and i actually giggled over the first question

Boyfriend Tag || Joe Sugg Imagine

Hey, guys, I’m Y/N and welcome back to my channel, Or if your new Hello,“ I say towards my camera. I turn my head to the boy sitting next to me, "As most of you probably know this is my boyfriend, say hello.” I place my hand on his chin.

“Hello,” He waves, “I’m Joe, the boyfriend.” He chuckles making me roll my eyes.

“And today we are doing the boyfriend tag!” I half-shout making Joe slap his hand to his chest. I laugh and kiss his cheek.

“Okay so I’m going to ask the first question,” I open my phone, “When slash where did we meet?”  My eyes make their way over to Joe.

“I hate this story,” Joe groans making me grin.

“You have to tell this one,”

“No, you tell it,” he says looking away from the camera obviously embarrassed, “Okay,” I say giggling softly.

“So, young Joseph here,” I place my hand on his head making him groan, “Was actually dating one of my very good friends, but as you can probably tell things didn’t work out between them.”

“But were still friends with her,” Joe cuts me off making me nod my head.

“And when they weren’t together anymore I asked him out on a date,” I smile and kiss his cheek.

“Okay next question,” Joe mumbles, “When did we meet each other’s, parents?”

“Oh yes,” I say clasping my hands together with a smile reappearing on my face, “We actually met each other’s parents on the same day, Christmas.”

“I loved every second of that day,” Joe says kissing my cheek and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Me too,” I say, “When and where was our first kiss?”

“I really like this story, so, me being the romantic individual I am, I kissed her at sunset on our second date,” Joe says both of us having matching grins.

“Who said I love you first?” I ask.

“I did,” Joe states proudly.

“And the question that most of you have been waiting for,” I say, “How long have we been dating?”

“Well, it’s time to tell you guys, we’ve been dating for just over a year,” Joe grins kissing my cheek softly, and then I kiss his cheek softly.

“This is the very last question, What was our biggest fight about?”

“Nope, we are not telling them about that,” Joe says hiding his face in the crook of my neck.

“Joe got a little jealous one night, and alas we argued about him being a little over dramatic,” I laugh running my fingers through his hair.

“So that was the boyfriend tag with me, Joseph and Y/N and well see you next week, where I hopefully won’t get bullied from Y/N for half and hour.”

“Hey! I didn’t bully you,” I pout.

“Bye guys,” Joe says before kissing my pouted lips.


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Pairing: Hoseok x Reader

Words: ~2k

Request: Can you do a jhope soulmate au the one where you have the first thing your soulmate says written on your wrist. Can it be something in all caps (implying that he was screaming it because let’s be real this boy screams a lot) (maybe funny too but I don’t care lol) just a bunch of fluff. Thanks 💛

The words first start to appear overnight, around the time of one’s sixteenth birthday. You’d wake up and find a couple new minuscule specks dotting your wrist. Over the next two years, new dots would appear and disappear, some forming darker than others, until, by the age of eighteen, what your soulmate first says to you, after having made the connection, has been finalized and written upon your wrist in small, cursive letters.

With most, there was only a word or two. Some variable of “wow”, “amazing”, or “perfect” were printed on their skin. Growing up, it was always fascinating to see your friends words develop on their wrist. You’d wonder aloud to each other about what you thought the letters would form and stay up late gushing over your sappy fantasies. It wasn’t uncommon for outgoing strangers to strike up a conversation with each other and enthuse about the marks that had formed on their wrist in the signature small, cursive print.

However, you shied away from flaunting the words that had formed on your wrist. The only people who had seen were your friends and family. If a stranger were to start a conversation with you, you would avoid showing them your wrist and often wore long sleeved shirts out. You didn’t want to admit it, but you were a bit embarrassed by your marking. You had always anticipated the average one-worded affection printed on your wrist, but you had gotten something much more unusual.

You put your book down and lifted the end of your sleeve to reveal your quote, bold and capitalized against your skin. You traced a finger over the letters, and couldn’t help the fond smile that rose as you chuckled softly.
“AM I SCREAMING AGAIN?”. You traced over each letter of the comical phrase, before letting your sleeve drop as your roommate, Jihee, walked into your shared bedroom with a bag from a small doughnut shop near your apartment.

“Hey, Y/N, I got two glazed. They were on sale, two for one dollar. Here.” She said in a rush, handing you a doughnut half-wrapped in a napkin. You took it and thanked her as she pulled out her own and sat on her bed, pulling her laptop out of her bag and into her lap, turning it on as she took a bite of the treat.

“Did you seriously get loaded with work over the weekend again?” You asked, scoffing in disbelief when she gave you a quick nod. “This is the third time in a row, Jihee. I can’t believe they’re overworking you like that.” You took a bite of the doughnut she had given you, giving her an incredulous look.

“It’s fine.” She spoke shortly, focusing on the - what was probably near a dozen - of important company files she had to go through for an upcoming meeting, “it’s important.”

“Here,” you sighed, “I’ll go grocery shopping for you. I know you usually do it, but I can tell your swamped. I’ll make a list and go out later, yeah?” You offered, taking another bite out of your doughnut. She glanced up at you and hesitated, before nodding softly and giving you a thankful look before she focused back on her work, her eyes furrowing slightly in concentration as she scrolled through what you could only assume to be a daunting file.

You smiled to yourself and put the book you were reading away, quickly finishing the doughnut and picking up a notepad and a pencil. You took the next half hour wandering around the apartment, scribbling down the things you and your roommate needed.

You checked the list over with her, adding on a few things at her request before setting out. You headed to the nearest supermarket and got yourself a cart, weaving through the aisles and picking out what you needed. You added some ice cream and a couple snacks on the way, and before long you had just about everything you needed.

Except one, the last item on your list, which was what you assumed was studio equipment. Your roommate had written it down herself, but she only wrote down the model and brand in her haste to return to her work. Despite that, she seemed like she really wanted the item, and you were determined to get it for her.

You glanced at the scrawl of your roommate’s handwriting and half-heartedly searched the shelves in front of you again. You huffed softly in annoyance when you didn’t find anything matching both the model and brand she wrote down, crossing your arms and searching up the item to try to find it easier.

After a fruitless look through the shelves once again, you grumbled in irritation, deciding to check the other aisle you thought it could be in. You were pretty sure it wouldn’t be there, but the store sometimes put items in aisles they were only loosely related to. Your cart was already heavy as you pushed it into the aisle, scanning the shelves tiredly.

You felt like you deflated in defeat when you searched the shelves for the third time and didn’t see anything like the item on the list. You were about to give up and go home when you heard it. Excited little squeals, and was that a scream?

“I can’t believe it! Do you see this, Namjoon?” You heard someone screech, high-pitched, excited, and either oblivious or uncaring as to the disturbance they were making in the middle of a half-crowded store. You felt panic rise in you and quickly lifted your sleeve to see your mark considerably darker and more prominent than it was when you last checked it. You could even see ink rising on your skin, a small heart starting to form neatly under the quote.

You felt overwhelmed. You glanced over the shelves and exhaled heavily when you finally found what you had been looking for, tucked behind a handful of mugs, easing it out and placing it in the cart as gently as you could in a panic before you turned it around and heaving into it, eager to get out of the store.

“Hey, wait!” Someone called, sounding much like the voice that had been screaming in excitement earlier, and you froze, shoulders hunching. You were absolutely certain it was him. After a rushed internal pep talk, you took a deep breath to stabilize yourself and turned around, keeping your gaze to the floor, eyes darting between the two tiles at your feet.

You weren’t quite sure why you were practically buzzing with anxiety. Your soulmate, your other half, was someone who was supposed to complete you. To be fair, it all seemed rather overwhelming to handle when you had just come to perform the kind act of shopping while your roommate was flooded with work.

“Oh my god,” you heard the man squeal, “look at me!” He urged you, but didn’t sound annoyed or demanding, more excited and eager. You hesitantly let your gaze rise, almost immediately locking eyes with who you could only assume was your soulmate, his smile so bright and warm it could rival the sun.

You felt the connection form once you locked eyes. He took your breath away. You felt your chest heave as you gripped your cart for stability, drinking in his - frankly, ethereal - appearance, although you didn’t have much time to. His smile was wide and bright as he darted to you and picked you up, twirling you around with a loud squeal before setting you down and leaning close to you, noses almost touching. His eyes darted between yours as you stood, still frozen, your own eyes wide in surprise, staring back into his twinkling ones.

“Hey, Hoseok, turn it down a notch. You’re being loud.” You looked over your soulmate, Hoseok’s, shoulder, to see another man. Tall, with a round face and deep, wise eyes that seemed to be flooded with knowledge.

“Am I screaming again?!” Hoseok screamed, giggling to himself when he realized he had just answered his own question. Just as your marking had predicted, his first words to you after having made the connection had been said - actually, screamed. You and Namjoon both nodded, and Hoseok glanced between you two before gasping and looking at you again, grabbing your wrist and pulling up the sleeve.

“Is that-” he started, but when he saw the words on your skin he erupted in laughter. It rang loud and clear, and you couldn’t help but relax a bit and giggle alongside him. “I’m sorry, God, I can’t believe that’s what I first said to you.”

You smiled and patted his shoulder in reassurance, “you’re quite loud, but it’s fine.”

He nodded, before breaking out into laughter again and lifting his wrist to show that the first half of what you had just said was printed on his wrist, a small, filled in heart under it. You glanced at your own wrist and saw the heart that had just begun forming was filled in as well, signifying that you had officially connected with your soulmate. You turned back to him and broke out into a nervous giggle.

“Oh, god, I’m so sorry-” you started, flustered, before he cut you off with a bright smile.

“No, it’s fine! I can’t believe I found you!” He wasn’t screaming anymore, having calmed himself down, and pulled you in for a tight hug.

You hesitantly hugged him back, his embrace feeling warm and secure. You couldn’t help but to close your eyes at the feeling and sigh against him, relaxing.

He insisted, with a pout, on staying with you for the rest of the day, and you only agreed once his friend said it was fine and waved you two off. Hoseok went back to the apartment with you and helped bring in and put away the items from your shopping trip. Your roommate brightened when you told her you had found your soulmate and put her work aside for a while in favor of listening to the story, laughter and giggles flowing between the three of you.

By the time your conversation, which had wandered from how you met and lasted a solid handful of hours, died down and Jihee had gone back to work, it was late in the evening and Hoseok was adamant about staying with you. He had whined and pouted, claiming he didn’t want to leave his beautiful, gorgeous, kind, amazing soulmate until you agreed to let him spend the night, which resulted in him visibly brightening and hugging you until you eased him off you to order takeout.

When you two were settled on your bed, having both eaten your fair share of pizza, which was followed by watching a movie together with Jihee still typing away in the background, he pulled you closer to cuddle you.

“I’m really, really glad I found you.” He mumbled into your hair after a while of laying together, planting a kiss on top of your head. You already felt tired from how warm and secure you felt in his hold, and hummed, leaning up to place a tired kiss onto his jaw. Your own actions startled you a bit, you barely knew him but it all felt so normal and natural, as if you had been doing this for years already. You saw him smile brightly in the dark as he pulled you closer until you were flush against him and your legs were tangled together. He nuzzled the top of your hair affectionately while your breathing gradually evened out, unconsciousness approaching you quickly due to his embrace.

