and how much it means

I don’t know if people realise how much they mean to someone ,
how much their presence matters .

how the absence of a star can leave the vast sky a little lonely,
how the absence of the flower which was there yesterday can leave the garden a little less complete ,
and how without you the world wouldn’t be the same ,
well not for me and I wouldn’t view it the same ever again ..

—  Kriti.G
Cristiano Ronaldo, the favourite of every mother in law to be

After winning the UEFA Best Player Award Cristiano Ronaldo held a small press conference. The Portugal star doesn’t only entertain the crowd on the pitch but he was brilliant behind the microphone as well.

“Do you know who ended up second?” Ronaldo asked when he arrived. He made sure his latest award was in the right angle before he winked to the photographer, now he could take a picture.

The female winner, Ada Hegerberg was also official to the post-event press conference but didn’t arrive with Ronaldo to the room. For a while everyone sat quietly, the Portugal footballer facing the journalists.

“Men always have to wait for the ladies,” the silence was broken by the winner. A journalist mentioned she must be in the makeup room. “She doesn’t need makeup, she’s only 21 years old,” the star of Real Madrid defended the young woman.

After a little more waiting the football player of Lyon finally arrived. “Ada, come on,” Ronaldo called to her jokingly and then helped her to place the award on the table.

Before the two winner started answering the questions, the official of UEFA signed, he got the final results of the voting to his phone. Ronaldo tried to take a peek from the screen of how many points he got.

The official tried to cover his phone. “I already saw it,” said the forward cheekily and when the official once again didn’t pay attention, he took another look at the phone.

In the middle of the press conference Ronaldo asked for water from the organizers. Shortly after he got the glass of water just like Ada Hegerberg. He took a sip of the water but signed he didn’t like it and asked for another one. The winner of the female award was just about to take a sip when Ronaldo told her there was vodka in the glass.

“My mother’s here. I can’t be drinking vodka,” replied Ada. “Hello, Mama!” Ronaldo welcomed the mother of the female footballer, who sat among the journalists.

The mother of Hegerberg was clearly delighted of getting attention from Ronaldo. Later during the photoshooting after the press conference, the Portugal football star called to her “Come on, Mama!” so the three of them could take a photo together. There were a few more words exchanged between them before Ronaldo took off.

Written by Dániel Hegyi

translated by me


When Michael meets fans he treats them like they’re his everything. He looks at every fan as if they’re his whole universe and Listens intently to what they have to say no matter what. He puts himself at risk and goes out into huge crowds just because he knows how much he means to us even while he’s getting mobbed, and still stops for a photo or to accept a gift or even to talk to a fan while he’s getting pushed and shoved. Don’t even get me started on his hugs, they’re addictive. When Michael hugs you it doesn’t feel like you’re a fan and he’s a celebrity, it feels like you’re hugging an old friend. He wraps his arms around you and hugs you so tight it almost doesn’t even feel real and when it’s over you just wanna hug him again and again. Michael meeting fans is so under appreciated and It definitely needs more recognition.

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I'm slightly amazed at how well you present the Homestuck crew and also the personal twists you add that are somehow so on par with my own, like I'm so dang picky, it's really satisfying.

oh my god, you have no idea how much this means to me. thank you! i always try to capture a pre existing characters personality as well as possible and it can get pretty hard. im really glad you like what i do

The Notes

Can how imagine how sad it must be the moment the haus goes to visit Jack at his new apartment and he has to take all of Bitty’s notes down. Like Bitty KNOWS Jack keeps his notes. He has seen them. He has seen how carefully Jack has placed all of them. And.. Just the moment Bitty walks in with the guys and sees that Jack took the notes down, to keep their relationship a secret… Little stuff like that just reALLY GETS ME 😭😭😭😭

Like he was probably in the kitchen to set down the pie(s lbr) and looks up to where the notes normally are and then looks at Jack and then Jack looks down and God that would break my itty bitty heart. Like we know how much those notes mean to Jack and how sad he must have felt to take them down. Just *weeps*


I’m sad I don’t have a special piece of art to post with this, being that today is a very special day for a certain bae of mine. Still, I wanted her to know how much she means me, and I’m hoping others will wish her a wonderful day. :D

SO HAPPY DINGDAY, @illuminest​!

