and how much they have changed

how much u gonna bet minghao and jisoo had this meeting

jisoo: bro errbody think we some cute gentle sweet people who would never hurt a thing we gotta change dat

minghao: dats tru bro u should show ur bad boy side first

jisoo: wait why me why not u

minghao: bc everyone’s gonna be more shocked if u go first bc youre known as the gentleman and plus have u seen my predebut pics i was swaggin

jisoo: i like how u think bro lets do it


Age: 31+
Starting weight: 234lbs 8/2014
Current weight: 182lbs 8/2015
Steps: 2,000,000+
Miles: 1,035+
Mirror: Forever dirty (dang kids)

Okay, so technically this isn’t a one year photo. I refused to take pictures the first month for whatever reason. So the first photo is from Sept 1, not August, but you pretty much get the idea. There was only about 4lbs difference between the “before” picture and what I weighed in when I started in August.

I’ve come a long way, but still have so far to go. I walk and/or jog almost daily, and changed my way of thinking when it came to how I eat. I still eat basically everything I did before, I’m just more controlled in how much. I drink enough water to drown a fish.

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Any headcanons for the seven hanging out as a group after BoO :D

i have these that I really love 

  • for Frank’s birthday, Annabeth and Leo design an insane mini golf course so all them spend an entire day trying to get through it 
  • group iris messaging at least once a month for catching up purposes 
  • they all get together for a friends-giving every year 
  • Sally insists on having all the kids over on Christmas Eves so they all get stuffed on blue cookies and the best hot chocolate on the easter sea board 
  • long weekends in New Rome piled into a hotel room together watching terrible rom coms and eating way too much junk food 
  • monstrous and elaborate blanket forts 
  • Mario Party nights that end in several people not speaking to each other 
  • people watching and daring Hazel to change the mist around random strangers just to see how other people react 
  • all helping each other with homework and venting about their at school drama 
  • being kids together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I’m getting ready to leave for college, I’ve been thinking about how much high school has changed me and now much I’m going to change in college. So of course this made me think of how my HSS babies have changed in college!

So here are the HSS main characters translated over to HWU characters! Some don’t really change and some change a lot, as it is with real college!

Hy!I just want to say,this blog is amazing!I really love your blog and when I see you reblogged and like two of my post,seriously I’m freaking out.:D BTW,I have an ask.Please,will you analyses Stoick movements,actions in HTTYD 1 during the Red Death battle?When he changes his opinion about Hiccup and everything.Because it’s so cute when he cradled his son in his arms and just aw.Yeah, I know you do a similar analysis before, but I really curious about just that scene.I mean, the battle scene.How Stoick attitudes to the events. 

Oh, and I forgot to write, why I was so curious about that analysis: If you look a little closer to that scene, you can see easily Stoick during the film. :) I mean, the battle, from the end until when the Red Death want to burn Stoick alive almost Stoick during the first half of the movie. :) Then the battle’s second half, Stoick just like on the movei’s end. :)


I absolutely love what happens with Stoick in “Battle of the Red Death.” There is so much happening throughout that entire sequence for every single character, but Stoick really has multiple shining moments.

Sailing to War

Stoick’s face radiates with grim determination while he and the Vikings are sailing to the dragon’s nest. He is by far the single most intent Viking on board the longship; while the others have been fighting dragons their entire lives, too, Stoick’s grimness takes on a whole extra level. Keenly his eyes stare out at every rock and crevice, seeking out dragons, and he is always the first to notice when Toothless does something interesting. It is Stoick who notices that Toothless is making a low burbling sound, and that the dragon’s head is pointing in the direction that the mainland must be. 

And though Stoick is chief, he himself takes up to steering the ship. Anyone else could do that, yet he finds it so important to kill these dragons and take down this nest that he takes on the task wordlessly himself. This is a fight that Stoick takes very personal stock in; after all, these dragons were how Valka died… and now even his son is against him in this war. So Stoick is frightfully intense as he steers the ship to Dragon Island.