“Goodnight, sunshine.”

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You and Dan do a tag video for the internet

Dan switched the camera on.

His arm rested comfortably on my shoulders, his side pressed nice and warm to mine. The blinding lights used for recording were up and making the both of us sweat. Before he said anything I turned and looked at his profile. He had that same anticipatory look in his eyes whenever he started recording a video. He and I were wearing matching shirts, like the losers we were, but he honestly filled it out so much nicer. Designer looked so good on him. Probably feeling my eyes on him, he looked down at me. “You ready to film another garbage video for my garbage channel?” I smiled and nodded, pecking his lips softly and redirecting my attention toward the camera.

“Hello Internet, today I’m here with my beautiful y/n!”

He gestured to you and you waved awkwardly. He’d been speaking into a camera lens for years, while you had only been in a few of his videos, so you weren’t as seamless as him. “Uh, hey there internet, you look nice today.” Dan chuckled at how uncomfortable I sounded, and squeezed me for a second then rubbed his hand up and down my arm a few times. “Today we’re, surprisingly, not talking about how much of a loser I am or the inevitability of death coming to us all.”

“He’s already done enough of that today off camera.”

“Fuck off. Today, we’re doing what everyone wants in 2017: a tag video!”

The two of us did a cute little pretend cheer and celebration because no one did tagged videos past the year 2014. What could we say, we were into retro trends. “Yeah, it seems like lots of you still have questions about me and Dan’s relationship, and while we’re not ready to go into the tying up and choking kinks yet, we can answer some basic stuff, right Dan?” I looked at him expectantly. He just stared at me with disgust on his face. It was still pretty adorable, and I leaned in to steal a kiss quickly. “This is when you say yes and then start reading the questions,” I reminded him. He blinked and then seemed to shake off the daze I put him in. “We totally have to edit that shit out. Anyway!” He pulled up the list on his phone. “We’re going to answer a few of these ‘Boyfriend Tag’ questions for you all.” Without further ado, he started.

Where did you meet?

“Y/n and I met online, like true millennials.”

“Yeah, I had messaged Dan on some weird fandom site we both liked and he actually replied assuming I was a Phan. In reality, I was just asking him if he knew about some new merch and had no idea Danpire90 was actually him.”

“Wow way to expose the username and my creepy internet habits!”

You only smiled.

Where did you meet each other’s parents?

“Well, as some of you might know, I’m not from England. I’m actually from America. So Dan and I were together for like a year and a half before we both took the trip across the Atlantic to meet my family. He was completely awkward and swore in front of my grandmother.”

“That’s not even the worst part! Your dad threatened me at the dinner table and when I laughed cuz I thought it was a joke everyone in your family looked at me with like deep seriousness. I thought I wasn’t going to last the night!”

“Yeah, Dan’s parents were so much more chill. They were just glad to ‘see their sad baby boy happy and settled down’.” Dan sighed, embarrassed just remembering when they said that. 

What’s something you hate that the other person does?

“Dan you can probably guess mine.” He looked in my eyes like he was trying to read my mind. I just gave him a playful little smile. His eyes crinkled when he had his answer. “Is it when I leave floss everywhere?”

“It’s absolutely when you leave dental floss everywhere!” Dan fell to the side laughing at me. “No but guys seriously he will literally floss like 25 times a day and leave that shit on every surface and it’s like finding hair and a spider web at the same time like that’s so nasty!” You were serious about this, years of living with Dan meant you had accepted it, but that didn’t mean you liked seeing used floss all the time. Dan wiped his eyes and kissed your cheek. “Sorry I always do nasty things, pumpkin. But if we’re being honest, your snoring is one of the worst things on Earth and you can’t even change that.” You had to agree with him. He’d shown you the recordings of it, and you sounded like an old man.

What is your s/o’s style?

“Black. Anything black,” you said. Deadpan. Dan couldn’t even argue. “And you wear what, anything that’s ugly?” Dan stuck his tongue out at you. You poked his ribs and pouted your lip. “It’s called unique you monochrome loser.”

Is your s/o loud or quiet in bed?

“Oh some of these are naughty, fam,” I giggled. Dan made another disgusted face at me. “Don’t ever say fam you trash heap.” I ignored him, putting actual thought into the question. “Uh I don’t really think Dan is loud…you don’t make much sound and when you do it’s like those super deep moans like-” I tried to demonstrate how he sounded when in the middle of sex, but from Dan’s burst of laughter I must’ve sounded like I had a burp trapped in my chest or something. “I’m not a fuckin bear!”

“I know I know but I can’t do the thing!”

“Oh fuck off!”

We were giggling for like a minute before Dan started regaining composure. “I guess you’re right. Now that I think about it I don’t make much noise. And you’re just like ‘and IIIIIIIIIIIII-” I smacked my hand over his mouth and knocked us both to the side and slightly out of frame. “Daniel James Howell that is so untrue!”

What’s the first thing your s/o does in the morning?

“Well it’s obvious, Dan brushes his teeth because he has actual OCD.”

“And y/n glues herself to me and steals my body heat because she’s cold blooded.”

Favorite cereal?

“What a random question, this shit was definitely made in 2013 or something,” Dan mumbled. I leaned my head against his shoulder. “I honestly have no idea what weird British inedible cereal Dan likes but for all my American viewers, Cinnamon Toast Crunch all the way!” Dan faked chest pains, “American cereal is just sugar and the occasional bran flake. You seriously don’t know my favorite cereal? You and Phil steal it all the time and you still don’t even know what you’re eating? Well, I’m not telling you, you’ll just be eating mystery cereal forever.” I shrugged, that was fine with me.

Kiss your partner right now, who’s more aggressive?

Before I’d finished reading the question aloud Dan had his hand on my cheek and a tongue in my mouth. I moaned, taken aback for half a second then reciprocating just as hard, trying to overpower him and leaning forward. We made out much longer than we probably needed to answer the question before I remembered we were actually in the middle of a task. Pulling back, we just stared at each other and then broke out into laughter. “That cannot go on youtube! We’re gonna get flagged!” Dan said.

Who said I love you first?

“Believe it or not, it was actually Dan. He’s secretly a huge romantic softie when he’s not on camera.” We met each other’s eyes, and I was talking to him and not the camera anymore. “We were on a date and it was raining too hard to leave. So then suddenly the power goes out in the place and everyone is scared and bear just pulled me close and whispered ‘I love you’ in front of everyone there. The people around us were like ‘aww’. It nearly made me cry, mostly because all that attention was embarrassing.” Dan giggled and kissed me softly. Wow, we were doing a lot of that in this video. It was usual to keep our relationship private, we weren’t even into the whole PDA thing when we were out in public. I guess either the Phans would have enough cute material to last a lifetime or Dan had a lot of editing to do.

We pulled apart and I ran my fingers through his curls. “I think that’s probably enough questions, bear.” I was done doing this filming thing, ready to just relax with Dan and snuggle on the sofa or something. Dan agreed and we turned back to the camera one more time.

“Okay that’s enough looking into our lives. Thanks for watching us make fools of ourselves and expose each other. If you liked this video, or if you thought this video was too happy for my channel, consider subscribing for infrequent depressing videos. Leave a like if you enjoyed, as well. Talk to you guys next time. Bye!”

He got up and turned off the camera, exported the SD card, and went to edit it.

Hours later, we were relaxing together and I was doing what I always did whenever he uploaded. I checked through the comments. Most of them were like always, overwhelmingly supportive and gushing over how cute Dan and I were.

“I’ve never seen the tall bean look this happy.”

“…was Dan supposed to edit out that question about the kissing?”

“They’re the most wholesome parents I could’ve ever asked for”

“I thought you were going to edit out the kissing question.” Dan put his phone down and looked at the comment you highlighted. “Yeah, I was. But then the more I watched it the less I wanted to take it out, we looked pretty good. Did you want it taken out?” You shook your head. He was the one who always liked privacy, you couldn’t really care less. “If you want to show the world how much you love me, I’m not complaining.”

“I really do love you, pumpkin. And I always want the world to know it.”

If I was dating Dan all I would want is to do a tagged video with him…among other things.

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Breaking... Ch.22


Part 21

A/N: This chapter was gonna be a lot longer but I decided to break it off a bit for anticipation. Next chapter will be more eventful

Wordcount: 2014

Warnings: Bitches, language, hehehe

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Breaking The Atmosphere

“What do you mean, you’re taking Theodosia Burr?” Alex asked with a chill.

“Pops, I find her to be quite charming. I would like to take her.” Charming? If she’s anything like her father than that’s a fat load of crap. You tried to convince yourself of that, it didn’t work. Alex was about to say something, he looked very against this whole thing. But Eliza nudged him with her elbow and cleared her throat.

“Of course you can take Theodosia, my son.” She smiled.

“Thank you, mom.” For a second, Philip looked over at you. Every once in a while you’d think you’d see it. Your Sunshine, not this dark cloud trying to hide him. Something sparked in his eyes for that single second. Was it regret? Was it longing? Was it remembrance? Was it an apology? You couldn’t tell, he built a wall between you.

‘In this same interlude it doth befall

That I, one Snout by name, present a wall.

And such a wall, as I would have you think,

That had in it a crannied hole, or chink,

Through which the lovers, Pyramus and Thisbe,

Did whisper often very secretly.

This loam, this roughcast, and this stone doth show

That I am that same wall. The truth is so.

And this the cranny is, right and sinister,

Through which the fearful lovers are to whisper.’

That should’ve been a passage he marked. As quick as the second had come, it was gone once again. Philip tightened his lips and walked away, the same way he always did.

“You’re going to let our son take my rival’s daughter to a party? Are you crazy, Betsy?” Alex asked. Eliza shook her head.

“Trust me, love. A mother knows what she’s doing.” She assured, winking at you after she finished her sentence. What’s that supposed to mean?

             A few days passed and you were left to your same routine. You were dusting off the shelves in Alex’s study when you heard someone come in. You looked over to see Lafayette leaning against one of the cleaned shelves.

“Oh, hey Laf. Did you need something?” You asked. He tapped his finger against his chin and took a step forward.

“Yes actually, I do have a small favor to ask of you Miss Y/N.”

“You can just call me Y/N or Titania like Alex does, but sure, what’s the favor?”

“I was invited to a party by a friend of mine. I would like to ask you to allow me the pleasure of escorting you there.” WHAT?!

“Um, wait what? A party? Oh no, no, no, no! I’ve never been to one before! Besides, why would you need me to go?” You asked nervously.

“Well you see, I am not exactly the best dancer and every time I try to go to a gathering by myself a madam will ask me to dance. I just cannot find it in my heart to say no to them, it seems rude but I always accidentally step on their feet…” His face flushed a bit. Fucking Marie Antoinette, this is all your fault! “If I take you with me, I believe I will be asked to dance far less.” Honestly, I should’ve expected that this was the reason. Lafayette was known for being extremely awkward in many situations.

“I mean; alright I guess? As long as I don’t have to talk to many people because honestly I do not know the proper etiquette for these things…” Lafayette smiled at your answer.

