and how there was someone else there with him

I think my favourite thing about Keith being the leader is that he just accepts it.

He doesn’t run away. He doesn’t try to pawn it off on someone else. He doesn’t try to make excuses.

He’s sad about Shiro disappearing but he puts his grief aside for the greater good. He puts it aside because he knows it’s what Shiro would do. Shiro believed in him enough to be the leader. He trusted that Keith would live up to his fullest abilities. 

Keith never wanted to be the leader but now that he is, he’s being the best damn leader he can be. He’s trying to lead like how Shiro would but he’s also doing it his own way.

You want me to lead Voltron? This is how I lead Voltron

From this line alone you can see how he feels about being the leader. He doesn’t want to be the leader. He knows that it’s not his thing but he also knows that he doesn’t have a choice in the matter so if he’s going to be the leader, then he’s going to do it the only way he knows how. His way.

And I think this, right here, says a lot about his character. 

Keith doesn’t like to be put outside his comfort zone. If he doesn’t like something, he avoids it but if something happens that forces him outside his comfort zone, he doesn’t avoid it. He assesses the situation. He weighs his options. He thinks. He analyses. He strategises. Keith faces all his problems head on, regardless if he wants to or not. 

Keith always has a plan. He may not be a genius like Pidge and able to come up with solutions to every problem but you give him enough time and Keith knows what to do. It may not be foolproof. It may have risks but at least he knows what to do. He knows what steps to take to achieve the task at hand.

People say that Keith is impulsive but I believe it’s more complex than just being hot-headed. I see it as Keith isn’t necessarily impulsive but he is quick to trust his own judgement.

Think about it. Keith has been alone for most of his life. The only person to tell him right from wrong was Shiro but for most of it, he only had himself. He didn’t have anyone to tell him that what he was doing was impulsive or that there were other ways.

Keith is smart in his own way. He knows how to assess situations and come up with a solution. Granted it may not be the smartest or complex plan but it’s enough to solve the problem at hand. At least in Keith’s mind.

He trusts his judgement but he also acknowledges when other people have a better plan than him.

For example, in “Return to the Balmera”. Keith had a plan on how to get rid of the sentries and stop the galra ships. It wasn’t that good but at least it was a plan but then Lance proposed an alternate plan. What did Keith do? He acknowledged it was better and followed Lance’s lead. He knows how to take care of himself but he also knows when to follow someone else.

Another example is “The Belly of the Weblum”. Keith knows that Hunk is smarter than him and that Hunk would be the one to know what to do in this situation. Keith could have thought of a plan but he knew that Hunk was more knowledgeable. He knew that Hunk would have a better plan than he would.

Keith is so much more complex than we give him credit for. People were so adamant against him being the leader and distrusting because of Keith’s personality. Yes, Keith never wanted to be the leader but just because someone is uncomfortable with something doesn’t mean they can’t rise to the occasion when there are no other options.

Shiro knew this. He knew Keith didn’t want to be the leader but he trusted in Keith’s abilities. He knew that Keith would face the situation head on. He knew that Keith would realise that this is something he couldn’t avoid and give it his best shot. Shiro knows that Keith is so much more than anyone gives him credit for.

Keith may not want to be the leader but that won’t stop him from being the best leader he can possibly be. A leader Shiro would be proud of.