Everything Stoick does demonstrates how much he wants to kill these dragons. He is so intent on getting there that he has not spoken much, not given a word to his people about what they will do once they arrive on the island. Gobber nervously approaches Stoick about the topic. Stoick does not even look at his friend as he crisply answers they will take down the nest. Gobber and the other Vikings tend to trust their chief and know that he is a powerful warrior; the legends of him killing dragons as an infant came up because of their respect, after all! But even here, for all that respect, we can see the Hooligans doubting him. Stoick’s determination is so intense that it is almost questionable.

Just look at the deadly determination on his face.

Odin, the guy even makes sure he steps on the shore of the island first.

But Stoick, as emotionally set as he is on ridding the world of dragons, still is not stupid. Immediately he looks around the island to make sure that his arrival does not set off the dragons. Then he drafts up a quick battle plan in the dirt and explains to the other Vikings what he will do. He has people set up war machines and carve up stakes to use against the dragons. Nevertheless, Stoick knows that this will be a battle, stating that once they break open the mountain, “all of Hel will break loose.” But that fact does not make him even hesitate.

Stoick. hates. dragons. here.

He marches first to the mountain when the Vikings choose to break it open. And when it does, this brave man’s face does not even break. He sees hundreds and hundreds of dragons - maybe even thousands - inside the cave. Stoick never blinks. Shows no sign of fear whatosever. Only the boldness of a man at war. He charges, yelling, into the very center of the nest.

One dragon can kill a man. He’s literally intent on taking on hundreds by himself.


But the dragons all flee, leaving the nest without engaging the humans. This is a good thing, otherwise Stoick would certainly be dead. Even a legend like him could not survive an attack of all these beasts.

Stoick again looks back to Toothless for clues. This Viking chief is very intelligent. He knows that Toothless gave some hints about how to arrive to Dragon Island. He notices again that Toothless is giving hints on the state of the battle. From his place near the mountain, he notices the Night Fury on the ships, frightened and trying to escape from his restraints. And thus Stoick declares that the battle is not won yet. His eyes widen as he shouts for his people not to lose vigilance.

The Red Death breaks free and the battle officially begins.

A Fool and a Hero

Stoick’s expression changes instantly. Whereas he has been bold, fearless, and grimly determined up to this point, now his eyes are not so staunchly set. Instead, Stoick’s eyebrows are lifted high and his eyes are wide. He runs away before staring up at the Red Death, and gasps beneath his breath, “Odin help us all.” The Vikings are in such danger that Stoick immediately calls upon the great Norse god to protect his people; they need the divine to intervene here to keep people alive.

He realizes he has made a serious mistake.

His conscience hits him hard. His gut sinks. He feels deep fear within himself as he stares straight up at a draconic behemoth.

The Vikings are in danger, and their chief’s first instinct is to protect them. Now that his head is out of battle fury, he focuses on defense. He shouts out orders for people to survive, and when someone says, “Get to the ships!” Stoick screams out, “No, no!” He knows that this is a death trap - and indeed a moment later the Red Death burns every ship in their fleet.

Then Stoick says something that is really amazing to Gobber.

“I was a fool.”

Stoick straight out admits his error. In this moment, he understands that his decision to fight the dragons on Dragon Island might lead to everyone’s deaths. Yet Stoick, a brave and determined man as always, chooses to do his best to prevent that from happening - at the very least, give his people some time. Stoick takes responsibility for every single Hooligan and for his mistakes. He quickly recovers from the shock of the Red Death’s size and immediately goes out to do something about it.

He chooses to stand the Red Death face-to-face so that he can buy his people a little protection.

As I talk about elsewhere, this decision is basically a suicide charge. I need not say more than I already say in this link. Simply watch his grim determination, the way he marches straight up to the dragon, and think about the words he is saying. Stoick here is ready to die for his people, die for his mistake, so that others have a chance to survive.

Stoick may have been a fool to lead the Vikings against the dragons, but he is also a hero for being so willing to sacrifice his life for them. Stoick means good for his people.

A Change of Heart

Luckily for him, before the Red Death kill either him or Gobber, Hiccup swoops in. Stoick’s eyes again widen in shock. What is entertaining is that he stares at Hiccup in shock longer than he stares at the Red Death in shock when she first breaks through the mountain. He is stunned - completely stunned - to see his boy leading a group of children on the backs of dragons.

