and how much he loves singing with them

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Lol I love how the solo harries assume we just hate harry for all of this. Harry's my fave. But I absolutely hate how the media (wherever it's coming from) acts like he's the ONLY talented member of 1D. Liam has the best voice imo, louis wrote over 30+ songs, niall actually plays an instrument, & ALL OF THEM CAN SING. There is no real reason for harry to have this much hype besides the ot3 vs harry over the years. It's annoying & frustrating. My baby is talented but so are the rest of my sons.


i want and expect harry to do well with his solo stuff and i’ve been saying that forever (those nasties can check my solo harry tag if they want it’s all there).

that doesn’t mean i’m not upset about the double standards and the giant juxtaposition between his solo career launch and louis’ current garbage situation.

Seventeen reaction: Climbing on their lap and snuggling them

Request:  Seventeen reaction to their crush climbing on their lap and snuggling into them when they’re tired with Jun, Woozi, Jisoo, Mingyu and Hoshi?

A/N: Omg I love this request so much :D Thank you for the request anon, enjoy! xx


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I feel like he’d turn into such a squishy little Joshua and just curl up with you. While you buried your face into the crook of his neck he’d gently stroke your hair with his fingertips and maybe sing gently, every now and again taking time to kiss the top of your head or appreciate how adorable you looked exactly where you should be: next to him.


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He’d think you were just the cutest thing in the whole world, with your eyelashes fluttering together and the way your nose would scrunch just a little as you got comfy in his arms. He’d wrap his arms around you and make sure you were comfortable before resting his head on top of yours and allowing you to drift into a sound sleep.


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He’d make sure you were comfortable by grabbing a blanket and popping your head on his lap and putting the blanket over you. That way he would run his fingers through your hair in a way that sent shivers down your spine as he felt you fall asleep but it also meant he could watch tv or go on his phone without disturbing you.


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At first I think he’d find it so endearing and sweet as sleepy, groggy you latched onto him and snuggled into him. He’d be more than happy to cuddle with you until he realised if he needed to move, sneeze, use the bathroom, breathe that he would risk waking you up which is the last thing he wanted to do so he’d stay still as a statue (bless him).


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I feel like he’d find it pretty funny how you’d suddenly become all sweet and clingy but he’d relish the fact you wanted to be with him. Before you could fully fall asleep, he’d pick you up and take you to bed, making sure to tuck you in and ending up spooning you, caressing your snuggled arms and keeping you safe and warm as you drifted off to sleep.

I have a sudden and mighty need for a Scorpius Malfoy who’s just utterly devoted to Lady Gaga and Al having to deal with him on the way home from a concert because he just will not stop sobbing and choking out something about how much he loves her.

Bonus points for Draco and Lucius having to deal with Gaga blaring from Scorpius’ room and hating it. Narcissa knows every word and will sing them to herself around the house, prompting her husband and son into a complete breakdown…

mark feels so much more comfortable on asc than any other platform. like he can switch between languages easily and it’s not weird because most ppl there are multilingual and he gets to be comfortable w his friends and it’s cute cause the rest of the boys cheer him on too and make him talk but today he was asking to speak and easily joining in even more so than before and it shows how much he has grown but his considerate and loving personality still stays intact like he still lets himself stay shush so the others can talk, and he always encourages them, and how he looked at the pd before taking the gifts, and how he cheered jy on and yugyeom when he was singing. he’s so bright and warm and sweet and he deserves the world


