and i aint got that much money

if taeyong happens to get on we got married let him be, dont you want to see him reffering to his wife as ten by accident

oscar-winning material

you know what im tired of? im tired of folks tellin me some ‘stop wearin that jacket its too hot you in the wrong season’ I DONT CARE BRUH! LET ME SWEAT BRUH! do you know how much this jacket cost bruh? ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EIGHT DOLLARS BRUH! thats…PLUS SHIPPING! i got the freakin receipt thats 178 dollars bruh thats 200 dollars i aint got bruh! well not right now anyway…like dang bruh i would be stupid NOT to wear this jacket its too expensive NOT to wear bruh! im not finna let no money go to waste…i will wear this jacket in the DESERT…if i have to bruh! you aint sweatin in it bruh i am let me be bruh dang! and imma keep wearin it this whole summer!

The audacity

I was also thinking about this too…. Aint nothing worse than a boojee person that aint got shit to be boojie about… I can understand how someone has things and worked hard and just feeling themselves a bit too much….ok fine! (i still don’t do boojee though) Just to be stuck up and boojee probably don’t even have a job or a means to make money and character suck ass……. But just boojee?

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since most my family is in D.R. rn for the holidays and I aint get paid yet I pretty much spent/ am spending mine by myself. no christmas trees, no money for that. but I hope everyone spending it alright and chillin, not every one got that privilege today and Im sure my situation could be worse so Ima sit back and not let it get to me.