His first reaction is to basically swear. We see him mouth the words, “What the…” as Hiccup and the others fly past. He’s not even vocalizing it. Hiccup has made him speechless. He stares, eyes wide, following Hiccup and the others on the dragons, with one eyebrow furrowed in complete shock.

And he’s still speechless when Gobber pops up beside him and remarks that Hiccup is just as boar-headed as his father. Stoick only mutely nods. He nods and absent-mindedly agrees that he is stubborn!

Then after that… we do not see Stoick in the battle for several minutes. The camera angles cover only the youths fighting on the dragons. Stoick disappears. 

However, we can conclude that Stoick is watching all the teenagers and especially his son, for the next time we see him, it is to rescue Hiccup and Toothless from drowning.

What happens when Stoick is not seen on screen is important. This is the time that Stoick is truly reflecting on dragons and what they mean. This is the point in time that Stoick’s heart changes. I talk a bit about Stoick’s milestones with dragons elsewhere, and this moment in the battle is where the first major one comes up.

Stoick realizes that the dragons are helping defeat the Red Death! Stoick has seen Hiccup and the teenagers ride in on dragons. He has seen how they are using these dragons to fight against the Red Death and save Hooligan lives. At this point, Stoick realizes Hiccup has a point about human relations with dragons. And the fact that Hiccup is going to save Toothless suddenly becomes relevant to Stoick; saving Toothless from drowning could, in fact, help save the Berkians, too.

This is an enormous turnaround for Stoick. At this point, Stoick still is in a battle against one big dragon - the Red Death - but he is not in a battle with all of them. Stoick saves Toothless’ life very intentionally and apologizes to Hiccup for everything he has done against Hiccup. He is proud Hiccup - the dragon boy - is his son.

When he saves Toothless, he stares the dragon intently in the eye. Note that the last time he and Toothless looked one another in the eye was when they were sailing to Dragon Island. Stoick stared Toothless in the eye with clear animosity, watching the dragon’s head rotate in the direction toward the island center. This is the last time the two have interacted!

Toothless does not know Stoick has been watching the other dragons fight the Red Death. He has been trying to survive flames licking up his ship. And the stare between both Toothless and Stoick is wary underwater, serious, not all that clear what Stoick intends. They seem to be judging, weighing one another, and knowing that Toothless is at the mercy of the other. Yet Stoick reaches out and deliberately frees the dragon.

We see that Stoick has had a change in heart since the Battle of the Red Death began.

Then he voices it to Hiccup. I talk some about this scene of forgiveness here and at the end of here. I really love this moment. Stoick finds it so important to forgive Hiccup that he reaches out and grabs his son’s arm before the boy can fly away on Toothless. 

Yet he holds Hiccup far more gently than he has handled the boy in the rest of the film. He places a hand on top of Hiccup, and throughout his simple apology speech, he reaches up more and leans closer to his son. 

He almost does not blink. Stoick does that when he is very sincere; he stares straight at Valka in the same way when they first reunite in HTTYD 2. This sort of stare demonstrates how sincere and determined he is to make his apology and tell him he is proud. When his eyes do move, it is to quickly look away from his personal abashment, or from him looking at the war waging around him and marveling that his son is planning to fly straight into that. Stoick even stutters. He never does that, but when he speaks his apology, he says, “I’m sorry, for - for everything.”

Stoick has seen so many things in such a short time. He has seen how he has made a grave mistake which is costing the lives of his tribe. He has seen his son ride on the back of a dragon and fight against a deadly behemoth. In this extreme moment, Stoick’s heart can change; he can realize that Hiccup and his dragon riding abilities are what is needed to stop this battle. And say sorry for his reaction against Toothless earlier.

Watching His Son

Stoick takes on a new role in the battle: doing nothing. Up until this point, he has run about trying to save his people. Yet now it is a two-on-one confrontation between Hiccup and Toothless… and the Red Death. Stoick walks up to the front with the other Vikings to get a good view of this battle. As you say, he’s basically just watching the events like any audience member watching the movie.

