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Midnight Masquerade - Part 6

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Genre: Vampire! AU | Angst | Fluff (Although, it’s beginning to become partly College/Uni! AU, and even some elements of Soulmate!AU cx)

Synopsis: Your best friend drags you into attending a masquerade ball with her, only to abandon you in the middle of the strange dance. Standing alone in the midst of a flurry of people, the events that play out here change the course of your life; only to leave you wondering; who is under the mask? 

Pairing: Reader X Yoongi (Ft. the other boys of BTS cx)

Word count: 2495 (Longest part yet cx)

Warnings: Mentions of biting (I believe that’s it?)

Series: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Pt 4 | Pt 5 | Pt 6 Pt 7 | Pt 8 | Pt 9 | Pt 10

(A/N: Finally finished this after a bit of writers’ block! I’m pretty happy how this turned out, but as always, I would really like to hear what you guys think!! Please let me know if you like how the story is going, or if there’s anything I can improve on, because I’m sure there’s a lot!)

The world around you seemed to stop, as your eyes remained fixated on Mina, her lips still curled up into a mischievous smirk, settling down into her seat and taking out her laptop amongst other things. How could she act so… normal, like nothing happened, like she wasn’t supposedly dead only a few days ago?

“What’s going on?” You hissed quietly, trying not to interrupt the lecturer. “How are you even here? And why do you look so… pale?” (Although, you reckoned you knew the answer to the latter.)

Mina looked up from typing frantically, turning her head to glance over at you, the familiar sparkle shimmering in her eyes. “(Y/N), you know we’re in the middle of a lecture right now, right?” She asked, her eyebrows raised expectantly. “Unless you want to miss out important stuff, you might wanna start writing.” She chuckled under her breath, looking straight ahead once again, leaving you in a fluster yet again.

You threw your arms up in frustration, huffing as you put pen to paper, beginning to scribble away as you tried desperately to focus on the professor’s rapid speech, his arms moving around as he pointed to the projection screen. And yet, you found your thoughts drifting off once again, as your writing hand slowed down, your eyes beginning to wander around the hall. You sighed, only for your breath to hitch as you spotted the guys from before, sitting a few seats down as they stared over at you, their eyebrows furrowed in confusion, it seemed, their eyes darting from Mina to you to Mina once again.

“What’s the big deal?” You muttered under your breath, frustrated to no end at the constant questions you were left with, your head still spinning. Your eyes shifted over to one of them specifically; the man with the jet-black hair, his slender fingers reaching up to brush his fringe away from his eyes. His gaze bored into you, as your eyes became fixated on him also, a sense of familiarity nagging at the back of your head. The two of you stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity, before the man finally tore his gaze away from you, turning to face the front once again. You did the same; and yet the strange feeling that overcame you, remained, constantly present in the back of your mind, urging you to find out more. You felt a strange connection to the man, drawing you towards him. You felt a strange need to be around him, and you wondered if he felt the same, or if you were simply delusional.

Your mind finally returned to reality, and you glanced ahead, only to realise that you had missed most of the lecture lost in the abyss of your own thoughts. A deep groan escaped from your throat as you realised you were going to have to get the notes off someone. You glanced over at Mina’s laptop, the screen covered in lines of writing, and you sighed, pushing your hair back as you leaned over to Mina, who was packing her things away, humming a tune.

“Mina…?” You asked hesitantly, as she turned to face you once again, a strangely sweet smile on her face, the vibrant colour of her lipstick contrasting with her newly pale skin, causing you to inwardly grimace. You felt like you didn’t even know her anymore; this new, elegant Mina was not the person you grew up with.

Pushing your thoughts aside, you asked, “Do you mind if I… uh, take a copy of your notes?” Mina met your anxious gaze with a cocky smirk, as she teased, “Were you too busy staring at Yoongi to take notes, hm?” You simply sat there, your eyes widened as she threw her head back in a laugh, saying, “Yeah, sure, I’ll email it you.” Yoongi? Was that his name? How did she know him? How had she even noticed you staring? She seemed to be intently and frantically typing the whole time. You felt a blush rising onto your cheeks at being caught, looking back in the direction of the boys, only to notice they were gone. You felt a strange tinge of disappointment - although you couldn’t tell why - picking up your things and following after Mina like a lost puppy.


Yoongi leaned back in his seat, exhaling in slight boredom. The lecturer droned on and on, monotone voice beginning to send Yoongi to sleep. His eyes began wandering around the hall, coming to a stop when he noticed Mina sitting with that girl again. His gaze fixated completely on you, only for you to shift your body around, your eyes stopping when you noticed him. Despite Namjoon looking up from his notes and nudging him to pay attention, he found that he couldn’t take his gaze off you; an invisible connection beginning to form between the two of you. However, it felt more like this connection, this string of fate between you was merely being repaired, rather than created anew.

The familiar feeling never left Yoongi’s mind, as he studied you carefully, noticing how your hair cascaded down your shoulders naturally. His eyes glazed over as his mind casted back to the night of the ball, and the girl that had - somehow - stumbled into his room. He recalled how her hair was the same hue as yours; her eyes held the same enchanting look as yours. A suspicion began to grow in his mind, as he wondered if the nagging thought in his mind was indeed correct. He vowed to find out more about you, one way or another, and work out why he felt such a strong need to be in your presence.


Sitting in the cafeteria, you quietly ate your lunch, Mina rambling away. Your mind wasn’t focused on the words coming out of her mouth, however. Instead, you were more concerned with the black-haired man. There was something so strangely familiar about him; from the way he constantly brushed his hair away from his eyes, to the distinct gaze in his eyes. As you thought about the translucent tone of his skin, your mind slowly began to make a connection between the “vampire” you had met at the ball - the one who had left you with a seemingly permanent scar on your neck - and the man from the lecture hall. A sense of foreboding rose through your chest, as you contemplated the possibility that they were one and the same. You couldn’t be sure - his mask covered most of his face after all - but the connection was there, and it scared you. You made a mental note to somehow find a way to question your mother, as you were certain she knew something about the matter.

“Earth to (Y/N)? Are you even paying attention?” Mina waved her hand in front of your face, bringing you back to reality, the thoughts pushed back to the back of your head. A small smile crept onto your face at her antics, as Mina finally seemed to be reverting back to her old self, despite the clear differences in her appearance. The smile soon faded however, once questions began to flood your mind again, as you squinted your eyes, studying her carefully.

“What?” Mina asked, her mouth stretching into a small O-shape. “Is there something on my face?”

“How are you alive?” You said abruptly, your tone surprising cold. “I could’ve sworn you were dead. I saw your lifeless body, Mina.”

“Ah… that’s a long story, you see..” Mina replied, her tone slightly anxious, as she fidgeted in her seat. “Besides, you probably won’t believe me anyways…” She mumbled the last sentence under her breath, and yet you surprisingly heard every word, your arms crossing over your chest.

“We have time. And trust me, I already have some ideas. I doubt it’ll shock me after what happened that night.” You self-consciously adjusted the turtleneck you were wearing, ensuring it covered the scar on your neck.

“I guess you deserve an explanation…” Mina sighed, settling in her seat. “It all started when we got separated in that massive place. I looked around but I couldn’t see you anywhere, what with that crowd of people.”

Mina stopped somewhere in the flurry of people, realising you were nowhere to be seen. “(Y/N)?” She called out, and yet there was no response. Wandering through the hall, she noticed how the elegant people around her were staring at her, their tongues flicking out briefly, running across their lower and upper lips in a swift motion, almost in a ravenous way. She furrowed her eyebrows, a strange sense of foreboding settling at the pit of her stomach at the way the people were gazing at her. This was definitely a strange ball, the people near like nothing she had seen before. They were all hauntingly beautiful, with their sculpted figures and clear skin. They were so strangely pale, she noted, pale beyond any human.

Her head swiveled around to spot a large door, the frame decorated with the most intricate carvings. Something about that door beckoned to her, enticing her to enter and discover what was inside. A few others followed behind her, also fixated on the same door. These others however, were like her, their skin tones much more human-like.

Walking slowly towards the door, Mina rested her hand on the cold handle, pushing it open, the door swinging open to reveal a darkened room, Mina only just able to make out what looked like a strange sort of labyrinth. Something inside her urged her forward, as she, along with the others, cautiously stepped in, attempting to navigate through the maze. Glancing upwards briefly, Mina spotted a glass window enclosed another room that looked over the maze, her eyes widening slightly as she saw those… “people”, mingling and conversing, some watching the maze intently, glass in hand.

“What is going on…?” Mina whispered out loud, spinning around when she heard the distinct sound of shuffling, and footsteps, like someone was coming closer. “I’m not staying to find out,” she thought to herself, spinning on her heels, only to run further and further into the maze, the same sound of footsteps following close behind. The sound became louder and louder, closer and closer, the cheers from above increasing as Mina felt a cold hand clasp her mouth, the other arms securing her in place. Her screams and protests were muffled by the hand, a sharp sting of pain spreading throughout her body as she felt something sink deep into her neck.

The last words she heard before she passed out was, “Now it’s simply time to see if she’ll turn, or if she’ll die, and we can finally feast…”

You didn’t realise you were, quite literally, on the edge of your seat throughout her story, your eyes wide. You finally began putting the pieces together; her lifeless body, the deep bite on her neck. She must’ve woken up after you ran, meaning that she was, in fact, one of them. What did that mean for her? Looking down at the table, you realised Mina had not touched her food even once, your hands shaking ever so slightly as the realisation hit you.

