and i actually liKED IT A LOT!!!


Kousuke and Hiro-pon

The only one who’s the same age as me!!!
We were always together during rehearsals, every prefecture we went to, in the dressing rooms, and even in private.
I feel like I have to work hard so that we can be together again in another production someday.  
When the final performance was over, the two of us went to eat Shabu Shabu!
And right now he’s at my house.  lol
Hiro-pon is actually napping right now so I’m cleaning.  lol

Translation by @nimbus-cloud

I already got my Christmas gift to myself – a playstation 4 – but I wanna get this too. Idk…

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Are ENTPs naturally playfully flirty? Even when they don't notice doing it sometimes?

Yes. This is such a problem. But there are actually a ton of little speech patterns that we have that make us seem flirty when we’re just talking.

ENTPs talk in puns and riddles. I’ve found that others find this type of speech to be a form of extra effort. Basically, people often think that the ENTP is going out of their way to be clever or witty to impress whoever they’re talking to. It seems like extra attention when really it’s how we talk to most people. In fact, I’m wittiest around people who i’m not comfortable around or who I dislike. The witty punny thinking is like a preset, and it turns on when I don’t want to put any effort into actually thinking. (These puns are often the relatiely un-creative ones though… lots of that’s what she said jokes and easy word-play.)

The plaful flirty ENTP is fully alive with acquaintences though. When ENTPs are in a good mood they’d probably flirt with anything just to get the reaction. We love making reactions and gauging reactions and people are GREAT when they like you. We’re people pleasers on the good days and we love it when people love us, though we won’t do anything other than use our natural charm and relatively large ego. 

So in answer to your question, yes we’re playfully flirty without noticing it. But we’re also playfully flirty when we want to be. Given that most of us don’t like feeling anyway, it’s almost safe to say that chances are, we’re not flirting with people we see as potential mates anyway. 


I have waited for so, so long for a song where all of Seventeen would sing.

Sing, not rap.

Sing, because they all can sing albeit different in level of skill.

So I can’t really help my tears when they finally made it happen. Laughter really showcased their singing. And the last I heard some of these boys actually sing where you can actually really, really listen to the progress of their voice was way back their trainee days. I’m floored by how much they have all improved.


We know he can sing. He’s done it a lot of times, but not many times enough. We all agreed he needed to sing more, so even if they all got short lines to cater to everyone, I love how they made him sing the first part of the song. It somehow felt special like that, especially because he’s the leader.


I’ve always thought that Hansol can sing, just not the high notes they ask him to do. His voice is really, really nice to listen to, especially when he sings these. It’s somehow calm and easy.


I just want to stress how his voice has improved so much since their debut. Jeonghan was in vocal line, but he needed time to grow vocal-wise, too. He’s a lot more stable now and he can even hold notes. I love how he was able to make me feel light-hearted with his voice the  very second he sang.


He has this really unique voice color. I don’t think it was emphasized too well here because of how short the lines were, but we all know how his voice is a perfect mix of gentleness and honey, especially with the way he pronounces his words. It’s really, really pretty.


Oh. We know he can sing. He has a sort of lowkey nasal quality of voice that just works. His voice turns from sweet, sweet love song lullabies to rapline worthy kind of edgy. His voice just delivers without fail no matter what kind of song he’s singing.


Main vocal for a reason. One of the most raw and powerful voices I’ve ever heard, and it’s a voice that never fails to move me and make me tear up. Honestly, this boy has so much soul in his voice and it just oozes out of him the second he sings.


The melody suits his voice. I’m not sure about it, but when hear I hear him rap, I feel as if his voice isn’t too forceful or like, filled with swag, like other rappers. To me, his rap flow is that kind that can easily be turned into a melody if you want to sing it instead of rap it, so I thought maybe this boy could be a real good singer if they let him. And here we have the proof of that. 


This boy’s voice is so comforting. It’s got this sort of warmth that makes you feel like you’re in your room in a silent night cuddled up with your favorite pillow and blanket. I wish he’s able to sing more, because his voice speaks with emotion so much.


His voice. It’s adorable and precious with that accent, but he can sing and he can rap pretty well. And his mellow voice is just. I wish we can hear more of him singing soon, because the world needs more of Xu Minghao, and we need to see all the improvements he’s been having that we’re yet to be blessed with.


