and how weirdly nice he was at this hour of the night

Top 13 Most Unfuckable Men in Dragon Age (according to me, a lesbian)

Honorable Mention: Oghren

I am not including Oghren on the official list for a couple reasons. Firstly, jokes about how gross Oghren is are basically everywhere. I can’t make a remotely original joke on this subject because they have all already been made. Secondly, I don’t want to subject anybody to actually thinking about fucking Oghren. And third, it’s no fun punching down. Nobody likes Oghren except me. And I get it. Oghren is a pretty cool character who was grossly mishandled by writers who think sexual assault, alcoholism and homophobia are hilarious jokes and not serious issues. Sorry about all this, Oghren. Enjoy your free pass from being mocked by a lesbian on the internet.

13. Zevran Arainai

Zevran is the least unfuckable man in Dragon Age because he wouldn’t make it weird. He’d give you a nice lay, do a good job, and then high-5 you afterwards. He’s nice-looking and experienced and would overall be an almost not-unpleasant experience. If there was a gun to my head and someone forcing me to pick a Dragon Age man to fuck, it would be Zevran.

12. RDP Sten

I say Realistic DAO Project Sten and not regular Sten because frankly RDP Sten is the true Sten. Honestly, look at this man. Assuming you didn’t die during intercourse, he’d make you breakfast the next morning, then reshackle your roof and do your taxes. RDP Sten would take care of you. RDP Sten would treat you right.

11. Justice

…as long as he gave Anders’ body a bath first, because wow he sure is a guy who lives in a sewer. Justice is a friendly Fade spirit curious about the mortal world and its many wonders. Fucking Justice would be a nice opportunity to show an otherworldly being a good time. Not to mention the novelty. Think of the puns you could make afterwards. “It was a spiritual experience.” “It was truly righteous.” “Justice isn’t easy–no, Justice is hard.”

10. Varric Tethras

Varric would be the ideal sugar daddy. He’d indulge you, buy you nice things, tell you stories, and when it’s time to go to bed, you’d just have to put up with him bringing his crossbow with him. Honestly, he probably wouldn’t even get to the sex. You’d have half your clothes off and then he’d start telling a story and three hours later he’s cried a little about his ex and fallen asleep cuddled up to his crossbow. Meanwhile, you are free to go back to your house with your money and jewelry. Ideal.

9. Alistair

Alistair is inexperienced, but a nice boy. You could show him a good time, and then pat him on the head and give him a cookie afterwards. He’s funny and nice and if you aren’t his first lay, it’ll probably be Morrigan and she would probably turn into a spider halfway through just to fuck with him. I’m willing to fuck him just to spare him that being his first time. Alistair might make it weird and try to give you a flower or something, but he’s young and easily dissuaded. Fucking Alistair would be acceptable and satisfying in some ways.

8. Iron Bull

He ugly, but otoh, monster dong, if you’re into that. Iron Bull wouldn’t make it weird emotionally, but he would definitely make it weird sexually. Assuming you survived, you would have a hell of a story. I would bring that up at every cocktail party I went to for the rest of my life. “I fucked a minotaur man,” I’d say, sipping my martini. “He had an eyepatch, and a dong the size of your forearm. I’m lucky to have survived.” The party guests gasp and fan themselves at the scandal.

7. Nathaniel Howe

I have no feelings either way about fucking Nathaniel Howe. I would show up, do the deed, and leave. Maybe give him a thumbs up, to be polite. My entire soul doesn’t rebel against the concept, but neither can I think of any benefits to fucking Nathaniel Howe.

6. Sebastian Vael

I wouldn’t hate to fuck Sebastian, and he seems nice, I guess. He’d be on par with Nate, except for the fact that he’s a devout fantasy Catholic. I’m morally opposed to fucking Catholics, because I don’t like Catholicism, and because I don’t want to deal with their ensuing guilt. I would tolerate fucking Sebastian.

5. Fenris

Fenris is objectively one of the best-looking men in Dragon Age, but oh lord, the canon romance path is so much. I’d do it just so I could touch his pretty hair, but I’d feel real bad about it. I like fenris. I don’t wanna cause him troubles. On the other hand, Isabela seems to manage it without much emotional fallout, so perhaps it would be alright. Fucking Fenris might be perfectly fine, but it might end terribly for all involved. As a lesbian I’m not gonna risk it.

4. Anders

Anders is a nasty sewer man who has no particularly attractive physical features to make up for it. He’d probably be an alright lay, but if you fucked him he’d definitely fall in love with you. Possibly he’d have already been in love with you for like three years. Then post-fuck he’d say a lot of weird stuff and ask to move into your house, and you’d be so worried about his eating habits and his stress that you’d be like “sure :)”, and then you’d have to change your name and flee the city to escape. Don’t fuck Anders.

3. Blackwall

I previously had Blackwall a spot higher, but then when I went to google a picture of him I realized he actually looks okay. Lumberjack aesth. Nice beard. Probably nice chest hair. Good muscles. But he’s also kind of a stinky old man who is kind of like your dad, and he would make his weird guilt issues your problem. I’d rather not, although I grant that if he was a couple decades younger he might be Acceptable.

2. Cullen

I would really hate to fuck Cullen. I find him morally repugnant, physically unimpressive, and overall vile. Not to mention that he seems like the kind of sexually inexperienced dude to just try inserting Tab A into Slot B with no foreplay–but then, would you really want foreplay from this guy? At least it would all be over within 5 minutes and then you could make your escape through the window.

1. Solas

Solas is the absolute most unfuckable man in Dragon Age. Not only is he bald, and a genocidal maniac, but he would also get weirdly hung up on you. Then he’d like, haunt your dreams. “Vhenaaaaaaan,” you hear every night forever, to your horror. “You’re not like other girls,” he says, before showing you a picture of his fursona, which is a wolf. I would rather do literally anything else but fuck Solas. I thank G-d every day that Solas is not real, and that I am in no danger of ever fucking him. Solas is the least fuckable man in Dragon Age.