“So.. as ridiculous as this sounds…” you started, lowering your voice, although with the events that had unravelled in front of you, it didn’t seem as unbelievable anymore. “You’re basically a vampire now?”

“Apparently so,” Mina responded, flashing you a grin as the sparkle returned to her eyes. “At least, that’s what Seokjin told me.”

You stared at her in confusion, until she realised you had no idea what she was talking about.

“Oh, my bad.” She laughed, continuing, “After I woke up, the other people around people looked… disappointed, I suppose and they all moved away. All of them except a few. Seokjin was the first to approach me, he took my hand and helped me up,” she recounted, a smile on her face as she spoke at this new person. “Yoongi was there also - the guy you were staring at during the lecture - Jimin, Taehyung, Jungkook…” She counted off her things, rambling a list of names, and yet you continued to stare in confusion.

“They’re the only ones who actually bothered to explain what had just happened - I was confused as hell obviously - everyone else just walked away disappointingly.” She tutted, as you sat there, absorbing this new information.

Your blood ran cold as you realised that your suspicions were in fact correct - the mysterious man that had left you with the scar on your neck, was the one and same as Yoongi.

“Shit.” You cursed, as you yanked down your turtleneck, your fingers gently touching the mark. It burned under your touch and you retracted your hand in both pain and surprise. A white-hot searing pain spread through your head at this very moment, as you screamed out, your vision rapidly fading. It felt like deja-vu; this was the second time you were passing out in the past couple days, except this time it felt much more intense.

Mina immediately ran to your side, catching your convulsing body before you fell off your seat, as others began to rush over to you, a murmur spreading throughout the hall. A group of people pushed through the crowd, kneeling by your side, nodding at Mina. “What’s happening to her?” Mina asked in desperation, her question focused towards Namjoon who was anxiously staring at the scar on your neck. He reached to touch you, only for a low growl to come from Yoongi’s throat, as he said, “Don’t touch her.”

“Yoongi hyung…” Another boy, Jungkook said cautiously, slightly fearful by Yoongi’s sudden change in demeanour. “Your eyes…”

The others glanced from you to Yoongi, Namjoon attempting to take Yoongi away from the scene, advising him to keep his head down. “Yoongi, calm down, you’re going to blow your cover at this rate.” He walked him away, as Jimin offered to carry you, gently sliding his arms underneath your body, picking you up as he glanced down at you, sweat drops sliding down your face.

“Take her to the nurse’s office now.” Seokjin said with authority, his emphasis on the word ‘nurse’. Jimin nodded in understanding, walking away with your limp body, a few of the boys following close behind him.

“Seokjin, what happened?” Mina asked in desperation, clutching onto his arm with worry.

“Honestly, I can’t say for sure.” He replied, meeting Mina’s eyes with a soft gaze, encouraging her to calm down. “Although there’s a clear mark on her neck, meaning she was bitten at some point, this isn’t normal. It’s not normal for someone to react so… violently. This isn’t a normal case of a human being turned,” he said in a hushed voice, only worrying Mina even more.

“She might not survive.”

RWBY Volume 4 Questions

Okay, so a couple of months ago - when V4 finished airing, in fact - I posted a list of questions that I came up with over the course of the volume on RT’s RWBY forums. Since then, I’ve had a whole ONE reply (which was pretty decent, thankfully).

So, on sheer whim, I decided to post my questions here too to see what y’all think and get your opinions.

Putting them under the cut ‘cause spoilers and that there’s around fifty questions.

Also, if anyone’s on the RWBY animo app: yes, that’s me, too, so no foul going on here.

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A New Hope [Kylo Ren x Reader]

Summary: Leia sends the reader to Starkiller Base to try to bring Ben Solo home. However the reader fully believes him to be dead and gone, replaced by Kylo Ren. Nothing will convince the reader otherwise, not even Kylo Ren himself.

Word Count: 2,000+

Warnings: The reader fears death (many times?) at least once. Torture is mentioned in passing, but not practiced. (I wrote this almost a year ago. lmk if I missed anything)    

“Reason with him, Y/N. Please, just try to reason with him.” That had been the plea of General Organa. “He won’t listen to me,” she had said. “I’m the reason he went to the Dark Side in the first place. But he might see sense if you show it to him.” This was not an official mission. This was not mandatory. This was a request from a mother for the sake of her son. You were doing this for General Organa, because she thought that Ben might still be alive. You didn’t have the heart to tell her that you knew that Ben was gone forever, without redemption.

You approached Starkiller Base, not concerned with how you were going to get onto it, but rather what you were going to say to Kylo Ren once you were there. You hadn’t seen him in years, but when you saw him last, you had had enough time to break each other’s hearts. How he would react to seeing you again, what would happen to you, and whether you would even be able to land were all mysteries.

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Dark Fate Ruki Ecstasy Prologue Translation

Dark Master Post     Maniac Master Post     Ecstasy Prologue     Ecstasy 01     Ecstasy 02     Ecstasy 03     Ecstasy 04     Ecstasy 05     Ecstasy 06     Ecstasy 07     Ecstasy 08     Ecstasy 09     Ecstasy 10     Ecstasy Epilogue     Heaven 03  

-Scene: A Bedroom In Merz’s Castle-

Shin: ――Nngh… …Mn, Nnn… …Haa… …

… …You’re as reluctant as ever. It’s bothersome if you struggle, but can’t you react a little?

Yui: … … … …

(… …How long has it been since I came here?)

(… …I don’t want to think about anything)

(Like whose fangs are piercing me, or whose hands are touching me)

(… …Any of it… …)

Shin: … …Tch!

*Shin Pushes Yui Away*

Shin: Whatever. We’re done for the day.

*Shin Leaves; Door Slams*

Yui: (… …I don’t have any regrets. I did this to help Ruki-kun and the others)

(… …But… …)

-Yui Closes Her Eyes; Fade to Black Screen-

Yui: (… …I want to see him)

(I want to see… …Ruki-kun… …)

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“He was going to break my legs,” she said, her chin held high, the barest quaver in her voice. “Would you have come for me then, Kaz? When I couldn’t scale a wall or walk a tightrope? When I wasn’t the Wraith anymore?”
Dirtyhands would not. The boy who could get them through this, get their money, keep them alive, would do her the courtesy of putting her out of her misery, then cut his losses and move on.
“I would come for you,”, he said, and when he saw the wary look she shot him, he said it again. “I would come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together - knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.”
At last she nodded, the smallest dip of her chin.

Inej and Kaz in Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo, chapter 12, pp. 184

So, this is beautiful, but also an actual SPOILER! Beware.

Fairy Tail Chapter 488

The Two of Us… Together… Forever… and Always

Hello and welcome to the emotional roller coaster this chapter was. Yes, sadness was prevalent, but there were also many exciting things that happened and that I think were overlooked.

Well, that’s understandable, to be honest, considering the whole situation with Gajeel and Levy. 

What a sad (possible)* ending to their story that was. I loved how Gajeel did what he wanted to do and kept protecting Levy even while being sucked in to the Underworld. As far as I understood, his body was being disintegrated to magic barrier particles, which must have been very painful. Yet, he kept his gaze focused on Levy and used his last minutes in this world to tell her about his feelings.

What I absolutely loved about the Gajevy scenes was how Levy didn’t give up until the very end. I’ve wanted to see her fighting confidently and that is what I got from this chapter. No matter how Gajeel was trying to stop her from coming after him, she remained determined to save him. I loved how she used Solid Script with her feet and I loved how her shirt had “Iron” written on it. Confident Levy is definitely a sight to behold.

It was all more or less okay for me until Panther Lilly appeared. Him trying to stop Levy while crying for his best buddy just broke my heart.

I’m really glad the Exceed’s feelings weren’t overlooked. Panther Lily and Gajeel at first had an unusual partnership, but with time it turned into a strong bond. Lily is just as important to Gajeel as Levy is, so I’m glad Mashima didn’t just make the Exceed a side witness to his best friend’s (possible)* demise.

As if to further prove Gajeel’s gone, Mashima even had Acnologia confirm there are now only six dragon slayers left. The interesting thing here is that the Black Dragon is referring to the slayers as “dragons”. We know it’s possible for a dragon slayer to turn into a dragon at one point, but their dragon parents made sure that would never happen. It might be a foreshadowing of some sort and it’s definitely gonna be an interesting plot twist. Plus, the official art for Fairy Tail’s second movie is also hinting at dragonization.

Irene has set her mind on fighting Acnologia, but I can’t help but wonder why. What does she have to gain from this? As far as we know, only dragon slayer magic can damage dragons and Irene is not a dragon slayer. How is she planning to take down the most powerful dragon and why does she want to do that? Does it have anything to do with those legends she was talking about a few chapters ago?

While I’m very hyped for August’s fight in the next chapter, I definitely wouldn’t mind some more information on those two as well. Acnologia’s arrogance and desire to annihilate all the dragon slayers make me want to root for Irene, but we still know nothing about her and her motives. One thing is sure, she’s confident in her abilities to keep Acnologia entertained in a battle.

Back to the negotiations and the long-awaited meeting with the King of Magic, things didn’t go as I expected them to. Yes, August took his fellow Spriggan’s words with a grain of salt, but he was willing to listen and negotiate, contrary to what I thought would happen.

He even recognized Natsu, so we can safely assume he’s close to Zeref and is familiar with his plans. That, in turn, explains his loyalty to the Emperor.

Not only that, but judging by Natsu’s expression, the dragon slayer was well aware August knew about him and Zeref and their connection.