“Merci, we can both not know the proper etiquette together, how does that sound?” He asked humorously, you chuckled.

“Sounds like a plan!” You laughed.

             You told Eliza about what Lafayette suggested and she seemed very pleased that you said yes. She even said she would help you get ready, of course Angie decided she would as well. When the day came, Eliza summoned you to her room and she pulled out this very elegant blue dress.

“What’s this?” You asked.

“Well, as much as I love the dress Hercules gave you, it simply is not ball appropriate. So, you shall wear this.” She informed. Angie, who was sitting on the bed called out excitedly.

“That’s the dress Mama says she fell in love with Daddy in!” You looked at the beautiful blue color.

“Eliza…this is too much, you’re so sweet to me!” She brushed off the comment.

“Nonsense! I would do anything for my girls and you are certainly no exception! Now, come over here! We are wasting precious time!” You went over and she immediately started to work on you.

“Mama, how did you and Daddy fall in love exactly?” Angie asked curiously. Ohhh, I’ve never heard this story before! Eliza giggled to herself.

“That is actually quite the fascinating tale. You see, many people in our family believe that Alexander and I were in love at first sight…”

“Wait, are you saying you weren’t?” You questioned, she nodded.

“I had met Alexander once at my Father’s estate. He brought a message from Mr. Washington and stayed over for dinner. At the time, I had no intentions of courting with him.”

“Really? Why?” Angie seemed confused.

“Well… I was in love with someone else at the time. He was a red coat named Andre.” She explained. WAIT! A! MOMENT!

“You were in love with someone on the opposite side?” You were astounded. Eliza nodded with an amused smile. Am I the Andre to Philip’s Eliza? Was I just a phase?

“Madly in love, in fact. When I saw Alexander that night at a winter’s ball, everything changed. Love is a very complicated feeling, that’s what I realized in that moment. You can’t control it, you can’t change it and that’s scary.” Yeah…I know the feeling… “At first, I didn’t think Alexander was interested in me. Although my sister was already married at the time, I assumed he fancied her more. But here we are, many years later. Alexander has taught me many things, but mostly he’s shown me that love is not easy. You will doubt each other, hurt each other and not even intend to, or even worse… You do it to protect them.” Eliza finished putting the dress on you and quickly worked with your hair. She took two pieces from the front and braided them to the back, making sure your hair stayed out of your face. Was my sparkle not enough? Did someone give him more than I could offer? “You look beautiful dear!” Eliza teared up, Angie got off the bed, an idea burning in her pupils.

“Wait! Don’t go anywhere! I have an amazing idea!” She ran out of the room and you were left to wonder for a moment. After a few minutes she came running back in with something in her arms. You froze when you realized what it was. Five bushels of baby’s breath… She stepped behind you and laced the stems into your braid. “The best accessory a lady can wear is fresh flowers.” She stated. You felt odd about using the flower. You looked at yourself in the mirror. You were pretty but felt, out of place. Monachopsis, that’s the word that came to mind in that moment. You didn’t feel like you belonged there anymore, you tried not to think about it too much.  Once you were all dressed and ready, Eliza led you out to the main room.

“Alexander has already called the coach. He should be waiting outside with Lafayette.” You took a step out the door and let your eyes adjust to the bright light. Alex was talking with Lafayette outside the carriage and once they noticed you and the other woman with you they smiled. You went down the steps and Alex took your hand, turning your wrist and signaling for you to spin.

“Oh, I wonder where that dress came from!” He hinted while you span in place, his banter made you feel a bit better about everything. Alex gave your hand to Lafayette so you turned your attention to him. He smiled at you pleasantly.

“Miss Titania, Alexander instructed me to call you that, you look quite elegant, if I must say.” You fanned your face jocularly.

“Monsieur, you flatter me so!” You said with fake bashfulness.  He opened the carriage door and helped you into it, when he got in he sat across from you. You waved everyone goodbye and joked that you would be back before tomorrow. The carriage pulled forward and you watched as it drove out of the yard. Just as the house was starting to fade out of sight, you saw another carriage pull in. Another carriage? The house was too far away at that point for you to investigate any further. You were starting to get a bit nervous and your leg began to bounce from under your dress. You stared out the window until you felt something tap your arm. You jumped slightly and turned your gaze toward Lafayette.

“Miss Titania, you seem a bit flustered. May I ask what is wrong?”

“Oh, um, yes. I’m just a bit anxious is all. I’ve uh, never been to anything like this before.” You chuckled and scratched your cheek.

“Do not fear! As a gentleman, it is my job to ensure that you have as nice of a time as possible. After all, those who can’t dance shall not dance together! Or…something of that effect.” Wow…he’s just as awkward as me. What a precious lil baguette!

             It wasn’t long before the carriage pulled in front of a large house. It was mostly brick and was almost the model image of Victorian styling. The carriage stopped in front of the estate and Lafayette stepped out first to help you down. The two of you made your way up the grand stone steps, the door was opened for you. You thought you were going to be early but there were already tons of people inside the large, open room. It wouldn’t have bothered you so much if not a good majority of the people looked over at you. Lafayette had his arm linked with yours and pulled it slightly to get your attention as he led you through the room.

“I think they like you.” He whispered.

“Who’s party is this anyway?” You questioned.

“The Price’s, I was quite close with the father of the house, the rest of the family was more than happy to allow me to attend.” You nodded to show that you understood. You felt several eyes gaze at you from time to time, you weren’t sure how to feel about it. Lafayette was nice enough to make sure you never felt too uncomfortable. At one point he was leading you across the room by stopped halfway. “I will be right back; I must greet the lady of the house. Would you mind waiting for just a moment?” He asked.

“Go ahead, I’ll be here.” He continued to walk across the room. A young man approached you not long after. Well, not quite young, he still seemed quite a bit older than you.

“Hello Miss, what is a fair lady, such as yourself, doing here all by your lonesome?” He certainly knew that you were not alone. Can’t a girl be by herself for ten seconds and not be bothered?! “May I get you a drink?” He asked.

“No thank you, I don’t drink.” I don’t trust the alcohol in this century! He tried to insist but you declined, that didn’t stop him from trying to ask again but he was stopped by a voice interrupting him. You felt someone standing behind you.

“Excuse me sir, thank you for keeping my friend company for me. Now if you don’t mind…” The man quickly walked away from the masculine voice behind you. Why does that sound so familiar? You sighed.

“Thank you, I wasn’t sure how I wa-“ You turned around and froze.

“Hello Titania, it’s been quite a while hasn’t it?” A bright color filled your eyesight.

“Mr. Jefferson…”


“So are you a researcher of sorts? A scientist perhaps?”

Wilson looked to the creature, surprised at them for asking such a question.

“Actually… I am. How did you guess?”

“Well, first hint, your diminished physique. You don’t have a lot of muscle to say you’re a field worker or warrior.”

Wilson’s face turned bright red, giving the creature a glare.

“I’m not that scrawny!”

The creature giggled before making her way over to him, touching the center piece of his headband.

“And the other hint, your head band.”

Wilson’s anger vanished, curiosity coming to his eyes, glancing up.

“What about it?”

“Only our researchers and scientists wear bands like these. The two side pieces resemble the horns of the crown of the king, meaning they seek wisdom that they wish to use to improve the lives of all and see the king as their equal in knowledge and pursuit.”

“Oh… I… I had no idea they had that much meaning. That’s… quite the status.”

The creature pulled back, looking him over.

“So… you are what they call a hoo-mon as you said?”

“Human and yes.” Wilson raised an eyebrow. “Is something making you doubt that claim?”

“No, no, just… your garb and how you speak I would just think you’re a Thulecitian with a different build.”

Wilson blinked back confusion.

“How I speak?”

The creature titled her head.

“You speak fluent Thulecitian. Not just anybody knows our language. Only our own kind.”

“But… I… I don’t know of your language. I mean, I can understand you even if I’m hearing a different dialect that’s far from English. I don’t even know how I understand it in the first place I just… do.”

“Well, I guess you can’t hear yourself at the moment then because you’re speaking it right now.”

Wilson went quiet, a puzzled look coming to his face.

“That… That can’t be right. I’m speaking English.”

“Stop focusing on my voice for a moment. Focus on yours. Just… say something. Like… your name. It’ll definitely sound different in Thulecitian and I haven’t quite learned your name so it would be good to know.”

Wilson gave the creature a flat look before turning away from her, closing his eyes, taking a deep breath. Tuning everything else out.

Soon as the world was quiet to him, he spoke but what he heard… was not English. Not in the slightest, coming out of his own mouth. But like with the creature, he knew exactly what he said.


He brought a hand to his throat, his eyes going wide.


Wilson said his name again and again he heard the other language.

“H-How..? I.. I shouldn’t even know how to-” It clicked in his mind. “… The Dark Knowledge. It has to be that. Anytime I didn’t know how to do something I always learned something after hearing or seeing it within moments. Not to mention the random facts about this world and skills that pour into my head from time to time.” He ran a hand through his hair. “This unbelievable.”

“I think it’s incredible.” The creature giggled. “So, Wilson’s your name? Never heard anything like it before.”

“It is. Wilson Percival Higgsbury is my full name.”

“That’s mouthful of names for just one person. I only have one.”

“Speaking of, I think I deserve to knows yours since you now know mine. On top of that, we never did give ourselves proper introductions.”

The creature smiled, nodding.

“Laika. My name is Laika.”


More shenanigans with Wilson and the now named Thulecitian, Laika. (Kudos to @quoth143 for her name.) Some small insights into Thulecitian culture and a bit of their language. Also, Wilson’s Dark Knowledge working in his favor, even if kind of freaks him out a little.

So yeah, just stuff. And just so people don’t get confused, the lettering you see in the images I designed those so bottom line they aren’t official symbols. Just thought I’d say that.

That’s it for now. More shenanigans in the future with Laika to come! I’m just having fun developing the culture of the Thulecitians and Laika herself. I just… enjoy culture building.

See ya next time!

(Also, catch the Atlantis quote reference?)

