and how much she misses them


Katara giving her words of wisdom to Korra and Tenzin before they depart on their journeys.


Finding Dory recap:

  • “Diane Keaton plays Dory’s mom, Jenny, and Eugene Levy plays her dad Charlie. Marlin and Nemo will be a big part of Finding Dory too” [x]
  • “On a deeper level, I felt Dory needed more development.” -Director Andrew Stanton 
  • There was an early clip showing Dory “sleep-swimming” wanting to find her family in CA. [x]
  • “Dory needs to go to “the Jewel of Monterey, California,” to find her family - she remembers how much she misses them” [x]
  • Ed O'Neill plays a grumpy octopus named Hank, shown in the picture.(also called a “Septopus” by Walt Disney Studios) [x]
  • “Bailey the beluga whale thinks he has a head injury - he’s voiced by Ty Burrell.” [x]
  • “Destiny is a whale shark who thinks she’s a whale, voiced by Kaitlin Olson” [x]
  • It is set to release sometime during Summer 2016

Before I did my illustration for pepperbreathzine, I did a couple of studies + a light redesign of Angewomon and Angemon. Love them to bits, but I had to make them a tiny bit more “me” for this piece.

And in case you missed it, you can see a sneak-peek of my contribution right here.

- Ricardo

Ugh those descriptions have me reeling
I wish ACC was more emotional
Can you imagine Cloud breaking down and crying hanging onto Tifa’s shoulders and back as he sobs and she strokes his hair almost ready to cry because she always starts up when he gets blubbery and he just cries and cries against her chest being held there firmly and protectively by her his voice cracking about how much he “misses them so much” and she just gently strokes his hair and his face and lets him cry as long as he needs

Brb i need to go scream underwater for seven minutes

Nicki Minaj is opening the VMAS?

I thought MTV were racist media trying to keep Nicki down. Isn’t that what Nicki said when Anaconda missed out on the nomination she wanted? If Nicki thinks they are racist then why is she agreeing to perform for them?

That’s speaking volumes on just how much her little stupid rant meant to her lol

It’s late in the night when Regina wakes. She’s not sure what rouses her until she looks over and sees the form huddled in the corner. 

“Emma,” she breathes out before hurrying out of her bed. She reaches for a blanket and covers the blonde up with it. During the days she works tirelessly to bring Emma back to all of them and yet she never sees her. Emma retreats, hiding away to make sure she doesn’t hurt anyone she loves. 

At night however Emma is drawn to safety, to her home and Regina is more than happy to provide that space. She didn’t know how much she loved Emma in her life until she was gone and then Regina missed her to the extent that it made her heart ache. 

Emma stirs frowning as she sees Regina hovering over her. “Regina, I must have fallen asleep, I’ll go,” she says hurriedly.

Regina frowns reaching for Emma’s hand before whispering out a plea of, “Stay. Please, don’t leave me. Please.” 

Emma blinks up at her, “You want me to stay? What if I hurt you?” 

“You won’t,” Regina reassures her, “I trust you and I want you to stay, even if just for one night, please just stay here, just be home.” 

Emma nods letting herself give into her desire to be with the ones she loves. “I miss being here,” she admits. 

“You don’t have to,” Regina replies. 

“I want to keep you guys safe,” Emma points out. 

“I know,” Regina says before looking into her eyes, “But we miss having you here too.”

They’ve only spent one week together. Ten years ago. But when they meet again, nothing has changed. Will their pasts and their fame allow them to have a future together?

(Part 1 / Part 2)


Soul Mates

Emma stroked his hair, letting her fingers play over the scar on his cheek, the one he got when he was nine years old and climbed up on a tree on a dare given by his brother. He’d slipped when he climbed down again, his cheek catching on a twig. She wondered if he’d told anyone the real story, or if he’d made up something for his fans. Emma knew how much he missed his brother, and a part of her hoped that the last years had soothed the grief a little bit.

Her hand came to rest on his shoulder as she stared out into the night. Closing her eyes, she listened to the soft sound of the wind rustling in the trees. She missed going up here. She didn’t have much time in the last ten years to truly relax. But this was her safe haven. Always had been. And up until now she’d only shared it with one other person. The one whose head was lying in her lap right now.