• jaehyun? no.
• baehyun.
• honestly he’s really sweet and knows how to take care of you
• he’s always concerned about your health
• he shares everything with you
• from food to secrets
• he’s the type to give you his shirts and not care if he ever gets them back
• he loves it when you wear them
• he loves it when you wear your bonnet to bed
• he thinks it’s cute that you care about your hair so much
• he buys you anything you want when he’s able
• soft kisses
• playing with his dimples
• sitting on his lap while he sings
• you’re always staring at his pretty fayc
• “baby you’re so cute”
• ^ he loves saying this to you
• he doesn’t care who’s around, if he wants to show you love, then he’s gonna show you love
• thigh rubs
• he stares at your butt all di time
• but fr tho
• he’s a lip biter
• he bites your lips just as much as he bites his own ㅋ
• he gets jealous a lot when you give the members more attention but never shows it
• picking out clothes for him cause he likes it when you dress him
• y'all fall asleep in the strangest places/positions
• weird couple that nobody gets
• he’s always so bubbly when he’s around you
• you can change his whole mood
• going out on lunch dates
• walks in the park
• y'all can never stay needs at eachother
• *argued for an hour straight, he goes to sleep on the couch*
• *wakes up in eachother’s arms the next morning*
• lowkey a bipolar relationship
• “y/n why are you staring at the food truck? if you want something ask.”
• he’s your daddy/he spoils you
• all you gotta do is give him that look and it’s a wrap
• 🌚
• hmm, sex with jaehyun..
• he’s soft and slow majority of the time
• unless you dirty talk him (especially directly in his ear)
• then you’re getting drilled tbh
• that’s just that baeb
• you don’t really have to worry about limping, unless you want to
• he actually doesn’t try to hold in groans or moans
• he WANTS you to know that you got that good ting
• 💀
• alright so..
• he’s really in love with you and he loves tickling you/feeding you/making you laugh/cuddling etc.
• aside from family and friends
• you’re all that he has
• so he cherishes tf out of you
• seriously you’re lucky

list of things i love about louis:

  • his smile
  • the crinkles by his eyes when he smiles real big
  • how he’s soft and sharp at the same time
  • how he’s talented but humble about it
  • how he always gives but never expects anything in return
  • his kindness; the fact that making people happy makes him happy
  • how he loves his fans just as much as they love him
  • his cuteness
  • how loyal he is to the people he cares about
  • how supportive he is of others, helping them achieve their dreams
  • his protectiveness
  • his gentle nature
  • his fierceness
  • his determination, never giving up no matter what
  • how he never loses sight of himself
  • his pride about who he is
  • how he acts big and tough but he gets scared by moths
  • his wit and ability to make everyone around him smile
  • the way he tells jokes at the perfect moments
  • his sarcasm
  • how he’s a little shit, but in a well-intentioned way
  • his singing voice
  • his regular voice and how raspy yet sweet it is
  • how tanned and golden he gets
  • his eyes that are so blue they put the ocean to shame
  • his tiny, boopable nose
  • his cheekbones
  • his facial structure in general
  • his fluffy hair
  • his curves
  • his butt (goes hand in hand with his curves)
  • how small he is
  • and so much more
BTS Reaction to dating a tiny girl with a strong and powerful voice

Ultimate Masterlist

BTS Maserlist


Yoongi would immediately surprised but pleasantly surprised. At first he would be confused and wouldn’t really know how it works but soon he would tease you with it but he would also use it as a way to back you up if you ever needed it.

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Namjoon would act surprised but pretty soon be used to it. He would love to hear you sing and would have so much confidence for them, always telling them to do something with their voice.

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He would scream as soon as he heard your voice, so shocked and happy. He wold be the one to ask you to sing for him the most, especially after working his butt of at the dance studio. He would just want to come home and hear his girlfriend sing.

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He would probably feel the need to protect you more, like your voice was a hidden treasure in the beautiful treasure box. It would make him baby your more as it just makes you even more cute and he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

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Jimin he would have the biggest grin whenever he showed someone your singing because he knew his girl was talented and he loved to show off your amazing singing voice, sometimes without you knowing. No doubt he would record you secretly just to show the members.

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This would be one huge competition between you and him because he won’t accept that he isn’t the best at everything. So every so often he would challenge you to little singing competition and when you beat him he would pout until you kissed him or something.