Can you make me a dirty nash,cameron and taylor imagine. Where we are all friends and they spend the night at my house and we end up playing dirty truth or dare 🌚 thanks bae💖💖

“You guys suck” you whined out as you and three of your close friends laid in a pallet on your living room floor. You had invited Taylor, Nash, and Cameron to your place because you were going to be home alone for the weekend and your neighborhood was known to have others break in, so you figured three strong guys would be enough protection for yourself. “Its not our fault you have nothing cool to do here. Your place is boring” Taylor said from beside you. You sat up, grabbing your phone. “Fine I’ll just Google what we should do” you suggested, sighing heavily. There were multiple things that sounded interesting. “Movie marathon?” You asked, scrolling through the lists. “Nah I’ll fall asleep” cameron said looking over his shoulder. “Oh oh we could make videos” you said with a little too much excitement. “No! We make enough of those already, they get boring after a while” nash said. You sighed heavily. “Oh, extreme truth or dare” you said winking at the boys. “Yeah that’ll work” Taylor said before sitting apple cross. “Alright everyone in a circle” you said. You all quickly got in a circle, Taylor on your left, cameron on your right, and nash in front of you. “Alright who wants to start?” You asked looking between the three boys. They all looked at each other, waiting for someone to speak up. “I’ll go.” Taylor said tossing one hand up. “Alright, go then” you said looking over at him with excitement. Suddenly he smirked with just as much excitement. “Y/n have you ever tried anal?” He asked. Your eyes widened at the straight forward question. Cameron and Nash on the other hand just chuckled, as if they were expecting him to say something like that. You gulped slightly looking down at your hands. “Well no, I’ve never had the balls to do that. I don’t plan on that actually. I’ve heard some terrible side effects from that” you replied, calming down from your shock. He chuckled. “Alright your turn” Taylor said. You looked over at both nash and cameron. “Cameron, truth or dare?” You asked looking to your right. “Truth” he said not wanting to be the first to be embarrassed. You chuckled slightly, “have you ever been caught jacking off?” You questioned, giggling as his face instantly went cherry red. “N-no pshh what?” He said but you could easily tell he was lying. “Bull shit!” Nash said. “I can’t even count on my hand how many times I’ve caught you” nash said causing you all to laugh including cameron. “Okay okay yes I have geeze!” He said throwing his hands up in surrender. “Alright alright cameron its your turn” you said. Cameron looked over at Nash asking him the simple question, ‘truth or Dare’. “Dare “he said. Cameron laughed, grabbing his phone out. “Snap a picture of your bare ass , no captions. And you have to put your face in the picture.” “You’re fucking kidding me!” Nash said, instantly regretting picking dare. You both giggled as you watched him from the side take a picture of his pants pulled down. “There, posted. Happy?” He asked with anger in his voice. You all three laughed loudly while nodding as it showed people already screenshotting it. “Alright come on we have a game to finish” you said pushing the boys out of the bathroom. “Alright nash its your turn” you said after you all had settled back down in your original spots. “Alright y/n” nash said turning to you with a smirk on his face. “Oh god” you groaned jokingly. “Truth or dare?” He asked staring you directly in the eyes. “Truth” you said quietly. “Have you ever fantasized about one of us?” He questioned your eyes widened before you looked at your hands. “To be honest I’ve fantasized about all of you at one point in time…” You said not making eye contact with any of them. The room was quiet until Taylor spoke up. “Alright my turn, Cameron truth or dare” he said smirking. Cameron glanced around the room before mumbling ‘dare’., “I dare you to kiss y/n” he said smirking. “Woah what?” You questioned in shock. “Oh so you fantasize about me but you don’t want to kiss me?” Cameron said turning over to look at you. “O-of course I do I was just sh-” “Then kiss me.” He said before grabbing your face in his hands and placing his lips roughly. Your lips instantly moved along with his, your fingers tugging at his hair. You didn’t realize how intimate the kiss had gotten until you let out a throaty moan, instantly pulling away with wide eyes. “Damn if that would have lasted another minute you guys would be fucking right now” nash said causing you to giggle. “Alright my turn” cameron said. He turned to you grinning. “Y/n truth or dare” he said. You smirked. “Dare” you grinned. “Finally” Taylor mumbles but you decided to ignored it, your focus only on the boy who you had just made out with 2 seconds ago. “I dare you to take your sweater and your shorts off. ” he said with a cocky smirk plastered on his face. You mentally faced palmed yourself for not putting a bra on this morning but thanked yourself for picking out a good set of panties. You sighed standing up, lifting your sweat shirt over your heard, the boys gasping loudly as they noticed your breasts. You knew your face had to have been cherry red while you slid your shorts down, giving them a perfect few of your white laced panties. You stood there for a second before clearing your throat, making the boys eyes look to yours and away from your breast. “I guess its my turn” you said sitting down, feeling all eyes on you. “Alright go” nash said, his eyes constantly glancing down at your breast. “This goes for all three of you” you said pointing in between them all. “Truth or Dare” you questioned. “Dare” they all said simultaneously. “I dare all of you to take all your close off” you said without thinking. You weren’t going to be the only one showing anything. The each slowly pulled their shirts off, then they pushed their pants down, leaving themselves in only their boxers. “Keep going” you said bit in your lip. “What no you still have clothes on” nash interrupted. You just sighed heavily before standing up, sliding your panties down, stepping out of them. You walked up to nash, placing your hand on his chest. “Do you need some help, pretty boy?” You questioned with a smirk. He gulped as his blue eyes darkened, his eyes boring into yours. “Truth or dare y/n” you heard Cameron say from behind you. You breathed heavily has you felt his bare body press against your bare back, his hard on poking your bottom. “D-dare” you stuttered slightly, staring directly into Nash’s eyes. “Suck nash off” he whispered in your ear. You felt your body tense up but a dare is a dare, so you slowly got down on your knees, lacing your fingers in his briefs. “Fuck” you said under your breath as his hard member popped out from his underwear. “Go ahead baby girl, start” cameron whispered in your ear. You immediately took nash in your hands before wrapping your lips around him, slowly and teasingly pushing yourself down his shaft. “Oh god y/n” he said pushing at your head. You slightly gagged at the size but the more you moved, the more you got into it. You watched as nash struggled to keep his balance as he started to twitch in your mouth before shooting his load into you. You sighed as you stood back up before Nash mumbled the so familiar question that had been asked multiple times tonight. “Truth or dare?” He asked breathing heavily. “Dare” you whispered stepping closer to him. “Ride Taylor"he said before pressing his lips against yours. You kissed back for a second before pulling away and turning to Taylor. He grinned at you, his braces showing through his parted lips. "On the couch” you said to him. He quickly sat down before his hands found their way to your waist, guiding you over his lap and down his shaft. Both your mouths opened in an oval shape, soft moans coming out. At this moment you didn’t even bother to look and see what Nash and Cameron were doing, you were just too busy enjoying the pleasure you were feeling from Taylor. You wrapped your arms around his neck while he leaned his head into the crook of your neck, grunting out your name. You rocked your hips back and forth a couple of more times before you clenched around Taylor, you both coming at the same time. You were out of breath as you stood from Taylor, but nash was quick to pick you up and place you on the couch on your back. “Fuck!” You moaned out as nash immediately slid into you, his movements faster with each thrust. You heard nash hiss slightly in your ear as your nails raked down his back, the pleasure. “Right there nash” you moaned out as he hit your g-spot, both pleasure and pain shooting through out your body. You could feel Nash’s thumbs digging into your hips as he pounded into you, his thrusts getting sloppier by the second. “Oh god keep doing that” nash said as you clenched yourself around him. You continued to clench as he twitched inside of you before you came for the second time as well as him. You whimpered slightly as nash pulled out, walking across the room to put his briefs back on. “Cam” you breathed out, looking over at the sexually frustrated boy who was in desperate need of release. He looked at you with his darkened brown eyes as you grinned at him. “Truth or dare?” You said sitting up slightly, biting your bottom lip. “Dare” he said standing up, making his way towards you. “Show me a good time?” You asked with a smirk. “Bend over” he commanded, which you happily obliged. You felt Cameron roughly push your head down, making your ass stick further into the air before he slid himself into you. Cameron immediately started fast and rough, squeezing your ass and saying dirty things that you wouldn’t have expected innocent Cameron to say. You felt Cameron reach around, rubbing rough circles on your clot, intensifying the pleasure you were receiving. It didn’t take you long to feel that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach so you grinded your hips at the same pace as Cameron’s thrusts. “Truth or dare y/n” cameron said in between thrusts. “Dare!” You cried out as you felt your orgasm building up. “Scream my fucking name” he commanded through gritted teeth before slamming into you as hard as you. “Oh fuck cameron!!” You yelled out as you came around him, your third orgasm of the night. “God y/n” cameron moaned out as he came as well. Cameron pulled out Eventually you all had gotten dressed and you were all laid on the florr with blankets and pillows surrounding you. “What now?” You questioned, looking up at the fan. “Well, we can either just remember this as a fun night, or we could all become extremely awkward” Nash said. “I prefer the first option” Cameron said making you all laugh and agree. “Let’s just not tell anyone else about this night” Taylor suggested. “Deal”
Chapter Thirty-Six


I sat with narrowed eyes at the screen of my laptop, perusing through the various sports camps available for the summer. After a lot of begging and pleading, Micah was officially staying with me for the first half of summer and him and Grandma were headed down to Louisiana for the second half.

I realized though, as he got older that sitting around during the summer and watching movies wouldn’t be as fun for him, hence why I was searching for camps nearby so he could spend his days hanging with kids his own age.

It sort of defeated the purpose of having him, but I was trumping his happiness over mine. We still would have weekends together, though.

We The People played loudly over my speakers and I rocked my head to the beat, flipping through various websites.

Summer was only a few months away and I was sure spots would be filling up soon.

My phone buzzed with a text message on the coffee table and I peered over my laptop to read the name on the screen.


I ignored it, figuring I’d get to it later.

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Don’t Trust Me (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You are captured by S.H.I.E.L.D and possess a strange ability and knowledge of a foreign threat. When the Avengers are called in, they decide to help you. But can you be trusted? Besides the eminent danger, there is an annoyingly handsome guy with a metal arm who just loves to push your buttons.

Part 1

Word Count: 1659

Warnings: Age of Ultron spoilers, possible language, angst

Originally posted by negerswager

Fury led you and everyone else into a courtyard outside. The sun warmed your face as you stepped outside. You turn to face them.

“I can manipulate the air.” You said. A breeze blew through the group, rustling leaves and loosening strands of hair. Tony snorted.

“That’s it?” He asked. You turn slowly, and raise two of your fingers. A strong blast of wind knocked Tong back about ten feet. Everyone tensed up, ready to fight. Tony grunted, climbing back to his feet and rejoining the group.

“It’s okay, calm down. I deserved that one.” He grinned. “So you can also fly?” You frowned.

“I’m not exactly sure. I use the air to support me and use it to propel myself in the direction I want to go. Like this.” You slowly rise off the ground, feeling the air moving beneath you. Vision rises with you, measuring your pace.

“Interesting,” he murmured. “Very controlled, and very efficient.” You lower yourself back on to the ground, landing softly. Bruce looked excited.

“Have you ever tried that with another person? Supporting the with air?” You could see the inner scientist within him bubbling with questions and theories. You smile.

“I’ve never tried it, actually. Any volunteers?” You look around.

“I’ll try.” Bucky said, his face amused. “The last time I almost flew was that zip line back in Germany. Remember, Steve? Payback from Coney Island?” Steve laughed.

“Karma never loses an address, Buck.” You walk over to Bucky. He stares into your eyes, slightly apprehensive. Controlling your hands, you force the air under the two of you, and you both slowly rise together. Bucky looks shocked at first, and grabs your forearm. You giggle.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you.” He smiles a bit as you rise higher, gazing at the entire S.H.I.E.L.D compound.

“This is incredible,” he said. Bucky turned back to look at you. “An amazing view.” He smiles softly. You lower the both of you back on to the ground. Bruce whistled.

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Girlfriend Tag

“Hello everyone, and welcome back!” Joe smiles at the camera, pushing his hair out of his face. “Now, I know a lot of you are wondering, Joe, you don’t have a girlfriend, how are you doing the girlfriend tag? Because I’m assuming that’s what I’ve titled this video.” He leans forward, speaking a little lower, “Note to future Joe, label this video as the girlfriend tag or something like that.” Nodding to himself, he straightens up and smiles again. “Well, to answer your question: I do have a girlfriend!”