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anonymous asked:

Since you ask, I'll try to sum up a lot; Sasuke needs to be put in his place and Karin is the type of "take no shit" woman who will stand up to Sasuke and call him out when he is wrong. SS has ruined both Sakura and Sasuke as terrible people. Karin understands Sasuke. Sakura does not. Karin protests against Sasuke while Sakura begs. Sarada deserves better parents then who Sasuke and Sakura turned into. Gaiden made SS even worse then it was, which is quite a feat!

I believe this is a reaction to my reply to the confession about the Gaiden making someone ship SasuKarin.  

Karin stood up to Sasuke? When exactly did she call him out on something? No, really, could you provide me with manga panels because I must have missed them.

Was it when she calls Sasuke pretty much a weakling after being nearly beaten by Deidara but not really meaning it because internally she is fangirling about how cool he looks even beat up?

Or when he throws her into a wall, hurting her, in the Gokage summit, leaving Suigetsu and Juugo behind but she just leaves with Sasuke to find Danzou without a word even though she clearly worries about them? Is that a behaviour of someone who takes no shit?

Or the infamous “sorry” scene when she is taking her anger not on Sasuke, the object of her anger, but on Suigetsu, man that is completely innocent when it comes to her anger, and forgetting about it as soon as Sasuke says “sorry, Karin”, making her anger to be just a comedy and not a serious thing?

Sakura only begged Sasuke twice and that was when she acknowledged that there was nothing she could do to stop him in hopes that her feelings would finally reach him and make him change his mind about going down the wrong path. 

It isn’t Karin who stopped Sasuke from falling into darkness like Sakura did in the Forest of Death. It isn’t Karin who called Sasuke out like Sakura did when she called him a coward, and meaning it, in the Forest of Death. It isn’t Karin who tried to stop Sasuke from falling further into darkness - even though she clearly felt it in his chakra - because it was detrimental to him like Sakura did by the only way she and the rest of her peers thought was possible. It isn’t Karin who told Sasuke he should be sorry like Sakura did.

Are you sure you don’t have the girls interchanged?

Seriously, I never understood the claims that Karin puts Sasuke in his place. I also don’t get your claims that SS makes both Sasuke and Sakura terrible people and terrible parents.

Even though you tried, your message doesn’t even come close to answering my original question. I can understand that someone might not like SasuSaku interaction in Naruto and the Gaiden - even though Karin herself says in the Gaiden that Sasuke is happy with Sakura - making them anti-SS, that is something purely subjective. But what I wondered about in my reply to the confession was that the Gaiden specifically turned someone SasuKarin even though those two have literally zero interaction in it. 

I’ve been talking to her. It’s always possible. I’m trying to deal with her play schedule. Jessica is always about the character. She’ll be back, she’s not gone forever. But that’s the fun and fresh thing about the show: sometimes somebody has to go away before you realize how much you miss them. She wants to come back we just have to come up with something.
—  Ryan Murphy on Jessica Lange

pinapin asked:

I'm curious, what were your thoughts on the new tf2 comic? You're my go-to Pauling author, anything new we can wrangle of her character? Or any of the characters, really?

Oh man, okay. There’s one quintessential point that I took away from the comics, and it’s as follows: As ruthless as the Administrator is, Miss Pauling is as much or moreso. She’s tiny. She’s been shown to be emotional and vulnerable and girlish, but this is the first glimpse we’ve gotten of how truly and completely intense Miss Pauling is. And I am so here for that.

My theory from the beginning has been that Pauling is to the Administrator whatever Olivia is to Grey Mann. Clone, successor, right hand, whatever. And we’ve had indications from the very beginning that Miss Pauling knows almost everything that the Administrator does. 

But the difference is, she loves her mercs. It’s more than just the fact that she needs them. The Administrator doesn’t care about the team, Miss Pauling does. She expresses sympathy for demo, regret for sniper, she’s consistently saved their lives. She trusts and confides in them, if not about the hard details of her mission, then at least about the personal stuff; the same way Helen does with her.

