and how she is regaining her agency

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so what are your thoughts on elektra's arc in defenders

Wow, no way to give a short answer here, so I guess I’ll just jump in haha. Spoilers abound, obviously!

Overall, and there’s really no way for me to be truly objective about this gut response, but Elektra’s arc kicked all sorts of ass for me and I was thrilled to see her be given this level of focus in the storyline. I have to admit it’s not something I ever expected from the series. 

That being said, I think there were some definite mistakes made and things I wish they had done better…so let me run through a quick list of those, and then follow up with my list of highlights :).

Things that could have been better:

  • No significant Black Sky payoff. This was one of my biggest personal disappointments with the storyline. The limitations of the way they set up the Netflix universe leading up to this team up show really showed in this one…I have a feeling whatever they were planning for the Black Sky and the Hand in DD S1 got totally derailed by the time they got to Defenders, what with all the retconning of the Hand mythology to fit the K’un-Lun storyline. I’m not sure if this is because the individual shows had too much leeway with how they set up their individual character origins and storylines or how much input they get from high up to keep the plotting consistent…my impression was the former, and as a result, it seems like the Defenders’ writers were tasked to pick up all of the disparate pieces and just try to fit it into one semi-coherent storyline, with mixed results. Given how much they leaned into the Iron Fist stuff as a huge part of the Hand stuff, I’m not sure why they didn’t just retcon the concept of the Black Sky into one where it’s the Hand’s own Immortal Weapon…that would have been pretty easy and at least lends consistency if you’re going down that route in the story. Ultimately though, if I could have done it, I would have done a flashback scene (or I mean, even just someone monologuing about it, whatever) to Alexandra’s past where she actually has the prophecy / vision of the Black Sky. Like, that tidbit in the conversation between Gao and Alexandra was SO intriguing and it’s like, what does that even mean??? It would have been a cool way to better establish both Alexandra – show us why she became the leader of the Fingers, let her do some cool fighting / getting her hands dirty, AND provide some context on why she’s obsessed with the Black Sky and what she intended to do with one once she got it – as well as Elektra’s role in the context of being a Black Sky – give us some clarity on what it means to be one, define her powers / abilities better, and maybe even shed some light on why she was able to break out of her brainwashing (like maybe the Black Sky was never meant to be a weapon, but was meant to be something else, I don’t know). But I don’t write for the show so whatever, lol.
  • Elektra’s motivations after she kills Alexandra were way too opaque. I think a lot of people were rightfully confused at where her arc was supposed to go, which is totally fair given how it unfolded. I feel like we could have used one more episode to flesh out what was going on but ultimately, I think there were two issues: the progression on the slow but steady turnaround on her character may have been too subtle, and second, there just wasn’t enough time in the last two episodes to properly map out a way to sensibly show what her real endgame was since they basically needed her to stand-in for the face of the other side and help get the story rolling on into the final act. 

    Here’s my general interpretation of what happened…

    We know she was brought back as an empty vessel to become the ultimate weapon / killing machine for the Hand…I read a great description of this that compares Elektra’s resurrection as the Black Sky as the same as if you were to erase and reboot a phone, except this time you’ve unlocked EVERYTHING…this is the same for Elektra…she has these latent abilities that allow her to be an incredible weapon, but it took a very purposeful reboot to bring it out. Anyway, all is well and good until Elektra encounters a glitch in the programming…this glitch, of course, is Matt, and this tiny little crack in her system throws open the door to uncovering a side to herself that she had thought was lost…basically, her humanity. As she’s remembering / recovering, she’s also remembering what happened in her past life – and that was also used and trained to be someone’s weapon. That back then, just like now, she had no control and no say over her own life. And what she ultimately wants is to wrest back control from people who never viewed her as anything more than just an empty vessel for their desires, and to finally be able to control her own destiny. 

    So this is why it’s significant that she kills BOTH Stick and Alexandra – they may have both felt genuinely toward Elektra and treated her as a surrogate daughter, but they also made her do terrible things for their own ends. Killing them symbolizes her wresting back her agency and I think, to me, clearly shows that she is on no side but her own. Taking control of the Hand was really not supposed to be the main point or anything permanent aka ‘look I’m a bad guy!!’, imo…but I think it was both a self-preservation move (you’re not gonna kill the head of the ancient ninja cult and then try to take them ALL down without securing an out for yourself first and working with them guarantees you some more time to do that) as well as a bit of a lazy storytelling way to slot someone in as the leading antagonist heading into the final fight. I think her conversations with Danny clarifies that to some degree, but not as much as I would have liked. 

