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Low waste goals

Hello! I decided to create and share a short list of things I’d like to tackle in terms of reducing my waste. I’ve already made a few considerable changes but I know there are plenty of things to work on.

Maybe writing down some of those things will help: 

  • Buy a wooden toothbrush (as soon as my stock is empty)
  • Stop accepting flyers just for convenience
  • Reject free stuff and giveaways I don’t actually need
  • Stop picking up (free) magazines I won’t read more than once and can’t pass on to someone else enjoying it too…
  • Find an alternative for napkins (maybe get fabric ones?)
  • Make a plastic free make up remover (suggestions, anyone?)
  • Also a plastic free hair conditioner (?)
  • Sort out things I own but don’t love ✔️
  • Give things I own but don’t love to family, friends or strangers
  • Go to the next meet up of my local zero waste store (maybe get involved)
It’s been a year since and a half since I came to Korea and in that time I’ve met many amazing people. EXO’s Lay hyung is a representative of those people. He is a great dancer and singer, but other than thatLay hyung has his own charm that can not be explained through words. I also want to have my very own charm one day.
Perfect Family [Batsis]

@hoodminter requested: “Hello, I absolutely love your imagines. Could you do an imagine where you’re Bruce Wayne’s legitimate daughter and when you were younger you would always run up to him and give him a hug when he came back from patrol. as you got older, you grew tired of being his last priority so eventually you start cutting him out of your life and he doesn’t realise until he finds out from one of your brothers that you’re married and have a child”

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1690

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[D/N] = Daughter’s Name
[H/N] = Husband’s Name



A giggle left your lips when you were attacked by your child with a hug. “Woah there sweetie, wouldn’t want to hurt yourself now would you?” you teased, picking her up. “Now, how was my princess’s first day of school?”

“Awesome!” she exclaimed happily, waving to one of her newly-made friends along the way, “My teacher is really nice.”

“Really? He seems very nice.” you noted in agreement, “Did you get into trouble?” When your daughter shook her head, you were satisfied. You helped her into the car seat seat then drove off home.

“When is daddy coming home?” [D/N] asked curiously, clearly missing her father. You smiled at her through the rearview mirror.

“He’s coming home tonight honey.” Your smile widened when your daughter’s face lit up.

“Really?!” she gasped, moving excitedly in her seat.

“Really.” you confirmed with a nod, “That means we’ll have a big dinner to welcome him home.”

As soon as you reached your house, you allowed [D/N] to play while you worked on that dinner you told her your family would have. You made sure to make your husband’s favorite, knowing that he would be exhausted. The thought of seeing his face when he walked in the door made you grin to yourself.

The day flew by in a blink of an eye and you hadn’t notice until you heard the door open and close, followed by your daughter’s excited squeal and your husband’s voice which you missed so dearly.

“Mommy! Daddy’s home!” [D/N] shouted which was accompanied by a series of loud steps and you knew that your husband was going to get tackled by a very active child.

“Hey [D/N], I missed you.” [H/N] said, giving your daughter kisses all over her face. “How was my princess’s first day of school?”

“Fun! I made friends.” she informed, “You should’ve been there.”

“I know honey, I know,” he said sadly, “but daddy had to work. I’m sorry, I tried to get home as soon as possible.” You heard your daughter ‘hmph’ but her resolve was never strong when it came to her dad.

“I know I can’t possibly make up for missing your first day, but… guess what I got you from Japan?” your husband asked cheekily.

“What? Daddy, what?!” [D/N] demanded. You finished setting up the dinner table and decided to finally go see your husband. You got there just in time to see him giving [D/N] a Snorlax plushie which made her ecstatic. You leaned against the doorframe and took a moment to take in the sight of your family.

Your small, perfect family.

You caught sight of your husband’s eyes and it was like a switch. Love, specially reserved for you, filled them in a heartbeat. “Excuse me princess,” he told your daughter, “but I think mommy deserves some kisses too.” You laughed as he slipped behind his daughter and quickly ran to you, planting a loving kiss on your lips when he made it.

“I missed you.” you whispered. As a humanitarian, your husband often flew to other countries for work. You knew he loved his work and you loved him for it, but he always rushed home because what he loved more than work was his family, especially his little girl.

“I miss you too love.” he responded, kissing your nose.

“Ewww.” [D/N] complained, making you laugh some more.

“Okay prince charming, dinner’s going to get cold.” you warned, ushering them into the dining room. You had just sat down when the doorbell rang.

“Were we… expecting a guest?” [H/N] inquired with a frown.

“No… we weren’t.” you murmured, getting up to see who it was. You opened the door cautiously and your eyes widened at the sight that greeted you.


“[F/N]… it’s… been a while…” your father, the one and only Bruce Wayne, said with a slight smile.

“It has.” you agreed, but made no attempts to let him in. “It’s late, why are you here?”

Bruce glanced at his feet nervously before answering, “just wanted to see how my daughter was doing.”

“Love, who is it?” [H/N] called, walking into the hallway, but he froze when he saw you with your father. “Oh…” You turned around to glance at [H/N], flashing a gaze that plainly said ‘help me’ and you expected him to help you, but instead, your husband said, “we’re having dinner, why don’t you come in Mr Wayne?”

You sent your husband a look which he returned with that shit-eating smile that made you fall for him.

“Oh… will you be okay with that, [F/N]?” Bruce questioned, knowing fully well of your hostility. You kept staring at your husband, who was pleading for you to let your father in, when you sighed in defeat.

“Yeah,” you muttered reluctantly, “yeah I’m okay with it.”

You stepped aside and allowed your father into your home and your husband, being… your husband, greeted Bruce wholeheartedly.

“It’s an honor to meet you Mr Wayne, I’m [H/N]… [F/N]’s… uh… husband.” [H/N] extended his hand for a handshake which Bruce returned.

“Call me Bruce.” your father stated. [H/N] led Bruce into the dining room and you followed behind while also trying to muster up the courage to sit through a dinner with the father you hadn’t seen face-to-face in five years.

“Daddy, who’s that?” [D/N] asked, staring at Bruce. Your husband ruffled your daughter’s hair affectionately.

“That is your grandpa.” he answered.

“I thought I already had a grandpa.” she said, referring to your husband’s father.

“This is your other grandpa sweetie.” you said quietly. “Dad… this is [D/N], my daughter.”

And after you took a seat, the dinner began.

Your husband’s voice was faint from your position on the couch downstairs. As he was reading bedtime stories to your daughter, you sat in front of your father.

Bruce Wayne had changed over the years. You had always seen him in the media, in magazines and newspapers, but seeing him in person made you realize how much he had aged. He wasn’t young anymore yet he still had a certain strength to him.

