and how there was someone else there with him

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i broke up w my bf after realizing im gay last month. he was a nice person afaik so we stayed friends and it worked up til now. problem is he’s RLLY codependent and even tho he knows i only like girls he’s started to ask if ill date him again rlly often. i have no spine so i kinda broke down and agreed. so we’re back together but im still gay (so, not interested) and i started crying last night over how stupid i was to do this but he panics when he thinks ive “changed my mind.” idk what to do,

here’s what you do: break up with him and cut contact. he obviously doesn’t care about your feelings or else he’d respect that you’re gay and you don’t want to be in this relationship. he doesn’t care about you, just about having someone there to support him. this guy is a fucking asshole and i kinda want to kill him lol but i’d settle for you being safely and happily out of his reach. break up with him firmly, tell him that you don’t exist to support him. do this over the phone preferably, it’s a lot harder (and possibly dangerous) in person. if he starts trying to guilt trip you, block him on every platform possible and refuse to see or talk to him. really you should do that preemptively because he will try to guilt trip you. that’s what they do

so, in honour of having survived the first week of classes, i’ve decided to make a list of some of the best quotes from my classes (nearly half of which were said by professors)

  • “cain killed abel in an unfortunate disagreement about sacrifices”
  • “there, i made it about god, can I talk about pagans now?”
  • “what’s the deal with all the one-eyed people?” “keep an eye on them”
  • “the romans saw the picts as naked losers”
  • “loki was everyone’s annoying younger brother until the christians showed up” “yeah, the whole baldr thing was only barely his fault”
  • “i can’t pronounce his name, so i’m just gonna call him the guy until someone else says it so i can copy how they say it”
  • “he’s dying, but, like, in a sexy way”
  • “this gave us many of the monsters from legend, including Angelina Jolie”
  • “seven was a magic number, so him having seven fingers on each hand makes him the epitome of sexiness for them”
  • “so the five year old hulks out and kills a bunch of people”
  • “if you relax your eyes, what can you see?” “an octopus”
  • “wow, the celts made boar sculptures, i’m so surprised”
  • “since she’s basing all her arguments off a manuscript that no longer exists, we’re just gonna call this speculation”
  • “the picts also walked off with buckets and buckets of roman coins that they had no use for, cause they didn’t have a monetary system”
  • “it’s cubism in the 3rd century”
  • “animal salad is my new favourite phrase”
  • “what animal do you think it’s meant to be?” “well, it’s squiggly, so i’m gonna say it’s a serpent” “it’s a horse”

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1/2 Hi Lynne, I'm really sorry for your decision to abandon the cc fandom but I agree with you about everything. I'm sad right now because this is the first blog I followed about c and d a few years ago when I first suspect that there may be something else between them. You gave me hope when I was angry for all the bulshit that she did, I really don't know how he can be with someone like that, I thought that he was a different kind of man.

2/2 Now however, I’ve had enough, I’m a very sensitive girl and today when I’ve read the news I felt truly truly awful, so I’ve decided just like you that I will no longer follow him and what he does. I’m so tired of all of this but thank you for everything you’ve done and for giving me a moment of joy when I was sad and lonely. Sorry for my English but I’m Italian. Hope you’ll reply, love Rosy.

Hi Rosy! I am humbled by your comments, you are very sweet. Look, I’m not leaving the CC fandom, I’m leaving (on hiatus?) the D fandom. IDK how long it’ll be until the dust clears, but deep inside of me there’s hope that it will. His good buddy, Alan Cum/ming married a woman for many years before coming out as bisexual. Many, many other countless people got “engaged” or married before they came out. Never say never.

I hope you’ll still stick around on my blog - I hope with other things (incl Klai/ne) I can bring you more joy. We need more joy in this world.

BTW, my husband’s side of the family is Italian - perhaps someday we’ll visit there and you can be my travel guide! Have a wonderful day!

Leia sends Ben a holo telling him that Luke finally told her the truth. She apologizes for ever sending him away, tells him she still loves him and misses him, and that’s she proud of him for defeating Snoke.