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Tae would be so proud and basically force you or very convincingly persuade you to become an idol so he can show you off so much. He would feel like your voice would be so amazing that the entire world should hear it and he would support you the whole way.

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Sorry if that was a little shitty just been a little stressed lately and I just wanted to post something for today. I will make up for it at some point like I’m thinking of writing two more series as I have some ideas so Admin Kira will soon be cheering and hard working as per usual.

-Admin Kira

youngjae is the embodiment of light like he just radiates this feeling of warmth and comfort and he’s absolutely the cutest being alive like he’s always smiling and it’s the cutest thing ever especially whenever he imitates the otter photo or looking at photos of coco, videos of coco, coco standing in front of him can you tell how much he adores coco and his laugh oh my goodness it has got to be the most melodious sound i’ve ever heard and whenever he laughs, the members laugh, i laugh, everybody laughs because its just so contagious and how he’s always thinking about the fans like even when he fell sick, he was more concerned over the fact that he couldn’t perform for them instead of taking rest and how bright his expression turns whenever someone compliments him for his voice or whenever they bring him an otter toy or whenever somebody mentions coco his head whips around so fast it looks like he’s about to get whiplash and how you can tell how much he loves music how passionate he gets whenever he sings especially those high notes and how serious he gets when he’s dancing and how his eyes light up when he’s on stage, especially when he hears the fans sing their songs like he’s an actual angel that deserves all the love

from what im seeing of the preview for the christmas special so far, marinette and chloe’s english voices havent actually been as bad at singing as i expected (i actually like them no matter how much i dislike the english dub) but adrien,

i am concerned…. will he sing ok too…. we all remember princess fragrance….

Flashback to the first Vegascon in 2013. This was the first time the conventions had Louden Swain as the house band and Rich as an MC. Louden Swain masqueraded as the Elastic Waste Band!

This was the first time the band was on stage throughout Jensen and Jared’s panel, and Jensen loved it, dancing and interacting with them constantly; singing a little and generally just enjoying having music as his back drop. You could clearly see how much he loves music and how important music is to him.

Jensen obviously loved having the band there, it changed the tone of that panel, and in many ways was instrumental in contributing to the looser tone of the Js panels going forward.

I took this photo at the end of the Js panel. The band did Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys are Back in Town”, which was the theme of the con, and Jensen joined in. I remember the sheer glee of the audience at seeing him do this! Singing! I’d been lucky enough to attend his jam session in 2011, and spend 45 minutes listening to him sing, but this….this was different. 

We might not have realised it at the time, but this was the beginning of who Jensen became with us, through music. 

I’ll never forget this moment.

Some Daddy Jacob Headcanons
  • He’s the fun parent
  • You have to hide the cookies away from him
  • He is completely proficient in babby talk
  • He totally does the “choo-choo” train sounds during feeding time
  • More food ends up on his face and clothes than on the baby’s
  • Seriously who’s the one eating here
  • You wonder if he enjoys “peek-a-boo” more than the actual baby with how much he plays it
  • Did I mention one of his favorite sounds is giggling babies
  • And said giggling is from him tickling their tummies and tiny feet, and scruffy, tickly kisses he smothers them with
  • Literally. Do not hand this man a baby if you do not want them to be tickled. He has no self control
  • Softly singing lullabies as he slowly sways side to side (▰˘◡˘▰) 
  • And the second he holds them against his chest they quiet down
  • like what the hell h ow 
  • He loves watching their mesmerized faces and amused expressions as he gets super animated and carried away with his singing
  • He totally doesn’t mind being the designated parent to get up in the middle of the night every night to calm your crying baby
  • He won’t admit it but he actually loves holding them snugly against his chest at 3am, rocking them back and forth as he hums a soft tune 
  • Hands down the best storyteller ever. 
  • Children are asleep every time 10/10 highly recommend how he do it nobody know but you ain’t about to ask questions
  • More than once you’ve caught him lounging, hugging your baby fast asleep on his chest
  • And chances are he’s asleep too, so you end up covering both your babies with yourself a nice warm blankie  *:・゚✧ヽ(〃^◡^〃)ノ

