and how much he loves singing with them

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what are some of your fave kings of leon songs?

this is going to be long okay they’re my favourite band ever I’ve been listening to them since youth and young manhood came out when I was a 13 year old asshole. 

milk (favourite song of all time)

fans ( ♪ and all he has is his asshole ♪ )

four kicks (she’s a lovin on a boy from the city; I’ll be lovin him under my shoe)

knocked up (just a dude singing about how much he loves his drunk crazy wife and future mother of his baby)

soft (I fell down the stairs after drunk dancing to this with jem)

pyro (Worn Out by Life pty ltd song)

king of the rodeo (he saw the purity; a shavin’ and a mournin’ - and standing on a pigeon toe in his disarray)

manhattan (just reminds me of good nights with friends)

where nobody knows (he come me up to me and say why you so skinny and pretty for a boy? I said thanks for the insults and compliments you’ll never forget my face no more) 

no money (hashtag student lyfe)

taper jean girl (you gotta halfheartedly shake your hips to the shaaa-ake part tbh)

day old blues (lots of people hate this song but I’m feeling the yodeling and the lyrics are great)

charmer (he thinks she’s a charmer and basically screams about her always looking at him like I can relate to this level of romance induced fear)

be somebody (I just love how this sounds)

closer (you shimmy-shook my boat, leaving me stranded all in love on my own; do you think of me? where am I now, baby where do I sleep?)

happy alone (I’ll be prancing around in my high heels and your cherry red lipstick; look out your window, I’m on your street) 

talihina sky (when you gotta haul ass out of your boring town)

on call (for all clingy codependent baes)

velvet snow (I’m about 90% sure velvet snow is cum but regardless this song just makes me bouncy and happy) 

I breathe sharp —
Your lips, the weight of your fingers on my stomach. Delirium. Nobody warned me of falling in love with a songbird. Nobody told me of his siren and the jagged path of his soul. His cheekbones cut like Italian marble, and I am no Michelangelo, I cannot create us into better people.  He sings nightmares when father isn’t watching and I play them on my ceiling fan, like our home movies. How much would it take to unravel our history? 

I can close my eyes sometimes and fall back to sleep —
Brother, I see you, live wire, underneath my hands. I am blushing, lost in the cadence of your hello. Hear the carols singing, you know what you do and you do it anyway. The pine sticks to your leather jacket, and I watch you like girls watch stars. We were christmas lights in the middle of July, surreal.

Alone, as usual —
God, send help.  His name is a prayer and I’ve never believed in anything before. Tell me what to do, so I can do this right. I am afraid of losing this again.

But, wanting like before —  
Lazarus left me a voicemail saying he never wants to see me again. Heaven didn’t call back and mailed me your heartache instead. It was a pretty postcard of the Grand Canyon. I love you too much, I love you too bad. You are the bullet wound I could never stitch up solo. Please don’t go.


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Hello! Could I have headcanons on how sanji, zoro, law, and sabo would react to their crush having a beautiful singing voice? Not like she sings all the time, but she'd sing along to brook's violin if requested, and that was the first time they heard her sing? You did a request for me a while ago and it was AMAZING, so now I'm back for another :)

Headcanons for Law, Zoro, Sanji, and Sabo on how’d they react to their female s/o or crush having a beautiful singing voice? :)

Heeeey there :D awww thank you sooo much ♥, I’ve done something very similar for Zoro and Law up here but let me see if I can come up with more ;)


  • dude, if he wasn’t already totally in love with them before, he’d be by now haha
  • “(Name)-san, would you mind humming a little if you have the time?”, for real they should sing a bit for him while cooking, 10/10 the meal gets more delicious
  • he’s profoundly into her singing him a little into sleep, or more humming
  • he usually really enjoys Brooks music, so his s/o having a great singing voice would just boost joy for that by 100%


  • I can see Zoro every now and then actually remarking that they sound really nice, it is rare but could happen


  • oh Law you precious dork
  • He’d never admit it but singing to him during the rare cuddling sessions puts him a lot at eases


  • this is really sweet for Sabo
  • he likes music in general so he’d be kind…not mesmerized but fascinated with her voice, like absently staring at her and listening to her or something
  • the embarassing part of him liking her voice is usually during parties when Sabo is pissdrunk after like 3 beers and drags her to sing Karaoke with him, it’s embarassing

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How about... The little things Lance does to show his love/SO how much they mean to him?