    The jump from here to the last fight is exactly why I think we needed one more episode of screen time to bridge the gap, but as to why she’d suddenly go from ‘I need to get more substance’ to ‘Let’s die here together’ – well, the whole last episode is setting up an impossible scenario for everyone involved. So we know the stakes are high and people gonna die. A newly independent Elektra without her humanity would have gotten everyone neutralized as quickly as possible and hauled ass out of that pit with some dragon bones and called it day. And that was probably her goal. But once the Defenders take the fight to the Hand in the bottom of the pit, and Elektra is face to face with Matt again…well, things get a little more muddled.

    At some point, it seems that everyone left in that pit knows that they’re running out of time – Gao herself is so pragmatic about the damn thing that she doesn’t even attempt to bother getting out. I imagine Elektra has this knowledge too, and we know that she the one thing she doesn’t want is to go back to that dark place, to death…but the one thing that is perhaps a saving grace for her is that Matt is there too. Someone who can face the darkness with her. She probably thinks the only way to keep him there is to fight him, antagonize him, lie to him, but what she doesn’t realize is that he’s been ready this whole time to stay down there with her…and GAH, okay I gotta stop there. 

    SOOO yeah, basically, I think there was a plan there, but the writers didn’t do a super job connecting the dots at the end, mostly b/c of the limited time to get the last act rolling…this is my interpretation and I’m sticking to it :).

Okay, now things that were AWESOME:

  • All of Elektra’s fights!!! Omg so one of my major annoyances in DD S2 was that it really felt like they nerfed Elektra’s skill level on the show. On the one hand I understood that she’s a much younger, impetuous presence on the show than she is in the comics, but still, she should have been able to handle Yazuka goons with no issues. If it took becoming the Black Sky to activate OP Elektra mode then well, I’M HERE FOR IT!! She was such a badass and I loved every single moment she was fighting someone on screen. Of course there were inconsistencies with her level of Black Sky amplified abilities, but then again, that was an issue with all of the heroes. But ughhh she truly became the fighter I wanted to see on screen. And all of her fights with Daredevil / Matt were particular delights. I spar best with you!!!
  • Elektra regaining her agency!! As I mentioned above, I don’t think the writers did the best job they could in executing this storyline but all I wanted from this show was for Elektra to really take control of her life again and SHE DID IT. Just like I had predicted in this post here. It literally went down exactly as I had hoped it would hahah. 
  • MCU Elektra inching closer to becoming comics Elektra. Okay so I had a lot of theories on how things were going to turn out for Elektra by the end of the show, my prevailing theories being based on what I thought I could expect from Marvel TV – either get the trite but not entirely unexpected ‘Elektra rediscovers her goodness and switches sides’ direction OR you get the ‘Matt angsting over Elektra but realizing she’s a lost cause and tries to kill her’ direction. My personal hope was that Elektra would wrest back her agency, ultimately survive the show (b/c killing her again would have been so dumb) and become a free agent, true neutral type of presence in the background of the Netflix Marvel universe, coming in to help bail out Matt’s ass from time to time on DD, but not necessarily having to operate in any romantic capacity, just a super skilled and reliable ally of Matt / Daredevil when he faces bigger antagonists. Given the unexpected level of Mattelektra in the show overall, I’m an optimistic fool and wondering if there may be more in the cards for them…but I’m not going to dwell too much on that now.
  • Elodie Yung!! The most awesome thing about Elektra’s arc was that we were blessed enough to have Elodie Yung cast as Elektra in the first place and the fact that she’s the head of the Mattelektra Protection Squad. I’ve always believed the role of Elektra could have become real hot garbage in a lesser actress’ hands but Elodie brings such thoughtfulness and presence to material that can sometimes be a little weak and potentially one dimensional. Her transformation over the course of the Defenders was such a treat to watch and I will love her forever. So yeah, I love Elodie as Elektra and I will love her as Elektra til the end of time.

