and how stiles is always by scott's side no matter what

But without being able to remember all the reasons why they weren’t together, lydia is able to just focus on her feelings, and feelings alone, for stiles.

And when she does get all those memories back of them together…of them laughing, fighting, crying, growing closer and closer, defending one another, studying, teasing scott, helping malia, working together to figure out what’s happening in beacon hills this time, and saving not just their friends, but saving each other…

Once she remembers that stiles was right there by her side through all those memories, it will only validate what she’s always known.

Which is that she loves him and has always loved him and will continue to love him, and there won’t be a day that goes by where she won’t risk her life to save his, where she won’t remind him just how much he matters just how IMPORTANT he is, to not just her but to everyone who is lucky enough to know him.

& that is the type of love that can withstand even the greatest trials in life and still come out stronger. that is stiles & lydia.