This boy, I swear. I have heard too few of Dino’s singing to actually say he was good at singing, but I felt that he was, because what can’t our maknae do? Powerful dancing and equally powerful rap. I felt like his voice was steady enough to sound good if he were singing, and I was just hoping, hoping, hoping to hear him sing at least once. And I’m ranting about it right now because I never thought it’d actually happen, and he’s as good as I thought he would be. Probably even better.


I’ve talked about DK’s voice a hundred times, maybe. Voice clear as water. Main vocal for a good reason. There is just no way he wouldn’t be noticed for his voice now like that one time they didn’t realize he was main vocal, too, at Seventeen Project.


Jun said lines rather than sang them, but the way he delivered them floored me. He has good control over his voice as he speaks. It’s beautiful to hear. I wish they let him sing because his voice is soothing as well, but I’m not at all disappointed, because while Jun didn’t sing, his voice quality while speaking those words went straight to my heart and warmed it.


He has this really beautiful voice. Like a lonely prince that sings his heart out with a deep, gentle voice that makes you feel so nostalgic in that sense where you feel solitude yet you’re also filled with warmth.

This was a long post, but I had to get it out there. I really can’t help but feel overwhelmed and proud because I really wanted something like this, where they all would sing, to happen. Seventeen really has a way to make us happy in every sense of the word.

Support these boys. They deserve all the love in the world.

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Admittedly at first I thought you were just hating on IM3 like everyone else, but seeing your in depth break down of the why you were upset with it is refreshing. Even though I liked the movie, I respect your thoughts on it.

Ahah thank you. I’m sorry I’m just a vague vitriolic goat about it most of the time. I actually do enjoy a lot of things about that movie, it’s just that… the things that I don’t enjoy/think are lacking… are so…. prominent……….

And honestly, IM3 gets more shit from me than say, IM2 and AoU not because I think those two were objectively better but because they have the good luck of not being The Last Movie Of The Iron Man Franchise. Like… I had a lot of expectations

I still watch IM3 like every two weeks though. At least. Seriously. On weekends. And also whenever there’s a kid in the house. Kids react better to IM3 than IM1 (I have tested that) so I deeply enjoy IM3 in that specific context. I’m also immensely grateful for the fact that IM3 was legit the movie that had the guts to bring up the words “anxiety” and “PTSD” and “medication” in a heroic Iron Man context

I do think IM3 did more good than harm (hence my still reblogging literally every gifset I see in front of me). Unlike something a la AoU. But…. I was very annoyed anyway. Probably because I know that IM3 had. Every. Single. Ingredient. To be an even more compelling character study than IM1. But it wasn’t, imo

Anyway, a lot of love went into that movie and it does come across. I own an IM3 Hot Toys Tony Stark, a Mk 42 armor hoodie, my phone case is IM3…. I feel a whole spectrum of extreme emotions about this movie hah

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I was disappointed in 707's route. Is there a route you were expecting to love but didn't? Or the other way around? :3

Yes and no?? Hmm… I know I didn’t really like most of Jumin’s route, but I knew it wasn’t going to be my favorite from the start.

I understand why you could be disappointed in Seven’s route though. To be honest, it wasn’t my favorite either. I loved loved loved the secret endings as a continuation to his route! But his route itself felt a little.. ehhh dreaded at times, at least to me. I still love the ginger dork meme lord!!

Yoosungs route was a wild ride! When I first downloaded the game I thought he was going to be my favorite and I started his route, but didn’t like it at all. I got the bad ending at day 7 though, so maybe that explains a lot. The actual route with the good ending was hella nice, though! <3

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Do you find it uncomfortable that people are telling you they have a crush on you? (because I do too!)

absolutely not!! i mean. its flattering. lol. its just. a very strange feeling also.

i spent a lot of years of my life being told i am ugly. throughout highschool and beyond. one of people’s favorite things to say to me when i came out as trans online 8 years ago was “you’ll always just be an ugly girl.”

so, people ACTUALLY being attracted to me is just. such a stark contrast to that. but its very nice also. i enjoy it.  😊 my self esteem has improved a lot over the last few years since starting my transition. i feel like it has made an impact on how people see me.

Film adaptations of games

I think one of the biggest issues with film adaptations of video games is the fact that a lot of things in the story get left out for the sake of fitting it all into two hours. Stories in games tend to be much slower paced than movies because the player is experiencing everything the main character is going through at all times.