AND THAT’S IT! Thanks for asking and making me write all of this out. This is a great way for me to continue emotionally processing everything that’s happened on the show lol. 

something that i find really interesting in regards to the fifth season of samurai jack is how divided opinions are by gender. i follow so many male critics and reviewers, and their consensus is that the series revival was an unequivocal success. jack’s journey, him losing and finding his way again after his hope was renewed by ashi’s worldly innocence - to them, it was so profound. it only made sense for jack to teach her, for him to learn from her in turn, and for their redemption to be found together.

therein lies the problem that i had with the narrative. i do want to say outright that many aspects of the story are masterfully woven. jack is the personification of yang, all that is positive, bright, and masculine in contrast to aku, and by extension, ashi. they are his yin: negative, dark, and feminine. i’d be hard-pressed to think of any characters that act more effectively as foils.

but somewhere along the line of her reformation, the writers got lost in this idea of ashi as the new yin to jack’s yang. by episode six, she had become a beacon of hope in a dark world otherwise bereft of light. this would be fine except that in writing her to be this symbol of all that jack had lost and all that he could have again, they seemed to forget that he was only one-half of their whole dynamic. 

by episode eight, ashi was stripped of her own agency as a character. she began to exist only to further jack’s development, and her own arc took backseat to his. while he is the titular character, and we’ve always followed his quest, this doesn’t excuse the narrative leap from episodes six to eight. 

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5 or 65 with ShinRan for the writing prompts??? Pretty please???

Ask and you shall receive!

#65 - “Look at me—just breathe, okay?”

Ran is not sure what she is expecting from her Wednesday evening when she returns home from karate practice - maybe she’s expecting Conan to be inside despite having returned home from America weeks ago - but it is not this.

Shinichi has been gone for so long, that it takes her a long time to realise that it really is him. He’s leaning against her door, even though Ran’s certain he knows where she keeps the spare key. Or maybe he doesn’t know, he’s been gone for a year after all, and even then, they’d only seen one another because they’d both been in London.

She tries not to flush remembering his confession, but it’s kind of impossible when she realises he’s right there. He’s in front of her, and Ran finds herself rushing up to him, calling his name. A rogue thought questioning if it’s the real Shinichi brands her subconscious - people impersonate him so often, that it’s probably more likely to assume he’s Hattori, or KID. Still, she gasps, rushing up the staircase to meet him, begging the world to let it be him, just this once.

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[VKM Spec] The “Let’s Be Friends” Route

Boy oh boy, do I have a doozy of a new theory to share! If any Zeki detractors out there enjoy my posts, this one’s for you! For all the dear Zekis who keep sticking it out with my crazy theories, please hang in there with me on this one ‘til the very end. I promise it ends well. ;)

Yesterday, a friend and I were chatting about the various cure theories floating around, and also my theory that Zero will have to repeat Kaname’s actions in Night 67 by leaving Yuuki after what I’ve dubbed this new “Kuran Manor Arc V.2″ comes to its inevitable conclusion. My friend brought up an alternative theory to Zero just quitting cold turkey which we fleshed out together. I’ll discuss both options as well as my theories on where the story would go if this route is taken!

For folks who aren’t fans of my take on where VKM is headed, I will be tagging these posts and all future ones that follow this train of thought as #zeki criticism rather than #zeki. Please blacklist the #zeki criticism tag if you’d prefer not to see my posts. 

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Defenders Countdown: 7 Days

Elektra Lives Again

    There is a one-shot called “Elektra Lives Again”, but this is not about that– we’re just stealing Frank Miller’s snappy title. Rather, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on Elektra’s current status in the Netflix shows. We’ve talked quite a bit about the journey we’d like her to take in the future, but not as much about her present.

    The gates of death in superhero comics are more of a revolving door, and it would take far too long to even attempt to list all the characters who have died and been in some way resurrected. Elektra’s death is particularly famous– ask anyone for a character summary and her skewering at the hands of Bullseye will likely make the list. Her death is a moment of weakness. Despite proving again and again how formidable she is, she gets bested by Bullseye– an up-and-coming mercenary who Matt (Elektra’s inferior when it comes to fighting) has beaten many times. We may read this as a side-effect of her time with Matt– that being around someone who invokes her past and dredges up such powerful emotions destabilizes her and leaves her vulnerable. Certainly it’s not because Bullseye is a worthy adversary, as beating the everloving snot out of him has been a recurring theme in Elektra comics ever since. In the Netflix show the situation is a bit different. Her death represents a weakening, because she allows Matt to pull her into a desperate plan that she never would have undertaken otherwise. But it’s also a moment of strength, because after being used and manipulated for so long, and after feeling so conflicted about who she should be and how she should behave, she finally chooses her own fate. 

    But regardless of the details, Elektra dies and is reborn– which is enough to have a profound effect on anyone. In the comics she comes back “purified”, following Matt’s desperate ditch effort to transfer his chi into her (which is a Chaste skill, but not something he was ever trained to do). She eventually reunites with the “darker” side of her nature and resumes her life as an assassin, but she remains haunted by her death.