He looked to his right, gesturing to the person out of the frame to come into shot, and Y/N sat beside him, offering a small wave to the camera.

“Hello everyone!”

“I know, surprising, isn’t it?” Joe chuckles. “Although a few of you did figure it out.”

“Which is weird, because we were so careful.”

“The fans, they’re crazy.”

“Don’t call your viewers crazy.”

“It’s a good crazy, though!”

“Just, ask the questions, Joe.” Y/N rolls her eyes, shaking her head a little.

“Right. So for those of you that don’t know what the girlfriend tag is, it’s pretty simple. I ask some questions, she answers them, you guys get to know a little bit about us.” Joe explains, lifting his phone as he mentions questions.

“And surprise! I’m asking Joe some questions too!”

“You are?”


“We didn’t plan this.”

“That’s what makes it fun.”

“Alright, first question!” Joe glances down at this phone. “Easy: where did we meet?”

Y/N smiles at him, before turning to the camera. “This one came into the shop I was working at, incredibly flustered and freaking out, because he had yet to get his sister a birthday present. I also happened to be closing in five minutes, which only added to his nerves.”

“I’m such a shit brother.” He laughs.

“But you got Zoe a wonderful gift.”

“And your number.” He winks at her before looking at his phone again. “When did you meet my parents?”

“Oh gods,” She groans, her head falling into her hands. “That was so embarrassing.”

“You have to tell them, love.”

Sighing, Y/N lifts her head to look into the camera.

“Okay, Joe and I had been dating like, two weeks, that’s it. And we were,” Her cheeks flush red at the memory. “We were making out on his couch.”

“I’m a very good kisser.” Joe smirks.

Anyways, we were making out, and his dad walked in. Apparently Graham had decided to surprise his son with a visit into London.”

“Dad said she made quite the first impression.” Joe laughs, wrapping an arm around her shoulder.

“I couldn’t look at him for an hour.”

“It was great!”

“Oh be quiet and ask your next question.”

“Alright, where was our first date?” Joe asks.

“You just want everyone to know how much of a romantic you are, don’t you?” Y/N teases.

“I’m incredibly proud of this moment.”

“Joe, sweetheart that he is, took me on a wine tasting date. Very classy. Very romantic.”

“Never topped that first date. Set the bar too high.” He shakes his head, “Who knows if I ever will.”

“I’m sure you will, babe.” She pats his leg reassuringly. “My turn to ask a question!”

“What? No! I’m not done!”

“Too bad. I’m asking one. Because you know people are wondering this. Who said I love you first?”

“And that’s it for the video!” Joe claps his hands together, but Y/N smacks him lightly in the arm.

“No, it’s not. Answer the question.”

“She did.” He grumbles.

“To be fair, I kind of surprised him.” She lets out a small laugh, “It was out of nowhere.”

“I was explaining a new video idea—“

“But he was so into it, and his eyes just lit up—“

“It was a stupid idea.”

“I just realized, that I loved him. So I blurted it out. And then he continued telling me his idea, completely oblivious to what I had said.”

“I was on a roll. And wanted to run the idea by you.”

“When he realized what I had said, he shut up real fast.”

“I think I blacked out and went into shock. But eventually said it back.” Joe finishes, smiling softly over at Y/N.

“It was precious.” She comments, “Now you can ask another question.”

“Thank you. What am I good at?”



“This is a horrible question.”

“Because I’m not good at anything?”

“No!” Y/N stares at him with wide eyes, “Because you are good at so many things. Like his memory is amazing. And this boy can cook. Also, his videos. You’ve seen them right? Plus he has a book, sorry, two books, and two films. Joe is multi-talented. He’s good at so many things. I can’t choose one.” She glances over at him, noticing the redness in his cheeks. “And on top of all that, he’s modest.” She leans over, pecking him on the cheek.

“Thanks, love.”

“You are most welcome. Now, I have one more question for you.”

“Perfect, it’ll be the last one.” Joe nods at her, tossing his phone over his shoulder.

“What is one thing you wish I didn’t do?” Y/N asks, watching his face for his reaction.

“Okay, now that is a horrible question.”


“Because if I say the wrong thing, I actually won’t have a girlfriend.”

“Answer the question.”

“Uhm,” He looks up at the ceiling, contemplating his answer. “Alright. First thing that comes to my mind: I wish you didn’t come to bed with cold feed.”

Y/N lets out a laugh at his answer.

“That’s your answer?”

“Yup. And I’m sticking with it.”

“You dork.” She tells him, still giggling.

“Anyways, that’s it for this video. If you liked it, and seeing Y/N, give the video a thumbs up. Remember to subscribe, because it’s free. And I will see you next Sunday with another Sugg Sunday Special!”


They both wave before Joe reaches over to stop the recording.

“Well, you’re officially introduced to the world.”

“Cold feet, really?”

“You’re stuck on that?”

“My feet are not cold!”

“Yes, they are.” Joe grins, reaching over to tickle her sides. “So start wearing socks to bed!”

“No!” Y/N squeals, falling backwards onto the bed, trying to escape Joe, but he only follows her, laughing along with her.


Title: Insane

Pairing: Phan (Amazingphil + Danisnotonfire)

Length: 1,257 words

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None, unless mental hospitals hurts you in anyway

Summary: AU where Dan is a patient in a mental hospital and Phil is a volunteer that helps him. Also my prompts are still open! Feel free to request!

“Good morning Daniel” Dr. Rowan greets with a smile sitting in the chair across from his bed.

He forces a small smile before playing with a loose thread on his blanket.

“How are you this morning?”

He shrugs.

Dr. Rowan sighs writing something down on her clipboard and turning back to Daniel. “Can you speak to me?”

Daniel looks to the corner of his room before turning back to Dr. Rowan and shaking his head.

“Can you write?”

Again, Daniel looks to the same corner of his room before nodding.

Dr. Rowan nods flipping the page of the clipboard an handing it to Daniel along with a pencil.

“Why can’t you speak?” She asks

Daniel quickly scribbles his reply

He told me not to

“Who told you not to?”

demone immaginario

Dr. Rowan frowns. “Who is that?”

Daniel rolls his eyes before writing down his reply.

The man who stands in the corner! If I disobey him, he’ll kill me! We’ve been over this!

Dr. Rowan sighs. “I’m sorry Daniel. You know I forget.”

Daniel nods.

“Now Daniel. What if I told you that ‘demone immaginario’ was Latin for 'imaginary demon?”

Daniel frowns

So? It could be a coincidence. He’s real!

The doctor sighs shaking her head “Daniel. Why haven’t you been taking your medicine?” She asks deciding to detour from trying to talk to him about his imaginary demons.

I have Dr. Rowan! I swear I have! They don’t work because these so called 'imaginary demons’ are real!!!

He looks at the doctor, pleading for her to believe him.

She sighs, scribbling a few more notes, before packing up her things. “Alright Daniel. Enough for today, I have another appointment. I’ll see you tomorrow. Also, I’m recommending a liquid shot for your medicine from now on.

Daniel just rolls his eyes laying back on the bed staring at the ceiling.

"Knock Knock. Are you Daniel?” A bubbly voice with a slight northern accent asks a few minutes later opening his door.

Daniel jumps up staring questioningly at the stranger instead of replying.

He had midnight black hair swept into a similar style to Daniels and wore a white button down shirt and white button down pants like the nurses except his had 'VOLUNTEER’ stitched in big, bold, black letters on the front pocket.

Underneath it a name tag read: Phil

“Right. I heard you didn’t talk much so…” He reaches into his bag he had slung over his shoulder and pulls out a laptop.

Daniels jaw drops staring at the Mac book. It had been quite a long time since he saw one of those.

“Thought you’d like it.” Phil smirks opening the laptop typing in a few things and turning it towards Daniel. “See. You type what you want to say here” he points towards a small box on the top of the screen “And the computer speaks for you…. Would it be okay if we did that?”

Daniel looks over to the same corner of the room before looking back at Phil nodding.

Phil grins. “Great! Here you go Daniel.” He hands him the computer and Daniel eagerly grabs it typing something in his fingers flying fast across the keyboard from previous experience with tumblr and other websites before he was admitted to the mental hospital.

“Hi. Who are you?” The female automated voice speaks causing Daniel to giggle at the monotone voice.

Phil smiles before replying. “I’m Phil.”

Daniel rolls his eyes before typing something else. “Yeah well I know that. I read your name tag. I mean why are you here?”

Phil chuckles “I’m a volunteer here. They asked me to pick a patient and you seemed interesting” he smiles kindly.

Daniel beams. He’d never been called 'interesting’ it’s always been 'freak’ or 'insane’ he definitely like the sound of interesting.

“So Daniel-Actually could I call you Dan? I think I like Dan better” Phil asks.

Dan nods furiously. He used to be called Dan before he was admitted here but everyone insisted on calling him Daniel.

It annoyed him at first but he finally got used to it. It would be refreshing to be called Dan.

“Alright cool. Anyways Dan, I have a question now. Why can’t you speak. I heard you giggle so you must have a voice box.”

Dan bites his lip glancing over at the corner and typing again. “demone immaginario told me not to. He says he thinks my voice is annoying.” Dan shrugs.

Phil smiles softly. “Well I’m sure it’s not its not as annoying as that stupid computer voice. Hello. I’m a computer. I talk like this all the time so I can piss you off” Phil states mocking the computer voice.

Dan giggles.

“Well he doesn’t think so. He doesn’t like my voice.”

Phil glances to the corner where he had seen Dan looking, assuming that’s where the 'demone immaginario’ was.

“Can he hear me if I talk like this?” Phil asks lowering his voice and leaning in close to Dan.

Dan glances at the corner again before shaking his head leaning closer, eyes wide and innocent like a child.

Phil grins. “Good. Well what if I told you that I had something that would send him to that hell hole he came from. Permanently.”

Dans eyes widen quickly typing again and lowering the volume on the computer so it wasn’t so loud. “Really?”

Phil nods. “But you need to close your eyes and put your head under the pillow or it won’t work.”

Dan nods quickly doing as he’s told.

Phil quickly begins moving things around to create a small ruckus.

"Alright Dan it’s done.”

Dan sits up staring at the corner of the room and his jaw drops. He stands from his bed throwing his arms around Phil burying his head in the crook of his neck.

“Th-th-thank y-you” Dan stutters struggling slightly after years of not using his voice.

Phil smiles hugging the worryingly thin boy tight. “It was no big deal really” he comments with a shrug. “And by the way. I think your voice is beautiful.”

Dan blushes letting go of Phil.

“Okay Dan. I really don’t want to leave, but I kinda have to. I’m currently attending university right now and my next class is in an hour.

Dan nods understandingly. "W-will yo-you be b-ba-ck tomo-orrow?” He asks hugging Phil again.

Phil nods. “Of course. See you then.” Dan smiles letting go.


“Good morning Daniel” Dr. Rowan greets not expecting a reply.

“G-Good mor-morning!” Dan replies cheerily.

The doctor glances up eyes wide.

