and how much she misses them


I lost a close friend today and will never forget her presence in my life. Be sure to cherish your friends and let them know how much you appreciate and love them. I greatly value the friendship I had with her and I wish I could have told her that before she passed. Rest in peace sweet girl, you will be dearly missed. Fly high Madeline, see you soon.

Adrian waited anxiously by the gates. Her husband’s plane had just landed, but no one had gotten off yet. She missed him so much., The couple had been together in high school and had gotten engaged before his first tour in Iraq. Last time he was home, they had a small commitment ceremony, since there was no time or money for a full blown wedding, but neither of them minded. They were so in love with each other that they were just happy to have each other. Adrian wasn’t sure how long his  furlough was this time, but she knew that even two days would have been appreciated. Finally, a few people dressed in army fatigues started getting off. Tears sprang to her eyes in anticipation for the familiar face.

I’m well into Act 3 of my novel.  And I was able to carve the word count down on the last three chapters so I’m feeling a little better.  I’m about to start the penultimate smut chapter.  After so much build up, finally hot wolf love.  And then angst. 

I’ve been building on the theme of how you love someone and love all of them for who they are.  My MC has difficulty with this.  She’s been betrayed too many times and sees people as having two sides instead of just one flawed individual.  She’ll have to get over that and quickly.  And when she does, she finally she accepts her heritage and culture and embraces who she is.  I love that that part.  One of my favorite lines is a this moment.  It’s very simple and goes to so much character building.

That’s what I’ve been working toward.  It’s a bit dizzying to think I’m almost there.  Then I have to make the tough decision on length and final edits. 


this, eternal  (o.q)

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So my girlfriend lives 2 hours away. Last weekend, I drove up to her house. When she let me in, she slammed the door behind me and pinned me against it. She kissed me all over and said how much she missed me and my cock. She unbuttoned and dropped my pants to the ground and sucked my dick. I picked her up and put her on the kitchen counter where I ate her out. I never heard her moan that loud. Then we had sex on the floor and we both came multiple times. I'm so glad her parents weren't home.


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Hey can you do one where Sansa hears Jon talking about Ygritte and gives him the cold shoulder?


Sure thing! I made this a useless angst by the way. I felt like I was making all of them too happy. Enjoy!


When Sansa had over heard Jon speaking with Tormund, she had not thought over it much. Despite this, she stood still and listened. A name capturing her attention. She’d heard little, of a woman named Ygritte.

And how much he missed her. He sounded deep in his cups, however that didn’t drain any of the…Jealousy? She didn’t know what it was. Regardless, it still sat deep inside her, like a seed sprouting before she could let it wither.

With deft ignorance she plays the pretty lady, and for the next half week ignores Jon. She knows it is childish, and she doesn’t even understand why she does it. When he asks her questions or attempts to sit next to her she moves or gives him short replies.

The guilt doesn’t help, he gives her these looks, confusion and hurt. Obviously not understanding why she is doing this. Did she not trust him anymore? Did she hate him? Did she betray him? These must be the questions he pends on day after day.

Even Sansa does not understand her hatred, the annoyance that carved deep within her the moment she heard the name. Of a woman she can’t even begin to fathom, for she has never known of her, Jon has never mentioned her.

Sansa decides she wants to learn more of the mystery woman. But she doesn’t bother asking Jon himself. Instead she searches for Tormund, always finding him in either the kitchens, courtyard, or if Brienne is not with herself she’d find the man following her like a lost puppy.

She’d laugh if she weren’t so…irritated.

When she approaches him he lifts a brow, Brienne glancing back in relief. “Brienne, I would like to speak with Tormund in privacy, if you would not mind.” The warrior nods, leaving quickly.

Tormund looks as intrigued as he does confused. “Who is Ygritte.” She says simply. Folding her arms as his eyes widen, if only a fraction.

She nearly opens her mouth again for a response. Luckily, he responds. “Why do you want to know, mi’lady.” It’s mocking at the end, and she does not mind, Tormund is a friend, but the answer is far from satisfying.

“Because I want to.” Her voice is sharp and he seems to understand this is not the time for jesting or playing with her temper.

