and how much they have changed


Ayakashi 6 Handshake Meeting with Sebastian Michaelis!

I was having much fun! Well, I don’t know if Sebas will reply me but I enjoyed seeing Sebastian’s answer and reaction. Also, Yana Toboso’s twitter updates about “human mode”, and how kind sensei is so kind to fans, reminding them to sleep! I love you so much Yana Toboso-sensei!

And the last, Sebastian had to flight back to England because of Ciel’s orders… “Sebastian, I want to change clothes!” “Sebastian, hot milk before sleep!” The contract is the first after all! Oh my God, Square Enix and Gfantasy team really did great work! Although I hope that they will more kind to foreign fans. The problem is the publisher in Indonesia hasn’t published vol. 23 yet the events have to use kuro vol. 23.

Well, thank you Square Enix, G fantasy, Sebastian and Yana Toboso-sensei!!

Special thanks to @lovemyciel and @jaena-eowyn!
without both you, this would be no fun!

Check out Gファンタジー (@g_fantasy):


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I have to say, I thought the whole "the dress doesn't mean anything" from the panel was VERY staged. They all seemed to be reading from a script and purposefully being coy. Was it just me? Even Jen's "what?" seemed staged. Just me? Wishful thinking? Just curious for your thoughts....

Yes, I think it was at least semi-staged and they knew YNB was going to ask that question. However, unfortunately,  they didn’t rehearse it so they were sort of stumbling over each other. But boy…Eddy seemed to have his red leather dress zinger at the ready, didn’t he? 

As for Jen’s ‘What?” Yup, seemed a bit feigned to me, as if she was doing a bit. Did you watch her fabulous NerdHQ panel? She talked about how being a director has changed how she approaches acting. She said she is much more aware of the technical aspects and where the camera is and what lens is used and why and the blocking etc.  

Well that scene in 4x23, was very purposefully blocked so that the wedding dress was between them.  They don’t find the angle that frames the dress perfectly, and has both the actors and dress perfectly in focus, by accident. So as an actor, who’s also a director and is, quite frankly, smart as a whip, she would have known that was what they were doing. On top of that, Jen and Colin had to walk down the sidewalk, stop and hit their mark PERFECTLY to get the shot so the dress was visible between them in the background:

gif source

So if you believe that framing is accidental… I have some ocean front property in Omaha to sell you. Trust me, I’ll give you a real steal of a deal! ;)

Also, Colin didn’t say the wedding dress was in the shot accidentally, he just said the dress has always been there, which is true, but not entirely accurate. That window has changed several times, and the dress above is a different wedding dress than has been in there before.  Also, this is not some standing set in a studio that has props lying around for the last 5 years.  Obviously. It’s Steveston, where the crew comes in and dresses everything a fresh for the needs of each shoot. @happinessisblooming did a great detailed meta that takes a look at what has been in that window through the years. 

Anyway, he didn’t lie, he just didn’t say anything about why it was so purposefully framed between them. Because that’s not his area of expertise, he’s not the director. And then Eddy took the tack that the audience was wondering if that was Emma’s dress. No, we didn’t think that. We just thought it was a bit of foreshadowing, fool. But congrats on getting out of answering the question AND diminishing the work of your director and technicians in Vancouver who so carefully made this shot happen. 

So to answer your question, in my opinion there seemed to be some canned responses going on, and no, I don’t believe the framing of that dress was accidental.  I might not be certain why they framed it purposefully, (they could just be screwing with us) but they did. 

Sometimes I feel too much… Reading autobiographies can be emotional. Water cleanses the body, eyes, and mind. What a great gift.

I am not sure if is the difficult lives they have led, their circumstances, or just the strength they demonstrate by sharing their experiences, but I have found the stories of these individuals to be life changing. People such as Frederick Douglass, Mary Rowlandson, Walt Whitman, Gertrude Stein, Henry David Thoreau, Richard Dana….countless more I am sure. Yet, while reading of their story, I get a sense that they didn’t realize how amazing they are to those who follow.


