and how young he sounds

A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
  • A Certain Romance(Acoustic)
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Straighten The Rudder
A Certain Romance(Studio Acoustic)
from Straighten The Rudder

“Don’t you know, oh it’s a funny thing you know
We’ll tell them if you like
We’ll tell them all tonight
They’ll never listen”

jeon jeongguk is so cute

he always ends self cams by telling us he loves us

his voice is so small. do you ever just listen to it in comparison to the others? ITS SMALL. It’s sweet. you’d think jimin would have the sweetest voice but nope it’s jeongguk. because jeongguk speaks without the vigor. sometimes he does, don’t get me wrong – but watching v app makes me think about how young he sounds. he has such a light voice. it’s SO nice. i love his voice. when he gets excited/awkward he SQUEAKS. when he’s tired he talks like he’s 4 years old.

jeongguk is so cute

his hair bounces so much

he bounces so much

he tries so hard to give good content. he used to be shy but now he’s open and omg jeon jeongguk my heart my child my LOVE ilysm baby

Can't Rush This

You were at the grocery store grabbing a few things for the next couple of days. You’re standing in the cereal aisle trying to decide if you wanted Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms (you know, you’re an adult but you’re choosing children’s cereal). Suddenly this guy is standing right next you, instantly making you very aware and uncomfortable at the short distance between you. You pointedly avoid looking at him whatsoever and try to hurry up the decision making. Then he starts talking to you. Crap. I don’t want to get stuck in a conversation with this creep.

“So, which ones can’t you decide from?” he asks.

You were so struck by how young he sounded you turned and looked at him. Immediately you start sizing him up, he was a good bit taller than you, skinny, with brown hair that could probably use a trim. But oh my, damn he is sexy.

 “Uh…Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms?" Shit. I sound like a 5 year old. 

But again, you’re surprised. He chuckles, “Ah, that’s a tough one. I mean, Fruit Loops are great and all, but those marshmallows in Lucky Charms are killer. Although I must admit, I’m glad you’re not one of those Special K or Cheerio kinds of lady. You’re choice in cereal is admirable." 

You laugh, "God I hate those kinds of girls. Like seriously? That’s not people food. Eat whatever you want." Damn he is seriously so sexy and we’re standing here having a conversation about cereal? But wait-

Oh my God, shit. I feel like I’ve seen you before.“ Suddenly it hits you, he’s Dylan O'Brien. "Aw crap, you’re from Teen Wolf aren’t you?”

“Nooo,” he jokes, throwing his hands in the air, “this was going so well." 

"Man I know,” you mock back.

Then his face turns serious, “But in all honesty…is that a deal breaker for you? Or could we like…go out sometime?" 

"Well hold on, I can’t just rush this sort of decision. I mean, I was just trying to choose which cereal to have a full 5 minutes before you showed up,” you tease. But you smile and agree, giving him your name and number before he walks away. 

After he’s left, you pick up your Lucky Charms and smirk, ha. Maybe we’ll go out over breakfast. 


Misha panel

- When he first appeared on the stage I was looking at the projector and it looked like he was wearing his Cas costume!  He wasn’t, but there was that moment of…*Whaaat?!?!*

- He said that he thinks that angels have gender or at least lean more one way than the other.  He suggested that the idea started off as angels to be “junkless” (ie. not identify as a particular gender) but the writers then changed their mind.  Cas identifies as male, “although he was in his daughter for a while”.  Misha paused at this, cringed, then laughed when he realised how that sounded.

- A young boy told Misha that they were a big fan of ‘Cooking with West’ and said they want West to come to their house and cook.  Misha says, “You don’t want that! He makes such a mess!” To which the boy’s mum joked that Misha could come and tidy the house afterwards; Misha wasn’t so keen!

- Misha’s response to “you play an angel; can you name the first five books of the Bible?” was hilarious.  “I’m being quizzed by a twelve year old!”  He answered “Genesis” very quickly and confidently.  After he thought for a while, seemingly stumped, whispers of “Exodus!” came from the audience.  Misha mimed getting a telepathic message, closing his eyes and touching his temples – “I think I’m getting something…!  …Exodus!”  He then answered Leviticus, then “Revelation!, just kidding!”  Shouts of “Numbers” came from the audience, to which he replied, “Numbers?!  That’s a book in the Bible?!”  It was so funny, with him clearly playing it up for us!

- He really enjoyed being involved in and filming TSA.

- Regarding TSA, he said how much he enjoyed working with Danneel.  “She’s great!”  The whole room cheered for her :)

- A fan thanked him for buying them a ticket to the convention which Misha did as a ‘random act of kindness’ for someone who could not afford to go.  (I think this is correct?)

- When asked about his favourite episode there was no hesitation – “French Mistake because it’s awesome!”

- During his stage talk, a tiny chair was brought on stage (not like a bar stool height chair of other panels).  He didn’t sit on it, dubbing it the “disappearing chair”.  A member of staff moved it a bit to the left, then Misha asked them to move it again…then again, being his snarky, trolling self.

