and how she treated him

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4 & 8 for Daniel and Serena :)


04. What are their favorite traits about their lover? (one psychological and one physical)

Daniel: Daniel’s favourite psychological trait about Serena is how incredibly accepting she is of anyone, no matter their background or status in society - it’s the whole reason they became friends in the first place, after all! He always appreciated how she never was judgmental of him, but treated him like an equal. There are many other things he loves about her as well, but that one is way high on the list. As for a physical trait, I really don’t know what he likes about her the most; her warm doe-eyes, her full pink lips or her voluminous long dark hair LOL. I guess her eyes? Those are what he mentions the most anyway hahahah!

Serena: What Serena loves most about Daniel’s personality is basically the same as Daniel; his acceptance of her for who she is. He’s the only one who actually listens to Serena and treats her like she’s just a normal person, and not a pawn in a game. He provided an escape from the pressure in her everyday life and loved her for all the things, society told her was bad about her. As for a physical trait, gosh this one is also hard. It’s probably his smile; frankly Daniel doesn’t smile a lot, but when he does, it’s so incredibly charming it makes Serena’s knees go weak LOL. Special mention to his vibrant green eyes, long hair and broad chest!

08. What is, perhaps, their biggest flaw? Are they aware of this or oblivious to it?

Daniel: Daniel’s biggest flaw - that’s a tough one, ‘cause boy sure has a lot LOL - but I would say it’s probably his emotional constipation (which is where many of his other flaws originate from hahaha). He’s been abused all his life, so he’s learned to cope by shutting down emotionally and not processing what he feels because it’s simply too painful. This makes him unable to fully empathise and put himself in another person’s place, and thus also makes him a little self-centred - though poor guy really tries! And as for if he’s aware or oblivious; well, given that he’s unable to process his own emotions and read himself properly, of course he’s not aware of that one big flaw lmao. He always believes that he’s got everything under control!

Serena: Serena’s biggest flaw is her low self-worth. This is not in relation to her appearance or being liked by other people; it comes from being objectified her whole life. Her family has a delicate standing in society and because of that there’s a lot of pressure on Serena’s shoulders, and since she’s very isolated, she rarely has anyone to turn to who can reassure her and treat her like a human being. When it comes to whether she’s aware, the ironic thing is that this flaw itself causes her to think that her biggest flaw is that she’s selfish, when actually her biggest flaw is that she’s too selfless, and thus self-destructive.

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Talked to the fiancé. SHE is visiting his grandma in rehab and he’s home sleeping. I can’t even. She said he’s not taking this weekend, shocker. I told her nicely that I have tickets for something in 2 weekends, so if he doesn’t take them next weekend, he’s shit out of luck seeing them the next weekend. He hasn’t seen them since before summer besides that run in at the movies, I’m not going to let him ruin something I already have planned.

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For a long time Harry had loved her from a far. She was so close, always on his mind and sometimes right in front of him, but she was so far. So close yet so far because she wasn’t his to love. She was with another. Another man whom Harry considered to be a friend. It hurt, it hurt more than he ever could imagine to see the one he love wrapped up in arms other than his, to see her kiss lips other than his. To be anyone’s other than his. But he loved her, he loved her so much that all he wanted was for her to be happy. And if Zayn made her happy, then he accepted it. But then Harry wondered how happy she could really be. The way she was treated nearly broke him. She wasn’t the first one Zayn called when he woke up and he’d check in only when someone mentioned her name. But then it happened. Then there was the night that Zayn led some random girl that was most definitely not her into his hotel room, stumbling in at the wee hours of the morning. Harry wanted to march into the room and throw Zayn up against the wall, telling him how so fucking stupid he was. But he didn’t. Because that wouldn’t help her. Instead he dialed her number, prepared to tell her the truth. But when she answered, she sounded so happy and Harry couldn’t be the one to take away her happiness. So he talked about something random. He found himself in front of the toilet as soon as the call ended. He vowed that if she ever became his, he’d treat her better.

She thought she’d be used to it by now. But maybe the sharp sting of betrayal and loss isn’t something anyone ever gets used to. Humans aren’t equipped to deal with this much pain, she thought. They’re supposed to be loved and cherished, not tossed aside and ignored and easily replaced.

Her new life, however, she had gotten used to fast. Her time was spent alone, locked and secured in her apartment, sometimes never leaving her bedroom. It was her and her broken heart, all her friends wanted to give her time to heal. They understood, they all reminded her of him. Her phone was silent except for the calls from Harry. I just wanted to see how you’re doing, he told her. He always called her first thing in the morning, which she found odd. She treasured those calls because it was then that she could tear her arms away from her chest, the pain no longer getting the best of her. But then he’d hang up, and the pain would start again. Even more so, because she mourned the loss of two men.

The knock on the door startled her, she had almost forgotten what the sound was like. She dragged herself off the bed and wrapped the blanket around her t-shirt clad body. Her heart skipped a beat as she took a look through the peep hole and immediately smoothed her messy ponytail out of instinct. She wanted to run back into the comfort of her bed, but he saw her.

