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one reason you use to defend touka was that she grew up surrounded by violence so that explains her violence towards kaneki even though she cares for him. but ayato also grew up in the same way, in fact even more violence, and he's not violent to hinami at all. ayahina is a very sweet relationship but i still think that touken is abusive to kaneki.

the thing about ayahina is that their relationship is much less complicated that touken. they’re really sweet to each other, they’re protective of each other and basically, they’re happy when the other person is happy. at least, that’s how i see it since we don’t see much of their relationship. 

but touken is so much more complicated and deeper than that and they are both facing issues that ayato and hinami aren’t. kaneki thinks that he’s protecting touka by always leaving her behind. he means well, but frankly speaking, touka doesn’t need to be protected at all. and touka hits kaneki because she believes that it’ll knock him into his senses and stop his self-destructive behavior because, yes, violence is what touka has known for a significant part of her life. and you’re right that ayato’s similar in that sense but why would he even hit hinami? hinami has done nothing to hurt or piss him off. if you wanna use something as a comparison, then you should be talking about the aogiri arc. ayato beat touka up back then much worse than any beating kaneki has even gotten from touka.

i don’t know enough about abuse to make a definitive statement on touken’s relationship. but going by anti-touka arguments i usually see, if we consider kaneki’s past as the reason why touka’s abusive towards him, when kaneki continues to push her away and worsen her abandonment issues, isn’t it abusive to touka as well? like i said, i don’t know enough about this issue. but personally, the way i see it is that touken has a lot of issues but they have the potential to improve and with the upcoming touken talk, i’m sure they are going to improve. 

anon, you simply can’t compare ayahina to touken because in the end, they’re different. ayato and touka maybe be similar and all but they’re two different characters with very different issues as well. and ayahina might be a cute relationship and all but at the same time, it isn’t the best out there. if cochlea arc has told me anything about ayato, it’s that he can get extremely reckless (to an unnecessary degree tbh) when it comes to hinami. and to a certain extent, i feel hinami’s the same way as well. 

long story short: 

this is tokyo ghoul there is no pure and healthy relationship

Criminal Minds Rewatch Thought #51

Even though I miss Hayley so much, I really, really liked Hotch with Beth. It was so nice to see him feeling happy again and I loved how much she genuinely cared about him and Jack.

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Okay so I didn’t like this episode as much, like they spent time on a lot of things I didn’t really care about. I also hated how they left the Emmry tension hanging(the ship is killing me). I did like how at the end of the episode Lisette announced she was leaving and Jed denied her. But I’m also scared they are gonna send Byron away ;;

Also I’m mad I’m going have to wait two weeks -_-

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OMFG DID YOU SEE THE PIC OF HARRY AND K AT HER B DAY PARTY... what do you think really went on with them? Cuz I don't see them together anymore but omg it's so controversial sorry if you don't want to answer :)

It’s really hard to explain how much I don’t care about her without coming across as if I care 🤷‍♀️They’re not together, I don’t think they ever were, but who Harry chooses to give any of his time to is up to him even if we don’t like them. I have a lot of opinions on the Kardashians and KJ’s career, number one being the whole lot of them are a load of shit x

All about Aurora!

Thank you to everyone that supported Aurora and helped her win $657 that will go toward her care!!! I realized I haven’t really shared much about Aurora’s story, so I wanted to post little snippets of her life for all those that wanted to know about her. And to show off how adorable she is!

A few of my classmates started fostering a pregnant cat around the beginning of the school year (we are all 1st year vet students) and she gave birth to six very sweet kittens. While five were able to nurse normally (and have since been adopted), Aurora had a visible facial deformity and couldn’t nurse. She has a small area on the side of her mouth that can open, so her foster owners had to tube feed her every 2 hours.

