and i absolutely hate how it turned out

Honestly, a lot of the time skinny girls get mad about the “real women have curves” memes, they’re just trying to prove their skinniness. It’s just a way for them to be like “hey im skinny im better than fat girls im skinny look at me”.

And I don’t agree with skinny shaming but like don’t sit around and say you care about body positivity when the only times you speak up about it are for you to show everyone how skinny you are. Don’t comment on fat positivity posts like “well I’M not fat but fat girls are beautiful”.

Skinny shaming sucks but it’s not the same as fat shaming. Skinny girls are praised by the absolute majority of society, fat girls are hated by the majority of society. Stop turning the focus on you, because the media and every other part of our culture already focuses on you.

So it’s okay to call out skinny shaming, but all I’m saying is quit using that to prove to everyone how skinny you are because you’re basically just trying to say you’re better than fat women and that’s not body positivity.

Eruri True Detective AU based on this fic. Two things I absolutely love\ the fic is wonderful and I highly recommend it :) 

((I think I am gonna do more of these since I am also practicing different styles bc this still lowkey sucks))

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Imagine your boyfriend Eliot comes home beat up from a job, so you help fix him up

This was requested by @dragonstorytelling. I am sorry that it has taken me so long to post. I hope you like it!

He thought you were asleep. Granted, you had tried to fall asleep. The lights in your bedroom were all turned off, and you were tucked in warm and comfy into bed. But how could you fall asleep when you knew Eliot was out there, possibly dying? His job was so dangerous, and you absolutely hated it, but there was nothing you could do about it.

He thought you were asleep. Eliot tiptoed into the bedroom, trying not to make any noise, but accidentally wincing in pain with every step. Your heart broke at the sound, and you wanted so much to help him.

He thought you were asleep. He slowly lowered himself into bed next to you, trying not to wake you, and making as little noise as possible and failing miserably. He was in so much pain.

He still thought you were asleep. You rolled over in bed, gently touching his face, a great empathy in your eyes, hidden by the shadows in the stark darkness, “Are you okay, Eliot?” You asked quietly. He did not respond.

Immediately, you moved and turned on the lamp resting on the bedside table. Soft light flooded the room, finally illuminating the wounds stretched across your boyfriend’s skin. It was awful, even worse than you had expected.

Without saying a word, you got out of bed, carefully guiding Eliot into the living room. He sat on the edge of the couch while you keenly danced about the house, collecting supplies to fix up his wounds. You went up to him, and gently began bandaging up his injuries. They were extensive, but none were too deep, and would heal well.

You managed to fix Eliot up, and when you were done, you looked down at him. His head was facing downward, away from the bright light of the living room. He almost seemed embarrassed, self-conscious of the fact that you had to help clean him up. Eliot looked so tired, and you could see ghosts haunting the space under his eyes, weighing down the dark bags even more.

You lead him to the couch, where the two of you carefully laid down together without uttering a single word. You wrapped your arms around him, and he wrapped his arms around you. For the time being, you both just forgot about Eliot’s typical rough exterior, and allowed his soft, romantic, kind inside to seep out and surround everything. It was just the two of you.

When you woke up the next morning, Eliot no longer looked so tired.  

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I'm in season 4 of teen Wolf and I kind of ship Malia and Stiles. So my question is, when do you started to ship Stiles and Lydia? I'm just curious

I thought that they were endgame honestly from that very first, “Hey Lydia! You look… like you’re going to ignore me.”

But I truly started shipping them from the prom scene, because the look on her face when he called her out and said that he knew how smart she was absolutely won me over and there was no turning back from that point on.

I really love Malia, and I don’t hate that she and Stiles dated or anything like that (even though the actual relationship itself could have been written a lot better), but I definitely, personally, think that Lydia is a much better match for him romantically. 

Handful Hyung

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I thought I could combined both of the request.

You had initially regretted even agreeing to come to accompany your friends’ to watch some performance at a club in Hongdae especially when the club was overcrowded with drunks. You hated drunk guys who started getting touchy and your absolute nightmare; the emotional drunk. You had enough angst in your life without them coming uninvited and started rambling on how their life sucks. ‘You’re pretty.’ Someone slurred from your side and you took a glance before turning back your head towards the bartender. You saw the amused smile on the bartender’s face which only meant two things; he was a friend or he was a frequent drunk.