“Why not Dean, It’ll be fun” you giggled as you leaned against Dean’s beloved car “y/n babe, you know how much I love having sex with you but this car is my baby and we literally have a motel room right across the road” he pouted, grabbing your hands “But Deannnn, it’ll be fun, a little change in setting” you smirked, looking up at your boyfriend, who stood biting his lip

“Come to think of it, it doesn’t sound that bad, you manage to convince me to do the stupidest things y/n y/l/n” he sighed, opening the door to the Shiny black Impala and ushering you in “your lucky it’s dark and that I love you and y/n?” He said huskily, “Hm” you mumbled into the intense kiss you were now sharing as Dean propped himself up on top of you in the backseat “if we get caught, This was all your idea”

“That. Was. Amazing” Dean breathed as he wrapped his arms around your sweating and panting body, you lay on top of his sweaty chest, your legs tangled together “ told you you’d love it” you panted back to him, resting your head in his heart “I love you Dean, so much” “And I love you, so much more”

Soon enough you had both of ended in a game of ’ i love you more’ both of you repeatedly saying how much you loved each other and that one of you loved the other more and what you loved about each other, to many it would have been strange but to you and Dean, with the life you lived it was sometimes nice to take a break and remind your loved ones just how much you love them

Here’s the thing about change, there’s no right way to do it. You don’t like who you are and you start to do new things, different things. She use to be the good girl, now she doesn’t know if she coughs more from the fingers always down her throat or the cigarettes that have built a home in the walls of her lungs and most importantly in the memories of a boy who never truly loved her. The thing is, she still fucking changed just like you asked her when you told her that you couldn’t put up with the fact she worried to much. Just like you told her too when you said that you got bored with her and couldn’t bare to tell her. You made her change, but you don’t get decide how.
Star Wars Cover Q&A

Star Wars Books art director Scott B sat down with us to answer some of your pressing questions about cover design, and share some never before seen concept art from a few of your favorite Star Wars novels.

Thanks to everyone that submitted questions. We had a lot of fun with this and will do more in the future. And if you ever have questions about anything related to Star Wars books - we’re always happy to answer them.

(All questions were submitted by fans. They have been lightly edited only for grammar/spelling and concision.)

When in the development process are covers typically designed?

Once we have a synopsis and an outline, we generally start to look at covers. While fine details of a story can change over time, once the core idea of the book is set we start to talk about what would make for the best cover. We try to give ourselves as much time as possible since you never know how long the cover process might take.

Normally how many designs are made before deciding on the final cover?

It varies from book to book. It has ranged from as few as 4 or 5 designs all the way up to near 50. There’s no hard and fast rule as each book is a new challenge.

Who has the final say on the cover design?

That comes ultimately from our friends and partners at Lucasfilm.

Do authors get any input into the cover process?

Sometimes we go to the author for character descriptions, but authors are not really involved much beyond that. It is a discussion between us and Lucasfilm.

How do you find artists? Are they affiliated with Disney/Star Wars already, or do you take freelancers too?

We find them in many places, and we are always looking for the artist that best suits the job. Obviously the artist and art must ultimately be approved by Lucasfilm, but we have tremendous freedom to seek out artists from all over.

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Do you see yourself having kids one day? Like how many? Know it's way off, and sometimes life changes things, but just wondered what you hope for.

yES I want to have as many as I can I love kids so much

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OML, Eren would kill Levi in a heartbeat to save Armin, yet Ereri shippers say that Eren and Levi have a deeper bond. If any Eren ship were to become canon, it would almost definitely be Eremin, even people who don't ship them should be able to see that. Eremin shippers ship it because of their bond, Ereri shippers ship it because they think it's "hot". That's just what it boils down to.

THANKS, NONNIE. EXACTLY. Everyone knows that Eren would choose Armin over Levi any day.

You have no idea how much it pisses me off that people would brush off EreMin as nothing or “brothers” -_-

Ere//Ri? Bond? What bond? If anything it’s more of just of just a squad leader with his soldiers, but of course people change it to please their yaoi minds and just make things out of proportion.

They don’t ship EreMin because they can’t imagine them having hot sex, and they miss a lot of importance in a good, healthy relationships. Because there’s literally no canon evidence that shows that Eren and Levi could be together.

Besides, I doubt Levi would want to date a teenager who’s 20 years younger than him. And I doubt Eren has any interest in Levi when he has his dream (Armin) right in front of him.

18-19 lbs.

That’s how much I’m down from my most recent high weight - which wasn’t my all time highest weight, just my recent refattening high. Ya feel me?

Anyway, once again, I haven’t DONE anything to lose the weight. I got off hormonal birth control, and I changed my diet (by which I mean how and what I eat, not some special reduced/altered intake regiment used specifically to lose weight). Also I’ve been stressed the fuck out for A WHILE now.

So I’ve lost weight.

And my boss, like my mother, equates thinness with health, so her compliments on my figure are particularly unwelcome.

Today she asked me how much weight I’d lost and I told her. She said she could really tell. The conversation could have ended amicably enough there, but of course, she had to go further and remind me that last time I wore this dress (it wasn’t this dress, but one that’s virtually the same in another color) all she could see was how big my butt was. (Who remembers when my boss made me cry by making a huge deal over how fat my ass was? Anyone?) But apparently now, it’s not so obvious, so good for me. 😒

$15 Clean Sketch Busts!

