and i actually colored it myself wow


Get To Know Me!
Favorite Youtubers 2/? - danisnotonfire

“That’s why I’m here, I’m here for two reasons. To entertain you with stories of my life so , you know, you can find them entertaining. But then maybe compare them to your own lives and not feel so alone with the issues that you go with, go through. And think, “Wow, I’m scared of going to my first day of work, but there is a guy called Dan who actually sold an axe to a child”. And the other half of it is me kind of like articulating my own profound observations on the universe, which is really just an excuse to give myself a therapy. Apparently other people enjoy watching it too wow” 

Mermaid!Joshua ||

Notes: Here’s the second part! Hope it’s what you guys wanted! Requests are open~
(I’m sorry for the ending~)

•days after you’ve seen that beautiful tail, but there’s no sign of the boy who caught you
•it didn’t matter whether you were sitting on your big rock or the grass near the water
•he was no where to be seen, so instead of sulking you did what you did best, you wrote
•you wrote about how his sweet brown eyes, how he had tried to dry your papers, how he might have a tail?!?
•somehow your story wasn’t a story at all, it sounded more like love poems
•"y/n! Dinner!“
•you could hear your aunt yelling from the porch
•making a split second decision you put the new notebook that held the gushy poems about mystery boy under a rock and left a pen
•hoping that maybe you’d get a response from the boy
•and then you left, walking to where your aunt was standing impatiently
•dinner was a mess, your uncle would try to talk about his day, sports but your mind kept wandering back to the beautiful lavender tail
•you asked to be excused, feeling butterflies in your stomach instead of hunger
•leaving the table and going into your room, you plopped down, face first on the bed
•groaning that you might never see him again, and all you wanted to know was his name!
•well other things too but his name was top priority
•so you went to sleep, dreaming of the boy with a lavender tail

•sadly you couldn’t drop everything and go to the ocean as early as you wanted
•you had the hell called school and after school duties
•as hard as you tried, your mind wandered back to mystery boy
•you were low key sick of him tbh
•but as soon as you were done with your responsibilities, you ran to the ocean
•when you got there you were out of breathe because you ain’t no Track star
•regaining your breath, you walked over to the rock and picked up the notebook
•flipping the pages, you saw that the page that you had written the faux poems had ink of a different color
•meaning SoMeoNe ELsE wRotE iN tHe BoOk
•quickly scanning the page, you read the words that hadn’t been there yesterday
•"oh wow, poems for me? I’m honored! Yes, I have a tail. It’s lavender, with silver in it actually. I’m sorry that I’ve wet your book, I saw it there and couldn’t stop myself.
•you had a name, a response and an apology for the few drops of water that were on the book
•taking a different color pen, you immediately wrote down a response
•saying that it was okay, asking how did he know your name, what was his favorite color?
•when you finished, you signed your name and stuck the book back under the rock along with the same pen he wrote in
•walking away from the notebook once more, feeling happy that you got a response
•practically skipping back to your house, you imagined what kind of response you’d be getting back