At first his eyes are bright and lit up, a father insanely proud of his boy. Stoick is enthralled to see Hiccup leading the Red Death behind him and taking on such a mountain. Everyone else is cheering, but Stoick’s eyes are five times brighter than everyone else’s! This is pretty amazing. At the start of the movie, after all, Stoick sighs in exasperation when he sees Hiccup chased by a Monstrous Nightmare. He knows he has to go out and save his son. Yet now he is watching an even larger dragon pursue his son… and he is standing by watching and rooting for him like a daddy at a baseball game. He’s scared, but he’s also excited in his own way.

Yet as Stoick keeps watching, his eyes become more and more serious. The gravity of the situation keeps weighing down upon him. Stoick begins to look nervous when the Red Death begins breaking stone stacks.

He’s very worried when Hiccup and Toothless disappear into the dark clouds above.

And when Toothless begins shooting plasma blasts at the dragon, Stoick’s face is downright frightened. He cannot see what is going on. He is helpless, unable to save his son. Hiccup is in the skies, in the dark, battling an enormous dragon… and the most Stoick can get are rare flashes from the ground.

The last time we see Stoick in the Battle of the Red Death is at the very end. The Red Death plummets to the ground, and her impact causes an enormous explosion. Stoick is rocked back from the explosion, stumbling and covering his hands.

Can you just imagine, though? He knows his son did that. That his son could be in that.

Of course Stoick starts frantically running around trying to find his son.

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Is it weird to get really over protective over Mitch because I'm crying right now over how much I love him and it seems like people are starting to not like him as much (regarding Twitter fandom kinda) and kind of like treating him like he's different in a way? Idk and I'm so fucking emotional because he's helped me through so much and ughfjeidi idk what this is sorry

oh my gosh no don’t get upset baby!! I completely understand bc I’m right there with you. Mitch means the world to me and has given me so much strength so don’t think for a second that you’re being dramatic or whatever. as far as people not liking him as much, I have no idea. I ignore the negative comments and put my focus and energy into how much I (and my friends) love him!! if people on Twitter are being mean, stick to tumblr for a while. i can see where people might say he’s changed but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think he’s just finally being the person that he’s always wanted to be. like im sure 16 year old Mitch dreamed of being the kind of person that Mitch is now. he’s living his dream and has the opportunity to be his true and happiest self and that’s what he’s doing!! even if ppl are being rude about who he is as a person, just remember that he is loved by so many people and even if the whole world turns against him, he still has you!! and he appreciates your love and I’ll be right here with you protecting him from anyone who tries to tear him down.
don’t be upset please. I know where you’re coming from but Mitch wouldn’t want u to be upset for him. he would want u to be strong and confident and sassy just like he is!
and if u want to talk some more about your feelings, don’t hesitate to come talk to me bc i might not always understand completely but I’ll do my best. love u

This point has been made multiple times but this chapter has really spoke to me about how great Tsukiyama is. To all the people who STILL (I seriously hope there’s NO ONE) thinks Tsukiyama is trash here’s SOLID MOTHER FUCKING proof that he cares. He’s thinking about Anteiku and Hinami whom he spent much time with. He wants to tell EVERYONE that Kaneki is alive. He wants to spread the news to those who may be suffering because of the loss of Kaneki like he was. He want’s to have a “light hearted” chat with Kaneki again. He misses the person who changed him and teh person whom he called a friend and cared for him. Tsukiyama is truly a unique character who was misunderstood. Slowly claps for Ishida because Tsukiyama’s character development is amazingly done. Well done Ishida well done. 


AU: As a witch in Beacon Hills, you pledge to help the pack and while doing so, you slowly fall for a dorky mundane

“I swear I will help you in any way possible” you said raising your hands in defense “Just please, help me”

These words were said by you a few months ago, and they have changed your life.

As the pack helped you from a near death experience, you promised to help them in every way possible.

You have given them many books and potions-given stiles actually since any supernatural who isn’t a witch couldn’t touch them.

The two of spent hours reading and he even learnt how to make potions. And soon the two of you started to take an interest in each other

But nothing happened until one time stiles cast a spell, it was a simple fire trick, yet it changed so much

That night everything changed. Because other than the fact that now you had another witch in the group, you and stiles became a thing

And together, you two were more powerful than anything, you mastered magic together and you were able to bring down many enemies that came your way.

