and hugs her pillow and holds on to it with all she has

PaperCan HeadCannons

• Paige gets Spinach to model all the time.
• Paige REALLY likes to show off her girlfriend.
• Paige calls Spinach “honey bun” or “fluffy baby” sometimes
• Spinach likes to hold hands in public but gets nervous.
• Spinach has tried drawing before, Paige has framed every single one of them and shows it off in everyone’s face.
• Spinach likes to hug pillows and pretend it’s Paige she hugging when Paige is away.
• Paige is a serious artist and sometimes forgets to do important things (like sleeping or showering), but Spinach helps with that and constantly reminds her to do those things.
• Spinach brings food to Paige when she is drawing or doing something.
• Paige isn’t great at cooking so Spinach cooks with her (Paige does most of the decorating with cupcakes and stuff, which usually ends up with a shit ton of sprinkles because Paige loves color)