•weeks had passed, you and Joshua were still writing to each other
•he couldn’t come out of the water during the day since his father had caught him when he was swimming back after meeting you
•only being able to sneak out during the night since most humans are asleep at that time
•he had told you that his father was an important man, but wouldn’t say his exact position
•you told him about you’re parents, how you had moved here to be free of them
•even though writing you could tell what tones he was using
•when he wrote that adults under water were just as useless as the one who walked, you could tell that it was in an exasperated voice
•in turn you would write down what troubled you, gym classes where you had to run, finals, updating your stories, things that adults would say were useless
•he just understood you, even though problems differed from you and him, he gave the best advice he could
•which was more than you could say for the people around you
•of course you missed seeing his face, so the two of you made a plan so you could see each other
•calling it a plan was a bit of a stretch honestly, you were just going to wait outside until you saw him
•so taking your trusty notebook and a sweater, cause global warming or something
•and you were off on an adventure!
•except not really, it was the same thing as every day but now you didn’t leave when the sun went down
•when the sun went down, you took out a flashlight and continued writing in your notebook
•until you heard small rocks hitting the one you were sitting on
•looking around quickly, you saw that there was no one there
•going back to your notebook until feeling the same small rocks hitting you
•looking up once more, you see Joshua with a smug smile on his face
•waving at him happily, you waited until he came in closer
•he came in close enough that you could talk to him without yelling
•"Joshua! Why were you throwing rocks at me?“
•hearing him laugh was better than you expected, the same melody that played when he talked yet a little sweeter somehow
•talking to him made time go faster, soon enough the sun had risen and the birds were chirping
•as time had passed, you had gotten a little delirious
•"hey josh, josh, what if a giant bird tried to take you out of the ocean? Like you were an overgrown fish?”
•making him laugh and shake his head, but giving you an answer nonetheless
•"I’d be dead I guess, since birds are terrifying at their normal size, imagine a giant sized pelican.“
•making you laugh at the image of Joshua seeing a bird and screaming
•causing him to laugh, and soon both of you were out of breath, watching the sun rise
•"hey Joshua.”
•"yeah y/n?“
•"I hope you don’t die because of a giant bird.”
•"thanks y/n.“
•"I like you too much to wish that upon you.”
•wait what, rewind, what did you just say???
•looking at Joshua to see what his response was
•hopefully he didn’t run away screaming, well swim away screaming
•"I like you also so I’m glad you wouldn’t.“
•walking into the ocean to where he was while you were wearing thick clothes wasn’t your smartest idea
•but it got the job done
•pressing your lips against his once you got close enough, you wrapped your hands around his neck while his hands snaked their way around your waist
it was magical
•getting out of the water when all you wanted to do was stay with Joshua was difficult
•more so when you could tell that Joshua was telling you to go even though he wanted you to stay
•waving one final time, you waited for him to swim away
•with one small flash of his lavender tail as he swam away, you stuck the notebook under the rock you had been sitting on
•walking away to your house so you could change out of these wet clothes
•that’s when it hit you, you confessed and he confessed back
•letting out a happy laugh, you spun around and continued on your walk back
•if you had looked back at the rock, you would’ve seen a dark blue tail
•if you had turned a little earlier, you would’ve seen a mermaid that wasn’t Joshua reading your notebook
•if you hadn’t walked away when you did, you wouldn’t be breathing right now
•but you didn’t and you left when you did

Im practicing with coloring and trying out new brushes along the way! 


I carved on the bird bone that i send u before. Im surprised that is from a bird because is very big wow anyway thank u so much for the answer:)

Hello! This is a gorgeous carving & coloring, thank you for sharing! I actually have to correct myself - the first photo sent threw me off! This is actually the tibia bone of a medium-sized mammal like coyote or similar. My apologies!



There was a recent fun Halloween Costume Design Challenge for Dead Or Alive 5. Alot of people were submitting in work, so I figured I’d give it a shot myself. There were actually alot of other ideas I had, but in the end I went with this DRYAD DESIGN. Also, I’m a moron because this clearly says “DRUID” which is totally not my intention…….ahhh……wow……..okay……well……already sent in now. *Cringe*

Skin Tones with Watercolor!!1!

- A tutorial on SKINTONES!!! I’m til working on getting it perfectly but this is what I know SO FAR. Basically, here i’m drawing ELIZA from SKULLGIRLS. For her skin, i used REDS and BROWNS for her darker skintone! Tho yes don’t forget the sketch first–

- I mix the color until i find a good BASE color for her skin which might turn out a little light at first, but DW you’ll be darkening it later. I messed up because coloring big cells, you have to do it continuously so that you don’t overlap some of the translucent pain and make awkward lines. To do that, you need a lot of water in the color!!