As I mentioned earlier, the negotiations were going better than I anticipated. Things took a wrong turn when Mest decided to act on his own and mess with the green-haired mage’s memories of August. He made her believe the King of Magic was her enemy, which resulted in her stabbing him with a giant sword that somehow came out of her body.

Mest thus managed to anger his nakama, because that’s clearly not how the Fairies do things. I can understand why he did that, though, despite it being a very shitty move. He’s probably one of the few who realize they’re at war.
He still considers Brandish an enemy and I think that’s also one of the reasons he messed with her head without much thought.

Of course, being manipulated into stabbing someone she respects affected Brandish deeply. It was really sad seeing her eyes opened in horror and tears flowing from them. She was betrayed yet again and this time right after she vouched for the Fairies’ good hearts. I’m really interested in how Mashima will develop her character further.

Of course, this was not the end for the King of Magic. He’s alive and angrier than ever, so we’re finally gonna see what he’s capable of and how he got that alias of his. In the final page of this chapter, he’s shown with a face turned black with white symbols on it. The symbols are the same as the ones we saw in the last chapter when the King of Magic was commenting on how Serena is with him.

Can’t wait for the next chapter, “Universe One”. The countdown has reached its end, or more like its E.N.D if we consider the fact that August recognized Natsu. (:

Some other thoughts about the chapter

I can’t help but think Gajeel is not dead. He is a dragon slayer and his final fight shouldn’t have been against Bradman. He’s supposed to face Acnologia with the other slayers, so I’m almost 100% sure he’ll somehow come back, maybe even stronger than before. That’s why I used (possible)* in this post when referring to Gajeel’s death.

As for Mest, I’m really disappointed of how a big part of the fandom reacted with so much hate to his actions. Being hateful towards other people is definitely not what Fairy Tail’s intended message is, so I was really shocked when I saw people call Mest an idiot and a pedophile. I wrote another post about the reasons behind his actions, so if you’re interested, you can check it out here.

I’m really looking forward to a conversation between August and Natsu. Would the King of Magic dare tell everybody Natsu’s secret? What would Lucy’s reaction be? Can’t wait, can’t wait!

What did you think of today’s chapter? Do you think Mest deserves all the hate he’s getting? And why do you think Irene wants to fight Acnologia so much? I’d be happy to discuss that with you. ^_^

Flood my Mornings (Boston AU): Part 2

From the prompt 

@ask-charming-david​ asked: Imagine if Jamie somehow made his way through the stones after Culloden, found out where Claire was, made his way there, and surprised her in Boston.

Catch up: Part 1

-Mod Bonnie

Flood my Mornings (Boston AU)

Part 2

Jamie staggered like a ghost over the battlefield of Culloden—and what was he, if not a ghost?—as the hellish voice continued to boom out overhead: “We honor our noble dead, those who laid down their lives for the cause, for Scotland and for our Bonnie Prince!


//corbie calls//

1950. People. So many people. Their clothing, strange; their voices harsh and grating to his ear. Crushes of them, everywhere he turned still more, and more, and more, yammering and laughing shrilly and—

//the scent of blood and powder//

1950. Drummers. Marching. Garish tartans all about; so bright, so wrong. The squeal of pipes.

//never-ending screams of pain as men are cut down and blown apart//

1950. The clan gravestones spread out across the moor. Mackenzie. Grant. Fras—

//as -friends- are cut down… as -kinsmen- are blown apart//

He sighted a gap between the perimeter of tents, and stumbled through it, gasping desperately for air.

//his godfather’s bloodied, broken face//

He fell to the ground beneath a tree and vomited. It was nothing but bile, but it burned terribly, adding to the maelstrom of assaulting sensations—both present and remembered— that had overtaken his body. He dropped to his side like a felled beast, covering his head. Everything was spinning so fast. The screams of Culloden melded with the screams of the stones, all seeming to tear apart his every thought and bone and breath, Charybdis sucking him downward into the sweet darkness of despair.

…but something else was cutting slowly through the panic, something pale and gleaming, like the surface of an egg, fresh from the hen. This was no land-dwelling thing, though; it was rising slowly, just becoming visible beneath the dark, roiling sea…

1946, she’d said…putting her back in 1948. So, for her, it would now be…

Holy Christ Almighty.

Jamie felt the white, buoyant thing break the surface of the water and rise up into the air, carrying him with it. Up and up he soared, leaving the ocean and the shore far below, laughing and weeping and rejoicing; for, somewhere far below, somewhere on this land or this sea, she was there, alive…. and reachable.


“You alright, man?!?”

Jamie jerked back reflexively, banging hard against the tree trunk. Three men were staring down at him. Their clothes were strange, even compared with what he’d seen of how folk dressed in this time: baggier and noticeably dirtier. Their hair was long, though, like his, and they were looking down with kind concern in their eyes.

“The last we saw you, you were passed out up at the big rocks,” said the one wearing colored spectacles. “You don’t look much better, though….Did the doctors not treat you, man?”

Jamie blinked. Their accents were like nothing he’d ever heard, and it took him a second too long to conjure up a proper response.

“Are you ok?” the one with blond hair said slowly, enunciating carefully and giving him a wary, pitying look. “Do-You-Speak-English?” He turned aside to his companions, whispering, “Should we take him to the medical tent again?

“No, I-I’m fine,” Jamie stammered out, rising to his feet with great effort. He managed a bit of leg and a conciliatory, “F-forgive my rudeness, g-gentlemen, it’s just I'm…”

While quaking all over and weak from shock, hunger, and fatigue, Jamie was pleased to find that calm and focus had fallen over him like a mantle, warming and directing him, guiding his body and his mind. The passing through the stones, the terror of Culloden, the strange frantic pace and sights and sounds of this new time…all of it had fallen away like a snakeskin, discarded, of no further consequence.

He wiped away the tears from his cheek and laughed freely, the first time he could remember doing so since long before Culloden. “It’s just that I’m…verra happy to be going home.”

“Broch Morda, huh?” the mustachioed one asked as they jolted violently over a poor spot of road and–for the dozenth time–Jamie barely suppressed the violent urge to vomit. The speaker seemed barely to notice, continuing on conversationally. “We met a guy the other day who was from that area, actually. Do you know a George Lindsay?”

“I…ken several of that name, to be sure, but they…havena been in the area for some time. I doubt greatly that we should be acquainted.”

“You sure?” the bespectacled one prodded. “Blonde hair? Green eyes?”

Quite certain, I fear.”

All parties seeming to accept this, an amiable silence fell once more, and Jamie exhaled in relief. So strange was 1950—mind-boggling at every turn—that he feared each word uttered would demonstrate his ignorance and betray him as the unnatural visitor he was. He had tried, in consequence, to say as little as possible without being pointedly rude. This had proved difficult, however, for his new companions—Americans, they said, on a tour of the British Isles—were pleasant folk, and generous to boot.

“The clothes look good on you,” the blonde one at the wheel of the contraption said appreciatively,  looking back over the seat at Jamie. “Sorry they’re not all that clean. They’ve been rolling around in the backseat for the last few weeks. Probably smell a bit like weed, too,” he added apologetically.

Going along with their assumption that his “real clothes” had been stolen, Jamie had accepted a pair of long breeks made of some thick, blue material, and a thin, short shirt with sleeves that stopped after the shoulders. His own boots would have to do, though he felt rather ridiculous with the fabric flopping about overtop them, rather than respectably tucked in. Jamie trusted that he would be less conspicuous in this new attire, though to his own eye, he looked a right fool.

“Dinna fash on my account. I’m entirely grateful, and beggars canna expect much in the way of choice,” Jamie said, unscrewing his eyes long enough to meet his companion’s in sincere but admittedly weak thanks. In truth, he was more concerned about the state he would be in himself after rolling about in said back seat long enough to reach Inverness. His waim was churning madly, even empty, from the constant rattling, jolting, and swerving of the metal wagon, which hurtled at impossible speeds through the hills and glens. Van, he corrected himself queasily, gripping the door so tightly his knuckles went bloodless. This horseless wagon of certain death is called a Van. That’s what Ronnie and the others had called it anyway. It was better than traveling by boat, he thought with a grimace, but not by much.

The griping in his belly was not only due to the terrorizing conveyance, but also to his anxiousness to reach Inverness. In the town, surely he would be able to find food, and perhaps a way to earn some money before heading south. He had no idea how much a horse would cost in 1950, let alone a Van, even if he were able to learn to ride one of the blasted things. He would go on foot if nothing else, just as soon as he got his bearings.  

He was aware of the strange surroundings, to be sure, as the party rattled into Inverness. How could one ignore them? The buildings were tall—huge—and the streets visible through the windows were packed with more Vans, big and small, all moving about en masse like a swarm of insects. He’d jumped in terror at sound of a great roar from the heavens, to be told that it was only an airplane. Oh aye, he’d considered replying,staring up at the tiny thing and waiting for his heartbeat to slow again. *Only* a vessel that carries folk up into the clouds ready to plummet them to their deaths.

But the wonders and frights of 1950 seemed, ultimately, of little consequence. Like rain or cold or hunger, they were inconvenient, and took some getting used to, but were nothing to take account of in relation to a task that needed doing. He would accustom himself to this world as best he might, as much as was necessary, in order to reach her.

God, the thought made his heart squeeze with joy. Claire and wee Brian. No longer to be confined to his dreams and prayers, accompanied by despair and longing, but held tight in his very arms, pressed against his heart. Soon, he would feel and smell and hear them against his body; his blood and bone, his soul restored to him once more.

“Alex? Alex!”

Jamie blinked, coming out of his reverie. “Aye? S-sorry, what?”

“We’re here, man.”