Forgive me for the gush, pls. I don’t know where to start. It’s one of those friendships where I can’t remember what it was like not to have you a part of my life. You’ve been my inspiration for years, and a shoulder and ear I could share the highs and lows of my days with. Not many people have someone like that and I know I’m frickin’ lucky to have you as one of my best friends.

After a couple of years together with our WTF IS THIS SIZE roster we have a new round of adventures coming at us in Legion, then our biggest one in November. I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M GOING TO FINALLY MEET YOU IN PERSON AKJSHFJHDJ MY BUTT IS NOT PREPARED IT’S ACTUALLY GOING TO HAPPEN

And yes I’m getting a little teary writing this. You know how I am.

I’m sorry I can’t be there to share today with you, but I hope you have the most amazing day. I also hope you enjoy your gift. It seems to be an ongoing theme with us. ❤

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would you be up for collaboratively rewriting the canon bastila romance

:’) I thought you’d never ask

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Then there’s the thing about how much older Revan would be than her. I mean, okay, Han was 9 years older than Leia but by the time they happened they’d been working together for 4 years. Mutual respect was built between the two. RevanXBastila just doesn’t have that in how it’s executed.

YEA… There also is that…… in my “how old do I headcanon the KotOR cast to be” google spreadsheet I have a box that’s literally just “what’s the age gap between Vasha and Bastila” and it’s just… It’s so much… 

Why did Bioware decide to make your partner a young knight instead of… idk, a knight of the same age?? It would make things a lot better, to have Bastila have been on the “we’re not going to the Mando wars” faction and to have experienced Revan’s fall as an adult instead of as a teenager (who was probably largely seeing through the eyes of her masters), to have Bastila’s Battle Meditation be an established power- or maybe a new one she’d managed to master? 

To have her fear of the dark side and of failure come from having seen peers fall…. 

IDK now I have an itching for unyoung!Bastila

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i also did not get to know her at all bc like, of aforementioned grumpiness at str8 boys, but also bc i feel bad about turning down characters flirting in bioware games and so i….just…avoided her…….(i also played a character who was not full dark but still Kind Of A Dick so she didn’t like him anyway lmao)

:’) I’m going to have to make Bi Bastila so you can actually talk to her… she’s abrasive and condescending but a lot of it comes from fear… she has so much fear… 

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After seeing all the drama lately, I just wanted you to know that you are one of 2 reasons I even get on tumblr and am still part of this Fandom. Thank you again for being a source of positivity. You have no idea how much that means to me and mostly likely many of your followers. Just... thank you.

;;;;;____________________;;;;; Omg I’m just… just so happy right now!! That’s so amazing, like…!! That means a huge lot to me as well, holy flowerpots!! I-I guess you’re welcome? ;; w ;; But I seriously am glad that I mean so much to someone, or like erm you know what I mean! I don’t know how to talk anymore cause I’m so taken aback by this >//w//< THANK YOU SO MUCH AND YOU ARE VERY, VERY WELCOME BECAUSE POSITIVITY IS WHAT THIS FANDOM LACKS BADLY! <3

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these recent makes me feel like i love yeon joo more than chul ever loved her. if it was me i would've vanished out of the house or died from terror but she went back in the room to draw

YO. But can we take a moment to talk about how much of a hero Yeon Joo is? I mean this girl is one of the strongest most amazing female characters i’ve seen. She’s strong without hiding her fears or vulnerabilities. She cries, grieves, gets angry, but guess what she does right after she rides her emotional wave? She gets the fuck back up and starts figuring out how to fix the situation. How to make it better, how to solve the problem. 

This is amazing to me, because normally female characters, in order to be strong they become too stereotypically stoic and unfeeling. And what’s so important about Yeon Joo is that she’s so well rounded. She lets herself feel, and that doesn’t take away from her strength as a person. Those feelings don’t make her weak, in fact, they prove just how strong she is. And there’s nothing more that I love than a female character that feels so. damn. real. 