Your life has been a rollercoaster from the minute you stepped a foot in Beacon Hills, but you couldn’t be happier about it.

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do u have some tsukihina or tsukkiyamahina headcanons? im DESPERATE

Tsukihina: by admin staples

  • Tsukki crushing on Hinata, and thinking - KNOWING - that it’s hopeless, since he made such a bad first impression and hasn’t made any effort to improve things.
  •  The longer he pines, the softer he gets, until he just can’t help himself anymore. Behaves pretty much the same with everyone except Hinata. Doesn’t mock him anymore, ruffles his hair when Hinata’s done something well. Or just whenever he’s close enough.
  •  He sees the change in his own behavior, though, and starts trying to implement some… remedial tactics. Starts trying to throw in a couple of mean comments here and there, but everyone can see how halfhearted they are.
  • Yama HAS to have a talk with him. Points out how lucky he is that Hinata’s pretty dense about this stuff - he notices Tsukki acting strange, sure, but doesn’t put the pieces together.
  • Yama gives him some tough love, pushes him to do something about all these repressed feelings. Suggests a gradual approach - work his way slowly from point A to point Boyfriend, which is what Tsukki tries at first. Soon realizes that subtlety just won’t work with him. Decides he’ll try to be more… Direct.
  •  Offers to help Hinata with his schoolwork - at his house. Hinata is a little hesitant, because duh. Poor boy needs all the help he can get. So he accepts.
  • They decide to walk to Tsukki’s after practice one day. It’s a little awkward at first, but Tsukki wants to know more about Hinata, and Hinata can talk easily with just about anyone, so it ends up working out pretty well. So they’re relatively comfortable with each other by the time they reach Tsukki’s house.
  •  Settle in his room with some tea - Tsukki’s using a dino mug - and set to work. Tsukki tries VERY hard not to get too frustrated with Hinata for his lack of focus - but that meant short, frequent breaks. A couple minutes’ distraction every once in a while. And they settle into a pattern - Hinata asks a question or two every break. Stuff like “what’s with the dinosaur figures?” and “you hang your jersey? So you DO take this pretty seriously!”, gradually breaking down Tsukki’s walls from the inside.
  • At some point much later, they’ve been at it for a while, so they can call it a night, but they both just… don’t. Hinata sticks around and Tsukki lets him.
  •  Hinata asks what Tsukki’s always listening to, so they lay back beside each other on the floor and go through Tsukki’s favorite playlist - Tsukki’s telling him things about the lyrics or the artists, points out who he’d like to see live. And they’re gradually moving closer, their shoulders pressed together. Hinata has his hands folded on his chest. Tsukki reaches a hand over to brush his knuckles against Hinata’s, testing the waters. He turns his head to the side - Hinata’s blushing, and looking ANYWHERE but at Tsukki, who decides, well, this is as good a chance as any. Slides his fingers into the spaces between Hinata’s and runs his thumb along the back of his hand. Hinata still won’t look at Tsukki, but now his eyes are locked on their clasped hands, following Tsukki’s thumb along its path. Still follow, as Tsukki pulls Hinata’s hand closer to lay soft kisses on each of his knuckles.
  • And um, and uh, they lived happily ever after! ❤️

[I am truly sorry that I don’t know how to shut up but well, there ya go]

Tsukkiyamahina: by admin tornado (one of my fave ot3) 

  • Yama pointing out how cute Hinata is and Tsukki staring at how cute Hinata actually is but not wanting to admit it. 
  • Yamaguchi and Hinata going shopping together for Tsukkis birthday Hinata getting him something absolutely ridiculous for a laugh while Yama goes ahead and buys him something sweet. 
  • Tsukki ends up being really good at doing hair and yama asks Tsukki to put his hair up while Hinata asks him to braid his hair. 
  • Ok ok ok so Yama has freckles right? he’s probably had to go through some pretty bad sunburns. Imagine the three of them going to the beach and Tsukki and Hinata end up getting really bad sunburns. Yama told them to reapply the sunscreen but they didn’t listen. so Yama makes sure to treat them and tell them not to touch it. They don’t listen and lets just say it drives Yama a little insane. 
  • Classical Au: Yama playing the violin and Tsukki playing piano then you have Hinata i see him playing the flute and they all cheer each other on at concerts and idk where i’m going with this. 
  • These three camping Hinata being so excited and Yama nd tsukki laughing at him. Tsukki setting up the tent with Hinata but Hinata has no idea wtf he’s doing. Yama just stands back watching his boyfriends argue while he cooks the dinner. 

