and i actually miss her!

I miss being loved by a women miss gettin kissed on by the girl I want I miss knowing the girl I want wants me I miss herring I missed u n actually feelin missed

I been love deprived, I need love n affection

Tumblr Logic
  • *David Bowie dies*:
  • (He was falsely convicted of rape and was declared innocent.)
  • Tumblr: He was literally a rapist. Don't mourn his death.
  • *Harper Lee dies*:
  • (She was a civil rights activist who published a revolutionary novel during her time.)
  • Tumblr: She was actually a racist. I won't miss her.
  • *Fidel Castro dies*:
  • (He became the communist dictator of Cuba, destroying the country in the process.)

Richard Dean Anderson at OzComicCon 2015

consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

How can she seem to have fallen from heaven
when I’m the one that has fallen,
the one that’s all in,
while her mind is a weapon

And God, I am already in too deep
because she is just too beautiful
and everything I seek
while I’m a fool

And while she is kissing all those boys
that appear to her as pretty toys
my heart tattoos cries of desperation against my ribs

How should I ever enjoy life’s sweet kiss
when she is everything I miss
and most of all her gorgeous lips?

—  // an actual sonnet

Now having gotten all my judgements out of the way I’ll say this again like I said in my tags:

I knew they’d find a way to show us she is there. They didn’t have to and we could have never known for sure. But they purposely put her in the snaps and they 100% know what they are doing.

so… i drew some emwyn that was kind of inspired by @bronwyning ‘s secret santa gift for me? it was such a nice and sweet story and i guess the idea of it kinda leaked into my drawing haha. happy new year everyone! i was going to wait until midnight to post (it’s only 8:15 pm here as i type this) but i couldn’t resist, i was too excited about this lol.