“Your daughter looks just like you when you were her age.” he started, his eyes conveying his sadness and regret.

“I didn’t think you’d remember what I looked like.” you responded coldly. “You were always too busy.”

“I know,” Bruce admitted, “and I’m sorry.”

“You’re half a decade too late dad.” you said harshly. “When did you notice that I never visited, that I never called or even tried to communicate with you? When did you notice that I wasn’t there anymore? And when did you realize I had my own family?”

Bruce hesitated to answer which was already enough information for you. “I… Dick told me a month ago…”

You shook your head in disappointment. “And you didn’t even notice before that…”

“I’m sorry [F/N],” Bruce apologized, “I know I disappointed you.”

“Yeah, you did.” you agreed, but when you saw how genuinely miserable your father looked, you calmed down, but that didn’t mean you were through. You were far from through. “You know, I loved you, dad. I loved you so much. I used to… wait for you to come home every night and hug you and I refused to sleep until I get to do so.” A smile ghosted your father’s face as he recalled the memories. “I loved you with all my heart, but you never loved me with all of yours.”

Bruce nodded, accepting your statements as they were true. He didn’t love you enough and he regretted that. All he wished was to be able to turn back time so you were given the love that you deserved.

“I know that I missed your life.” he whispered, “your first concert, your high school graduation, your college graduation and… even your wedding and your child, which I didn’t even know about… I missed so much.” He reached out to hold your hands. “And I know that I can’t do anything to change that. It may seem like a lie coming from me, but I do want to be part of your life, and I understand if it’s a little late but I’d rather start late than not start at all.”

You stayed silent through his entire speech. “What I’m asking you, really, is… give your old man another chance [F/N].” Bruce continued, “I may be the world’s worst father but I still want to be a father.”

You let out a small laugh but the tears in your eyes betrayed the expression you were trying to give off. “You know… you had your entire life to prove yourself and you didn’t. I forgave you time and time and time again and for what?” A few tears fell. “Empty seats at every important moment in my life. Being brushed off when I greet you every time you come back. Being cast aside for my other more talented siblings. I hated that feeling, that feeling of being completely nothing to my own dad. I hated it! So no, I don’t want to give you another chance!”

Bruce nodded sadly. “I understand–”

“But no matter how much I don’t want to give you that chance…” you continued, “a bigger part of me still wants you in my life…” you wiped your eyes as tears began to cascade down your cheeks, “because in the end, I’m still a girl who loves her dad with all her heart, and I can’t bear to lose my dad.”

Your father brought you into his arms and allowed you to cry on his shoulder but the very action only caused you to cry harder because you couldn’t recall a time where he embraced you like this. You felt him kiss your head and stroke your hair like he should’ve done years ago.

And you never wanted to ever let go. You loved that feeling, for it was a feeling that for the first time, your father loved you with all his heart and he wasn’t letting go.

[Sebastian]’s really got into it. He’s read all the comics already and spent the last year prepping by just immersing himself in Cold War history, to the point where he would comment on some of the stuff about the origin of the Winter Soldier that I put in the comic. He’d say, ‘Did you know that there really was a General assassinated back then?’ and I’d say, 'Yes, that’s what I based it on - I took actual moments of history and put him into them.’ He was so into the ride and you couldn’t ask for more.
—  Ed Brubaker

aoyamachii  asked:

Can you find some quotes by Jimin? I've been trying so hard to find them along with the picture..but failed so bad 😭 Help!

“My ideal love story is that I will love only one person for the rest of my life.” - JIMIN


“Life is worth living.” - JIMIN


“A man has to be like a tree! With a stable root and a lot of leaves to protect the one they love.” - JIMIN


“As people recieve compliments they become kinder, gentler, and more beautiful.” - JIMIN


“Happiness is when I’m standing on stage.” - JIMIN


These are quotes that Jimin has said in interviews, articles, and DVDs. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for haha, but If you need more, or if you need some Jimin quotes from BTS songs, then I’ll be happy to help. (:


Rollercoaster -Tom Holland

A/N: I don’t know what the hell I did, I hope you like it, fluffy fluff


You flattened your dress with your hands and were looking at yourself in the mirror. The dress hugged your body in the right places but something felt off. You let your hands trail down your body and tilted your head. Something was off.

“Darling, can you help me put this on. This bloody thing keeps getting tangled and I’m gonna loose my sh-…Shit!”, he interrupted himself as soon as you turned around to face him.
“You look absolutely stunning.”, he said and you let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding. You walked over to him with a small smile on your lips and took his bow tie.
“You don’t look too shit yourself, Mr.”, you joked and he rolled his eyes while you tied his bow tie around his neck.
“Done!”, you said triumphantly and looked up into his eyes. He took your face inbetween his hands and was about to kiss you when you stopped him.
“Uh…mind the makeup?”, you said apologetically and shrugged. He groaned and stumped his foot like a grumpy child before he leaned in and gave you a butterfly kiss on your forhead.

“That’ll have to be enough. For now.”, he said and you turned around with an anxious smile on your face to look into the mirror again. And your smile turned into a frown.
Seeing him, like the god he was, ready for the redcarpet, born for the redcarpet, you felt tiny and insecure. He layed his hands on your hips and placed his chin on your shoulder.
“I-…”, he started with a grin but you interrupted him.
“I can’t do this!”, you blurted out and let out a huff getting out of his grip. You crossed your arms infront of your chest and couldn’t look into his eyes.
“What do you mean? Hey- hey. Look at me.”, he said and lifted your chin with his hand.

“I’m can’t be…this.”, I said and pointed at him and he furrowed his eyebrows.
“I don’t belong in your world. I belong behind my books with my sweatpants and old t-shirt on.”, I explained further and huffed again, now more desperate. You really felt uncomfortable.
“You…Alright. Now. This is not my world. It’s ours. I’m just lucky enough to be the one sharing with you. You belong by my side. Both in your sweatpants and this dress. Because you are the one who makes them look beautiful to me.”

“Okay now your getting cheesy.”, you said and rolled your eyes but couldn’t surpress a tiny smile.
“There she is.”, he said and pulled you against his body.
“Also I need you.”, he added with a small voice and a shy smile. Now you realized that he himself wasn’t that confident either. His hands seemed to tremble a little and he looked down shaking his head.
“You’d think I should be getting used to all that attention and shouting and people. The people. But I’m not.”, he said and it was your time to take his face into your hands and give him a quick kiss onto his lips.
“The makeup!”, he shrieked and made you laugh.
“You wipe your mouth and I’ll refresh my lipstick. And were set to go.”, you answered and let him go.