“Well, it depends.” He says slowly. She lifts a brow, delicate and angry. Impatient. “As a ‘wildling’ or Jon’s…well, Jon’s lover?” Sansa thinks her heart is frozen, just as the rest of her goes frigid.

Lover? Was that possible? Jon had taken the black, had he not? That forbid any sort of sexual interaction. Unless he had anyways. That is what the title lover entitled. Unless somehow she was wrong. Though she doubted it.

Sansa says nothing more, walks of with a scowl on her face in inexplicable anger.


Sansa gawks aimlessly at her book, hands pale in comparison to the sheets of parchment. A knock, soft but all the same as ominous as thunder, has her leaving the page of black and white. She stares at the door for a moment, before asking who it was.

When she heard Jon she stiffened. Debating on whether or not she should allow him in. Before she can truly think it through he enters anyways, a solemn stare to fit his sullen eyes. Sansa gives him a short handed glare.

“I did not say you were welcome in my chambers, Jon.” He does not move, regardless with how unhappy she sounds.

Instead he stands tall, rigid almost, the frown never leaving. He finally speaks after a second of silence. “Tormund told me.” He said. “About Ygritte.” His tone does not sound as pained as it had when she heard him reminisce about it.

Sansa frowns, returning her attention back to her book. Jon marches forward, slow, but fast enough to have her startled. “Why did you ask about her?” He does not question how she knew about his ‘lover’, simply stands, angry, infuriated, confused.

And by all rights, he has reason to. She’d left him cold for the past week, she would be angry as well, it is just Sansa is not used to this. This feeling of loss. And in attempt to keep herself sheltered, she pushed him away.

Gave him the cold shoulder.

“Because I wanted to know who she was.” Sansa murmurs, flipping the page as if they weren’t even having this conversation. It was as if this green monster had possessed her. Took control of her body and now she had no way in stopping it.

Jon sighs. “Why did you not ask me, then?” She does not respond. “Is this why you have been avoiding me?”

When she doesn’t reply, as she did just a second ago, he has this glare on his face that she’s never seen before. “I thought I’d done something wrong, Sansa, I thought that perhaps I stepped out of line, made you uncomfortable-”

“You did make me uncomfortable.” She bites, returning the glare tenfold. “I thought I could trust you.” The words don’t even make sense to herself, but it is how she feels.

Jon, he nears her seat, and when she stands to leave his presence, the look of hurt sends a hampered weight of glum to the pit of her stomach.

He pinches at his nose. A deep frown engraving his lips. “I do not understand. What did I do to lose your trust?” She doesn’t have a response, because he has done nothing to gain such grievance from her.

Sansa only stares at him, cold, unwavering. “Did you love her?” The question throws him off, his eyes widening the way Tormunds had. “Is she still alive? I would think not, with how you spoke of her, however I still wish to know.”

“No.” He grits out. She does not know if that is the answer for her first question, the last or both. “She died at Castle Black.” Something horrid squeezes at her chest. With needed addition he says “I did love her, but she is dead now.”

That answered her question. “Oh.” Is all she can say, her stomach dropping the way her heart has. She’s a horrible person. Sadly, that knowledge does not stop her from feeling the gritty ping of anger and jealousy, or envy she supposes.

This woman, this dead woman belonged to Jon. And seemingly he belonged to her. Why did it hurt so much to know this? Why did she feel as if she might break? Shatter the way ice does upon the ground.

Jon is before her in a seconds notice, hesitantly swiping at her cheek, and it’s then she realizes she’s been crying. Souse licking at her cheeks, sipping at her lips and dwelling in her blue pools.

“Sansa-” She pulls him into a hug before he can finish whatever it was he planned on saying.

Nuzzling her face into the crook of her neck, she can hear his breath hitch, his arms slowly wrapping around her back. Keeping her close.

She’d rather stay this way for the rest of the night than hear the rest of this story. It was agonizing to realize he had a life before her. The reason still unknown, for it should not affect her this way. She shouldn’t be reacting this way.

Sansa was stronger than this. She was supposed to be. After everything she’s been through she finds it hard to understand why it is Jon knowing another woman that has her weeping into his shoulder.