- I did kinda mess up and make it TOO light because i didn’t take in consideration the color that would be taken off when i erased the PENCIL lines to ink the COLORED lines, but yeah, i DARKENED the colors to make the dark lineart.

- This is where I began shading using more watery colors again, this time more red than brown where the skin would flush because more blood capillaries!! I made sure to test it on a piece of paper first so that it wouldn’t be too red or too dark or too light!! There’s little room for  mistake in watercolors so always have test paper! THAT’S FOR DARKER SKIN!!

- For lighter skin I only use red! I have a variety of reds, but the sennelier one’s always pull through for me. Here i’m drawing Kel’s OC, Fay who is paler than a sheet of paper, so a good example for what I do with pale/fair-skinned characters.

- I actually use the paper as the base [hence being as pale as a sheet of paper], coloring right into the flushed areas of the skin. I don’t even touch the paper, it usually works out.

- I actually forgot to take a picture of the linearting and the  part where I darkened it separately, so here’s two of it. I still use a light pinkish color to line him, but I also darken the flushed areas so he looks alive at least and not like a corpse, and that’s pretty much how I do skin tones!

- I can do the same method for all skin tones using the method from where I drew ELIZA, a base, then darken the flushed areas, line, etc. This is just a basic HOW2DO things for reference, so I wouldn’t limit myself to just these colors, you can be barney, you can be the hulk, whatever your heart desires. Hope this helps!!1!

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not to be on the stage drama again but the "im not angry at yuuri, but at myself for thinking i knew everything about him" "he brought color to my world" and "it is because of yuuri's past we have yuuri as who he is today" wow. instead of directing the jealousy at yuuri w possessiveness he was just mad at himself and it doesnt matter who the hell is the chihoko, he loves all of yuuri even the ones he wasnt part of. it's all so wild but this made me emotional

are these actual lines that were in the drama please tell me these were lines in the stage drama

i take the stage drama as non-canon ridiculousness good for a chuckle but if this was in the stage drama then i loev that soft non-possessive victor in love  😩👌

Fan art idea: Gladio in an overly tight mega milk shirt. Someone get on that.

You’re banging our sister. Jaime Preciado Imagine

Can you write something where you’re one of the ptv guys little sister and you visits on tour and admit your love for Jaime and you guys like hook up and your brothers like “man my sister ok I guess” thank you I love your work


“We can’t keep doing this Jaime.” I whisper as I trace my fingers up and down his chest. My head is on his shoulder and his arms are wrapped around me.

“Or we could just tell everyone.” He whispers back, sliding his hand up and down my spine.

I move my head up and look at him and he just smiles.

“I’m not ready for this to end.” He smiles, pulling me closer so he can kiss me.

I pull my lips off of his and whisper, “Me neither” and quickly press my lips on his.

I crawl back on him and an hour later we are back in our cuddling position.

I hear a knock on our hotel door and I quickly jump up.

“Shit shit shit.” I say, trying as fast as I can to collect all my things and to find a place to hide. Jaime helps me grab my stuff and throws it all in the closet and I quickly go in there too. Jaime closes the closet door and rushes to answer the hotel door.

“Hey guys!” I hear Jaime say. There’s a small crack from where the door and the wall meet so I can see a small bit of the hotel room.

“Hey man.” As soon as I hear that I know exactly who it is..

“Where have you been? We’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Right as Jaime goes to respond I see him and both my brothers, Vic and Mike, walk farther into the hotel room and sit on the couch and bed.

“I’ve just been chillin’ man.” Jaime responds. I can tell he’s nervous and I bet my brothers notice too. As I watch them chat, I try to quickly and quietly get dressed.

“We’ll we want to go out tonight if you want to come! It’s rare we have a night to party in a cool city like this one.” Vic says, picking up Jaime’s bass and starts playing it.

“Totally. I’m always down for a good party.” Jaime smirks, stroking the back of his neck.