  • Lance is pretty good with words
    • he probably tells his SO he loves them atleast once a day
    • If not he uses cheesy pick up lines and bad jokes a lot on them
    • He’ll take the SO’s hands and interrupt what they were doing to jokingly and badly dance and he’d sing a dumb love song 

  • His mama raised him right so he’ll do chores for his SO
    • Namely Cooking or doing the dishes, picking and cleaning the laundry, sweeping the floor and wiping counters. Things like that to destress the SO after a long day of training
    • If he’s feeling down he can put on a fake smile for his SO so they don’t worry

  • If we’re assuming that the SO is a paladin…
    • Foot/Shoulder rubs after training
    • Getting too distracted when the SO is stretching and training that he slips up a lot. 
    • Lets them win in their one-on-one training
    • Risks his life a lot for his SO in battle. He’s often times comes back to the castle with lots of injuries but insists he’s fine and that its worth it if SO is safe. 

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Anonymous said S/o is kinda shy about singing. Matsu comes into their shared apartment and their s/o is singing 'It's Over, Isn't It?' How does Matsu react?

I’ve had that song stuck in my head for the past 5 days it’s great but it just keeps going please help

Osomatsu: Woah. Woah. Have they always been able to sing like that? They sound amazing! He quietly hums along, giving them a big bear hug once they’ve finished the song.

Karamatsu: He showers them with never-ending complements. He tells them exactly how much he loves their singing, inviting them to sing with him on the roof sometime.

Choromatsu: He’s fanboying in the doorway. Oh my God, they sound so so good!! They could easily be an idol! Once they’re finished he makes sure to tell them this, even offering to be their manager should they ever consider a singing career.

Ichimatsu: Ichi stays put, not making a sound. He’s worried that if he makes his presence known they might get embarrassed and stop. He savors the sound of their voice, later asking them if they would sing it to him.

Jyushimatsu: He shamelessly sings along with them, his voice loud and somewhat boisterous. His s/o gets embarrassed that they heard them, but he only replies with telling them their voice was so good that it made him want to join in! His comfort with singing might even rub off on his s/o, gradually getting them to have more confidence in their voice, because he thinks it’s perfect!

Todomatsu: Obviously, he wants to listen to their voice forever. And what better way than recording them? He doesn’t show anyone the video, since he wants to keep its perfection and beauty all to himself. He complements them on their angelic voice, asking what other songs they liked to sing.

Imagine Michael and Calum driving somewhere and they turn the radio on and Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey comes on so Michael starts singing it to Cal while looking over at him and Calum’s smile is so big because he loves this song and loves when Michael sings to him. He starts singing Halsey’s part and they start singing the chorus together and it’s just moments like these where they really appreciate each other. After the song is over they’re just driving with huge, fond smiles on their faces, telling the other person how much they love them.

Headcanons for Chuuya comforting his s/o if they aren’t feeling too good about themselves because I’m a mod and I can do whatever I want so take that society

Nakahara Chuuya

  • If his s/o is crying but he can tell they don’t want to be touched or held he’ll give them a blanket and his hat to cover their face if they wanted to, telling them he’ll be right outside the room or somewhere close by if they want to talk or need him for something.
  • He brings them water bottles and makes them something easy to eat so they don’t make themselves sick.
  • If they just wanted to talk or needed to hear someone babble on for a good while, he’ll do just that. Once he runs out of things to say, he’ll hum or sing some favorite songs of theirs.
  • He will list every good thing he’s ever thought about them. How he happens to think they’re the most incredible thing he’s ever laid eyes on, and how much he loves them.
  • If they just wanted to be held for a while he does that too. He brushes through their hair and gets them a washcloth and tissues to wipe their face; this time is all about them and raising their spirits even if just a little.
  • He’ll be silent most of the time to leave them with their own thought unless it seems like he might have to distract them. Then he’ll put on their favorite funny show along with a giant pile of junk food while he plops down next to them on the floor covered in pillows and blankets.

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how do you think swerve would react if his s/o started getting a little famous for singing at his bar so often?

Swerve (Transformers: Mtmte)


That’s HIS sparkmate! Look at them! They’re so talented!