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How would Juuzou, Shuu, Haise, Ayato, and Arima react to their baby. (Sorry of this is too much, love you!) (HC's)

Domestic head cannons will never be too much


  • He can’t believe how soft and fragile they are
  • Traces their nose and eyelids while they sleep
  • Has so much patience 
  • Falls in love with the faces they make
  • Promises them they’ll have such an amazing life


  • The baby was spoiled before it was born
  • Shuu sings them to sleep
  • Gets nervous when they’re fussy, especially if he doesn’t understand why
  • Playfully nibbles their fingers and toes
  • He would show off his baby


  • Probably stares at the foot and hand prints on the birth certificate because he can’t believe how tiny they are
  • Really nervous the first few weeks
  • Scared of hurting the baby but loves them so much
  • Would literally just hold his child and stare in awe because they’re the most amazing thing ever


  • Just as nervous as Haise
  • Feels like he won’t be a good dad
  • Gets agitated when they cry and he can’t figure out why
  • Not because he doesn’t love them, but because he feels like he’s failing as a father
  • He literally thinks he’s failing as a father when really his baby is just teething
  • Watches his baby sleep
  • Thinks his baby is the best thing that ever happened to him


  • Is a natural
  • The type of dad that’s prepared and then some (had like 200 diapers before the baby was even born)
  • His baby could sneeze in their sleep and he’d wake up
  • Plays with their chubby cheeks
  • Has 100+ photos of his baby on his phone
  • Most of them the baby isn’t doing anything too exciting and some are blurry, but he can’t bare the thought of deleting a picture of his child

Thanks for the request! xo - mun C

in light of recent events here are some of my favorite kihyun things:

  • when he hits a high note and looks so happy
  • his full body laugh where he throws his head back and claps his hands together
  • also his small high pitched giggle
  • when he smiles really wide and he gets those crinkles by his eyes i love his eye smile so much!!
  • his singing voice and how soft and soothing and powerful it can be
  • how much he loves his members and cares about them
  • like it’s really obvious that he loves his members so!! much!! and always looks out for them…….it’s in the small things like when he feeds the others or when changkyun broke down crying during his speech and kihyun comforted him or the way he unconsciously clings to someone else
  • the love he has for his fans :( rip me

did u know that i love yoo kihyun with all my heart

Mess with Them - part 6

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: This is a re-write of Chandler and Monica’s secret relationship.

Word Count: 997

Warnings: Language, Implied Sex

A/N: I would like to thank you all for reading this story. You have no idea how much I love you guys, you make this super fun to write ♥ From S5Ep14

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Epilogue]

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Weeks later, when Steve came back from his mission, the first thing he did was look for you. He was surprised to find the compound empty, it didn’t happen often.

He heard you singing to yourself somewhere in the corridor. He rushed towards the sound of your voice and came to a skidding stop, looking barely out of breath. You turned around, your brows slightly furrowed, and came face-to-face with Steve.

Your lips parted in a silent gasp as he strutted over to you. He backed you up against the wall, pressed into you and made you jump into his arms.

He leaned down to capture your lips in a searing kiss. His fingers weaving through your hair, he tipped your head back so he could deepen the kiss.

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Hi~! Can you do a BTS reaction with them being stressed and they go to a psychologist but end up falling in love with her Thank you^^

You got it! Thank you so much for your request!

