and i abused the dodge tool


最後のheartbreak x 最初のgood day

I love you, I love you, it can’t be helped.
SAKURA DROPS - Utada Hikaru

I always thought Hikki’s “Sakura Drops” song fits Sakura and Sasuke’s story rather well. I first drew this theme in the hideous, eye-burning picture at the top in 2008, and after the events of the recent ending I thought it would be nice to revisit it, kind of like the “Draw This Again” meme except the characters have grown along with the art style ;v;.

I named the first drawing “The Last Heartbreak”, so I’m naming this second one “The First Good Day” (after lyrics in the song). It has come full circle~ (๑˘⌣˘)♥︎

Thank you for growing up with me, Naruto!!

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So i have very mixed feelings regarding the yank skill (Rescue?)because it's going to save lives in the hands of those of us that care, but i feel like it's also going to be a horrible horrible tool for assholes (or just us getting very angry at that BLM failing to dodge yet again) to kill people with like in That Other MMO. What are your thoughts on this and ways for SE to prevent that from being a thing?

Semi long recast time. Can’t use unless you’re on the hate list of the enemy. Short (10y) range. They’ll fix or remove it if it gets abused obviously. It’s natural people will get weh about it because it basically gives us the power to force the person we target to dodge which is what I’d be using it for (that and helping someone who isn’t fast enough dodge upon their spell completion). It a troll skill waiting to happen. Like Fluid Aura and frankly I like it. The most evil thing I’d use it for would be to get hate on enemies while an over zealous tank is pulling and yank their ass back if they think they’re gonna get away with over pulling when I’m not prepared.

– Mod Mhi

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I don't know how much of this kind of thing you do, but could I have some advice on drawing people or coloring things digitally? I've been having a really hard time with both of these things recently and you're really good at both of those thing and I really love you're style. C:

Thank you! I can try my best to give some advice; “coloring digitally” is a broad subject and so I don’t expect to be able to cover everything you’re looking for, nor can I talk about every aspect of my coloring in this format, but I can give some tips.

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Grillby is doing a synchronized dance with the other fire sprites.

A VERY ugly rushed piece of photoshop-abusing HORROR. I used the burn tool and dodge tool to shade Grillby. That’s a thing I did. The candles use BEVEL AND EMBOSS. What are you DOING. EWW.

Sorry, I really thought I had a cool idea but simply didn’t have any time to not spend on schoolwork so everything was done in like… 15 minutes.

Anyways, I was thinking of what replaces Spiders in the Grillby fight for the Underswap AU and figured… candles might work? Since Grillby mostly reminds me of a candle?

The food the little fire sprites sell in the Ruins could be Wax Snax. Made from 100% wax, but in a variety of cool shapes. 

Grillby is not here to wax friendly. He hears you hate fire.