He claps the loudest after every song. He also yells if everything gets super HYPE.

He loves you so much he’s so proud.

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Holly loves watching 80's movies and listening to 80's music with Dan. Mostly because she loves how excited and passionate he gets about them, she finds it adorable. Especially when he starts singing 80's love songs to her

i love this hc so much because,,,, juST YES?? and whenever holly sees anything 80s related she’ll say to dan “this reminded me of u” and they both just laugh, and they like to sing songs together esp. when dan is down AAAA. tysm for these hcs they actually made my night thank u <333

this had been a very long car ride, already, and they werent even half way to their destination yet. dan was grumpy, and holly was just drop-dead tired. 

holly, sitting in the passenger seat of the car, staring with half-closed eyes out her window, had a wonderful idea pop in her head. she took out her phone, connected the aux cord to it, and started to search something on youtube.

“holly, what are you doing,” dan asked, his tone low and sounding a bit exasperated as his gaze was fixed on the road.

“im gonna play some music.”

“no, hol, i dont feel like listening to anything right now, i just wan–”

his sentence was cut off by the gentle rhythm and beat of Africa by Toto. he turned his head a bit and faced holly, who was grinning widely. dan returned the gentle smile, and turned back to the road. this was sure to get him in a good mood.

the song continued to play for a bit, and for some time, holly was worried that her plan wasnt working out. usually by now he wouldve been screaming the lyrics at the top of his lungs. but he still just remained quiet, his only movements being the subtle sways to the beat of the song. then, came the foot tapping. then, the humming. and before long, he was singing it at a low volume. but his voice became louder, livelier, happier. 

at one point, when they came to bumper-to-bumper traffic, dan turned and leaned over very close to holly, with that goofy smile of his that she had come to love. “it’s gonna take a lot, to drag me awayyyy from you!~” he sang in such an angelic voice, staring into her green eyes. holly giggled and playfully shoved him. but he continued to sing, his voice filled with absolute passion and grace, and holly sang along with him. they both swung their arms around and danced in their seats, smiling like idiots in love.


“oh–!! shit,” dan quickly repositioned himself into the drivers seat and drove as the both of them laughed and cackled uncontrollably. they performed duets for dozens of 80s songs throughout the entire ride, and suddenly the ride didnt seem that long and boring anymore.

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Honeymoon scenario for Kida and Shizuo?

Tonight is the night they go far together. Tonight is the start of their life together, forever and after. He knows that it sounds like a fairy tale but that’s always how he pictured his marriage to be. Though there were no singing birds flocking to their outstretched arms, or a giant celebration at the kingdom (in this case, the city) he still felt like it was a dream come true.

And really it was.

Nervous excitement is all he can feel rushing through him despite how tired his body feels. The day had been a long one, full of talking and dancing and singing and cheering, but he still felt alive and awake and ready to keep talking to his wonderful s/o until he fell asleep.

“I love you so much,” Kida muttered against the nape of their neck, pulling them flush against his chest as he hugged them tight. “This is bliss, I can die happy— But no, I wouldn’t want to die right now, not when I know I have the rest of my life with you.”

His s/o scoffed, tilting their head back so that it rested on his shoulder. They stuck their tongue out at him in a teasing way, though there was a red tint to their cheeks. They too couldn’t fall asleep, didn’t want to, because they wanted to prolong what was currently the happiest day of their life. “You’re so cheesy,” they commented as they walked backwards, backwards, backwards, until the back of Kida’s knees bumped against the bedside. They ended up crashing on top of the soft bed of their fancy hotel room, bursting into a fit of giggles as they tried to upright themselves.

“I’m so in love with you,” Kida told them again as he reclined on his side, brushing away a few strands of hair from their face.

They reclined on their side as well, mirroring his actions but instead of brushing his hair away they cupped his cheek in his hand. “I’m so in love with you too,” they whispered, leaning in to press a soft kiss against his lips. The chaste press of lips turned passionate but not heated, nothing but loving and adoration for each other fueling them to express their love through this simple act of physical intimacy.

They pulled back, breathless, with a wide smile on their face. “I love you.”