Elektra: “I have vivid memories of my death… some indelible impressions from my resurrection. But of what came between… nothing. Nothing at all. Where was I? Where did I go? Did I break through the material plane, to the empyrean? Rise through the celestial heights, to the Primum Mobile, the ‘royal cloak of all the wheeling spheres’? Unlikely. Not after the life I led. Far more likely I found myself in the Pit. Scorched and flayed for my sins… unable to scream, my throat gorged with all the blood I’d spilled. Or did I experience the afterlife of my ancestors? Drink the amnesiac waters of the Lethe, then wander the crowded realm of Hades and Persephone… feeling no hunger, no strife, neither heat nor cold, pain nor pleasure… a mere shade of myself, for the balance of eternity. Or… worse. Nothing at all. Nullity. Nonexistence. The utter, screaming terror of the void. It’s maddening not to know. All the people I send down that road… they must learn what I’ve forgotten. I search their eyes for signs of what they see. Some glimmer of recognition. Of comprehension. Of arrival. Always… always… they disappoint me.” 

Elektra: Dead Reckoning by Rob Rodi, Jon Proctor, and Lee Loughridge   

    In The Defenders she will be coming back, it seems, identity-less, with no memory of who she was before. This will delay (for the moment) the conflict of conscience and emotional turmoil of getting reborn into servitude to the Hand after her big sacrifice. In many respects, it sounds like the Elektra appearing in the beginning of The Defenders will be a completely new character, shaped by Alexandra. But seeing how this new Elektra reacts to her new chance at life, and watching the old Elektra break through and once more regain her agency, should be an emotional experience if executed well.

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Who are your top 5 favorite EU ladies?

Oh man. You know, I think about this all the time, how I would rank EU ladies and I’m never sure because you do you pick just five?? But when it comes down to it these are probably my top five:

1) Gara Petothel/Lara Notsil/Kirney Slane

I fucking love Gara, okay. She has one of the best storylines in the entire EU. She grows up in the Empire, she’s a part of Imperial Intelligence from a very young age, so she’s indoctrinated into this point of view and it’s literally all she knows. And then she ends up infiltrating Wraith Squadron. It’s the first time she’s really actually interacted with rebels or even just someone outside of the Empire on a more personal level and it forces her to reconsider everything she thought she knew. And even when it’s revealed that she used to be with the Empire and was at one point spying on the Wraiths and is forced to flee, she still ends up doing everything she can to help the Wraiths from the inside of Zsinj’s operations. She comes up with the whole using mouse droids as spies thing. And even though all of this is profoundly difficult for her on a mental and emotional level, she’s eventually able to help bring down Zsinj and then get away from all of it, to make it to Corellia and to set up her own business where she can live happily and safely. She ends up married and with kids that get to live safe, simple lives and she is just happy. I literally flipped my shit when she showed up in Mercy Kill because seeing Kirney Slane 30 years later happy was just so amazing. I need more characters like her okay.

2) Jaina Solo

Jaina was one of the most formative characters for me as teenager. She was seemed so self-assured in the first books I read with her in it, so sure of her abilities and where she fit in the universe and that was exactly what 13-year-old me wanted to emulate. I’m honestly gonna be forever bitter that despite the whole Sword of the Jedi thing she was horribly sidelined in NJO, DNT, LotF, and FotJ. Jaina worked so hard and put so much of herself into the Jedi and into protecting the galaxy and she never got enough credit from the people around her for everything she did.

3) Mara Jade

Mara is such an amazing character and as I get older I’m realizing more and more why she’s so great. I wrote a couple of years ago about how the Thrawn trilogy is about Mara regaining her agency after being manipulated by Palpatine for years both before and after his death. Survivor’s Quest is one of my favorite SW books because it has Mara having to work with Imperial style troops once more and having to come to terms with the parts of her past as an Emperor’s Hand that she actually does miss. She’s just this incredibly complex character that I love to pieces. So, of course, again I was disappointed in how Mara got treated from NJO on, where her roles essentially was truncated to accommodate her apparently more important position as Ben’s mom.

4) Winter Celchu

Leia’s best friend/surrogate sister who sometimes acts as a decoy for her so they can get more shit done for the Rebellion and who has an eidetic memory that is both incredibly useful for her work and incredibly painful for her personal life because she can never ever forget the awful things she’s seen? Sign me the fuck up.

5) Tahl

Blind Jedi of color who absolutely kicks ass and loves research and history? Again, sign me the fuck up. I haven’t read all of the Jedi Apprentice books so I’ve actually read more fanfic than published fic with her in it, but she’s just such a great character that I love her anyway.

