored but Bruce also doesn’t waste things, so those boxes of clothes the boys grew out of have to go somewhere. Plus Dami’s the youngest and the youngest always gets the old clothes no one wants anymore (I’m the youngest of five, trust me on this).

Just…Damian wearing hand-me-downs.

Street racing!UT AU characters designs

Now a short(cough) info about each one of them:

Sans: A 22yyear old mechanic and hobby racer, his personal car is a black and white ‘67 Ford Mustang. He’s the one who fixes his car and his brother’s, never giving a shit  to other racers critiques. Loves to use simple clothing, easy to wear and maintain, the only pieces of wear he takes good care of is his jacket(Papy’s present), his glasses and his gloves.
As I said before, Sans left eye gives him the ability to see into the next 10 minutes of his future, but this visions aren’t always definitive, they can show him several results of what might happen and its always flashes of people, places and events, sometimes even colors or sounds. Sans is half blind from his left eye, a consequence of the accident.
After their parents death, Sans and Papyrus were taken in by a family’s old friend, Grillby, and grew up watching street racers driving by the restaurant.

Papyrus: 18/19 years old young racer, wishes to be a police officer, his ride is a red '06 Nissan 350Z.
Papyrus normally uses his racer uniform and a cap left by his mother(who was a mechanic of pro racing), but underneath that uniform he wears a white and red t-shirt. The sneakers were a present from Sans, who saw the shoes on a shop during a race.
When stressed out or in danger, Papyrus right eye activates and gives him the ability of making his body faster than others, being able to process more rapidally the next 5 minutes. This way he can even dodge an accident in the middle of the road(for example, drifting away from the place, which is something that only Sans is able to do)

Frisk: Non-binary, 15/16 year old kid, with no memories of how they got in the middle of the road, meeting Sans in the process. The only thing they remenber is blood, flashlights, screams and tires screaching.
Soon Frisk became Sans protegé, apprentice and family member; slowly showing signs of a great love of video recording, affinity to fix machines and great reflexes.

Mettaton X: He says he’s 20 years old, but no one knows how really old is this strange but fabulous robot, built by Alphys to be able to drive the fastest car ever built. His ride could only be the most expensive that ever existed: a Pink Convertible Ferrari F50 '95.
Mettaton not only is a street racer, ready to show off his magnificent ride and huge ability for speeding, but also the most famous pro racer ever known, this is, almost beating the Legendary Wingdings. Mettaton’s dream to beat this racer and become the world’s best.

StreetCar Racing AU, art, designs © mine
Undertale © Toby Fox

P.S: Because i dont know SHIT about race cars and muscle cars, i went searching on the internet what kind of cars they used on “the fast and furious”, “the fast and furious: Tokyo drift” and “inicial D”, saw what kinds mirrored perfectly each UT character and worked from there. Also, Mettaton’s car was taken from an actual Ferrari legit model that my dad has on his workplace(exept his is red, not pink).

Everyone always headcanons Overwatch heroes in their casual clothes as stylish and attractive. I think it’s funnier to imagine that away from the webcam, D.VA never gets out of her pajamas, Pharah hates clothes shopping so everything she owns is at least 8 years old and full of holes, when Mercy isn’t designing her next costume, she’s wearing long-sleeve thermals under everything because she’s so used to doing that from wearing scrubs. Hanzo is terrified about what people might think if they ever saw him not looking ~amazing~ so he takes two hours to get dressed and it drives everyone crazy, and everyone is secretly horrified about McCree’s desire to plaster the US flag on everything. And Soldier 76? Three words: OLD MAN LOAFERS.

Creepypasta #963: Alonzo The Hitchhiker And His Mysterious Bag

Admin note: I am currently overseas until the 14th November. Questions and messages will be replied to after the 14th Nov. Submissions will also only be posted after the 14th.

Length: Long

I am a self contractor, that means that I travel across the United States a lot. In my travels, I have met many unique people and have had a chance to hear some bizarre stories from many different people, some of these stories would make your skin crawl. This one particular story begins like this,

I was traveling from Georgia to Kentucky for a job. It’s a lonely world when you are always driving by yourself, so to have someone to talk to, I often pick up hitchhikers along the way. This particular day, I’m driving down I-16 W and I spot a guy carrying a bag of what I would assume to have been clothes. The guy was a tall black male, looked to be in his 40’s, wearing an old grey t-shirt, a black baseball cap, and some jeans.

