and i always thought it was zak

I think Apollo and Trucy would keep their last name as “Justice” and “Wright” even after they get reunited with their mother. Not only their real names. Frankly I don’t want Trucy to use “Trucy Gramarye” as her stage name either.(like Zak and Valant did)

Well, of course this is totally related to the fact that Thalassa’s reunion with her children is being procrastinated like forever. I actually used to imagine very happy and tearful reunion happening right after AJ. Trucy having a loving mother which is quite a luxury compared to many other AA characters, and Apollo crying because he always imagined what would his mother look like as a child, but he never thought she would be THIS beautiful and talented. Both Apollo and Trucy really loved Lamiroir’s singing. And since Trucy was still only fifteen, I thought there would be still some time to bond with her mom as she grew up, like mother&daughter practicing magic tricks together.

But now, two years passed. Trucy is already seventeen, and Apollo is starting his own firm as a lawyer. I really, really thought Thalassa would finally meet her children in this game, but it didn’t happen. It was just “implied” in the end that it would happen in the future. Seriously, Thalassa, your son almost died and your daughter was kidnapped in the last game. In this game your daughter got arrested as a murder suspect. But where were you? No, please don’t pull that bullshit “she was secretly watching over her children from far apart.” That’s a very lame excuse and already used on Misty and Zak.

So now, my imagination about reunion of Thalassa and her kids had been changed a lot. It wouldn’t be the happy reunion I used to imagine. It would be ANGSTY. Apollo would be very angry. He would demand to know where she had been, while her children went through all those shits for past two years. She wasn’t there when Trucy was still young and needed a mother, but now that Trucy is almost an adult and starting her career as a professional magician, she suddenly appears? Does she want Trucy’s money? I can actually see Apollo declaring that he never had a mother and would be happy to remain so. And since Trucy considers Apollo as her family and not Thalassa, she would be more worried about his feeling than hers.

I do think they would eventually make up, even though it would take quite a long time for Thalassa to gain her children’s trust, let alone their love. Phoenix would also have to apologize deeply to both kids. He knew everything yet he didn’t tell anything. It would be especially harder for Apollo to forgive them. At least Trucy has the vague memory of her mommy’s love when she was little, and Phoenix has been her daddy since childhood, but Apollo has much less attachment to both of those people. Not to mention that Trucy was always the optimist while Apollo was the cynic. Trucy might forgive them after a few days, but it would take weeks or even months for Apollo.

Back to the last name issue, yes, I think both Apollo and Trucy would refuse to take the last name “Gramarye” even after they make up with their mother. Apollo’s whole life had been nothing to do with Gramaryes. He’s not even a magician, so he doesn’t have any reason to take that name. Also, he likes his name “Justice” because it suits his profession as a lawyer too.

For Trucy, it’s more complicated. She is a magician and inherited the right to perform Magnifi’s tricks. But she grew up having Phoenix Wright as her only parent and family. Her mother, father, uncle, and grandfather practically did NOTHING for her. For almost a decade, she practiced her magic alone since the only thing she got from Gramarye was her own talent. She loves Phoenix Wright as her daddy, and even if she becomes a magician like her biological parents, that doesn’t mean she would stop being her daddy’s daughter. So I think she would still choose to be Trucy Wright rather than Trucy Gramarye. Because ever since she first appeared in this series, she always identified herself as the daughter of Phoenix Wright, not of Zak Gramarye.

Thalassa would support her decision because she knows that feeling. Trucy was abandoned by Zak, but many years ago Thalassa herself was abandoned by her father Magnifi too, and had to restart her life alone. Now she loves her new life as a songstress and doesn’t want to go back, which was one of the reasons why she didn’t declare herself as Thalassa Gramarye to the public even after she regained her memory. She would understand Trucy’s feeling because she still prefers living as Lamiroir rather than as Thalassa, just like Trucy loves her life in Wright Anything Agency with her new family.

I treasure this headcanon because I think Takumi Shuu really needs to STOP putting the burden of family name on the shoulders of teenage orphan girls. He already did that to Maya Fey and Franziska von Karma. Both girls suffered under the weight of their family names as the only heir, struggled to restore the family to former glory, which were ruined by their terrible parents. I’m honestly in fear that same thing is happening to Trucy from this game. Please, I don’t want Trucy to live for Gramarye name or her grandfather. I want her to live for her own happiness. That’s why I was so happy at GK2. When Kay Faraday (another teenage orphan girl) decided to find her own path of justice instead of just following her dead father’s footstep.

I think Trucy would be the world’s best magician. But not because she needs to restore Gramarye name into its former glory.

It’s because Trucy loves magic, she’s best at it, and it makes her happy. Trucy won’t live her life as “the granddaughter and heir of Magnifi Gramarye.” Nope. Not at all. History would remember “Trucy Wright” as the greatest magician, while Magnifi would be known as her grandfather. Just like that Edgeworth and Franziska would be remembered as the greatest prosecutors while Manfred would be the example of psychotic criminal.