Honorable mentions:

Tionne Sulusar, Tenel Ka Djo, Tahiri Veila, Mirax Terrik, Bria Tharen, Danni Quee, Sabe, Mon Mothma

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She’d never given much thought to how she’d die, but drowning somehow felt fitting. It was a river in her native country of Terrasen that had almost claimed her life nine years ago—and now it seemed that whatever bargain she’d struck with the gods that night was finally over. The water would have her, one way or another, no matter how long it took. - "The Assassin's Blade: The Throne of Glass Novellas" by Sarah J. Maas Soooo could this be a thing?

okay a) OH MY GOD SJM IS THE QUEEN OF FORESHADOWING I S2G “whatever bargain she’d struck with the gods” AELIN U HAVE NO IDEA

anywayyyyy…I think this is an ominous passage in context, but I DON’T think that Aelin will die via drowning. For one thing, as we found out in EOS, that river in Terrasen didn't “almost” claim her life. It did claim her life. It killed her. I think the significance of this passage isn’t in the water claiming her “no matter how long it took”, but rather the bargain with the gods that’s mentioned. Because this is the bargain that’s unfulfilled. 

And I’m not convinced that Aelin will die at all. I’m AFRAID that she will (cough LElGH BARDUGO cough), but I really hope she doesn’t. For one thing, this is a series that SJM has been writing since she was 16! And in the original (Queen of Glass) Aelin certainly does not die. I think/I hope that SJM’s attachment to Aelin will give her the ending that she deserves. Especially considering that the ENTIRE SERIES has been about Aelin regaining the freedom and agency she lost so long ago (one of the reasons the ending of EOS was so devastating, but that’s a story for another time), I would hope that SJM wouldn’t give us any ending other than a fulfilling one. By the end of the series, we’ll have spent 7 books following Aelin’s journey–and she has come so, so far, that I think killing her off in the end would nullify the entirety of the series. 

Really, though, we haven’t seen SJM finish a series, and this is the MAIN reason why I’m worried. I think our best shot is to wait for ACOWAR, to see just how SJM likes to finish a series, and make our best guesses for TOG 6 from there. 

10x16 Confessional scene

Alright, so Dean’s confession in Paint it Black stirred up a lot of reactions from the fandom. A great deal of people, mostly Destiel shippers from what I gather, saw it as an opening for a canonically bisexual Dean. Others seemed pretty opposed to the idea.

In both cases, people saw Dean opening up and expressing the desire to know true happiness, and reconsidering his beliefs and the way he has lead his life, which is huge character development for him. “Maybe there’s more to it all than I thought.” It has been a recurring theme this season, what with enjoying cake and Taylor Swift and all. Frankly, I believe Dean Winchester has been struggling with his identity throughout the entire series, and it feels like it might finally be coming to fruition.

Now, given how the conversation went, the fact that at least part of what Dean wants from life is of a romantic nature isn’t up for debate:

He was talking about past relationships (albeit for the sake of the case, to attract the motw) and his regrets, and the priest gave him penance.

“One would hope some… inner exploration might occur. The prayers are just the beginning to some serious soul searching. Is there anything else on your mind, agent?” 

Considering the whole moc thing, Dean is feeling that his death might come sooner than planned, which spurs him into talking about himself honestly. Cliff notes: I am not ready to die, there are new things I want to experience (also, God is meh).

New things in life Dean Winchester wants for himself, things other than the work, all framed by the priest in the context of “Gina” aka Dean’s fictional relationship. So, yeah, romance.

So let’s look at the obvious possibilities that could foreshadow:

  • Dean will definitely die and never have his wish come true and this was specifically designed to torture us further - Okay, this is super unlikely, especially in light of an eleventh season, and would be a very pointless move from the writers, but I just had to mention it for the sake of being torough. Characters dying after realizing/coming to peace with important truths and finally being ready to embrace happiness is a relatively common trope, because most writers are closet sadists, but it’s rarer with main characters. I won’t really address it further, because come on.
  • Meaningful relationship with a woman - As many have pointed out, it would be a pretty weak move from the writer to deus ex machina Dean a soulmate this far in the storyline, so it would have to be a previously established female character with whom Dean had a relationship. Let’s look at our options.