“Oh boy.”, you sighed stepping into your apartment and kick off your heels immediatly.
“You might as well organize a funeral and bury me.”, you added and hobbled into the living room because your feet were killing.
“You’re being dramatic.”, he laughed after you threw yourself onto the couch. He pulled off his bow tie and you couldn’t help yourself and bit your lip.
“Shit.”, you said under your breath and looked away from him. The carpet was more intresting suddenly.
“You don’t look too shit yourself.”, he imitated you and you stuck out your tongue at him.
You pulled yourself up and turned your back to him, pulling your hair over your shoulder to expose your back.
“Could you zip that open please?”, you asked him because you couldn’t wait to get into comfy clothes.
“Sure.”, he said and with his next move you were free. You let the dress slip down your body and raised your hands into the air triumphantly. You stood there in your underwear which was non of your problems right now.
“Yes!”, you sighed and rolled your neck to loosen it a bit. Suddenly you felt two arms wrap around your lower half and a warm chest pressed against your back.
“You should put something on. We’re both too tired to go further.”, he hummed into your ear and sent shivers down your spine. You put your hands above his and closed your eyes. Your hips started moving against his and he let a lustfull groan escape his throat, which made you smile.
“Yeah too tired.”, you teased him with a grin on your face.

“You’re a jerk.”, he sighed and you turned around to face him.

“Well, I learned from the pro, didn’t I?”, you said and placed a butterflykiss on top of his nose. “Since we don’t have to mind the makeup anymore…”, he said and kissed your lips. It started as a harmless kiss but got more passionate along the way. You had to pull away eventually to take a breath and when you did you burst out laughing.
“We gotta write an email to Maybelline that their Lipstick isn’t kiss-proof.”, you laughed and pointed at his lips where your lipstick was smeared all over.
“Red suits you.”, you teased him and smirked.
“I know. So does blue.”, he said with a cocky grin and you playfully hit his shoulder.

“Come on Spider-ling. Let’s see what else suits you.” You took his hand and walked over to your bedroom, closing the door behind you two.


You woke up in the moring, tangled in the sheets which were telling the tales of last night. You smiled to yourself remembering your activities and closed your eyes again. Until you recognized that you were alone in bed.
You got up to look around the house but he was nowhere to be found. Walking by the front door you found a sticky note.

“Manager called. Had to rush out.

Love, T.”

You took the sticky note and went to the kitchen to make yourself a nice breakfast. After being full you sat down ok the couch and took your laptop on your lap to research the last nights events. The ones before you came home obviously. You scrolled through some headlines.

“Tom Holland and his new girlfriend!”


“Tom Hollands accesoire: His Girlfriend!”

Nice. Now I’m a purse.

“Spidermans girlfriend is a snack!”


“Tom and Y/N are rocking the redcarpet!”

Wow, that’s a confident boost. You clicked one of them and went straight down to the comment section even though Tom warned you not to that, ever.
It’s strange how something said by a complete stranger can impact your mood. You were left totaly confused and insecure. After reading thousands of comments and tweets you shut your laptop. There were both positive and negative opinions about you. Even though you did absolutley nothing. You just walked with Tom, which was one of the reasons why some people hated you, and only answered questions in his interviewes if asked directly to you.
Some people said that was snob-ish from you. But you only did that because you didn’t want to seem eager to be in the spotlight. Which you definetly weren’t. Others were talking about your dress. Mainly nice things which made you a little happy. There were fans who thought that you two seemed happy together and truly in love. Which was the truth but you know. The internet.

You were still deep in your thoughts when Tom came back late in the afternoon. You heared keys being tossed into the bowl at the front door and looked up.
“Hey!”, he yelled from the hall and you greeted him back.
“What’s ma beauty doin’?”, he asked with an accent you couldn’t quiet put your finger on while coming into the living room.
“Don’t do that.”, you said shaking your head.
“Do what?”, he laughed and let himself fall next to you.

“Shut up.”

“Better than me? Shut up.”, he imitated the rapper Stormzy and you rolled your eyes.

“So how’d you feel last night?”, he asked you more serious now and put his arm around you.
“You mean when you did the thing with your hands between my…”, you started teasing him put he interrupted you.
“Oh c'mon. You know what I mean.” He blushed and you chuckled at his reaktion.
“I don’t know Tom. I mean it was nice and all and I really enjoyed being by your side but…I think you should go with someone else next time. Zendaya for example. She is a great friend and she is already famous. She knows how to handle all the…opinions.”, you blurted out and he raised his brows.
“Y/N Y/L/N! Did you read comments or magazines or some stupid stuff?”, he scolded you and you shrugged.
“It’s fine. Really. I’m fine. But I rather not be in the spotlight a second time.”, you added and shrugged again.

“Actually I had a meeting with my manager this morning exactly about this. Not only this. But it was a part of it. The people absolutly LOVED you. To the point where the most articles that came out today were mostly about you and not me.”, he said with a big smile trying to make you feel good but it kind of backfierd.
“What are they saying? The articles.”

“That’s not my point! But if you really wanna know they are all over you. Bits they could find about your childhood, mom, dad, siblings, school and all that stuff. But mainly your projects, what you stand for. And they love it. They say you bring the best out of me.Which is the only time I am mentioned actually.”, he chuckles and shakes his head.

“We’ll see, I guess. Next time.”, you said still insecure about everything.
“Uh…actually…next time is kinda…tomorrow?”, he stutterd while his voice got more silent with every word.
“What?”, you said and widened your eyes.

“You know, normally, a girlfriend means bad press and it’s not really favorable for the promotion of the movie. Has something to do with the teenage girls who tend to get jelous or something. But you kinda went around that? They love you, kinda like they love Zendaya. Like rolemodel or something. My manager went on and on I couldn’t listen to all of it BUT all of that means that I would really be happy if you could join me every now and then.”, he said and looked hopefully into your eyes.

“You’re kidding.”

“I’m not! Really.”

“That’s insane!”, you sighed but he shook his head.

“No, it’s perfect! You can work from everywhere thanks to your projects so that isn’t a problem. You’ll be by my side on the carpet and the events and you could work in the trailer while my interviews. It’s perfect. No longer being apart from each other for months.”, he said now excitedly and your heart shrunk.

“Babe I don’t know if…I want that.”, you said carefully and the excitement in his eyes went away. His shoulders deflated and his eyes widened.
“Oh.”, he just said and you took his hands into yours immediatly.
“I just don’t belong in that world Tom. I’ll always support you at anything you do and I’ll always be your number one fan and I’ll ALWAYS love you…but I can’t handle the spotlight and its aftermath.”, you explained and it broke your heart to see him disappointed. He couldn’t even look into your eyes.