Suga Daddy: Part 4

Suga Daddy: Part 4

Word count: 9k

Genre: smut, angst

So this chapter really means a lot to me so I hope you like it. Let me know if you want. Enjoy! Also, I didn’t have enough time to edit this how I wanted to. Sorry about the mistakes.

parts: one | two | three 

The week had gone by super quickly, much to your dismay. You had hoped for a slow week. You had tried to focus on school and your dance classes. Yugyeom had been a great distraction but sadly he wasn’t over today and neither was Yoongi. You had been so use to him spending the night that when he slept over last night you were shocked not to find him in bed with you. The truth was he had been over every night this week. It was weird to you, he’d hadn’t come over everyday since the beginning. One night you didn’t even have sex, you just cuddled on the couch and made out.

Then again he would barely talk to you. He’d come over and give you some of the best sex, fall asleep holding you and then would be gone once you woke up. You didn’t think much of it though because that’s something you were used to. What you were freaking out about was him texting you everyday about your parents.

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There’s A Nap For That

Based on this post: “If you both agree to take a nap instead of going out, it’s a date.” 

Or: The one where Bellamy and Clarke keep taking naps together. You know, platonically. See also: Let Them Rest

A/N: I started this before New Years and thought it would be done in like, three days. Oh how naive. But hey, here we are!

WC: ~6.5k
Read on AO3

Clarke doesn’t plan to be alone on New Year’s Eve, but she also doesn’t plan not to be alone–if that makes sense. She could fly back to Los Angeles and attend her mother’s extravagant corporate party, if she wanted to put herself through that. It’s definitely an option.

But she’s long since decided that it’s better to deal with the vague feelings of missing out on the New Year’s celebration over fielding questions about why she’s not following in her mother’s footsteps or, god forbid, whether she’s gotten over that whole sexuality thing yet.

So she calls Abby the night before the party, fulfills her yearly, good-daughter quota of well wishes and pleasantries, and calls it good.

And really, doing nothing on New Year’s Eve is kind of the best thing that’s happened her, stress-wise, in the last six months.

She works in the graphic design department for an uber-trendy website that facilitates commissions for freelance artists, which makes it an incredibly lucrative avenue to get her name out there in the industry. It just also happens that the company is very concerned with staying up-to-date with aesthetic trends, and has her changing logos and web layouts on a weekly basis.

It’s the kind of somewhat crappy, over demanding job that she feels weirdly excited to have, because it means her mom isn’t paying people to make her life easier.

But it has been running her to the bone, so she’s positively delighted to do absolutely nothing for a night.

Or she is until she finds out that Bellamy also doesn’t have plans for New Year’s Eve.

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Broken - Part 2

2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: Jensen and the reader had an amazing night…until the condom broke. Not happy with the way things went down, Jensen surprises the reader when he shows up at her house.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,597

Part 1

“The shit I get myself into.” Jensen grumbles to himself, absentmindedly grabbing the brim of his hat and spinning it around.

Tired and annoyed, Jensen’s at a standstill in the ice cream isle at Whole Foods. His greenish hazel eyes have been darting back and forth, trying to decide which brand of ice cream would be best for breakfast.

Inwardly groaning, the actor snaps his eyes shut realizing just how ridiculous that sounds. A fact like that should maybe deter him from pursuing a girl like you. Something perceived as cute and quirky could easily be a red flag in disguise. With his luck, you probably entertain some sick habit like collecting human teeth in the back of your closet.

Jensen’s ridiculous train of thought is interrupted by a text from Gen, thankfully she’s an early riser. He breathes a sigh of relief once your address is in his hands. It’s quickly chased away when a shit ton of nerves overtake him.

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au where isak is moving out and even’s the guy who helps with that/taking his stuff to his new place and while theyre outside packing into the car, isak hears a familiar voice greet him and he freezes and turns around and its julian, his ex, holding another boy’s hand and isak screams inside but puts on a smile “hey julian. what are you doing here?” and julian looks at his boyfriend, “we’re on a house hunt. moving in together” and isak clenches his jaw bc fuck that, THEY were supposed to do that months ago before they broke up. then he looks back at isak “and you? moving out?” and isak panics and doesnt think twice about what he’s saying, “yeah actually im moving out to move in with my boyfriend” and he wishes he could take it back or just run but he stands still and julians like “boyfriend?” and isak wants to wipe that smirk off his face, “where is he then?” and then isak hears the car door close and then even is walking towards them with a smile, work finished, and isak just. “here.” and even stands next to isak and is looking between him and julian, “hm?” and isaks like “this is even, my boyfriend. im moving in with him” 

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Jungkook Scenario: Fools.

Request: I would like to request an scenario where the boys made a bet with Jungkook that he couldn’t date y/n. Of course Jungkook won and you guys became a couple (after all jungkook actually fell in love with her). Then some time passed and one day y/n found out about the bet? Thank you! Also happy ending please             

Genre: Romance / Drama

–Tell me Y/N, am I not the greatest? –  you smirked, not wanting to add more to your boyfriend’s cockiness and crossed your arms, leaning against the door frame while looking at him standing there with a stash of chips, drinks and pizza while looking every definition of marvelous with ripped jeans, a red t-shirt and messy hair. Jungkook was indeed the greatest.

–Maybe you are, I’ll get to taste that pizza and then I’ll decide – you laughed with the face he made and then pulled him to you by the edge of his shirt. –Where’s my kiss though? –

Jungkook smirked, leaning down to kiss you hello and it was as thrilling as the first time his lips made contact with yours. You sighed into his mouth without being really able to help it, holding tight onto his hips and relishing in the way Jungkook made you feel.

–Your roommates aren’t here right? – Jungkook smiled against your lips and kissed you again.

You denied softly with your head, you had made sure to ask if they were coming back so you could be alone with your boyfriend for a while. –No, it’s just the two of us for now–

You giggled and tugged at his shirt for him to enter, you just loved to chill with him at your dorm, you knew he had rushed from the campus to there but none of you had early classes tomorrow and you were planning to tell Jungkook to stay the night with you.

He kicked the door closed and shrugged, the smirk still present on his lips. –I won’t complain –

Both of you laughed, of course he wasn’t complaining, the time alone was very much welcomed after all the hectic exams you’d been having lately.

You placed you arm around his middle and walked with him towards the living, ever since he started to be around you, Jungkook found himself smiling more, laughing more, feeling much livelier. You had obviously not taken him seriously at first and not even Jungkook would take himself seriously because he just came up to you with one too many drinks on in a noisy college party, decided to talk with you to shut his friends’ mouth about him not being able to date someone as cool as you, you were after all the prettiest girl there, and Jungkook might or might not have been eyeing you for a while in campus, his friends had said he wasn’t going to act on that so he had just walked straight to you with his best charming smile on and asked you to dance with him.