She’s much smaller than her litter mates in size, but not in spirit. Aurora is lively, loving, and just as naughty as any other kitten. Since she has grown, Aurora no longer needs tube feeding every 2 hours, which is lucky for my classmates, who were feeding her between classes. However, she does still need to be fed with the tube. Because of this, Aurora is at school quite often and visits during lunch and between classes. She was present after our recent endocrinology exam, wearing her little harness and greeting everyone. Seeing her never fails to lift all our spirits. I feel very lucky to be one of her lunch-time kitty sitters (AKA we get kitty play time while mom gets a break from shenanigans) so I’ve gotten the chance to get to know her and watch her grow.

That’s not how you walk on a leash…

Aurora has a visible cleft lip, but it was unclear beyond that how extensive the deformity is. In an attempt to find out, Aurora had dental x-rays taken that were reviewed by a boarded dental specialist. Unfortunately, the results were inconclusive due to structure overlap. Aurora also had a hard time coming out of anesthesia, which gave everyone a scare, but she recovered perfectly!

Much better!

The next step for Aurora was a CT scan. It took a lot of extra care, because she was high risk for anesthesia, but her foster mom reports she handled it really well! She is also now wearing a fashionable purple scarf, because she has stitches and staples from a tracheostomy tube (the only way to intubate her) and was messing with the site. Typical kitten! The results of the CT scan showed that her right mandible (lower jaw) is fused to her maxilla (upper jaw) and her temporomandibular joint is also fused, and she has a cleft palate. Now, Aurora’s vet and the rescue are discussing what is going to be done next. In the mean time, she’s busy being our unofficial class mascot and bringing smiles to all our faces!

How could you not love this face?

I think degrassi did such a good job at developing Maya’s character. I know people were upset that Maya didn’t seem to show/care about Cam’s suicide but she was affected much more than everyone else. It gave her extreme anxiety. Eventually, combined with the bus crash, it gave her severe depression that led her to do what she did. It cut so much deeper and was so much more realistic; instead of showing how a major event/disease impacted someone for like 2 episodes, which is usually what degrassi does, they showed how one single event impacted Maya for years. I think this is one of the most powerful things degrassi has done, and I really applaud Olivia for playing it so well.

do you ever think about how now, that’s two family members who have tried to kill lena–sure, through intermediaries, but clearly lillian luthor never gave any instruction to hank henshaw to make sure lena lived, or at least not to attack her.

They may not care about her, but they’re all she has–she’s mentioned how much she once loved lex, and this is her mother. She’s going to care. How could she not? These are people who are supposed to love her, and they aren’t just indifferent to whether or not she would die–they are actively seeking out that scenario. Really, what kind of childhood do you think Lena would have, with these people as family?

And then you have Kara. Kara as supergirl, yes, but Lena at least probably has her suspicions–she looked too frightened at seeing the girl of steel thrown into a pile of now rubble to not be suspicious (she may know that supergirl is invulnerable but this is the girl she’s falling for, who looks very much not bulletproof, thrown really hard into the ground). Kara tells her you’re too smart, too good of a person to be like your family.

And really–if it was Lillian Luthor turning the key to initiate the bazooka, do you think Kara wouldn’t laser version off her hand to stop her? But this is Lena, who she believes in until the very last moment, still trying to reason with her. Lena knows she switched the viruses, knows that the police are on their way and that she’s saving hundreds of lives, but Supergirl doesn’t know that. Even with her hand around the key, Kara still believes that Lena is more than just her last name. A

Super and a Luthor, working together. No one would have thought it possible for them to fit so well. No one but Kara.

Give Malachite Some Love

Everyone always says “I feel so bad for Lapis when she was in Malachite!!” And “I feel so bad for Jasper when she was in Malachite!!”

How the hell do you think Malachite felt, she didn’t even get to have her own voice and she was always torn between Lapis and Jasper. Fusions have their own personalities and Malachite never got to express HER personality.

As much as I love the ship, the two gems that make her, and Malachite,
I feel really bad that the fandom doesn’t seem to care that Malachite was hurting as well in the relationship, that or they forget about her and only focus on Lapis or Jasper and how terrible they are together.