- He wandered through the aisles of the main hall to meet people.  He was very smiley and cheerful, and so much taller than I imagined.

- When asked about why Cas rescued Dean from Hell, he was very hedgy, but explained about Cas being a soldier and following orders.  He joked about Cas ogling Dean from Heaven and then volunteered when the mission was planned – “I’ll go!”

- Misha was then asked about Adam and how long he’s been in the cage and why didn’t Cas rescue him as well as Sam?  He said Adam’s been down there so long, “don’t really care about him anymore! He’s not so bothered about him.”

- One of the staff members reluctantly explained that it was time for Misha to go.  Misha then addressed the audience, explaining what was happening – “They’re telling me to go…So….ten more questions!”

- If he was writing an episode for the show, he said “First of all, it would be a pain in the ass!” but because he’s an “egomaniac” it would be all about the relationship between Cas and Jimmy.

- Misha said he enjoys directing because he likes to boss people around.  He enjoyed bossing Jared and Jensen around, but it wasn’t very effective(!).

- He joked about Cas’ ‘Beyonce’ alias – Cas’ alias was originally meant to be Beyonce but it had to be changed for legal reasons.

- He joked about having signed a 15 season contract.  “We’ll see after that!”

- Misha explained that Cas was originally meant to be permanently dead after his death in Season 6, but they extended his contract to bring him back.  He says he loves being part of the show and the fanbase.  When a fan asked why he was brought back, he replied, “Not sure, maybe because of the death threats…?  …And not all of them from me!”

- Apparently Danneel and West have a really good relationship.   He said they get on really well; West loves her and she’s great with him.

- They organised a playdate between West and JJ, but it didn’t go so well.  They thought it would be really great and got everything sorted, but then when they got there JJ just fell asleep!

- Apparently West crawled his way into the pool at Jensen and Danneel’s BBQ.  Misha was all “He’ll be fine!” when everyone else was freaking out.  He was fine.

- When asked about Destiel, he said he feels like he has had to become increasing careful about answering those types of questions.  He says he sometimes feels like a politician, having to choose his words very carefully because he’s scared of using a wrong word and upsetting people.  He never means any offense, but in the past he used words in slightly the wrong context, misunderstanding the connotations, and upset people, for which he was sorry.


i can’t decide what his colour he should be ;w;



i just want to say that my AU now takes place in a shopping mall

i probable talk more about it later. 

now on to this ADORABLE dork that is Kenny the fazbear body guard 

  • personality: kenny is cheerful goofy bigass bear and is always looking on the bright side of things.he also has a huge obsession with freddy,kenny is a huge fan boy and looks up to freddy in every way but loves him in a platonic way not a senpai way.but kenny is somewhat slow in the head he just think differently and there for it takes longer for him too get the right info in his head.his still strict about the rules and dose not take kindly to rule breakers. 
  • other facts about furture kenny: 
  • he has a huge fear of the dark so he has a glow in the dark toy name “mr gile” nearly every night.
  • alot of people tend to mistake kenny as a teenage mostly cause how he sounds like ((btw kennys sound really young for his age and also still has that irish accent ))
  • he has no idea who BB or the Muppet man is…so ye

okay there might be other info i forgot idk

i might have to get off the computer soon anyway

I had a lot of time to think, after we broke up,” Magnus said. “And I wrote this.” He pulled a notebook out of the inside pocket of his jacket: just a very ordinary spiral-bound notebook of lined paper, but when the wind flapped it open, Alec could see that the pages were covered with thin, looping handwriting. Magnus’s handwriting. “I wrote down my life.”

Alec’s eyes widened. “Your whole life?”

“Not all of it,” Magnus said carefully. “But some of the incidents that have shaped me. How I first met Raphael, when he was very young,” Magnus said, and sounded sad. “How I fell in love with Camille. The story of the Hotel Dumort, though Catarina had to help me with that. Some of my early loves, and some of my later ones. Names you might know—Herondale—”

“Will Herondale,” said Alec. “Camille mentioned him.” He took the notebook; the thin pages felt bumpy, as if Magnus had pressed the pen very hard into the paper while writing. “Were you … with him?”

Magnus laughed and shook his head. “No—though, there are a lot of Herondales in the pages. Will’s son, James Herondale, was remarkable, and so was James’s sister, Lucie, but I have to say Stephen Herondale rather put me off the family until Jace came along. That guy was a pill.” He noticed Alec staring at him, and added quickly, “No Herondales. No Shadowhunters at all, in fact.”

“No Shadowhunters?”

None in my heart like you are,” Magnus said

—  City of Heavenly Fire, Call it Peace, Chapter 24

anonymous asked:

You notice how Jeff would talk? He sounded kind of like a young boy and an old man at the same time and seemed like it too.

yeah people notice that a lot especially in the stone phillips interview…

he’s kind of somber but still respectful. it throws people off lol