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Loco - Good

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Inspired by Loco, Gray - Good

Everything was good, he told himself this repeatedly, day after day; there even came a point where he slowly started to believe in it. Yes, he was convinced he might be able to forget about you and maybe someday he wouldn’t miss you as much.

He was happy. He tried to be and he had all reasons to be.

Compared to where he was a few years ago, he had reached a good point in his life. He was making music with artists he once could only admire from afar. He had pretty girls in his DM trying to hit it off with him. He earned amounts of money he could had never imagined back then. He was driving a car that he didn’t dare to dream of owning back in the days. Yes, his life was good. He should be enjoying it to the fullest.

Even without you, everything was good. Even when he was alone at night, everything was good.

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My Idol 2: Part Six

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

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drunk confessions -oh hyuk

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Reader x Hyuk, Reader x Code Kunst (<— this was never supposed to happen lol, but it did)

Word Count: 3,190

Backstory: the both of you never remembered the drunk confessions, never noticed the feelings you mutually shared, until it was too late. 

“You think they would be dating by now, right?” Hyunjae whispered to his two bandmates sitting next to him.

“Honestly it’s about time we tell them what they do when they’re piss drunk.” Donggun said, then elbowed Inwoo, “Take a video, this must be the end of the drunk confessions.”

Hyunjae, Donggun, and Inwoo have a shared photo album, where they put the videos they captured of you and Hyuk confessing to each other. They decided tonight, shall be the last video, and the next party they will expose the drunk confessions. 


You met him on the playground during elementary school, your goal that year was to make him your best friend. The problem was, Hyuk was shy, and any attempt of socialization made him run away from you. The ambitious little 8 year old you were, did not take no as an answer, so you chased him. This lasted about two weeks, until he finally spoke up, and spoke to you for the first time.

“What do you want from me?” He said not running away from you.

“I want to be best friends with you.” You replied with the biggest smile on your face, you couldn’t believe that a single word would come out of his mouth.

He awkwardly stood their looking at you, “Um, why? You don’t know anything about me, and I don’t know anything about you.” He replied scratching the back of his head.

Your smile deflated, how were you supposed to reply to that? Since you didn’t respond quickly, Hyuk started to walk away. You couldn’t accept the rejection, he couldn’t slip through your hands this quick. As you were used to at this point, you ran up to him.

“Hyuk! You shouldn’t walk away from your friend like that.” You replied upset, and to prevent him from walking away again you held his hand.

“What are you doing?” He looked at you surprised with flushed cheeks.

“Best friends hold hands, silly.” You started to happily walk ahead, and you felt a tug. Hyuk planted his feet and wouldn’t move, so you dragged him along with you. “Hyuk, me tugging you all the time won’t work out every recess. We need to work together.”

It took a week worth of recess for him to finally walk along side you, but he still remained silent. You asked him simple questions to learn more about him, and he’d give you one word answers.

At the end of the school day, parents would come to pick up there children. One day you decided to approach Hyuk’s parents when they came to pick him up.

“Hello Mrs and Mr. Oh, it is nice to meet you both.” You said excitedly to his parents. “I’m Hyuk’s newest best friend, well I’m not sure if he thinks we are friends, but I do. I was wondering if Hyuk could come over to my house tomorrow for a play date.” You smiled at them hoping for a more friendly reaction from them, rather than Hyuk’s rejection.

They looked down at your eager eyes with smiles on their faces. They weren’t aware of Hyuk’s new friend as he never spoke a word of his classmates. To them you were a very friendly girl, and to Hyuk you were a pest. “We’d love for Hyuk to have a play date with you. Are your parents here yet? We should talk to them.” You nodded in response and brought the Oh’s to your mother and father. 

While the parents were talking, you saw Hyuk with his arms crossed and his head down.

“Why do you want to be my friend so bad?” He said to you as you stared at him.

“Because, I just want to.” He looked at you displeased with your answer. “If you don’t have fun at the play date tomorrow I will leave you alone.”

He nodded his head, “Fine. You can’t chase me around, talk to me, or hold my hand if I don’t have fun.” In Hyuk’s head he thought that he was going to dread this play date with you. He thought he was going to be free from your grip forever.

Hyuk thought wrong, the next day at your family’s apartment he had a blast. He never bothered to learn about you, so he didn’t know what to expect. At your house, your father had a whole room dedicated to music. Once he stepped foot into that room, he found himself amazed to what surrounded him. He looked around at the guitars hanging around the room, the gigantic grand piano in the far corner, all the signed pictures from foreign artist. Your father let Hyuk play a couple of the guitars, and taught him new chords.

After that session with your father, Hyuk sat down on your couch to watch TV, his face still covered with a smile. Seeing how happy he looked, you gathered one of your many CD players and a couple CDs from foreign bands to give to him. As you approached him he pointed at what you were carrying.