I pulled over in front of him and gave him the motion to hop in. He runs over and jumps in, and just like that, we were both headed west on I-16 again. I broke the silence first, “I’m Josh. I’m headed to Kentucky, I saw you back there, figured might as well give you a ride man.”

The guy smiled for a second, “Name’s Alonzo and I’m headed wherever the hell will get me outta the place I just came from.”

I lit up with joy. This sounded like it was about to be a great story, which meant the pick up was about to pay off.

“Oh?” I replied, “What do you mean?”

“See this bag?” he replied, as he pointed down at the black bag sitting between his feet. He paused and waited on me to acknowledge the bag. I nodded.

“Let me just tell you about this bag. This ain’t no ordinary bag. This bag contain a story all on it’s own. Hell, I don’t even know if I’m worthy to tell you about this bag here, but seeing as you was nice enough to give Alonzo a ride, I’ll tell you about this bag. I’d been walking bout’ three hours back there in that heat. Kind of stuff that make a man’s feet hurt something strong. I had done made my way onto the interstate, figured it was my best chance of getting away from there, quicker.”

“There?”, I questioned as I kept looking at the interstate ahead.

Alonzo continued, “I’m from a lot of different places. Here and there, all around, everywhere, hell I ain’t never had no permanent home, just had moved from Louisiana to Georgia about two weeks ago. I found this old run down house for rent out by a pond, way out from town, out there in the middle of nowhere, out in the woods, where ain’t no body going to bother you, just how I like it.

Was really liking it back there, at that little house, sitting out by that pond all evening, just me and the crickets, but wouldn’t you know, nothin’ don’t ever stay good for long.

A few days ago, this lady shows up, right out of nowhere, saw her walking down my long driveway, just before dark. I went outside and met her on the porch, it was just a little old white lady, looked to be almost 70. Still don’t know how in the world she got there, but she was carryin’ this here bag.

She told me, just like this "When you leave, take this bag with you”, she looked scared, sounded like she was trying to warn me.

I told her, “Mam’ what you mean when I leave? I just had got here I don’t plan on going nowhere soon, and what’s in this bag anyways?”

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tainted-petals  asked:

Where do you even begin to get ideas for the shirts you have Paps and Undyne wear?

* I want to make their clothes look cute and campy and colourful! Making their wardrobe more lively was a fun idea I had, and trying to figure out what to have them wear is always a fun part.

* Sometimes they wear clothes I’ve seen online (like Papyrus’ amazing Christmas sweater), and sometimes I just design something I want to wear, or what I really want them to wear (for example, the shirt Papy is gonna be wearing on tonight’s comic is one of my favourites because that nickname of his always makes me cackle. Also this. I think this is absolutely hilarious.)

* I also started to recycle old designs recently, to add a touch of realism to the mix, and to bring some of my favourite designs back! (Such as Papy’s CNMNBN shirt which is one of my old faves lmao)

* I am generally a huge character design enthusiast so I love designing good shirts for them to wear! I often also ask my friends what to write on the shirt, or what colour to make it, and then just go from there. <:

* I should probably draw myself wearing some of my cool shirts, but my striped sweater is so iconic for me at this point that I don’t want to change it lmao


Pic on the top is how I started the day yesterday for work, and the pic on the bottom is from last night around 2 am when I decided to play with makeup and break out my sparkly eyeliner and contacts again for the hell of it.

I never mentioned this in my profile, but I’m gender fluid. So if you’ve ever wondered, I am telling you in this post that you may call me by any pronoun. I am not personally offended if you call me she when I’m wearing the suit and tie or he if I’m wearing the getup in the bottom pic. When I’m wearing women’s clothes, I’ve always felt more like I’m a guy cross dressing in drag. I’ve felt that way since I was really young (like, four years old) and I think that’s why I tend to like the “overdone” look when I decide to wear dresses and dress feminine. I grew up in a generation and part of the US where trans rights weren’t a thing or visible, so it just never occurred to me as a young kid to think anything of it when I felt like both male and female. My parents never stopped me when I said I wanted to be Jason the Red Ranger AND Kimberly the Pink Ranger on the playground (my parents are awesome, for the record XD). I’m really happy with who I am. It’s funny how I never realized there was even a term to articulate what “it” was, but I knew when I was young that I just felt a little different. Recently I found out that the term was “gender fluid.” Only took me about 24 or 25 years. XD

Hello everyone! My name is Jillian and my main got7 blog is gotchicken. I’m 18 years old and I study fashion design. This blog is something I’ve always wanted to put together and I really enjoy doing. I don’t want this to only be a blog that posts about the clothing the members wear, but also fashion inspired by them. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask! 