That night he’d left with your phone number and a kiss, he still remembered how he felt back then for being with you, that initial excitement had not wore off from him, and whenever Jungkook looked at you he just felt like a stupid for thinking that he was the one catching you, nonsense, the one caught up here was him all along, with the way you crawled under his skin that he didn’t quite know how to explain.

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Today Morning

Originally posted by katherine8595

Reader x Jongin

EXODUS, College AU; A sleepy Jongin suddenly and accidentally exposes his power to you one late night.

First installment of Nikah, @lovesehunright and I’s college au series!

Jongin’s voice is low and childlike as he whines out his protests at your stubborn self. “Y/N, really, I’m walking you home.” He huffs, watching with ‘cold’ eyes while you step into your worn down tennis shoes and grab for your jacket which- a sigh- was to be found in his stubbornly raised hand. 

“Jongin, please.” You pout, reaching for your jacket with another sigh and a reassuring statement, that no, he didn’t need to walk you home, just over campus, this late. It wasn’t that late, anyways. 

Your jacket is lighter than expected, and you hurry it over your shoulder before placing your arms through the arms of the fluffy jacket. There is only a single light illuminating Jongin’s small dorm room, casting a yellow light over the strewn out empty bags of candies and soda bottles. His bed is messy and unmade after the two of you had spent your whole Sunday night up into it, watching all your favorite movies. 

A few hours earlier, Jongin had called you up and told you that his roommate was out for the night, begging you to come over. And so you did, and now you were as tired as ever, stifling yawn after yawn and stretching out your stiff legs by his door. 

“It is that late, actually.” Jongin says dumbly. “It’s almost one in the morning, you do realize we watched like four movies. That’s like- what, 1,5 hours times four?” 

A third sigh - one that transitioned into a jaw-ripping yawn. “Don’t even start, Jongin, seriously. I have math class at nine tomorrow morning.” 

“Today morning.” 

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One Of Us.

Anon Requested- hi! i’m not sure if requests are open, but if so, can you do this? sam and dean find the reader - who’s young, like around 14ish - on a hunt and she’s totally cool about killing things that go bump in the night since they killed her family, so the boys just kind of ‘adopt’ her as their little sister? just some big brother fluff and some stupid humor is all i’m looking for. thank you!

Warnings- mentions of death, swearing.

A/N- This was a really nice request to write, no angst, nobody dying, just big brother fluff.

You were sat on a hard, plastic chair waiting to be questioned. The room was chilly and silent, the only noise was the ticking of the clock placed on the blue wall. Sighing you placed your head in your hands, how could this have happened? 

Your mother was a hunter, not the one that hunted animals, no she hunted the supernatural. She only did salt and burns, or the occasional witch now and again, but when you were born she stopped hunting anything that could harm you. 

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On a Really Basic Itty-Bitty Level

Fandom: Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides

Pairing: Logicality/PTA Sanders (Logan-centric)

Summary: “ No matter how long you’ll live, you’ll never touch another human being.”  Based on @the-prince-and-the-emo‘s post, Logan struggles with the weight knowledge can bring, and Morality comforts him with his own weird perspective.

Warnings: angst (with a happy ending), existentialism(?), dubious science

Hi there! So this is my first Sander’s Sides fic, and the first thing I’ve written in like three months, lol. I’m trying to get back into it. I really hope you enjoy, let me know what you think and if i should write more :)

@sanders-sideblog​ asked me to tag, so here you go, thank you so much for the encouragement! I’m going to go ahead and tag @prinxietys​ and @dan-yuna​ because they’re also cool inspirational writers (hope you don’t mind) 

Now that that small novel is done, let’s get to the actual fic!

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Ice Melt

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 4021

Warnings: Just a teeny bit of angst and FLUFF

A/N: I’ve posted this on imagine-loki few months ago, now I decided to post on my own blog as well. Also; please excuse the mistake I’ve made writing this. Enjoy! <3

Originally posted by camille-angelique


That’s how you felt, you jumped on the couch and turned the TV on, procrastinating on your work that seemed pointless anyway.

Destruction is what you saw. You’ve never been to New York before but that’s definitely not how New York looked. Your eyes were wet, you started tearing up after you started hearing those people cries and pleas for the authorities to do everything within their power to save their loved ones. You knew your nightmares at night were going to get worse and colder.

But then then you saw a face.

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Don’t Leave Me

AN: Everyone knew Suga was in love with her. He just didn’t want to say it, that was- until she was going to leave. 

Y/N was nearing the end of her time at BigHit as BTS’ personal assistant. She shared her job with a noona, and they split the band between them. Y/N was in charge of Yoongi, Namjoon and Jimin’s schedule whilst noona took care of the others. 

Y/N was feeling optimistic about leaving, she was going to go to college to study English Literature after taking a year out to figure what she really wanted to do. During that time, she was mostly running after Min Yoongi who couldn’t get his but out of bed to get to interviews, or seemed to pester her with the most obscure requests. She was his PA, but his requests were the most obscure things anyone could ever come up with. The other guys weren’t like that, and it seemed that he took fun in specifically getting her to do these things. Sometimes he could be the sweetest person ever to exist for her too, which often meant he was hot or cold. His mood changed like rapid seasons around her. 

He also seemed to like teasing her, sometimes it went over board and Y/N ended up on the verge of tears not too long ago.


“Is he cute?” Noona PA asked, as Y/N let it out that she had a date tonight set up with a mutual friend of theirs during lunch. But now, whilst the guys were getting their hair and makeup done did noona PA decide to ask her about it out of the blue. 

Y/N blushed. 

“Ah, young love! What are you going to wear? Sexy, cute, preppy, vintag-” Noona PA asked, too loudly for Y/N’s liking. It got J-Hope’s attention. 

“Y/N whose the lucky guy?!” He semi asked-yelled. 

“I feel bad, this is all happening and you didn’t tell us.” J-Hope play pouted. 

“Yah, Y/N I think you should go for cute-sexy. If it were me, I would be captured and wanting to know more. “ Namjoon offered his thoughts on how she should dress for her date. He explained it with his hands, like she was some sort of concept. 

