and how much he loves singing with them



RUBY IS BLIND. Steven scared her when he first speaks to her in the cell- she visibly jumps and looks around. When they are running through the halls, Steven tries to talk to her and she yells “Shh!! I cant see!!” because she wasn’t able to hear Sapphire’s singing!




you know that moment in the show when 5sos play jet black heart and michael is alone at the start and he’s under that blue spotlight and he makes the crowd sing the oooooohs, and then it’s quiet for a second and then the entire crowd just screams for a solid minute and michael’s standing up there smiling and trying to calm them down so he can sing but they keep screaming cos that’s the only way they can express just how much they love him so he’s just smiling so. wide…. .. that’s the shit i live for

things i notice abt the stans

shownu: super sweet but also super thirsty, very loyal stans who write adorable loving tags but can also gratuitously use the word “d*ddy”, generally stay out of fandom Discourse bc they jus wanna enjoy themselves, quite popular

wonho: perpetually suffering over something (usually wonho), protective, will write long metas about how monsta x deserves better, stubborn stans ready to fight, often thirst-entered the fandom initially but now rly in love and dying, content creators, enjoy memes, never shut up ever

minhyuk: funny + quite emotional, jus want to see his forehead n hear him sing more, always say stuff like “he’s so nasty” but secretly everything he does makes them stan harder, that one person on ur dash who reblogs 283947823498 previews, write interesting tags

kihyun: gif everything, appear kinda tough but suddenly super super soft when he smiles, probably tag him as “loml”, they connect to him on a spiritual level but r often unable to articulate how much they love him/how much he means to them, analytical, have a lot of friends on tumblr

hyungwon: stressed 24/7, tired of monsta x not getting the recognition they deserve, funny + chill stans except when someone talks shit abt hyungwon (then they will destroy u), have watched [몬채널][C] Choreography 79579243875 times and will never stop talking abt it

jooheon: soft, full of love and unconditional support, rarely swerve and if they do they feel guilty for it, the idea of jooheon dieting makes them want to cry, sweet but will pick up a knife for him, lowkey aesthetic bloggers, nice blog layouts

i.m: often quiet + shy stans who stay in their lane, even tho they love their talented adorable son they reblog every1 else as well, secretly think he’s the best at aegyo, literally breathe for mx friendship, warm people, heart very full/bursting with love

nothing makes me happier than imagining the marauders listening to modern pop music

all four of them singing into imaginary microphones, dancing to super bass

all four of them doing the single ladies dance

all of them singing bang bang every chance they could get

james bursting out singing chandelier, swinging from one in the castle

sirius chanting shake it off after a particularly tricky exam

peter singing what makes you beautiful to a student who went through a rough break up

remus jamming to fergalicious in the dormitory, thinking he’s alone, but the other three slam the door down and join in 


Kihyun singing “Amen” to Wonho while holding his hands :’)

john and sherlock dancing to can’t help falling in love……on their wedding night………..everybody watching…john quietly humming along in sherlock’s ear……… sherlock crying when john sings “so darling take my hand, take my whole life too, cause I can’t help falling in love with you”…….. sobbing into the shoulder of john’s shirt because he can’t believe how lucky he is……… john trying hard not to cry also………………. doing it anyway….laughing through his tears and and calling them soppy sods……….. saying they love each other so much……………….sherlock when they are older and retired picking up his violin and playing it……………… john getting up to stand behind sherlock with his hands around his waist while he plays and presses kisses to his back…………………………………….. i am crying

EXO React when Luhan,Kris and Tao come to stage and all  start singing

We normally don’t do reactions that imply that the guys are gone but I thought this would actually be cute and emotive. I love them all so much!
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*Is so excited and screams as if he was meeting his hero* “Wooohoo!! They are here! They are here!”


*Remembers how fun it was and misses being on stage with them*


“Is that… they.. come let’s go! Let’s do it like in the old times!”


*Runs around the stage enjoying this precious moment* 


“And here we are the whole gang again…!!” *Feels like in a dream*


*Probably the only few seconds we are going to see Xiu cry..*


*Gives his all to give the best performance ever* “Promiseeee~”


*Can’t stop staring at the crowd* “Our EXO-Ls… they are still here for us..”


*Films everything to remember that special day* “And here we are… the twelve again! Together..”


*Can’t express how happy he is xD*


*Breaks in the middle of promise* “I missed you all so much..”


