and i actually coloured it omfg

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

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Sorry for the big ask I sent! I was just getting really excited for an Adventure Time animal costume party drawing! Can you draw some pics of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline dressed as pigs with fake pig noses?

Oh my gosh you are the Pig Anon!

Here, take it and go!

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💕✨ (btw ily)


💕@tahyeung (shameless promo of their fic here they’re a gr8 writer pls give them lots of love); @notnotoday (gr8 creator of memes she knows the way to my heart); @justarathervintelligentsyst-blog (know her irl n shes rlly funny n i have learnt not to step between her and her love for cheese and ham toasties <3 ) 

TBH I wanted to post more mutuals but based on the fact ive never had an actual conversation with some I didnt, BUT KNOW THAT I LOVE N CHERISH YOU

✨ I love your blog so much omfg its got such positive vibes  I lvoe the colours and the Sunflower <3 You also post funny things aND YOONGI which is an obvious plus 20/10 would follow again 


tmreditbattle #10 ~ tmr/tst + emotional:   me  vs  @wickeid   @dreamerjojen.

                                   We were only   children   thrown into a war,
                                        and now we’re NOT children anymore.

Octopoos kitty by side of road *A* She’s takin’ ‘im home <3. Octopussy! 

Ta-daaaah~! This is Skelly, an OC of @marshmallowmaurice ^^. Here u go~



~After the snow, comes the flowers~

Summery Kylo [cos i got so many Huxs] for @boredbyreality

jokes on me it actually looks like padmé funeral omfg

  • anon: idk i feel entirely like a girl???? but i like boy pronuns? ? ?? ? and also i want to be SPECIAL like evrybody on TuMBRL ?? ? ?? ;___; what should i DO??? ?? ?
  • pride-flags-for-us: that's ok! there's a term for this specific niche even though you are actually just a regular cis girl, but it's understandable that you want to be special and unique, even if it hurts actual trans people by ignoring their pain and also making people think all trans people are transgender for attention! either way, the term is attention-nan0-xoy-gender, and the flag looks like this!: [Insert a terribly ugly flag with clashing colours, perhaps different shades of red and green]
  • several people on tumblr who reblogs the post: omfg!!! i cant believe thsi i thought i was the only one!!!!!! i am so relieved because tumblr constantly tells me that being cis is bad but turns out i too am actually Transgender™!!! golly gee now i can get all the uniqueness and attention i want too!!

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A while back, during the first Steven Bomb, I read a post about how Rose Quartz might actually be a diamond gem. One of the royals of homeworld. In the new episode we see 4 gem colours on the arena that they fight in. White, Yellow, Blue, and Pink. Does that man that Rose was really Rose Diamond? And floating above the arena are four replica gems in those colours. But the pink one is shattered. SYMBOLISM!!!!!!! Also, Pearl keeps saying how important Steven is, and how he has this destiny, and Connie knows this now too! Also, Rose and Pearl fighting Jasper!!!! OMFG!!! Sorry, I just love this show so much and it’s awesome to see it back again. Back to the Diamond thing, there are four colours here, on Peridot’s ship however, there was a 5 colour symbol. With green being added in. 5 colours would form a star, Rose’s symbol and the symbol for all of the crystal gems. Well, Steven, Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, and Rose. But I think that symbol was taken on during the fighting because Ruby and Sapphire don’t have the star. Maybe it was the homeworld symbol? Maybe the royalty added a Green Diamond? It is the rarest diamond colour. Raaaahhhhh! Im just so pumped by this episode and how Pearl sees herself in Connie!!!!!! (oh, and the new opening is so sweet!!!!!!!)