“Let me call Y/N.” Mike says and quickly pulls out his phone.

Shit. Where is my phone? I try to quickly dig through the stuff that was thrown into the closet with me in hopes that my phone was one of them. Sure enough, my phone lights up and starts ringing the Friends theme song ‘I’ll be there for you” for all to hear.

Before I can turn it off the closet door opens and my brothers and Jaime were staring at me.

“Hey bros.” I say softly, feeling all the blood rush to my face.

Neither of them say anything and just stare at me. I quickly look and Jaime and I can see the color leave his face.

Vic and Mike both turn to Jaime at the same time and just look at him. Surprisingly it’s not a look of anger or frustration, but confusion.

“Her? Really?” Mike finally says.

Jaime just nods and I just stand there, trying not to piss myself or cry.

“She’s not even that great.” Mike says and Vic quickly just laughs.

“Wow thanks guys. I’m glad that’s your first response!” I quickly say.

“Well actually my first response was to punch him, so I’m glad Mike said something.” Vic swiftly replied.

“Yeah not going to lie man, it’s a little fucked up that you’re banging our sister.” Mike says.

“It’s not like we planned this.” I say, trying not to get mad at them.

“We’re not saying that, but we’ve known Jaime long enough to were he should know there are certain things we’re not okay with and banging you is one of them.” Vic says, as if Jaime isn’t in the room.

“It’s not like I’m just banging her.” Jaime says, struggling to stay calm. “We’ve beens seeing each other for awhile.”

“If it were serious then why haven’t you told us? Look it’s whatever if you’re banging, it’s too late now, but at least be straight up with us.” Vic says, getting a little annoyed with Jaime.

“You want me to be straight up with you?” Mike and Vic both nod and Jaime takes a deep breath. “I’m in love with your sister. I’ve been in love with her for years and we just finally started seeing each other and you know what? It’s been great. I love everything about her and the only thing that has been holding us back has been you two. You can say what you want, but I’m not just banging your sister. I am full heartedly in love with her.”

Vic, Mike, and I all just stand there in complete shock. I didn’t know he felt this way, especially not for years. I’ve known Jaime just as long as the guys have and didn’t even think of hi romantically until a few months ago.

“Well shit.” Mike whispers.

Vic and Mike look at each other and it’s as if they’re reading each others minds. They both turn to me.

“Do you love him?” Vic asks me.

I’m surprised by the question but also surprised on how fast I answer the question. “Yes.” I say without even thinking. I’ve honestly never really put any thought into if this would go anywhere but the longer I think about it, the fuller my heart gets and the bigger the smile grows across my face. “I know you’re mad, but please know that I am happy and so is he.”

Vic and Mike turn to each other and then to Jaime.

“If you hurt her in anyway, just know we will fuck you up.” Mike says.

Jaime nods and smirks. “That’s fair.”

“If you guys are happy, we will come around to it.” Vic smiles, hugging me and then hugging Jaime.

I feel as if the world has been lifted from my shoulders. I can now openly express my happiness and not have to worry if my brothers will disown me or him.

The guys leave and Jaime quickly pulls me in.

“I love you.” He whispers, kissing my cheek.

“I love you too.” I whisper back, pulling him into me.

Man does it feel good to say that.


*I hope this was okay and please send in requests!*


:’D I’m back though with a pic I’ve been eagerly waiting to post since finishing it last night!

One of these days I’ll do a nice portrait that’s all full body but for now LOL EYY HOW CUTE.

no one knows that the whole time i had no internet all that ran through my mind was my au and i just– //breathes its taken over my life okay.