Sure enough, thank the Lord, the infernal rattling had ceased. Jamie stumbled out onto the smooth stone road in front of a row of shops. He stretched and inhaled deeply, enjoying the feel of the sun on his face and smiling widely.

Catching the child up and spinning him round. Hearing him giggle. Hearing wee Brian call him “Da.”

“Will you come in for a bite before you head off, Alex?” Ronnie asked, clapping him jovially on the back. “Our treat!”

Jamie opened his mouth to say that he certainly would and thank you very kindly. He was starving, after all.  But before he could speak, something coming up the road toward them caught his eye…and froze him to the bone.

A man and a woman, pushing a small wheeled carriage. A tiny bairn lay in it, Jamie could see. The wee thing began to wail, and the mother stopped, but the father uttered a gentle word to stop her, and reached in to pick up the wee one himself. The man was wearing a dark hat and coat with matching trousers. A strange costume to Jamie’s eyes but striking, nonetheless. The father raised the child to his shoulder and kissed it tenderly on its capped head, rocking it slowly as the mother looked on in tenderness. He leaned his head against the bairn’s and returned it, taking her hand in his.

Jamie barely even heard the shouts of his companions as he ran. Ran until his feet ached. Ran down streets. 1950 was now a terrifying and never-ending labyrinth, violent and pernicious, and he jumped in panic at every new danger. The Vans shrieked and squealed as he ran across more streets than he could count.  The whole place seemed to pulse and roar as he tried to outrun the voice in his ear.

You canna, it said, over and over.

I can, damn it, and I will, he snarled back each time.

You can, it always conceded...but you mustn’t.

The face of Black Jack Randall loomed under a dark hat. He was there, in a dark coat and trousers, his arms around a tiny red-haired lad, smiling down with genuine tenderness, kissing him, spinning him around….Then the scene shifted, and wee Brian was crying, wailing in the fiend’s arms, struggling to get free of the vice-like grip, looking up in terror as his captor leered down and—

Jamie awoke with a cry of anguished fury, reaching for a dirk that wasn’t there. He was on the ground in a small passage between two looming buildings. Rubbish of all kinds was piled everywhere. It was freezing, just after dawn, but he was heaving with boiling sweat. 

“I must,” he gasped, shaking with rage. “God as my witness, I must!

No, said the voice. You mustn’t.

His cry was silenced by a sudden tolling cutting through the hazy early-morning light. Church bells. He uttered earnest thanks to heaven. A sound that was known to him. A promise of a place of peace and sanctuary. Scarcely taking note of his surroundings, he followed to the sound, drawn to it, clinging to it as he ran.

He reached the small stone church just as the sun was nosing up in the east, illuminating the broad wooden doors. Without even stopping to knock, he pushed one open and entered. It was a small place: two columns of pews pointing toward a simple altar; but quiet and still. He threw himself into one of the pews. There were no kneeling benches, but he went to his knees nonetheless. He pulled the rosary from his pocket (saved from that of his breeks before they were discarded) and prayed with all his soul.

“Tell me what I must do….Show me.”

You mustn’t.

Jamie flung the rosary behind him, pulled a book from the slot and hurled it, too. He let forth a strangled sob and slammed both hands down on the pew back, cursing aloud, “HOW can that be the answer?”

“Are ye in need of help, sir?”

Jamie started and whirled around to locate the speaker, nearly falling backwards in the space between the pews in the process. A small man was standing at the rear of the church, pulling the door shut with a gentle click. Jamie saw with a pang of guilt that he wore a clerical collar.

He lowered his head, utterly ashamed. “F-forgive me, Father…” He gestured toward the direction of the flung book—Christ, has it been a Holy Bible?—“That was inexcusable, and I shouldna have shouted as I did. Nor was it right of me to—to barge in wi’out leave and— ”

“I’m not a Father, just a simple Presbyterian reverend,” the man interrupted kindly. “And it was right for you to come here. It’s the home of every soul in need, after all; even if what the soul in question needs is a bit of a shout and a rage.”

Jamie couldn’t help but smile at the affable minister. “That’s…verra gracious of ye to say, fa—reverend.

The man returned the smile. “May I know your name, sir?”

“I'm…” Jamie hesitated for a moment before saying, “I’m kent here as Alexander Malcolm.”

The reverend gestured to the parcel in his hands. “I like to take my breakfast here in the sanctuary of a Sunday. Will you join me in a meal, Mr. Malcolm? Mrs. Graham has prepared quite the spread, and you look as if you could use a bite.”

Jamie—starving—was touched by this kindness, and humbled by being offered food by someone to whom he had just been so rude, however inadvertently. He dipped his head. “Aye. Aye, and I thank ye for it…most sincerely.”

They sat together in the velvet-cushioned pew, the food spread out between them on a towel. Jamie noticed that the reverend portioned out less than a quarter of the food for himself. He opened his mouth to protest, but was silenced with a kind, but firm look. Jamie hoped his own look conveyed his deep thanks just as clearly. It was good, the food. Boiled eggs, sliced sausages, toasted bread, and a kind of sweet cake dotted with currants and swirled with cinnamon. Jamie tried to eat slowly, but with little success. How long had it been since he’d tasted food, let alone food as rich, sweet, and delightful as this? After two years of little more than bannocks, game, and whatever he could forage off the mountain, the tastes made him nearly come to tears.

Jamie washed it down with long swallows from the metal flask, enjoying the intense sweetness of the liquid. The juice of oranges, and cold as a mountain burn? Lord, what a time, he thought, wonderingly, when even a priest can afford such luxurious fare to his breakfast.

“The sexton thinks it a terrible sacrilege,” the reverend was saying, looking around the sanctuary as he finished his own portion, “but I always eat here, instead of in the wee kitchen. It’s peaceful. And I dinna think the Lord would oppose the companionable breaking of bread in his home.”

Jamie passed back the flask, utterly sated. “Aye, it is peaceful. I hoped…” he hesitated. “I hoped it would be…when I heard the bells.”

The reverend looked over sharply for a moment, then back down as he packed the breakfast impedimenta back into the bundle. When he had done, he sat back in the pew, crossing his hands over his chest and looking forward toward the darkened altar.

“I gather that ye find yourself in trouble of some kind, Mr. Malcolm?”

Jamie tensed, feeling the anxious dread settle once more to curdle in his waim, “No. No’ in trouble…I find myself in a strange place and without means, to be sure…but that’s nothing I canna handle.”

Troubled, then?” the man said, softly, after a moment.

You mustn’t.

Jamie winced, then nodded slowly, his voice sounding strained as he answered. “Aye…I am that, and no mistake.”

“‘…Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you,’” the reverend quoted. “I’m surely not the Lord, nor the disciple Peter, but if you desire a friend to listen…to share in your burdens for a time….”

The peaceable offer hung over them. A gift, not a demand. Jamie stared up at the altar. A tapestry of purple and white hung above it. A cross of purple, headed with a burst of sun at the top.

“It’s…my wife,” he began, at last, feeling choked. “She…she believes me dead, and will have for a number of years now.”

“Ah,” said his companion, nodding. “The war?”

Jamie nodded, for that was no lie. “War and…other complications, preventing any communication to her that I had survived. I am only now finding myself at liberty, myself.” Jamie lowered his eyes. “She—that is…She was wi’ child—my child—the last we saw one another, and she has….remarried.”

The reverend made an mmmm of deep understanding, but didn’t speak or look at Jamie, just waited, allowing him the privacy of not looking him directly in the face.  

“I…want to go to her at once,” he said, the longing evident in his voice. “God knows, I want nothing more than to run to her and the child, take them to my heart and never let go.” Jamie swallowed, feeling the pain of every word as a knife in his throat. “For, the honest truth is, reverend, that I’ve no place left in any world, now, save wi’ my wife and child.”

He sighed, the air rushing out in a frantic rush of despair. “But would it no’ be wrong of me to simply show up on her doorstep? I would no’ have wanted her to live as a ghost after I was gone. If she’s found happiness with F-…with this man as I’d have wanted her to, what right have I to snatch it out from under her again? If she’s already mourned and buried me in her mind…if our child kens him for father….if she’s happy….”

He trailed off, and the reverend sighed, saying, “You’re right. It would perhaps be wrong, then. Particularly for sake of the child.”

Hearing this answer, when he had been secretly longing for reassurance of his own right and prerogative as father and husband, Jamie wanted to fall to the ground in despair.

“But if she isn’t happy…” the reverend continued, “…If she hasn’t moved on, and you choose to stay away from fear…that would be wrong, too, would it not?”

Another long silence. This time it was Jamie that broke it.

“I thought I should die yesterday eve from the battle of it all in my heart….It—frightens me.”

“Frightens you how, Mr. Malcolm?”

The words came tumbling out of him. “Just that…almost always, there’s right and wrong in my head that guides my choices. While one may be easier or more costly, rare is the time that it isna clear what ought to be my path, whether from honor, duty, righteousness, or for the good of one that I love. It’s no’ easy, but it’s simple. This time, though…these paths…“ He put his face in his hands, “I truly dinna ken what I’m to do.”

The sun must have been truly up by this time. A beam of light suddenly illuminated the altar. The bronze candlesticks gleamed like gold.

“I believe your decision revolves around a pivotal question.” The reverend leaned forward to rest his forearms on the pew. “Is her happiness truly of more importance than your own?”

“It is,” Jamie said at once. “Hers and the child’s.”

“Even if…it is without you?”

Aye,” he gasped out, tears gathering in his eyes, but with no hesitation. He had meant it when he sent her through the stones, and he meant it now. Though it should tear him apart with despair, that was his bond and the truth of his soul.

