and i almost started sobbing

Chapter 15 made me feel horribly trapped and anxious. It turns out that the real reason why Sangwoo took Bum to that afterparty was to make him realize nobody would help or save him even if he manages to escape somehow. Bum is all by himself right now and it makes me want to cry. He has to interact with Seungbae somehow or learn to manipulate Sangwoo.

New Malec photos from episode 7

1. I was yelling like stupid at whole house.
2. I fell down from chair.
3. I started sobbing.
4. I almost suffocate to death.
5. My sister run into my room to check if I’m okay.
6. I was lying on the floor and needed 30 minutes to calm down (but I will never be okay anymore).

So I just want to say that you all are invited to my funeral.

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Ok I think I'm at the almost think I'm in love point (but you're not yet). I just think with this person since we were friends before I started liking her that love isn't too far off. It's terrifying. I thought she was mad at me or tired of me for like 50 minutes yesterday and my stomach sank my heart pounded I almost started sobbing and my everything was shaking. I've never had that before with someone I like. I think I'm in real danger here. But there's literally no way she would ever like me

Why is there no way she would ever like you? 

If you’re certain she’s not attracted to your gender, it’s probably best to avoid feeding your feelings for her and keep yourself open to having feelings for others. At the same time, though, if you’re not certain, well, the only way to know is to communicate about it. You can share your feelings in a way that’s non-confrontational and say something like, “I just want to know that I think you’re wonderful and the more I’ve gotten to know you, the more I’ve realized I have feelings for you. But I also really value you as a friend, so if you don’t return those feelings, I understand and I still want to prioritize our friendship.”  

i’m actually SOBBING right now i just finished episode 14 of goblin and i can’t believe i’m actually Crying In The Club™ like deadass BAWLING ;;

i didn’t cry in episode 13 HONESTLY i’ve never cried in any episode before this ;;;; but

when shin realized yeo remembered him ;; and when they went back to the house and suddenly things seemed almost normal FUCKING SHIT I STARTED SOBBING

because of COURSE it would be yeo ;; of COURSE he’d return to yeo, of COURSE yeo would be shin’s home, forever and ever, through hell and back ;;

their friendship just struck a chord in me so hard i just Wow emotions

So I went to go see Heathers today, and thoughts:

- since people are probably going to ask, Thomas Sanders completely sold JD, there wasn’t a minute where I wasn’t totally convinced by his acting (plus his facial expressions in Fight For Me were fantastic)

- McNamara was amazing, she had the audience in stitches with every single thing she did (even during the scene where Veronica stops her from killing herself, she still managed to get laughs from the crowd)

- at first I wasn’t totally sold on Martha, but holy crap, when she did Kindergarten Boyfriend I almost started sobbing, you could really feel the emotion she was putting into it

- other highlights: all of Blue, the harmonies in Seventeen somehow managing to be even more gorgeous than the soundtrack version, the crowd’s reaction to “say hi to God”

Hanbin Scenario

“Mommy when will we see Daddy?” your two years old Daughter asks already the third time today.
You can’t hold back a sigh. Your Husband is on a tour and you haven’t meet him for almost three months. This wasn’t easy either for you nor for your daughter or for Hanbin.
You have no other choice thats why you try to comfort your baby girl the best way you can.
“Daddy is very busy but we’ll meet him soon alright?” you try to smile as authentic as possible but she already knew that this wasn’t the truth.
“I miss Daddy” she almost starts to sob. You take her in your arms, holding her thight and try to calm her down. “Shhh don’t cry. Daddy would be very sad if he knew that you are crying”. She stops immediately and looks straight in your eyes. “When will we meet him?” she asks. Your heart clenched cause you can’t tell her a fixed day.
“Soon” was all you can tell her.

Once your daughter fell asleep you took your Laptop to search for something on the Internet.
Something needs to change. It hurts you to see her sad eyes day by day, that’s why you got an Idea.

“Where are we going” your daughter asks excited. She couldn’t take her eyes off of the plane.
You give her a mysterious smile. “It’s a suprise”.

After a few hours you finally arrive. This flight was exhausting. Your daughter was so excited that she couldn’t hold still for even a second but after two hours she fell asleep in your arms.