“Namjoon, If it was you, you’d spend most of the time going on about some theory that no one knows about.” Y/N teased back. 

“Aish. Whatever, just know that guys like cute-sexy.” He said.

Y/N rolled her eyes. 

“Who has a date? Y/N?” Suga asked, in a blunt voice that bluffed up. 

Y/N never knew how to react around him. He was sometimes hot and cold. Today, it seemed like cold. 

“Suga- hyung, what’s your opinion on what Y/N should wear on her date?” Jimin asked, smirking. 

Suga contemplated his answer. He wanted to say that she should wear that baseball top with the number 3 on it, paired with her black ripped skinny jeans and nike sneakers when he would pick her up to go and get pizza. 

“Nothing really makes a difference. Plain is plain.” He said nonchalantly. 

The rest of the guys rolled their eyes or silently huffed. They knew Suga had a thing going on for Y/N. He couldn’t express his feelings, or even try and convey it to her he had some feeling in general. 

J-Hope shot him a dirty look. He signalled that what he said was uncalled for. 

Y/N on the other hand, was on the verge of tears. She had to keep it together, since she was working. She tried her best, but felt her eyes about to pour out. Stripping it back by looking up, she willed herself to stay composed. Y/N didn’t know why his words sometimes cut through to her. 

“I think we should keep our personal lives, personal. Now, Namjoon- you have an interview for 4 today.” Y/N said diverting the topic. 

Suga was an asshole to her. Later that night, when Y/N was about to file their scripts from todays interview, she was surprised to see Suga standing in the doorway. 

“Can I help yo-” She was cut off by him. 

“Who is he?” 

“I’m sorry. I’m your PA. My life isn’t that interesting or necc-” She was cut off again.

“Answer my question. “ Yoongi said, taking a step towards her. 

“Why are you wearing that?” He asked, looking at the red ensemble she was in, paired with black stillettos. She looked enthralling. Yoongi wanted to be the only one to see her legs. Not whatever frat boy she’d be going to see tonight after work.

Scrap that, Yoongi thought to himself. There was no way in hell he was letting her out of his sight, dressed like that for someone else. 

“I need you to help me tonight.” Yoongi said, about to lower himself to a last resort.

“Please, Yoongi I really want to go out tonight.” Y/N half way begged. She couldn’t stand his how petty he was being. It was clear he was trying to mess up her night off. 

“Too bad. I call my monthly negotiation today.” Yoongi said, smirking. A monthly negotiation was when he could chose one day a month where his PA could be asked to stay with him to help beyond the hours they normally worked. 

Today was that day for Yoongi. 

“UGH. I hate you.”  

Even though Y/N didn’t end up on her date, Yoongi got her to order in pizza and made her sit down with him eating. To anyone else, it looked like they were having a date night in probably. Weirdly, she enjoyed herself even though she shouldn’t considering she was on the verge of tears not too long ago. Yoongi had this weird ability to make her feel like that, something was up; but Y/N didn’t want to think about it too much. It would complicate things. 

End of flash back 

“She looks like she’s seen herself in the mirror lately.” Think of the Devil and the devil shall appear, Y/N said to herself as none other than the guy who took over her nightmares said walking past her into his dressing room chair. 

The rest of the boys just huffed, annoyed at Yoongi’s blunt rudeness whenever he was around Y/N. Namjoon just wished he’d confess his feelings already, considering he spends so much time usually just talking about how ‘weird’ she is or asking about her to the other members. 

Y/N was now a bit more use to his random requests and bluntness, although he was polite to the other PA noona. 

She rolled her eyes and went back to the chart she was looking at to organise their schedules. 

“Yah, how am I going to live without Y/N when she goes to college?” Jimin huffed. 

“Why, someone finally let her in?” Suga asked, blunt as ever again. 

Jimin ignored him and Y/N usually just rolled her eyes, but no one doubted her intelligence.

“All five accepted me, including two USA ivy leagues.” The Ivy leagues were thanks to Namjoon’s helping when he could in preparation for the tests, but still- Yoongi just tried to make her seen incompetent. 

“So you don’t think BTS are good enough for you, is that why your’re leaving?” Yoongi asked, aggressively getting up from the chair he was about to sit on. 

“Nice to know you’ll miss me.” Y/N said without looking up from her sheet of schedules. 

“Get me the lyrics I left on the desk on the third floor from the other day.” Yoongi said, trying to seem unaffected. This was an example of the weird requests he had, which Y/N had no option but to do. She tried to be sassy about it at first, but now she was close to giving up. 

“Yes, your majesty.” She said under hear breath as she tried to find where an obscure bit of paper would now be in this giant building. 

Later that week 

“That’s the last of your things? I’m going to miss you.” Noona PA said, seeing Y/N pack the last of her things from her office into a big box. 

“I’ll be back this summer, we’ll go to Han River and watch fireworks. I promise.” Y/N said, knowing she’d be back from the US this summer once she got over all her exams. 

She couldn’t help but feel emotional saying goodbye. She had also said bye to the boys apart from Suga, who didn’t even bother looking at her. She bought all of them cupcakes that she made and was met with goodbye gifts from each of them. She said they’d go far, and it would be a matter of time before she’d wake up one morning in New York hearing BTS on Capital FM. 

Jungkook and J-Hope had let some tears loose, so she broke down saying her final goodbyes with them. They had become friends without her even realising, they all spoke about how it didn’t feel like Y/N was a member of staff to them, but like a sister.

“I’ll go check if your cars ready.” Noona PA said, excusing herself from the office. 

“Oh, Suga…” Y/N heard Noona PA say as she was about to leave. Noona PA looked back and forth between Y/N and Suga, deciding it was best to leave them. Noona PA wasn’t dumb, she knew Suga probably liked her, because he picked on her like a boy would pick on a girl he liked. 

“What is this?” Suga asked, stepping closer to Y/N and pointing at her two boxes. 

Y/N figured this was his weird way of saying good bye, so she got the spare cupcake she had made for him out. 

“Here. I know you don’t like me, but I just want you to know that I wish you the best. And-”

Y/N should have expected how he would cut her off by now.

“You’re not leaving.” He said, as-a-matter-of-fact like it was obvious. 

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows. 