He used to marvel at the story his parents had told him as a child. HIs father used to say that he loved his mother so much that he’d move mountains for her, that he climbed the tallest building to proclaim to the world that the love of his life was a marvelous being. And, as a child too strong for his age, Shizuo had thought that his strength had probably come from his father but as the years went by, he realized that it was merely an exaggeration.

But that didn’t mean it was a bad exaggeration.

Shizuo knows that his parents have been through many hardships together and when he sees them laughing and teasing each other still, as if their young love never aged with their physical bodies, he can’t help but think that that is exactly the kind of thing that he wants for himself. He wants someone who would stand by him, he wants someone he could stand by, he wants to give up half of his life if they were willing to give up half of theirs. Shizuo wants a love that will last, much like how his parents’ love have lasted all these years.

And, for a while, he didn’t think he’d get that. For the longest time, he thought he’d be alone. For a while, he thought that he’d be fine with that.

But after a while, he met someone. He met someone who loved him, who showed him love, who treasured him despite all his faults. Someone who wasn’t afraid to correct him when he was wrong, someone who sometimes did get scared of him but still persisted in staying at his side.

With someone like that, all Shizuo wanted was to improve himself, to be a better person for the one who was trying so hard just to see him happy.

And, after every little adventure he’s had to go through in Ikebukuro, after the conclusion of his final battle with Izaya Orihara, Shizuo can finally see that he has a life together with someone.

He… Has never been so in love. It’s overwhelming. He’s not surprised that he cried at the wedding, he’s not surprised that he couldn’t stop crying as they had their reception. He just never expected to attain this kind of happiness at such a young age, and after years of thinking he was unlovable someone proved to him that he was of worth, that he was so much more than just his strength and anger.

“Are you done crying now, you big baby?” his s/o teased, wiping away the residual tears that stained his cheeks. There was nothing but fondness in their eyes, and a caring gentleness in their touch. This big, strong man who was fear by so many was reduced to tears just because of their exchanged vows at the altar. How could they not love someone who was so brutally honest, how could they not fall in love with someone who was trying so hard even when the world was against him? How could they not fall in love with someone who was so deeply in love with them as well?

“Sorry,” Shizuo laughed, his nose red and his eyes puffy. “I just— I can’t believe this is real.”

“It’s real,” they reassured as they pressed a kiss to the tip of his nose. “And it’ll continue to be real, forever and ever.”

“Forever and ever,” Shizuo echoed with a laugh, a smile etched on his face.

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Mmmmm yes love angst. How about the boys reacting walking in on their s/o crying their eyes out???

I couldn’t see this as angst tbh so I made it fluffy!

Osomatsu: He immediately runs to their side, rubbing up and down their back soothingly. He doesn’t try to make them talk about what’s wrong if they don’t want to, knowing the best thing to do right now is comfort. He cradled them in his arms, singing a sweet lullaby.

Karamatsu: This guy cares so much, he wants to know right away what’s troubling his dear angel so he can put a stop to it. He bombards them with questions about why they’re crying, quickly serenading them with a rehearsed song to soothe them.

Choromatsu: He’s not too good at comforting, but you’d better believe he’s gonna try his very best. He’ll immediately be worried, holding their hand and rubbing over their knuckles absentmindedly. He reassures them that no matter what, he’s there for them and is gonna help them get through this.

Ichimatsu: Oddly enough, he’s the best person to go to when sad. Most likely because he’s been in the same place lots of times, he knows how to talk to them. Ichi will cuddle them close, hoping his presence and the knowledge he was there would serve to reassure them.

Jyushimatsu: He panics slightly, not wanting his lover to ever be sad or upset! He rushes to them, saying every joke he knows— from knock knock jokes to puns to riddles. He will do funny tricks for them, telling them everything will be okay, peppering kisses all over their face.

Todomatsu: Totty will flood them with complements and affirmations, petting and running his hands through their hair slowly. He will be whatever they need to smile again, because he thinks their smile is absolutely stunning.

10 Things I Love (in no particular order)

 1.) Ruki’s beauty, lyrics, music, voice, and passion for what he does.

2.) My friends. New and old and close and far and ex, I really do love you all.

3.) The harem. It’s connected me to so many amazing people.

4.) @to-dazzling-d-a-r-k-ness because they’re strong, brave, and too cool for me.

5.) Earl Grey Tea.

6.) Music.

7.) Fanfiction.

