and how she will grow and surprise me

Royai Scene

Just a little skit I thought would be funny.

Imagine if Roy comes up against Envy, who turns into Roy in an effort to subdue him. They start fighting just as Riza shows up, gun in hand and confused.

Roy: Lieutenant, shoot him, now!

Envy: No! Shoot him! He’s a Homonculus!

Roy: What? No! Shoot him! What are you waiting for!?

(Riza meanwhile, is standing there, trying to determine which one to shoot. Roy’s growing impatient, however.)

Roy: Lieutenant!

Envy: Riza…

(Both turn their attention to Envy, Roy’s cocky grin on his face.)

Envy: I love you…

(Riza shoots him point blank, much to Roy’s surprise.)

Roy: How did you know that wasn’t me?

Riza: I’ll be brief, Sir; if you ever revealed your feelings to someone, you wouldn’t have that smirk on your face.

(She walks past her superior, watching him take a moment to think over her reasoning before he shrugged his shoulder.)

Roy: True.

(The duo walk off.)


The boy across the cafe was staring at her intently. She felt his gaze drift from her boots to her ill-fitting jumper, and an involuntary chill rushed down her spine; she was positive it had nothing to do with the biting London breeze. She tried to ignore him, and instead, ended up re-reading the same passage three times.

“Hello,” the boy said from behind her, and in her surprise, she very nearly knocked her Earl Grey onto him. His smile seemed to grow, “I’m Sirius.” 

“Hi,” she said back, and her cheeks flushed damnably.

“School work? Over the winter hols?” he asked, nodding towards the stack of books and papers she had splayed in front of her.

“Yeah, Oxford’s got me strapped,” she added, shuffling a few books around. He raised a brow.

“Ah, Oxford girl,” she blushed again, “Marlene Mckinnon, isn’t it?”

Her brows furrowed, “How’d you-“

“Sometimes you just know things, wouldn’t you agree? Smart girl like you would understand.”

“How’d you know my name?” she asked, a bit more demanding, a bit more afraid.

A low chuckle, “It’s on your bag.”


“Not to mention, I’ve seen your face in the papers. Dad’s in Parliament, isn’t he?”

“Yeah,” she admitted, “he is.”

“Heard he’s a Cambridge alum. How’d he take the Oxford decision?”

She gave him a smile, “Not too well. But he’s accepted it for what it is.”

“And that is?”

“That Oxford is simply better.”

“Ah. You sure?”

She wrinkled her brow, “Well, yes. It’s one of the premier schools in the country, the world even.”

“But so is Cambridge. In fact, if I recall, Cambridge has outranked Oxford multiple times.”

She narrowed her eyes, noting the Cambridge blue jumper that peeked out from under his coat. How had she missed it before?

“Cambridge boy, huh?”

He smirked, “Finally figured it out, I see. Knew you would, smart girl like you.”

Chowder’s 19 grams now! He’s growing bit by bit. What sort of growth rates have other people noticed with their gargoyle geckos? I saw a post the other day in a Facebook group with someone saying, “My Garg is 30 grams, how old do you think she is?” And many of the comments were a year/year and a half. Chowder’s about a year and a half so that surprised me a lot since that’s considerably larger than him, but I don’t feel like he’s underweight at all. I got him about six months ago and he’s put on 8 grams since then.

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Am I the only one that thinks Abbie should calm down and be more patient? I feel that her lashing out on the Gutter Kittens is because of her ill temper. The same goes when she disapproves of Zig and Kaitlyn 😡. For some reason, I grow to dislike Abbie more and more... 😒😒

I’m with Abbie on how she reacted towards Kaitlyn at the concert. I did find the bandmates quite condescending towards Tyler, and I’m guessing she’s feeling very protective of her boyfriend which adds to her resentment towards Kaitlyn.

She’s entitled to her own opinion about Zig; but the way she got so mad (”Chris went through a rough patch! Zig is just rough!”) also caught me by surprise. I get that she’s wary of Zig but her outburst was like… woah.