Choi Minki Harry Potter AU

  • choi minki was the bane of your existence
  • as a slytherin, he was your absolute rival– you two were always competing in class to get more house points and to be more correct
  • you were always able to do better than him in potions, while he beat you in charms, but everything else was fair game
  • to be honest, you weren’t really sure when exactly the whole rivalry thing had started, but even the sight of choi minki made you want to punch something
  • especially considering he was so handsome– how the hell did god think it was fair to give someone so smart good looks as well?
  • your housemate, minhyun, was also good friends with minki, and seemed to find amusement in the whole thing
  • and it wasn’t even the fact that he was a gryffindor that caused it- you had plenty of gryffindor friends
  • no, there was just something about choi minki that made your blood boil
  • one day, you were in divinations when minki was asked a question
  • “mr. choi, can you describe a method used in ovomancy?” trelawney had asked, raising an eyebrow
  • minki had simply shaken his head,and you scoffed in your seat
  • the attention of the class turned to you two, and minki rolled his eyes
  • “what, you know the answer, ms. know it all?”
  • “aw, thanks,” you said in a sickly sweet voice, “i appreciate the compliment. and yes, professor trelawney, ovomancy uses eggs, cracking them open to see which way they fall.”
  • “Very good, (y/n),” trelawney beamed, clapping her hands
  • minki rolled his eyes again, “literally why would you need to answer that question?”
  • “Um, maybe because someone here couldn’t?”
  • “you should just let professor teach her lessons.”
  • you got to your feet, glaring at minki, “yeah, and part of her lesson was asking for students’ input.”
  • “and she asked for my input,” minki shot back, getting to his feet as well
  • “and your input was wrong,” you snapped, “god, can you stop blabbering before i hex you into next week?”
  • “oh please, i’d like to see you try.”
  • and that was how you and minki destroyed half of trelawney’s tea cups, sending charms and hexes at each other in the middle of class, ending up in the hospital wing with various afflictions
  • “this is all your fault,” minki snarked, “if you hadn’t answered, i wouldn’t have hexed you in the first place.” he was in the hospital bed across from yours, and leaned up onto his elbows to look at you
  • “yah, you’re the one who got hecka butthurt about the whole thing,” you snapped, crossing your arms
  • yeah, the two of you were insufferable
  • one time, you were walking down one of the corridors on the fourth floor when you heard someone groan
  • a group of younger slytherins were hexing the shit out of this muggle-born second year, and you rushed over, wand brandished
  • oppugno!”
  • relashio!”
  • you looked up to see minki striding towards the cluster of people as well, wand pointed out
  • the two of you started sending jinxes and hexes like there was no tomorrow, wands flicking quickly as you separated the idiots from the poor second-year
  • once they were all clustered together, one of them sporting huge boils on his face, another with cat paws and a dolphin nose, you glared at them
  • “you lot aren’t slytherins,” you hissed, “you’re cowards. leave.” they just stared at you, in complete fright of such an older, more powerful slythering, “i said fucking go!” you waved your wand at them, making them all scramble off
  • “nice teamwork,” minki said from behind you in a slightly amused voice, supporting the limp second-year with his shoulder
  • you rushed to his side, helping him support the poor kid
  • “i did it for him, not for you,” you retorted, looking the other way
  • “well, regardless, we worked well together,” minki chuckled as you sniffed, rolling your eyes
  • you were studying with some of your friends in the slytherin dungeon– or actually, ranting about how irritating minki had been in transfiguration– when one of your friends had commented that maybe you hated minki so much because you actually liked him
  • “actually how does that make sense,” you wrinkled your nose
  • but the more you thought about it
  • you realized that you were fucked
  • seeing minki in class the day made your cheeks heat up as you remembered the words of your friend from the day before
  • you tried to brush the thoughts from your mind, even asking one of your housemates to the yule ball
  • you were actually looking forward to it, making the attempt to dress nicely and impress your date
  • however, he ended up being a total asshole, and at one point during the ball, he even asked you if you were gonna hook up with him at the end of it
  • furious, you stormed off, heading back to the dungeons like the apparently unlikable person you were
  • “(y/n)?” you heard choi minki say tentatively, and you groaned, turning around
  • the last person you wanted to see to remind you of all your failures
  • “are you…crying?”
  • “no!” you furiously wiped at your eyes, trying to cover your face with your hair so that he couldn’t see
  • “you have been crying,” minki said, concerned
  • he walked up to you, holding out a handkerchief, which you timidly accepted, blotting your eyes with it
  • “what happened?” he asked, clearly worried, “why were you crying?”
  • you shook your head, “it’s nothing.”
  • “you’re crying, though,” he pointed out, “it was clearly something.”
  • you sighed, shrugging, “i guess tonight just reminded me how useless I really am.”
  • “you’re not useless, (y/n),” minki said fiercely, “you’re one of the smartest, wittiest people I know, and any guy would be lucky to date you.”
  • you rolled your eyes, “minki, you’re just saying that to make me feel better. you literally hate me.”
  • “(y/n),” minki said softly, looking you straight in the eye, “i don’t hate you, and i know that you don’t hate me.”
  • you stared at him for a moment, clutching the handkerchief a little tighter
  • then suddenly, you were kissing, his lips on yours as your back hit the stone wall of the corridor, winding your hand behind his neck
  • when the two of you parted for hair, you stared at minki, who smirked back
  • “like i said, any guy would be lucky to date you,” he said with a small smile, reaching down to hold your hand
  • “well, i guess you got lucky, choi minki,” you teased back, your normal self back once again
  • somewhere in the castle, minhyun was giggling bc he totally called that

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Hi!!! Could I maaaaybe get some Roadhog headcanons where his s/o just loves his body and how big he is, both SFW and NSFW?? I'm crushing hard on the hog right now and I would love if you could bring that to life ;3 Thanks babes!!