This has been Miss Pauling’s story. She’s been the linchpin around which the whole story has revolved–she’s been the driving force of the plot. This is her low point. She’s given up the one thing she was meant to protect–the Administrator. The above is our first hint that she has a personal stake in whatever’s going down–she’s not just a pawn.

and oh man. if that’s not the most exciting thing, then I don’t know WHAT is.


Beautiful in bows

Dear Maya
We saw American Ultra this weekend. It was fantastic!
Our favorite girl is a serious badass in that movie. And now her latest look on set is the polar opposite of badass. That bow is soooooooooo cute. She looks adorable.
You know how much I love bows. Seriously the princess has a bow to match every outfit. Pretty sure she thinks bows are just attached to her head which is why she doesn’t try to take them off.

R: hey beautiful. I miss you

K: hey baby. I miss you too

R: That was a great weekend

K: too short but yeah it was!

R: you looked gorgeous at the premiere by the way. Wish I could have been there

K: hey you were there in spirit right?

R: always

K: :)

R: hey what’s with the picture you sent me earlier? Did you get a new tattoo?

K: LOL! No, I got a Sharpie

R: ? like a pen?

K: you know I love to doodle and I miss you

R: My silly girl. I miss you more. Talking to you is the best part of my day

K: I had to wash it off to go to work :{

R: don’t remind me of your work…… you know how hard it is looking at you in those new set pictures?

K: you don’t like my costume?

R: no, that’s just it. I LOVE your costume. How the fuck do you make a bow look so damn sexy. That’s why you make it hard to look at

K: why’s it hard to look at? LIttle different than Phoebe

R: you’re teasing me again. Looking at you in the bow makes it hard…………….sheer torture

K: haaaaaaa. duh. Make IT hard. Haaaaaa

R: what else would I mean

K: yeah….one track….. OK so dude do you want me to wear a bow next time I see you?

R: honey the bow in your hair would be a serious turn on

K: I can do better than that… about just a bow?

R: just a bow? As in NOTHING but a bow?

K: that’s what I’m saying

R: don’t do this to me……. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

K: mmmmmmm I like when you grrrrrrrrrrrr

R: the thought of you in “just a bow”!! Are you just TRYING to make it harder?

K: am I succeeding?

R: you have to even ask?

K: stop!!!! I miss YOU more. Hey did see the bows I got for someone else? :)

R: mini you in bows is almost as cute as you in bows

K: oh come one. She’s waaaaaay cuter dude!

R: like I said. A mini YOU.

K: hey honey I’ll call you later. I have some stuff to do

R: am I on your honey do list?

K: fuck yeah you are!

R: you’re the only honey on my honey do list

K: I’ll write that down. “do honey with a bow”

R: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr stop! I miss you honey

K: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr no! Honey I miss you more

So sweet Maya
School started today! Can’t wait to tell them about Paris. Speaking of Paris…….Are you excited about our favorite girl playing Coco Chanel? I can’t wait. The summer flew by. September is just around the corner. I heard someone say they think September is going to be epic. That sounds like a lovely way to begin the fall to me. It’s going to be OK.

#RK stories #Rob Kristen

I'm so proud of chloe right now

I can’t believe my baby won after being told constantly she was worthless she showed them wrong. I FEEL LIKE A PROUD MUM she is so beautiful I’m in aww. Chloe is a credit to us all she is sweet kind and crazy talented. I’m also so proud of my Maddie she has done so much recently and her talent can’t go a miss. Maddie is so poised and graceful she is a princess. I’m so proud of Both of them, they are both achieving amazing Things I love Chloe and
Maddie they both inspire me. I’ve never got the whole Maddie vs Chloe thing as they are both amazing and they are both so sweet. How can you
Compare them I have loved the since day one and I still do #teamcladdie

Dear Pixar,

Don’t get me wrong.  I am beyond thrilled that Toy Story 4 is about Woody searching for Bo Peep.  I have wanted - more than any other potential storyline - to see them have a second chance at love.  

But, please don’t forget Buzz and Jessie.   They’re the established couple now, and us fangirls desperately want to see them share more sweet moments.  And a kiss.  Is that too much too ask?  And for Jessie to still have a prominent role in the new film?  We all missed her in Toy Story That Time Forgot.  