Ann Marie - She’s the one I see suggested most. She was only in one episode and she hasn’t been referenced since. Dean and her hooked up while Dean was a demon. She cared for him, and we actually saw him express some vulnerability with her, but ultimately he was cruel and he hurt her. She cut him off, and she honestly has no reason whatsoever to love him. So I don’t see how Ann Marie would be a viable romantic lead. On top of that, think of how terrible Dean must feel toward her. There is just no basis for a happy relationship here.
Lisa - The one stable relationship Dean has known. Let me be brief: Lisa is a strong, intelligent woman. If she regained her memories, she would be pissed. Dean denied her agency. He is dangerous and unpredictable. She would keep herself, and her son, away from him.
Cassie - The one comfirmed time Dean fell in love. Way back then, she chose not to pursue the relationship, mainly because Dean’s situation was too unstable. That didn’t get any better and she would have her own life fully established by now anyway.
Those are the most likely possibilities, and they are all very weak. Now, who else could Dean Winchester have romantic feelings for?

  • Meaningful relationship with a male - We all know why I wrote male and not man here.

Okay. I want to establish a couple of things. I do think that the show is moving toward Dean coming out as bisexual, for a multitude of reasons, this scene being one of them. There are many people out there that have explained why much more eloquently and toroughly than I could. Dean repressing his identity because of his upbringing. The directing, Jensen’s acting, established parallels, visual symbolism, the romantic tropes that have been acted out with Cas. The fact that these keep being present in the show despite complaints of queerbaiting.

I honestly find it all pretty compelling. So here is my question, and I guess the main point of this whole post: Why are some people so opposed to Dean Winchester being bisexual? 

So far in the show, I would say that wether Dean is bi or straight is up to interpretation. There are strong and valid arguments for either point of view. I don’t personally care what people believe. But every single time we (by which I mean everyone who thinks Dean Winchester is bisexual) see something in an episode that we interpret as a sign of his sexual orientation, there is this big part of the fandom that gets irritated, or even angry. The less far-fetched it is, the worse the reaction becomes (see: I hardly saw anyone complain about the analysis of cake vs pie, while the confessional scene has a lot of people riled up).

Most people on my dash have been polite enough about it, but the hostility remains manifest. Some examples of recurring comments: “Not everything he says or does has to do with his sexuality” and “Shippers are cheapening an important moment of growth”. It all boils down to the fact that Dean Winchester is more than his sexuality - which we all know - but it also trivializes its importance and our opinion on the matter.

People who insist that he is straight, and go on to defend his heterosexuality somehow refuse to acknowledge that people who consider him to be bi have healthy, reasonnable motives behind their opinion. I am not fetishizing gay sex. I am not over-analyzing meaningless elements. I am not prioritizing a ship over canon charaterization. 

Do not infantilize me.

I’m just interpreting what I see. And hoping for representation. And getting excited over the possibility. So are most of the people who share my view. I really don’t see why that would be so annoying to you.

tl;dr: Dean Winchester is bi as hell, it’s gonna be canon and screw anyone raining on my parade

Campire - OOC? Don’t think so.

I know a lot of people are saying that Campire is completely OOC and she’s no longer the Cami that we’ve come to know and love; I for one disagree. 

First, she’d just died man. She lost her life being a pawn in somebody else’s game and that’s gotta suck (to put it mildly), particularly for someone like Cami who clearly hates being controlled and pushed around. If you recall back to S1 and S2, Cami ALWAYS fights back: When she found out Klaus compelled her, she threatened to expose him; when her uncle got hexed, she tried all ways to keep him alive; when the guerilla had taken over the French Quarter, she went to the Mikaelsons for help; when she was e taken hostage by Mikael, she didn’t back down; in 3x10 she never once gave in to Klaus’s wishes and fought back against him. The list goes on. 

Point is, Cami’s not someone who backs down or give up when in jeopardy- she fights and pushes back. I believe it’s exactly this innate quality in Cami that made us love her in the first place. I’m not gonna talk about how Campire was just trying to regain her agency and take back control of her life, especially now that she has the power to, because I think that’s obvious enough. 

Essentially what a lot are upset about is how she seemed to be a completely different person; first she snapped Klaus’s neck, and then she lashes out when Klaus took her dark objects, and of course she stole the toy horse. But if you really think about it, that’s exactly who she is; at her core, what she’s doing in 3x11 is her fighting back. It just so happened that the person she’s fighting back against is Klaus, the man she’s supposedly in love with and I think that rubbed many people the wrong way. 

While I admit the shipper in me would love to see the softer side of Cami and allow Klaus to help her, that’s not who she is. She’s very much enjoying this power and relishing in being a vampire, and for someone who’s always been the victim, can you imagine how that would make her feel? And Klaus being Klaus, in all his attempts to save the woman he loves from becoming like him, had unintentionally hurt her feelings in the process. He was so focused on keeping her sane and safe that he didn’t realized Cami would regard his behavior as a form of rejection. I mean, girl tried to kiss him but he pushed her away- that’s gotta hurt a little, especially for Cami who’s still a little unsure of who she is becoming. 

