and how she almost bursts into tears when henry wants to have lunch with her

keep shining your light

title from ‘there’s hope’ by india arie. nothing is mine except for hope. not even killian’s insecurities–i didn’t invent those. thanks to @love-with-you-i-have-everything for reading this and being a source of encouragement and love <3

sort of a sequel to you’ve got me on a natural high, found on tumblr and ao3. not necessary to read first, but there’s a fair amount of reference to it.

For the first two weeks after Hope’s born, Killian doesn’t let her out of his sight.

If Emma’s feeding her, Killian’s sitting on the bed next to her, his eyes feasting on Hope’s face or Emma’s. If Henry’s holding her and reciting Snow and Charming’s love story, he’s sitting on the couch next to Henry, arm around him, eyes never leaving Hope’s scrunched up face except to grin at Henry every now and then. If someone else has come to the house to admire the baby or to bring over food for them, he’s either lurking in the room while someone’s holding the baby or holding her himself. Usually he’s holding her. He doesn’t like handing her over.

Killian and Emma don’t go to work for those first two weeks at all; David had, at first glance at the baby, informed her parents that he was well capable of taking care of Storybrooke while they stayed home with her. David, of course, had been thinking of the baby’s health and not Emma’s true annoyance with crises and Killian’s overall fragile mental health, both of which were events worth of David’s consideration. They’re fine with the enforced vacation.

Finally, when Killian’s staying in Hope’s room long after she’s asleep, Emma has to interfere. She wanders into the little room, quotes from the storybook Henry lovingly painted on the walls. “Killian,” she whispers. He’s sitting in the rocking chair, staring through the slats of the crib at Hope. It takes a moment but Killian finally sees her, and he smiles softly and raises his hook toward her in silent invitation.

She takes the hook and walks to him, settling on his lap. They both watch the slow up and down movements of Hope’s tiny body. They had done pretty well in her accidental conception. Pretty little thing, Emma thinks proudly. She snuggles into her pirate’s embrace for a moment but can soon feel both of them drifting off into sleep. “Come on, Killian,” Emma finally whispers to avoid waking the baby. “Come to bed.”

He doesn’t answer, just buries his face in her neck in silent agreement. She stands and pulls him after her. They curl up together in their bed, Killian pulling her as closely as physically possible and Emma tangling their feet together.

“Hope can sleep without you, you know,” Emma says.

“I know,” Killian replies in his gruff sleepy voice. “I just like watching her.”

“Me too,” Emma whispers.

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The Waitress

Summary: AU where Emma decided to keep Henry once she got out of jail. She works at Granny’s diner and meets Killian. Killian falls for her quickly, and Henry seems pretty taken with him too - it’s only Emma that remains at a wary distance.
Rating: Teen
Word Count:  ~11,300
A/N: So this ended up being way longer than originally intended - but I’m pretty pleased with it and happy I finished it before the season returns. Hope you guys enjoy it!

          When Henry’s just shy of a year old Emma finally feels secure, like she is a good mother. Six days a week she wakes up at six am, gets Henry ready for the day and walks the two blocks to the diner. Granny usually takes Henry into the back room and looks after him – saying she’s tired of dealing with customers, (but really just missing the little guy)– while Ruby and Emma run the diner. Emma takes Henry when her shift ends at two and they run some errands, or go to the park if it’s nice enough out, or just head back home if it’s been a particularly tiresome day.

          While Emma complains to Ruby about work being boring seeing the exact same people day after day (since Granny’s is almost completely populated by regulars), Emma secretly loves it. She loves the feeling of community in the small town diner, she loves being away from the city where she has too many bad memories, she loves Granny and Ruby and Henry and she loves the way it feels like family. So when Granny calls begging Emma to come in on her day off because one of the other waitresses is sick with the flu, Emma doesn’t think twice before agreeing.

          On Sunday mornings the diner doesn’t open until 8 and Granny hadn’t called until 7:30, so Emma has to rush to get out the door with Henry on time. The bell chimes over the door as Emma walks in to the already open diner, with Henry balanced half asleep on her hip. The difference between Sunday and the rest of the week is noticeable. Every table at the diner is occupied and there’s a hum of conversation filling the air. Granny rushes up to Emma the moment she walks inside, taking Henry from her with a smile and throwing off her apron before fleeing to the back room.

          It turns out to be one of Emma’s busiest shifts ever, and she barely recognizes any of the patrons even though it seems like most of the customers are regulars since the other wait staff call them by name. Emma, on the other hand is slightly flustered, running about like a chicken with its head cut off. She manages to handle the insanity that is the morning rush until the diner quiets down around noon.

          A man sitting quietly at the far end of the counter catches her attention for a refill. She can tell by that devilish smirk on his face that he’s trouble. She walks to him and smiles at him as she refills his coffee anyway.

          “You new here lass?” he asks her, and of course he has an accent.

          Emma turns away from him to return the coffee pot back to the stand. “No,” she says, turning back around to wipe down the counter. “I’ve worked here for about six months.”

          “Are you sure, because I know I’d remember meeting someone like you,” though his words seem innocent enough, the intent in his eyes is most definitely not – but Emma Swan is not easily flustered.

          She rolls her eyes. “I bet you say that to all the ladies,” she says walking away.

          Ruby was walking behind the man during the exchange and thumps him lightly upside the head. “Cut it out Killian, and eat your food.”

          He smiles sheepishly at Ruby and gives Emma a sort of half bow before resuming his meal.

