and how much he didnt change at all

I’ve known Monsta X since debut, & from watching their survival show No Mercy, I was OK with all the members that made it except Wonho. Why? Well, my first impression of him was that solo performance he did while showing his abs. It annoyed that he showing abs in a show picking people based on talent so much to the point of me hating him & wishing he didnt make it in. I liked all the members except him for I thought of him as useless w/o abs. However, after 1 and half year of hatred, my view on him changed completely. I fell in love with his voice w/o knowing it was his, and his amazingly sweet personality. He is now my favorite member, and Idk how I could be soooo wrong about someone so talented and sweet. I’m really sorry Wonho.

  • me: I'm fine
  • me on the inside: how did absolutely no one but Jazz find out that Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom. It's not like his voice and face changed all that much. Just his hair color and eyes. Every time a ghost appeared Danny Fenton disappeared and Danny Phantom comes to save the day. Danny Fenton Danny Phantom. How did no one catch onto that. 90% of the time when he hid to change into his ghost form he ruined it by yelling "Going ghost" what ghost needs to yell that he is going ghost. None. How did no one else hear Danny just yelling the fact that he is going to turn into a ghost. Danny FENTON Danny PHANTOM. He didnT REALLY come up with a different name. His eye color would chANGE when he got mad. His parents are world known ghost hunters but never noticed their child turn into a ghoST. Don't they have video footage in that fucking lair. Someone had to of noticed not everyone in that fucking town is that dumb.
Headcanon of RFA members playing their own game


-Would aim for Zen’s route firstbecause he is gay

-“Why isnt Elizabeth 3rd an option”

-Chooses the option ‘I thought this app was for chatting w/ pretty boys’

-Straight row of emails that was answered all correctly (especially cats but not longcat because Elizabeth 3rd is #1 duh)

-Curious of how Jaehee changed so much with just the ‘help’ of MC in her route (will consider playing it)


-CHOOSES HIMSELF because he’s perfect

-Got the bad end right off the bat during the prologue because its too suspicious

-Admire his own selfies during his own route (LOL)

-Got another bad ending in deep route because he cant help but kept flirting with himself

-Will play Jaehee’s route since he kinda regretted that he didnt realise the stress she has from working under Jumin (he did not know her that well in the first place)

-Answers one of the emails ‘Only Zen can do that’ and ending up failing to invite the guest

-Wanting to get along with Jumin and therefore secretly playing his route


-Tries to avoid the game because it reminded him of how he misses Rika so much

-Eventually gave in because he saw others are playing it too

-Will play all the routes apart from himself because he felt ashamed that he kept comparing Rika to the MC for several days and curious of what the other members are 'hiding’

-Successfully invited several guests to get the good end but he knows that he’s not as good as Rika

-Felt really embarassed to find out that he actually called the MC when he’s drunk while hanging out with Zen


-Obviously aiming for Zen too (she’s his fan duh)

-Acts like an adorable fangirl when she actually get to 'cross the line’ in his route and will immediately take his calls

-Will pay for hourglasses just to recover all the missed chats that includes Zen

-Felt betrayed when she has to play the other routes in order to know the secrets since she really enjoys his route

-80 to 90% accuracy of successfully inviting the guests with her skills

-Played the bad ends in Zen’s route because she didnt want to move on YET. Immediately regrets her choices.

-Genuinely surprised when she played Jumin’s route because she rarely knows about him apart from work


-Knows almost all the answers in order to get the route or the ending he wanted in his first try

-100% inviting all the guests because he hacked (lol)

-Not really attracted to a certain route but appreciates the unique plot behind each character (including his)

-“Why would the fandom like me so much when i first pushed back the MC so hard and even hurt her feelings lolololol”

-Laughs at all the jokes that was input in the game

-Felt heartbroken when he plays the bad endings in his route

-He knows about the reset theory

-Created the meme of 'does jumin han is gay’ when he first played Zen’s route

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i didnt think tae was weird at all until i noticed your anons, do you think he has changed?

yeah, i really do. i think he’s changed quite a bit in the last year and some. it’s gotten to the point where i have to wonder how people don’t notice it. especially when he’s in a group/with the other members. he really has withdrawn/receded and mellowed recently.

taehyung really truly seems like he has a bit of his guard up recently, more than usual. he’s always had barriers here and there, even when he was more wild and goofy when he was a teenager. but now, it’s gotten a bit more clear that he’s matured at the very least.