I do understand where Abbie is coming from so I’m cutting her some slack. Kaitlyn, on the other hand, I’m expecting more from.

a day spent in a bed with a stomach virus is a day spent doodling
Here we have:

1.-3.) MLP NextGen artist Kilala97 and I engaged in a fierce Mexican standoff round of the pocky game. Win goes to Kilala, but only because she is a filthy filthy cheater that used her power of sheer adorbz to take Bramble out with a deadly muzzle to muzzle boop

4.) Bruce and Zipperflash…this crackship is growing on me. XD They insult each other to desperately hide their wuv for each other

5.) Was really surprised by how much you all like Truffles! :D Welp, here she is, in all her precious chubby glory. She’s very shy and gets teased a lot at school, but luckily Rosemary is there to step in as a surrogate big sister and give Bulk Biceps volume level scoldings to any pony that dare bully Truffles

6.) Pandora ain’t a morning draconequus. Luckily her loyal minion Cupcake is there to dump mug after mug of sugary coffee into her boss until she’s fully awake
i like to think Pan rolled out of bed and slithered into the kitchen like a caffeine deprived snake

camomilafil  asked:

Have any characters changed much from the first conception you had of them to how they are now?

Some of them haven’t changed at all. Eldie’s pretty close to my original idea still (she’s growing more confident, though!) Sonny, Arjun, and Hadley haven’t changed, though I’m fairly certain Arjun’s because I haven’t had him in the story long enough. Nyota, though, she’s grown a lot. She’s gotten a bit freer with showing emotion, for one, and less likely to hide inside her own thoughts. Namina turned from stab-happy plant friend to still stab-happy but very friend-oriented. I rather like it ^.^ Lumen also surprised me. I hadn’t expected the “forlorn elf” flavor from him (it’s a D&D thing for those unfamiliar). For a character who was intended as a (literally) lighter counterpart to the captain’s darker background, he’s turned out surprisingly deep.

So after rewatching the puella movies for the umpteenth time I have come to an interesting conclusion. When Madoka became a god she said something along the lines of “I can see all timelines and all possible timelines of the future” to Homura and then told her that they’d meet again one day. If what Madoka said was true, should she have foreseen the actions Homura took at the end of Rebellion? Madoka knew that one day Homura’s soulgem would grow dark and she’d have to lead her away as the Law of the Cycle. That much was true. However it did not seem to me as if she was phased by Homura’s decision to allow the incubators to protect her soulgem and become a witch. She even went as far as to erase her own memories and still save Homura. And when she regained her memories she said (roughly) “oh that’s right, how could I have forgotten?” as if she knew all along that this would happen. However why did she look so surprised when Homura turned on her? Was she doing what her human form did constantly- believing in the good in people even if it was foolish? I’m only guessing but it seems as though Madoka let this happen to herself, let Homura finally save her- allow for Homura to have her miracle (which Madoka said were possible when she first became a god). I have many thoughts and would appreciate some opinions on this.

What Makes A Garden Grow

Shipweeks - Wolflet: Garden


“Well, I think it looks great.”

Scarlet stood in front of the small plot of land, watching Wolf spread the seeds. Nodding in satisfaction, she kneeled down into the soil and put a hand on his shoulder, ignoring his small jolt of surprise.

“You know, my grand-mère used to spend an entire day planting the seeds for this garden.”

Wolf chuckled. “I guess I’m a lot more efficient.”

Scarlet shrugged. “Yeah.” She stood up and brushed the dirt off of her jeans. “But she said she had always done it that way because it showed how much she cared. She’d always tell me love and care is what made a garden grow.”

Wolf’s shoulders fell, but Scarlet gently kicked him. “Hey. This is done with the same amount of care - just a lot faster.”

He rose and Scarlet gave him a gentle smile. “You must be hungry. Come on, I just got fresh bread.”


“See? It’s thriving.” Scarlet nudged Wolf and he nudged her back, but his focus wasn’t on her. He was staring at the green stalks, early sunlight filtering through them. The garden wasn’t as big as it had been in previous years, but she didn’t mind. They’d done it together.

“Mmhmm.” Wolf was still staring at the small plot of land, impassive, but Scarlet could see the small smile creeping up on his face. He was proud.

“Go on. Be proud of it.” She grinned as he turned to her, eyebrows raised. He tentatively grinned, lighting up his face and melting Scarlet’s heart.

“I guess I’m just…surprised. That I didn’t mess it up somehow.”

Scarlet tsked, facing him with her arms crossed. “No. Don’t think that. You haven’t messed anything up. Not the revolution, not our life, and certainly not this garden.” She gave a small smile and reached up ruffle his already messy morning hair.

He grinned, canines and all, and pressed her against him. She wrapped her arms around him and sighed contentedly, leaning against his shoulder. One of his hands rested on her hip, the other gently caressing the small metal band on her finger.