Give Malachite a hug or a kiss or something she needs it

Carmilla fell in love with the victims her mother sent her to retrieve like, that is a cute ass trope she went to follow & befriend these girls (Ell & Laura specifically) and is just like immediately smitten with how beautiful they are because Carmilla is such a romantic gay deep down and some dramatic part of her sees so much beauty in the fact that it’s forbidden but she also just wants to be loved back and I just REALLY CARE ABOUT CARMILLA KARNSTEIN

Chess Scene Thoughts

At first I was very ‘I WILL IGNORE THIS OMINOUS MUSIC’ but as I’m working through my gay coma form all of those feelings, I find myself liking the scene more. I know the obvious read is that ‘she’s could still be evil’ but that’s really surface level. I offer an alternative read:

Lena is contemplating Kara as her white knight (whether she knows she’s supergirl or not) and seeing how she fits on the chessboard with Lena’s plans. I don’t think Lena cares much about alien stuff, but she DOES have plans for herself and making L-Corp successful. She can see the game for what it is, but she doesn’t look happy about it or what that means about her character that she sees things like a Luthor. 

At the same time, I think it’s very foreign to her to HAVE a white knight sort in her life. I don’t think she see’s herself as a damsel in distress, but it means everything that Kara is there to champion her. Thusly, she has zero chill about it and fills Kara’s office with flowers and gushes to her and wants her so badly. 

So she’s stuck in this in-between place of wanting something badly on a personal level like anyone else, but also seeing it from a Luthor utilitarian standpoint and I think that makes her more complex and interesting as she navigates that. 

Bellamy really cares about her so much. This is why all this time I’ve been hesitant to call his expression, during the “I loved her” scene, a look of jealousy because honestly I don’t think that was it at all. I think he was taken back by it yeah, but remember that Bellamy lost someone too. He knows how it feels and what it will do to you. He immediately understood how much that chip must have meant to Clarke, and he remembers how she freaked out over them trying to take it in season 3, and that’s why he looks to her as Roan holds up the chip. Because he’s concerned, he see’s the pain in her eyes and he doesn’t at all care that she loved someone else, all he wants is to make sure that she is okay. That’s complete unconditional selfless love right there. 

I have many reasons for this.

One: I do not care how much you ship septiplier I ship it myself a little), but you don’t have the rights to comment mean and even just horrible things to Amy. She doesn’t deserve that.

Two: If you’re really that big of a Markiplite, you wouldn’t DO these things.

Three: It disturbed me how the comments on the charity livestream all changed to “Gang rape Amy” or “Kill her” or any of that. Just like someone hit a fucking switch when she came on. What the actual fuck. Rape is not something to joke about. I wonder if y’all even think about it.



I’m sorry if that may sound rude, but I’m just so angry at this. Amy is a wonderful person who I really really like, personally. It’s okay if you don’t like her. You don’t have to be. But if you respect Mark, you would respect his choices. 

We don’t know him like some other people do. And that’s just the honest truth. Sorry if I hurt your feelings there a bit, but it’s the truth.

What I see when I look at Amy and Mark are two happy people, who love each other dearly for who they are.

That’s what I see and it melts my heart.

I’m done rambling now. 

Thank you for, hopefully, listening.

Edit: I’m so glad people actually read this, because this a really really important thing for me. So thank you, to everyone who’s reblogging this. Thank you for the support on this :)