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I was wondering if any of you guys like bts?

nooo…… what are u talking about….
*boy in luv starts playing*
*walks out in bts merch*

-admin emily

well the thing is…after seeing them live, my opinion about them has completely changed. i used to like them, enjoy their music, occasionally sing along. now, it’s all different…

my liFE HAS BEEN RUINED BY THOSE 7 DWEEBS AND THEIR WONDERFUL ANGELIC VOICES. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PAIN I HAD AFTER HEARING JIMIN’S SWEET VOICE LIVE? ALSO MIN YOONGI WRECKED MY LIFE AND BIAS LIST, JUST FOR FUN- *coughs nervously* …i hate them and have spent more money than i should have on those lovely, talented, beautiful, dorky trashbags.

-admin alyssa.


how come back when xiro was in drama it was problematic for it as a fictive to be chihiro even tho it wasnt a choice or kin or anyrhing its literally a fictive but NOW all of a sudden half my mutuals have fictives who are outside the bodies race but its okay cause theyre fictives not kin? what the fuck. i want answers. do u know how damaging it is to the system to “”“"change fictives”“” it pretty much cant be done and is rly harmful chi still isnt “”“done”“” “”“changing”“” i hate this shit. and all these assholes are whities so ??? explain. im not fucking around we didnt forever damage our system for fucking nothing

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Oh my skeleton I love your art style!!! How did you develop such amazing an amazing style?

Thank you so much!

Honestly there is no secret recipe for this. I’ve had countless of styles over the past 4 years and I’m still developing different ways of doing things constantly.

These are just a few of the different styles I’ve tried out just the last year. And it’s still in constant change. Who knows how my style will look in a few years time? 

Don’t be so fixated on finding the perfect style to represent you. Try out different things. Trial and Error. Pic up different aspects from artist you like, see if it works for you. Your art will always be in constant improvement, you never stop getting better. Do you and don’t stress out over it so much. Just enjoy yourself and have fun.

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Um, at this point I think everything that goes on between Karlie and T - friendship or more, is simply unhealthy. Especially for Karlie since she clearly has less PR training and is not used to playing a stunt at such a high level - remember the change of the IG caption or when she was the butt of those boat jokes? You know she looks like the 3rd wheel in that bday pic too. So, how much more stress can Karlie endure before she resorts to (old) ways of dealing with it?

I would not like to speculate on how Karlie feels about this because this is simply not a part that we have access to. Closet cases endures stress and paranoia (at my lower lever, I experienced it) so, if indeed, Taylor and Karlie are together, it’s difficult for both of them. Taylor’s PR machine is on a higher level than Karlie’s team. We will both agree about this. But I don’t think Karlie’s team are amateur either and they know the consequences of Karlie being portrayed as a third wheel. The boat case looked like a mistake, to me. She was on a public display with two couples. The birthday pic is a different set up. It’s basic, makes look like Taylor is a shitty friend, the bad part is on Taylor’s side. Karlie will survive and will even gain strength because people have pity for her.

On Taylor’s part, it reeks bad and ungrateful friends. She could have choose a pic of her and Karlie with friends to buffer. She precisely chose to focus on her boyfriend. It makes people question : Why is C the focus on Karlie’s birthday? Is she such a bad friend? Or maybe is she that afraid of gay rumors by association? That’s the principal questions GP will ask. They have choosen the wrong kind of necessary evil (it should have been friends).

Maybe they thought C name with Karlie on headlines will counter balance the obvious gay joke medias were going to thrown. I need to check the headline progression today.

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People are threatened by Sanders because he wants freedom and justice for all, not just some. So the SOME are very threatened by the sudden move to change status quo. 'HOW DARE MY TAX DOLLARS BE USED FOR PUBLIC PROJECTS!' 'HOW DARE WE HAVE TO HAVE BUSINESS ETHICS!'