“Wolf, I’m fine. I can-”

“No, you can’t. I’ll do it.”

Scarlet attempted to block him with her protruding belly, but Wolf simply picked her up and set her carefully aside. He kneeled next to the plot, carefully checking the growth of the small plants.

Scarlet sighed. “You’ve gotten better at it.”

Wolf didn’t turn around, still methodically sifting through the growing stalks, but she could hear his smile. “I had a good teacher.”

Scarlet watched him in silence, rubbing her belly. He started pulling out the weeds, and with so much force and dexterity they came right out, roots and all. She absentmindedly looked at the growing pile of weeds, content in the comfortable silence and whistling wind that was sweeping through the farm.

But her stomach grumbled, and she winced, more in annoyance than in pain. Wolf was at her side faster than the blink of an eye, looking at Scarlet with worried eyes.

“I’m fine.” She grumbled, turning around and waddling inside the house. “The baby’s just being active.” Heading towards the kitchen she called back. “And keep weeding that garden! I want it to be bursting by the time this little one comes out!”


Scarlet inhaled, the scent of summer rain tickling her nose. The noise of chirping birds and rustling grass accompanied the faint snapping sound as Wolf plucked the tomatoes from their stalks, carefully placing them in the straw basket next to him.

Scarlet adjusted the small bundle in her arms so it would continue to sleep and they could have a moment of peace - a rare occurrence nowadays. Balancing the baby on one hand with relative ease, she pulled the brim of her wide hat to offer more shade from the hot summer sun.

“Well,” she said as she saw Wolf stand up, “We did it.”

“What? The garden, or the baby?”

“Both.” She held her child a little closer, leaning into Wolf’s one-armed embrace. She didn’t even have to look up to see where his gaze was going. She followed it, and softly smiled as she took in her daughter’s round face.

“Told you,” she murmured as she glanced towards the lush green garden. “Love and care.”

C: My last relaxer was 7 months ago and I cut all my hair off. My mom, who’s hated her hair all her life tried to go natural for 2 years but gave up a few months ago. She even used to call my new growth between relaxers ugly and nappy, which made me detest it too but I refuse to say that about black hair ever again. She’s giving me a lot of compliments on my hair and saying how voluminous and pretty it’ll be when it grows which surprises me because she praised my relaxed hair and almost mourned when I cut it off. 

The other day she saw some of my hair on the floor or something and says in a very condescending way, “That must be your hair because MY hair wasn’t that tightly coiled,” as if a looser curl pattern was better. She’s the only one I ever trusted with my hair, but not anymore because she’s so rough with it and tries to use a regular comb on it to “get the naps out” when it’s just CURLED TOGETHER, I hear my hair breaking and it’s so painful and she keeps saying things like, “I’d be able to braid your hair if you got a perm again” and telling me to “train my hair” to get a “better curl pattern” when I’m fine with my 4a/4b and it coils naturally. Her comments don’t hurt me or upset me but it made me think she’s always lived vicariously through my hair and that’s sad. Her hair is beautiful but she’s too tightly conditioned to thinking long and straight is the only beautiful.

“So, are we going to talk about the fact that when you died you saw me or we just going to bury that with the rest of our past?”

And Melinda figures she should have known he wouldn’t have let this go. This is the man who dragged her body, heart, and soul out of Bahrain, out of that dark cubicle, and out of every situation since.

She turns to face him and he’s grinning, smugly leaning against the doorframe of her bunk room. For a split second, she wants to see that slack-jawed look of surprise in his face again when she had confessed who she had seen at the time of her death.

“What do you wanna know?”

“Well…why me?”

And now it’s May’s turn to be slack-jawed. Why? How could he not know? It’s not her style to be particularly loquacious; would rather punch someone or roll her eyes at them.

But this has been growing between them for years and may actually require explanation. She takes a deep breath and steps forward, crowding his personal space so he can hear her.

“Because you’re Phil. Because you’re my best friend and my captain and you saved me. Over and over again. And because you let me save you.”

She feels a lump form in her throats and can hear her voice go hoarse. Phil is quiet, but his hand is now at her waist, encouraging.

“Because you are trying to keep this family together. And because,” she looks up at him and she hates that she’s teary-eyed but glad it’s Phil here to witness it. Her hand creeps up to rest against his shirt, right over the scar that runs the length of his chest.