Okay so…
It’s Zen day today! It’s kind of weird, but I’m trying to do something different for each character for @mysticmessimagines ’s Valentine’s Week and so, since I couldn’t come up with anything to do for Zen, I thought I’d rant a little about my opinion of him and why I love him.
It might be a bit of an “unpopular opinion”, but I truly consider Zen an older brother. Like, of course in his route he is really romantic and I love it, I really do. But to me, in the end, he will always be a big brother. He is just so caring and protective (like in the screenshots above) and just seeing him in the other routes made me realize how much he actually worries about MC and wants her to be safe. He puts her well-being before his own, he makes sure she eats properly and is safe. Like in Jumin’s route, he is constantly worried about her and it’s not just because he “hates” Jumin, no, he is concerned for her in his own way and I find that super adorable. Even in his own route, the way he tries to protect her from himself and from “the beast” shows how much he actually wants her to be comfortable and how important her feelings are to him.
Another thing that makes him the best big bro to me is the fact that he is always willing to give you advice in many occasions, I especially noticed that in Saeyoung’s Valentine’s Day After Ending. I’m just so happy that he still cares about MC in the other routes as much as he would in his own and yeah I just thought I’d make a Zen appreciation post because everyone I know underestimates him or doesn’t particularly like him because of his narcissism. People, appreciate Hyun Ryu pls


Me and my mom were watching The Final Problem…then the ‘I love you’ scene came up and my mom was so happy. After watching the last episode, she can’t stop talking about that scene and the scene were Sherlock destroyed the coffin. I told her that I never thought Sherlock would destroy the coffin like ‘that’ and my mom told me “Of course! He thought Molly would die…He destroyed that coffin because he didn’t want to see it anymore, he didn’t want to see the coffin were Molly would probably lay down if she really died. And with the way he destroyed it…just tells you how much he cares and loves her.” And then after 10 minutes, she was cooking(its actually almost Lunch time here…We live in Asia) then told me “You know…Ms Hudson was right. Sherlock is very emotional…He really lost it when he thought Molly was going to die. At first, I thought he was faking it but the second time he said it…reminded me of your dad when he proposed to me…” 

UPDATE: My mom called my dad again today to tell him she misses him and omg I’m smiling like an idiot right now. I ship them and its canon XD

Tabimatsu: Christmas Event Story 2

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EP 002: Hohoemi wa Dare Ni? / 微笑みは誰に?
EP 002: Who Are You Smiling At?

a few things y’all should know:
1. “A man who doesn’t panic even if he doesn’t have a girlfriend on Christmas” is a direct quote from that one skit from episode 11 where he got hit on by that girl and ended up treating her to a really expensive meal and I’m glad I realized that because before then I was just sitting here wondering how the fuck was I supposed to translate this terrible line. thank you gogoanime for allowing me to go back to the ososan episodes so I could catch these references without having to deal with any ads.
2. this skit is sad yet hilarious at the same time and I legitimately cackled hAHAHA I find myself caring about zaimoku a lot more now because it’s a pairing with so much potential for effective humor
3. this skit would’ve gone up hours earlier if tumblr’s server didn’t start crashing on me and refused to allow me to work on any of my translation drafts
4. I…can’t be the only one…who’s noticed that kara is showing slightly more chest in his santa outfit than any of his bros are… tabimatsu manages to make him look painful even when their outfits are seemingly identical I cannot believe

Karamatsu: A man who doesn’t panic even if he doesn’t have a girlfriend on Christmas. Yes, that would be me. Matsuno Karamatsu!

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Reasons "Heathers: the musical" is better than the movie

1. In the movie, JD goes from a 15 on the crazy scale to maybe a 50.
In the musical, JD goes from a 15 on the crazy scale to a definite 100.

2. In the movie, we don’t get to see how much JD actually cares about Veronica very much.
In the musical, we really get a sense for just how much JD actually loves Veronica, however unhealthy the love is.

3. In the movie, we see Heather Chandler for like, 2 seconds. Who is she? What makes her so awesome?
In the musical, we still don’t get to see too much why she’s so awesome, but she has a much bigger role and I just love it. It makes her awesome, I think.

4. In the movie, Veronica’s parents are complete ditzes that make me want to rip my hair out.
In the musical, they actually seem to care about their daughter.