His hair was longer than the last time she saw him. She liked it immediately. Everything from his t-shirt to his jeans to his boots were black, yet he still radiated light like the sun.

“Harry,” Y/N said quietly.

“Hey,” His voice was hushed as his wide eyes fell on her face. Definitely brighter than the sun, she decided. “Can I come in?”

She nodded, stepping inside to let him in. He was silent as he took in her small yet homey apartment. He had never been there before but he felt a weird sense of nostalgia. This was where the girl he loves lives.

Y/N stood there awkwardly. She knew she should be offering him a drink but it had been so long since she went to the grocer’s.

“So, how are you?” Harry asked her tentatively.

If he was going to be questioning her she’d need her safety net. She made her way into her bedroom and sat on her bed. Harry followed her.

“I’m fine,” she said automatically.

“I see that,” Harry said, leaning against her dresser.

Her eyes narrowed. “Why are you here Harry?”

He ran his hands through his hair. “I wanted to see how you’re doing.”

“Well, you know now, so feel free to leave,” she said sourly. She didn’t need anyone pointing out the downward spiral her life had taken.

Harry sat on her bed, placing his hand on her shoulder. “No. I can’t. I can’t leave you like this. I want, no I need, to make sure you are okay.”

She looked into his sincere green eyes. “Why?”

Harry bit his lip as he felt his heart climb his throat. Now that he was here, it was a lot harder to say it.

“I…is that your computer?” Harry asked, his eyes falling on the broken parts scattered on the floor.

Y/N crossed her arms in front of her chest defensively. “It was.”

“What the hell happened?” Harry’s eyebrow was raised.

She shrugged. “When I saw those pictures, I just…I… I don’t know,” she trailed off quietly.

Harry’s heart sank. He cradled her beautiful face in his hands. “I am so sorry he…”

“Don’t stop, please, it’s okay,” she lied.

She reached behind her pillow and pulled out the pack of cigarettes. She held one in between two fingers and studies it as if it somehow contained the secrets to the universe.

“You smoke now?” Harry’s voice was thick and throaty as if her smoking would be such a tragedy.

She didn’t. But she said to Harry, “What’s it to you, anyways?”

Harry exhaled sharply. “I don’t want him hurting you anymore than he has.”

Her small smile didn’t meet her eyes. “I don’t. Smoke, I mean. Zayn had left these here one time. I found it not too long ago…after he…after he…cheated but I kept it to remind me how toxic he was. He wasn’t good for me but I’m still trying to quit him,” she struggled to get the words out.

Silent sobs began to rip through her body. Eyes closed, Harry leaned in and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“Y/N, listen to me, please. He’s not good for you. Hell, he’s not good enough for you. You deserve someone so much better,” Harry whispered.

She scoffed. “Someone like who? I don’t see anyone anymore and besides, I’m broken beyond repair. Who’s going to want this?”

Me, Harry wanted to scream. He wanted this. He wanted all of it.

Instead of answering with words, Harry gently kissed her full lips, letting the gesture say everything he was too afraid to.

Her breath hitched and she grabbed onto Harry’s strong shoulders, feeling him solid beneath her. When she felt Harry’s tongue on her lips, she broke away and cowered as far from him as the small bed would allow.

“No, no. I can’t do this,” she said, shaking her head. “I don’t make the same mistake twice.”

But he wasn’t about to give up.

“How is being with me going to be a mistake?”

“Because Harry,” she choked out. “I won’t be able to handle being hurt again. It’s…it’s too much and I can’t do it again.”

Harry inched forward. “Y/N, I’d rather die than hurt you. I’m not Zayn, okay. You’ll be first with me.”

“I know you’re not Zayn!” she all but screamed. “And that’s what scares me. Because what I feel for you right now is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt for him!”

The weight of her confession was heavy in the small room. She stared out the window, avoiding eye contact. But Harry’s gaze never left her.

“Then try with me, please. I can be so good for you if you let me,” Harry begged.

She wanted that. She wanted that so badly.

“It’s not that simple,” she whispered.

Harry’s heart broke. “Why not?”

“Because you knew! And that’s not something I can forgive!” she said.

Harry’s lips parted. If only she knew how guilty he felt, how many nights he had stayed up staring at the sky, thinking of ways to heal her.

“My God…baby…my God. You have no idea how hard that was for me. I tried. When I called you, I tried!”

“I know,” she admitted. “After, I saw that the timing added up.”

“I tried,” Harry repeated, feeling consumed with guilt.

Y/N looked at the man in front of her. He was here and the pain in her chest was gone. With one kiss she felt the gaping hole close.

“I’ll try,” she said suddenly.


“I’m willing to try with you. This, us, I’m willing to see where it goes.”

The weight evaporated off of Harry’s chest as he kissed her lips tenderly. He would be slow and he would be careful. But then later, when she was ready, he’d kiss her and love her with the passion she deserved. She’d be okay again. He would fix her. He’d make her better.

Catelyn/Petyr IS NOT SNILY !!

