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I like how others that said Kaylor is dead , karlie is it loyal cuz hanging out v Kendall , kaylor just hit rock bottom, now they just keep their mouth shut after karlie posted kaylor photo without any warning. Kaylor is real y'all. They don't care anymore.

They said kaylor was dead and then we got Taylor throwing a birthday party for the twins. The said kaylor was dead and then we got Karlie jumping up and down blowing kisses to her girl. They said kaylor was dead and then we got a bunch of homoerotic photos from 4th of July with Tom hugging his boyfriend in the background. They said kaylor was dead and then we got a Skype date with flowers. They said kaylor was dead and we got Karlie defending Taylor on twitter because god forbid anyone suggests she doesn’t support her wife. They said kaylor was dead and then we catch Karlie outside of Taylor’s new apartment. They said kaylor was dead and then we see Taylor mow everyone down so she can be next to Karlie in the elevator. They said kaylor was dead and then we see Karlie with Taylor at wheelchair Jimmy’s party. They said kaylor was dead and now we got some gay ass wifey photos from aforementioned party. Gay ass wifey photos with Taylor literally breathing in the scent of Karlie’s all natural gluten free vegan free range organic kale conditioner. Gay ass wifey photos with Taylor’s arms around Karlie’s giraffe neck as they’re probably kissing because these homos can’t contain themselves.

This isn’t even an all inclusive list but I just don’t have the time to type everything out. I can’t wait to see what downright ridiculous excuse the antis will make to try and pretend these photos are purely friendship goals 🙄

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Random thoughts about tonights TBBT Episode

First off..l loved it!!! Every single couple was on fire.
1) Leonard being so supportive and excited for Penny.
2) Howardette is giving me major feels right now ya’ll!!! I mean I feel like I’m finally seeing them as a real couple and I’m loving every single second of it. They are nailing what it feels like to have your first baby.
3) Shamy… Omg ya’ll… Have I ever been more in love with these two? Have they ever been more on the same page? Sheldon is trying… Really really trying to be the best boyfriend ever.
4)The brunch was Sheldon’s idea!!! I was on pins and needles worrying that he would talk it over it Bernadette or Penny. Not that it would lessen it. However it just being him makes this HUGE.
5) Can👏🏻We👏🏻Talk👏🏻About👏🏻Sheldon👏🏻 ??? How much growth?? I mean Mr.Takeout himself is cooking? I cried ya’ll… Yes sirree I did… I mean he wants this to work. He wants to be better. Amy is just so in love with her fine ass boyfriend right now !
6) Raj… Oh Raj… I love you but… Howardette are really tuggng my heartstrinfs atm and you are just …kinda… There… Someone help him!
7) Love the odd assortment of guests at the brunch. How did Sheldon happen upon Bert? I was totes expecting Jelly Shelly… What with the two most vocal competitors of Amy there. Yet no Jelly Shelly… You know what though? I’m glad! He knows that Amy is his.
8) ok Lennies… You may have hated the “she wore me down.” Theme to their story. I loved it! I love that both Leonard and Penny got there place in the sun at that Comic Con. They were both legends there and it was wonderful. I have never loved Lenny more than in that storyline.
9) Stuart deserved that toast! 👏🏻😭🍾 TBBT unsung hero!
10) That tag! I love me some drunk Shelly! The you can hurt people without swears line just made me laugh so hard!
I summation This episode was perfection. Give me more domestic Shamy. Give me more loving Howardette. Give me more besties and lovers Lenny ! Season 10 is shaping up to be my favorite!

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hi! I've been a follower for a really long time now, and I just wanted to say that I love your art, it's so amazing and pretty to look at and your style is so unique I love it

oh my gawd! bless! this really made my day–no, my WEEK! i know my posting rate is like few and far in between but bless you for sticking with me this long. for real you made this extremely humble artist very happy. 


Everything has…sort of gotten worse.
I feel extremely disassociated with everything. I’m not eating or sleeping much, I barely have a concept or grasp on time.

But I am not angry. I don’t want to be.
All I can do is remove myself from this stressful space and try to heal my heart and clear my head.

You guys have been…so overwhelmingly good to me. I’d cry as I was typing this but I’ve cried myself dry these past few days, haha. Every single kind message you guys have left me, I hold dear to my heart. None of you will ever know how much it means to me that you would take time out of your busy lives to check in on me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Right now my heart is heavy. It aches real bad. In a few hours I’m catching a plane to Boston to be with friends and family. Commissions will get done, don’t worry.

You lot mean a lot to me and it’s nice to know that at my worst I can count on you guys to ground me. I hope all of you are doing well and having a lovely week. Please don’t be a stranger, I’m always around to talk.

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'The Walking Dead': Steven Yeun Says Not to Blame Daryl for Glenn's Death
There were a lot of uncomfortable things happening in The Walking Dead’s season 7 premiere. Faces were being turned to mush, a father was almost...

It’s incredible that this needs to be said, but don’t blame Norman, either. And don’t blame Jeff for playing a villain on a TV show. These guys are doing their jobs, they play a role. The hate they’ve been getting is very upsetting, and looking at Norman’s sm behaviour in the last few days shows you that it’s hurting him.

So, those of us going to WSC this weekend: Nice, gentle, nonthreatening hugs and lots of love for our guys, all right? And for Steven too, and Cudlitz. It’s sad for everyone, and we’re blessed that we can tell them how much they mean to us! xxx

The whole deal with Megyn Kelly: She’s one of the sanest people on Fox News, sure. But then, how much does being the sanest person on Fox News *truly *mean?

Because “moderate” and “sensible” republicans are as much responsible for Trump as the extremists, we understand. 