“Well, then, while you have not asked my advice outright, I will give it to you nonetheless.” The reverend turned in the pew to face Jamie directly, now. “I think you must contrive a way to determine her happiness from a distance. Learn how she fares without approaching her. If carefully done, you will learn what you need to without her even knowing. And based on what you learn…then decide what is to be your path.”

Jamie swallowed. “Ye speak wisely. It’s a good plan. Something between all…and nothing.” He rocked forward in his seat, trying vainly to resist the shameful words  trying to fight free of his mouth. “But I’m afraid, reverend; afraid of what I shall do if I see them. Afraid that I’ll forget all honor and promises and…”

Jamie broke off with a sob, laying his head on his folded arms like a child. The thought of seeing Claire and not going to her. Not touching her. Not holding her close and weeping into her hair, swearing never to leave her side. Of seeing wee Brian from afar and allowing him to pass by. Of never holding his son. Of seeing the man who the boy calls ‘father.’

The reverend laid a gentle hand on Jamie’s hunched shoulder. “The Lord prayed in Gethsemane for the cup to be taken from him…but he knew what had to be done for the sake of those he called beloved, even unto death on a cross.”

That’s the verra thing, reverend,” Jamie said, so low the man had to lean in closer to hear. “I would die for them, today. I already tried to; and I’d die a thousand times more, to see them safe and well. But to live,” his voice shook violently on the word, “live wi’out them…to go on forever alone, knowing they are within my reach…”

The reverend reached into his pocket and pulled out Jamie’s discarded rosary, laying it in his hand.

Pray. Always. If this is to be your cross…He will help you bear it. No matter the outcome.”

Jamie sat tensed in the seat of the Train, trying not to compare the movement to that of a ship, rocking slowly back and forth. It would be a damnably long ride, the passenger next to him had said. Had he been in less of a state of agitation, Jamie would have laughed aloud. Less than a day to travel nigh on the full length of Scotland and England? That was a damnably great miracle, to his mind.

The kind reverend had rained gifts on Jamie that morning. A hot bath at a nearby hotel (Claire was right, it washeavenly); a featherlight razor with which to shave; a fresh set of clean clothes; a letter of reference and introduction should he seek employment in future; a basket of food; and money enough for rail passage anywhere in England or Scotland, and some besides. At this last, Jamie had tried to refuse, offering to stay on for as long as need be to earn the lavish sum.

However, the reverend had closed Jamie’s fingers firmly around the envelope. “We all are granted grace at pivotal times in our lives, Mr. Malcolm,” he had said. “Let this be a day of grace for you; for sake of your family.”

Jamie sat now, still as a stone, listening as each station was called. Jamie knew next to nothing of how to navigate the cadences and flows of 1950: how business was done; how honor was determined; how information was passed and learned; Christ, he scarcely could manage crossing the streets, crowded as they always were with the screeching machines. But navigate them he would, whatever the cost, to learn of Claire and the child. There was only one place in the world Jamie knew to begin.

The department of history at Oxford University.

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Love works in mysterious ways

I see people angry at Subaru
Angry at Emilia

Coming from a Rem lover, sure Emilia isn’t as forgiving as Rem, but I see her intentions.

With Subaru, she is his hero. She saved him, she approached him, she took care of him before anyone did. She started his time in this world, he wants to please her more than anyone. With how much he’s sacrificed to keep her alive, how can you fault him for staying in love?

I think Re:Zero is a tragedy in a lot of ways; this anime is complex in that it’s NOT a sugar plum and rain drop shounen. This is something that people aren’t used to seeing. We’re raised on people magically falling in love.

Sure Subaru loves Rem, he cares for her, we saw that in the last episode. But in the same way that Rem was saved by Subaru, Subaru was saved by Emilia. Rem admires his strength, she knows he loves Emilia, but what I admire?

The fact that they can laugh it off with eachother. Being out of sights with each other’s love interest.

He may not LOVE her the same way she loves him, if ever, but think about it…

If he had stopped loving Emila then and there and all of a sudden started loving Rem, would that have not completely erased what he’s been sacrificing his life for the past 18 episodes? That’s not character progression.

This episode is easily one of the best episode of recent anime showcasing the true effects of love and how a man, who has lost everything and has his back against the wall, finds out a way to push forward. It just so happens to be with a girl who loves him (and he can’t return it)

It amazed me to no end how the NaruHina fanbase always glosses over that whole incident with Pein (I will never call him Pain so deal with it). They think only Hinata would have caused that reaction in Naruto wherein he flew into Bruce Banner rage. 

This is a fallacy, the truth is they forget the broader context of that arc. Jiraiya the man who had become like a surrogate father to Naruto was just killed by Pein. And then in the face with the death of another person who had been in his life it caused him to despair and consider the offer the Kyuubi was offering. The catalyst for this incident could have been any person, it could have been Konohamaru, who let’s face it would have been smart enough to help Naruto break free, not try to attack the raid boss. Because Konohamaru knows he’s just a DPS and not a Tank.

It really infuriates me that they’re okay with that ending! I hate to always bring up Toaru because it’s a different series written by someone with Talent. But let me say it, if you’re going to elevate someone to the level of love interest you have to show it in the story. Not do it in a not remotely canon movie. Hell there is even a shy girl in the form of Itsuwa, but despite her shyness she at least puts forth an effort to get close to Touma. 

I want someone to fucking explain to me what makes what makes Hinata so much better. You can’t bring up her breasts, Sakura being “mean” to Naruto because that’s just Tsundere behavior from a type A Tsundere, or that gem that Sakura is useless because last I checked she kept Naruto alive and punched a Goddess, while Hinata tripped on a rock and was trapped in a Genjutsu.

I just don’t see how they could be happy with that ending, but I do get some enjoyment out of them sperging out over the fact we will never support their OTP. It’s almost delicious when they lose it, and they seem to lack awareness of what kind of obnoxious cretins they are. It has been a while, but they have been some of the most intolerant shippers I ever saw. I am still disgusted with the fact they brought their ship up when Obito died. TIME AND PLACE YOU FUCKS. You just don’t do that…but what do you expect from them, they’re fapping furiously to a picture of Hinata when they say stuff like that.

belaphabet  asked:

Why do you think Irene wasn't in the special? I mean I know they mentioned her in the watch but why wasn't she with all the other women?

I think there’s lots and lots of potential reasons they wouldn’t have used her in the special, such as wanting to save the character for something in Series 4, having just done a cameo with her two episodes ago, actress unavailability, not wanting to cram her in when they’d already barely left time for the characters they did include (sorry, Janine). Almost anything’s possible for the reason, production-wise.

If you want a few canon-based reasons just for the heck of it, though…

1) They never fully clarified how much of the Victorian stuff was reverted back to the timeline/events of the original stories, but canon Irene was already dead by 1895. And even if they changed events like in the modern version to have John only think she’s dead when Sherlock knows otherwise, having John see an alive Irene and react to that in a dream sequence seems like kind of a waste of a scene as well as a distraction from what was actually (well, I say “actually”…) going on.

2) Also, canon Irene had left the country forever before she died. Last we saw modern Irene, she was also out of the country. And sure, it’s Sherlock’s dream, anyone can be anywhere, but maybe there’s a point where it’s not worth confusing the issue or inviting theories (”Irene’s secretly back in London and Sherlock knows it!” etc.) that don’t match what the writers want to do with the show in the long run. (And they did make a point of having Sherlock say he doesn’t know where Irene is now in TSoT.)

3) Irene’s canon story, A Scandal in Belgravia, was very much about how she reacted to a man who treated her badly. Her response was to hold blackmail material to protect herself long enough to run off with a better guy. Granted, her grievance may not have been as extreme as Emelia Ricoletti’s or Lady Carmichael’s (then again, her ex was a king, so that’s got its own special set of power dynamics), but having Irene go from her canon reaction to murder may have felt like too big a step.

No matter why they didn’t use Irene this time, though, I would not be shocked if she came back (either played by Lara Pulver or just for an off-screen but significant part such as sending a message) for at least a moment in Series 4. They were hinting about it in several ways during Series 3.


maliaisbi  asked:

I've noticed that all Lydia has done is worry about stiles while Malia worries about her. Malia still finds time to ask Lydia if she's okay. In the last episode Malia had a hallucination about her dead family but she asked LYDIA if she was okay. But all Lydia talked about was herself. She didn't make sure Scott and Malia were okay and that's what pisses me off about her this season. She is selfish and the total opposite of Season 5 Lydia.I'm starting to not like Malydia because of her.

Rant is coming! Run for your liveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

It’s hard to even see that Lydia is worrying about other people being taken. Isn’t it obvious that her friends are going to be taken too? Isn’t it a little concerning? Shouldn’t she focus on the GENERAL problem, not on the one detail aka dick? But whatever, I’m not genius like her *sarcasm*

What pisses me off, in s5 she was helping Jordan but on the same time she was learning how to fight AND she was helping the whole pack figuring out the Dread Doctors. Helping Parrish helped to solve the whole mystery. While doing it she was still an important part of the pack, independent but not an outsider. Also, helping Jordan not even once compromised or fucked up her relationship with others, they were all equally important.

Lydia in s6? She is BLINDLY focused only on Stilinski jr. How it helps? It doesn’t. They all know that Riders are taking people, they all know that someone important was taken from them, they all know that Riders erase people form memories. Isn’t it fucking obvious that Stiles is real? Why the hell Lydia insisted so much to ensure everyone he is STILES and HE is real? It was fucking obvious. And the whole drama was not even needed and it was waste of the screen time, because PETER IS ALIVE. He can tell them fucking everything. He was on the station. He saw Stilinski. He has information. Like, they wanted to show us that Stilinski jr. is important for the pack but we know that already, for fuck’s sake. And Malia, Scott and sheriff being all doubtful and not believing? Only Lydia is the one who wants to find Stilinski jr. back at all cost? What a bullshit that fucks the CANON.