He pulled his hands away and your whole body stiffened.
“Tom…”, you sighed but he didn’t seem to recognize that. He turned away from you and leaned his elbows onto his thighs.
“You know they are going to have an opinion about you no matter how far away you stay.”, he said and you nodded.
“I know. But that’s different.” As you said that he shook his head.
“It’s not. What happens when those get to you too? Are you going to leave me then? To escape those? I wouldn’t judge you, you know.”, he said and looked up. His eyes looked sad and concerned which made you sigh.
“Oh Tom no! How can you think that? I’m not with you or without you based on the outside world.”, you said and took his hands in mine again.

“But that’s what you said. Just a minute ago.”
Because nothing you said seemed to go through to him you swung your leg over his lap, so your legs were on either side of his thighs. You took his face into your hands and forced him to look into your eyes.
“You listen to me. You don’t get to overthink this. I do. I’m the woman here.”, you teased him and he rolled his eyes.
“I know how to handle the pressure from the outside. I just need time to adjust. I can’t go out there full time. Let’s take babysteps. I’ll come with you to events but you’ll have to do your promo on your own. For now. Let me get used to it, let the people get used to me without rubbing it into their faces. How does that sound?”, you suggested with a supporting smile and he finally gave in.

“Good, I guess. I just don’t want them putting wrong ideas in your head which’ll harm our relationship.”
You shook your head and gave him a quick kiss. He put his hands on your hips and smiled up to you.
“You wanna go out?”, he asked suddenly and you raised a brow.
“Sure. Where?”, you asked and he shrugged.

“Just out.”

And that’s what your relationship consisted of. It was a rollercoster with moodswings, arguments, laughs and adventures. The important thing was that you both were able to sort things out.
Of course the amazing sex helped too. But that was another topic.

favourite rap monster photoshoots

this boy is model material AF and if you aren’t convinced then prepare to wack yourself on the head after reading this post. to those who well and truly already know this, enjoy this post to your hearts content. :)

1. GQ Korea Magazine (2015)

i would do chem just for him

ummm ya boi was sporting some hella hot-nerd + skaterboi looks pls appreciate

2. Nylon Magazine (2015)

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Would you consider Dragon Riders of Pern, or any of Anne McCaffrey series, to be dead fandoms? I certainly rarely see much for it anymore.

Ouch! I love this series, so that kills me. 

If there’s a single kind of media that, in general, has more dead fandoms, it’s Young Adult novels. Not just because the readership is prone to turnover, but because the YA publishing world is at a place very much like all of the rest of pop culture used to be: no institutional memory and dedicated to finding “the next big thing,” with a great sensitivity to chasing trends, more likely to be swayed by changing tastes, and following what works. It sounds like I’m dissing YA, but I’m really not…I’m praising them for their dynamism, when it seems a lot of movies just stick to what works and remake the same 5-10 eighties movies over and over. 

Dragonriders of Pern is absolutely a fascinating case of something that kept on missing opportunities. If you were to pick up a Starlog magazine once every few years, it would say something like “oh, someone wants to do a Pern movie or Pern TV show now,” and for whatever reason, it kept on failing (there might even be talk of one getting made now, but I don’t read the blogs and after all these times I’m not getting my hopes up). One of the more heartbreaking examples is that Ron Moore, creator of the Battlestar Galactica reboot, pitched a Dragonriders of Pern series in 2000 to HBO, which fell through at the last minute; preproduction and casting had already begun. I’m convinced if the Moore Dragonriders series had been made, it would have been a huge hit that changed the entirety of pop culture, because it would have been the only fantasy show on TV just when Lord of the Rings came out and unpredictably, became a game changing phenomenon. Moore ended up rebooting Galactica because the Pern series, and his underseen and wonderful Carnivale, fell through.

I think Dragonriders of Pern, which was basically a scifi series about another planet with human colonists who find dragons on it, has always been the beneficiary of a very strong distinction between science fiction and fantasy. It was scifi with dragons, so it could go further than pure fantasy works could at the time. Fantasy as a genre/fandom was as niche as furry, and I’d argue the most recently invented and self-aware literary genre, and only really had boundaries in the 1960s/70s. Before then, there was the hard scifi stuff based in plausible extrapolation, and then there was the other kind about witches’ brews and voodoo. Horror and fantasy were seen as the same thing until the 1960s. Ever notice the World Fantasy Award is a bust of Lovecraft, a guy that, by modern standards, isn’t a fantasy author? Also, note there are no real fantasy movies prior to the 1970s (note that fairy tales are not the same thing as fantasy). 

In short, fantasy didn’t really penetrate pop culture in any meaningful way until the late 1990s. I’d argue there are lingering doubts about fantasy even today that don’t exist for the more established scifi genre. Remember the reviews for something as recent as Game of Thrones, where the New York Times laughed it off and said “LOL, what is this D&D bullshit?”

Bottom line, a scifi novel could get an audience in a way a fantasy novel couldn’t in the 70s and 80s. Now, in the post Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings world, fantasy actually is a big genre to itself, so Pern isn’t quite as unique as it once was. 

Study Like “The Brightest Witch of Her Age”

If you’re a potterhead you must be familiar with this brilliant witch. Yep! Hermione Jean Granger! 

Known as “The brightest witch of her age”Hermione always on the top of her class. She even brewed a difficult potion in the second year, solved Prof. Snape’s riddle, and the coolest of all, punch Draco Malfoy on the face! (Sorry, I just can’t help it) 

In this article, I would like to share how we could be “The Brightest Student in The Class” just like Hermione. Okay, let’s start!

1. Prepare yourself before school

Well, back to the first time The Golden Trio meet at Hogwarts Express, Hermione confidently said that she already read all her books and practice some spells. Preparing yourself before school is really important. You will be step ahead from your friends. Take your books a week before the school start and take a look at chapters you will learn during semester. I always do that before I start school. I usually read the first chapter from each subjects that I will learn that semester and make a summary from what I read. It help you, really. Especially when you have 14 subjects that you have to take at school *huft*

2. Pay attention to your teacher

If Hermione didn’t pay attention to Herbology, Ron would be dead because of devil’s snare.If she didn’t pay attention to Prof. Flitwick, We wouldn’t see her make a feather fly. Pay attention to your teacher! You may find some information that you can’t get in your textbook but it come out during the exams. I have this kind of teacher, so whenever she say something important, I always write it down. And that’s why the next step would be…

3. Take a note!

Yes! Remember although some of the class are really boring, it won’t kill you if you take a note. And beside, taking a note make you stay awake during class. During Prof. Binns class, Harry and Ron started to play Hangman but Hermione keep writing down on her book, and when the exams start, the boys have to borrow Hermione’s note. See?You never know when you gonna need it.  It doesn’t have to be clean and neat at the time, just write it as long as you understand what you have written. Then at home, you could take out your note and write it all over again. 