Things to submit:

- got7 accessories and clothing merchandise you own 

- matching clothing you have with got7

- your own inspired clothing pieces and outfits 

- outfits boards you created digitally 

- igot7 + bias selfies

submit here

anonymous asked:

If you had to give your younger sister 5 pieces of fashion advice, what would you tell her?

she already wears my clothes and she’s like the most chic 12-year-old lol all her friends are always so jealous

anyway what I will continue to tell her is: 

1. quality over quantity - rather have a few good pieces of clothing than the whole zara; 2. invest in outwear and shoes and once you’re comfortable with that level of spending - bags as well; 3. a good pair of sunglasses has the power to make or brake an outfit; 4. not everything will be suitable for you and the point is not to follow the latest trend if it doesn’t suit you, it’s to find what looks best on your and build up on that; 5. black black black

Welp! Here she-uh.. I am in all her glory! I legit own every piece of clothing on this gal. The hand made beanie, the dorky red box plaid shirt, and some old jeans! The bracelet is something I always wear it was a gift and it’s made of jade shaped into a bamboo shoot.

A Wolverine! I think that is what I would be in the Zootopia universe (Or furry/fursona) I really get into some feisty moods if you know me well enough. When I have a temper it’s a pretty bad one. (Especially over food ;) ) OH and do I love food!! I swear I dream about it all the time… Even as I eat it. I think if I could afford it I would be a food hoarder.

Enough rambling!

headcanon: ok so, i am 99% sure that the sweater Ford regularly wears after he comes out of the portal actually belonged to Stan. ever since he was a kid, Stan only ever really wore one color, which is this faded maroon/red color. the sweater Ford wears now is almost the exact same color.

Ford, on the other hand, has always leaned more towards yellows, browns, and the occasional orange or blue.

which leas me to believe that the sweater Ford is wearing is one that Stan lent to him. (this might also go for his pants, because Ford has only been shown wearing blue or brown pants, not black, if you exclude the clothes he was wearing immediately after coming out of the portal. Stan regularly wears black pants.)

so, i’m thinking that Ford’s old clothes were either too small for him now (especially since he is noticeably bigger than when he was 28), or they were just too old and not in good enough condition to use anymore. clothes can only last so long, after all. so Stan lent Ford some of his own clothes that he never wears, like the red sweater, and possibly the pants.

(side note: Stan and Ford got their color preferences from their mom and dad, respectively. their dad always wore a yellow and brown suit with a blue undershirt, and their mom always wore a maroon dress)


Hanging on the couch with my fave misbehaving 3 year old before we venture to the gym. He started out wanting to be puppies but was THRILLED with the bunny filter. I mean, look at that face!! 😍😍

Also, I swear this kid owns clothes. He just always refuses to wear them unless we’re going out 😂😂


I saw several other people do this and it just makes me so sad so I did one too. Whatever.

-wearing your mothers old clothes at age 9 because regular children’s clothes don’t fit
- mentioning your hungry once in awhile and the reply every time is “youre always hungry”
- “ you don’t need that”
- dressing in baggy clothes to hide the rolls
- dressing boyish because you didnt ever feel pretty enough to wear cute clothes
- having friends that constantly complain that they’re fat when they aren’t
- skipping breakfast and lunch
- being afraid to eat to eat in front of people
- finding a fashionable plus sized store but everything is too expensive
-trying on swimsuits and crying in the dressing room because everything looks so horrible
-being self aware when eating in front of other people
-starving yourself at 13
- being told your not fat even though you very much are because fat=ugly and they’re trying to convince you that you’re beautiful
- getting to the point where you hate you self so much you start making yourself throw up