*Runs to hug his lost babies* “My Kris… my Kris.. I missed you… We are finally together again…”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

dating Jeonghan would include:
  • hair ties conveniently placed in various places around the apartment
  • matching pjs
  • him bringing back gifts for you every time he travels somewhere new
  • back rubs
  • packing him extra fruits and energy drinks because he gets tired the easiest 
  • showering together 
  • singing in the shower together 
  • making out in the shower 
  • deep conditioning his hair every week to make sure it stays in prime condition 
  • karaoke date nights 
  • “show me how much you love me”
  • forehead kisses 
  • walking into your apartment after work to see seungcheol there 
  • making dinner for three because jeonghan wants seungcheol to try your new dish 
  • laying on his chest while he sings you to sleep 
  • “don’t leave me” 
  • “I won’t, I promise” 
  • taking care of him when he’s sick 
  • trying not to laugh out loud when you remember something funny he said the night earlier because you’re in public 
  • the rest of the members jokingly calling you “omma” because you’re so motherly towards them 
  • trying to attend as many events seventeen has to show your support for him 
  • “I can’t believe you actually came tonight!” 
  • “this means so much to me jagi, thank you” 

Just a gentle reminder that while Killian Jones may be mad at Emma for keeping that secret from him… HE STILL STAYS. He. Does. Not. Abandon. Her. AKA true love meaning you can love someone completely and be madder than a rabid raccoon at them but still support them and want to work through things and be afraid for them and did I mention how much you love them?? My heart sings.

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I honestly love the way Jin never hesitates to go with what his fans ask. If they ask for aegyo, singing, derp faces or cringy stuff, he doesn’t even think about it. It’s not like I want him to always do what the fans want, but I think it shows how much he appreciates the chance of being in a group. He always thanks the fans first, and his bond with them is incredibly sweet and respectful. He is definitely one of them most humble idols I’ve seen.

I have a sudden and mighty need for a Scorpius Malfoy who’s just utterly devoted to Lady Gaga and Al having to deal with him on the way home from a concert because he just will not stop sobbing and choking out something about how much he loves her.

Bonus points for Draco and Lucius having to deal with Gaga blaring from Scorpius’ room and hating it. Narcissa knows every word and will sing them to herself around the house, prompting her husband and son into a complete breakdown…

so michael would be the type of boyfriend to:

  • make you dye his hair
  • beg you to dye your hair the same color as his so you two can match
  • teach you how to play his favorite video game
  • pout when you beat him at fifa
  • touch your boobs 24/7
  • huskily whisper in your ear “you’re mine and don’t you ever forget that” when a guy is flirting with you
  • play with your hair while you’re watching a movie
  • call you kitten during sex
  • let you wear his sweaters when you’re cold
  • have sex with you anytime and anywhere
  • constantly hug you 
  • sing you to sleep
  • tell you how much he loves you all the time
  • crack lame ass jokes as an attempt to make you laugh when you’re sad
  • take you to a concert as your first date

(remember to request ones for the other boys if you want them!!)

from what im seeing of the preview for the christmas special so far, marinette and chloe’s english voices havent actually been as bad at singing as i expected (i actually like them no matter how much i dislike the english dub) but adrien,

i am concerned…. will he sing ok too…. we all remember princess fragrance….

list of things i love about louis:

  • his smile
  • the crinkles by his eyes when he smiles real big
  • how he’s soft and sharp at the same time
  • how he’s talented but humble about it
  • how he always gives but never expects anything in return
  • his kindness; the fact that making people happy makes him happy
  • how he loves his fans just as much as they love him
  • his cuteness
  • how loyal he is to the people he cares about
  • how supportive he is of others, helping them achieve their dreams
  • his protectiveness
  • his gentle nature
  • his fierceness
  • his determination, never giving up no matter what
  • how he never loses sight of himself
  • his pride about who he is
  • how he acts big and tough but he gets scared by moths
  • his wit and ability to make everyone around him smile
  • the way he tells jokes at the perfect moments
  • his sarcasm
  • how he’s a little shit, but in a well-intentioned way
  • his singing voice
  • his regular voice and how raspy yet sweet it is
  • how tanned and golden he gets
  • his eyes that are so blue they put the ocean to shame
  • his tiny, boopable nose
  • his cheekbones
  • his facial structure in general
  • his fluffy hair
  • his curves
  • his butt (goes hand in hand with his curves)
  • how small he is
  • and so much more
How EXO Would Make Your Heart Flutter

Honestly, I have no friggin’ clue what I was doing with this one. It’s just a mess of the cheesiest shit you can possibly imagine and it’s terrible and horrible, but I hope you at least find some amusement in it. xD Sorry, no GIFs for this one, since this isn’t really a “reaction.” It just seems to work out so much better without them. ^-^”

Baekhyun: I can see Baek as the type to find the gushiest love song that he knows, just so he could sing it to you. He’d set you gently atop his lap, pulling your back against his chest and resting his chin on your shoulder. He’d be sure to lace your fingers together as he sang quietly into your ear with his soft, angelic voice, his feelings made evident with every note.

Chanyeol: would likely nonchalantly throw compliments your way all the time and it’d probably get to the point where they’d just roll off your back, as if they were regular bits of conversation. But every once in a while, he’d get uncharacteristically serious, cupping your face in his large hands and gazing into your eyes, while his thumbs rubbed gentle circles on your cheeks. “This happy virus has got to get his energy from somewhere, y'know. You’re the biggest source of all my happiness, Jagi-ya.”