“What’s that for?” He asked.

“It’s a CD player, it’s for you.” You replied, holding your hands out for him to grab it.

“Wow, really?” He questioned you surprised. “But I don’t have any CDs to put into it.”

You handed him the CDs you picked out, “These are also for you.” Hyuk looked at you with such a big smile, and got off the couch to give you the biggest hug ever.

“Thank you so much Y/N!” Hyuk exclaimed jumping up and down. 

“Are we best friends now?” You asked Hyuk once he finally let go of you.

“Best friends forverer!” He exclaimed.

After that play date, your friendship with Hyuk blossomed. Almost everyday, he’d go to your house after school. He started talking to you more, he told you secrets, he told you everything about him.


Sixteen years of friendship later, and you couldn’t be happier. Every moment you shared with Hyuk was something you’d never give up. You’ve watched him grow up into such a talented and successful man. You’ve watched his band grow, and you couldn’t be more proud of him.

He was also very happy you’ve been on the rode to success with him the whole time. You were the support he needed whenever he wanted to give up. He believed that your friendship was the strongest relationship he’ll have with anyone. You knew more about him than his own parents.

The thing is you both started growing feelings for each other, both afraid of ruining the bond you have, you kept your crushes a secret. Yet keeping those feelings hurt the both of you, Hyuk would go out dating girls that wasted his time and broke his heart. Expressing his feelings through his music, you never knew you were connected to a ton of his songs. You assumed that his feelings for you were no more than a friendship, and the songs he wrote were for the girls that broke his heart. You were jealous and torn, but you would never show that to him. He will only remain your best friend, there is no point in jeopardizing a 16 year friendship. 

Every now and then, Hyuk will host a small get together with friends and other artist just to have a good time. In all honesty, many of these get togethers you cannot remember, and that was because you would chug one drink after another. You didn’t want to have any recollection of the night before, afraid that you’ll see something you didn’t want to see. You treasured this friendship way to much, and if that meant getting your heart broken then you’d have to deal. Although the drinking left you dead the morning after, this was how you handled your feelings, unhealthy but there was no other option. 

Hyuk would also drink his heart away during these gatherings, it was quite a scene for people to see. Hyuk tends to be a more reserved person, but when he is drunk you’ll see a whole different side of him. A more open, and happy Hyuk appears while under the influence of alcohol. His intentions were the same as yours, not witnessing something that could hurt his heart. You are the only girl he loves, all his past relationships were away of suppressing his feelings. To see you fall in love with another man would kill him, if only you knew his feelings. 

He thought falling in love with you was wrong, and to try to rid of these feelings he found himself in the bed of other girls, that he thought he could like. He found himself doing this more than often, and didn’t realize you were aware the whole time.


Group Chat with hyukie and 35 others

hyukie: party at my place @ 9 byob

hj: byob? lol no

inw00: ^^^ tf bro, u better supply us u think WE have the money

dongGUN: yeah hyuk, come one bro

hyukie: stfu b y o b, or ur not allowed in

inw00: then have a fun party by yourself :/

unknown number: lol i’ll bring stuff

unknown number: ^^

15 others agreed to byob, leaving Hyunjae, Inwoo, and Donggun to finally surrender.

You made a deal with yourself a few months ago, that if someone showed interest in you, you wouldn’t turn them away. Hyuk has no interest in you romantically, so it’s time to move on to someone who will show you the love you so desperately want. 

The past couple parties Hyuk held, you found yourself conversing with this one man. His name was Sungwoo, a well known producer in the music industry and a fellow friend, and labelmate of Hyuk’s. He took you out on small dates, bringing you to his studio, to clothing shops, to places you’ve never known of. In the few months that he has known you, he has never once made a move on you physically, he wanted you to open up to him without any convincing. He was genuinely interested in you, and you welcomed all his flirtatious messages, his affectionate touches. He was handsome, and nothing but kind to you, the only thing that was stopping you from falling into the arms of this man, is Hyuk. This man makes you smile, he shows you love, a future with him would be great, you must push away these feelings towards Hyuk. 

Throughout this night though, you found yourself talking about Hyuk, more than yourself. Sungwoo listened to your stories, he noticed how you smiled so wide when talking about your best friend. He learned the ins-and-outs of your friendship, he learned how much you loved this man. He thought that maybe he should stop his growing liking towards you, because you loved another. The other side of him thought that maybe you’d start feeling the same way about him, like you did with Hyuk. There was a small part of you that liked him, or you wouldn’t be touching each other so affectionately. He noticed your lustful stares, he noticed the ways you dressed differently for him, you enjoyed his attention, as he did yours. You’d happily take his hand in yours, there was no way you didn’t like him. 