~Hanbin’s View~

I took a deep breath and grabbed my bottle. Luckily, this is our last concert. Only a few minutes and it will be over. My eyes went over the crowd. I can’t wait to see my daughter and wife again. This was the most beautiful but also the hardest tour we ever made. I missed my family like crazy and the first few days it seemed impossible to handle it all by myself but after a while I kinda got used to the feeling of being incomplete. Jinhwan came up to me and patted my shoulder encouragingly. “Let’s perform our last Song, so we can go home soon”.
I nodded and went back on stage, ready to perform our last Song. When we were on Stage the light wents of all of a sudden. Confusion was reflected on my face.
Suddenly Bobby began to speak. “So this is our last tour stop. It’s kinda special for all of us, cause we finished our tour and we hope you guys enjoyed every Minute, like we did!” The fans were screaming like crazy. “So on this special day we prepared a special gift for one of our Member!” he continued. The crowd became silent again.
What was going on? I didn’t knew anything about all this. And why is every member looking at me with this knowing smile on their faces?
“So please welcome our Guests for tonight” Bobby finished and points with his hands behind the stage. My face turned automatically in the same direction.
My heart skipped a beat when a little girl runs trowards me, her arms wide open, ready to hug me. I crouched down trying hard to hold back my tears. This isn’t possible. How? When? Who?
The little girl jumped in my arms and hugs me thight. “Daddyyyy!” her voice was trembling.
When I noticed that my wife was right behind her I cound’t hold it back any longer. Her eyes were already wet from her upcoming tears. With my daughter in my arms, I sat up again and pulled her also to me. You could hear a tons of “Awwws” and other supporting sounds from the crowd. I slightly lean back to look at them again, only to make sure that this isn’t just a dream. After a few minutes of hugging and a bunch of words and kisses we broke the embrace. My daughter wrapped her arms around my neck and refused to let me go. “I love you baby girl” I whisperd, with a scratchy voice and tears still in my eyes. I turned back to the crowd and searched for the hand of my wife.
“Guys, I wanna say thank you for all your love and support!” I felt how my wife stroked my fingers during my speach to the fans. My hand squeezed her hand gently to thank her for her support. This was definetly the best gift ever and I would’ve never expect that.

It was hard for me to leave them but we still needed to perform our last song and it was almost impossible to break the intense hug with my daughter. We needed to calm her down or else she would’ve start to cry again. The last performance was awful. I couldn’t focus at all and everybody around me noticed it.

After we said goodbye I almost run backstage to my little family, who waited there.
We had dinner with the band members and it was almost impossible to leave our hands by ourself. Three months was a f*** long time and you can read it in their eyes how much they missed me.

The next day the other members flight back to Korea. But I decided to stay in Taiwan a few days longer, to enjoy our freetime there. My wife and my daughter agreed. The first night we slept all together in one bed. My daughter was super clingy and I felt guilty for leaving them alone for such a long time. She is only two years old it must’ve been super hard for her to understand and accept that I wasn’t there. I brushed a strand of hair behind her ear and watched her sleeping.
“I will never ever leave you again for such a long time” I whisperd in her ear and placed a kiss on her cheeks.

The next days we tried to spend as much time together as possible. I enjoyed every second with both of them and I couldn’t believe how much I missed and how much she learned in the last three month.
One day she was sitting on my lap and was looking at me with a serious expression.
“Daddy,will you leave us again?” she asked with a sad tone.
My heart tightened when I saw her sad eyes. I pulled her colser in my arms. I looked at my wife. “I’m always there don’t be scared. Even if you can’t see me. I will always be inside your heart. Don’t forget that ok?”-
Her eyes began to shine again. My wife plant a soft kiss on my lips. “We already know that but some time you have to remind us, that’s all” she said. And that reassured me.


and the first thing i do this morning is check youtube for audios of rachel tucker’s broadway elphaba debut and have a breakdown. 

the wizard and i ended with a growl into a little riff and oh god oh god. (x)

defying gravity though, holy shiz balls how has she not done this for like almost 2 years this is insane, this is where i started sobbing because this IS HER DREAM, and then the defYyYing riff happened, IVE MISSED THAT RIFF, and the grOOOOOOWL god bless rachel tucker’s existence. (x)

no good deed hOLY CRAP SHE IS BACK her growls ALL the growls, and the fuCKING FIYEro riff, i am so beynd fine, the green queen iS BACK that was insane (x)

she is back, the imo, greatest elphaba there has ever been is back, bACK AND STILL KILLING IT, and i am so stupidly proud of her! ANYONE that gets the opportunity to see her MUST, please go and cheer her on for me, because i won’t get the chance.