Chen: Chen’s chance to shine would likely come about after he’d tease you to the point of you snapping angrily at him. You’d have probably already been in a bad mood, and he’d throw a retort your way for literally everything you said, which would just make you break. You’d snap at him and he’d simply stare at you, wide-eyed, for a moment before his arms would shoot out and envelope you in his warm embrace before you’d have a chance to react. “C'mon, Y/N, you should know not to take that stuff seriously. You know that you’re the best thing in my life, right?”

D.O: is the type the be embarrassed whenever he tries to describe how he’s feeling. So, he’d likely take hold of your hands, entwining his fingers with your own and distracting his mind from everything but the way your soft hands felt in his. “Why am I so comfortable around you? It feels like, for once, I don’t have to worry about just being myself.”

Kai: would want to show you how much he cares for you just as much as he’d want to tell you. You’d both just be cuddling at home on a relaxed night when he’d suddenly start kissing random places on your body, mumbling against your skin and telling you all the glorious things about each specific part. “These hands always feel so good held inside my own. These hips can be so alluring, even when you’re not trying for it. And these lips are so soft and inviting, they make me look forward to every single kiss.”

Kris: Kris’ true feelings would always come out whenever he was sick and/or injured. You’d be taking care of him, ensuring he would get better as soon as possible and he’d just appreciate it so much. “You’re my own guardian angel, Y/N. I’m always going to be glad to have you watching over me.”

Lay:would honestly take every possible chance he had to show you how much he appreciates you. Every night before you fell asleep, he’d be sure to hold you close to him, allowing your head to rest gently on his chest so you could hear the steady rhythm of his beating heart. “There were honestly a lot of times before I met you that I felt really alone. But now I know, with you in my life, I don’t have a single reason to be lonely, ‘cause I know you’re always there for me, just like I am for you.”

Luhan: I feel like Luhan isn’t the type to outright spill his feelings. Especially if it’s super early in the relationship. He’d probably fall asleep during a movie with you and you’d overhear him saying a bunch of sweet things about you in his sleep, that he’d likely forget about once awake, but wouldn’t deny it if you asked him about it.

Sehun: would be way too embarrassed and shy to say such sweet things to your face, so he’d likely wait until one morning when he had woken up before you. He’d rub the sleep from his eyes before taking in your sleeping form, your peaceful face bringing a smile to his own. He’d bring his hand towards you and, with ghost-like touches, would carefully tuck the stray strands of hair behind your ears so he could have a clearer look at you. “I’ll never understand how the hell I got lucky enough to have you in my life, Y/N.”

Suho: Although I hate the image that a lot of people go for of Suho solving everything with money, I honestly think that he’d spoil his girlfriend to no end. Not just with money and materialistic stuff, but with his love and attention. “I hope you’re ready to be spoiled rotten, Y/N. You’ve already got my entire heart, but if you ever want anything more, you just have to say the word.”

Tao: would probably be a little cheese ball every chance that he got. He’d be all about making sure that you knew how much you meant to him, but he’d often be so hilariously cheesy about it, it’d be hard to take him one hundred percent seriously. “I’m gonna treat you like my very own princess, baby, 'cause you’re the ruler of my heart.”

Xiumin: isn’t the type to casually throw around his “I love you’s,” so you’d likely have been dating for quite a while before the chance to bring out his cheesiness came about. He’d just be sitting back, quietly listening to you rant about one thing or another and getting lost in each one of your facial expressions. You’d give him a confused look since he seemed to have been spacing out, and he’d surprise you with those three, lovely words as response, but he’d feel like he had to repeat them because they felt so weird on his tongue. “I love you. Ah, really, I do. You know that, right? That I love you.”


I’m sorry there are a couple of shorter ones. They fell near the end and I was just seriously running out of inspiration. ^-^”

Sometimes I imagine Dan and Phil sharing a bath together, scented candles and muse playing in the background. Dan resting against Phil, Phil with his arms around Dan, and then all of a sudden Phil bursts into song and starts waving his arms around making Dan jump. He sits bolt upright in shock and Phil just looks at his with a confused look on his face as Dan tells him he frightened the life out of him. Phil bursts into giggles and Dan just looks at him shaking his head and tells him how much he loves him, even if he is a giant nerd, and then the pair of them start singing until the water goes cold.

160507 epilogue concert

hoseok said he definitely won’t cry this time but fans say that he had tears in his eyes
hoseok: no matter how bleak the future may seem, you guys are always shining. thank you for being part of our lives


taehyung said he’ll continue to love armys in the future so we should all love the 7 of them too~
fans said taehyung’s eyes were shining alot… (…….tears)
taehyung said the received much love but sometimes, he still feels insecure and apologetic to us


yoongi: during rehearsals, there were many songs that made us on the verge of tears while singing but with all the emotions pent up, it’s not easy to cry either… i kept thinking about what will we be if it’s not for you guys and i’m slowly becominggreedy as well. i hope we can all share our happy times with you. until the day we die, let’s walk on together. i love you.

cr: jeongmilk