Then she starts talking about what a nice girl Rey is and how much she LOVES to hear stories about him and dropping a ton of unsubtle hints that he should hurry and snatch her up before someone else does.

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My ex-boyfriend just got a new girlfriend, just when i was falling in love with him again, and i really want to punch someone or something and cry and write sad poetry at the same time. Have you got any tips on how to deal with this situation?

My advice is punch something (soft) and then cry and then write some sad poetry and then call a friend and ask them to come over so you can watch dumb things and eat junk food and distract yourself because sometimes you just need someone else to force you outside of your own thoughts. 

Hope you feel better, anon. <3 

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If kissing meant dating then you would be dating like half the school. It's a manly thing you did. Plus I'm sure you kissed someone else more times, unless I'm mistaken

…….How many people have I kissed….and how??? With…these…things…??” He opens his mouth to point at his teeth, but accidentally pricks his thumb in the process. It was a complete mystery to him.

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3,4,43 with Robb Stark.

3, 4, 43 - “No matter what anyone says, I love you”, “Let’s try it again”, “You can trust me”

You and Robb had been friends ever since you could remember, as you had been raised by the Starks after your parents’ tragic deaths, you played with him as a child, argued with him as a teenager, and then stuck by his side as an adult; but there was always a little something between you and Robb, from the jealous glances when one of you was getting a little bit too close to someone else, to the longing gazes and the tight hugs, plus the additional kiss on the cheek or forehead that tended to linger for much longer than it should have. 

But after a few events that left you both battered and broken, Robb couldn’t help but to tell you how he felt. 

“(Y/N),” he beckoned, pulling you into one of his bear hugs. “I need to tell you something.” 

“Go for it,” you shrugged. “You know you can trust me with anything.” 

“I know…” the young Stark nodded. “Which is why I’m saying this now… no matter what anyone says, I love you, and no matter what anyone does, I’m going to protect you.” 

“You better not,” you joked. “I can’t have you endangering yourself because I got a splinter now, can I?” 

“You know what I mean,” Robb rolled his eyes at you and smirked. 

“I know,” you grinned. “And I love you too.” 

It was at that moment that he went in to kiss you, but instead, accidentally poked your eye with his thumb when he tried to cup your cheek. 

“Shit,” he looked away, biting his lip. “Sorry.” 

“It’s fine,” you reassured, taking both of his hands in yours. “Let’s try it again, perhaps, somewhere more private?” 

You’re probably one of my favourite anons ever

Happy didn’t know many big words, or many fancy words at that to talk about how someone looked but right now he only needed ‘beautiful’.

Rainbows bounced off glimmering scales in the low afternoon sun and the chatter of the market were tuned out as all his sense went to them, little paws outstretched and curled around them despite the vendor’s shouts.

It’s like they were made for him, how they laid perfectly in his paws, weight comfortingly heavy as he eased away from the stall unaware of the vendor’s shouts and heavy footsteps behind him as Happy’s world was finally complete.

The law has no strength when it compares to the love between cat and fish.

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hi amanda! This question might be too personal so feel free to delete it but I was wondering if your bf knows about roleplay? I've also been dating my bf for almost two years and he's super accepting and loving so I'm sure he wouldn't mind it (and therefore I have little reason to keep it a secret) but I'm just not sure how to go about explaining it to him.

I think he semi-knows because I remember telling him about a group once or twice. But overall, no I don’t think he does? I would personally explain it to my boyfriend as like: “writing a story with someone else one paragraph at a time”, y’know? Cause that’s basically all it is

And remember that rping is definitely nothing to be ashamed of! It’s just another hobby. If your boyfriend is loving & understanding, I believe explaining it to him will be a breeze :-) I wish the best of luck & you can def come back (via IM or ask anonymously again) and tell me how it went!!

some of you: lance bottles up his emotions and suffers in silence uwu

lance, upon feeling an emotion:

have a good boi i used for coloring practice


Jakob’s laugh is a gift from God


it was your life or his…and he chose you


Dacre Montgomery, the man who plays the part of Billy Hargrove, says that Billy’s comments to Lucas were not racially charged and that it has nothing to do with race.