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The sun is pretty nice, isn't it? But, Imma be honest, I prefer the Sanshine, myself. *Blushing a little bit, I scooch closer to Sans* Your smile is much brighter and way more attractive. I see stars when I see you, ya cutie. Heh~

“heh, oh wow, uh…” he actually blushed, smiled widening bashfully as he rubbed the back of his head,”thanks, kid. as far as space puns go though, you really rocket, heh.” He tried to sneak his hand onto her knee, looking in the opposite direction to try and disguise the color on his cheeks. “so uh, sorry for spacing out, just not really used to such eloquent come ons so..” Finally he looked back to her, cupped her chin and bumped his mouth softly to hers, “uh…come on…you want more puns or more-” He gave her leg a gentle squeeze, “well…me.”

20132014 - 2015

actually quite surprised I could even fill all these months, again! looking back i didn’t even noticed it till now looking at it together, wow, im so proud of myself. i learned to draw faster, did a ton of traditional stuff  and who knows what next year’s gonna bring. 


2011 / 2012 / 2013 / 2014 / 2015

My continuing efforts to draw so many Dorians and Bulls, just like, so many.

I think I figured out some good techniques for building atmosphere this year and I’d like to keep pushing that, especially working on environments and stuff… I say that every year, probably, but I WANT TO. And also continuing to teach myself when less is more, which I have trouble with. But I’ve gotten some really good feedback! Onward and upward! I’ve also managed to get through some major tablet malfunctions, start on the path to learning a new program, and fine-tuned my lineart/coloring system!!

Seems like every year I’m like “wow I was so depressed and drawing was very hard” and this is definitely… definitely true for this year, but Patreon helped keep me 1) ALIVE AND ABLE TO WORK, for one, and 2) actually producing something I could feel good about every month, which is more than I could have said in some past years… so, yes, it’s been very very good for me in a lot of ways and I am so incredibly grateful for it. Thank you again. <3

The signs as relatable cosplay moments
  • Aries: I just bought this wig online and it's not the right color I'm going to SCREAM
  • Taurus: Crap I just stabbed myself with a needle and now there's blood on my costume
  • Cancer: Showing pictures of your cosplay to everyone you know at least 4 times
  • Leo: Wow this wig is amazing. It's super soft and it's like really lightweight. ...Oh wait, that's my actual hair
  • Virgo: Okay but I can't just put on a shirt and a wig like I've got to get the colored contacts and the exact brand of boots and I have to be the best cosplayer there but I have only two days to do it
  • Libra: Startling yourself when you look in the mirror because you didn't recognize yourself
  • Scorpio: This building is way too cold. Like I've got three square inches of clothes on I'm gonna die
  • Sagittarius: This building is way too hot. I'm wearing three different layered sweaters and boots and a wig I'm gonna die
  • Capricorn: ...I've spent three hundred dollars on this costume and it's only half done.
  • Aquarius: What compelled me to cosplay as this character in the first place I can't even remember
  • Pisces: Siri, does Walmart sell vampire fangs, purple sunglasses, a plunger, or a really tall top hat
Let me get in on this one...

Wow… Wow tumblr. Ya’ll are making me all fired up and not in a good way!
I come on here, browse Jackson’s tag, only be super fucking annoyed. 
People are trying to call Jackson out on “blackface” without having any real notion of what that term actually means.

How about I link to wikipedia with a bit of history on the term.

And if you don’t want to read up on that, here’s a conversation between myself and my husband (who is black)
I’m the name colored in Blue
My husband is the one with the name in Red

And might I add, I am also extremely offended by ACTUAL blackface. We’re a bi-racial couple with mixed raced children. I have had to educate our oldest daughter on word “nigger”. I’ve had to explain to her what Black lives matter means. I’ve had to give her confidence about her differently textured hair that other kids in her class make fun of. 


What Jackson did IS NOT BLACKFACE.

I advise you to take a step back, learn about the actual meaning of it, go back and watch the commercial again and then realize that’s not what it is.

But you want to drag this kid’s name through the mud for your own personal gain (because honestly I’ve never seen any of ya’ll names in his tag before this so what could that mean? Hmm?) *slow claps* Congrats! You succedded!! 