“And because I think we’ve danced around this thing between us for so long and at the last moment of my life, I wanted to take the memory of you with me. Wherever I go.”

There’s no response to a confession like that beyond the one Phil has, tugging her closer and ducking his head to brush his lips against hers once, twice, three times.

Melinda’s hand bunches his shirt in her hands as she pulls herself up to her tiptoes, deepening the kiss, before breaking away.

They stand there, foreheads pressed together, leaning against the doorframe of her room.

“Hey, May?”

She smiles, tucking her head beneath his chin. “Yes, Phil?”

“I love you, too.”


How to break my heart a.k.a. the looks of pure surprise and disbelief on Damon’s face when it slowly sinks in that he got the girl.

17 Reacting to you (their friend) being paired up with them on We Got Married

~Requested~ Im sorry for lack of these, its just because i have been getting a lot of ship requests so i wanted to finish some of those, thankfully i have an admin now (Admin Ban) and she is literally so cool and she is a great writer, wayyyy better then me, anyways enjoy!!! ~Eva

S.Coups: he would probably be really surprised. He wouldn’t know what to do really, but he would do his best to have that not bother him, you were just his friend after all, right? (but tbh i would be super excited)

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Jeonghan: He wouldn’t mind really, since you two were best friends. This angel would talk to you like how he normally does and such, BUT he might grow to like you even more ;))))))

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Joshua: would find it kinda cool actually, so he wouldn’t be affected by it really, you guys would just become closer friends because of this.(yoo i would freak out on the inside tho jisoo is my bias)

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Jun: would probably be very surprised, he would be kinda nervous too, he doesn’t really have feelings for you, but he MIGHT develop some hehe.

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Hoshi: probably would already have a crush on you so he would be nervous as hellll, he was good at hiding his feelings but then he would be a little more noticeable with his feelings.

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Wonwoo: Would be a little confused, but he would be fine with it, you guys would still be your normal selves hehe

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Woozi: would be a little nervous about it, but he would try to hide it.

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DK: this ray on sunshine wouldn’t mind really, but later on he might develop feelings for you, but he would always be his happy self

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Mingyu: i think he would be super shocked, but he would try to not let that bother him.

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The8: he would be excited actually, he would be a little shocked but maily excited for it.

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Seungkwan: He would pretend to make it a big deal at first, but then he would tell you that he is pretty excited for it.

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Vernon: He might have a little crush on you too, so he would be nervous, yet excited at the same time.

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Dino: he would be super excited! this maknae wouldn’t be nervous at all, he would think that it would make you two closer friends :)

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  • If you survive the distance, your relationship can survive anything.
  • Knowing how important communication is in a relationship. You value any and all messages from your partner.
  • You have the chance to become more independent and be in a relationship.
  • You get better at planning and know how important good planning is
  • The relationship is more than just physical. 
  • You get enough “me” time.
  • If everything goes well, distance helps trust grow exponentially.
  • You can travel. Adventures are great, especially when the person you love is your destination.
  • Gifts and surprises are worth more.
  • You can unleash your inner romantic. Writting handwritten letters and postcards are the best.
  • You learn to appreciate the little things you get from your parnter.
  • If you are successfully maintaining a long distance relationship you can be sure he/she means a lot to you and vice versa.
  • You can rest assured that your relationship is pretty golden.
Sarada Decides To Grow Out Her Hair

Sakura: Sarada your hairs getting long again, would you like me to cut it?

Sarada: No mom I’m letting it grow out on purpose

Sakura: really why? You always go on about how it gets in the way.

*sakura deep in thought* could it be for a guy she likes!?

Sarada: mom stop thinking about weird stuff, I wanna grow it like uncle Itachi…thats all
Papa and seventh both said he was an amazingly powerful shinobi who was more then worthy of being hokage….uncle itachi has long black hair like grandma right?

*sakura has a surprised expression on her face*

Sakura: yes thats right, he did.

Sarada: I’ll just learn to fight with long hair and if it gets in the way I can tie it back like uncle itachi

*sarada blushing and smiling*

Sakura: you’re really becoming a great uchiha im sure itachi would be proud.


Later on

Sasuke: Sarada your hairs getting long you should cut it. It just gets in the way during training

Sarada: No papa im growing it out.


Sarada: like…uncle itachi

*Sasuke looks surprised*

Sarada: why do you and mom give me that same look!?

