and hyperreal


Faceless Portraits, Ewa Juszkiewicz

The vintage women of Ewa Juszkiewicz‘s hypnotizing portraits have experienced a decapitation of an unusual sort: their heads are all replaced by a series of inanimate object from plants to mollusks.

“In my paintings I take critical view on the way women have been pictured in history of painting and other visual media up to today,” Juszkiewicz explains in her artist’s statement. “I work mostly in the field of portrait, which I intend to approach from a different angle that avoids focusing on the appearance.”


The Art of Laurence Jones

In the words of the artist Laurence Jones:

My paintings incorporate elements of both fiction and reality, and are brought to fruition through a varied means of production. I draw from a pool of collected images that are then digitally edited, and serve as a starting point for a process-based practice. The paintings lend themselves to a simulation of reality, presenting a hyperreal aesthetic that is heightened by the screen-like finish of the work. The scenes deal with the nature of the postmodern gaze, and how this is affected by fabricated spaces.

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Erika Moen has finally reached her peak, we have now seen the absolute apex of Oh Joy, Sex Toy! as a body of work. Going into an in-depth description of cuckolding while ignoring that there is an overwhelming, totalizing racism in the very language of it as a practice, how that language results in its own reflection in a hyperreality of pornography and practice, how it has specifically been claimed by white supremacy due not only to its sexualization but moreover its connotations of violent racism and homophobia, and how all of this ends with someone saying that they’re proud to be a cuck.

Can we just…be done? Can I opt out of like, everything? I should be allowed to call out of work tomorrow about this. Erika Moen owes me money now. 

I was so right 8) okay so infinity isnt a number. straight up not a number. BUT there are numbers that are infinitely large, just as there are numbers that are infinitely small.. THEYRE NUMBERS….. THAT ARE INFINITELY LARGE… SDIUVHUSDHVOSIDHVSDOHIVOHISDVOISD IS THAT NOT THE COOLEST??? ??V??XC?V?XC?VC?XV/X?

Here goes my first finished pencil portrait in almost a year (i feel terrible about it)

David Tennant done in full range of pencils from 9H to 9B on A4 in i have no idea how long. Probably over 40h


911, Chris Labrooy

UK-based artist Chris LaBrooy continues his exploration of “auto elasticity,” continuously releasing new selections of his trippy renderings via his Instagram account

This time around we find LaBrooy playing with the Porsche 911, highlighting the vehicle hopping forwards and backwards on one tire, bending back and forth, floating in a pool, and wrapped in an elevated cage.