and hunger games


For @hollyhark‘s Hunger Games AU.

So I asked Holly a while ago how their formal dresses would look like in her fic and her answer was for Hux, “something Starkiller inspired and red,” and for Ben, “all black and maybe with feathers,” which left me ???????? lol

But I tried! Seriously thank you because the AU itself has been a great inspiration for me and sobs these look better on my computer but I guess there’s nothing I can do….

(for my previous works for the AU click here because I love drawing for unwritten fics (。・ω・) )

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REQUESTS will be OPEN Sunday February 19th at 6pm CST!!


Last time I closed with 72 requests in 10 freaking minutes, with 10 more that straggled in over the next few minutes, so have them ready! I’m hoping to cap it at 50, because dang, that’s a lot.  You can tell by how long this last group took me to finish!

Here are the ground rules to think on:

1.     You can request a one-shot or fic, but ultimately I figure out if they’re going to be one or the other.  It all depends on if I can write it as a one-shot or if I get inspired to take it longer!

2.     I always have the right to decline.  Please respect that.  If I’ve written something in the past that’s the same, I’ll likely just link you to it. It’s really hard to write the same thing over and make it sound original!

3.     I don’t do full-on smut stories, but since I’ve dabbled in it now, I might work it into a larger story if it calls for it.

4.     I write in order of inspiration, not in order of when I receive your request, so I won’t be posting acknowledgement until it’s written.  If you want to be tagged, be sure to come off anon!  

5.     I do this for fun, and it really is!  No one has ever sent me pressure, so please don’t start now.  I want to make your requests into a story that you love, and I have work and life stuff too, so cut a girl some slack!  

6.     Angst is no problem.  It’s my specialty, as most of you know.

7.     Here’s who I have written for: all of the Avengers, obviously.  They’re my number 1.  Deadpool, AOS, Daredevil & Punisher, Guardians, Peter Parker, Scott Lang, Doctor Strange and Jessica Jones.  I will do cross-overs of any of these too.

8.     I suck at X-Men.  I’m still not ready for them quite yet as a full story, but I’ve been known to drop a few of them into other stories here and there.

9.     HAVE FUN and show me what you got!  I’ll be ready!

i have like a million more done already and im gonna color them all in a bit but here have a preview of some doodles of stuff that Happened during a hunger games simulator with some friends