  • Roadhog has always been pretty content with his body, but having someone else tell him he looks good is such a bizarre experience for him.
  • He lives on your praise and you really boost his confidence.
  • His response to every insult on his appearance after hooking up with you: “Okay but my s/o thinks I’m sexy so, your point?”
  • He does this really cute thing where he lets out a little giggle snort and puffs his chest whenever you tell him he looks good. 


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Suppressed? But Jack has been giving you lots of opportunities to come out. Ignored? But the fandom has been coming with theory after theory, practically begging you to come out again. Unpredictable? But we all knew that Halloween 2016 was going to end in something terrible. My question is... Is Anti talking about himself or someone else? Chase? Schneeple? Jacakboyman? Jack himself?

Hm…That’s a good question! Because none of those even remotely apply to the community. Hell we’d probably summon him ourselves if we could.

I think that The “suppressed” and “ignored” thing are angled towards Jack, and “unpredictable” is probably Anti referring to himself. But! Only time will tell.

but if anti seriously WAS talking to us then imma smack him because all we do is talk about him how tf are we ignoring him

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I sent you the ask about Candy finding out Castiel has been hurt. Maybe instead of from Candy's perspective, could you write how Castiel would react to Candy finding out, and how he wants to be comforted? I just see so much of the boys taking care of Candy but I want to see the boys being taken care of! Thank you!! 💘

  • Castiel is at first annoyed with how big of a deal Candy is making this out to be. He’s fine, calm down. Even though he’s not fine lol. He tries to put up this act but if you’re really his girlfriend you’ll know he’s lying.
  • But he also kind of likes it because he doesn’t get that kind of comfort all that often because his parents are gone. Poor Cas is pretty much on his own so he’s not used to it and it actually feels really nice to have someone else keeping him company.
  • You see a more vulnerable side to Castiel. He’s less snarky and sarcastic, and more gentle and he just wants to be babied tbh. He likes being able to depend on someone other than himself for once.
  • Don’t be misled though, he’s still a snarky bastard. He uses his injuries as an excuse to make you do things for him. “Sweet cheeks, can you get me a soda? I’m in pain.” Yeah, SuRe yoU ArE CaSTIeL
  • It makes him really happy seeing that you’re willing to go that far in order to make sure he’s okay. Really he doesn’t even want you to pamper him, just be by his side and talk to him and he’ll be content. Keep him entertained, cuddle him, play in his hair. Just don’t be overly doting.
  • Maybe give him a nice massage? Or if he’s like in pain or can’t walk properly just help him get around and stuff. Spoil him with affection, give him something to eat, and make sure you force him to take his pain meds because he won’t.

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whatevr da fuck you want honestly. I JUST NEED SOME BLUSHY ALLEN



- we all know the cowlick is a thing
- but holy mother of fuck if you’re usually quiet and um someone who isn’t really affectionate
- and you hit on him just once
- he might act all smooth and flirt back
- but after you’re gone or when he’s alone he’ll lose his shit
- Just. Catch. Him. Off. Guard
- lemme see what else
- wear his huge ass shades
- he’ll faint
- either out of cuteness or anger
- but his blushing state never lasts long tho
- I’m too hungry to think rn haha

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Can I just shout my love for the RM mixtape into your askbox for a sec? Cause like everyone hypes Agust D (rightfully so) but can we just appreciate RM's completely baldfaced interrogation of identity and the facets of ourselves that don't agree with each other?? Like, Yoongi is asking 'why am I like this?' in Agust D and that's an important question, but Nams asks 'what am I?' and it takes some serious cajones to open yourself that way and I needed to hear someone else struggle with this, too.


rm is amazing it did so much for me I can’t even put it into words. identity was such a fucked struggle for me at the time – still is – n listening to him open about it n resolve to over come it did more for me than anything anyone I know ever did. he means so much that mixtape is so important I hate how it’s slept on

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How would workers in the studio react if one of there family members was visiting the studio?

(( …like how would everyone else deal with someone having a visitor? aside from a few of the Really Friendly People like Susie trying to talk to them, its business as usual - people got stuff to do. the person with the visitor would tend to them and send them off. also Joey would be Pissed if they just let the person in question walk into the studio without letting him know first. he’s gotta hide the toons n what not :P visits (especially spontaneous ones) are discouraged.))

Okay so I don’t know what it is but like has anyone else noticed how freaking good Brian’s been looking lately? 