If you recall, I recently closed the $10 simple sketch busts. But in my original style, and with as much detail as you see fit, you can get a $15 clean line sketch just like this! Last chance before I change my prices and examples this coming Wednesday.

All you need to do is drop me a message (or email me at! I will have 4 slots per batch and will stream them as much as I can!

SO COME GET SOME!! For this is only a temporary deal like all the others. You could wait to see if I make them cheaper, or if you wait too long they will be upped in price. For I am always changing my prices to how long it takes me/how much in demand the pieces are.


If I can get all 4 by WEDNESDAY, the first stream will be WEDNESDAY night! Guaranteed the first two (that provide both payment and details) will be done in that day (unless I have to reschedule for whatever reason), depending on how much detail you provide.

++ Shoulderpads are an extra $2.00, but everything else (tattoos, scars, intricate/simple shirts) is included at the base $15.00 price- I would greatly appreciate the PayPal fee being covered by you, but I understand if you don’t want to. It just cuts into what I’m paid.++

[ Commission Prices ] ll [ Patreon ] ll [ deviantART ] ll [ artistsnclients ]

Remember, this is a last chance deal for they will increase on Wednesday.

Ezra’s Barry is going to be wonderful though?

He’s going to be stunningly beautiful. I mean he invented cheekbones.

He built his own layer and his own suit.

If they kept that line he’s Jewish

He reads all the books.

But also he might have been alienated due to his past and his strong belief of his father’s innocence, which is why he might need friends.

He’s probably going to analyze that batarang.

Has a second favorite chair.

Just like Bruce wasn’t “that” batman in BvS Barry isn’t the Flash we know and love yet, but this is a continuous universe and these characters are changing with every movie. I mean look at how much Bruce has changed since BvS. By the time that Flash solo movie comes out Barry might be completely different.

I think that’s the fun in this. These characters go through things and these things change them and they are constantly reinvented. That’s what’s interesting about this universe.


[ old doodles dump #1]

Once upon a time long time ago, I made a bunch of OCs with no name, story or really clear background except that pumpkin guy. And no relation between them what so ever… except they all dont have a story.

And somehow along the way of doodling the first pict, I start to ship the void blob and the pumpkin guy (his name is Jaka Lentera)

More of… sorta what i got for them so far undercut

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Lost and Found, Part II

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Pairing: Shidge (Shiro/Pidge)
Rating: Teen and up: for language, slight violence
Summary:  She closed her eyes and envisioned her family, smiling and waving. She remembered frolicking with her brother when they were younger, and her mother scolding Matt for teasing her too much.

Author’s Notes: Here’s chapter 2! Sorry for the little wait. Part of it was because I was away from home for a week, and also because I took a slight break at the recent ages release to think about how to progress.

I don’t ship Shidge any less. But I did change the first chapter to reflect the ages more accurately, and have adjusted everything else accordingly. So I hope you guys stick with me, and please enjoy!

I have some big things planned for later on. :)

Also on AO3.

Part I || Part II || Part III

Part II: Rest

Pidge stared back at the princess for a few moments, astonished. How did she expect Pidge to sleep at a time like this?! They were about to mount a rescue mission for Sam and Matt Holt. It was a chance that Pidge had waited almost five years for, since the false reports of their deaths.

Her friends, however, chuckled around her.

“You heard her,” Shiro’s voice held hints of the mirth he was holding back. “C’mon, Pidge, let’s get you to bed.”

It was then that she became aware of the warm pressure in the middle of her back. Shiro grinned down at her when she turned to him, mouth open as she prepared to retort indignantly that she didn’t need to go to sleep, but she faltered when he started to propel her from the room.

“W-wait!” Pidge protested, trying to push back against her guide. “Shiro, I don’t need sleep, I need to help plan! There’s preliminary recon, and remotely hacking into the system to figure out patrols, and making sure that the pods are in working condition so we can successfully free the prisoners and—”

“—and there will be time for you to do all of that after a good night’s sleep.”

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Dearest Arno,

I can barely conceive how much has changed in the last three years. How far our roads have taken us–sometimes I feared our paths would diverge forever, or else come together at loggerheads like the star-cross’d lovers in some hackneyed stage piece. Yet here we are, not the same brash children we once were, nor yet strangers.

When this is over, when Germain is dead at our feet and my father rests, who then will we be? Assassin Mentor and Templar Grand Master? The continuation of the old, or the beginning of something new? Will we shape the future of our world, or will we retire quietly to the countryside to raise goats? (I can just see you as a goatherd, leaping and climbing about the Alps. No goat would have a chance of escaping you.)

I do not know what the next days, months, years will bring. All I know is that we shall remain Arno and Élise, and with that, I am content.