- ❤ Kat & Sar 💖

When Bts Falls In Love With Their Therapist

Jungkook: Although he has gotten many reassurances that he’s a good singer, he can’t help but feel as though he can never sing like he wishes to. Or like the other members. When he comes to you for help to get him through this mind block, he immediately notices how bright you are. As more time goes by, with reassurances from you, he begins to feel more confident in himself. So when you tell him that he shouldn’t have the mind block anymore, that you’ve done everything you can, he gives you the cute smile you’ve come to love and winks. “Oh, I haven’t had that problem in weeks. I just wanted an excuse to spend more time with you. Truthfully I-I’ve been in love with you and your beautiful voice and smile for weeks. It’s been driving me crazy. And I was thinking that, I would like to maybe get to know you on a more personal level, instead of professional. S-so, would you…like to go out with me sometime?” Unable to refuse his heart warming confession, you agree. You both silently thank him that he continued to come to you, long after he needed help. And because of your help, Jungkook would not hesitate when you asked him to sing you to sleep. Since you would make him feel like he was enough.

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Jimin: Even though he’d never admit it to his members, there were times where Jimin still felt like he didn’t belong in BTS. He felt like the others were cooler than him, and more manly. And he laughed when he was called short, he knew they were joking, but sometimes it got into his head that maybe what they were saying was true. So the day he walked into your office, it was a bad day. You must’ve immediately noticed something was wrong because you quickly took him and sat him down. That’s when he let it go. All of his thoughts about himself and his image and how he doesn’t fit in, spouting out of him in rapid fire. When he was done, he was breathing heavily due to the tangent he went on. You reach over and touch his shoulder, rubbing it soothingly saying that he has no reason to be insecure. He looks up to see you blushing, and he noticed just how beautiful you are. Throughout the next few sessions you tell him just how handsome you think he is and that just because you’re shorter than the average man, does not make him any less manly. For some reason, when you spoke this he felt it to be true. Realizing that he’s fallen for your adorable blushes and soothing touches, he asks you out. Never again needing to be reassure just how much of a man he is.

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Taehyung: Taehyung has never been stupid. Many people seem to think that, due to his playful and outgoing nature, that he must be. He never believed it before, but lately those comments seem to be the ones sticking in his mind. He knew that he shouldn’t listen to people who don’t even know him, but deep down, these comments hurt. That’s when he comes to you. The moment he walks in Taehyung notices your eyes first. And not how bright they are, but how they aren’t filled with an ounce of judgment on what he looks like or what he wears. He feels safe in this environment. As weeks pass, you helped him a great amount. You two had silly conversations, and never once did you believe him to be unintelligent because of it. You helped him learn to care less about what others think of him. But by then he realized that he cared what you thought about him. So he would try to stop being himself until you’d tell him, “Where’s the Taehyung that I’ve come to love in the past month? This isn’t you!” You’re eyes would widen realizing that you just confessed to this amazing man. Starting to panic, you would turn beet red. Until Taehyung would smile his rectangular smile you love so much. “Really!? I love you too! I just didn’t want you to think that it’s weird to love you after one month!” You shake your head, finding his reasoning comical. “Who wouldn’t fall in love with you and your silly and outgoing personality?” Taehyung would never have any trouble being who he was after that. As long as you are by his side, he can do anything. Including ignoring those comments that he no longer sees true.

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Hoseok: Jhope, unlike his usual sunny disposition, would be feeling down in the dumps. Lately he has been feeling unappreciated by fans. Not only that, but he feels as if he isn’t a good enough rapper. After all, he learned so he could be in BTS. Feeling like he’s overwhelmed with sadness, he comes to you. What he doesn’t know beforehand is that you’re a fan of BTS. So when he comes in and realizes this, he almost turns right back around to leave. But, there’s something different about you. JHope would notice the way you stared at him in admiration and awe. This makes him feel better. Coming each week, he starts to fall in love with you and the way you make him feel. He’d rap some lines for you and you’d stare in amazement and wonder. You tell him that people who put him down are not real fans, and that he shouldn’t pay attention to them. “You know, out of all the rappers, you’re my favorite. You’re just so unique and you do it in your own style, no one can copy that.” Stopping, he looks at you, wondering what this warm feeling is growing in his heart. With a smile, he leans over and takes your hand. “This may seem kind of random, but, I will hate myself forever if I don’t ask you this. Will you….possibly go on a date with me?” The way you’d hug him and squeal in agreement, saying how you’ve been wanting to ask him for awhile would only further his realization. That he was madly in love with you.