Them and all their casual racism and sexism over the years.

They just can’t admit it now. 

underestimated how much better fresh brewed coffee would taste compared to instant. i mean it seems obvious now, but still. coffer machine was a good investment 

Going on a fan ramble to Dan and Phil about how much you like them and how much they mean to you, but then being really embarrassed about it but they tell you they really appreciate it (and you)

I was just heading onto the train in the night when I bump into someone.
“Oh pardon me” he says in a British accent. I look up in curiosity and notice who it is. It’s dan Howell. Actual dan Howell!
“Hey dan they were all out of- oh hello!” And there’s phil! I can’t believe it!
“Oh my god you are dan and Phil!” I say in amazement.
“You watch out videos?” Dan says.
“Of course I do! I love you guys so much. You helped me through so much stuff in my life. You’re basically the reason I’m here today. Without you, I don’t know where I’d be.” I say as we take our seats on the train. I still can’t believe that I am sitting next to the two people I admire most! “Can I get a picture with you two?” I ask nervously.
“Sure thing! I’ll take it since I’m in the aisle seat.” Phil takes my phone. “Say lions!” Dan rolls his eyes
“I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you do! I’ve been watching you for so long and I have loved every minute of it! You definitely made me a happier person. Thank you!” I say. I suddenly realize how corny that sounded. “I’m sorry I don’t want to sound corny. ” I blush
“Oh no it’s fine! We love hearing how we helped people!” Dan says.
“We still can’t believe that our simple little videos helped over 5 million people. And I’m glad we got this time to talk. What’s your name?”
“Nice to meet you, Y/N.”

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Can someone be abusive even if they mean well, like genuinely love you? How much does intention matter in abuse? How do you know it counts as emotional abuse if you don't think the person "intends" to control/hurt you? Can someone really love you but emotionally abuse you, while being in denial themself?

Intention doesn’t matter, at least what they say their intentions are. Because if you look at their actual intentions, it starts being obvious, right? If they genuinely “mean well” and “love you” then they would never ever say something that will obviously hurt you, they would go over and beyond to acknowledge and admit every little thing they did that harmed you, and they would never repeat it, they would actually put energy into refusing to hurt you, they would refuse to do anything you say is hurtful to you, they would only do things that support your well being, and obviously abusers don’t really care about that, do they? 

It’s often really hard to say with emotional abuse, but if the person in question is more intent on proving that it’s not their fault and they didn’t mean it, than actually stopping whatever is hurting you, they do not love you. They love themselves. They love what they’re getting from you. But they don’t care if you end up harmed and permanently damaged from what they’re doing to you. Is that love? That is cruelty. Love and abuse cannot go hand in hand, because if you care about someone’s well being, you will put actual energy and effort into not damaging them. If you refuse to even put basic effort into not damaging another person, how could you ever claim you love them. It’s two faced and cruel. 

Nobody ever controls and manipulates and holds another person in their power without meaning to. Of course they’ll say they didn’t mean to, of course they never want you to believe they would ever do something like that. Of course you’ll never hear them admit just how sadistic and uncaring they are. It can happen that they didn’t exactly plan how to emotionally trap and control you, but just that they didn’t care what happened to you at all, as long as they got what they wanted. Abuser’s are sometimes just completely indifferent and don’t give a shit if you have or not have consequences from their actions, and of course they’ll pretend it’s your own fault for suffering. 

I think narcissists can be in denial themselves when they’re delusional and completely dependent on their self image as a good person, this doesn’t mean they didn’t do it on purpose, it means they convinced even themselves that they had the right to do it and that it’s not their fault, and guess what, it’s still their fault, not even a person who believes themselves to have “good intentions” or “mean well” has the right to hurt you nor is it ever worth to let them hurt you, they truly don’t give a shit if you end up destroyed and hurt, a person hurting you really does not care that you’re hurting, or alternatively, they’re enjoying it and using it to “win” and to “feel superior”. So no, an abuser can’t love you. They love abusing you. They love feeling superior. They love dehumanizing you. They love themselves. They do not love you.

honestly look at julia roberts

look at that signature smile with more teeth than in an dentist factory, think about 90´s , what´s the first thing that comes to your mind?? IT´S HER, JULIA FIONA ROBERTS ( her middle name is Fiona, it´s a little bit of trivia ) . she shaped an era with her rom coms and movies and roles that were ahead of their times, and she continues to shape yet another one with her dark and emotionally extraordinary roles that are yet again masterpieces to be appreciated in 20 years , honestly look at her how much she thrives attention and how much she means to AWARD SEASON…make it your life goal to learn to love yourself as much as JULIA loves JULIA, and ofc love JULIA as much as you can cause you can never love HER  as much as SHE loves HERSELF.

 im so emotional about julia roberts

sunshineandchemistry replied to your post “Hi there! For the last prompt thing, how about Loggerhead - Uncommon…”

IM DYING OH MY GOODNESS all I ever wanted was for them to be friends I just You are perfect and talented and so so amazing I’m gonna die

FEMALE FRIENDSHIPS ARE SO IMPORTANT TO ME seriously, one day I’m going to write that fic where my Cousland, Hawke and Inquisitor all team up

Also have I told you lately how much your comments mean to me???

Im always talking about how much i love butch girls but it doesnt mean i wont date a girl whos highly femme like i am, especially if shes into lolita and stuff!!! But butch girls can also be into lolita. I really want a lolita gf so we can wear matching coords and be kawaii together… u//w\u

But i love seeing girls wear boystyle fairy kei and ouji-style and stuff. I just think it looks cool!!