Can people stop comparing Baelish/Catelyn (GOT) with Severus and Lily (HP) please ? 

Baelish and Snape are different and I love both of them BUT STOP saying that if Harry had been a girl Snape would have fallen in love with her. It’s a false analysis of Snape’s character. If you have understood correctly his character you should know that seeing the clone of Lily , his only friend who died BECAUSE OF HIM, would have been a TORTURE to him. Snape loved Lily and ONLY Lily. He loved the goodness inside her, he loved how she treated him when they were young. When Snape saw Harry he saw James’s face but he also saw the death of Lily and all the wrong choices he made. He saw HIS NIGHTMARE. And when I see “Snape wanted to possess Lily and that’s why he would have loved romantically her daughter if  she had looked like her mother” I want to slap the person. Really ? Did they even analyzed correctly Snape’s character ? 

Lily was the only person in Severu’s life who treated him decently. He was neglected, poor, alone, bullied and his love for Lily can’t be compared to Baelish’s love for Catelyn. 

It piss me off because people are inventing bullshit to feed snape-hate on tumblr. You can hate him as much as you want but it would be more appropriate to do so by using canon arguments instead of comparing characters from different universes who have nothing in common.

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well…he did it. he helped harley escape and the first
place he brought her was back to his apartment. he
knew it was probably a stupid idea. he knew that it
could land him in some very deep shit but it didn’t 
matter. he saw how orderlies treated her. it disgusted 
him. jack needed to insure she as safe before letting
her go off on her own. 

jack gave her a shy smile, sitting down on the couch
next to her, rubbing his knees nervously. “so…uh-um…
what now?” he asked, looking down at his anxious hands.
“we could, uh, watch a movie or something…” his voice
faded. his heart beat as rapid inside his chest. he was
still in disbelief that he had done this but he had to. 

he looked at his watch and then side-eyed her. “well, it’s
late. we could always sleep. i mean…you could have my 
bed, i could sleep here on the couch. it’s whatever you
want harley.” jack looked up at her, smiling softly again,
his eyes gleaming behind his glasses. in a way, jack was
happy to have her company outside of a padded cell or an
echoing room. finally, he was alone with her. he didn’t have
to worry about anyone busting through the door.

not yet anyways

With Maya’s storyline she’s discovering things about herself while being influenced by the people in her life, her friends, her mom, the Matthews. However, when those people start voicing their thoughts on how they think she feels or thinks.

Mr. Jackson : you haven’t lost your voice, you’re screaming, miss Hart.

I was thinking of the joshaya storyline that they’re doing this season, from what I saw in girl meets bear, I haven’t seen the episode just clips of it on here. Josh is  having trouble adjusting to college, and then Maya said that they had trouble adjusting to high school at first too. Josh then complains more and all maya does is nod her head sometimes, but what caught my attention is that she doesn’t even seen concerned at all, she treated him like how she treats Riley, specifically if you watch Permanent Record.

Their whole someday thing is unrealistic to me because when he’s there they act like a couple, but they’re still doing the whole long game thing. So what? Josh is just going to keep stringing Maya along, while he’s at college.

That’s unhealthy. Think about it. If you and this person who you’re not really dating agree to not date but then you and this person act like you’re dating when you guys see each other. What if that person starts dating other people and you start to think  well we’re not dating  so it doesn’t matter but in the back of your head you’re like but we act like we’re together.

me: i kinda don’t want bellamy and clarke together cus i kinda don’t like clarke and how she treats him???

me, after reading negativity: time to ship out of SPITE.

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That makes sense, I wouldn’t blame him for being suspicious of her after how she displayed her hatred of the Future Foundation, she obviously couldn’t care less if they all died. And maybe, he’d had enough of basically being her puppet ‘cause that’s how she treated him, she’d say she trusted him, feed him sweets and cling to his arm cutely, and then make him do all the dirty work. But, his and Seiko’s deaths confuses me 'cause Munakata had the medicine that Seiko had…

yeah it is all really super confusing. but tbh im doubtful of munakata actually being the traitor. like yeah theres definitely a bunch of suspicion on him, but. there might just be more to it than that.

why did he stab yukizome’s chest? what was with that whole conversation between munakata and old man whats-his-face? he said yukizome was a sacrifice, and by munakata’s reaction, that would mean he’s correct. and also consider his reaction when old man whats-his-face told him who the traitor was. which also brings up, what if it wasnt just one traitor? maybe yukizome was also a traitor? maybe she had fallen in despair along with her students? was old man whats-his-face a part of that, and would be wy he knows? but then there’s the question of who is actually carrying out the murders.

munakata said he would “end this,” which either 1) he is the traitor and will do some big thing, 2) he’s trusting old man whats-his-face said and is going to kill that person, hopefully ending this “game”

but also considering his reactions, it would mean it’s someone close to him. which could mean its either the boxer dude or maybe the detective-hating guy with the hat.

honestly my top 4 guesses for the (active) traitor are munakata, boxer guy, ruruka, and the hat guy. anyone else i Doubt