*Sasuke smiles*

Sasuke: sorry alright I understand

Baby its cold outside.


Barry was somewhere between being mortified and embarrassed. Caitlin and Cisco’s reaction made Barry feel like a rock had been dropped in his stomach. Was a different sexuality really that shocking? Or was it just Len being gay that was shocking. His hand rubbed at the back of his neck as he fought off a blush because being looked at like that… Well no one has looked at Barry quite like that.

I’m Bi… there are all kinds. Is it really that surprising? Though I guess I was kind of shocked when he told me earlier…“

Caitlin quickly backtracked when she heard the distress in Barry’s response to her out burst. "Oh! no.. no.. I just wasn’t expecting him to be! It’s fine your fine too… I.. sorry.”

Cisco didn’t seem quite so quick to amend his reaction but that had more to do with the growing concerns about how Barry and Cold looked at each other. “You aren’t seriously… I mean Captain Cold Barry?”

Barry sighed with relief because they both seemed totally accepting of his sexually which helped dissolve that rock in his stomach. Though Cisco’s question was a whole other new rock that seemed bigger and badder than the last.

“I… what?! Cisco… seriously that isn’t what this is about. I mean… sure Cold is hot but I am not just going to forget about all he did because he batted his eyelashes at me.”

“He’s… hot.” Cisco repeated obviously horrified and Barry was too a little because he can’t believe he just said that.

“Well… he is.” Caitlin confirmed causing Barry to breath out a sigh of relief.

“Okay well… back to those supplies…” and Barry was gone leaving that awkwardness behind.

Admiring his work about fifteen minutes later he debated on the proximity of the beds. He had setup a little sleeping area in a side room near the bathroom with the showers. There was a red backpack of his clothes and a blue duffle with some clothes for Lenny. Lisa had left it packed in the safe house Barry had been brought to originally. It was cleared out for the most part except for the bag and a little note from Lisa addressed to ‘Lenny’.

Words words words -- what do they all mean?

I was just in report the other day with a coworker who’s been on the unit for a million years and is one of the supreme know-it-alls of the unit. I was a little surprised, in all of her know-it-all-ed-ness, that while giving me report she couldn’t figure out what a certain term meant and found her growing really frustrated that she didn’t know what it was. The term was pneumomediastinum and it made me think:  do other nurses, nursing students, med students, realize how helpful knowing some of your root words are?

Ok so maybe they aren’t all Greek. Some of them are Latin! But the point is, knowing some of these basic roots can be so helpful. The first time I heard of the term pneumomediastinum, I had no idea what it meant. Do you know what it means? If you do, great, but if you don’t, break down the big word:

“pneumo” “mediastinum”

What do we know about “pneumo”? Well, in “pneumothorax” it means that there’s air in the chest. We also may remember that the mediastinum is the collection of organs and structures within the middle (media) of the thoracic cavity (I always like to think of the st in mediastinum as being near/behind the sternum). 

Double checking our answers, you’ll see that “pneuma” is the Greek word for air, thus we can quickly see that we’re talking about air within the mediastinum. And any sensible medical professional will quickly realize that that’s not an ideal situation, depending upon where that air is leaking from. The condition itself (according to the US National Library of Medicine’s MedLine page on the matter) describes the condition as one being caused by injury or disease including but not limited to tears in the trachea, esophageal tears, and alterations in intrathoracic pressures due to a variety of other causes (repeated valsalva maneuver or bearing down such as in child birth, vomiting, sneezing, or rapid changes in altitude or pressure such as seen in scuba diving).

What other cool words can we break down? Here are a couple big ones that I see pretty frequently.

Hemoperitoneum – heme/hemo = blood, peritoneum = having to do with the peritoneal cavity; blood +  peritoneal cavity –> bleeding within the peritoneal cavity such as seen often in blunt abdominal trauma

Pneumocephalus – pneuma = air, cephalus (Greek –> Kephalos) = head –> air + head = air within the cranial cavity

Cholangitis – chol = bile, ang/angio = vessel, -itis = inflammation
–> inflammation and infection of the biliary ducts (actually associated with pretty high morbidity/mortality rate)

Necrotizing pancreatitis –necro = dead/dying, pancrea = having to do with the pancreas, -itis = inflammation –> inflammation/infection of the pancreas caused by and/or resulting areas of the pancreatic tissue forming necrotic pockets of fluid and abscesses

Diabetes mellitus – diabetes = derived from Greek for siphon (in this case large production of urine) + mellitus = Greek for honey 
Diabetes insipidus – insipidus = Latin derivative of lacking in flavor/bland

Diabetes mellitus results in lots urine production with glucose present vs diabetes insipidus which results in lots of severely dilute urine, either nephrogenic or neurogenic in origin.