I literally just stumbled across this article that was published a day ago and, wow, I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who thought that Billy would’ve done the same thing had the person been white. Even the actor believes Billy would’ve done the same regardless of who it was–Lucas or Dustin.

Heroes of Olympus as popular text posts pt2
  • Percy: ''If u can’t handle me at my worst, u don’t deserve me at my longest yeah boi ever''
  • Annabeth: ''Do you ever want to gently float up to someone and whisper “this isn’t a debate; i am actually educated on the subject and i’m telling you you’re wrong”''
  • Jason: ''I'm adopting everyone im tired of seeing people suffer bad experiences due to their shitty parents. i am your dad now''
  • Piper: ''How to kiss a boy: 1. grab his waist, 2. slip your hand in his pocket, 3. steal his wallet, 4. dont even kiss him, 5. just run.''
  • Leo: ''If the phantom of the opera has taught me anything it’s that if all else fails you set the place on fire and cry''
  • Hazel: ''I told a lady i really liked ghosts and she said “are you being serious or are you just saying that in case one is listening”''
  • Frank: ''You’re yelling? at ME? the one person who has never done anything wrong ever?????''
  • Nico: ''White lips, pale face, im gay, outer space''
  • Reyna: ''My body is 80% respect women juice, the other 20% is im gay juice''

Haggar set Narti up to get killed, and break up Lotor’s support system… Half the internet is all “FUCK LOTOR I HATE HIS GUTS” while ignoring that Haggar might as well have been holding the sword…

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do you have any Shiro and Allura friendship headcanons?

This is a healing prompt.

  • They’ve bonded over how fucking awful their coping skills are but also gently call each other out when they cope too far.
  • They both like to complain about how reckless the team is but whenever they’re paired together on a mission they have literally Zero Common Sense.
    • Shiro: (looks up) Give me a boost?
    • Allura: (grabs him by the collar and bodily chucks him upward)
    • Shiro: (hijacks a passing Galra cruiser and takes control of it)
    • The other paladins: WHAT THE FU
  • Whenever one tries to get the other to like, take a break, it immediately triggers person b’s need to take care of everyone.
    • Shiro: Princess, you need to rest. I can watch over for-
    • Allura: Don’t be daft Shiro, you need rest far more than I do, you need to sleep. I can hold the fort down while you-
    • Shiro: No, no, I took a nap a few hours ago, you on the other hand haven’t sat down all day, I’m more than able-
    • (this continues for several minutes until Coran kicks them both out)
  • Shiro isn’t very comfortable around Allura when she uses her magic. He thinks she hasn’t noticed. Allura doesn’t know how to bring it up.
  • Allura graciously allows Shiro to borrow Coran.
    • Just kidding. She is So Pleased when Coran decides that Shiro is starved of love and support and starts smothering him instead. Like, she loves Coran, she really does, but it’s so nice to see Coran wrap someone else in bubble wrap for a change.
    • Allura: Shiro is truly a leader… Sacrificing himself for the good of his team.
    • Keith: (solemnly) He is.
    • Shiro, moving around the table in front of them, trying to escape Coran: Coran I am a grown-ass man, please stop trying to make me wear a sweater.
    • Coran: But it’s cold!
    • Allura: His courage shall not be forgotten.
  • The two of them are surprisingly the biggest sports aficionados on the team. They love teaching each other about their planets’ sports/sports culture, and have even used the Castle’s neuron link thing to project their favorite remembered games to each other, lol. They also fixed the hologram room just so Shiro could show Allura an example football game.
    • Lance: … Did Shiro just invent Space Madden NFL?
  • Adding to the above, both love learning about the different kinds of sports across the galaxy, and while they can’t always have the time to catch a game, they record ones when they can or listen using the Castle’s radio.
    • They get really into it like, imagine Shiro wearing the beer can hat and Allura shape-shifting into the team’s colors. They love the skill, strategy, and competition of it all.
  • Shiro once brought Allura a sparkly souveneir and immediately won the undying loyalty of the mice.