“Daniel? You talked!” She exclaims in surprise.

He nods. “Ph-Phil go-got rid o-of dem-demone imm-immaginario!”

She sighs writing some stuff down on her clip board. “And is this 'Phil’ in the room right now?” She asks assuming that Phil was another figment of his imagination.

Dan shakes his head. “He-he said h-he wo-would be ba-back tod-day. H-He att-attends u-uni!”

Dr. Rowan sighs opening her mouth to respond but the door opens and Phil walks in.

“Hey Dan!” He exclaims before glancing at Dr. Rowan. “Are you cheating on me with another volunteer?” He jokes placing his hands on his hips staring down at Dan with a playful smile.

Dan giggles shaking his head “Th-this is D-Dr. Row-Rowan. My th-therapist. D-Dr. Rowa-Rowan this is Ph-Phil” He beams at her with a look that said 'See! I told you he was real’

The doctor sighs shaking her head writing down more stuff on her little notepad disregarding Phil before staring at Dan seriously.

“Dan… There’s no one there”

Meet My Girlfriend - Caspar Lee (Requested)

“Hi my name is Caspar Lee and welcome to my new video!” Caspar greeted his video like any other. “However, this isn’t a normal video, today. Today it’s a very important one that I hope you will enjoy. Today is the day where you finally get to know my girlfriend, Y/N. Come on in, babe.”

That’s when you knew you were supposed to come into frame. “Hey everyone, I’m so excited to finally meet you guys!” You smiled. You were nervous as hell, they were Caspar’s fans after all, and you didn’t know if they were going to like you or not.

“Now, you all have known that I have been in a relationship with this beauty for over a year now. I mean, we’ve posted enough pictures to Instagram and stories on Snapchat.” Caspar chuckled and glanced at you. “But I think it’s time that you all actually get to know who she is as a person so you can see why she’s such an incredible person.”

“Caspar don’t hype me up too much,” you giggled. “I don’t want to appear dull to them now.”

“You could never appear dull,” Caspar comforted you. “Just be yourself and I’m sure they’ll love you. Now, first question. What do you do for a living?”

You felt weird answering questions that he already knew the answer to, but that’s why they call it an interview. “I am currently the owner of an equestrian therapy service for special needs children.” You smiled. “The kids come in and they ride horses, take care of them, feed them, you name it. It helps them calm down and they can feel like any other kid.”

“That’s amazing,” Caspar smiled at you. “Why did you want to get into a field like that?”

“Well, I don’t like seeing people get made fun of or bullied because of a mental illness. Things like Autism aren’t something I take lightly. It’s a very personal matter to me.” You sighed, “I like to make sure that they know not everyone in the world is a bad person.”

“Absolutely incredible.” Caspar beamed. “Now I’m sure everyone is going to want to know the answer to this one, how has life been living with me?”

“It’s never dull, I’ll tell you that much.” You looked directly at the camera. “Don’t let his cute face and hilarious personality fool you, he’s probably the biggest idiot I know. Especially when he’s around Joe, one time they-“

“Okay! Next question!” Caspar cut you off. “Would you consider yourself to be a more funny or serious person?”

“I want to say I’m a funny girl, but I can be serious when I have to.” You admitted. “I mean, I love to have fun and want to make crazy memories throughout my lifetime. I don’t want to end this life with a series of ‘what ifs’ in my mind because then I would feel like I haven’t accomplished much.”

“What an incredible answer.” Caspar said, causing you to giggle. “What’s so funny?”

“You’re being strangely professional and I just find it cute.” You laugh. “Sorry to interrupt, please, carry on.”

“No no, let’s go back to that.” Caspar suggested. “You think I’m cute, eh?”

“The absolute cutest,” You joked. “I mean, how do you do it? Please, tell the rest of us.”

“Well, it’s not easy let me tell you.” Caspar played along. “Just gotta make sure I always wake up flawless and I’m good to go for the day.”

“What if you don’t wake up flawless?” You questioned.

“Well, then I’m screwed and I hide under the covers for the entire day.” Caspar chuckled. “How do you manage to do it? How are you so beautiful?”

“It takes a little bit more effort than just waking up flawless, and that’s all I’m going to say about it.” You answer.

“I’m sure it doesn’t take very much effort for you.” Caspar complimented you, causing you to blush. “Now, would you say you would like to be in any of my videos in the near future?”

“Of course, I’m having so much fun!”  You smiled.

“What about the distant future?” Caspar questioned, earning a nod from you. “Good because that will make it a lot easier to come up with video ideas.”

“Anything to help.” You smiled.

Caspar turned towards the camera and said his last few thoughts. “Alright everyone, now that you’ve met my amazing girlfriend, Y/N, I want to make sure that none of you treat her with any harshness. She is a gentle and caring person and she doesn’t deserve any hate that will be thrown her way, and no matter what and of you say, I love this girl. Nothing will change that. Thank you guys for watching and I’ll see you all next week!”

“Caspar what was all that?” You ask after he turned off the camera.

“I just want to make sure that you don’t ever feel the need to run.” Caspar sighed. “Especially not because of the fans.”

“Caspar,” You hugged him. “I’m not going anywhere. You’re stuck with me.”

“I wouldn’t say that’s such a bad thing.” He pulled you into a loving kiss then proceeded to edit his video. “Besides, I’d consider it more of a blessing.”

parties {smut: nerdy evan peters}

virgin!evan peters, nerdy!evan peters, parties, I dunno high school stuff. Evan peters is v v heart eyes and this is p smutty
“Evan, it’s alright, just come on!” You giggled as Evan Peters, the nerdiest little guy in your high school, stood in front of your mirror, examining himself and his attire for the party that was happening downstairs. “I-i don’t k-know, Y-YN..” He questioned, he was always second guessing himself. Why couldn’t he just see how hot he actually was?? “C’mon, babe! You promised that if I passed my final then you’d go to just one party with me..” You pouted, walking over to him and mindlessly toying with his shirt. He tensed up under your touch causing you to giggle. You reached up and pushed his hair out of his face. “Let me help you relax, baby.” You smirked and unbuckled his shorts. He reached down and grabbed your wrist stopping you, “N-No! I-i should um pl-pleasure you first don’t you think??” He asked, a light blush on his cheeks. You giggled and shook your head no, sinking down to your knees. “I’m gonna blow you, then you’re gonna go down there and party your little nerdy heart out, then fuck me as hard as you can. Okay? Okay.” You said sliding his shorts down. “O-ok-kay” he choked out. You took your hands and put his hands on top of your head. “Don’t be afraid to pull my hair or anything. Don’t hold your moans in either and don’t just unexpectedly fuck my mouth.” You smiled up at him as you lightly palmed his growing erection and massaged his thighs. He just nodded, swallowing a large lump in his throat. You took out his length slowly and bit your lip. He was way bigger than you expected. You wrapped your hand around his shaft and slowly moved your hand in a lazy manner. He gasped and whimpered your name, all you need to begin. You licked your lip and licked the precum off of his tip. This is how you know, he’s inexperienced, he’s about to cum and you’ve barely started. You lean in and wrap your mouth around him, earning a loud moan for his angelic lips. You moaned in response, making him grip your hair and pull you further onto him. You took in as much as you could, you felt him start to relax already. You bobbed your head quickly, hallowing your cheeks to add pressure. “Shit, fuck, hell! Oh my god, YN!!” He threw his head back and moaned. “You’re so beautiful, I don’t deserve this, holy fuck! Uhh” he moaned, pushing your further. You slightly gagged on him, he opened his eyes and looked at you, “Y-you alright?? Did I hurt you? I’m so sorry, we can just stop I mean really..” He said, starting to pull out. “No! Let me suck you.” You said pulling him back into your mouth. You sucked gently, cradling his balls as well. And oh yeah, that sent him over the edge quickly. You swallowed all of it and smiled up at him, “See? Feel much better now?” You asked pulling his shorts back up. “Y-yes, YN. Oh my god. I can’t wait until we get back up here and I fuck your brains out.” He smirked, pulling you up and kissing you intensely. “Mm, let’s just do it now.” You winked. “Nope! I came for a party and I’m gonna party.” Evan laughed, walking out with you.


Before Midnight Strikes

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam (no pairing,,,yet. ;))


Summary: Dean, Sam, and the reader find a hunt, and it gets cmplicated.

Look for Part two on @soaringeag1e​ ‘s blog tomorrow! ;) Enjoy!!

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The Countdown to Christmas (Chapter 2: How Do You Present?)

Parings: This chapter is ALL Marichat XD 
Rating: Still K for some reason (if you feel I should change it just message me) 
Description: Marinette helps Chat Noir buy a present for Ladybug XD

A/N: @pisces-royalty ILY <3 thanks for editing even though you’re busy :D 

This chapter is nearly 6,000 words guys, so I hope you like it XD

Part 1 X Part 3  Part 4


Adrien had no idea what he was doing.

He’d been able to buy his friends gifts before, no problem, and so he had promised himself he’d be able to buy a present for Ladybug, no problem. But now that he was in an actual mall, with actual stores, he wasn’t so sure.

With the Lady he’d always managed to second guess himself, after all.

He sighed and looked at the Christmas tree near the bench he was sitting on, trying to think of how fun Christmas had been when he was younger, when his mom was still around:

The décor had always been inviting and homey. There had always been freshly made cookies. And he had always gotten actual presents that he had actually wanted.

Now all he had was his father, who surprisingly loved Christmas…in his own twisted way.

Christmas meant his father’s holiday line release. And that dreadful fact made it almost hard to go home. Every time he’d open the front door he’d have to see the halls decked like a fashion magazine. Adrien wasn’t sure what was more off putting: the Gabriel™ Christmas tree adorned in Gabriel™ ornaments or fake gifts under it that had been wrapped in Gabriel™ wrapping paper.

He made a mental note to never get his Lady Gabriel™ anything.

That was, if he’d ever be able to get her anything.

If he’d wasted nearly an hour just walking around this mall, how was he ever going to find the right store, let alone the right present?

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anonymous asked:

may i request "I may have accidentally sort of adopted five cats.” kotoumi please? :D

When Umi first steps through the door to their apartment, she doesn’t think too much about the sound of clattering plates ringing through the air. Never mind the fact that it’s takeout-and-Disney-movie night, or the fact that Kotori is nowhere to be seen, or the oddly fishy smell that’s filled the small living space, or the steadily rising chorus of… meows?

She enters the kitchen to find Kotori, which isn’t too weird, surrounded by a huge, squirming mass of cats, which is definitely weird, and actually a little illegal when she thinks about the rental agreement on their place.

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You Again, Chapter 3!

Hey Maksyl fam!

It’s me again!

Alright, so after a grand total of 45 ASKS (I love you all so freaking much), I decided to give you the update you were asking for! I was going to wait a few more days but since I received the massive amount of feedback I decided to update today.

It took me way too long to update but schoolwork is kicking my ass right now.. Please forgive me?

I love you all so much and I hope you adore this chapter!

Keep reviewing/sharing your thoughts/sharing your ideas for future chapters! They will be incorporated somewhere into the story.

Without further adieu, here is Chapter 3 of ‘You Again!’