Shinya cares so much about Guren. You can literally see how much he didnt want to leave Guren.

And then he didn’t even care and went back to rescue him.

Possibly knowing they didn’t have a chance

He gets all mad after finding out the betrayal, but he changes his mood worrying abour Guren being possessed

He even got scared that Guren wouldn’t remember him


Like this really suck
Im not too sure how im feeling anymore about this. Im not angry
Im just sad. Im sad that he didnt choose me. Im sad that he put me through the hurt of hoping for us. Im sad that he has changed so much from the kind love that i knew. Im so sad that he chooses to see everything i ever did wrong when i can only see his good.
It fucking sucks.
I would of lived if he never came back but he had to kill me one more damn time just to be sure all of my pieces were too broken to be fixed by anyone but him
I think he knows that. I think he know how horrible this is.
Iv never screamed at him before. I told him to never fucking come back and i made him leave me again.
He is he one with the fault and i hope to god he fuxking knows it and i hope it eats him alive like acid.
Hes disappeared from my life but these fucking nightmares keep me from staying in my house. Im no longe safe from my own damn self all because some fucking pastors son decided to make me a pawn in his life like i have nothing else.
This fucking sucks
I dont want to do this.
I fucking suck

I headcanon you can see the scars of the AI in each agent/person’s mindworld.

There are sections in York’s mindworld that are now just too orderly. Off from the rest, and streamlined and straight angles where his mind is usually rounded. Its not less of a cutting edge, the circles. They just flow differently, and melt suddenly into flatter lines. It’s everywhere, and flows naturally even with opposing colors and style.

With South, Delta keeps to one corner. He barely leaves a mark.

You almost cant tell where Gamma’s left his mark on Wyoming. Its something thats JUST off. Good at blending in. But Reggie cant tell just how much he’s been changed by it either, even if he is fully aware it’s there.

Omega leaves big sloppy swathes in Doc’s head. He just never gave a fuck and wanted control. It’s a testament to how determined he is to keep that down that he didnt have issues with it sooner. Florida’s looked much the same by the end.

In all honesty, it got to the point with North and Theta where North could’ve been hollowed out if the AI had wanted it. He left traces everywhere, with permission. And he trusted North knew what he was doing. It was a shame that he spread so deep that when he was pulled by the Meta, the last thing South heard was him screaming. Like when you pull a plant out of a pot its gotten to roots into too deeply, and it ends up shattering on replanting.

Carolina and Wash are both different kinds of messes. Wash looks likes someone hafhazardly shoved things in, not caring what broke or shattered under the weight. Carolina has jagged bursts of things that are different, often clashing as if Eta and Iota were playing a game of Splatoon up in there.

Maine is left hollow after Sigma burns him out. There’s nothing left. there’s just the Meta now.

If you didnt know already, i love jun so much and I’m so so so so incredibly proud of him and how far hes come. He had to learn and entirely new language and he knew it so well he was able to help minghao who wasnt as fluent, and now he is. He’s so talented and beautiful and I still dont understand how this literal angel is so unappreciated. He’s so smart and funny and kind he puts all of the other members before himself. He makes sure others are comfortable before himself - he tries and cooks when he can and he actively supports all of the other members in whatever they do (although ever member does this too). Hes learning to rap which is actually fairly difficult and even though he seems so greasy hes really sweet and wonderful pls stan wen junhui