8.) My family. I have so much to thank them for and I don’t know how to do it, but I love them. I’m so lucky to have the family I do.

9.) Singing. I may not be the best, but I try and it’s given me the best times of my life.

10.) Mint Chocolate Oreo’s. I don’t care that they’re processed diabetes, they’re delicious.

@beautifulderangement, @xmvrksthespot, @diegusta, @exotictaomi, @jrockmama, and @dontbecheese-beapotato - I love you all and I owe you guys so much for talking me through tears of fear, and all the joy and laughter you’ve given me. So you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but I wanted to call out my harem lovers and advisors because I love your faces.

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Headcanon - Suzy & Arin ask Dan to sing to them, when they're sad or sleepy. He sings sweet stuff for them, then tries to pretend that he's annoyed by it, but secretly he loves to do it. When they're falling asleep, sometimes he sings stuff like Green Sleeves.

i really like this. 

like even after a long day in the studio and being tired himself, Dan will still sing for them, and he can see how much they like it and it makes him happy to be able to do something like this for them.  the three of them will just be cuddled up with Dan in the middle and oh gosh this is too cute

thank you anon

Happy Boueibu day!! :D

THIS EPISODE WAS SO GOOD! I really like how they switched things up this episode! LIKE THE ENDING OMG WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT! I also loved how we got to see so much more out of the charcters like how En likes singing or how Io can build igloos!! :D I also loved seeing Ryuu and En being friends!! It was really refreshing and I can’t wait for next week!! 


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Now is a time when I show y’all my other faves, children. On my homescreen is my number one of all number ones GD (guy in the red) Yesterday was his birthday so he is king of that screen for who knows how long. He really is special to me since BIGBANG was my first ever kpop group and I practically grew up listening to them. They accompanied me through the brightest and darkest times of my life so I really love them so so much. Today is their 10th anniversary too! #vipuntilwhenever

For those of you who don’t know who that is (guy in the blue) he is Yuta from NCT 127. My half love Nakamoto-san. I mean, he’s great in his own way: perfect face, killer singing voice #letyutasingmore, the healing smile… but he’s never going to surpass Taeyong as my number one in NCT 

(you:“If he’s not even your bias then why is he your lockscreen?” me: *sweats nervously* a half love is still a love i love him ok that’s why he’s my lockscreen nobody touch me bye)

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Can you imagine if One Ok Rock had done m&g/acoustic hangout type things at slfl? But I guess they couldn't because it would expose exactly how bad rena's vocals really are. I mean, I dare you to watch this fancam clip (meaning no post-production editing like in concert dvds) of Taka singing to only an acoustic guitar and tell me that he and rena aren't thousands of miles apart in vocal ability: youtube[.]com/watch?v=yydsAruoBNM

stop you’re gonna make me cry i love taka so much he’s a literal angel

rena can’t even pretend to be on taka’s level tbh. if oor did nothing but acoustic shows in the middle of nowhere i’d still show up i love them so much.

hey violet had to have theirs fully planned out and then they still cancelled at the last minute because it was too hot to sing but not too hot to ride on a scooter all day.

I’m actually crying rn because of how much One Direction has changed my life. They were there when no one else was. I know that they’ll probably never know who I am but they still mean everything to me. They aren’t just some boyband they are who I’ve grown up with, who I’ve relied on. They are family, they are home. They arent just some group who sings, they’re personalities are the best. They’ve made me cry and laugh and I love them so much. I know that they’ve made a promise to come back and so I’m not worried. I don’t know where I would be without the boys. And even though Zayn isn’t with the boys anymore it doesn’t mean that we don’t care. I would be ecstatic if he came back but what I want more is for his smile to come back. I wish they knew exactly how much they have changed our lives. -Bri

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birds birds BIR DS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those adorable spooky dinosaurs

Look at this dinosaur he is adorable but also can kick ass im so proud of him

AND Those good ol’ budgies,lovebirds,penguins,cockatiels,toucans,kiwis,pigeons,robins,and many many more………


and fat,,,puffy birds… faves….

THE WAY BIRDS SING……..the sound of an angel…….



I just want to say thank you so much, not only to God but to Jesus for creating the most beautiful,smart,adorable,cute,purest animals to exists ever

Thank you for reading bless you with birds and have a good day anon