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god i wish lesbians in mainstream media werent so sexualized. like… wheres my dorky highschool gfs… wheres my uptight office lesbian and sloppy sweatpants lesbian who shows office lesbian the joys of eating raw cookie dough at 4am… wheres my rich and famous lesbian who falls in love with shy bookish lesbian… wheres my waitress gfs who work at competing restaurants… wheres my mutual pinning neighbor lesbians who barge into each-others’ houses uninvited… like not every sapphic couple is two Sexy Women With A Forbidden Passion… give me my fun and sweet sitcom lesbians


When you first came to live with us, my parents told me that you would be sad and fragile, having just lost your world, your parents, friends. But you never let that loss diminish your light. You’ve always had the heart of a hero, Kara.


To the same extent as all of your unpleasant traits, your sheer amazingness at everything you do was so brilliant to me, it was blinding! To me, you were an amazing, inspiring person… who was even closer to me than All Might! And because of that, I always chased after you!!

Happy belated Birthday HT!! (@ukiinas) o((*^▽^*))o

jabucrepinus  asked:

I always wondered ... How would HT!Sans react if he found a crying little girl lost in search of his parents? xD OH YES! AND I LOVE YOUR STYLE !! 8D I hope to see even more of your works! ^^

He’s pretty nervous around human kids because of the whole… Frisk, thing. But I think that if he saw kids looking upset and lost he’d have a little inward battle with himself before deciding to do the right thing. He’d be quiet for the most part, answer any questions with brides of food, playing around (like him willingly going on a merry go round with them or pushing them on the swings) or he might just tell them some white-lie so he doesn’t have to explain something. He’d probably be mentioning his brother the whole time, telling stories of when paps was that small. He’d get kind of attached cause he’s a softy, and would probably never forget them but also never tell anyone about the whole thing. If he ever saw the kid again he’d really fight with himself on saying hello or just walking away, but usually, the kid recognizes him first and runs up to hug him cause he’s an impeccable big brother! Who wouldn’t want to go hug the softest, spoilin’-est big brother around???