Next. The last time when Lydia was doubting her sanity and powers was… probably around s4. In s5 she has not only learnt how to fight but also it looked like she had her powers under control (minus the time when a sadistic doctor drilled a hole in her head). You would think that after s5 drama she will grow more confident… but nope. Lydia thinks she is going crazy and she is not ok. Because a dick is missing. Right. Sounds like Lydia. And she has meltdowns and cries more than in whole s5, where she killed a guy in self defense, was tortured, comatose, locked down in a mental house, hurt more than once etc. but she kept her shit together and kicked asses. Srydia shippers say it’s a character development :)))))) Crying, whining, breaking down, melting, losing mind is called a character development these days :)))))

Next. “I want to save Stiles”. Great. It’s really admirable. Because we all want to save people that are important for us. But it’s again like the “Stiles saved me”. All parts of the equation are removed and only one detail is left. In s5 we at least got the “my friends saved me”, here we didn’t get even something that. Does it sound selfish? The same goes for the “I don’t want to be alone” line. Who wants, for God’s sake. But Lydia saying things like that before shit happened? When they have time to stop it? I don’t know Lyds, maybe less wasting time, crying and moaning after a guy you don’t really remember and more focusing on how you can stop the Riders would help, huh? Does it sound like a good plan? Where went the “I need to tell my friends they are going to die” from the first Lydia scene in s5? When she was kicking asses for her ALL friends sake?

Next. As I said, Lydia’s relationships in s5 were all ok. S6 fucks them all. She has no scenes with Jordan. Malia still doesn’t remember Stilinski and we all know why. Malia and Scott didn’t believe Lydia and were sceptical all the time, so she could be alone with her misery and pain. Her relationship with the kid pack? It doesn’t exist in this season. With sheriff? Strained because of Stilinski jr. And don’t let me start with her artificial and forced romantic feelings for Stilinski jr. that are a complete bullshit. Her whole story circles around ONE DICK. She is reduced and degenerated to a hysterical and hormonal bag of emotions.

And, a personal opinion. For me Lydia is getting annoying and starting to sound like a Mary Sue under a cover. Theoretically strong and independent, in reality emotional like a stereotypical girl that lost a potential guy. Her whole story rounds around one guy. She makes herself miserable, where there is no reason for it. Lydia from s5, would not do it, because she grown to a strong, mature woman. The thing we got in s6 is a more powerful Lydia from seasons 1 and 2, where she was a love interest. Nothing more. And I fucking hated that time.

I know there are people who hate that Clara was brought back in Hell Bent. I know the Moffat haters are screaming about horrible writing and blah blah blah.

But there’s a message. Clara’s going off with Me while being frozen between one heartbeat and the next is a metaphor. A very complex metaphor that is so very, very simple and illustrated so well in the speech the Doctor gave to Me in The Woman Who Lived.

“People like us, we go on too long. We forget what matters. The last thing we need is each other. We need the mayflies. See, the mayflies, they know more than we do. They know how beautiful and precious life is because it’s fleeting. Look how Sam Swift made every last moment count, right to the gallows. Look how glad he is to be alive. I looked into your eyes and I saw my worst fears. Weariness. Emptiness.“

One moment is all Clara has left. One moment to see the universe. One moment to tell people what she needs to tell them. One moment to live life to the fullest before she dies. 

Clara is lucky because she knows she’s in her last moment. 

We aren’t so lucky. Things happen. Sudden cardiac arrest. Aneurysms. Accidents. Illness. Murder. Suicide.

Tomorrow is promised to no one. Look at sunsets. Admire rainbows. Tell people you care. Live your life. Make every moment matter because you don’t know which one is your last. You don’t know which moment is the last for someone you love.

Live like Clara. Make it count.

A Familiar Face

I suck with titles, but I wrote this based off an imagine. It’s kinda long, close to 2k words. I am still technically taking requests, I just haven’t been writing them all that much. Anyway, here it is.

Original Imagine

Warnings: None

A Familiar Face

“Dean, stop the car.” Sam says, breaking the comfortable silence the two of them had been driving in.

“What? Why?” Dean asks, confused.

“I think there’s a person on the side of the road ahead.” Sam responds, pointing ahead. “Do you see that?”

Dean follows Sam’s glance and spots what his brother was seeing. He could see what appeared to be an outline of a person sitting, or laying- he couldn’t tell - off to the side of the road.  “Yeah, I see. I’ll pull over.”

Dean pulls the Impala over to the side of the road, stopping just in front of the person, in front of you.

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Of All the Thankyous... - drarry

The Great Hall, or what was left of it anyway, was filled with sounds never before heard in its walls. Some people were crying, grieving over lost ones, others were celebrating being alive, and most were strangely silent. Despite the silence everything was quite loud, and as Harry sat at one of the ruined tables with Hermione and Ron, he found himself scanning the area for people he knew, hoping to see them still among the living.


Harry looked up, Pansy Parkinson was stumbling towards the Malfoy heir, whose eyes widened to the size of plates upon seeing her.

“Pans? Pans you’re okay!” Draco had never looked so relieved in his life as Pansy threw her arms around him and he held her tightly. “Are you hurt? You’re alright?”

“I’m okay. I’m not hurt,”

“You’re covered in blood Pans,” Draco frowned.

“It’s not mine. It’s Blaise’s.”

Draco paled.

“He’s okay! He’s not dead, that’s why I was looking for you. He’s over here,” Pansy led the blonde to what once was the Slytherin table, and against the wall was Blaise Zabini, covered in his own blood.

“Well, look what the cat dragged in,” Blaise grinned. “Haven’t seen you in a long time Dray,”

“Too long.” Draco replied kneeling beside him. “Are you badly hurt?”

“Not too badly. Leg’s broken, caught on some falling rubble. Other than that I’m fine. You?”

“I’m okay.” Draco sighed. “I’m not hurt. Physically anyway. Mentally, we’ll see.”

“Too right.” Blaise muttered.

“Blaise…Vincent…he…” Draco stopped. “He didn’t make it…”

Blaise went quiet. “Oh…and Theodore…?”

“I haven’t… I haven’t seen him.” Draco stammered. He looked up at Pansy, who shook her head.

“Last time I saw him he was with his father. His father was killed, but I don’t know what happened to Theo.” She said.

Draco swallowed. “Anybody seen Greg? He was with me, but we got separated.”

Blaise shrugged. “Haven’t seen much of anyone here, Pans stayed with me when I got injured, we haven’t been outside yet.”

“You wouldn’t want to see it anyway,” Draco said. “Blaise…I saw your mother…”

“Oh…not coming back is she?”

“…I’m so sorry.”

Blaise shrugged and tried to smile. “All good innit? How are your parents Dray?”

“Alive,” Draco whispered.

Pansy crouched by Draco, putting her arms around him as they knelt beside Blaise.

“Good.” Blaise said.

Draco nodded silently. “No one’s seen Marcus either…and Vince’s mother needs to be told…”

Harry watched the Slytherins, frowning in sadness. It was then that he realised, the Slytherins weren’t the enemies. They had lost people too. They were just as worried for their friends as he was, and yet the living avoided the Slytherin students like it had been their fault entirely. This wasn’t right. He stood up, and walked over to them.

“Can I help?” he asked.

The Slytherins looked up, surprised that Harry was there offering assistance.

Pansy scowled. “We don’t need any help from – ”

“Pansy.” Draco said firmly. “Now is not the time for bitter rivalry. Our friends have died and our families gone. Try a bit of empathy for once.”

Pansy shut her mouth, looking ashamed.

Draco stood up, not flinching from Harry’s gaze. “You’d help us?”

“If you need me.” Harry replied.

Draco tilted his head to one side. “Are you offering because you care, or because you’re Harry Potter and it’s your job to help?”

“A little of both.” Harry answered.

Draco bit his lip, looking down at his friends. “…We should be fine, thank you.”

“Alright, but I’m here if you need me. You know where I’ll be.” Harry said walking away again.

After a pause he heard his name being called.

“Potter wait!”

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Charlotte Is Alive and In The Dollhouse

So, as we know, Season 6B of Pretty Little Liars is basically mirroring the first season. (The Sleepover in the barn=sleeping in the hotel, Charlotte’s death mystery=Alison’s death mystery). Now, as we know, Alison eventually turned up to be alive not on the A Team, but on the run from A. My theory is that the writers are going to be doing the same thing with Charlotte, in a different way. Charlotte is actually alive and she is being held captive in the dollhouse. Now, you’re probably saying: “How can Charlotte be alive? We saw her body at the funeral!” Well, let’s take a look at some screenshots from the episode before Charlotte’s funeral, 6x10.

Is it a coincidence that Charlotte mentioned this the episode before and in the next we see her “dead” body? I think not. Now in one of the promos for 6B, we see Aria and Spencer visiting what looks like the dollhouse and the following thing comes up:

Now this for me is a dead giveaway that Charlotte is indeed alive. The last two episodes of 6B are titled “Did You Miss Me?” and “Hush Hush, Sweet Liars” with the latter directly referring to a 1964 film, “Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte”. I believe that the girls will end up rescuing Charlotte, perhaps unmasking the new Big Bad along the way.