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clarkebiprincess  asked:

swan queen. Regina uttering the words "i miss you " to Emma. Go :P

She’s careful to never, never miss Emma Swan.

Missing Emma means acknowledging that Emma matters, that Emma is anything to her other than annoyance or mortal enemy or eventually co-parent. Missing Emma means that there is some tiny part of her that had come to life when Emma had appeared in Storybrooke and loved all the fire and the fighting and the endless battles, and that is just…unacceptable.

So no, she doesn’t miss Emma. Not when Emma jumps into another world and Regina is isolated in her home, without Henry and without her job and with no angry mobs as much as indifference. She has been deemed a nothing, a queen with no kingdom or name or son, and she quiets stray thoughts of Emma, who’d have at least come by to pick a fight.

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divinethedivine  asked:

effervescent + Captain Swan

effervescent: adjective

  1. (of a liquid) giving off bubbles; fizzy.


“I have to admit,” Emma said, popping a fry into her mouth, “I’m kinda impressed with how easily you’re fitting in.”

It was a long drive to Maine, about eight hours, and while a part of Emma hadn’t wanted to stop for lunch at all, too eager to get back to her parents (she had parents, god), Henry was getting hungry and, five hours in, she’d really needed to stretch her legs a bit. So here they were, in a rest stop McDonald’s, eating burgers with Captain Hook in full pirate regalia.

“…Okay, not fitting in,” Emma amended wryly, as yet another family of tourists walked by, pointing and whispering and probably snapping photos with their phones. “But you found me in New York, even though everything must be completely new to you, I just - “

Hook grinned, and her mouth grew dry. He’d been doing that a lot since she remembered - smiling, this giddy little twitch at the corner of his mouth whenever she looked over to him, which sometimes burst up into a toothy smirk, and he kept watching her, just - just smiling, like he knew something she didn’t, and - it was hard to deal with.

(Last night her boyfriend of nearly a year had proposed to her. Today Emma was trying to ignore the way her heart skipped when Hook just met her eyes, Walsh hundreds of miles behind her, and - she was so fucked.

She just wanted to go home, didn’t want to deal with new curses or enemies, much less her love for the first man she’d been able to truly trust since Neal suddenly feeling fuzzy and unreal, and everything about Hook so painfully solid. She just - wasn’t ready for this, and he looked so goddamn happy to have her back.)

"I think you’ll find that I’m quite adaptable, love,” Hook glanced quickly about the room, but Henry was in the bathroom, and he waggled his eyebrows completely unsubtly as he finished: “I’m up for anything.”

Emma rolled her eyes, but she could feel her face heating despite herself. Quickly taking a sip of her drink to avoid having to say anything, the distraction proved more than useless when Hook’s hand shot forward and closed over her fingers around the cup. Slowly leaning forward, he held her gaze as he wrapped his lips delicately around her straw, and - fuck, this was like the beanstalk all over again, she couldn’t pull away or even breathe, couldn’t think, he was staring boldly up at her as his cheeks hollowed and he sucked hard -

-and promptly choked, falling back in his chair, eyes going wide as he coughed and spluttered. Emma dropped the cup to the table, breathing hard, as Hook coughed and wheezed and attempted to regain his dignity.

"What the bloody hell was that?” he spat, burping loudly and then wrinkling up his entire face in clear horror.

Still staring, it took Emma a moment to catch on, but when she did - when she did, for a second, everything else melted away. She bit her lip, trying to hold it in, but a giggle quickly turned into a laugh, and by the time Hook finally stopped rubbing at his mouth she was full on cracking up.

He looked so indignant but he’d been trying to flirt and he’d choked on her Sprite and Emma had tears in her eyes, it was so fucking stupid but every time she thought she might stop she’d glance up and he’d be - he’d be eying her paper cup with such betrayal, oh god she couldn’t keep it in.

In twenty minutes they’d be back on the road, heading towards certain danger and family and away from everything she’d ever known - for the past year - and she’d have an almost-fiance she’d left behind and a man who’d traveled worlds to find her sitting in the passenger seat, and still no true certainty who she even was anymore…

But for now, Henry was back and asking what Emma was laughing at, and when she pointed across the table, still snickering too hard to speak, Hook actually sniffed and looked away, and she - just, if only for this moment, Emma couldn’t stop laughing, loud and clear and happy.

I'll chase your monsters away

Another one-shot about Emma saying “I love you” for the first time. Apparently I love those. This is angstier and takes place closer to the end of 4A than “The Secret Behind f.r.i.e.n.d.s.” There are mentions of what happened in the winter finale so read accordingly.

There seems to be some kind of problem with the plumbing at the bed and breakfast so when Granny mentions that their bathing facilities will be under repairs for the next few days, Emma doesn’t even think before offering Killian to come over and use the bath in her new apartment.

This, of course, is followed by a “With how eagerly you’ve offered me your hospitality, I have to wonder, Swan - by any chance did your magic have anything to do with the leaking pipes?” comment from a grinning Killian on the other side of the table.

Emma doesn’t try to stop the smile spreading on her face and even though she sees the silent ‘thank you’ etched in his eyes, she can’t help but quip back.

“If you think I’d go to all this trouble just to have you come over for a bath, you’re more dense than I thought. Maybe the whole 'wisdom comes with age’ thing is not so true after all.”

His gaze suddenly turns suggestive with his right eyebrow rising.

“You know I’m just as dashing as ever. Besides, who says it would be just a bath?”

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