4. Don’t hesitate to ask

Hermione asks when she wanted to know more about Chambers of Secrets. She even arguing with Umbridge because of that-kindergarten-DADA-Textbook. By asking and think critically we could understand what we learn better. You don’t have to shy, just ask your teacher, they won’t eat you anyway. I found this phrase that say “Just ask; you may look stupid for 10 seconds but better than look stupid for your whole life” and I agree with that. 

5. Speak it out

Don’t hesitate to answer the question or aguing some facts with your friends or teacher during discussion. It helps you in many way. Especially in critical thinking, elaborate argument, speaking, and etc. And the bonus is, some teacher will pay attention to you and watch your back in the class and may give you some points in the end! Ten points to Gryffindor!

6. Practice, practice, practice!

Yep! Your knowledge have no value if you haven’t practicing. In the fifth year, Harry, Ron and Hermione along with DA members practicing their skills in Defense Against the Dark Arts. The results? an happy O.W.L report card! You don’t have to push yourself so hard. Just like them, start from small step. For example, you could practice math by anwering five question everyday. and after a week, you could adding to 10 questions/day. No need to study overnight for exams and you don’t have to be startled if your teacher suddenly said “Okay! Today we are going to have a quiz” because you always ready!

7. Reading

It’s hardly to miss during this series, but we always see Hermione with books, even when they’re on the run! That’s why Ron said this, “That’s Hermione, when in doubt, go to the library” Reading makes you smarter and I think everyone agree with this. Your memory will improve, more knowledge, vocabulary expansion and many others. What I mean with reading in this is NOT reading your textbooks. Reading your textbooks is a good thing, but better to touch books outside your textbooks. If you’re not a reading person, you could start by picking some classic children fairytale or magazines. If you’re into reading already, I dare you to try genres that 180degrees different from your shelf now. I’m going to give you links to reading list that I suggest you to try in another post. 

8. Enjoy it

Last but not least is to enjoy the process of studying itself. Hermione could survive her third year because she considering studying as a fun activities. She even take Muggle studies and still get excited about it! My online tutor said “The highest achievement of studying is when you found yourself enjoy it” Because when you enjoy it, you could understand it better and take you to the highest level of knowledge. 

Ps: Feedback welcome! :)

[ENG] Kris Wu - “6″ Lyrics

bold = original lyrics
regular font = translation
italics = chorus

Lyrics: Kris Wu
Composed by: Kris Wu, Kevin Shin
Produced by: Kris Wu, Kevin Shin

World wide tour yayayaya yaya
看什么 6 你和我 走一波
Whatcha lookin’ at
You and me
We’re in this together
兄弟 义气我们的 crew 不太讲道理
Loyally representing our crew
No need to explain
Only on me know
我的 flow 从来都暴力
My flow has always been powerful
It was all a dream
All the same
Big house big dreams
You and I, we’re the same
谁又不希望有 mula 那么多
Who doesn’t wanna have lotsa mula
Who doesn’t wanna drive sports cars out every day

It was all a dream
Used to read word up magazine biggies thang
You and I, we can make it
My plane takes me all the way to Madrid
When I open my mouth, it’s a fatal strike
When I open my mouth, you’re already resigned to your doomed fate
饶舌带着旋律你说 666
Tongue rolling with the melody, you say 666
Ayo I invented this flow 66
The world be the kitchen
I be the chef cookin the oven steph curry them refs
No pain no gain rain the trey
Fall back and fade away triple team mvp
Call me the legacy
I’ll go out in my private jet
出门要带 rolies bvlgaris
Gotta bring rolies bvlgaris when I go out
收藏的 jordan 最好合作 supreme
The jordans that I collect go well best with supreme
Only f**k with mother f**kers on the first team

World wide tour yayayaya yaya
看什么 6 你和我 走一波
Whatcha lookin’ at
You and me
We’re in this together
兄弟 义气 我们的 crew 不太讲道理
Loyally representing our crew
No need to explain
Only on me know
我的 flow 从来都暴力
My flow has always been explosive
It was all a dream
All the same
Big house big dreams
You and I, we’re the same
谁又不希望有 mula 那么多
Who doesn’t wanna have lotsa mula
Who doesn’t wanna drive sports cars out every day

You’re dumb till you can’t even see my skill
Can’t see that China’s helping you to rise
You think that you’re suffering because you’ve been eliminated
Can’t see that the finalists around you have even more skill
看你站在这里 diss diss 丑陋模样
Seeing you just stand here, diss diss, lookin’ like shit
Can’t hide it no more
You’re just pretending to be what you’re really not
Rollin eyes rollin dies doubt me twice popped me nice
And I knew to get back at once that my dream no one can slice
My brotherhood
Please watch the show
Brain-washing melody like this heavy downpour
Writing out my feelings
My brotherhood
Please watch the show
我们太多火力我们代表 holy
We’re blazin’, we’re holy represent
No one gives a shit about you
Don’t fk with my shit
我链子不嫌多 我终点从不拖
My chains are never enough
I’ve never dragged out my endings
有遗憾不用说 看谁把你带火
No need to mention any regrets you have
Look at who made you popular

World wide tour yayayaya yaya
看什么 6 你和我 走一波
Whatcha lookin’ at
You and me
We’re in this together
兄弟 义气 我们的 crew 不太讲道理
Loyally representing our crew
No need to explain
Only on me know
我的 flow 从来都暴力
My flow has always been powerful
It was all a dream
All the same
Big house big dreams
You and I, we’re the same
谁又不希望有 mula 那么多
Who doesn’t wanna have lotsa mula
Who doesn’t wanna drive sports cars out every day

6 = slang for “awesome”
mula = moolah = money
biggies thang = biggest thing
refs = referees
trey = (in basketball) a shot scoring three points
rolies = Rolex (watch)
bvlgaris - Bvlgari (accessories)

translation: @wu_yi_fan

Sweet Obsession #9 ~FINAL~

Originally posted by rapmini

#1  #2  #3  #4  #5  #6  #7  #8

Summary: Taehyung finds himself having a sweet obsession with you. is it dangerous? Or is it a mere children’s crush?

Pairing: Reader X Kim Taehyung

Genre: Stalker!Taehyung, Psycho!Taehyung


“Y/n” he breathed. Tears were rushing down your face, his tight grip on you got tighter.

