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Friendly Witchy Reminders

-It’s okay to have other interests and hobbies that are completely unrelated to magic.
-You don’t have to cast a spell every day, or even do something witchy every day. You don’t even have to do something witchy every week if you don’t want to.
-Witchcraft is allowed to just be a good hobby.
-Your skill or validity is in no way measured by how often you cast spells.
-It’s also not measured by how cluttered with stuff your room is.
-It’s okay to only cast spells every now and then out of need.
-It’s okay to not love DIYs and prefer purchasing/trading for things.
-It’s okay to make a sigil or spell and decide it is good without getting it “approved” by a more experienced witch.
-It’s okay to respectfully disagree with a more experienced witch. Everybody’s paths and beliefs are still very different.
-It’s okay to do magic that lines up with your personal ethics, but not someone else’s. It’s your spell, not theirs. You don’t have to feel bad.
-It’s a lot easier to keep yourself cleansed if you hydrate properly.
-Also if you take your meds.
-It’s okay to take something and adapt it to be less problematic, more accessible, etc. Progress is good.
-It’s okay to change your mind about things or admit you were wrong. It means that you have grown.
-It’s okay if you’ve never had a profound spiritual experience. Most of us haven’t.
-None of us have it all put together like social media would have it look. We’re all just figuring it out as we go!

I’ve been posting spells, but I was wondering, do you want some help learning how to write your own spells? I always write my own and if I use someome elses, it is always tweaked. I could write a series of posts on how to write and implement different kinds of spells. It would be a lot of work, so I am only going to do it if people are interested. Let me know if that sounds helpful and I will get write on it!

Genuinely Confused and Frustrated

So I’m not trying to be rude, I just want to know…As someone who is a stickler for proper spelling (most of the time), I am genuinely confused and frustrated by all of the posts that spell “sweetie” as “sweaty.” Sweaty means to be covered in sweat, and is most certainly not a term of endearment.

Is this a colloquial thing or some internet thing that I’m missing out on? Or is this done on purpose because they are satirical posts? Or do people just not know how to spell? Someone please enlighten me, because it bugs me every time I see a post like that.

My Guardian (Part 12)

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1140

Warnings: swearing, hints of cheating (kind of?), angst.

My Guardian Master List

**I am sooooo sorry this took so long for me to write. Like I stated before, I wrote several drafts, all of which I didn’t like. So, here’s this.

Cas rolled his eyes as he leaned back in his chair. He had listened to the Winchester brothers bicker for over an hour and had nothing useful to show for it. Sam had researched for hours, trying to figure out how to find Crowley, but he found no leads. Dean, well, he had nothing to offer either, but he insisted a spell wouldn’t help.

“We already tried a spell, Sammy. Look at how that worked out!” Dean shouted at his brother in an abnormally gruff voice. “She has no fucking soul!”

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patronusly-charming  asked:

Top Six YouTubers ((if you watch any)) or Top Six instruments

1) Phil Lester <3 -amazingphil

2) Dan Howell <3 -danisnotonfire

3) Miles Makenna- mileschronicles (idk how to spell their last name)

4) Weston Koury- wes10 (idk I think? Maybe just weston koury)

5) TT Bret (asktheboywholived on tumblr)

6) Allison (@lockhart-imagines

(and for instruments it would have to go: Guitar, piano, ukelele, trombone, saxaphone, drums)

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Headcannon of s/o propossing (that's not how you spell it, the marriage thing) to King Dorephan, with Sidon and the rest of the zora kingdom in the room ^-^

S/o Proposing to Dorephan

  • It’s the middle of a grand celebration in the kingdom that day.
  • Everyone has gathered for a feast in the palace, and there’s dancing, music- an overall great evening.
  • S/o goes up to Dorephan- everyone knows at this point that they are in love, so this isn’t particularly attention-getting
    • Until they kneel and present him with armor they made, and propse to him
  • The fact they made armor for him, given his size, is jaw dropping, and everyone is waiting to see his response.
    • Sidon is giddy with excitement, watching while he’s nearly vibrating.
  • When Dorephan lifts them up and pulls them close, a sincere yes in the air, people break out in cheers.
    • Sure there’s a few people who don’t approve, but over all, there’s a lot of cheering.

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Sry for this but is Jena pronounced "Jenna" or "Gina"? :x

Like “Jenna” (which is coincidentally how EVERYONE SPELLS MY NAME)

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Chamoy refers to a variety of savory sauces and condiments in Mexican cuisine made from pickled fruit. Chamoy may range from a liquid to a paste consistency, and typically its flavor is salty, sweet, sour, and spiced with chiles. (And why are u triggered?)

I know what it is I just forgot how to spell it XD

I live in a Mexican like community with Mexican parents pff

And cus I had to play tambourine for a Christmas song and struggled qwq

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55. tumblr friends

Oh my goodness, there’s so many! 

@maisontherose, @lassdentraumgeschehen, @superbroadwaygeekme, @thatwolfprince, @clichenuance, @littlemissthistle, @kys-kaleidoscope, @fang-and-fin/irl friend, @danclarkeurbobbies/irl friend, @thnkvoid, @crystalsarecool, @violetxsilverxstark, @hisangelofmusic, @where-is-your-red-scaaf, @1nspiredbythew0rld, @ravenclawsoprano, @darksideofthez, @weirdness55460, @val-jeanval and I know there are more, I just don’t know how to spell their usernames! 

Thank you for asking!! :D