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Another Journal Writing Challenge

Another Journal Writing Challenge

This is a part 2 of journal writing challenge. I added 20 new writing prompts/exercises if you want to continue to fill the pages on your journal.

Day 21: 10 Words
Find a book or magazine nearest you and choose ten random words on any page. Write a short story of your neighbor or friend using those words.

Day 22: Breaking Laws
Write about the time you broke the rule at home, school, etc. Did anyone let you of with a warning or made you fix the problem?

Day 23: Bucketlist
Create a list of the places and things you want to do or go someday

Day 24: Bedtime Stories
Doodle your favorite books when you were a child

Day 25: Playlist
Write about how your week went by listing 7 songs that represent each day

Day 26: Food Critic (you could do this another day/time if you want to)
Have breakfast, lunch, or dinner at a new restaurant in your area. Write about your experience there.

Day 27: Best Day Ever
Write about your best day you ever had. Include pictures on the page if you want.

Day 28: Back To The Past
If you could go back in time, what would you change about that day or actions you’ve done?

Day 29: Message
Write a message to yourself and put in a bottle or box. (Write it also in your journal and fold the page so you won’t read it) Then hide the bottle or box somewhere you can remember. Read your message when it’s 2025.

Day 30: Future
Write about the future. What do you think will the technology, houses, etc would be like in the future?

Day 31: Moved
Have you ever been moved to tears from a movie, book, song, poem you watched or read? Write about it.

Day 32: Rant
Rant about anything you want on this page

Day 33: Away From Here
Write about the time you wanted to.runway from home.

Day 34: So Unexpected!
Write about an unexpected moment that happened in school or somewhere.

Day 35: 5 minutes
Meditate or go to a quite place for 5 mins. Write about it afterwards.

Day 36: Picture That!
Go outside and randomly take five pictures of anything around you. Write about those pictures you took.

Day 37: Upside Down Drawing
Find a picture online or magazine that would like to do an upside down drawing on this page.

Day 38: Feelings
Have you ever have feelings from someone? Did you ever tell that person about it

Day 39: Dress Up
Dress up as your favorite movie or tv character and stroll around your neighborhood for 20 mins or so. Write about your experience.

Day 40: Second Chances
Have you ever had a second chance at something in life?

As I’m writing my novel, I have become more and more aware of how dangerous the “purity of an ideology” can be. It always starts with a minority of outcasts, who, after having felt left out and unheard or even tamed, begin to behave in a cult-like behavior (“Everyone is against me, I must be superior and threatening to them”). The first dangerous way of the purity of an idea, is the first believers being angry and motivated to make the world bow down to their ideology by forcing their ideas into the “outside world” (government, social life, etc.)

But this form of ideology is even more dangerous for another reason. It does not challenge deeply but rather quite superficially (i.e adding new categories of an already existent label). Superficial change is dangerous because the trend easily becomes a habit. It does not seem to harm you personally -which they insist themselves to “not worry because it’s none of your business if we do this”- and overtime, the majority has let the minority’s harmful ideology become an almost equal force. Only the old opposition is fighting back, and they are themselves a devoted minority with the difference being that the purity does not exist, the opposition is based on critical analysis observed with a factual-only-intelligence. They can’t be challenged, even on a superficial level.
But the remaining population is either indifferent because it won’t affect them (yet) or in need to act out of interested kindness (the ideology says : “save yourself! believe in us!”).

This sort of ideology (if not all) is never pure, it’s never superior because it is a religion. It is dogmatic (remember the cult-like threatening behavior) and for this reason, it can never be pure, as its only reason to live is to make others submit by becoming followers or they shall be faced with violent attacks.

150401 Kim Junsu to ‘challenge’ female role?

In a surprise announcement yesterday, Kim Junsu is slated to take the female lead role in a new musical adaptation of Simcheongga. Simcheongga is a traditional Korean folk tale of Simcheong, a girl who sacrifices herself so that her father may be cured of his blindness. 

“I thought it was time that I challenged something new,” said the idol, adding that he had first started thinking about female roles since he took on the role of the androgynous Der Tod in ‘Elizabeth’. “It is difficult, but that is why I am even more excited.”

Frank Wildhorn, the man behind Jekyll & Hyde, Korea’s longest running musical, as well as Tears of Heaven, is rumored to be writing the music for this project. 

Source: 无艘德丝
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cynical-media  asked:

Hey wade Im really curious. How did you decide who to do video collabs with? Like do you get people requesting to do a collab with you often and you check out their channel? Or do you find smaller youtubers and do it through that? I guess im really curious about your collaborative process work when making videos with other youtubers?

Generally speaking I look at YouTube channels all the time, but I have a large group of friends I already record with and it’s hard to get them in enough videos as it is. I also don’t set-up many collabs, I generally am invited by Dlive, Mark, Bob, Ze, Patrck, Gar, JPW, etc. And I like doing solo content as well, so trying to balance out getting time with all of my friends with solo content is already difficult, and adding in new people is always a challenge because I don’t know what our chemistry will be like and it means even less time with my friends. Usually I meet new collab friends through another friend in a recording or stream or something along those lines. I’m not opposed to it or anything it’s just a really hard thing to balance out when I already have so many people I work with.