and hungry

Harry Potter and Accepting Draco Malfoy’s Hand Then Becoming A Slytherin

Harry Potter and Teaching Draco Malfoy Parseltongue That We End Up Being Accused Of Being The Heir

Harry Potter and Getting Together With Draco Malfoy While My Godfather Is Losing His Shit

Harry Potter and Holy Shit Voldemort Is Back and Draco Malfoy’s Dad Hates Me

Harry Potter and We All Want To Kill Umbridge Then She Adores Draco Malfoy Oh and Sirius Lives

Harry Potter and Dumbledore Is A Manipulative Git Also Draco Malfoy and I Fuck

Harry Potter and Oh Shit I Die But Not Before Telling Draco Malfoy I Love Him But Then I Live Again and We Live Happily Ever Fucking After

—  Me If I Ended Up Writing Harry Potter

Uh…. Prince Au cos I’m a sucker for Prince Will.
Tangled Au cos Will is goddamn hot with long hair. He would look like those dudes in the romance novels.
Miraculous Au, to be honest I agree to those people who thinks Will should be Chat Noir instead of Nico (yes I read tags, just too shy to reply) shipping wise (Chat Will crushing on Ladybug Nico while civilian Nico crushing on civilian hot model Will). But Nico got the whole daddy issues in the bag as Adrien and the cataclysm is just so Nico. I’m just asdfghjkl;

Au where I’m dying because of Will and Aus. Lol who am I kidding, I’m already dead because of Will. Scratch that. I’m dead because of Solangelo.