Pretty much. 

-the Polish one

Five stages of exam results:

Denial- yeah, there’s still time, it’s like, nothing to worry obout yet, it won’t really affect me anyway, nah, I’m good.

Anger- How could they? The SQA, how could they?! Maths wasn’t fair! If I failed, they will feel the cosequences of my wrath!!

Bargaining- yeah, lookie here, I have about  £30 to spare.., I’m not asking for much, you know, just a few marks here and there…and if you could let me know like, maybe, now, I promise not to be angry about that maths exam anymore

Depression- yup. My life is over. I failed. All of them. I just know it. No uni for me. I’ll just go jump of a bridge.

Acceptance- Meh. I’m cool. Nothing I can change about it now.

Admittedly, I’m still working on acceptance, but judging by how quickly I passed the other four, I’ll get there in no time. And I’ve not even got the results yet.

having a muse break down is p much a rite of passage in rp like if ur muse isnt presented w some sort of deep conflict that will allow for character growth how?? how do u have fun

i honestly dont know how ppl can have fun w/o a character learning and developing and changing that just seems so. unorganic. i dont know man

If everyone would do me a favor and reblog this

An open letter to Salt Lake Comic Con,

I didn’t want to write this letter. But because of the encouragement of a friend, I have decided to do so.

It’s no secret that I am a fan girl. I’ve been one since I was ten and fell in love with Nsync, then Harry potter, then Chris Evans and so on and so on.
When I heard that Chris Evans was coming I screamed and I cried. I was so happy. My friend and I immediately bought tickets we were so excited.
Fans over the country have put together things for various celebs. Scrapbooks. Letters. Things to show the celebrity how much they love them.
It might seem cringeworthy and most would not agree, but movies have the power to change the world. They give people hope while they are in the hopelessness of places. They give people a reason to hang on when all the want to do is give up.
When Chris Evans was the flaming torch, my parents were divorced and fighting over custody of their children. His role as Johnny storm helped me.
I don’t want to seem like I’m complaining cause ultimately what has happened to me has made me a better person, but I had a pretty crappy childhood. I can’t remember 90% of it before the age of 13. Phsyical, mental, and sexual abuse have plagued my childhood.
I didn’t tell anyone about the sexual abuse until I was 18 years old. Even then, I was told and treated like I should “Just get over it.”
This led to about four years of ups and downs. Abusing prescription drugs and alcohol. Self harming to the point that people still ask me “What did you do to your arm”
I tried to kill myself twice in January 2014; in the span of a week. That was my lowest point in my entire life. I thought there was no hope.
There’s a quote that I love with all my heart by Robin Williams that goes “You Will have bad times but they will always wake you up to the good things you weren’t paying attention to”
And those ‘good things" I wasn’t paying attention to was the fact that I was currently going through things that will teach me the greatest lesson anyone can ever learn, and that is “I have a voice”
That is why I have dedicated my life to helping others, to being the voice to people who feel like they cannot use theirs yet.
Back in January, Matt Smith came to Salt Lake FanX. I was unable to attend due to money restraints and I felt horrible.
Matt Smith was coming on the exact date, that one year before, I had tried to kill myself.
Due to the kindness of a stranger, she paid my way to go to FanX and meet him. It was the happiest day of my life.
Cause when I was able to go up to Matt Smith in his autograph line. I said “Thank you for coming to FanX it means a lot to me. Today is the anniversary of when I tried to kill myself. I am so glad you’re here to help me rewrite the history of today”
And his response was “Please darling, stick around for the years to come”
I still cry to this day over his words. (and not just cause a British person called me Darling) I repeat them sometimes when I am depressed and the suicidal ideations start to kick in.
This Comic Con , I am in a better place and I decided that I wanted to buy a photo op for someone else deserving . When I didn’t get one, I decided to give an autograph despite not having one for myself.
I encouraged people to come to my page and share their stories of anxiety and depression. Of their hard times.
I was going to pick from there.
But then someone commented and said “Why stop at one autograph, when you have the potential to help so many people”
That’s when my brain started to turn and I had this idea of everyone of Chris Evans fans gets together and donates $5 to the charity he does a lot of work for called “Christopher’s Haven”.
But then someone commented saying “why stop there, why not do all the celebrity guests”
That’s when my friends and I decided to set up little groups and select a charity with each celebrity and encourage everyone to donate.