And Klaus taking away her dark objects… I don’t even. He should know better than to do that, especially when he knew Cami is a little off and maniac, but I also think he was so desperate and lost as well that he just reacted the only way he knew how: By asserting control. Cami lashing out at him afterwards- tell me, do you really think that’s OOC? She’s always been able to call him out on his BS even when she was a human, so I don’t see how her psychoanalysis of him was OOC. Yes, the way she said it was slightly more venomous than usual but please bare in mind Cami’s in her own turmoil here. She can’t always be the understanding girl / therapist to Klaus because it’s not all about him. Cami being a vampire is about Cami finding herself and no one else. 

I see her lashing out as a way to hurt Klaus back- she pretty much said it herself when she crossed a line with Hayley; Cami wanted Hayley to feel pain like she was feeling and I absolutely believe that was why she lashed out at Klaus as well; and her line “finally someone who’s on my side” made me realized that Cami thought Klaus was against her; she thought the man she was in love with doesn’t like this version of her anymore. So how was she suppose to react? Beg and cry? Do whatever he says? C'mon people, you know better. 

What about her stealing the toy horse you say? Still not OOC for me. Before I go on I just wanna applaud Cami for her intelligence please. She was smart enough to put the pieces together even quicker than Klaus himself (granted Klaus wasn’t really in the right frame of mind to figure out the weapon, but still). Anyways, Cami didn’t steal the horse to kill Klaus or the Mikaelsons- she still loves Klaus. She’s not gonna use the weapon to kill the man she loves, no matter how maniac she is at the moment. Like MN said, Cami is still gonna love the people she loves- that doesn’t change. So no, I’m not worried. After all she did call Klaus in the end to let him know why she took the weapon: To exchange for her dark objects and nothing else. That sounds very much like Cami trying to fight back so yes, totally in character for me. Might I also add that even though Klaus was obviously mad that she stole the weapon, he also seemed pretty impressed with her as well? 

Lastly, if you’re still not convinced about Campire, let’s not forget that she’s only been a vampire for ONE DAY guys. I don’t think anyone’s supposed to figure it all out immediately. And considering she compelled the douche at the bar to help the bartender and hadn’t actually killed anyone yet, I say she’s showing unbelievable strength. Let’s give Cami some credit and yeah, cut her some slack people. Girl’s got a lot going on for her and not everything is about Klaus.

Another ACOMAF/ACOTAR theory

I actually have a theory and it contains spoilers, so if any of you reading this post haven’t read the spoilers yet, I suggest you not read my part of this post!

@feyrerhysmade a FANTASTIC point in her post-which you should go read RIGHT NOW!

In the climax of the story, it was no longer Feyre and her love interest, Tam; instead, it was Rhys and Feyre. I think it’s because SJM is making a very clear statement. If you analyze this series closely, and analyze what we know of ACOMAF so far (with the spoilers), this series is about agency and having the power and right to dictate choice.

Tamlin is always characterized within the context of inaction. He tried for a few years (I forgot how many exactly or if it was even stated in ACOTAR) to break the curse by sending out sentries over the border only for them to be killed. But he stopped until he made the last ditch effort with Andras. Let’s say he tried doing that for 10 years (because I want to say it was something like that), so for nearly 40 years, he was holed away on his precious spring estate while his people and even people of other courts rotted away under the mountain. And we know from the 4-chapter preview that it was not a pretty time, especially for the lower faeries.

Even after that, he was constantly characterized as inactive. Under the Mountain he did nothing for Feyre… He wouldn’t even really acknowledge her. Now in his defense, he obviously did that for a reason–to protect her. But notice that protecting her was inactive. As was keeping her in the dark about the curse (though again, it wasn’t like he could tell her anything).

As for Feyre, her character arc started off as active. She was the sole provider for her household. She was characterized in the context of action. However, when she went to live with Tam–just living there saved her family. That in itself is inactive. It wasn’t until she left and returned to Prythian and eventually Under the Mountain that she was finally, once again seen within the context of active agency.

She was the one making choices that determined the fate of not only herself, but ALL THE FREAKING COURTS OF PRYTHIAN! The only other person during her time Under the Mountain that was seen as conspiring and active was Rhys (with the minor exception of Lucien, when he helped her during her first trial).