5. Heather McNamara is a bit better developed in the musical than in the movie. (Does “Lifeboat” not make you want to sob??“

6. Martha Freaking Dunnstock. Perfect character. Perfect friend for Veronica. Only in the musical though. She’s in the movie for 3 minutes. (Sobs during "Kindergarten Boyfriend” too)

7. In the musical, Veronica actually has a personality. And a freaking soul. She shows way more remorse for everything, plus, all she wants is for everyone to be kind to one another and to live in a beautiful place.

8. Barrett Wilbert Weed

9. Ryan McCartan

10. Jessica Keenan Wynn

That is all

Dear Jamie, my best friend's ex

How are you? I’m sorry about your breakup with my friend, it must’ve been hard realizing you’re a controlling asshole. And then you have the audacity to turn around and call HER the abusive one. You know, when I first heard about you, I thought you were a nice guy. You were always polite when we talked, and I could see that you cared for my friend very much. Maybe you really do, I don’t know.

Unfortunately, she has revealed your true colors to me. Getting mad at her for not devoting every second of her time to you, whenever she talked to someone who wasn’t you, and when she had homework. Really, dude? She can’t do ten things as once, slow down. You’re a clingy person, a person who’s way too clingy.

And on another note, this self-harm thing. Look, I have come to understand that you have severe mental issues, she’s told me. You need to get them treated, they are getting out of hand. And don’t start whining about your parents and classmates not liking you, I shouldn’t believe a word you say. Mostly because you have threatened suicide so many times I’ve lost count. And faking it, too. Yeah, my friend told me about that. It seems that you do not understand how goddamned serious that is, that’s the only explanation I can think of. Don’t do that just because you want attention.

And your manipulation, Jesus Christ. Trying to separate my friend from her friends out of jealousy. And then you get your friends to turn on her after she broke up with you. And then you made her out to be the REAL manipulator. You’re a scumbag, you know that? I have never met a human being so cruel in my entire life.

Mental illness plays a part in this, I’m certain. But if you go around blaming every single thing you do on it, that just makes me angry. Don’t use it to gain sympathy. Oh yeah, you already did it with my friend.

You’re an attention-seeking lying asshole manipulator that needs serious help. You were NOT the perfect boyfriend, she could do so much better. She deserves someone who actually CARES for her well-being, doesn’t get jealous so easily, and oh yeah, LOVES HER. You’re awful, even her BROTHER would be a better boyfriend than you.

I hope you see this, I really do. Everyone needs to know how much of a douchebag you are, especially so they don’t make the mistake of dating you.

Quit whining about how the whole world hates you and grow some balls. This won’t get you anywhere in the world, so stop being a douche.

Love, Anna

Draco Having a Crush on You Would Include

- He’s all flustered, and shy, and red when you smile at him
- You catching him staring at you on multiple occasions
- Blaise teasing the fuck out of his crush
- “Hey Y/N, y-you look really, REALLY nice today…. I mean- it’s not like you looked bad yesterday— ”
- “Thank you, Draco.” *chuckle*
- Him freaking out a little when he realizes how much he actually cares about you and it honestly scares him so much
- Acting SO possessive and protective when he’s jealous
- “Hi, hello mate, please exit her lovely face and bugger off.”
- You teasing him about it
- “Draco, do you have feelings for me?”
- “WHAAT?? FEELINGS FOR YOU..? Wha- Who told you… I…… What? Noo… Well- I don’t…”
- “…”
- “Yeah… Maybe..”

Completely outflanked my a-hole coworker.

(warning: long story)

So this just happened about six months ago.

I got a job in a different department than the one I started in. great job really, I really like my manager and my supervisor but my co-worker in this department is a bit weird.

She’s a neat freak and you can’t set or leave ANYTHING on her desk without permission. You can’t touch her chair because she has back problems. She slaves all over her job and whines constantly about how much work she has.

I started my role and floundered a bit. I didn’t really get training and it was a struggle for a while but I slowly got the hang of things and got pretty good at what I do.

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