The camera crew comes today. Don’t forget that we’re reuniting for the first time in years, so act as happy as you possibly can. Big smiles. Big laughs. We clear?

Meryl’s phone buzzed to life in her lap. She glanced down, let out a martyred sigh, then replied to Val’s ‘friendly reminder’ with a quick Gotcha.

Val and Meryl still weren’t on the best of terms after the first few days. They had made a bit of progress—they could now stay in the same room without erupting into an explosive argument—but even that, admittedly, wasn’t much.

Part of her wanted to try to make peace with Val and move on from the whole thing, but the majority of her refused to back down. Backing down would mean submitting to Val’s name-calling, his yelling; his mistreatment it would mean going against the woman she had become to make nice with her ex-boyfriend’s fricking brother.

Meryl was not about to throw her dignity away to try to appease a man she wasn’t even sure she liked anymore.

If the two engaged in any type of argument, Meryl decided she would stand her ground and fight like the spitfire she was.

“Who was that?” Fedor’s anxious voice resonated from her computer’s speakers, abruptly drawing her out of her thoughts.

Honestly, if they hadn’t been videochatting, Meryl would have sighed at her boyfriend’s blatant display of jealousy.

They’d been having a decent conversation before the text, but she could already sense a change in direction was going to spin their chat on its head.

“It was no one, babe,” Meryl shook her head in quick dismissal.

“…Alright,” Fedor narrowed his eyes, skepticism evident in every part of his countenance. Meryl chose to ignore it.

As frustrated as Feddy seemed, he acquiesced.

“So, MerBear,” he chose a safe topic, “what’s it like to be back with your friends?”

Meryl’s eyes lit up at the mention of her longtime comrades.

“It’s great,” she squealed, Val’s borderline-hostile text long forgotten, “I got to see Dinah and Jim again! Tonight after filming I’m going to see Rudy and Jacque. I think it’ll be a lot of fun!”

Fedor chuckled, “I’m so glad you’re enjoying yourself.” Then, in a softer tone, “Y’know, I miss you. The house is lonely without you..Our bed feels empty without you by my side.”

Oh yeah? Maybe you should have taken the chance to sleep with me when you had the chance instead of sleeping on the freaking couch. Meryl was momentarily stunned by how forcefully the bitter thought hit her.

“Yeah, Feddy, I know what you mean. The first few days were absolutely terrible,” she replied, willing the downright nasty thought out of her mind. “I’m just happy things are getting easier. I mean, I’m so busy all the time, I hardly have a spare moment to miss anything!”

She’d meant it as a lighthearted joke, but the second she saw his wounded expression, she realized she’d made a mistake.

“Well, Meryl; I’m glad things are getting easier for you. I’m still in hell, but hey; it’s good to know you’re over it all, even while I’m torturing myself waiting for your return,” he frowned.

Meryl’s was about to blurt out an emphatic ‘THAT’S-NOT-WHAT-I-MEANT,’ but he continued.

“It’s terrible to know that while I’m here, alone, you’re having the time of your life with your ex’s brother and his friends. It’s horrible…” he harshly expelled air from his mouth.

She was going to jump in with a pity-induced apology but Fedor hadn’t yet ended his rant.

“Honestly, Meryl, I just.. I wish you’d gotten off your high horse and agreed to not go back in the first place.”

“Wait, wait. What did you just say?” Meryl was floored by Fedor’s sudden adaption of an accusatory tone.

“Oh, stop it with the innocent act. You know what you’re doing isn’t fair to me. Hell, you just told me yourself that you don’t even miss me,” Fedor raved, fury flashing in his eyes.

Meryl paused, carefully choosing her next words. If there was any way she could avoid another confrontation, she’d try it. After all, she did have to go and meet Val in a little while, and she didn’t have the energy to battle it out with one handsome Ukrainian after another.

(On top of all of that, she still hadn’t told Charlie about her return to the show. She was certain he would have a few choice words about her decision…)

“Listen, Fedor. I do miss you—”

“Right,” Fedor let out a harsh laugh, his tone practically oozing condescension, “you miss me so much that you don’t mind taking the time out of one of our video chats to text another man back.”

“God, it was just Val,” she scoffed. Every ounce of self control was slipping out of her grasp.

“Is that fun fact supposed to make me feel better somehow? Tell me, Meryl, should I feel relieved that you chose to reply to your first love’s brother over me? Maybe you didn’t get the memo, but I don’t care who you’re talking to. If you’re replying to any man over me, we have a problem.”

Yep, that did it. The last shred of her sanity fell away.

“You know what, you freaking assbagel? I’m done with this conversation. Call me back when you get over your ridiculous jealousy and possessiveness issues.”

She slammed the laptop shut, effectively ending the Skype call.


Meryl stepped into the studio, a sense of dread manifesting in the pit of her stomach.

<i>Same directions as before.</i>

To distract herself, she shot a quick wave at Dinah, who returned Meryl’s greeting with a mischievous grin.

‘Talk later?’ Meryl mouthed, and the perky redhead nodded eagerly in reply. ‘Perfect,’ Meryl grinned back.

Okay: down the hall, to the left, elevator to 2nd floor, Room 10E.</i>

The trek to the room didn’t take as long as she’d wanted it to.

She was standing at the engraved door within minutes.

She exhaled slowly, twisting the brass doorknob to the left. The door clicked open hesitantly, and Meryl could just make out Val standing there, his expectant eyes glued to her door.

Just a bit further beyond him, the camera crew was recording. This, of course, meant she had to make her entrance absolutely perfect.

Don’t overthink this too much.

It was showtime.

Meryl re-shut the door, prepping herself for the performance of a lifetime. She paused for a beat, then flung the door open, shouting an all-too-giddy “surprise!”

Val let out a loud laugh at the sight of her and sprinted towards the door.
“Hell yeah,” he crowed happily, a giant grin splitting across his face. He was all smiles and laughter, and she made sure to be the same.

This is all fake. Fake, fake, fake.

The very second he reached Meryl, his strong arms engulfed her in a bear hug. Val twirled her in the air, making sure to keep his eyes locked on hers at all times. Around and around she soared, her (still famously-long) hair whipping behind her back as she spun.

Val kept his arms secured around her waist, even as he lowered her to the floor.

This was the welcome I wanted to begin with.

“Hello, Valentin Chmerkovskiy,” she giggled against his chest, and he pulled away to look her in the eyes.

“Why, hello, Meryl Davis,” his hands ran up and down her arms, an excited expression permanently plastered to his face. “God, I’m so freaking happy you’re my partner! I just know we can win this, Mer.”

She stuck her hand out for a high-five and he willingly indulged her, taking it a step further by intertwining their fingers together.

She tried (in vain) not to look so surprised.

Her apparent shock at the move was met with an overconfident smirk from Val.

“I’ve got you blushing already? I am good! Alright, so let’s get to work, Davis,” he drawled.

She recovered from her silence and playfully rolled her eyes. “What’s our first dance, Mr. Cockypants?”

“‘Mr. Cockypants’? What are we, five years old?” Val mocked, grinning.

“Just answer my damn question,” Meryl giggled, swatting at Val’s arm.

“Ouch,” he slapped an overdramatic hand to his chest, “you’re violent!”

“What dance are we doing?” Meryl repeated, slightly exasperated, slightly amused.

Val jogged over to the other side of the room, the prying eyes behind the cameras following him as he ran.

Woah. Was that…Was he holding a giant sign?;

“I’m actually glad you asked,” he winked, unfolding a large scroll of paper.

Sure enough, on the poster were three words crudely scribbled in Sharpie and decorated with a failed coloring attempt and a meager smiley face sticker to serve as punctuation.

“Cha cha cha,” she read the phrase on the poster aloud.

Then, because that in itself wasn’t enough, she tacked on a playful, “I don’t suppose you made this sign yourself?”

“Ha-ha-flipping-ha. I think you’re just jealous because I’m clearly a better artist than you will ever hope to be,” he grinned back.

“Whatever helps you sleep at night,” she quipped, causing Val to muss up her hair.


Eight Hours Later.

“Amazing work today, guys. Thank you for making my job so much easier!” Gary, the man specifically assigned to be <i>their</i> cameraperson, grinned over his shoulder.

“Any time, boss,” Val nodded, and Meryl let out an agreeable laugh.

The crew had just begun their departure, packing their mic packs and their high-def cameras. Still aware of their presence, however, Val wrapped a strong arm around Meryl and tugged her small frame against his.

Gary paused in the doorway at the affectionate gesture.

He turned back towards the duo again.

His eyes shifted between the two of them for a brief moment, a grin slowly lighting up his face. “I genuinely think we have enough footage to turn this into something magical.”

Meryl shot him a thumbs up, offering a kind smile, “Awesome! I can’t wait to see what production puts together!”

“Great! I’ll see you two lovebirds the day of the show!” Gary chuckled as the last of the crew cleared out, then shut the door behind him.

Once the crew was gone, Meryl lightly tugged herself out of Val’s slack grip.

“So, apparently we’re getting a magical storyline secured in our packages,” Meryl mused, more to herself than to Val.

“That’s what happens when you’re nice to people, Meryl. You get good things,” Val spoke, his voice devoid of the coldness Meryl had expected to be there.

Maybe pretending to be friends all day kind-of helped the reality of our situation? Or maybe he was just coming off of the ‘performing’ high?

“This is true,” she acknowledged, hoping to maintain their unspoken truce, “what do you think our story’s going to be?” Meryl grinned.

Val shot her a confused smile, but remained silent. He was clearly as lost as she.

A few beats of contemplative silence passed between them.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, disjointed comments began to connect themselves together.

Hold up…‘magical storyline’



She could immediately feel her heartbeat quicken as she realized the connection.

Oh my God.

She turned to face Val, whose face had paled.

Apparently he’d connected the dots, as well.

“You don’t think—?” He trailed off, too horrified to even finish the question.

“Oh, yeah,” she put her head in her hands, “we’ve definitely got ourselves a budding showmance.”

Val ran a hand through his hair, distressed.

So much for their possible reconnection.

“But why would they choose that storyline out of them all? Isn’t that angle a bit overplayed?” He shook his head fervently.

Any excuse to deny the inevitable.

“Normally, yes. But this season, your brother’s a judge,” she couldn’t help herself; she flinched at the very mention of Maks, “and you and I are partners. A showmance between us would create a whole new level of drama and excitement to she show, especially after the way things ended how they did… It’s just what the producers needed to make this season the ‘best one yet,’” Meryl’s voice was uncharacteristically hollow.

“What do we do?” Val’s voice was frantic.

“We can go to production and ask to switch up the storyline?” Meryl offered.

“No; we signed our contracts today. They now have the legal right to do whatever they want to do with the footage they have,” Val trailed off

“Then there’s only one thing to do,” she said slowly.

He turned to look at her, curious. She met his eyes with a dull certainty, a shared feeling of bitter acceptance passing between them.

“We go along with it.”

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag (Sam Wilkinson)

“Hey it’s Sam and I have my beautiful girlfriend, (Y/N) here.”

“Hi.” You wave nervously into the camera. 

“Today we are doing the boyfriend girlfriend tag, thing.” Sam says.

You nod your head and giggle.

“First question, where did we meet?” Sam says, grinning at you. 

