and how young he sounds

@thecaptainamerica16 requested something with Peter Parker, so I’m gonna give it a shot…

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“Watch out!”

You stumble backwards as a red blur soars into you, slamming into the wall next to you.  You drop your bouquet of flowers and grab the wall for balance, a little dizzy from the impact.

“What the-”


You do as told, not even thinking and gasp as a fist rams into the wall, exactly where your head was a few seconds ago.  You turn to find yourself face to face with what you can only describe as a super-villain, fist poised to punch.

You duck out of the way just in the time and the man slams into the wall.  He starts to get up but a burst of silvery thread shoots out past you.  You whip around and find yourself face to face with Spider-Man.  Your eyes widen as he shifts back and forth from foot to foot.

“Sorry about your flowers,” he says and you’re surprised by how young his voice sounds.  “Were those…from your boyfriend?  Girlfriend?  Someone?”  You can’t help but grin as you shake your head.

“No,” you reply.  “They were for my mom.”

“Oh,” he says.  “Are you in a hurry?”

“Not really, but-”

“Stay here.”

He shoots a web upward and just like that, he’s gone.  Five minutes later, he swings back onto the sidewalk, two bouquets of flowers in hand. 

“Thanks,” you say, reaching for one of the bouquets.  “You didn’t have to.”

“I wanted to,” he says.  “The other’s one for you, by the way.”  

“Oh,” you say, blushing.  “Um…thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” he says.  You reach for the second bouquet and stand there, unsure of what to say.

“Well, maybe I’ll see you around?” you say, immediately mentally slapping yourself for such a dumb comment.  “I’m (Y/N), by the way.”

“Pe–Spider-Man!” he says and you laugh.

“Right,” you nod.  “Well, happy Valentine’s Day, Spider-Man.”

“But I’m a big brother.” Makoto’s voice took on a quality Sousuke hadn’t known before. He sounded insecure, like how a young child would during an argument with a parent. “Ren and Ran need me.”

“They’re not even here.”

“But I’m a big brother now,” Makoto murmured weakly and Sousuke smiled. The fever rambling was cute in its own way.

- from my ficlet request written by the amazing @otp-tears, based on this headcanon. Commissioned Art by the equally amazing @moonsterm!

I look like a minor. I have a face that looks like 12 even though I’m 21. My coworkers thought I was 16 when I started (the youngest you can be to work there)

Despite my youthful appearance, an old man probably in his mid to late 50’s kept calling me “dear” and “deary”. It was very off-putting for me.
He was kind though, like not inherently creepy, i think it just felt awkward to me because I am very aware of how young I look and sound.

When he got his order, he had to pass by my register to go back to his table. He waited for me to finish handing change back to the customer I was helping (it was just a second or two) and then he leaned towards me and said “Thank you so much for talking with me, dear.” I guess bc while I was taking his order, I asked him about his day (the usual customer service stuff)

Idk I just don’t really understand it. Idk why he called me dear. Maybe I’m just too aware of how I don’t look my age, and maybe I just immediately thought the worst. But it just weirds me out in general when customers/strangers much older than me call me anything but “Miss”.

God man one of the people I used to smoke with is in one of those pyramid scheme-type bullshit “careers” and I never talk to him anymore because we fight too much but before we stopped talking he was always trying to recruit me and our other friends lmao

jeon jeongguk is so cute

he always ends self cams by telling us he loves us

his voice is so small. do you ever just listen to it in comparison to the others? ITS SMALL. It’s sweet. you’d think jimin would have the sweetest voice but nope it’s jeongguk. because jeongguk speaks without the vigor. sometimes he does, don’t get me wrong – but watching v app makes me think about how young he sounds. he has such a light voice. it’s SO nice. i love his voice. when he gets excited/awkward he SQUEAKS. when he’s tired he talks like he’s 4 years old.

jeongguk is so cute

his hair bounces so much

he bounces so much

he tries so hard to give good content. he used to be shy but now he’s open and omg jeon jeongguk my heart my child my LOVE ilysm baby


I had a lot of time to think, after we broke up,” Magnus said. “And I wrote this.” He pulled a notebook out of the inside pocket of his jacket: just a very ordinary spiral-bound notebook of lined paper, but when the wind flapped it open, Alec could see that the pages were covered with thin, looping handwriting. Magnus’s handwriting. “I wrote down my life.”

Alec’s eyes widened. “Your whole life?”

“Not all of it,” Magnus said carefully. “But some of the incidents that have shaped me. How I first met Raphael, when he was very young,” Magnus said, and sounded sad. “How I fell in love with Camille. The story of the Hotel Dumort, though Catarina had to help me with that. Some of my early loves, and some of my later ones. Names you might know—Herondale—”

“Will Herondale,” said Alec. “Camille mentioned him.” He took the notebook; the thin pages felt bumpy, as if Magnus had pressed the pen very hard into the paper while writing. “Were you … with him?”

Magnus laughed and shook his head. “No—though, there are a lot of Herondales in the pages. Will’s son, James Herondale, was remarkable, and so was James’s sister, Lucie, but I have to say Stephen Herondale rather put me off the family until Jace came along. That guy was a pill.” He noticed Alec staring at him, and added quickly, “No Herondales. No Shadowhunters at all, in fact.”

“No Shadowhunters?”

None in my heart like you are,” Magnus said

—  City of Heavenly Fire, Call it Peace, Chapter 24