Not that he hasn’t always looked good, like anyone who’s been around this blog knows how much I love Brian and find him attractive, but y’know when you see someone a lot and those feelings of ‘holy fuck they look good’ kinda simmers down, that’s what happened, but now it’s like whoa, he looking mighty fine!

Like what is it? Has he gotten a hair cut, is the beard different? Is my brain just waking up again?  

It’s like 4:00am and I am about to go to sleep so excuse the weirdness, but like everyone gets what I mean right? 

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Hello Harold! May I ask how you and Billy met?

It started when George noticed I had a crush.

GEROGE: I’d say it was more than a crush. You scribbled all over the rough draft.

HAROLD: At least it was the rough draft!

It only got worse after that. I’ve only passed Billy in hallways and stared at the back of his head in class. George says that it was worse than I remember it being. I was just too shy to talk to him so I did what anyone else would do.

Stare longingly until someone made a move.

That person was George when we were sitting down for lunch.

GEORGE: By the way, I invited a friend. He should be here any minute.

HAROLD: Which friend?

GEORGE: Billy.

But as it turns out not everything was a disaster. I found out that he thought I was really cool and always wanted to be my friend. After that, we exchanged numbers and… You know the rest.

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In the human au, what does Trevor do/how does he interact w/the characters?

trevor is… creepy. he’s nitram’s stalker.

most of the other characters don’t like him, and he doesn’t like them! he’s a social outcast, a bit weird, obsessive with what he likes. but he’s an alright kid. nitram’s the first person to show any sort of affection towards him, and he latches on to it to a highly obsessive level. nitram leaves him when trevor threatens someone else for spending time with nitram, and soon files a restraining order.

trevor eventually moves on after a couple of years.

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I will NEVER understand how Matty is a fucking BLACK BELT in Karate, yet he claims that he can't fight. He's supposedly used sexual advances as a means to get out fighting with guys (calling them baby and telling them he'd suck them off), and he's said that his hands are not meant for fighting, but he's an actual fucking black belt in karate and I've heard him threaten to kick someone's ass at two different shows. Anyone else so confused? Matthew. Black belt. Karate. Walking contradiction. Why.

Maybe he’s one of those people who like, only uses their karate skills for self defense or for like serious situations? Like he doesn’t want to use it on any trivial fight, but if the time came, he’d totally whip it out and knock someone the fuck out? Idk, he’s a mystery!!!!

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No I don't. I sometimes get horribily frustrated and sad with the experience of being in the fandom as a Namjoon stan- you know how it is- but I can't imagine having anyone else as my bias, as much as I love the others. The thought of changing my bias actually repulses me. But I've seen joon stans that didn't feel the same way and are ex-joon stans now. So I wanted to know how you feel about it.

ah. yeah I can really understand that just from a “being a namjoon stan in this fandom sucks ass” bc fr army is such shit to him. but also, like you, I can’t imagine stanning someone else like… honestly if I dropped namjoon I’d probs also drop bts

This is happy I promise

Every other day since Collins MMBC ended (which don’t forget is like May in Clover continuity), Rafferty Cordelia has wondered how fast and how severely Missy had to readjust and change her definition of “love” to be able to say that she loved him her with a straight face that night

Missy isn’t a skilled liar, if she even lies at all; Cordelia’s certainly never seen her lie; but the part of his her brain that is clawing at itself and scratching out the pronouns in internal and external speech hisses that Missy has gotten far better at it since being with Cordelia, since Asha and Cheyenne and Gretta stripped everyone else bar Ian from her

You become dependent on someone and you learn to lie for them fast - you’d know that well wouldn’t you Rafferty

But damnit, Cordelia loves her, loves her strength and what of her honesty she’s retained, it’s a huge part of what drew him her to Missy in the first place, 

and every day, every time Missy says it through her blood-red lips, it does sound more convincing and real in his her rattling fragmented skull, and she believes it for a time and says it back


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Someone asked him that at a Q&A, he said psychology or music!!

Awwww how cute! He’d totally do music though. I mean what else?

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I just realized how much of the Iron Man movies are about tony stark saving himself or his interests rather than saving other people. There are moments where he does save people, sure, but the villains are ultimately concerned with taking from stark or killing stark or usurping stark, and the plot is pretty much him trying to fix that more than anything else.

I mean, Iron Man was literally conceived as an attempt to get young liberals of the sixties to sympathize with someone that represented everything they hate, so it’s no surprise he’s generally a bit of a Randian character.

have a good boi i used for coloring practice