This picture shows what I really want, more than anything.  The four of them, a happy family, finally together.  Give both couples a chance to shine, make us fall in love with them all over again, and I will be eternally grateful.


A faithful Buzz and Jessie fangirl ❤️

JB - Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade

Requested by anon

Thank you so much for taking requests and putting so much time and effort into them!

I’m really glad that you like them so much to keep requesting. I hope you enjoy these and I will continue to work harder in the future to bring you better stories.

A quiet sigh left his lips as he took in the sight of her laying peacefully in bed. Her body curled in towards his side; she missed him not matter how much they fought. Jaebum adored her; that was really the word for it. There were moments where in the silence of the night, and all the noise of the world faded away, when he would sit an admire her wonder. The kindness of her smile, the gentleness of her eyes, the ferocity in her words. He had regretfully been on the receiving end of such words one too many times. But he valued her honesty and the openness of her mind. She was a wonder to behold and he was lucky to have her in his arms whenever he came home. Despite the arguments and their combined flaws, she was still the woman who made him happy; aside from his mother.

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thotfuly asked:

Hey I just wanted to say how much I love your blog and that I stalk it everyday lol! Also I love your auggie/Ava/Dewey headcanons and was wondering you could share any that you had about farkle bc I need to talk about farkle freaking minus with someone!! I love him so much and he is so under appreciated and I just !!! Anyway have a lovely day :)

oh my gosh sweetie thank you so much im blushing. the auggie’s crew headcanons are like… some of my best andd im so glad you like them. now, on to farkle? oh boyyy, i got a shitload.

  • he wrote the test to get into bronx science and got waitlisted
  • when he found out smackle had got in and he hadn’t he was heartbroken
  • none other than lovely miss riley matthews was the one to pick him back up
  • she reminded him how now he could focus on theater and business
  • he ends up going to a regular high school with the rest of them and when he sees smackle starting breaking down from stress he’s grateful
  • he ends up not loving theater as much as he thought he did, instead realizing he likes the attention, and command of an audience
  • he stays on the debate team with lucas and really finds himself loving that
  • he briefly considers politics but then he discovers business
  • it’s what his father does and he can inherit the family company and he loves the idea of having so much power
  • his ambition is to be on wall street
  • he has two serious girlfriends in high school: marissa liu and riley matthews
  • marissa was much more like maya, but with a heavy academic focus
  • think of… lydia martin without the popularity
  • they ended up breaking up because they weren’t “feeling the relationship” anymore and over the summer just never really felt like it
  • it was a fairly pleasant break up 
  • he started dating riley in the eleventh grade and they literally act like newlyweds until they actually are they’re the sweetest most ridiculous relationship ever
  • farkle loves seeing broadway shows and usually takes riley 
  • even if he’s not on stage he still really enjoys them
  • farkle actually does stay affiliated with the theater department after he leaves the stage
  • he was originally apart of the lighting department but is stage manager in grade eleven and twelve
  • he works an internship with evelyn rand every summer
  • when he applies to university he goes for all the ivies and nyu
  • for awhile he considers going to nyu like lucas and stay in town with his friends but maya finds out he got in and tells him she’ll beat his ass if he doesn’t go to his dream school
  • when he goes to tell riley they’re both awkwardly mumbling and like “you first-” “no, no, you go ahead” and in sync he tells her he got into harvard and she tells him about yale
  • the harvard-yale rivalry is so real between them but in the sweetest way possible
  • “oh, you got a 4 on ap lit? makes sense, harvard.” “whatever you say with your 93% in physics, yale.” “but actually sweetie, that’s so good!!” “aw, thank you, i’m so impressed you had the worst teacher-” and so on
  • farkle also has two younger brothers!! they’re twins, and about nine years younger than him
  • he’s really bad with kids it’s hilarious but when their parents finally spilt, he tries his best to be there for them
  • there’s lots of media coverage around how this super rich alpha couple is splitting and so there’s all these pictures of him online wearing sunglasses and holding his brother’s hands and walking around with ice cream for them and stuff
  • one of his brothers loves painting his nails so farkle regularly has purple nails
  • farkle becomes really protective of them during the split actually
  • and so he considers not going to harvard for awhile to stay around with them but he ends up going to harvard anyways but he regularly video chats and stuff
  • also lucas and maya are still going to be around new york and they both like the twins so farkle trusts them to watch out for his brothers
  • when farkle finally gets to harvard he’s totally freaked out because everyone is so smart jesus christ
  • and he spends the first semester stressing himself out and crying and being generally stressed out before he finally starts to get the hang of things and how to balance his class load 
  • smackle also goes to harvard and they cling to each other for a few months before branching out their friend groups 
  • most of farkle’s friends are english majors
  • he takes a gap year between his bachelors and masters and in that time he ends up getting engaged
  • riley and farkle are engaged for years before they even talk about when the actual ceremony should be because they both know they’re so busy with school (riley goes into astrophysics with a minor in poli sci) 
  • they end up adopting three kids
  • farkle ends up on wall street like he wanted and runs minkus international and expands the company x