“Okay…” She rolled her eyes, before it clicked he might pull another negotiation trick on her.

“Hey! No more negotiations, I’ve formally quit.” She warned.

“Quit?! How dare you! You can’t quit.” He yelled, which was rare. Suga’s voice going up octaves wasn’t something people usually saw or heard. Y/N nearly flinched. 

She was confused, his behaviour was ice cold at the moment.

“Aren’t BTS good enough for you? Is that why?” He took more steps towards her, closing in on her against a wall. 

“Why, Suga? Why do you care?” She asked, trying to keep composed. She wanted answers, this guy who seemed like he could spit on the ground she walked on was now looking at her like she was the focal point of his world. 

He laughed, which did something to Y/N she didn’t want to admit. 

“Aish. I can’t do this.” He said, pushing his head back and running his palm over his face. 

“Suga…” Y/N didn’t know what came over her, but she reached out to touch him. 

“Don’t go.” Suga said, in a low voice. 

“Why? You have to tell me why…” Y/N said in a quiet voice. There had to be a reason why he was acting like this.

“I like you”. He said, their bodies so close they could be one person. 

Y/N’s eyes widened. 


“All this time, you treated me like absolute shit, you nearly made me, no in fact- made me cry on-” Classic Yoongi, cutting her off. This time, he took her into his arms and pressed a surprise kiss that Y/N warmed up to in seconds. 

Shut up. I was in love with you, you idiot”. Yoongi thought out aloud in the midst of his heated kiss. Y/N had gripped his shirt and was overcome with an unexpected need to be as close to him as possible. His gentle, calm, teasing kiss made her feel light headed. 

“I’m so confused by you Min Yoongi, we need to go through what’s going on in that head of yours.” Y/N said, forcing herself to break off. She had no clue why she kissed the guy who made her cry and feel like shit for months. In repressing how she thought Yoongi was attractive, suddenly she let herself feel what she felt towards him. 

Y/N felt like she had missed so much, like how he had a lop sided grin right now, like all that hatred that was bottled up had finally deflated. 

It was like looking at a new person, or the real Min Yoongi. 

He had said he was in love with her, which Y/N couldn’t get her head around. Yet, any fool who looked at his expression now could tell he looked like someone who was in love.

“From when you walked in to that room a year ago and introduced yourself, I thought you were cute. I watched you joke around with my hyungs, and saw you thoughtful you were. I saw how you helped people when you didn’t have to, but most of all- when you spoke to me. I realised that getting you riled up had become a past time of mine, but there was more, I-”

This time, Y/N cut Suga off for once. She could tell it wasn’t easy for him to pour his heart and soul out like that.

“It’s okay. I know.” She said, trying to make him feel better. 

Little did she know, that’s what people who are in love do. 

Waiting, Hoping With Each Breath

Summary: After Dan’s girlfriend breaks up with him, Phil finds his best friend suddenly a lot closer than he’s ever remembered them being before. For some reason, he doesn’t mind it much at all. In fact, Phil quite enjoys the late night cuddles and the way Dan clings to him whenever they watch television. He probably enjoys it a little bit too much.
Word Count: 9155
Warnings: sadness, a breakup, coma inducing fluff
A/N: Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you enjoyed two fics in two days cuz I know I did! This fic was written because us admins at the @phanfictioncatalogue decided to do a secret santa. So, surprise @vanillasolitude ! I’m your secret santa :D I hope you love this fic as much as I did because I’m quite proud of it. (Also sorry if there are errors, i didnt get a beta for this whoops). Special thanks to Julie for literally giving me the entire plot for this fic and also to Eliza for allowing me to gush about it for hours xD I really hope everybody enjoys it and have a wonderful day c:
Title Creds

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It started off when Dan was sad.

Phil was lying in bed watching a dumb kids cartoon that he’d gotten weirdly into. It was called Gravity Falls and Phil had been watching for three hours straight to the point where he felt as though his eyeballs were going to fall right out of their sockets. The entire room was dim, lit only by his bedside lamp and the light glow from his laptop. His glasses were perched on his nose and the duvet was pulled all the way up to his chin.

It was comfortable like that. Warm, safe, a little haven in which Phil created. He hadn’t intended for that quiet sanctuary to burst and was surprised when Dan was quite suddenly knocking on the door. He didn’t wait for Phil to give the okay before he was coming in, the door squeaking as he pushed it open.

Phil glanced up from his show, blinking a few times before pausing it. “Are you alright?” Phil asked slowly.

His eyes flickered over Dan’s features, the tear tracks on his cheeks. The way his entire face was pale and he had dark bags under his eyes. He knew that Dan wasn’t alright and they both knew that he knew.

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newsies camp counselor au PART 2

i’m doing a part 2 because apparently everyone freaked out about the last one

  • katherine starts paying kids in candy from the walmart an hour away to keep track of everything davey says
  • she’s making a list
  • romeo: wow jacobs that was rude i am FOUR years older than him
  • davey: shUT your SHORT A S S
  • she’s gonna publish it in the newspaper at the end of the week accompanied by a really blurry picture of davey doing a cartwheel at least 50 feet away
  • one camper has a really weird dream where davey is voldemort for whatever reason and he’s dueling harry potter like in the last movie
  • they all go to a lake and there’s a waterfall and rocks and stuff and it’s all v nice
  • until jack and davey climb the highest rock and you hear a single ear-splitting screech as jack pushes him off the top
  • when he hits the water everyone goes silent for a moment and you can still hear him screaming from UNDER THE WATER
  • race is supposed to be lifeguarding but spot is throwing pebbles at him while his cabin kids repeatedly chant ‘STONE HIM STONE HIM STONE HIM”
  • race really doesn’t have anywhere to go in this situation because he’s basically just standing on a tiny ledge against a sheer rock face and if he moves he might fall in the water
  • he falls in the water
  • it’s great
  • jack and crutchie lead everyone in some stupid camp songs on the way back 
  • lots of them are about moose for some reason
  • mission successful
  • someone writes specs/romeo fanfiction on the wall of the art shop
  • jack is weirdly okay with it though
  • maybe it’s artistic or something. not everything is modern art jack. go stare at the lake or whatever
  • crutchie makes katherine print it in the paper
  • after dinner everyone comes up with activities for campers on the spot
  • they call it “indigestion”
  • “because we love to throw up after we eat,” says specs
  • davey stands up on his chair at dinner when they’re asked to announce what they’ll be doing
  • “indigestion: POKER IN THE GAME ROOM”
  • everyone gasps. davey’s poker games are known throughout the camp for being the loudest, most life-threatening thing you can do at camp
  • who will dare enter the poker tournament
  • spoiler: jack
  • spoiler: it ends in jack and les with all the money screaming at each other at the top of their lungs. davey isn’t wearing a shirt for some reason. 2 people have gone to the nurse
  • someone left a note in his office that says “finch is my mom”
  • so specs is dad and finch is mom
  • and both of them are 500% done with everything and everyone
  • for wish night someone wishes for finch and specs to get married and they actually cancel one of the evening programs, hit the costume closet and put on a wedding
  • it’s very nice there’s a ring toss game
  • until romeo shows up
  • and they have this whole thing staged where romeo stops the wedding and then specs and romeo get back together
  • this is actually how they announce their relationship to all the campers and stuff (but everyone knew already)