Not father’s death, not the loss of Robb or mother, nor the time she had to withstand with Ramsay- she’s already wept over those situations. Real, serious situations. That had affected her in such a way she doesn’t know if she’ll ever be able to forget them.

But this? Jon’s relationship with a wildling she’s never known of until now, it is unreasonable. It should not be what has her squeezing her eyes shut tight, or why she digs her fingers into his back. This was ridiculous. It was upsetting.

Arya would be mocking her as of right now, if she were sitting in the same chamber as the two of them. Claim that she was acting a child. And personally, yes, she was. A sickly little girl who felt as if she had been told that her stories, those songs she’d dwell in, they weren’t real.

What hurts worse is she already knows this. She didn’t need the willful, strong, and boyish little girl to tell her this. She already knew.

He rubs her back, another hand streaming through her locks of copper. “What is the matter?” He sounds terrified, as if he were the cause for all this.

He wasn’t. But she doesn’t know how to tell him without her voice breaking. She did not want to sound weak. She was a Stark. A wolf. Wolves were strong.

She was strong.

As if her heart knew before the rest of herself, it slips from her lips, the way a child whines over a broken toy. “I love you.” He stiffens the way she burrows deeper, as if the words hadn’t just fell from her lips.

“What?” He uses cautions when he asks this, non-moving and not breathing. Sansa inhales, the scent of pine and winter filling her lung. The smell of Jon and she has to bite her lip from sobbing.

She hates herself. What was wrong with her? Why does she act like this, would she act like this- this wasn’t love, this was jealousy, this was fury, this was the contempt of being unable to handle the fact that Jon had been involved before she found him.

Before he found her. Before he held her, spoke to her, shared his warmth. Before he had promised her protection and his warm embraces.

“Sansa…” The name slides from his lips and she hates it. She hates hearing him sound confused and broken, and for a moment she believes she’s heard disgust. Immediately she pulls away, holding herself and keeping her attention to the floor.

“Leave, please.” She utters, refusing to look at him. He attempts to say something, but she interrupts before a word can’t leave. “Please.”

And so he does, shutting her door softly and she finally allows herself to drop. A shrill wail contained by her hands as she rears against the wall.

She could never face him. Not with what she had just said. Not with what she just found of herself, buried deep beneath lies and secrets and thick skin- she had found herself lusting after her brother.

Her brother.

Mother would have been disgusted, Robb as well, and father? She believes father would have given her that look of silenced outrage. Narrowed eyes and disapproving demeanor. Sansa was all three herself.

The Gods would punish her for this- as if they haven’t already. Of all the people to love, it was him, the very man she thought horrible as a child.

The Gods were cruel, worse than the seven hells, than those who have harmed her throughout her life. They did this to hurt her.

She felt like she would scream, that she could, so she did.

Hollow and empty, that is how she felt when she expressed her anger. Her dread. That is what she is now.

Sometimes I forget what this idiot does.


Have I mentioned how much I love Muffet? Well here’s another one!
This time it’s Mob/Mafia!Muffet- whether she’s the boss or just a very good shot is up to you.
I just love the idea that she’s known to turn up at her enemies/victims funerals and sends signed pictures of herself getting dressed up for them to people who’ve missed a payment.

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"I'm in love with her.I love her," with Peter Pan?💞💞

Originally posted by bandsmoviesandmore

He was going to say the words eventually, he just had to come to terms with them first. Peter was always known as the boy with no heart, the villain, the one who cared for power and power alone. But now? That wasn’t the case. It wasn’t until recently when the lost girl, (y/n), began to drift a little away from him since Henry’s little group of rescuers came to the island until he started realizing how much he cared for her. 

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I don’t post my horses often, but I wanted to share this video. Siren (the dark red appy) is my semi-feral mare who when alone will throw herself into panels to get away from me and back to her “herd”. She’s mentally damaged from the shit this poor horse has gone through in her 16 years. I’m not sure I’ll ever get  her back to a spot where I will ride her, but I may be able to get her to a spot where I can halter her. That’s the only goal I have.

I came up and tested this idea a few days ago, using Dave who is much more confident and used to what I ask and how I work in a round pen (and the cookies I carry when I ask them to stop) that I wanted to see how she did if he was WITH her in the pen.

