and how strong and determined and wise she is

I normally wouldn’t post a picture like this of my own gf… because she looks crazy hot… but I want to prove something to her… taylor is not just a pretty face, a nice body, or just easy to look at… she’s so much more, and I don’t know if it’s worse that she beats herself up for how she looks or don’t believe when I tell her she’s more than what people see… me and Taylor celebrate 2 years together June 20th, 2017. And I think it would be pretty special for everyone to see who she is… Taylor is kind, Loving, smart, caring, strong, independent, wise, courageous, stubborn, determined, and most of all the most beautiful sole I’ve ever met. For our 2 year I would love if everyone would help me out and tell Taylor how beautiful her body and her heart is. Fill her head with compliments and make her feel special. Please share and comment. I want my baby to believe me when I look at her in awe. I want her to see a glimpse of the perfection I see inside and out. @addicedtodaydreaming

Dear therealkoolaiddrinkeriscarlos51,


Well, for Chie, the first thing I think of is “strength”. She has many kinds of strength, strength of expression, strength of heart, strength of power, strength of believes. She is reliable, helpful, and has a strong sense of justice and a very developed intuition… In a way, she seems like a noble knight.

For Yukiko, I think of “willpower”. She is determined, does not bend to anyone else’s demands that easily, knows exactly where to turn her eyes and how to reach the point she is aiming for… She often gives me the impression of a wise queen, who rules her land with both kindness, but also discipline and wit.

When I think of Rise, on the other hand, it makes me think of “mundane wisdom”… She knows a lot about life and how to read people. She seems upbeat and smiles a lot, but behind it all, she is very clever and understands others better than most people I know. She can look at a Person and immediately understand how they feel and what to tell them. It is almost intimidating how easily she sees through us. I have great respect of that ability.

And then there’s Naoto… When I think of her, the first thing that comes to me is “intelligence”… Though, that isn’t all there is to her, is it? It is far more complex. She is quick-thinking and logical, can make associations and tie up lose ends quicker than anybody else I know. She also reads very fast… I’ve seen her clear through textbooks that other needs hours to read in less than 20 minutes. But she’s also extremely skilled in other fields. She is good with small, very detailed mechanic and is also very good at manipulating conversations to lead down the way she wants them to. And though she could use all these abilities to her own benefit, she has a firm grasp on her own principles and would never use her skills in a way that could harm another person.

They are all amazing in their own, special way that nobody could ever be able to replicate… They deserve nothing but the highest respect in everything they do. I wish from the bottom of my heart that they’ll get the successful, happy lives they deserve. 

~Yu Narukami

yeah-well-hey  asked:

Here's a question for Venus and Kunzite: What do you suppose you liked about each other in your past lives? You were quite in love at the time...

I wouldn’t say ‘quite in love’. Okay, I had a crush on him… mostly because he was a kindred soul. We were both leaders of a group of guardians and I liked how he was strong and brave, wise and determined, and it was just really nice to see someone else in my position, you know? Someone who knew exactly what I was going through, who understood the responsibilities and the difficulty of trying to keep our little princess and prince in line.

I admired Venus not only because she was a leader, but also because she was a woman. Because she was both. It was my first time seeing a woman command such a presence, so confident and brilliant and just indescribably beautiful. She was a bright, shining light. She was strong and brave and determined too, and I just had so much respect for her. Still do.