“Remember I love you”

7 hours before hand


“I have to go to my dad’s firm and then class, I’ll be back around 6. I love you.” you read the note that he laid out for you, you walked to the couch and plopped down turning on the tv.

Eating your cheerios you were wondering what your other friends were doing at the moment, Jimin was sure to be stressing out about you, knowing Mina she probably hasn’t left her bed all week and Jungkook will probably be getting on with his life.

Emptying the bowl and cleaning it, you rested it near the sink. Going back to the bed, you picked up the book that Taehyung was reading. Depressing sentences were underlined and highlighted, “He needs help” you whispered flipping to new pages.

You rested back in it’s place.


After painting your nails and reading all the magazines in the apartment you were officially bored. You reached for the phone and clicked on the only contact that you had, Taehyung.

Me: I’m v v v bored

Taehyung: I’m in a meeting right now

Me: Yes, but I’m very very bored.

Taehyung: Yes, but I’m working : )

Me: I understand but…I’m bored.

Taehyung: Well what do you want me to do about it?

Me: Well you could’ve left me some movies…

Taehyung: I did



Me: When will you be home?

Taehyung: missing my lips already?

The text made you blush, you never knew at how flirty he could be. You picked up the phone again, carefully replying with the best answer you could.

Me: Maybe

You waited for what seemed like hours, you smiled at your perfect text. You threw the phone on the ground not wanting to seem like you were waiting for his text.

Taehyung: I’ll try and get off early ; )


You were near to finishing the box of cheerios you started today, shoving the a hand full of the cereal in your mouth you watched ‘The Simpsons’ intensely. Looking at your phone you were wondering if you should text him again, just to see what he was doing.

The door opened revealing a very tired Taehyung, his tie was sitting loosely on his chest and his hair was a mess, he threw the suit jacket to the side. You got off of the couch and walked over to him, immediately he engulfed you into a hug.

Wrapping your arm’s around him tightly, you smelled the cologne you got him for his birthday.

“What’s wrong Tae?” you whispered

“I missed you” he whispered back.

“Let’s watch tv” you suggested dragging him over to the sofa, he sat down first and you practically laid against him. His arms wrapped around torso and your head leaned against his left arm.


“I’m going to get a drink” he got up walking over to the kitchen.

Switching to the news, an update about your story was being talked about, listening carefully.

“The police have identified the suspect”

“Although they do not know who he is, they have tracked down the buyer of the one of a kind silver ring that was left at the scene. The police are now on their way to the buyer”

As soon as the news caster said this sirens began to play, a mix of emotions were happening. You were happy to be leaving from captivity but also frightened on what will happen to Taehyung.

“Come on” he reached out for you, pulling you over the couch. You kicked and screamed, he continued to pull you down the steps and threw you into the car.

“Shit, Y/n. Shit” he hit the wheel of the car.

“Did you call them!?” He yelled, again hitting you. “You fucking called them didn’t you!?” he screamed.

“Please, stop. Let me go!” you sobbed.

It was silence for a couple of minutes, you questioned if this was all worth it. If you loved him or not, if the love you felt was just your nurturing instinct that comes along with your personality.

“I know where we’ll go” he whispered.

You looked out at the night sky, falling tired as you watched the stars become a blur as Taehyung sped up.

Pulling into the driveway of a two story cottage, the car suddenly stops. You looked up to see your childhood friends waiting there, you cried at the sight of them.

“Get out of the car” Tae revealed the gun from the glovebox.

The two of you got out at the same time, the gun was pointed at you. You could hear Mina crying in the distance.

“Mina I’m fine” you said, clinging onto Taehyungs arm that was wrapped around your waist.

“Taehyung put the gun down and let her go, we don’t tell the police it was you everybody get’s their way” Jungkook reasoned.

You and Taehyung went around them, backs never being in front of your friends. You heard the ocean clash against the rocks below you, indicating that you were walking towards the edge.

“Everybody gets what they want?” you felt tears that weren’t yours splash onto your grey shirt.

“What I want is Yn” he sobbed “What I wanted was to be accepted into your fucking group in senior year, to not be the outcast of that fucking school and to not be the same outcast again” he cried.

“Taehyung” you whispered, you were both getting closer to the ledge until he stopped before he could fall.

“Taehyung what are you planning on doing for the rest of your life? You think Y/n will love you after you threatened her life? You think you two will live happy fucking ever after?” Jimin tested him, walking slowly towards you.

“Jimin back off!” You shouted, surprising everybody. Taehyungs arms gripped tightened at the sound of you defending him.

“You’re defending him?!” Jungkook shouted.

“You don’t know him like I do! All he needs his help and love, can’t you all understand that?” you shouted.

“You think you can give it to him Y/n? He’s fucked! Too many years of the same bullshit going through his mind. That does something to him that even the best therapist can’t help” Jimin laughed and screamed.

“Taehyung drop the gun and let me go” You whispered, you began to cry. You felt his lips press against the back of your neck, “I’ll get them to leave and we’ll live here.”

Taehyung shook his head.

“No, I can’t torture you anymore” he whispered.

He pushes you into Jimin’s arms, dropping the gun.

“I’m sorry” 

You looked up at him, he smiled, not the usual devious smile but the soft angelic one.

“Taehyung…” you whispered getting up.

“I love you Y/n” he whispered.

Leaning backwards he fell, Jimin turned you sharply around into his chest hugging you tighter than ever. The sound of Taehyung’s body hitting the ground, the snap and the crashing of the waves was the only thing you heard.

You screamed. Your screams and cries muffled into Jimin’s jacket.

“Oh my god” Mina whispered crying in shock, Jungkook turned her around and hugged her.

“Taehyung…he-he’s dead” you whispered, sobbing. Jimin shushes you swaying you back and fourth, “Get the car ready” Jimin whispered to Jungkook and Mina. The two of them ran to the car and started it.

“Y/n we have to leave” Jimin whispered, sirens were getting closer. The police had figured out where Taehyung took you.

“No…” you whispered.

“Y/n come o-”

“No!!” you screamed louder.

Jimin had no choice but to lift you off of your feet and drag you to the car himself. 

2 weeks later

“So that’s what happened?”  The police officer asked you. You nodded, holding the damp tissue in your hand.

“Right. Miss Y/l/n you can go now, I’ll get in contact with your parents” the officer thanked you as you walked out.

“Come on sweetie” Your dad whispered smiling at you.

Climbing into the car you rested your head against the car window, looking out at the beautiful scenery. You drove past your high school, you teared up at the sight of the building of where it all began.