You were distracted from the conversation when you saw Hyuk whispering into a girls ear, and her giggling in response. They were touching in ways similar between you and Sungwoo. It hurt to watch, it hurt to realize that the man you love doesn’t love you back. You have to stop focusing your feelings on Hyuk, Sungwoo has showed you endless love, you don’t want him to think your using him to make you feel better.

“Y/N?” Sungwoo waved his hand in front of your face, trying to grab your attention. “You really like Hyuk that much?” He laughed sounding a bit hurt.

“No, no. Everything’s fine, I was just caught off guard. Do you want to go somewhere more private?” You focused all your attention back to him. Why waste your feelings on Hyuk any longer, if the man right next to you reciprocated your feelings. Friendship is as far as your relationship will go with Hyuk, and you’ve finally accepted it.

You grabbed Sungwoo’s hand and brought him to the balcony outside. The cold air made it evident why everyone was inside, but it gave you privacy, and allowed you to focus on the man who truly likes you. 

“You have been so patient with me, I’m sorry I have made you wait for so long till I could confess my feelings. You’re truly such a great person, without meeting you I think I would be lost. You’ve shown me endless care, and love, I’m so grateful for you.” You told him honestly, staring out to the illuminated city.

Noticing you shiver, Sungwoo wrapped his arms around you from behind. “You have nothing to apologize for.” He said. “I wanted to wait for you, I didn’t want to rush you into anything. Even if you didn’t want to be with me in the end, I would still want to be your friend. I don’t want you regretting anything.” Leaning into his embrace you realized you didn’t need anyone else’s love to be happy. You enjoyed this feeling, you enjoyed being in the arms of this man. The feelings you had for Hyuk were just a distraction to something better.

You turned around to face Sungwoo, he looked at you with an adoring face. If only you opened your eyes earlier, this man was so patient with you, so gentle, you were so oblivious. Standing on the balcony face to face, the feelings you pushed away for Sungwoo came at full force. Bringing your face closer to his, you placed your lips upon his. Sungwoo brought his hands to your face intensifying the kiss, a chill ran through your body, but it was no longer from the cold air. 

It was the sound of the door opening that made you disconnect your lips, looking over Sungwoo’s shoulder, you were faced with your best friends heartbroken face.

“Oh,” was the only word that he could let escape his mouth. He waited too long to confess, his fear got the best of him. After witnessing you kissing another guy, he found himself broken. 

Walking back inside, he grabbed the strongest drink he had, and drank it straight from the bottle. He didn’t bother with grabbing a cup, he wanted the alcohol to drain his feelings out. 


The party was soon over, and you told Sungwoo your saying after to help clean up, and that you’d text him when you get home.

With a trash bag in your hand you helped Hyunjae collect the empty bottles, while Donggun and Inwoo put the trash in a separate bag. Hyuk appeared when the trash was cleaned up, he reeked of alcohol, his motor skills showed how drunk he was. 

“Yoooo where’d everyone go?” He asked loudly. Stumbling towards you, he put his arm around your shoulder pulling you closer to his body. What’s up with him? You thought. 

The three other boys looked at each other with concerned expressions, you weren’t drunk, far from it actually. The repeated scene that happens at every one of these parties, is about to happen in front of your eyes, and you’d remember it. They knew what Hyuk was about to do, and they’d finally get to see your true reaction.

“Why do you guys look so scared?” You said laughing, hulling Hyuk’s heavy body to the nearest couch. Plopping him down, you attempted to walk away but felt your body being pulled down to Hyuk’s. 

“Y/N don’t leave me.” The drunk man said with a saddened tone. “Don’t leave me, please.”

Laughing awkwardly, you separated your body from Hyuk’s. “I’m right here, Hyukie, I’m not going anywhere.” You stood up trying to walk away, but you found yourself back on the couch, Hyuk pulled you down again. 

“You don’t understand me, don’t leave me. Don’t leave me for another man. I saw you kiss Sungwoo,” he scowled at the mention of his name, “don’t be with him.”

“Why?” You asked angrily. He may be your best friend, but who is he to decide who you can and cannot date.

“Cause I love you…” Hyuk answered, the air around you tensed up, you were shocked. Hyunjae, Inwoo, and Donggun stood in the living room looking at the both of you, not sure what they should do at this moment.

The room was stricken with silence, until you finally spoke up. You thought you’d be happy to hear this sudden confession, but you were the complete opposite. “You love me. You love me? Then why Hyuk, why did you find the need to date other girls in front of me, sleep with other girls, confess to other girls the same thing you just said to me. Am I supposed to believe this?” The coldness in your voice made the men freeze.

“You think it was easy for me to accept that I’m in love with my best friend?” He questioned you back, with anger in his voice.

