and hyun woo is such a cutie


“Why do I have to choose one?
Why do I have to choose between music and seeing you?
I want to get to know both my music and you”


‘You wanna go? Fight me!’

‘Yeah! Let’s go, let’s totally go!’

Monsta X as students

Hyungwon: huge hot nerd, probably has a squirtle backpack, poetry club leader, meme faces when bored 

Shownu: hot senior, doesn’t talk to girls, teachers hit on him

Wonho: swears he’s the hottest boy in school, skips dress codes and leaves his shirts unbuttoned 

Minhyuk: the kid that naruto runs through the hallways, class clown, probably has bad grades but is a good student

Kihyun: prestigious student, choir club, follows every rule and doesn’t get in trouble

Changkyun: gets kihyun in trouble, hangs out with hyungwon too much, meme faces inhabited by hyungwon

Jooheon: cutie patootie, acts tough, is soft, fair grades but don’t tell his rap friends that

Can we all just talk about how happy Jung Eunji probably is while filming Trot Lovers?

1. She gets to sing to her heart’s content.

2. She gets to work with cuties everywhere. 

3. And seriously like 75% of all her scenes involve her eating… 

…And eating…

…And eating.