Getting home you immediately went to your bedroom and laid down on your bed. Your phone buzzed revealing a text message from Mina.

Bestie: Come down stairs, I spoke with your parents and I’m taking you somewhere.

“Mina where are we?” you asked looking at the familiar cottage.

“You never got to say goodbye” she whispered.

The realisation hit you, you thanked her and got out of the car while she stayed in it.

Walking over to where it happened two weeks ago, you sat down on the soft grass placing the white orchard which Mina gave you on the ground.

Your thoughts trailed on what to say, when the simple three worded sentence came to you.

“I love you”

SoMa Week 2017 Day 6: Promise

for today I have a FANFIC, omg

It’s one of my first fics and I wrote it a year ago. It was supposed to be a one-shot, but it has 4 chapters already haha. Maybe if more people like it I could translate the rest.

Many thanks to @leslietendo for helping me with the translation and @thefishywitchy for betaing and being patient with my grammar mistakes

You can also read it in Ao3 and let’s go!, hope you like it ~

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 |

“I love you.”

Soul raised his eyes off the magazine that he had in his hands and he looked at Maka in bewilderment, who was standing in front of him.

“What?” he asked uncertainly.

“I’ve been in love with you…” she repeated bravely “for a long time.”

They fell silent. She didn’t seem affected; in fact she was incredibly calm, something weird considering she was confessing her feelings. However, Soul got paralyzed.

He was surprised and not at the same time. He had realized the feelings of his partner for a long time, but it was an issue that neither of them had ever mentioned and that they would probably have to discuss at some point.

But he didn’t expect it to be that sudden, out of nowhere.

“Maka, I…” he looked at her sadly “I don’t feel the same for you.”

She gave him a warm smile. “I know.”

Wasn’t this the moment when girls start to cry and run away? Why was she smiling at him if he was rejecting her?

“I knew you’d say that, I was prepared to listen it,” Maka started to say as she sat at his side. “It was just that I had to tell you, I could not leave this pending for much more.”

“I’m really sorry,” said Soul looking at the ground without knowing what to do.

“You don’t have to apologize, you’ve done nothing wrong.”

“Make my partner… no, my best friend feel sad is not exactly something cool.” He could feel how Maka’s soul wave had shrunk in sorrow. She just sighed.

“I’m serious, Soul. I had accepted that you would never see me that way and I can live with that… if you see me sad it’s for another reason.”

“You are acting weird, what’s going on?”

Maka stood in silence and he felt her shiver. That put him on alert and he got scared. He had a bad feeling.

“Maka, just tell me!”

“We can’t be partners anymore.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! Thanks for always doing such a great job at translating :re! My question: Were there any new infos about the anime on that color spread?

Thank you! I wouldn’t be able to do it without my proofreader Jack, he has an amazing skill of turning my shitty phrasing into gold :)

In regards to info on the anime, nothing in particular except for Hanae Natsuki’s comment on the anime being green-lighted:

Congratulations on the anime series being green-lighted! Tokyo Ghoul to me is a very profound and memorable work. I think everyone who reads this magazine already knows, but I will be playing Sasaki, and I will do my best. Because of the voices, the story will be spoiled early on, but beyond that how do you express something like this when the story is animated? There are a ton of scenes like that, so I’m really looking forward to it. It makes my heart pound like crazy to think that the dubbing will start again, but I’d like to do my very best to overcome the hurdle together with Sasaki!

Norman Reedus x Reader - You’re all I need (SMUT) (Request)

- Anon: Could you do Norman getting caught having a little sneaky him time in his trailer over the new make up artist that he’s crushing on bad
and she catches him saying her name (reader) from outside and storms in on him and he doesnt notice till hes finished that shes stood there
and she gets annoyed with him and wont let him explain himself and he gets frustrated and teary cuz he’s embarrassed and pins her to a wall and smut like hell 😍😍
pretty please I would just die 😶



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Not Just A Pretty Boy {NCT Johnny Scenario}


Anon: Can I request a fic sort where y/n is an average girl in her class who isn’t particularly talented or pretty but is witty, sassy and fun AND loves to write and has a crush on sunbae Johnny, who’s popular and hot with chicks and flirty but isn’t a fuckboy? how she thought he’d never even notice her but he did when he read her poetry in the school magazine and approached her and then you can escalate it your way PLEASE ILY already. 

Hello Anon! Here is your request- sorry for the wait I had no idea I had anything in my ask box but now it’s here. I’ve written in a weird way but please tell me if you like this kind of writing. Hopefully you’ll like it. 

 Bisous, Flo 

 Word Count: 1017

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

She gets described as average. Average pretty. Average clever. Average talented. Average funny. The average person would feel insulted by such a comment, but for her, it’s a relief. It means she doesn’t have a reputation to uphold. She doesn’t need to change her own self to be called something better. She expects it. 

He gets described as tall, dark and handsome. People naturally are drawn to him like a magnetic, despite him not doing anything to induce it in the first place. He comes across as cool and broody, as if one wrong word could cost your life. He doesn’t mind it though. He doesn’t see what other people see in him, but he doesn’t mind. 

But really, she’s gorgeous and funny. She’s tall and confident, without even trying. Unlike everyone who are smaller and cuter, she’s taller and maturer. And she doesn’t even realise how much attention she secretly she gets. From guys and from girls. All the guys want her. And all the girls envy her. She can make you laugh within minutes of meeting her, and makes people feel worth it. 

But really he’s lost and doesn’t know what to do. He feels pressure to uphold his status that he didn’t even work for or ask for. People rely on him but he has no one to lean on himself. He doesn’t want to come across a womaniser or bad boy. His looks have only turned against him, in his opinion. He makes girls swoon at his feet because of this gentlemanliness, and guys only wish to be his friend rather than his foe. 

She just wants to be appreciated for who she is. She wants someone to show her all the exciting things in the world that she can’t do right now. She wants someone tall like her. Someone who not only will look after her but she will look after him. 

He just wants someone who’s strong and will look after him. Someone who’ll still love him when she realises there’s more to him than she see’s. He wants someone tall who will stand by his side and make him feel confident. 

She wants Johnny and he wants her. 

Johnny always watched Y/N from afar. They never had spoken to each other before but that didn’t stop him from admiring her anyway. She was a writer and wrote poetry regularly, her work often published in the school newspaper. He had always enjoyed reading them. He was a singer himself and a lot of his inspiration came from her and her poetry. It was the only way he could feel close to her without being directly in contact with them. 

Y/N always watched Johnny from afar. Obviously, every girl she knew were in awe of him. He was a gentleman, many people told you. She were jealous of them; the opportunity to speak to him never arose or came about. She had heard him singing and dancing performing. Some of the catchier lyrics were even sometimes stuck in her head. 