Gambit is a pretty bi, he goes out in nice clothes clothes, spends hours looking good, gets manicures, paints his nails. Flirts with everyone in the club and ends up taking three people home that night.

Cyclops is a nervous bi, he does not know how he ended up in a club but is fairly certain that Remy dragged him here, he’s still wearing one of his weirdly coloured sweaters. Guys who are into nerdy guys keep flirting with him and he won’t stop blushing. Someone help him.

Wolverine is an animal magnetism bi. He’s just sitting angrily at a bar but keeps attracting people over. I really don’t get it.


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Kim Namjoon [ANGST]

It was past midnight from last time you checked the clock, even though you had school the next day or in this case in a few hours you still couldn’t sleep. You sigh and roll around on the double bed you had. You look up at the ceiling for a few minutes before patting the surroundings on the bed waiting till your hand would hit what you were looking for; your phone.

Eventually your right hand hits your phone and you grab it and bring it to your face so you could see. When it turned on the light blinded you and your dropped your phone and it hit you square in the chest. You let out a groan from the sudden burst of pain inflicted in the one area also because you were annoyed at this point. Taking the phone off your chest you enter your passcode and get in and you immediately find yourself on the famously known app, Instagram.

You were scrolling through the explore page and then someone caught your eye. Kim Namjoon. How ironic. He was the guy you had been crushing on for a year. You were in the same class. It was one of those situations where one of your knew who the other was and the other had no idea the one who knew them existed- it was sad. Plus you weren’t one of those cute nerdy people who was a complete introvert but somehow gets the extremely handsome, smart, popular dude in the end. You only possessed one of the three traits- a.k.a the introvert. You weren’t smart at all- speaking of which your parents signed you up for tutoring and you were starting after school tomorrow- today… in a couple of hours- damn it! You needed to get at least a couple hours of shut eye to be functioning correctly at school even though you were awkward enough as it is you were more awkward somehow while tired.

Kim Namjoon was so cool. You by accidentally not on purpose at all read one of his songs that he left behind at the library, Namjoon was going somewhere in life. You couldn’t put your finger on it just yet but you knew his name would be bigger than it was in the cliché high school walls of popularity and social standing- anyways. You “overheard” him speaking to one of his friends one day about rapping underground or something, you couldn’t really hear from the distance you were listening from. He seems like he knows what he wants to do with his life…

What did you want to do… you were still in high school but- high school is where people are supposedly supposed to figure out what they want to do for the rest of their lives. The topic scared you. Every time you were asked the question ‘what do you want to be when you’re older’ you completely avoided the question. But really why were some people so happy with their answers. For example someone would answer with the career choice of an architect, so yeah what if they become an architect- then what, they just have to endure the job for the rest of their life, grow old with someone eventually have kids then die. That’s a terrifying realization if you really think about it.

You don’t want to think about it. Shutting off your phone, Namjoon’s smile was the last thing you saw before shutting your eyes so you could try to fall asleep.

A loud noise rang out, awakening you. You groan and look for your phone again and press the shut off button. Yay school. You let out a sigh and hop out of bed.

You were half asleep in class, to be honest you had no idea what was going on. This is why tutoring was needed. The bell rang it was the end of the day- for everyone else but you. You had to go meet up with your tutor now!!! Yay-not. The library is where you were meeting. Barging into the library you walk over to where desks were. Basically the “tutor” area. You see a girl with glasses there, she looked like she was waiting. Maybe she was your tutor. You walk over to her and look down at her. “Hi, are you my tutor”, you ask and she looks up at you and raises and eyebrow then shakes her head. You sigh but also blush in embarrassment because that’s something awkward you’re gonna end up dwelling on in the middle of the night. The girl clears her throat in an uncomfortable manner and points to someone behind you. You turn around and have a heart attack from the person standing there. Kim Namjoon.

Oh god. This is horrible. How are you supposed to interact with someone you had liked for a year but never had talked to before, but somehow know a lot about him. Maybe my real tutor is standing behind him- he is tall and has broad shoulders after all- SNAP OUT OF IT!

You move to the left and look behind Namjoon. No one is there. “Y/N,Y/L/N”, he asks and you gulp at the sound of his raspy deep voice. You raise your hand. WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS, WHY DID YOU RAISE YOUR HAND. SO MANY REGRETS. WHAT DID YOU DO TO DESERVE THIS AWKWARD LIFE. He looks at you weirdly and lets out a small chuckle, “Uh- My name is Kim Namjoon, I’m going to be tutoring you”, he smiles and holds out his hand. He doesn’t recognize you from class at all, he really didn’t know you existed. What a confidence booster.

He told you to follow him to a different part of the library since the main “tutor area” was going to get busy. It’s quiet and it looks like no one has been in this section for a couple of days. There is a small table and you put your stuff on it, only one chair is seen.  “Ah- there is only one chair. Let me go get another one, but while I’m getting it can you set up”, he asks and you nod immediately. He walks away and you sit down. Should you leave- you could if you really wanted to.

You find yourself taking out your math binder from your backpack and opening it up. Namjoon comes back with a chair and sets it up right next to you. You heart is beating so much. He sits down and sighs. “Okay Y/N lets start.”, he says, his breath tickling your cheek.