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Yoongi: Yoongi is always working hard, even though many people see him as lazy and someone who likes to just sleep. In all reality, he’s one of the hardest working people you’d ever meet. But sometimes, he takes on a lot of work. Lately he’s been stressed by all the new songs he’s producing and coming up with lyrics, that he is incredibly overwhelmed. So badly stressed that he locks himself away from the other members; from the world. He just sits in his studio feeling anxiety from the amount of things that he has to do. The members would eventually have to drag him out and send him to you. He gets there and he tells you all about his work and what he has to do. You realize that, while yes this is him stressed, it’s also deeper than that. Yoongi had become so obsessed with his work being perfect that he’s been putting himself down. Yoongi would be frozen when you touch his arm, but you reassure him that everything’s okay. “You don’t have to push yourself so hard Yoongi. You’re human just like the rest of us; and humans make mistakes. You’ll make mistakes. And that’s alright. You just have to see those mistakes as good things that open new doors to see something from another angle. So…just be human. That’s all anyone expects from you.” Your words would sink into his mind, and he lets himself open in front of you. He pulls you into a tight hug, not letting go for a while. “I knew there was a reason I loved you Y/N. you make me human.” You’d be together long after the sessions are over. And he’d live his life next to you…just being human.

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Namjoon: With BTS’ rising popularity, the group would be showing up on more interviews and variety shows. They would ask the same questions. “Who is the best dancer?” “Who fits this concept?” “Who is the leader of the group?” This is where Namjoon would of course respond. But over time, he even began to question who the leader was. Over the last few months, he began to feel like an inadequate leader. Like he wasn’t good enough to set an example for the 6 other amazing members. Feeling worried about him, they would send him to you. He’s never had trouble speaking what’s on his mind, so Namjoon would open up about how he didn’t feel good enough to lead these boys in this journey together. You would smile at him, shaking your head. “Those boys are so grateful to you Namjoon. They wouldn’t be where they are today without your guidance. I’m sure that if you talked to them, they would say the same things. You’re a great leader. You are very important to them, they look up to you. Never forget that.” He stares at you, his lips spreading into a small smile. He reaches up and cups your cheek. “You know, I wouldn’t know what to do without you. Would you like to get some coffee with me sometime? Maybe I can get to know you now.” His smile spreads wider as you agree. Ever since that day, he’s never doubted himself again.

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Seokjin: Jin knows that there are certain things that he’s good at. He’s a great cook, a good visual, and no matter how much the other members make fun of it; he has some great jokes. But, he never feels like he belongs in this group. Not that he doesn’t feel manly enough, he just doesn’t feel like he can ever compare to them. They’re all better dancers specifically. And even then the members make fun of him and he knows that it’s only meant as a joke, deep down he knows it’s all true. No matter how much he practices, he just can’t dance. Thinking that maybe it could just be in his head, he comes to you. Jin explains all these feelings of insecurity he has and doesn’t stop until it’s all out into the open. You take a deep breath, watching how he stares at you in anticipation before you respond. “We all have things that we can do better than others. Sure, you may not be the best dancer in the group, but you’re a great singer. And I’m almost certain the boys would’ve starved to death if it wasn’t for you. All you have to do is just be proud of what you can do, and don’t let the things you’re bad at define you. Just know that people see how hard you’re working to improve. And that’s all they ever really want from you.” When he hears this, he freezes. He realizes that you’re right, all he can really do is just keep working, keep moving forward. He then looks up to you and winks. “You know, I’ve really taken a liking to you these past few sessions. And, if you laugh at my jokes then you must be special. And…I can probably work harder if you were at my side. So….do you want to grab something to eat?” You smile and stand up, taking his hand. “I’d love to.”