Neither of them ever expected to meet face to face. Neither of them ever expected to fall in love either. 

The bell rang for the end of school, the chance for people to leave what they call “prison” and, go back to the comfort of their homes. For Y/N, the school rooftop was her comfort place. She liked visiting every few weeks. It was cool and had a vast view of Seoul. She was leaning against the metal fence of the rooftop roof, when she heard the door creak open. Turning her head to see who it was, she made contact with someone she had never met. Johnny. 

He never expected to see her here, especially in his alone space. Back at the dorms, it was hard for any SM trainees to relax in quiet. The rooftop gave him the chance to catch a breather before returning to his cramped building. You would’ve thought that seeing someone in your place would’ve made you a little annoyed. Both for Johnny he felt undeniably comfortable in her presence. 

When he moved closer to lean on the fence next to her, he realised how beautiful she looked up close. He couldn’t help but stare. Y/N’s breath caught in her throat as she looked at him. He was way taller than her 5"10 stature; she was impressed. 

“Y/N”, he whispered her name, any quieter and she could’ve missed it. She couldn’t believe that he knew who she was. 

“Johnny”, she said back. It sounded perfect coming from her lips. All he wanted was for her to say it again and again. 

“Stay here with me”. 

For months, they met regularly on the rooftop. Usually after school but sometimes during school hours or at night. Despite their strong feelings for each other that just grew at each meeting, they learnt more each other and remained close friends. They learnt their preferences. Their dreams. Their past. How Y/N just wanted to love. And how Johnny just wanted to be loved. The romantic tension between seemed to get thicker each time as well. Not only was the rooftop the place where they met. It was the place they confessed. 

As soon as she met him on the rooftop, her arm grazing his strong bicep, he suddenly wrapped his arms around her, pulling her face to his. His lips were soft and needy, her lips seemed to fit perfectly. There was no fight for dominance; it was just passionate as if they were telling one another what they couldn’t say for months, through their mouths and kisses. 

When she pulled back, he breathed out a raspy “I love you Y/N”, his voice breaking slightly and his heart rapidly beating. Y/N was still in shock, but upon hearing those three words, she smiled pulling him closer to him, with her hands in his hair. 

“I love you Johnny.” He groaned. He had waited so long to hear those words. 

“Say it again”, he murmured before pressing his lips to her’s once again.

Opening Up

gif is not mine

Title: Opening Up

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 468

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I’m trying to make things more fair and more even between the two main fandoms on this blog! So I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much!

Requested by anon: Could you write for Castiel x reader who is really smol and shy and how he tries to get her to open up to him? Thank you!❤️

When you joined the Winchesters, you seemed to peak Castiel’s interest.  You were shy,  and possibly the smallest hunter he had ever seen.  When you stood next to Sam the height difference was abundantly clear.  Even next to Castiel you were still quite short.  Castiel was determined to break you out of your shell.  He wanted to know the real you; not the you the Winchesters saw.

Castiel knocked on your door, poking his head inside your room.  You were sitting in your bed, reading a book.  As soon as the angel stepped into your room, you closed your book, setting it down at your feet.  He could tell you were still cautious around him.  

“I hope I’m not bothering you [Y/N],” Castiel said in a low voice.  “Sam and Dean left a few minutes ago and I was wondering if you wanted to talk.  We haven’t had much time to get acquainted yet.”

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Creepypasta #1272: Something's Wrong With My Flight

Length: Medium

Something weird is happening. I’ve taken my iPad off flight mode to connect to the internet and post this. I’ve tried checking the news but it seems different. I should be in Morocco by now. Actually more than that, I think I should have checked into my hotel and be relaxing by the pool already. My watch has stopped working so I could be wrong but we’ve been flying for so long!

To explain, I’m flying to Morocco for a holiday – my boyfriend, Lars, suggested we get some proper sun and he’d seen a cheap deal online with some new airline where we could fly direct from Stockholm. We left our home town of Umea and spent the night before the flight with my sister and her family in their cramped city centre apartment. That should mean last night but I feel like it was so long ago.

We had an early flight so it was still dark when we left for the airport. We had a light breakfast at the airport but neither of us ate much; we were planning to continue sleeping on the flight to make up for the lack of sleep the night before. Everything went fine with check-in and boarding, it was busy but everyone looked sleepy like us – just eager to get on the flight and get to some much needed sunshine. It’s been so cold in Sweden recently, everyone just looked grey and worn down from what I can remember, although I wasn’t studying them in my sleepy state. 

The plane is massive – I’m sorry I’m not a plane person so I don’t know what type it is (I have an uncle who’s a geek for this stuff and could tell you the difference between an A something and an airbus something – I don’t listen as you can tell, I just zone out because I don’t care). All I know is that it’s much bigger than the little planes I use to fly to nearby European countries – this plane has 2 aisles, that’s how big it is! I’m used to the little planes with 3 seats on one side, an aisle, then 3 seats on the other side. It’s pretty amazing to see one with an extra row of seats in the middle. Lars and I are in the middle row so we can’t see out of the windows at all. If I’d been by a window maybe I‘d have seen something, some change in the landscape, and could explain what’s going on.

I don’t know how long we’ve been flying. The pilot hasn’t made any announcements in ages. I read for maybe 30 minutes to relax before sleeping, while Lars just went straight to sleep. I feel like I slept for hours but it’s impossible to say. It was when I woke up and went to check the time that I saw my watch had stopped working. Lars woke up at pretty much exactly the same time as me and asked if we were nearly there yet, as if I’m flying this thing!

I sat up and looked around and that’s when I noticed everyone seemed to be doing the same as us – waking up, looking around and remembering that they were on a plane, and looking at their watches and finding them broken.

That was when I started feeling nervous. Why is every watch broken? I spoke to the young family behind us - they’ve stopped at different times. I don’t know if that’s comforting or not, but either way the mood on board began changing and people were looking scared. Nothing seemed obviously wrong – we were still flying, no turbulence, it’s just that everyone had gone to sleep and woken up with a broken watch. I realise there are much more sinister things that can happen on a flight but this is just weird.

Shortly after we’d all woken up, the flight attendants came past with a trolley of drinks but they just ignored everyone. They called out, offering drinks as they went and a few people tried to ask them the time and where we were on the journey, but they just brushed everyone off, saying they’d check and kept smiling at us. I tried to put it to the back of my mind. Other passengers shook their heads or shrugged and began reading books and magazines. Bit of a weird thing but no big deal – don’t they say that everything, no matter how improbable, can happen once just by pure coincidence?

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