Probably an unpopular opinion

I’m actually really happy about the finale. I have long since learned to not get my hopes up for anything in any fandom so I wasn’t at all surprised that we didn’t get an ILY or a TLK for CS tonight. This episode was about aligning the characters with good or evil. Hero or Villain. It’s establishing where the characters will be in 4b.

This episode wasn’t about one ship in particular but many.

Emma’s wall is still there. You bet your ass she’s probably going to have trouble opening her heart completely throughout 4b because of what happened. He almost died, and we haven’t seen the last of that issue for sure. It’s why it felt rushed tonight. Emma’s not dealing with the fact he almost died. She’s glad he’s alive but she’s not dealing with how she feels about it. It’s classic Emma. She just got her memories back about Ingrid and those memories are bittersweet. Happy and sad. It shows that while both Emma was wanted it was by someone who only saw her as a replacement for the sisters she’d lost. The minute Ingrid felt she had her original sisters’ love she abandoned her plans and sacrificed herself even at Emma’s plea that they could find another way. Again demonstrating that Emma was not enough. It’s going to take time for Emma to realize that she’s more than enough for Killian and for her to really understand his actions always come from a place of wanting to be worthy of her. Even when he does things that are wrong, that are mistakes that come back to bite him in the ass, she’s always his central focus. 

Did you see Emma swing into action, ready to blast Gold to hell for hurting Killian? She was only stopped because Rumple is more powerful than she is. 

If anything tonight’s episode was about Rumple getting some cold hard reality. Yet has he learned from this? We see that in fact he has not and will not learn.

Again it’s all about aligning the characters with one of two columns. Hero or villain. Let’s take a headcount….

Villains: Rumple, Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent

Heroes: Regina (as much as she sees herself as a villain she’s clearly on the hero side now with being willing to give up her true love to save an innocent woman’s life. Villains don’t do that), Snow, Charming (and their entourage of dwarves, Granny, Archie, etc), Belle, Emma, Killian, Henry, Robin Hood and the Merry Men.

This was what the episode was about. It was aligning the heroes together, and bringing the villains together too. As a shipper I feel lucky that we even got some resolution at all to Killian’s heart issue. It could have gone through to 4B. What was really significant was that Emma didn’t blame him. She didn’t get mad at him or push him away like she did when he went after Ingrid. You could see in her face that she’s glad he’s alive, that they figured out the problem before it was too late and that Belle came to his rescue before his heart was dust.

I for one am really happy that they’ll go into 4B with Emma and Hook happy and together. It may not be the resolution you hoped for but its at least some resolution with of course conversations and confessions to come later on. 

GALLY - Runner

Request : Can you write one where Gally acts like he hates you but it’s only because he’s in love with you but won’t admit it to anyone let alone himself? And then one day you get and he takes it as an advantage to tell you everything and when you wake up, you kiss him and it’s all fluffy fluffy? :3 thanks youuuuuu

(Wrote this while i was waiting for my turn at the dentist xD I hope this is to your liking!)


“I say we make her a runner,” Minho said as he folded his arms over his chest. The Keepers and those in command were now discussing the terms, whether you should be a runner or not. You slumped as you sat on a crate by the corner with your back against the wall.

“I’ll have to agree with Minho,” Newt raised. “We all saw how she ran.”

Gally remained unmoving in his seat with his face as black as stone.

With a sigh, Alby got out of his seat. “Gally, you’re the only one left. Everyone else has agreed. You haven’t said a word.”

“That’s because I don’t agree, Alby,” Gally replied harshly as he crossed his arms over his chest, a gesture you took as one of certainty. Gally was against you being a runner with all his might.

“And why is that?” Minho questioned.

“You wanna know why, Minho?” Gally replied as he jumped off his seat, looking incredibly aggressive with his towering height and build.

“She’s not gonna last in that maze. You’re saying we all saw how she ran? Well, yes, she ran. But that doesn’t prove anything when she’s out there in the maze. What does she know? She has been here two weeks, Alby. TWO SHUCKING WEEKS. That’s hardly enough time for us, let alone all of you, to judge and decide that she’ll make it out alive in something as perilous as that!” He yelled and pointed towards the direction of the maze doors.

The Homestead turned dead silent. But your insides weren’t. Your insides were raging and your blood was boiling. You’ve had enough.

No one knew what to say. Except you.

“Listen here, Gally!” you yelled as you jumped out of your seat in fuming rage. “You think I can’t do this just because I’m the only girl in here, don’t you?” you shouted, as your hands and voice trembled in anger. “You think I’m weak and incapable. What’s it gonna take for you to notice that I can do things just as well as the rest? Since I’ve been here, Gally, all you did was treat me like dirt. I was sent here for a reason. And I’m going in that maze!”

“You’re not going anywhere, slint head!” Gally shouted back, just as furious as you had been.

You exhaled, trying to gain composure. You looked up and as you were about to storm out of the Homestead, you turned and shot daggers into Gally’s angry piercing eyes with yours. “Watch me,” you said through gritted teeth. You then took your leave.


You woke up early before daybreak the next day. You crept out past the sleeping boys and out onto the field, stumbling on uneven grass as the sun was barely even out. Strapping on your gear that Minho had already prepared for you in hopes of you being made into a runner and tightening your boots, you made your way to the maze doors and sat in silence as you waited for them to open.

Won’t last in the maze, huh? I’ll show you, Gally. I’m gonna go in that maze and I’ll come back with new areas that none of you shuck faces figured out, you thought as memories of last night angered you again.

All of a sudden, you felt a slight vibration underneath the ground you sat on and sprung up on your feet. The vibrations grew stronger and you turned towards the maze doors. Much to your delight, the maze opened and you stood there unmoving, questioning yourself and doubting for the first time whether this was really what you wanted to do. You have not had any training with Minho prior to this, but you remembered some of the sections he had shown you. You shook off all your second thoughts and loosened your muscles. You were going to do this.

“I’ll show you, Gally,” you mumbled. “Wait and see.” Inhaling a deep breath, you ran into the maze.


“Where is she?” Alby searched the crowd of boys as he called for breakfast. “Minho, Chuck, Gally, you slept in the same hut. Did you see her go anywhere?”

The three boys shook their head in response.

Alby sighed as the boys began to crane their necks, looking for you.

“Alby!” Minho suddenly said. “I feel like I know where she went, in fact I’m pretty sure.”

Minho turned towards the maze as an uneasy feeling began to pool in his stomach. “Oh no,” Alby gasped, his eyebrows creasing with worry as murmurs from the other boys began to fill the air.

“Minho, you have to go after her!” Newt exclaimed.

“Minho and I will go,” Alby moved to where his gear had been set right by his usual seat. Seeing Alby strap it on, Minho did the same. “Newt, I leave you and Gally in charge.”

Minho and Alby wasted no time in running after you. Running into the first wall of the maze, Alby stopped to ask Minho where he thinks you went first. “I told her something about Section 6. That section’s my best bet,” Minho said as he started to sprint, Alby following closely behind.


The first few turns didn’t bother you. You kept turning to the right, just the right. You hit a few dead ends but always found your back to where you could navigate yourself again. You stopped for a rest by the corner of one wall which was draped with overgrowth. Somehow, this area of the maze was a little darker than the ones you were running in before. Unusual, you thought. It couldn’t have been long after daybreak.

Then you heard it. A soft, electrical whirr. Your senses awakened and you couldn’t deny that you felt panicked. The whirr became audible again, more audible this time. You stood up from the ground, getting ready to run. Another whirr and the clinking of a sharp metal tip against something that seemed like stone which followed one after the other in a continuous rhythm.

You turned around and a mechanical leg appeared out of the corner. You didn’t wait, you started sprinting. To where? Anywhere. This must be what Minho has described as the Griever. Panting, you sprinted even faster, the Griever hot on your trail. The hair on the back of your neck stood on end and your sweat grew cold. Run, (Y/N), Run, you thought to yourself.

The sound of the monster’s legs against the ground grew louder in your ear as the whirrs became deafening and unbearable. The next thing you knew, you were pushed to the ground and a searing pain terrorized your thigh as you heard your own voice scream in agony. Then you saw darkness.


“Get out of the way!!” Minho yelled as the crowd of boys waiting outside cleared the way, gasping and crying out your name as they saw you limp, lifeless and bleeding in Minho’s arms. “She’s been stung, move!”

“Minho, what the hell?!” Gally exclaimed as he ran after Minho who was running to the Medjacks with Alby by his side.

“Get the serum! Quick!” Alby instructed.


“Gally, you’ll have to stay outside, she’s not waking up,” Minho obstructed Gally from entering the med jacks’ hut where you lay unconscious.

“Shut your shuck face, Minho. I’m going in.”

Gally walked over to your bedside cautiously, as if his own breathing could rip you into shreds. His eyes flickered over to the bandage on your thigh with a bright red splotch in the middle. Sighing, he crouched by your side and gently took your hand.

“This is all my fault, isn’t it?” he muttered. “I shouldn’t have said those words to you (Y/N),” he said, tracing the scratches on your cheeks with his eyes, the guilt gnawing at his insides.

“I didn’t know this until the moment Alby and Minho went after you. I was angry because.. I didn’t want you going in there because..” he stammered. “The moment I realised how real the danger was, something in me stirred. I realised that I cared. I cared so much. I kept pushing that thought away before you ran out but when I saw you bloody in Minho’s arms..”

He tightened his grip on your fingers. “All those times which you said I treated you like dirt, I didn’t mean to (Y/N). I didn’t mean to. I was..trying to convince myself otherwise because now, I realize that I was falling for you. Hard. So hard. I was falling in love. And I wanted to protect you from that maze, (Y/N). But it was my ignorance for what you wanted that brought you here, it’s all my fault.”

