and how terribly he's going to miss her

TBBT Season 9 Shamy Reunion (OS)

Hi everyone so, yesterday I wrote a few lines and asked you if you would like to read more, and here I am now. Enjoy this OneShot ! I know some of you are not comfortable with Amy having a complete makeover, and trust me, me neither. But as I love Mayim’s everyday look, I thought I should give it a try. Enough jibber jabber ;)

Amy returned from her two months long vacation completely energized and full with positivity. During her years at Cal-Tech she had accumulated several weeks of vacation she never took. Since her decision to take a break from Sheldon, she decided to take them all at once and to go for a long and sunny break, far from Pasadena, far from him.
She enjoyed herself in Florida, even though she missed him terribly. She resisted many times to call him, she just kept contact with Penny and Bernadette, and asked them how he was doing. She felt terrible when the girls said he wasn’t really the same without her, but the guilt was gone when she remembered when he left without saying goodbye.

A few days after her come back in California, she decided to go to work. She needed to focalize on her study, she knew she will have a lot to catch up. She got ready for work, and couldn’t help but notice the changes in her look. No more glasses, she broke them in Florida and decided to go for lenses instead. No more straight hair, they were slightly lighter because of the beach, and a little wavy, she liked it this way. No more layers of cardigans, she kept it simple : a pair of jeans, a pretty shirt and she was ready to go. She took her time, and applied a little bit of makeup on her eyes, some blush to go with her tan and a clear gloss. She remembered the girl’s nights when Penny gave her mini makeovers, she was now able to do it herself.

She left her apartment and headed to Cal-Tech. She was anxious, she wasn’t really ready to confront Sheldon, even though she missed him terribly. She pulled in the parking lot a few moments later and entered the building. She took a beeline from her car to her lab, too anxious to cross him in the hallway.
She worked a couple of hours before heading to the cafeteria for lunch.
She met a few of her colleagues on her way, and didn’t even realized their chocked expression when they saw her so… feminine and glowing.
She entered the cafeteria and once again every look was for her, and once again, she didn’t realize it. She was about to get a cold drink from the machine when she heard a loud boom coming from the other corner of the room. She turned to face no one else but Dr. Sheldon Cooper, who has just dropped his food on the floor. Their eyes immediately locked with each other, her emerald eyes meeting his blue dazzling ones. His jaw dropped the second he saw her, she was so different… he missed the old Amy, but deep down he knew the new Amy will be just as amazing. He carefully took a step forward, waiting for her reaction. She took a step forward too. Everyone stopped talking and only had eyes for the couple. Of course everyone knew them, and their history. They kept taking steps towards each other until they were only a few inches away. He could smell her hair, and gently removed a lock and put it behind her ear. They felt like they were alone, as everyone around them hold their breath.

Amy grabbed him by his shirt and kissed him, she waited way too long, she didn’t care for his reaction towards PDA. He immediately reciprocated the kiss, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her closer, until there were no more space between their bodies. She removed her hands from his shirt and put them around his neck, and he deepened the kiss. It was a passionate kiss, but sweet at the same time. They were woken up from their idle by all the cafeteria cheering and clapping for them. They laughed and Sheldon grabbed her hand and led her outside. They drove to his apartment, kissing at every stop, every red light, giggling and holding hands all the way. Sheldon was so excited he couldn’t even find the right key for his apartment so Amy grabbed them and opened the door. They didn’t even noticed Penny and Leonard sitting on the couch, completely surprised. Sheldon took Amy’s hand and ran to his bedroom before slamming the door behind him.
“Was this Amy?” Penny asked Leonard, her eyes almost popping from her skull.
“I..I don’t know.. shall we ask?”
They approached Sheldon’s bedroom and heard a familiar giggle and the sound of clothes dropping on the floor.
“Amy is that you?” Penny asked, hesitantly, not sure of the identity of the mysterious Brunette in Sheldon’s room.
“Yes Bestie, I..Sheldon ahah, I can’t really talk right know” Amy said, between giggles.
“Yeah Go Away!” Sheldon yelled, what made Amy laugh again.
“O-okay…” Penny said. She and Leonard kept looking at each other completely in chock, they could read ‘OMGGG’ in each others eyes.
They decided to leave the apartment and to give them privacy.

Sheldon and Amy spent all day in his room, catching up with not two months of missed love and affection, but five years.

current social status: in an ocean of tears for charlie’s death

he’s been dying to see her all week. their FaceTime chat hadn’t worked out how he wanted it too and now here he was, climbing up the back wall of her house, trying to make his way into her room. he’d missed her so much; he made a terrible mistake of letting her go. his excuse was stupid and pathetic; why did he ruin something so good over his little fears? his digits make his way into the opening of her room window as he lifts his legs up to jump inside her room carefully and quietly. once he’s settled in, he smiles and mutters softly, “hi, j. i know it’s late and i’m not supposed to be here but…i really wanted to see you.”