     ➔ episodes 1x01-1x03

  • “This job is eating me alive.”
  • “I’d like to apologize for him. His parents didn’t give him enough attention.”
  • “His code name if Fuzzy Cuddle Bear.” 
  • “Good news for all you murder fans!”
  • “You know how old people always have that gunk on them?”
  • “Does anyone get a little bit of a gay vibe?” 
  • “They’re pretty much worthless but they make good coffee.” 
  • “The only puzzle he hasn’t solved is how to grow up.” 
  • “It’s impossible to solve things unless you’re wearing a tie.”
  • “I gorged myself at that funeral.”
  • “Speaking of murder, what are you doing here?” 
  • “I bet on some over-the-clothes action.” 
  • “A dude broke in, smoked weed, and bolted.” 
  • “First of all, I think you’re overdoing it with the manscaping.”
  • “You’re a bad judge of character and your shirt looks like vomit.” 
  • “I never took off the speedo. Big mistake. It is inside of me.”
  • “I have a degree in numerology from the internet.” 
  • “The drugs are in a location.” 
  • “Your entire life is garbage.” 
  • “I want to see what happens when I taser this cantaloupe.” 
  • “He would literally let you do anything if you gave him a hamburger.” 
  • “I’m anxious to restore my status as a lone wolf.” 
  • “Do you know where we keep the glitter?” 
  • “There’s a penis on my minivan?” 
  • “It’s better to be a criminal.” 
  • “My name is Banana Fartman, MD.” 
  • “Can you go be depressed over there? You’re bumming out my whole area.” 
  • “I’m gonna pee. That’s what I’m doing tonight.” 
  • “I’ll end up on the streets selling my body for a can of beans.” 
  • “Has anyone ever told you that you look exactly like a statue?” 
  • “The universe is a cruel and vexing puzzle.” 
  • “Why are you always telling us about your disgusting body?” 
  • “I will make better mouth.” 
  • “No hard feelings, but I hate you. Not joking.” 
  • “Why was your hand in your back pocket?” 
  • “My first instinct was not to caress her butt.” 
  • “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get your life back on track.” 
  • “Are you saying that black people can’t sell drugs?” 
  • “Why would I ever eat off his shirt?” 
  • “Man, girls are so scary.” 
  • “In all cases, cops are the worst.” 
  • “The fairy princess castle has defeated me.” 
  • “What kind of castle has wheels?” 
  • “I think you have many hidden talents.”
  • “Noooo, I have no talents.” 
  • “Constantly getting his approval is the worst.” 


I just got this image of when In HP when Neville was confronted by that bogart that turned into snape so he made it wear his grandmothers clothes??? So snape in those old lady clothes like.

That’s aaron. In bex clothes. Omg I have to do it. Aaron’s face on that outfit with the purple and leopard print. I’m dying what a Look.


Parents and family don’t realize how toxic the shit they say to their daughters can be. Ever since I was little, I was never allowed to wear shorts or anything “revealing”. My mom would always told me, “you don’t want to be seen as THAT girl”. Of course at such a young age, I never thought much about what she meant by that and when I asked her she’d say, “the kind of girl that dresses inappropriately to attract attention from boys”. Hearing that at 9 years old didn’t mean much to me, but 10 years later it honestly makes me sick to my stomach because why should a fucking 9 year old feel like she is making herself sexually appealing by wearing a piece of clothing? Why should a 9 year old have to concern herself with sexual matters at all? The sexualizing of black girls starts at a young age and unfortunately at home most of the time . 10 years later the same shit is still happening to me, the same things are still being said to me. It’s progressed to being called a “thot” because I wore a t-shirt dress that came slightly above my knees, or being told I looked like a “whore” because I wore yoga pants with an oversized t-shirt, and the way it made my butt stick out was too “vulgar”. I could go on and on with the shit I’ve heard from my family, or falling susceptible to school dress codes, or just dusty niggas who feel the need to make comments on my body while minding my own business walking down the street, but I’m sick of it all. I’m sick of feeling uncomfortable with my body because other people are uncomfortable with it, I’m tired of the fact I can’t wear anything other than a fucking potato sack without being deemed too sexual, and I’m tired of being misrepresented because people want to make assumptions that they really don’t know shit about. Why does the fact I have hips, an ass, and breasts classify me as vulgar? How is a woman’s body naturally vulgar? I’m angry and I’m sick of the slandering, because I see the potential in myself and so many black girls, I am sick of being limited to a sexual object. I made a post about this a few weeks ago, but I feel like this is a message that needs to be repeated consistently. To hell with misogyny. STOP SEXUALIZING BLACK GIRLS.