I think that a continuous series would work much better for a game adaptation. That way, various arcs and lore in the game aren’t left out, and are given as much time as they need to be developed.

There are some exceptions, though. I actually feel like the 2006 adaptation of Silent Hill is an alright adaptation. Unlike most video game adaptations, it feels like there was love and effort put into it and that the director actually gave a shit about the source material. I think the main problem with that movie is that it’s based off of the first Silent Hill game. It’s a good game, but I think my least favorite part about it was the story. I think that Silent Hill 2’s story would have made a much better movie.

In short, I think that games like Zelda or Warcraft would do better as a series, and games like Silent Hill would do better as a movie, if given the right director. Hollywood shouldn’t make an adaptation of a game unless they know it will fit into a two hour format and still be satisfying.

I think the main problem with film adaptations of games is the fact that people in Hollywood tend not to respect the source material of video games, and as a result, not put effort into it. It doesn’t matter how bad the movies turn out to them, because they know that fans of the games it’s based off of will pay to see it regardless. Video games have a lot of potential to tell great stories, and some games have really tapped into that, but it doesn’t seem like Hollywood understands that.

Capricorn Moon

Pessimists. LMAOOOO! I know quite a few Capricorn Moons and tbhhhhh you guys are some pessimists.

Why are all Earth Moons like this except Taurus?! 😭

I have a guy friend who’s a Gemini Sun/Capricorn Moon. He’s soooo funny and he’s actually quite a social butterfly… sometimes. HES JUST SO PRIVATE AND ITS ANNOYING. He once *slightly* opened up to me and I guess he caught feelings after that because he later admitted LMAO.

Idk what else to say about Capricorn Moons! You guys have goals. A lot of them. And your insecurities tend to stem from your goals! If you haven’t accomplished a goal, you get soooo down in the dumps it’s crazy. If you aren’t more successful than your parents or have higher aspirations, you feel like a failure and start to sulk.

Whyyyy?? You guys are so precious and can stand a lot of stuff thrown at you! You guys are very strong. 😢❤️

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Ok so like im just. Im rlly tired of ppl making fun of or making jokes about guys being short? Bc as a trans man, and how most other trans men are u know. below average height in comparison to cismen it rlly gets to me. Like my friends and BF can get away with it bc i know theyre just teasing and mean no harm and my bf actually loves that im a smol. But like when i see those jokes i jsut feel rlly down like ppl dont see me as a boy just bc im short. Idk its kind of silly i guess but still;;;

oh the short jokes anon is the venting anon in case that wasnt clear sorry

i get that! and those jokes suck!
i think it helps in those instances to look around and notice other guys, there’s a lot of short cis men, you’ll notice. and you’re no less a man just because you’re shorter!  

So I invited my BEST FRIEND to this Christmas concert at the Cathedral which is going to mean a lot to me, and I knew it would for her. So I invited her to go with Scott and me and she said Monday worked best for her since she has therapy on Tuesday. (it’s two nights Monday and Tuesday) I also invited this girl she’s been seeing for almost a month to be nice.

I said perfect! That’s works for scott too since he works Tuesday.

Ok so fast forward to today and she says actually Tuesday works better for me. I was like …oh I guess I can go twice then since scott can’t go Tuesday. She says “do what’s best for you..,if tuesday doesn’t work then see it tomorrow. I mean does scott have to see it with you? Just the invitation was fantastic. At least you introduced the idea to me and Brittany and Jason (her coworker she invited). I would’ve never done this.”

Ok I’m truly offended. Does scott need to see it with me? Yes. I invited him. These were my plans. That’s my partner who I’m in love with. I told her that comment Upset me I said “I could say the same to you, do your coworkers have to see it with you? Because it sounds like you changed plans because the people you invited can’t go Monday.”

Bitch said “at least you introduced the idea.” I cannot. Yeah it would’ve meant a lot for her to see it with me which is what I expressed before and she’s bailing over this girl she’s been seeing for a month.

She apologized, but I told her I’m upset.

Not cool dude.