Rhys’s character arc had always been active. He was always making sacrifices for his court, he was Amarantha’s whore for Christ’s sake! He was also the one that saved Feyre. But he made a choice to save her, which ended up actually being kinda an F-you to Amarantha. You can read the little essay I read about this subject as seen in what Feyre wore (it’s excellent!)

Then if you remember in the spoilers, Rhys makes a comment to the effect that he was pissed at Tam for not taking the time that they had snuck away into the broom closet to actually get her out of the mountain. He took that time to actually be with Feyre instead of trying to get her out… again, a rather passive act, don’t you think?

So the fact that she excludes Tamlin makes sense (because all he’s doing is the begging on the ground for Amarantha to stop. What? Did he think a bit of groveling was actually going to make the bitch queen stop?). Now you also have Rhysand who actively fights against Amarantha, with ash dagger in hand, even though he knows she controls his magic and that he wouldn’t be able to get through her defenses.

That being said, in the end, who do you think would endear the reader more? Someone who is passive, e.g. Tamlin? Or someone who has active agency such as Rhysand?

Also, I think that is what ACOMAF is going to be about: agency. And how Feyre regains her agency away from Tamlin. Which, yeah, that’s going to be a bit sad, because Tamlin (as much as I’m a Feysand shipper, I do like Tamlin, though I just don’t think he is Feyre’s person). But I think it will bring a lot to light about gender equality, and all things wonderfully feminist!

Just some food for thought! I wouldn’t mind discussing this subject with people! So send me messages or something!

Also, @xnightwolfx had a wonderful post that had some similar points. You should go read that too!


Steven Moffat Appreciation Day: Favourite Villain 

Madame Kovarian

I don’t know who said it but it’s an old writing adage; The best villains are those who think they are the hero. I truely believe Kovarian thinks she is a hero. After all she is only trying to save the universe.

Imagine it. You are born into a centuries long conflict between your religious order and a man who, it has been prophetsised, will destory the universe. A man who is said to have slaughtered his own people so he may slaughter his enemies. A man whose hands are soaked in the blood of a million stars. The Beast. The Time Lord Victorious. The Oncoming Storm.

And the Papal Mainframe, a church dedicated to keeping the peace and who which you have pledged your life to, do nothing. They just play an ineffectual referee between the ships that hover above Trenzelore and the madman who is holding all of existence hostage. Hundreds have died in the shadow of this cold war and there is no end in sight.

And so you take matters into your own hands.

You are going to stop the stalemate before it even beings. You are going to create a hero who will be able to take down the monster, using his own powers against him.

You’re going to kill the last Time Lord by making a Time Lord.

And you are going to do this by any means necessary.

And that’s one of the great things about Kovarian. Under different circumstances, can you say you wouldn’t do the same?

Okay, no, you probably wouldn’t.

But here’s a better one - could you say that The Doctor wouldn’t do the same?

Look at Death in Heaven where the Doctor has to chose between Danny maintaining his humanity or connecting fully with the cyberman network so he can know their plan. Look at Mummy on the Orient Express where each person the Doctor let’s die is another clue to the mystery. The Doctor is all about making the hard choices for the sake of the majority. He hates it, but he knows the value of utilitarianism. Is Kovarian any different?

That’s the first reason why Korvarian is so compelling, the second is far darker.

Of course for most of us who watch Doctor Who, Madame Kovarian’s most appalling moment was to kidnap Amy Pond and strip her of her daughter and all future ability to have children. Many people criticised Moffat for this move saying it stripped Amy of her agency.

My response to this was… Yes. It does strip Amy of her agency.

Isn’t that horrific?

Amy is defined by her action. She runs away with the doctor. She saves a star whale. She fights pirates. She remembers the Doctor into existence. She is a woman who acts and reacts. Amy’s biggest fear, the woman she is determined not to be, is “the girl who waited”. What Kovarian does to her is so shocking because it’s a betrayal of everything Amy has been set up to be; that we have seen her be.

But it is not only Amy’s autonomy that Kovarian tears away. River Song, a woman who has been shown to be as smart and brave and resourceful as the doctor, is shown to have started her life as a prisoner, indoctrinated and conditioned to be a murderer; a weapon, a tool, a object. Which is why River’s story arc is so uplifting. It is about her regaining her own identity in spite of all she was brought up to be. 

This is what makes Kovarian so villainous. How powerful is it that, for a season of Doctor Who, the main villain was the member of a religious movement who feels justified stripping away the agency of strong women - their families, their reproductive rights, their ability to make their own moral choices and live their life as autonomous individuals - under the banner of “the greater good”. 

You have to admit, that is some powerful social commentary.