She never stands and does nothing, she puts herself into action no matter what. No matter how scared she is or the pain she’s feeling. It’s not that she doesn’t feel emotions or shuts herself off from emotions, she keeps going despite them. Which is the complete opposite from Chul who pulls away and hides his emotions under a facade. Who shows how he feels more in actions than words. 

Chul may very well be the hero of the webtoon, but god damn it if Yeon Joo isn’t the hero of the story. Yeon Joo has more power and strength than she realises and to me, she’s the hero.


you guys….omg I love you all! thank you so much for being so sweet and caring ;A;

aaaahhh you have  no idea how much you mean to me and how happy I am to have you guy as followers!

I’m not sure when this loneliness I’m feeling will truly go away but I think it will mostly just kinda come and go, ya know?

again.,, thank you. this means a lot to me!

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You. Are. Awesome. I’m sorry, it’s true, and there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s not your fault, you were born this way…it’s time you accept it. You’re an amazingly unique individual, and out of the billions and billions of other human lives, no other one has been, nor will be the same as yours. None of the them. Ninguno. Notta One. Copy this and send to ten or more other people, who you know or think are great too!

This is just going to end up pure, unadulterated sap, so it’s under the cut. 

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“I told you I wouldn’t come.”
“Then why are you here?”

This is like HYD slash 5to9! I’m such a huge sucker for a man who rather risks contracting pneumonia than give up waiting for his girl! The scene feels like the climax and final chapter of one part of Kanata’s journey because he has been waiting for her since the very beginning. And while he might have been a little grumpy and terribly flustrated, he has always been patient and respected her feelings no matter how much it hurt him. Tokyo Tower closes daily at 11pm, which means he was waiting for Misaki for almost 2 hours! Just how much must Kanata yearn for her?! How strong must be his love for her when it gives him the determinationa and strength to wait for her while getting completely drenched in the pouring rain?! Even though she refused to come, even though she rejected his love, he is still there, waiting for her.

And when Misaki comes, for a second he is completely stunned as he is trying to comprehend the fact that she is really there, that after all this time she has finally come to him. THE SHEER SYMBOLISM! AND EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF A COMPLETE AND UTTER SHOCK HIS FIRST INSTINCT IS TO CATCH HER HAND AND PUSH THE UMBRELLA TO HER SO SHE WOULDN’T GET ILL, BEING SO CONSIDERATE AND PUTTING HER FIRST WHILE NOT GIVING A DAMN ABOUT HIMSELF! He isn’t even angry at her or blaming her for being late, instead he just keeps staring at her, as if he couldn’t believe she is really there. AND ALL THIS WHILE HE NEVER, NOT EVEN FOR A SECOND, LETS GO OF HER HAND - IT’S POSSESSIVE BUT IT ALSO SHOWS HOW AFRAID HE IS THAT SHE WOULD LEAVE HIM. The expression on his face can only be describe as SHEER VULNERABILITY and he couldn’t be more vulnerable than in the moment when he asks her what she is doing there (with him) because you can detect that little, fragile hope in that question - the hope that she could love him back one day.

Let’s not forget Misaki’s reaction here - her shock and realization how deeply Kanata must care for her when he would wait for her in pouring rain; that this isn’t just a fleeting whim for and that he is serious about her and pursuing a real relationship with. You know the thing is, that the Japanese society is still very concerned about age (much more than people in Europe and NA) and the fact that Kanata was 3 years younger than her, while she was already in her late twenties, must have always been somewhere on the back of Misaki’s mind, but he has been always so honest and serious and mature (often much more than her) that somewhere along the way she completely forgot about it because it stopped to matter to her.

First of all, thank you to everyone who supports me.
Thank you to the people who raise their voice to defend me, to those who always treated me kind and with love. I can’t tell enough how much I appreciate this, I can’t tell enough how much this means to me.
Thank you for every nice word, for every nice tag, reblog, for every piece of art I ever got even it’s just a quick doodle, I love them all.
Thank you for talking to me, thank you for trying to cheer me up and thank you to the people who made me laugh, who touched my heart deeply.

Thank you of the bottom from my heart.  I won’t forget any of these, never.