“Oh, this is easy. I was just walking around and I ran into him. Full on ran into him and it is actually really funny to think about now, but at the time it wasn’t. I was so embarrassed and he took me to get ice cream because he felt bad he spilled his ice cream on my shirt." 

"Correct, it was very romantic.” Sam says, kissing your cheek. 

“Next question, where was our first date?” You say, looking over at Sam. 

“The first official one, because taking you to get ice cream was a date, but the first official one was to dinner and a movie." 

"What movie?” You smirk.

“I don’t remember. I was too busy looking at you.” Sam says.

“Awe, babe. You’re such a charmer.” You smile. 

Sam leans over and pecks your lips. 

“What was your first impression of me?” Sam says, wiggling his eyebrows.

“At first, I didn’t like you because you got ice cream on my shirt, but then I once I started talking to you, I thought you were cute and hilarious.” You say. 

“That’s right, I am hilarious.”

You roll your eyes and read the next question. “When did you meet my family?”

“Well, I met your mom before the rest of your family and I met her at one of my basketball games. I met the rest of your family when I came over to pick you up for Winter Formal.”

“Correct.” You smile. 

“When did you meet my family?” Sam asks. 

“I met your parents at your birthday dinner and your siblings on Christmas”

You grin over at Sam and he winks at you, causing you to giggle. 

“How long have we been together?” Sam asks. 

“8 months. 9 months in 2 weeks.” You say. 

Sam nods his head and smiles. 

“Do we have any traditions?” You ask. 

Sam sits there and thinks. 

“I wouldn’t say traditions. We just do the same stuff a lot.” He says.

“Like what?" 

"I can’t say one of them.” He says, looking at you, grinning.

You start blushing when you realize what he’s talking about. He was referring to the fact whenever he won a basketball game you would come over and you two would shower together, which usually led to some kinky stuff in the bedroom. 

“Next question.” You say, leaning your head on his shoulder. 

“What was our first road trip?” Sam asks. 

“Colorado, Spring break.” you say, confidently. 

“That was interesting because we got lost.” Sam laughs. 

“You got us lost.” You laugh, remembering how panicked Sam had gotten.

“It was the GPS. I swear.”

“First thing you noticed about me?” You ask. 

“Your eyes. They’re gorgeous.” Sam says. 

You look over at him and blush. You lean up and kiss him. 

“What pisses me off?” Sam asks. 

You immediately knew the answer. The main was when you would tease him, but that wasn’t really appropriate to say because his mom would probably watch this. 

“When I don’t text you back right away.” You say. 

“That’s very true.” Sam says. 

He knew the real answer because he smirks at you. 

“Our favorite feature about each other.” You say. 

“Your eyes and smile.” Sam says right away, you could barely finish the question. 

“I would have to say mine would be your eyes and humor.” You say glancing up at him. 

“What do we argue about the most?” Sam says, poking you in the side, something he knew you hated.

“Where we’re going to eat or what we’re going to watch on TV. We don’t really fight that much.” You say, shrugging your shoulders. 

You feel Sam’s hands on your waist and he pulls you into his lap. 

“Babe,” You giggle as he kisses all up and down your neck. 

“Alright I’m done, for now.” He says, looking back at the camera.

“Do we have nicknames for each other?” You say, placing your hands in your lap. 

“I call you babe, baby, (Y/N), princess, and wifey sometimes.”

“I call you Sammy, babe, baby, Sam, handsome and husband, when I need something.”

“Can I tell a story?” Sam asks. 

“Why are you asking me? This is your channel.” You giggle. 

“So little Miss. Princess over here was sick and told me to come over, so being the good boyfriend I am, I did. Right when I walk in the door, I hear her yell ‘Husband make me some soup.’” 

"That wasn’t a good story.” You laugh. 

“Did I ask you if it was a good story?" 

"It was about me wasn’t it?" 

Sam wraps his arms around your waist and intertwines your fingers with his, placing them in your lap. 

"We have three questions left.” You say. 

“Alright, let’s getter done.” Sam says.

“Do I do something you wish that I didn’t?” I say. 

“I don’t like when you don’t text me back right away.” Sam says, loudly. 

“I don’t like when you poke my sides. I hate it actually." 

"What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday?” Sam asks.

“Chocolate?” You say, not really confident in your answer. 

“Correct.” Sam says kissing your cheek.

“Last one, what can I spend hours doing?” You ask. 

“Making out with me.” Sam says quickly.

You roll your eyes at Sam’s answer even though you know it’s true. 

“Or hanging out with me. Anything that has to do with me.” He says, taking his hands away from yours and placing them on your hips. 

“I guess that’s right.” You mumble. 

Sam soon has you turned around, so you’re straddling his waist. He pulls you into a kiss. You wrap your arms around his neck and tangle your hands in his hair. 

“The camera’s still going.” He mumbles against your lips. 

“Oh, that’s right.” You say turning around and waving goodbye to the camera, then turning it off and sitting back down in Sam’s lap.

“Now, where were we." 

let your heart be light

I think everyone will agree that fluff is the only medication for what we had to go through last night. I started working on this over a month ago (hence why part of it takes place over Thanksgiving) but college is the devil and I just now had time and motivation to finish it. Enjoy!

Holiday bookstore co-workers au with a huge side of fluffiness

Emma was hanging up another stocking on the bookstore’s mantel when she heard the door open. Finally, someone else was here to help her put up the Christmas decorations that were much more trouble than necessary when she had to open on a Monday morning. “It’s about time,” she called over her shoulder as she slowly eased her way down the ladder she’d been using to hang decorations on the wall.

“Are you implying that you missed me, Swan?”

She stopped halfway down the ladder and groaned to herself at the sound of the familiar accent. It would be him. Of course she’d forgotten it was Elsa’s day off, and she’d be working today’s shift with Killian Jones, the man she’d been butting heads with constantly since he began working at the store with Emma two months ago.  “Get over yourself, Jones. The only thing I’ve been missing is someone else to help me put all this junk up.” Even though Halloween had just been celebrated a week ago, Regina, the owner of Storybrooke Reads was convinced that the holidays would be their most profitable time of the year and insisted that Christmas items should be up before the store opened that day. It wasn’t that Emma didn’t like Christmas, but the holidays were a time that retail employees never exactly looked forward to. She’d been dreading the thought of decorating all weekend.

Emma stepped off the ladder and began to look over her work so far as Killian came out from putting his coat away in the back office. “You’ve done a nice job, love.” She rolled her eyes and shoved the next box of lights and garland towards him, trying to ignore the way he looked in his black button-down shirt and tight jeans. (They may not have gotten along, but she couldn’t deny the fact that he was too attractive for his own good). “I’m not your love. Now do your job for once and decorate the front desk before it’s time to open.”

“As you wish, love.” She scowled at him before going to work on the window display, not thinking at all about just how blue his eyes were when he smirked at her.

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The Boyfriend Tag

Tittle: The Boyfriend Tag

Paring: Robbie Kay x Reader

Requested: Yes

Rating: None

Warning: Fluff

A/n: This is the cutest thing yet and oh my gosh I can not wait to make it.

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 I scrolled through my twitter feed, trying to come up with an idea for my next video, and couldn’t hold back my giggles. Every single tweet I came across either told me how much they loved me, or telling me to do the boyfriend tag with Robbie. I shook my head and decided to track him down, hoping that he would agree to it.

  “Robbie!” I sang out as I walked down the hallway, waiting for him to answer me. When he finally did, his voice came from the living room. I chuckled happily as I skipped into the living room.

  “I know that look.” He groaned, his gaze flickering to meet mine as he turned away from the TV.  “That is the look you wear whenever you want something. What is it?”

  “Will you film a video for my YouTube channel with me?” I begged, flopping down beside him so I could curl into his side. He groaned, his arms wrapping around me as he held me close to his side. “Pretty please baby.”

 “Do not give me the puppy dog look, you know I can not say no to your puppy dog look.” He moaned, giving me a playful glare when I shoot him the look. “Fine, what did you have in mind?”

  “The Boyfriend Tag.” I sang, giggling when he playfully growled at me. I smiled at him, bating my eye lashes up at him.

  “You are lucky you are cute.” He sighed, rolling his eyes as he leaned down to press a kiss to my lips.

 “Thank you.” I hummed as I pulled back, shooting him a wide smile before I jumped up. “I will go get the questions ready?”

  “There are questions?”

  “Yeah! About me!” I chuckled, giggling when he frowned.

  “You could have lead with that.” I laughed as I ran from the room, heading back up stairs. “What happens if I lose?” He screamed up from behind me, causing me chuckle. I turned, leaning over the railing so I could smile at him.

  “I get to tweet something from your twitter.”

  “Make them easy!”

~~~~~~~~~~~ Two Hours Later ~~~~~~~~~

 “Hey guys! Welcome back to Faith Trust And Pixie Dust! Today I am going to be doing the boyfriend tag, with Robbie!” I sang, giggling when Robbie popped up beside me.

  “This wasn’t my idea but apparently you all really want this, so here you go.” Robbie laughed, smiling as he leaned over to kiss my cheek, laughing when I blushed.

   “Okay for those of you don’t know what this I will explain it really quick. I am going to ask Robbie here a series of questions. They are all about our relationship. For each question he gets wrong I get to tweet something from his twitter, and for each one he gets right he gets to tweet something from mine.” I explained, smiling as I turned to face Robbie, pulling up the questions on my phone as I did.

  “Lets do this!”

  “Alright, so where did we first meet?” I asked, giggling when Robbie instantly answered.

  “Easy. We meet on the set of Once Upon A Time.”

  “Okay, since that was easy give me the first scene we did together.”

 “Okay so we were on Neverland and your character was in the middle of a fight with Peter. To make it all stop, Peter ran over to you and kissed you.” He answered with a smug smile, chuckling when I passed him my phone with a frown. Once he was finished tweeting how much I love him, he gave me phone back and waited for the next question.

   “What was our first date?”

  “I really wanna say it was dinner and a movie, but then again I also want to say I took you to a play.”

  “Both are wrong actually. Our first date was coffee.” I giggled.

  “Right, we went for coffee after filming one day.”

  “Yep, so give me your phone.” I smirked as he handed me his phone, the twitter app already open. I thought for a moment, then tweet about how Josh and Gen had adopted him instead of Sean, instantly getting a response from the man.

  “Great, now I have to explain that too him.” He chuckled, laughing when Josh tweeted, letting Sean know that both he and Gen made the better adopted parents anyway, and how it was only a matter of time before Robbie realized that.

  “You started a bidding war.” Robbie laughed, shaking his head as he jumped up, his hands reaching for my waist. I let out a squeal and jumped from my chair, running for the door, only to be thrown onto our bed by Robbie. The moment he had me pinned he started his attack, his fingers digging into my sides.

  “Robbie!” I squealed, squirming as I tried hard to free myself from his grasp. He laughed, moved so he was cupping my cheeks, leaning down to press a quick kiss to my lips before he jumped up.

  “Next time, I am tweeting about how you love Harry more than Niall.”

  “Seriously? Ni will lose it!” I giggled, knowing full well that my best Niall would go nuts when he read that I like Harry better.

  “All is fair in love and war.”