i could go on all day but there you go!!! this accidentally turned into a riarkle thing oops.

From The Shadows

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Prompt: You know how Emma kept saying that she needs her own place ? So while she is missing/being Dark Swan Killian and Henry find the perfect house by the sea and they bond. One night Emma peeks through the window and see her boys and she hears them talking about fighting for her and loving her

She’s always watching from the shadows. Despite the rules of the dagger, she has enough willpower to prevent herself from being summoned every time someone tries.

She can’t see them like this. Emma knows how much it kills Killian when she is swept up by the darkness, and she knows how consumed he is in trying to find her. She wishes she can go to him, and touch his face. To tell him that it will be okay and that she still loves him. The darkness might be trying to corrupt her, but she refuses to let herself forget how much her family means to her and how much she wants to get back to him.

He drinks himself to sleep for the first few nights, and she knows that he thinks he lost her. He’s scared out of his mind and despite how hard he fights during the day to bring her back, his mind is penetrable at night and he can no longer hide the thoughts plaguing his mind.

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With or without you

The wait was probably the biggest, most hurting torture he had ever gone through. The longing feeling, the missing piece, that lack of her warmth, of her hug, or her voice, her smile and her eyes. He craved her touch so much like air to his lungs, he needed her to surprise him, to brighten up his mood. But she was gone, too far for him to reach her.

But everyone did noticed the way he seemed to smile with his eyes, the wrinkles next to them making it much more noticeable, how he beamed with such a happy vibe, how he looked so much better. He had waited that day, the day he knew she’d come back, her flight would touch down on Chicago, and he was just so anxious to see her. He had sunflowers in one hand, and that jacket he wore when they met, and he waited.

And when she appeared, his eyes sparkled visibly and his smile grew so much, his chocolate eyes locked on her hazel ones when she appeared through the arriving gates, the eyes he had longed so much to look into, and let himself get lost. “There’s my pretty girl” he said with a smile on his lips, his feet quick to get him close to her, his arms wrapping around her to bring her in an embrace that was far too longed, craved, waited anxiously.


terracottasky asked:


Originally posted by relatable-anime-moments

i’m sorry it took me so long but omg i could talk about Yonak for so long bc i loVE THEM SO MUCH LIKE SRSLY THE AMOUNT OF LOVE I HAVE FOR THEM JUST KEEPS GROWING I CAN’T EVEN


on a more serious note i tend to analyze characters way too deeply always (bc i’m a actress and that’s what we do lol) and Hak is one of my favourite fictional characters bc he’s just so well round and flawed that it becomes maybe the most versatile chracter in the story (all characters in this story have A+ writing tho, but Hak’s my fav along with Yona of course). I love Hak’s character construction as much as i love Kakashi Hatake’s (hence the url) bc they are just this guys who can be funny and DARK AS FUCK and can joke and can be pure and strong and weak and they can be anything and eVERYTHING AND I JUST LOVE THIS CHARACTERS AND THE AMAZING HUMAN THAT WRITES THEM LIKE THIS

i have lots of things to say but i’m gonna shut the hell up now for everyone’s sake lol

have an amazing day! :D