Notice, she’s freaked out, but she’s not hiding behind him the entire time. Miss Siren comes into the circle near me instead of away. When we stop she sneaks around behind Dave and then warms up the more cookies I have. There is so much to fix and help with this mare it’s a little overwhelming, even for me. I’m so thankful for her and I just have to repeat to myself:

on her time. not my time.

Also in other news I had the farrier put pads on Dave’s front feet and holy shit what a world of difference it has made to his ability to move comfortably around. I’m in love. Granted, the shoes come off like no one’s business but we just put them back on and he’s a happy camper again.

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Prilla@Heather: Hi there, miss! How are you liking the event so far !! Have you tried the s'mores yet? How about the Rock Shop? There's just sooo much to do! I'd be happy to tag along if you're looking for some company! ♥

H: “I wouldn’t mind you tagging along if you don’t mind being around children, these two are under my watch! A-And well, because I’m taking care of them I can’t really go get s’mores myself…I…get a little…unruly? Heheheh, B-BUT, I think Aurora and Dylan would enjoy some.”

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captain canary + tiny dancer


Sara Lance was well on her way to being one of the most well-known ballet dancers in the country until a single phone call changed her life.


Her sister, Laurel, and her husband had been killed in a car accident. To Sara, they’d left the most important thing in their lives—their daughter, Alexa.

Alexa needs something more stable than traveling with a dance company and Sara’s not about to force any more change in to her life than she’s already dealing with. It makes the choice to walk away from the fame and move to Central City, where Laurel lived, an easy one.


Going from favorite aunt to single mom isn’t easy but she and Alexa are trying. Their love for dancing has always been something they shared and Sara uses it now to help the two of them. She creates dances set to heartbreaking music so that Alexa can let out how much she misses her parents.

Sara opens a dance school. She hires Lisa Snart and Cisco Ramon to help her with her classes and to allow herself a bit more free time to spend with Alexa.

When Lisa’s brother, Leonard, comes to pick Lisa up, Sara has no idea that he’s going to be the next big change in her world. 

Send me a fic plus a title and I’ll write a fic summary.

EXO reaction ; You falling asleep with one of their sweaters/shirts clutched in your hand (Chanyeol)

“Y/N, can you accompany mom at Viva Polo for awhile? It’s really cold and you’d be a great help for me if you do.” You immediately nodded your head in response. “Finally, unnie!” you cheered. For days, they didn’t allow you to come with them knowing how some fans reacted when they discovered you are dating Chanyeol. “Thank you so much! But what should I wear?” you asked, mostly to yourself.

You rummaged at Chanyeol’s drawer and there you saw your favorite sweater. White shirt under Chanyeol’s sweater. When you went out of his room, Yeong-mi (Chanyeol’s eomma) covered her lips with an amused smile on her face. “You really missed my son, aren’t you?” she said.

“So much, Mama Park,” you answered.

“That’s why you’re wearing his sweater.”

You smiled at her direction, blushing. “You caught me mama Park.” You scratched the nape of your neck before looking at her. “It’s just that, I really, really missed him,” you said shyly. She carressed your back while giving you a motherly smile.

“I know you do,” she said. “But we have to go to Viva Polo now or we’ll miss the horde of customers there,” she said. Papa Park was already at Viva Polo while Yoora was on her way to the broadcasting company she works.

True enough, there were loads of people waiting for their turn to order. You put on an apron before helping other employees to clean and serve customers. “Y/N,” mama Park called. “Serve this at table 14,” she said and you nodded your head. You head towards the corner were table 14 is located. There’s a man sitting at table 14.

“Thank you for waiting sir, here’s your order,” you said. You tugged the hem of Yeol’s sweater when the customer spoke.

“I see you’re wearing my sweater.” You stopped and stared at the man. Who happened to be…

“Chanyeol?” you asked, surprised seeing him there, in front of you. “W-What are you?”

“Surprise babe. I missed you too,” he said before hugging you tightly. “I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Yeollie. Welcome back!”

“It’s good to be back.”

Request here~!