“Hyuk you think that if you truly liked me that much, you’d sleep around with others? Huh? I loved you, yet I didn’t fuck around with other guys, I didn’t whisper in their ears, I didn’t kiss their lips to confirm that I loved you. I loved you for a long time, you filled my thoughts constantly, and I thought you would never like me back if you introduced me to other girls, so I moved on. It took me months to move on, to accept the fact that I shouldn’t love my best friend, if we have the tightest relationship ever. Why ruin it? I found a guy who likes me, who waited for me, cause he knew I loved you.” You got up and walked to the door, this time he didn’t pull you back. “Oh Hyuk if you truly loved me you would’ve not fucked with my feelings like that, you would’ve not brought new people in to your life and use them. You’re a coward, and so am I. At least I had the decency to accept my feelings, and move on when I needed to.”

With that said you walked out the door, without giving him the chance to let another word come out his mouth.

“Love really can ruin a friendship.” You laughed to yourself walking back to your apartment. “He won’t remember this tomorrow, anyways.”


The next morning Hyuk woke up with dreadful headache, getting up to look in the mirror he noticed his eyes were swollen, and bloodshot.

“What the fuck happened last night?” He said to aloud to himself. 

Pulling his phone out, the bright light shot pain through his head, he saw a text from you. 

y/n: drink some water and take advil, dickhead.

hyuk: you’re too kind

y/n: if only you knew how far my kindness goes

sorry if the whole back story was unnecessary, thought it add more to the story idk

p.s. this story took a fat turn from what i originally planned, so u basically got two artist in one scenario. like originally u were gonna fall in l0ve with ya boy hyukie but then i was like lets not do that lol, srry.

The Signs As VIXX Things
  • Aries: Ken eating cereal in the closet
  • Taurus: Hyuk using the balloon to make Leo laugh
  • Gemini: Ken picking on N's skin color
  • Cancer: N telling Hyuk to wash his feet
  • Leo: Ken & N doing that cute thing where they point at each other
  • Virgo: Hongbin's hand motions in the Superhero video
  • Libra: the endless teasers about the upcoming album
  • Scorpio: The boys leaving Hyuk in the lot
  • Sagittarius: N talking about how loud Ravi snores
  • Capricorn: Hongbin's man bun
  • Aquarius: Hongbin's deep ass dimples
  • Pisces: The boys not wanting Ken to drive in VIXX MTV Diary

anonymous asked:

Hello! How do you think BTS and VIXX would react with their gf sleeping with stuffed animals?>_< thanks in advance!!~


N: Slowly, he’ll try to get you to hold onto him instead of the stuffed animal, but very very discreetly. He’ll just want to prove to you that you don’t have to sleep with a stuffed animal to not be scared. 

Hongbin: Won’t understand it, but won’t question it. If you need stuffed animals to fall asleep, then by all means. Hongbin will just be glad you don’t have a weirder sleeping habit than that.

Ken: “That’s so cute jagi! You know what we should do - get matching couple teddy bears to sleep with, wouldn’t that be so cute?!” 

Leo: He won’t really care because all he wants to do is go to sleep. If he wakes up and for some reason your precious stuffed pup is on the floor, he’ll feel responsible enough to pick it up and tuck it safely into your arms. 

Ravi: He’s gonna chuckle about it the first time he finds out, thinking that you’ve got to be joking, but when he figures out you’re not he’s actually going to find it quite endearing. Ravi’ll actually find this cute side of you really irresistible. 

Hyuk: He’ll find it hilarious and a good source for teasing you. Since Hyuk is over six feet tall, he’ll probably pull a ‘not only are you short like a kid! but you play with toys like one too!’ 


Namjoon: He might ask you if you’re sure you’re not too old for this, but when you tell them you like your stuffed animals, he’ll take note of that and buy you one everytime he goes overseas so you have more to add to your collection.

Yoongi: Is probably too sleepy and tired to notice, but when he does he won’t mind in the least. He’ll just think it’s adorable and will ask in the morning if the toy has a name - if not, consider naming it something cute like….Suga….

Jin: Buys you a cute new stuffed wolf and gives it to you, telling you that it’s name is mini-Jin and he’ll protect you when he- the actual- Jin isn’t around. 

Hoseok: Thinks you’re the cutest thing to walk this side of the planet and tells you (an excessive amount of times) that he thinks you and your little stuffed cat are melting his heart. 

Jimin: Gets pouty and opens his arms up like, ‘wha- why would you want to cuddle a toy when I’m right here?!’

V: Uses your stuffed animals to put on a show, giving them different voices and personalities to make you laugh before going to sleep. 

Jungkook: Teases the living wits out of you for it, making fun of the names of your stuffed animals and just calling you a ‘kid’ about it, but you can get him back for it because Jungkook probably secretly plays like sesame street math games on his ipad.