15 minutes had passed, your blushing really hard and you zoned out and can’t concentrate because he’s really close to your face. “Just find x and we will be done for the day”, he mumbles, and you quickly find it and he looks shocked. “That’s… it’s right…”, he says. You immediately grab your binder and shove it into your backpack. “Have a nice night” you say quietly. He looks up at you, “You to… see you tomorrow”. You look down from his words and speed walk away.

*The Next Day*

You came to class early and sat in your usual spot. People slowly started coming into the classroom, you were zoned out until you saw Namjoon enter the room. You immediately blush, but don’t look away. Namjoon looks at you and then raises his eyebrow then starts walking towards you. You look away but it’s far too late. “Y/N”, his voices rings out and the room suddenly seems quiet. You look up and he smiles. “You’re in my class. Why didn’t you tell me yesterday”, he says and suddenly you can hear whispering. You nod and look down. “Namjoon whos that”, you hear Namjoon’s friend asks him. “This is who I told you about yesterday” Namjoon says and places his hand on your head and ruffles up your hair and then walks away. “Oh her”, his friend says and then you zone out completely. He touched you, your hair- wait he talked about me with his friends-Oh my god.

*Two Weeks Later*

Namjoon and you would be considered as friends now, you grew quite fond of each other through tutoring sessions. Class had ended for the day and you find yourself speed walking to the library and to the spot where you and Namjoon usually work at. You sit there and wait a couple of minutes.

A couple more minutes passed and you decided to take out your binder. 10 minutes passed and still no show. You frowned, then started to pack up your stuff up but just then you saw Namjoon walking over to you. He walked over to the chair next to you and slumped into it. “Can I not tutor you today”, he shuts his eyes while saying that. “Oh…”, you say and continue to pack your stuff but then you feel a hand wrap around you wrist. “Sit…”, he says softly and you listen sitting down awkwardly. He lets go of your wrist and sighs. “Can we just talk for a bit… I have a lot on my mind and I just need to get it off my chest”, he admits. “Sure”, you say. “I’ve been having a tough time at home, my parents want me to study harder than I already am… just so I can get into a good school. I know they are doing it because they love me, but that’s just not what I wanna do… I want to rap…”, he gets quieter towards the end of his sentence but you still managed to hear it. “You should do it then… If you really believe in yourself… you can achieve anything”, you say quietly and start fumbling with your thumbs.

“Y/N”, Namjoon says and you look over at him and he’s already looking at you. “Y-Yes”, you stutter and start to blush. “I like you”, the three words that just left his mouth put you into some sort of trance… Those three words were… they were what you had dreamed of for over a year…

The words I like you too were about to come out of your mouth but he opened his again before you had the chance. “Ah-sorry that may have sounded weird sorry for the misunderstanding. I meant like… I like you as a good friend… You really reliable… I can talk to you easily and you give good advice”, he says and then shuts his eyes and looks away. Oh… you misunderstood …. It was just a misunderstanding…. Nothing more… you were just a friend of his that he once didn’t even know about.

The Bad Boy |Min Yoongi| (6)

Summary: You’re the good popular girl of the school and then there’s Min Yoongi, the bad boy. You both have family problems, considering people think your life is perfect, so once you get detention with him you click.

Warnings: Cursing, maybe some implied smut, some depressing shit, maybe some angst.

Previous Parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Word Count: 2,201

When you came back to his place, you immediately went to get unready. Yoongi had helped you with everything, which you thought was sweet. You stayed up with him until pretty late and you didn’t have doubts about it at all.

“So how are your parents?” He asked.

“Probably going to get a divorce” You replied shrugging.

“Oh. I’m sorry” He said.

“It’s okay. It was bound to happen. They constantly argue” You said.

“I’m here for you no matter what” He said.

“I know thanks. I’m here for you no matter what too” You said with a sweet smile.


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td;lr: My Marxist Professor said some wild things

So I have quite a long story for y’all regarding my Marxist professor. In fact, he’s such an interesting person that I’m not going to give him his own tag (#adventures with my marxist professor)… so if you wanna track my wild stories about him, you know where to look lmao.

So on Thursday night, he had scheduled a pub outing with he and our class. I wanted to go because the pub was located about 10 minutes (on foot) from my internship, plus I want good grades in his class and I believe that part of getting a good grade entails getting to know your professor a little better by going to his office hours and seeing him outside of class to discuss class work). 

So anyways, I show up at the pub and he’s sitting at one of the tables so I join him. What ended up happening is that nobody else in my class showed up to his pub outing invitation. It was just me and him. Me, a 21-year old American Republican, and this 32 year-old Greek Marxist. I knew it was going to be an interesting night and quite frankly, I was far from disappointed; it’s made for a great story to tell at parties and to tell anyone, really. I will certainly never forget it!

He buys me a pint of cider. I insisted on paying but he wouldn’t let me! It was really nice of him to do that. The cider tasted great. He ordered a beer. 

Anyways, we get to talking. He notices the Republican elephant necklace I’m wearing and points to it with a furrowed brow and half smile. My reflex was to tuck it back underneath my collar because I was full aware of his political views. Then he goes all “DOn’t worry, I’m not going to give you a bad grade or hate you for your political views! But I do have a question for you… why do you hate poor people?” His blunt question kind of threw me off guard so I asked him if he was being serious or sarcasm… hint: he was completely serious. So I told him that I don’t hate poor people at all. I went on to explain to him about my beliefs in low taxes and a free market, and how I don’t believe in government handouts to those who don’t want to work. 

So we end up in a heated debate. He starts telling me that he hates Capitalism and that he hates the rich because as a direct result, other people suffer. He continues to talk about wealth privilege and how Capitalism promotes that. I acknowledged his argument by saying that I felt fortunate that I was born into a well-off family, but I told him that they haven’t always been well-off. He then exclaimed, “A Republican acknowledging her privilege? That’s unusual! Not only do you benefit from wealth privilege but you also benefit from white privilege! The fact that you have blonde hair allows you to benefit from white privilege even more!” I told him I wasn’t a real blonde and he responded with “Yeah, but you look like a natural blonde so others don’t know it’s fake. If I dyed my hair blonde, everyone would know it’s fake.” 