That’s how I studied a lot of my terms throughout nursing school, particularly with anatomy. Pharmacology, not so much – pretty sure most of those drugs are named after or based off of things in Swedish or Simlish. Knowing your roots are really helpful for understanding surgical/procedural approaches as well (ex. laparatomy [lapara =flank, otomy = cut – technically should be celiotomy), ERCP [endoscopic retrograde cholioangiopancreatography –> inner scope going backwards up the alimentary canal into the biliary structures including the bile ducts, gall bladder, and pancreas). Aren’t words cool?

For funzies

Good luck big sis!

I’m about to get all emotional and sappy here, don’t say I didn’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Taylor!! I remember how excited I was to see you open for Rascal Flatts, I still remember being in my living room downstairs when my dad walked over with the tickets and surprised me and I was shaking and jumping and so so so happy. 9 years is a long time but the best long time ever when I have a big sister like you growing up by my side. Through each era, with each tour, I watched my best friend in the whole world living her dream. The 1989 era has a whole new next level vibe goin on right now, and you can only imagine how excited I am for the 1989 tour considering little me was the most excited little girl ever when she got tickets to see you OPEN a show. GOOD LUCK BIG SIS! You know that no matter what you do, no matter what songs you sing, no matter what the stage looks like, it’s going to be our favorite tour because we’re all closer than ever and it’s honestly something I never thought would happen. My big sis, international superstar, knows who I am!? The greatest gift I could ask for. I love you so much Tay, go show the world that this era is only beginning, here we go big sis I’m always thinking of you and sending happiness your way! Thank you for everything Tay and I love you I love you I love you.

Love, Dana

(It gave me father/daughter feels damnit) 

“Thank you for doing this.” 

Rumple smiles at her, “This is one favour I was more than happy to grant.” 

“No price?” 

“Not for you, not today. I’m proud of you.” 

“You are?” 

Rumple nods, “I told you to take a happy ending and you refused. At the time I thought you were foolish but I’ve seen you grow over the past few years. I’ve seen how happy you make one another. You didn’t need to take a happy ending b cause you and Emma built one together. For that, I’m proud of you and I’m glad you asked me to come, even if it was a surprise.”  

Regina smiles happily, she finds she can’t do anything else today since her heart feels so full of joy. “I’m glad I asked you. I didn’t know whether you’d come. Things have hardly been pleasant between us.” 

Rumple nods forlornly, “No it hasn’t but I shall remain happy that I was a part of today. Do you need me to have a father of the bride talk with her? Threaten her to keep you happy or be turned into dust - that sort of thing?” 

Regina chuckles before looking at her wife, god that’s amazing to say and now she can her heart flutters with joy, “No need, she already makes me happier than I ever thought I could be.” 

Okay, so this is my theory on the whole Maya-dumping-smoothie-on-Lucas’-head-scene.

So if you’ve ever watched Dawson’s Creek, you’ll know how Pacey & Joey are very similar to Lucas & Maya. The banter, the caring for each other without coming out and saying it, and the fact that Pacey’s best friend dated Joey before Pacey & Joey really became friends.

Well, in the show, after Pacey’s feelings for Joey grow intensely, when they’re talking he kisses her. Joey is surprised by this and rejects Pacey (it’s actually a funny scene, but it totally fits them).

This leads me to think, what if Lucas kisses Maya in Texas and maybe she like runs away or something (I don’t mean she like runs away from everyone, I just mean she probably goes and finds Riley or something). So then maybe when they’re back at home, Lucas finally gets Maya alone at Topanaga’s and he tells her how he feels and that that’s the reason he kissed her. Maya smiles at first but then she dumps her smoothie on Lucas saying something along the lines of “Are you stupid? What about Riley?!”

So then Maya leaves but she realizes she has feelings for Lucas too. Therefore, she may or may not tell him (I didn’t think that part out lol). But then she feels bad for Riley, so enter the “Something happened between me and Lucas” scene.

This is just a theory lol. Sorry if it has plot holes and stuff.