“If only you could hear me now, (Y/N).. I’m sorry. So so so sorry. You were brave, I knew you always were. You didn’t have anything to prove to me, (Y/N).”


Open your eyes.

Your senses heard every bit of it because the first touch of Gally’s hand stirred you awake.

“(Y/N)?” Gally gasped as his cloudy eyes lit up.

“Heard it all,” you weakly whispered.

Gally’s cheeks turned red.

“Hey, come here, a little closer,” you muttered as Gally leaned over closer to you with curiosity widening his eyes.

It took every bit of energy, but you raised your hand to the back of his neck and let his lips crash down to yours. You left it to linger there because you didn’t really have the energy to kiss him with all your might even though you so badly wanted to. Gally closed the last bit of the tiny gap between your lips and sealed his lips over yours and you melted into the gentleness of it. He pulled away then chuckled.

“Shoulda known you felt the same,” he teased.

“Shut it, shank. You didn’t even know your own feelings,” you teased back.


Everyone is clamoring that “Oh, so you can bring August and Maleficent back from the dead, but not Neal?” and I’m just like

First, August was turned back into a little boy last we saw.  He’s still alive.  I don’t know what exactly they’re going to do or how they’re bringing back older August if he’s in the present day storyline and not just flashbacks, but they definitely aren’t bringing him back from the dead.  Second, Maleficent never died either.  I don’t know how many times people need Maleficent’s situation explained to them before they finally get it.  Her punishment in Storybrooke was that she was preserved in the form of a dragon, but when Emma “slayed” her, she turned to ash and then took the form of some weird creepy zombie thing (see episode 2x20).  Basically, she can’t die, so she too is still alive.

In conclusion, neither August nor Maleficent are being brought back from the dead.  I can only think of two instances where the “dead is dead” rule was broken, and that was in the very special cases of Rumplestiltskin and Blue.  Pretty much what I’m saying is that Neal isn’t coming back to life.  Will he appear in a flashback?  Maybe.  But the writers aren’t stupid enough to actually find a way to bring him back.  It would just be unnecessary drama with Emma and Killian and probably even cause her to backtrack on all of the wonderful development she’s had this season. 

Neal was a plot device that fulfilled his purpose.  Let him go.


The music is above for atmosphere.  Feel free to play it while reading.

Okay, so right now, we have a number of threats coming at the kids and trolls all at once that will need to be dealt with.  Vriska’s planning certainly seems sound, although it will certain be difficult.

Here’s how I imagine she will break down the teams:

The Condesce

Kanaya Maryam - Even though Kanaya isn’t God-Tier, she is cunning, brave, and also a key factor if the Condesce ever hopes to revive her species.  Who knows the Matriorb and the job of reviving the troll species better than her.  The Condesce should be VERY hesitant to harm her.

Roxy Lalonde - As one of the few people that can possibly create a Matriorb, Roxy is another key player that I doubt The Condesce will try and harm.  She’s also been itching to take her on for some time now.  

Rose Lalonde - While Rose may be doubting her abilities, having Roxy and Kanaya with her will help give her the boost to lend her powers of foresight and optimal planning.  She will likely be able to deduce and figure out how to distract or annoy The Condesce enough to keep her from gaining too much of an upper hand.  And we all know that if anyone can come up with a distaction, it’s her.

Dog Jack (Bec Noir) & PM

John Egbert - Vriska is very likely going to assign John to take on Bec Noir.  John’s actually had some combat experience against him and has a pretty good idea of how he works.  His windy powers will also be useful in keeping himself from being stabbed.  He’ll have to be careful about being teleported elsewhere, but he might be able to use his zappy powers to get back to the battle, or use the windows and telepads.

Jade Harley - If the Condesce can be properly distracted or defeated by the time Jade wakes up, then she will definitely be needed here.  Given the loyalty of Becqueral in both Dog Jack and PM, her presence would neutralize both threats.  But this is an IF.  For all we know, she might wish to stay chilling with Calliope.

Wandering Vagabond (The Mayor) - This seems like a very dangerous role for the sweet, sweet Mayor to be put in, but it also has a tactical benefit.  If PM sees The Mayor, she will do everything in her power to protect him and ensure that no harm comes to him.  This will help in getting her to fight Bec Noir.  He doesn’t have to fight, he just has to be present.  Even if Vriska doesn’t send him here right away, I expect he’ll find his way to this battlefield somehow.

JasperSprite - He’s a cat.  We saw what happened when GCat appeared before Dog Jack and PM in the Game Over timeline.  A good distaction could be very important if something goes wrong.  However, unlike GCat, it is possible that he could die as a result of this.  Hopefully not, but it all depends on the dog instincts in those two.

Lord Jack

ARquiuSprite - The muscle will come in handy against this guy.  We don’t know how strong Lord English is, but as Vriska pointed out, his effort is restricted to where he physically is at a given time.  If he’s not placed here, he’ll likely be placed with the Robo Jack party.  

Dirk Strider - While he won’t arrive for a while, he would likely be best suited here.  His sword fighting skills and soul powers will definitely add some much needed power to take him down.  If not here, then he’ll likely be taking on The Condesce whom he certainly has a score to settle with given what she did to Earth.

Dave Strider - Given that Lord English is powered by Clockwork Magycks, Dave Strider’s time powers might be really important for neutralizing them or stopping them.  He’s a very capable fighter to boot.

Terezi Pyrope - We all know Terezi can kick ass and she has shown how capable a fighter she is.  Her ability to also foresee outcomes as a Seer of Mind may also give her an edge in figuring out what Lord Jack will do before he does it.

And for those observant, yes, I had all the characters wearing shades go against the one possessed by whatever it was inside Lil’ Cal.  Vriska may shift some of them over to work with John at first since based on my arrangement, John would essentially be going against Bec Noir alone until Jade wakes up and can provide backup.  Granted, PM is the best bet to keep Jack busy, so not many fighters are really needed here just yet.

Robo Jack

Karkat Vantas - The two share a history together and it would likely be a sight for sore eyes for Slick to see him again.  If the blood bond between Karkat and Spades Slick is still good, then he might be able to persuade Spades and The Felt to join the kids.  If so, they would need to head to see Lord Jack.  After all, he has crowbar’s crowbar and I’m sure he wants that back.

Jake English - Jake’s presence will help since he’ll be able to bring hope to others.  His hope powers are certainly untapped, but even when used subtly, this would prove useful in winning over Spades and the Felt.

TavroSprite - While not the most charismatic of characters, Tavros could still be helpful with persuading Robo Jack and the Felt to work with them.  He may also recognize Aurthour who is also with the group and know to get him to ARquiusprite


Jane Crocker - This one’s obvious because Vriska literally spelled it out.  It’s worth noting that, yes, she can revive someone once using her lifey powers, but resurrection is not the only power she possesses.  Her lifey powers can also be used to heal as well as restore life.

Rosesprite - Given that she volunteered and made a good argument for why she should join her, this one seems also like a give-in.  Jane won’t be able to do everything alone, so her abilities to help guide Jane will be very useful.

Vriska Serket - This may seem odd, but remember that Vriska said she had to leave the group to take care of business; likely time travelling to Myststuck to fill the roles Gamzee played and to prototype the sprites so they get prototyped to begin with.  She will likely show up in the battle again later, but when and how, we aren’t sure.

Wild Cards

Davesprite - This orange, feathery asshole is someone I expect to show up in some way or another.  Last we saw him, he was hanging out with the other sprites in GO Timeline.  If he was able to, like Jaspersprite, hitch a ride on LOWAS to travel over to the retcon timeline, then he might be a support that comes right out of left field.

Gamezee Makara - A wild card in a BAD way.  Lord only knows what he would do if he were to escape.

Aradia Megido - While Aradia has been hanging around in the dream bubbles for some time now as a God Tier, she also stated that she is eager to see Lord English come to an end.  She might show up one more time before the story ends.  We saw her hanging out with Punk!Vriska and Meenah last we saw her.

Sollux Captor - Somehow, he’s still alive out there.  We’re not entirely sure how, but neither is he.  I expect him to show up when Aradia does most likely.  While blind, his technical know how might prove helfpul in setting up the fenestrated window grid that Jane will be using.  Especially since fenestrated windows are a means of travelling from one window through another via the void.

Erisolsprite - This one’s another longshot along with Davesprite, but the last time he saw him, he was with Davesprite and GO!ARquiusprite.  If Davesprite made it, then it’s possible all the sprites could have made it.  Not sure what he’d be able to do, but who knows?  Also, this would also mean GO!Nannasprite could have made it over too.

Nepeta Leijon & Feferi Peixes - With two unprototyped kernels, and provided the kids don’t need to be resurrected with them to keep battling, it’s possible that sometime during the battle, they might be brought back this way in order to contribute to the fight.  Feferi alone would be useful since she has the royal blood in her that can be very helpful with getting The Condesce’s attention.

Calliope - They did mention that one of the big reasons for hunting down the Ring of Life was so that they could bring her back to life.  Currently, Roxy is in possession of it.  How they can get it to her is another story, but that ring will be important, somehow.

z nation trailer stuff

alright so i finally was able to watch the trailer on a big screen so i took screenshots and this is my analysis because A) its 1 in the morning and im bored B) i fucking can. 

the trailer was fast and very red and overwhelming but here it goes.

so first thing: the thing on everyones mind.

the status of 10k.

obviously, hes alive. he has both arms, and presumably both legs, and is not blind. hooray!!! party!!! 

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