He then went on to say that he doesn’t like Obama because he benefits from wealth privilege and he also said that Obama is still half white so benefits from white privilege too. He also claimed that Obama is more white than he is, which confused me because he’s full blood greek and I’m fairly certain that the Greeks are more white than a biracial white/black man is… unless I’m completely missing something?

Next he asks me about my views on abortion. i tell him I believe it’s morally wrong and he expresses is bafflement on how I could possibly be female AND pro life. I told him that it’s not a matter of gender, it’s matter of ethics and I believe that abortion is ethically wrong.

We discuss the Second Amendment next. He believes that people should not be allowed to own guns, I firmly disagree with that. That was the gist of that discussion. He tells me that he used guns when he fought in two wars. Which is why he has a cane – he injured his knee in war and had to get it replaced. He told me that I must love the fact that he fought in wars considering I’m a Republican and all. To be honest, I don’t automatically love someone just because they fought in a war and I’m Republican.

After our brief abortion and guns discussion, I ask him his views on Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. He was born in Moscow originally, because his parents were diplomats. He says he grew up with a lot of Communist influence so that’s sort of how he learned about Marxism and began to identify with it. He claims he is a Marxist, Leninist, and a Stalinist. I ask him how he justifies being a Stalinist even though Stalin killed millions of people, even more than Hitler did. I was worried that maybe he would deny Stalin’s atrocities like a Neo Nazi denies HItler’s atrocities, but he didn’t deny them whatsoever. He said in response that “individual life is not worth much” along with a weirdly explained, jumbled answer surrounding that explanation. I felt I may have put him in the spotlight. It made me a bit uncomfortable to be honest. 

He tells me that religion is the “opiate of the people”, as Marx said. I found it funny that he hated religion and capitalism so much considering that he teaches at a private Catholic university.

We go back to talking about Capitalism. I tell him that a person deserves money for their labor and he tells me he disagrees because every person should just willingly help out in society so no one is poor. He says he hates the rich with a passion because it isn’t fair. I retort with saying “So what you’re saying is that if one person is poor and miserable, then we should all be poor and miserable?” He says yes, and his blunt honesty shocked me but I still appreciated his honesty instead of straight up lying about it. 

Later on, things get personal. He tells me about the things that he’s gone through in the past (and boy has he had to go through A LOT OF HORRIBLE things). I’m not going to talk about them here because that stuff is real private and I promised him I wouldn’t tell anyone. 

He then tells me that I am extremely unlikeable because I come off as arrogant, standoffish, and socially… different. I ask him why and he tells me that I’m a really intense person in that my preferred topics of conversation tend to be heavy. I’m also not super bubbly and I don’t act friendly just for the sake of being friendly. He says that it’s a result of me being highly intelligent. Every time he complimented me, he would say “I can’t believe I’m actually saying this to a Republican but you’re very intelligent.” He said it was too late for me to change others’ minds of me and I said that I thought that was unfortunate because I always give people second and third chances in making impressions on me. He tells me that I’m extremely open minded as a person and again, he can’t believe he’s saying that to a Republican. 

He told me that we’re a lot alike in that we’re both really intense and intelligent people and that most people don’t like that and so they don’t want to talk to us that much. I was complimented when he told me I was highly intelligent but kinda sad when he explained how I came across to people. On the contrary, I was so relieved by is brute honesty. I knew I was having trouble socializing with people and I kept trying to figure out why. He didn’t brush things over and I appreciated that. 

We sat in the pub and talked for 4 hours. He told me that, and he can’t believe he’s saying this, but I, a Republican, held his interest and attention for 4 hours and apparently, people rarely hold his interest and attention. 

Ultimately, I have extremely mixed feelings about him. I HATE his views with a burning passion. Sometimes he hurt my feelings. But he was honest and he liked to engage in debate and he’s, although politically stupid in my opinion, generally highly intelligent. The man speaks 8 languages fluently after all! I don’t know what to think, honestly. I’m so confused!

Sparks Chapter 16

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Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 5.1K

Summary: Bucky helps y/n put together her new dresser. y/n begins to experience the stress of the job. Bucky finally begins to move on from his feelings for y/n.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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R76 Valentines Day 4: Proposal

I rarely ever do a 5+1 but really how the fuck could I pass up Gabe failing to propose to Jack 5 times because he’s a fucking perfectionist? Also Anahardt cause they’re really cute too.

AO3 mirror


It seemed sort of old fashioned to be out doing this but Gabriel sometimes felt a little old fashioned. Especially with Jack. Everyone said they were like an old married couple. But not in that they bickered (they did that sometimes) but that they just seemed to have been together for so long it was impossible to not just make everyone aware of it. Even the brass, notorious for being completely oblivious, had figured out that their Strike Commander and Blackwatch Commander were dating. Ana always complained that they made her feel like a real third wheel even when they weren’t acting like a couple because they didn’t even have to talk about anything. Just a look would do most of the time. Still, buying a ring for your boyfriend was pretty old fashioned.

Gabriel had left the watchpoint and headed into the city a bit aways. He hadn’t told anyone what he was doing and only Athena knew where he was really going because Athena just knew everything. He’d found a jewelry, not a chain place, one run by some locals who made high-quality jewelry. Athena had actually suggested it after snooping around his Google searches as she did. He’d been annoyed when she’d suggested it but now he was grateful because he would never have found this place otherwise. It was more of a gallery than a jewelry store honestly and along with the jewelry was paintings and some real weird looking sculptures.

“Hello! Let me know if I can help you with anything,” the artist behind the counter said when he entered.

Gabriel didn’t know anything so he just went up and way more awkward and shy than he’d ever been in his life- even more so than the first time he’d ever asked a guy out- he said, “I’m looking to buy a ring.”

“A ring? For yourself?”

“No. For my boyfriend,” Gabriel and their entire face shifted, lifting up just a little.

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We Do What We Do

Rucas Fic Week 2017

Day One: Canon Verse

This takes place not long after GM New World.

Riley has always been an excellent sleeper. Any time, any place, any level of noise…give her two solid minutes with her eyes closed and she can be out like a light.

Usually, anyways.

Her mind has been more restless since eighth grade started. She can’t fall asleep because she can’t stay still. Her thoughts race in her head, bouncing back and forth in every last corner, leading her to toss and turn every night. There are too many changes to process…too many questions to find answers for. There are new classes and friends, new losses to come to terms with…a new Lucas.

It’s a lot.

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