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ah man now i want a fic about it, pidge having to pretend being cis to get into the program, hnnn, getting misgendered constantly but having to hold it in, yesss

like imagine,,, pidge being accepted by her family and but then losing her family, and then she has to disguise as a boy to get into the program despite how much it hurts to live through that constant misgendering. she pulls through it because of how much she loves and misses her family, she’s doing this for them

And then when the paladins accept her, it’s one of the most relieving moments in her entire life

holy shit if someone writes a fic about this, i will loev them forever

It had been three days and several hours since Rory and Gavin had their huge fight. Three days without Gavin had felt like years, and if she was being completely honest she missed him. He was her best friend after all. Rory had been walking around campus trying to figure out how to make it better between them but she was still hurt. She liked him but she was afraid to date him, but she also hated seeing him with someone else. It was confusing and complicated she knew, honestly it didn’t make much sense to her. As she was walking it suddenly started to drizzle and drizzling turned to full blown rain. Running for cover she stood outside of Gavin’s frat house and headed for his room soaking wet she knocked lightly. 


Part Three - Chapter 7, Choices

“Hey, your….” He started but Susannah jumped into his arms causing him to take a breath. Several strands of her long brown hair fell in his face. Damn she smelt good and man did he miss her.

He still hadn’t come to a decision yet about whether he was going to tell her about Nikki. If he did then it might mean the end of them, he didn’t want that. He loved her and she was good for him. He needed her there to help set him straight. But, if he didn’t tell her then he would be lying and this was not how he wanted to start their relationship off.

Susannah wrapped her arms around Connor, hugging him tight. Squeezing him so hard that he started to make pretend choking noises which made her laugh. She had missed him so much. Mostly during the nights and not just for physical reasons but she missed having him sleeping beside her, the warmth his body radiated when he was in the same bed as her. She missed snuggling up to him in the middle of the night. She missed his kisses when they finally got to see each other after work at the end of the day.

Susannah slid down as Connor’s arms lowered. “Hey, what’s wrong, you don’t seem too happy to see me,” she said playfully. “Have you been up to no good while I was away?”

Connor suddenly felt numb. He knew she was just being cheeky but he had to wonder, was his face was that easy to read.

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Rarepair week is almost over. What are your thoughts on grog/keyleth? Platonic or romantic, either one would be very interesting.

I’ve seen a couple of platonic grog & keyleth fics for rarepair week and I love them. They don’t interact a lot, but when they do it’s always good. Plus, like, Minxie. 9/10

  • Keyleth wrestles with Grog, first in animal form and later as an earth elemental, and she and Grog can and do hit each other to their hearts’ content
  • Grog doesn’t know how to read and doesn’t want anyone to teach him how––he’s perfectly happy as is, thank you very much––but there’s a part of him that misses sitting around the fires with the herd and swapping stories, so sometimes he and Keyleth exchange tales. He’s not that big a fan of the Ashari fables, and some of the Goliath ones make Keyleth a little uncomfortable, but it’s a reminder of an old familiarity, which is kinda nice
  • Grog loves it when Keyleth blows shit up, and she does it really well when she puts her mind do it
  • Sometimes, Keyleth or Grog will fastball special each other just for fun, generally at times when there is absolutely no reason to do it. Like, at camp, or the training room at Scanlan’s mansion, or the Whitestone courtyards (once, before Percy caught them) to see who can throw the other one farther. Scanlan will get in on it too, sometimes, and there was one time Pike insisted on getting involved. The guards at Greyskull like to place bets on them

So I started a long post the other night that I probably won’t finish anytime soon, but here’s my quick question for you all that was embedded it:

Perm planning meeting on Tuesday, if mom shows. Last chance to discuss options, including voluntary TPR before goal change is submitted. Thinking about creating a photo album for bio mom of the girls encompassing the whole time they have been here. I have given her pictures of big things, but she has mentioned missing the day to day silly things. She has also said she knows they would have a good life with me. It would give her a sense of what that would look like and let her know how much they are loved here as well. Nice gesture or too much/too pushy? I mean it to be reassuring, but don’t want it to be condescending or pressuring (here’s all the amazing things I can give them that you can’t kind of thing), or anything like that. Thoughts?