My girlfriend came to Michigan to see me on Wednesday and her plane left back to New York this morning. I was listening to our playlist on my walk to 7/11 and started crying from how much I miss her. I got in the store and got my slurpee and went to pay and a veteran was there and he saw me crying. He told me he was going to pay for my slurpee and I told him that that was sweet but he didn’t have to and he said “I’ve seen terrible things in my youngest years, but the worst is seeing someone so young so sad. Enjoy the little things” he gave the lady the money and left.

I keep making stupid mistakes and every time I make them it makes me feel crappy. I completely forgot I had an appointment with my teacher this morning so I missed it without saying anything to her beforehand which makes me feel terrible. The reason I forgot is I had a lot of personal stuff going on last night and basically I think my parents are getting a divorce and my step dad is an asshole. When I was talking about my biological dad and how he abandoned me, at the end I said at least I had a good step dad. Well, I completely take back that comment. I will never forget what he did yesterday and I will never forgive him. He’s dead to me as a parent. Guess I’ll never have a good father figure in my life. Oh well. Just adds to the reasons why I’m so mentally fucked up. Also, I’m pretty sure he’s going to stop paying for my college and car payments and those are $600 a month. I can’t drop out of school. I can’t. The only jobs you can get without a college degree is retail and fast food and I refuse to accept working there for the rest of my life. I’m only okay with it now because I know it will be temporary. But I don’t know how I’m going to get the money to continue paying for school on top of my car because I need a car. No one would be able to take me to school and I can’t ride the bus. The only thing I can think to do is ask for donations, but I’d feel bad for doing that. Fuck, I really don’t know what to do.

anonymous asked:

How are you going to cope with being away from your dog while being in Canada? :( I'm going to Peru for 2 months and I'm terribly afraid that my dog forgets me, or thinks that I've left him :( thinking about that makes me cry, i love my dog so much

I don’t know haha. I’ll be missing her so much too :(
But don’t worry about your dog forgetting you. He won’t! My brother moved out when our dog was two or so. He visits us only every few months and every time he returns home our dog is super happy about it. Dogs are forgiving!
I’m sure you will have an amazing time in Peru and won’t even be thinking about your dog that much.

stories in the dark;


He was a guest in her fortress, and every-time he moved, she sensed a shift in the power within his veins, some deep and archaic force that, though she was curious, she kept silent about.

Hers was a darkness that was speckled at the edges with light, and his was…she was uncertain. All she knew was that, he had questions and she would, most certainly, provide answers.

She was boiling water for tea and crushing herbs and all the while, she spoke of her story, of rumors and the dismissal of petty and idle gossip and how no, she was not responsible for children going missing, nor was she as terrible as others claimed.

“I am simply here,” she said, pouring steaming water into a cup for her guest. “But it took a few feats to remain where I am at present – though, all have the same struggle, to be where we are.”

7. create a character on the spot…. NOW!

Calarossa, a dragonborn cleric of a god nobody’s heard of in the past millennium. She used to be a sailor - a naval officer in fact - when one day a terrible storm blew in out of nowhere, and she was the one who raced for the helm and kept the ship from capsizing. Suddenly, she was struck by a bolt of lightning and found herself face-to-face with a dragon-like creature who introduced himself as Levias, last of the storm dragons. He tasked her with finding the source of his divine power (and extended lifespan): an artifact called the Procellan Eye. It was missing, he had no idea how long it had been gone, and Calarossa was going to find it - whether she wanted to or not. He disappeared as suddenly as he’d appeared, and Calarossa found herself as a spellcaster, wielding thunder and lightning as easily as her longsword.

Though a reluctant and not particularly devout cleric, Calarossa is committed to her mission - if only so she can rub it in Levias’ face how annoyed she is with the whole arrangement. She is bluntly honest and a little rough around the edges, a hallmark of a life spent at sea, and has little patience for political song and dance. She is absolutely loyal to her crew, whomever it happens to be at the time, and will follow her “captain” wherever he may go. She despises people who would take advantage of those that they have power or authority over, and has been known for her swift and decisive judgement, and doesn’t lose sleep if it results in their death. She has a particular soft spot for children, and her protective nature shines through especially strongly if they are in danger. This decisiveness has come back to bite her more than a few times, but overall, she would still rather act and face the consequences than stand by and let others dither about. Her journey has taken her inland and she desperately misses the sea; she comforts herself by singing sea shanties.