‘But between me and you.’ the guy whispered leaning towards you and you couldn’t help but to move away from him hating the stench of alcohol. ‘I think that guy is checking me out.’ He slurred and you looked at where he was pointing at. You couldn’t help but chuckle slightly as you saw the guy who was checking you out in your line of sight, maybe this drunk man was right. Maybe you were way over your head and he was indeed checking him out and not you. ‘I’m Ugly Duck.’ He suddenly introduced himself holding his hand out.

You took it. ‘Nice meeting you Ugly Duck.’

‘You can call me duck.’ He laughed and then hiccupped and you just couldn’t help but laugh at how adorable he was. You rarely found an adorable drunk especially one that had such a tough exterior. ‘What should I call you?’ he asked ordering another drink.

‘Should you be still be drinking?’ you asked looking at the bartender whom shrugged in response and letting the man has his drink.

‘That’s a mouthful.’ He took a shot of his drink and another hiccupped appeared.

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I hate myself for forgetting to post these–
Anyways! I commissioned @shapouf awhile back and got these two absolutely AMAZING drawings~
I’m in love with the art style and the way they color. Simply gorgeous~

First one is well. My female Kamui, Justine, with her spouse Leon. :’D
And second one is a pair of my OCs from an original story I’m making with my older sister: Justine (I’m creative with names) and Lynch.
I still can’t get over how cute these turned out to be~~
So, if you have the time (and if they’re still open for commissions) you should totally check their work out. 

the most impetuous proposal in existence

summary: (phanfic) You know your boyfriend’s an asshole when he doesn’t even build up to the moment and consequently gives you a heart attack.

word count: 1.5k

tw: swears + choking i guess

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September 12 / My spread for this week! I’m getting a bit annoyed, cause I mess up the “September” bit every time and I don’t like how the days of the week turned out. But’s that’s something that I hate every week, so I’m used to it haha. I’m absolutely in love with the burgundy though 💕

Sorry it’s not smut Dx…

A quick drawing of Sakura. :) Sorry it’s so messy u_u;

I can’t help but draw this beautiful woman!!! She’s my absolute favorite! I loved her long hair in a ponytail in Gaiden! <3 I kinda felt compelled to draw her with all the hate I’ve been seeing on my dash about her. I wish people would spend energy on talking about the things they like rather than what they hate. u_u;; Anyways, I hope I did her justice!

Quite happy with how this turned out. Especially since it’s been awhile since I’ve done CG art! I’ll try to draw some SS next! It’s been so busy!



C: I hate how people will spend so much of their time speaking on social justice issues online but when it’s time to actually address it in real life they say NOTHING. It’s absolutely pathetic. I don’t care if you’re shy or introverted because the bottom line is this: If you stay silent and turn a blind eye to the injustices in this world you are a COWARD. I’m a very quiet person but these past few years I’ve been more vocal when I see people being bigots. I’ll tell White people they’re being racist or correct Black men when they say sexist shit about us. I’m about it and always will be. There is nothing admirable about being weak in the face of hate speech in my eyes. How can you stand there and accept someone putting others down? It’s not funny it’s sad. And people on this website are so damn adamant on bragging about dragging someone on Tumblr or Twitter but get scared to speak up when a classmate, coworker, or friend is being anti Black or racist.

I’ve come close to writing an open letter in response to this Pinterest post a few times over the past two years but for one reason or another I couldn’t be bothered.  I see the post still has life, such as a it is, on Pinterest – routinely popping up at the top of a search for my artwork – so now seems as good a time as any to say “hai” to Elyse.

Elyse captions the artwork as follows:

“Chad Wys// If he painted the portrait, then I love this. If he didn’t, and just found a print and sprayed a pink blob of unsightliness, then I hate it. Makes total sense, right?”


First of all, how fickle your love, Elyse, to condition it so thoroughly on a singular quality.

Do you turn to your partner on Valentine’s Day and earnestly say: “I completely love you… but only if you made me pancakes this morning; if not, absolutely get the fuck out of my life immediately I hate you”?  So, you’ll love – not just appreciate, respect, or admire, but goddamn love – this artwork if – and only if – I hopped into a time machine, traveled to 18th century France, and painted this portrait of Marie Antoinette myself.  Because that is what I would actually have to do in order to claim authorship of this approximately 250 year old portrait, the original of which is in the possession of the Musee Antoine Lecuyer, in beautiful Saint-Quentin, France (executed all those years ago by an unknown artist whose identity has been lost to the bastard of time).  Fuck me.  I’ve heard of a tough audience but that is an incredibly high bar, Elyse.