What started out as a simple idea that barely reached anyone, turned into this huge thing and pretty soon I had over 360 people liking my post. 10 people contacting me personally asking how they can help.
Then Salt Lake Comic Con steps in.
The first rep informs me that a charitable effort to help within the borders of Utah has already been put into place, but we could take money from the Superhero 5K and tell Chris Evans that “Your superhero fans are making a donation in your honor to shriners hospital’
That’s great, but that money was going to be donated already to Shriners, we were just attaching his name on it. How does that exactly show how much we love him?
The second rep who contacted me said "I think what you’re trying to do is great, but we feel what you’re doing is distracting from the main focus of the page we had a bunch of complaints”
I know I initially said they asked me to stop raising money and I apologize that is not what was said.
But what I was doing, was interacting with fandoms. Giving them an opportunity to show their favorite celebrity how much they care for them. Isn’t that what Comic Con is all about?
I understand why Comic Con might not want to get involved with charities of various natures. I think it’s messed up, charity is charity even if its not in the state of Utah.
I even understand why they’d want me to stop posting it in the group. Once again, I think it’s messed up, but you know, whatever.
But they blocked me from the Salt Lake Comic Con Facebook group, affectively preventing me from reaching out to the almost 500 people that expressed interest in one way or another through those posts. I didn’t even get a warning.
All because they got complaints.
The last thing I said to the Comic Con reps is this 'Whats worse for business, complaints from people who can’t learn to ignore something they see on the internet, or trying to prevent someone from raising money for charity?“
To me, I feel like that is what they are doing.
All I wanted to do was to help charities to get involved, to show my love for various celebrities that mean so much to me.
I feel like Comic Con isn’t interested in anything if it’s not their idea, or a charity that’s in the state of Utah. Which I get it, but do we really live in a world where we are fighting over which charity deserves our money?
Every cause is worthy. I don’t care what cause you root for. I just believe if you have the opportunity to help someone, you should do it without hesistation. I just want people to fight for something.
My mom once told me 'You cannot change the world, but you can change someone’s world”
That has always resonated with me.
If every person expected to attend Comic con donates $5 to any charity out there, we would be donating over 600,000 to charity. With people, including me, willing to spend $150 on a photo op, $5 is nothing.
I write this letter to tell Comic Con that you won’t stop me from donating and raising money. But unless something happens, I won’t be returning to Comic Con in the Winter. And I will try my hardest to let everyone out there know that you clearly have a problem with people trying to make a difference in this world, and I hope a few celebrities will hear this as well.
I encourage all who read this to send Comic Con this letter or write your own. Asking them exactly why they have a problem with fans trying to show their love to their favorite celebrity. Cause that’s all they are doing.
Holley Noelle Robison

I gotta say, my favorite part of the new episode, aside from all the amazing jokes, is how Stan responded to Dipper at the end. Not only did he deliver an honest to god apology, but he also validated Dipper and his interests even though he didn’t really “get” them. And he gave his full blessing on Dipper and Ford hanging out together (at least, without any weirdness involved).

I love this so much because this kind of honest, heartfelt interaction would not have happened at the beginning of season one, heck I don’t think it would have happened, not in this way, at the beginning of this season. It shows to me how much Stan has changed since the start of the summer, since the truth came out, that he’s becoming more honest and open and understanding towards the kids, especially Dipper who’s always had a rocky relationship with him. Dipper, even more so than Mabel I would argue, appreciates being included and understood and validated and I’m so thankful that Stan is actually taking the steps to rebuilding a honest, healthy relationship with him.

Now I’m just going to pray it doesn’t fall apart. 

If you meet 5sos please tell them how much they mean to you, tell them how talented they are, what your favourite guitar/bass/drum solo is, what song means the most to you and why. Tell them how they changed your life. Have a conversation with them if they have time, don’t pressure them. Be the kind of fan you’d want to have. I bet you’d be able to make them smile & laugh if you just treated them like a human being. Plus a tight hug wouldn’t hurt. x