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Youngjae as a boyfriend

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  • you’re basically dating an angel
  • and he treats you like the princess that he knows you are
  • constantly singing to you
    • when you’re cooking, or studying, or sleeping
    • he’ll even sit on the bathroom counter and sing to you while you shower because he just loves being around you
  • he loves to be spontaneous
    • sometimes surprising you with little gifts
    • but he was more the type to send long texts when you’d least expect them, telling you how much he loved and appreciated you
    • or the type to randomly show up at your door with flowers, telling you to get dressed because you two were going out
  • he’d hate when you were sad
    • whether you got a bad grade, were having a bad day, or worse had a death in the family
    • he would completely change his mood, comforting you as best he could
    • though he wasn’t the best when it came to touchy-feely emotional things
    • you being upset hurt him, and he’d always want to take your pain away
  • he’s not very big on pda
    • especially in front of the other members
    • the always liked to tease him about you, but it was harmless
  • youngjae preferred to keep things simple in front of others, not going too crazy with kisses or being too hands on
  • but he was sure the longer you two were together that would change
  • when it was just you two you’d laugh for hours
    • stay up late talking about the most random things
    • but also talking about more serious things from time to time
      • but nothing too serious since you two were still young
  • and he’d never let you fall asleep without him saying “I love you”
  • just to remind you, so there was never a second you didn’t know how much you were loved

I’m incredibly happy that he’s surrounded with love and supportive people and it’s unbelievable how much he’s like his mom, always standing strong, keeping things together, his mom when they were only them two, then the family together, the band, and the family now. He’s allowed to be weak, to sob onto his loved ones’ necks, he’s allowed to break and just stay in the background. He’s allowed to just lose it and what does he do? He’s making everything about Jay or the people surrounding him, tweeting his gratitude, he wants us to go on that stage with him because he’s gonna sing his heart out, because that was what Jay wanted and he’s gonna stay strong because that’s just who he is, and he’s the best person this earth has ever held and Louis Tomlinson deserves everything. He should be protected at all costs.

i love the transition from act 1 whizzer & marvin, which is focused almost entirely on sex and fighting and games, and how it moves into a much more healthy relationship in act 2 where there is still competition but there’s also softness beneath it. there is marvin cuddling whizzer and the two of them spooning and marvin singing about how much he loves whizzer when they’re both in bed. there are intimate moments beneath the harder ones and it’s so lovely and sweet and also i love them

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Gaara as a father with a little baby girl?

Thank you for the request!

Headcannons of Gaara with a baby girl

  • You can expect that Gaara’s little baby girl will be well protected and supervised. Gaara will become somewhat of a mother hen over his baby girl, because he had such a rough childhood that he wouldn’t want that to happen to his daughter. He will always take time out of his day to be with her and show how much he loves her.
  • Gaara can find it fascinating to be able to play with his daughter. If he catches her playing with dolls when he comes home, he’ll often stay quiet and hear some of the stories his daughter comes up with. When his daughter finally realizes he’s in the room, they may stop embarrassed or depending on their personality ask Gaara to play with them. Gaara a bit awkward about it would oblige and sit down with his daughter but ask how to play.
  • Gaara can find amusement in his daughter’s activities as she learns to play, draw, sing, and dance. At a certain age though, Gaara will start training her in self-defense tactics and hire her a special trainer to teach her how to fight. When she gets a bit older and has more of a attention span, Gaara will play tactful games with her so that way she can sharpen her mind.
  • Gaara’s daughter will definitely be a daddy’s girl and she can practically get any toy or dessert she wants, but Gaara won’t let her win at the games they play just because she is little. Gaara wants to prepare her for the real world and in the real world you can’t always win.
  • Gaara will probably have the mother or Temari do his child’s hair and dressing so that his daughter looks fashionable. Gaara isn’t much on fashion, but he wants his daughter to look presentable and have well manners since he is the Kazekage.

Kihyun singing “Amen” to Wonho while holding his hands :’)