Je t'aime,


This letter from Élise to Arno was my inspiration for starting to write In a Family Way, more than a year ago. Last summer, I made the wedding dress I imagine and had a wonderful wedding shoot.

This summer, I decided to have some fun and imagine her in a more “plain” kind of outfit. One she could be wearing while working on the farm. I found a goat farm in a nearby village who generously accepted to let me play with their goats and other animals!

A huge thank you to my photographer @moonrosedesign for making my dream come true, and to the farm ‘t Geertje in Zoeterwoude (Netherlands) for letting us roam around.

                     Un vrai chef-d'œuvre. Magnifique!

     Wow, 200 followers? I really did not think that I would have gotten this many and, hopefully, it will only grow from here! When I made this blog, hell, it was not even an Overwatch blog at first, it was a blog for Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug. I never even changed the URL for it. Although, I don’t feel bad for changing, this community is one of the best that I have found on Tumblr in my 6+ years of RPing here.

     Times like these remind me just how different I am from Widowmaker, I’m an odd mixture of Tracer and Zenyatta I like to think, but I wanted to make this post to show you all just how much you mean to me.

     This post won’t be filled with favorites, or biases. If I follow you, I consider you a favorite, even if I don’t RP, or talk with you. Even if I don’t follow you, I appreciate every single one of you. This post, however, will contain shout outs to blogs that I feel deserve more followers. It is the least I can do to give back to everyone that has followed me thus far.

     Without further adieu, here are my shout outs:

@idowhatimust || @retterin || @overwatchcommander || @reapinghellfire || @ofjunkrats || @manoranxmal || @my-steady-blade || @shimadahxnzo || @ampitup-frogboy || @mxndxtta || @overwatchers-rp || @snowiest–bab || @livre-auditiva || @withoutfxrm || @spxxdygonzales || @deathbrcught

Know Your Love

Chapter One is 3rd POV Jungkook-limited, but Chapter Two will be 2nd POV (yours). My child is sad, and that is a bad :( Be happy my child, have some teenage angst wolf au @pomegranted

Jungkook Wolf!AU

Originally posted by sugutie

Jungkook was honestly starting to get frustrated. Everyone in the pack house had found their mate but him, and even though they tried to be respectful about it, it was almost suffocating. What got to him the most was how much Jimin had changed. For the better, of course, but Jungkook missed how things used to be. Tae even had a new hunting partner for when Jungkook was too slow.

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Never Be Afraid to Try Something New in Theatre

Hey friends - I didn’t think I’d post back until I went back to school, but something happened at a party recently that made me think. 

I believe I mentioned in my last post that I was interested in makeup designing for my college’s production of Rocky Horror Show in the winter since I’ve never been fully interested in performing in the musical. I’ve been really excited about talking to the director about potentially doing this, and to see what he thinks. 

So at this party there was drinking (which I won’t go into too much detail - basically everyone was not themselves and of age) and I mentioned how I wanted to do this project. Everyone was shocked and said “NO! YOU HAVE TO PERFORM! YOU’D BE SO GREAT!” and I felt really hurt. Hey, maybe this was the alcohol making my feelings go all out of wack or even changing how the conversation really went (man, I really hate drinking sometimes…) and maybe if those friends had been sober they’d say something more positive about it. But it still hurt to hear.

To me personally, theatre is not just about being an actor, or a light op, or a front of house manager, it’s being an actor AND a stage mananger. It’s about being a front of house manager AND a sound designer AND a backstage hand. Maybe those things mixed up together aren’t all correct or what someone would dream of doing all together, but those titles mean something to someone - having these experiences give you new ways to look at theatre as a whole (It’s also another way to get a few extra bucks so you can make rent).

If you are interested in branching out of what you normally do, then do it. Experience all the things theatre has to offer, because there are so many. If you are a person who loves acting, try your hand at operating a sound board for a show. If you are someone who loves makeup design, try set designing - maybe your theatre could have someone help with the architectural part and you could help design how it’s painted. Anything like that. The possibilities are endless folks. 

I’ll see you August 22nd.

- Courtney

Victims of abuse and bullying are allowed to feel panicked and anxiety when they see the person who attacked them.

Bullies and abusers who complain and rant about how they’ve changed and that their past behavior shouldn’t be held against them are invalidating the feelings of their past victims and the damage they have done to people.

An abuser feeling anger towards the victims for being afraid/angry at them is toxic behavior- and you are still being abusive!

Take 👏 responsibility 👏 for 👏 your 👏 actions 👏 and stop 👏 victimizing 👏yourself! 👏

Victims of abuse are valid. Their feelings are valid. No matter how much time has passed. They are allowed to feel extreme emotions for being damaged!