All the real Jackson fans who didn’t take that commecial out of context, go about your days avoiding the tag until this shit clears. I know I am.

All Over Again  ▏Myungsoo

Request: When it’s your first Christmas with Myungsoo (Infinite) in your new house as a married couple. The rating and genre is up to you! Thank you!

Comments: Ok so something an artist said in an interview once inspired this scenario pretty much completely, but what’s bothering me is that I can’t remember who it was >.< The song linked below was also another inspiration, so give it a listen, And most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MYUNGSOO!

“It’s like I’m falling in love all over again, for the first time, and I know that it feels right.”

“Open it.”

           You frowned. “No,” you argued. “You open yours first. You always make me open presents first, and since this is our first Christmas as a married couple, we should change things up a bit.”

           Myungsoo chuckled. That very sound was something you had grown used to over the years you spent with him, but every time you heard it, it still made the color in your cheeks turn a slight shade of red and your heart to skip a beat or two.

           Whenever he smiled, it was contagious. You had to smile as well. Whenever he laughed, you found yourself quietly laughing as well, even if you didn’t know what exactly you were laughing at. It was as if the two of you were one now, and whatever one of you did, the other one mimicked.

           It was strange in a sense, but it was also sweet. There was no one else that shared the same thinking as you other than your husband, Myungsoo.

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Ahhh! I finally got myself to do some art again! I actually haven’t colored art in a long time, and pretty happy how it turned out. 

This is Zepsi, my Goblin. I’ve been thinking of giving her a new, shorter hairstyle for a few months now. She’s had the same hairstyle IC and OOC for around 3 years or so.

I did various sketches of possible hairstyles and I picked this to do a sorta detailed reference of. I really like how it looks on her, so I’m probably going to make this IC soon. :3

Okay, I never post pictures of myself but today I had a major personal breakthrough.

So here’s the story:

Earlier this year, my boyfriend Aaron and I went to look around Victoria’s Secret and I saw a gorgeous orange bikini hanging up. He said it would look great on me and told me I should buy it, but instead I got upset, saying that “I don’t deserve to wear that bikini I don’t have the body for it.” He looked at me like I had just insulted his mother’s lasagna.

I’ve never liked my body in bikinis. Sure, I’ve felt sexy in nice outfits or even lingerie, but bikinis have been my worst enemy forever. I never felt pretty enough to be confident in one, so beach days were a nightmare and I would avoid pool parties at all costs. I didn’t believe stretch marks, thick thighs, and a belly were good accessories.

A couple months passed and I became obsessed with that bikini. I mentioned at dinner one night that if I got in shape and had smoother skin I would buy it, and Aaron looked me dead in the eye and said, “Tomorrow I am buying you that bikini and you’re going to wear it and look gorgeous like always.” I begged him not to, because I felt that my body wasn’t good enough, for a piece of clothing.

The next day he dragged me back to Vicky’s and told me not to come out of the fitting room until I realized I was sexy. I tried it on and stared at myself in the mirror, picking out every little flaw I saw. I came out bummed, but he smiled and grabbed it and paid an obscene amount of money for that damn orange bikini. I cried both because of how sweet a gesture it was and because I believed I didn’t deserve it due to my lack of a bikini body.

Fast forward three weeks to today. It was beautifully sunny out so I decided to finally wear the bikini and get some sun, but I avoided mirrors as I walked out to my backyard. After lying  there for a while I started to notice how nicely the orange color popped against my caramel skin, and actually smiled.

When I came inside I felt a weird rush of confidence and bliss, so I flopped on the bed and snapped a few selfies just to see. The first ones blew me away, I almost didn’t recognize myself. I looked… good? So then I decided to pose like one of those models I always envied and I thought, “Wow… why was I ashamed of my stretch marks? They make me look like a sexy tiger! And look at these curves! Have I really always looked this beautiful?” And that was it, I had my bikini body.