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shitt is wanting to trigger urself a normal thing ?? bc i do it all the time and i thought i was just rlly fuckfed up bc i would always seek out movies/books/shows dealing with sexual abuse just to bring back memories and give myself panic attacks to remind ymself it was real and i just fels so sick bc ppl were always so worried abt being triggered but i kinda love it even tho it makes me wanna die,,, does that even make sense?

i mean its definitely common among people with past abuse/trauma but!

not saying that its healthy at all but… it makes sense for sure

in actuality, triggering yourself releases chemicals in the brain similar to those that help anxiety, like dissociating and stuff. thats talked about a lot in a book called the body keeps the score, if youre interested

take care of yourself <3

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You like Marvel characters a lot (as we can see kkkk) soo, what do you think about DC characters?? Any that you prefer?? ILOVEYOUSOMUCH!

OMG HELLO, I got this ask a million years ago and was SO excited to talk about it and mentally said everything… and then forgot to actually answer it. I’m the worst.

So, long story short I would pledge my life to Midnighter, Dick Grayson and Dinah Lance. Oh my god. Grayson and Midnighter are some of my favorite comics, period. I’ve also been reading the current runs of Nightwing and Batman (love love love love the current Nightwing, Raptor is the SHIT). Also, funny story, in the interim while this ask chilled in my askbox, I accidentally became very obsessed with the entire batfam, particularly a certain spectacular asshole named Jason Todd. He is my favorite character type?? I can’t handle it. I love him, holy flip on a stick. I just ordered like a shit ton of Red Hood and the Outlaws comics and plan to drown in them over the next few days. I can’t wait to be compulsively driven to read as much batfam content as possible and suffer.

thank you for asking this very important question

I leave you with 2 parting thoughts- 1) everyone should read Midnighter/Midnighter and Apollo etc etc, 2) the Grayson comic should have a tv show, the end.

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What are your top 5 yuri animes and manga?

I don’t read a lot of manga but I can do anime. BTW I don’t watch a lot of yuri based anime like Strawberry panic or Sakura trick. I watched Aoi hana and got bored really quickly. So most of these won’t be categorized officially as yuri but will have undertones. Also as I’m writing this this is actually difficult to fit in the anime I like in a list of 5..

5.) Akuma no Riddle - This anime has a lot of sentimental value to me even though the directing/writing wasn’t all that great. I was able to meet great people, most of whom I’m still following now. You know who you are. Love you guys.

4.) Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam (Fam The Silver Wing) - Super cool steampunky anime and the ED is beautiful af. Really reccommend it if you like planes and action. Plane girlfriends.

(Honestly i love them so much but this anime gets like no attention i cri also fun fact Madoka’s VA from PMMM voices gizzy/far right grill)

3.) Senki Zesshou series - Music based anime but it’s still action based and things go boom a lot. Miku and Hibiki are basically married sooooooo

2.) Harmony - The main plot is about how if society was forced/monitored so that they had to do moralistically correct actions no matter what. Tuan, our main girl, and her…uh, problematic ex has some….issues.

1.) Hibike Euphonium - OKAY I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING AND THAT THIS IS JUST BAIT BUT LISTEN. LI S TEN. EVEN IF THAT SCENARIO WHICH SHALL NOT BE MENTIONED HAPPENS….Look at the directing. The animation. The characterization!!!! All of it!!! It’s so beautiful!!! GAHHHH. GAY BAND NERDS.

Honorable Mentions:

Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de aru - cute girls fight GOD.

(^ this is not fanart, as you can see from the corner this is part of the visual novel that I WANT TO PLAY BUT CAN’T FIND)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Homora is gay. (I’m going to get attacked by this but Mami/Kyouko is best ship I hate it but at the same time I love it it hurts so much)

Canaan - Lots of nice action and interesting concepts.

(I watched this anime a while ago and you know, it’s actually pretty gay.)

Love Live! School Idol Project + Sunshine! - Honestly this whole entire franchise saved my life. I love idol lesbians.


Also want to mention: Yagate Kimi ni naru (Eventually I will become yours/Bloom into You) I haven’t actually started reading this (I helped proofread for a certain oujo-sama that was translating it for the first few chapters) but I know it’s super sweet and well drawn so I’ll get to it eventually

Sagittarius Moon

THIS REALLT WHERE RHE PARTIES @ !!!!1!!1! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


As you all know, I’m a Leo Moon and honestly, if I hate you at first and then I start to love you, you’re most likely a Sagittarius Moon.