Second of all, I think I know what you really meant with your ham-handed, passive aggressive ultimatum.  I imagine what you really want to convey is the importance of technical skill in the art you perceive to be worthy of your love and devotion.  Because you, like the dead art critics of a couple centuries ago, weigh the worth of visual art on the labor and trade-craft invested in its literal production – as opposed to, say, a life-long interrogation of cultural philosophies, aesthetic tonal arguments, and critical ideas that seek to challenge complex visual semiotics.  Guess what Elyse?  You share that same brand of anachronistic superficiality with Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler, and Thomas Kinkade, among other really fantastic patrons of the arts.

Tell me, are poets required to make the paper and forge the fonts with which their poems are printed for you to endorse them on your egotistic Pinterest board?

Do the designers of the fashions you share have to harvest the cotton themselves and monitor the polyester production?

Or do you only hold me to a higher standard?

Let’s pause for a moment and admire something of which Elyse unconditionally approves:

Look, I’ve got nothing against this low budget fashionista starter pack.  Plenty of great people wear Daisy Dukes.  Some of my best friends have messenger bags.  Plenty of good folks wear flats with unethically sourced and commodified Native American motifs.  My goal isn’t to undermine other people’s aesthetic choices or other people’s profound ideas (read: “Casual outfit”).  My point is that we selectively endorse various materials and ideas over others all the time, and that because of this – because of this fantastic subjective soup that makes up our existence – self righteousness and dogmatism are generally absurd positions.

Elyse, each of your Pinterest boards – dedicated to varying qualities of fashion, art, and other subjects like tattoos and “the food network” – are actual pastiches dripping with referential homage (a lot like the pink paint in the artwork you’ve chosen to condescend is irreverently dripping in juxtaposition to the 18th century imperialism represented beneath).  Is it okay for you to lust over a pair of shoes that appropriates Native geometry into a trendy, “causal” look?  I mean, sure, I guess.  But how in the fuck do you not get that appropriation – that a pastiche, or a collage, of visual ideas – has functional, idealistic, poetic, and aesthetic value in and of itself as an act and as an experience?

Everything you love has been constructed of variable portions of pre-planted ideas (if not literally pre-planted ingredients).  And that’s kinda the fucking point of appropriation art: to draw our attention to the materiality of materials that we take for granted (e.g. this is a reproduction of a portrait of Marie Antoinette and we’re not going to pretend it’s anything else, like a portal into 18th century France, or an actual woman, or even the actual painting itself); the malleable nature of information in general (e.g. watch the artist change the context, narrative, and function of the portrait by simply underscoring its status as a prepackaged art historical concept with nothing more than a puff of pink paint); and the utter beauty of combining seemingly discordant tones (e.g. mixing baggy “hobo” tops with skin tight, barely-there crotch aprons… something you know a loooooot about based on your Pins).

I’ve spoken at length about appropriation art before; so I won’t hazard too far into the weeds for this roast.  Suffice it to say, you clearly don’t fucking get it and that disqualifies you from pretending like you make “total sense”… I mean, right?

BTW, you incorrectly attributed this artwork to me.  Even though I’m an appropriation artist working in found materials and the intersection of art history and cybernetic visual reception, this is actually by Salvador Odrec.  But I forgive the lack of research and near-slander because in the end, like you, I’m also just hunting for that right pair of sandals for my summertime beach adventure. ;)

Funny thing;

I started watching The 100 because of tumblr. I came into this show fully expecting to fall in love with Lexa and ship her and Clarke. I figured Bellamy and Clarke would be a more platonic, bro ship for me. Since the first episode with Lexa, I was always just ‘ehhh’ about it. And Bellamy’s first introduction, I totally disliked him. He was an ass.

Since then, Bellamy has become my absolute favorite character and Lexa, I don’t hate her, but she’s not a favorite. I don’t like the way she is influencing Clarke. She’s very uncaring and aggressive. Which I understand, she’s a commander. She has to stay in control. Her and Clarke just shared their big kiss and I was…. not impressed. It was definitely not what I expected.

To make things short? Things didn’t turn out as expected. I ship Bellamy and Clarke so much it’s ridiculous. How can a hug between two leaders who were happy to see each other be so much stronger than a kiss shared between two people who may have mutual feelings for each other?