Every single Sagittarius Moon I’ve met started out like this:

Me: *being nice and friendly*
Sagittarius Moon: “ok? that’s cool”

WHY YOU GUYS SO MEAN AT FIRST. I’m so nice and you guys are mad dry with me and rude. But then the bond strengthens…

One of my other closest guy friends, who’s practically my brother now, is a Pisces Sun/Sagittarius Moon. He is so honest. That’s all I’m gonna say. He doesn’t care if you’re offended or not, he’ll say what he means and mean what he says. If I need the cold, hard truth, I simply go to him and he’ll tell me. Not sugar coating anything. And that’s the main reason I love you Sagittarius Moons. YOU SAY IT LIKE IT IS AND YOU DONT TAKE IT BACK.

I have another friend who is an Aries Sun/Sagittarius Moon. Actual QUEEN of Sass. She will have a witty comeback to anyone and everything. She’s honest to the MAX. If my painting is cute, she’ll tell me. If it’s really ugly, she really won’t hesitate to tell me LMAO.

My ex is an Aquarius Sun/Sagittarius Moon. Funny thing is that we’ve been close friends before we dated, which was years ago, and we’re still pretty close friends. Another one who is honest and will tell me like it is.


And they’re party animals, I swear to everything I love.

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i'm sorry you're feeling so stressed!! but definitely what other people said. i've also written everything down on paper and then ruined it with water. my friend writes down her problems and then burns the paper. (this one is kinda embarrassing but) last summer every single night i would open my window and say 'dear world' and then just sort of ramble on until i felt like i'd said enough. it's good to get it other there and i hope you find a way to do it that's easy and nonstressful <3

and ofc if you ever want to talk to an actual human being (and not just the general universe as a whole) i’m always here to listen <3

those are all precious you’re too good for this world and me, téa <3

my current form of bleghing is definitely just talking aloud, because i’m alone a lot, so I kinda just tell my dogs what’s up lol

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OH WISE SCHOLAR OF DRAGON AGE TRIVIA, I AM HAUNTED BY A QUESTION I HOPE YOU CAN ANSWER. SO. NED. Dwarves supposedly don't dream, right??? Right. OK, so in Awakening, iirc, Oghren comes and talks to you about this crazy grey warden nightmare he had involving babies and wives and darkspawn, right? And you can tell him that's not a grey warden dream, that's just a normal dream. so wHAT DOES THIS MEAN. HOW CAN YOU JUST. TELL A DWARF HE HAD A DREAM I'M. NED, THIS KEEPS ME UP AT NIGHTNED WHAT DOES THI

I THINK ABOUT THIS A LOT ACTUALLY BEcause first of all it is FUCKED UP that Dwarves dont dream like whAT DO THEY DO AT NIGHT????? BIOWARE??? I NEED ANSWERS???

The simple answer is that its probably a slip up on the writing part. They wanted to make the joke and disregarded their own canon for it. It could also be? The wardens own ignorance on dwarves in general? Like especially I know Lavens a circle mage so would he know that dwarves dont dream off hand? It could also be that the darkspawn taint is affecting his ability to dream. Left over darkspawn stuff (with th architect and mother around) mingled with his own ptsd and problems, and the warden is just trying to make light of it (cause dark humor is a warden specialty).

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So I know you do mostly of Newt x Reader fanfics, but I feel Tina and Newt have been neglected a lot as a ship, maybe because it's cannon. Could you maybe do like a Newt x Tina first kiss fanfic, or something along those lines? As a plus It would be fun to predict what might happen before we see it in the films anyways!

Actually I’ve done one Tina X Newt. It’s called Because of You and I feel like it was really crappily written, but it was kinda a popular hit on Not to mention it was their first kiss.

I should do more Tina X reader but I can’t seem to capture Tina’s personality. So if anyone has tips on her personality, please tell me! 😘

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Nonsense, you must know Tchaikovsky at least? He wrote The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Sleeping Beauty ballets (the Disney film used his music)! Plus lots of other works like his six symphonies, 1812 overture, The Seasons (which is actually twelve short pieces for each month), Romeo & Juliet Overture, etc. Here's the Swan Lake theme www[.]youtube[.]com/watch?v=9cNQFB0TDfY and Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker www[.]youtube[.]com/watch?v=QxHkLdQy5f0

That was a nice listen.