and how lucky they were to have him there

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19+21 from the "things you.." prompt list!! also i love you and your blog so much, shawn is so so so lucky to have u!


So i combined 21 with 16 because they ended up workin kinda the same so here is 



“Pleeeeeaaassseeeee, just tell me where we’re going?” You ask Shawn, holding his arm that is extended with his hand resting on your thigh and leaning your head on his shoulder. You even try batting your eyelashes and giving him the puppy dog eyes that usually win him over every time, but he is still keeping quiet. You can see the slight smirk start forming on his face, but it quickly goes away when he remembers that he can’t let the secret slip.

For your two-year anniversary, Shawn decided that he was going to take you on a secret trip, but it had to be a surprise. For weeks you have been trying to squeeze it out of him, but he would never budge, so now you’re playing every card you have to try and get him to spill. It’s not that you don’t like surprises, you just find great pleasure in weaseling them out of him.

“Fine, then no more kisses from me!” You exclaim in a huff, leaning back into your seat with your arms crossed over your chest and your eyes forward on the road.

“What? Babe, that’s not fair!” He yells at you, flashing you a hurt look. You and Shawn have this tradition that you have to give him a kiss at every red light you come to, no matter what the circumstances, whether you are in the middle of a fight or there are people in the car with you. You absolutely adore this special tradition that the two of you have, so he knows you’re desperate to get him to crack.

“You heard me! No tips, no lips!” You argue with a smug look on your face. You see that you’re rolling up on a red light, and you think he’s bound to cave now.

“Fine, deal,” He starts, and you gasp with joy thinking that you’ve won. “We’re going to the top of the world.”

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Aaron Tveit - I’m Pregnant

You and Aaron have been together for about six years now and you’ve been married for four of them. You’ve always wanted a family together and now, it’s finally happening. You’re pregnant and you’re terrified, but you have Aaron there and you not ask for a better man to be your husband and the father of your child. Aaron is such a fantastic father and you thank your lucky stars that you have him.

Aaron x Fem!Reader

Requested by Anon

Using the prompt: 21) “I’m pregnant.” (from my Prompt List)

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Vigilante AU

Based on an idea I got from jumping on board this post thread

  • This is post-reveal, aged up. The kids are about 19 or 20 for the main part (18-19 when the initial incident happens)
  • Chat Noir fucked up under akuma affluence and killed someone with Cataclysm—which could not be reversed due to sheer destructive power that caused it, the same way Cataclysm can never destroy a Lucky Charm. He was blamed for the death.
  • Akumas have stopped coming, Hawkmoth is waiting to see how this plays out. It works to his advantage because people wonder if he’s trying to protect Chat Noir. Maybe he was in cahoots with him? Maybe they both were?
  • Police tried to arrest him, the government tried to demand he surrender himself, etc. He’s clearly an adult now so they’re planning on treating him like any other adult suspected of a crime. Chat considers doing it to appease people, Ladybug says hell no. Publicly. In no uncertain terms.
  • And by ‘no uncertain terms’ I mean she either said something along the lines of “if you want him you’ll have to come through me” and “kiss my polka-dotted ass” or he actually ended up in police custody and she forcibly freed him before they could remove his ring.
  • Ba da bing, ba da boom: suddenly Paris’s beloved heroes are on the wrong side of the law.

  • Fast forward a year or so. Hawkmoth is still an asshole so akumas are still happening. LB and Chat are still fighting them because what else can they do? Letting the akumas rampage would solve nothing.
  • Adrien and Marinette have revealed their identities. Adrien moved out and has his own apartment. They both attend university. Marinette alternates between spending nights with her parents and Adrien.
  • They are dating, duh
  • None of their family members or Alya and Nino have any idea they’re Ladybug and Chat Noir.
  • Things are pretty much like they were before except now they have to dodge police and citizen’s arrest while trying to fight akumas and “patrols” were less about fun and more about sneaking around and searching for crime and dodging ‘traps’ set for them.
  • Nothing like a game of cat and mouse with two heroes and police helicopters.
  • Most of the major landmarks, including all of their most notable haunts, are now monitored for them. The Eiffel Tower is almost entirely off-limits to them since it’s a difficult location to get to and from without traveling on the ground.
  • There are no more public celebrations and events about them, though thanks to locals protesting, the statue of them in the park was left alone. But tourists still do come to the city hoping the glimpse them.
  • The mayor offers like once a month to pardon Ladybug and go easy on Chat Noir if they turn themselves in.
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir embrace the vigilante title by going after normal crime as well as akumas and performing rescues. Paris is actually pretty safe now. Backstreet muggers beware. But apart from that they try to behave and remind everyone they’re really only trying to protect the city.
  • There’s probably an incident like in Spiderman where they have to go rescue people, police try to arrest them, but let them go when it becomes clear their job isn’t done yet.
  • About half of the population don’t really care that they’re vigilantes. Neither does half the police force but they gotta do their jobs. Kinda like the Batman and Gotham PD relationship.  
  • But a lot of people still see them as a problem, think they’re secretly in cahoots with Hawkmoth, etc.
  • Some people see Chat Noir as the source of the issue and blame him for “dragging Ladybug down with him”
  • Chloe and Alya are still mega fans of Ladybug. The Ladyblog isn’t quite what it used to be and Alya has to deal with frequent comments about running a blog dedicated to vigilantes


  • Chat Noir’s suit is pretty much the same except for his bell and tail. The bell is gone entirely; he can’t have something that makes noise like that when he has to be able to sneak around silently. After a few incidents where people tried catch him by the tail, the belt now has small spikes on it instead of holes. He doesn’t use it as a weapon, merely as a deterrent. (Ladybug’s suit is impenetrable and she can still seize him by the tail if necessary)
  • Ladybug’s bright red suit was spotted too easily (pun 100% intended) so she and Tikki had to come up with something different. Her suit is mostly black now with maybe some red spots or accents. She wears a braid instead of pigtails and the ribbon(s) are woven in with the braid.
  • I am open to ideas if someone wants to draw them

Fu and Other Wielders

  • Though Fu did approve of their decision to preserve Chat Noir over their hero status. They’re not meant to be textbook super heroes, they’re meant to fight evil and, in this case, free a kwami and Miraculous from evil. And if they have to act against the law to succeed then so be it. Wouldn’t be the first time it’d happened.
  • Fu has been hesitant to hand out other Miraculouses. If he chooses any other Miraculous hosts to help them, then he is either going to force someone into a vigilante role or, worse, the person might end up at odds with Ladybug and Chat Noir, or at the very least forced to appear to be in order to keep public favor.
  • He has discussed this with Marinette and Adrien.
  • Chloe does not become the Bee in this—Adrien and Marinette are aware of her opinions of the vigilante situation and neither of them trusts her to not stab them in the back.
  • Possibility of Fox Alya (though she’s not called Volpina because that word is Italian). Probably Renarde or something, unless that word has another meaning I don’t know about like ‘chatte’.

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lukas didn’t sleep at all when they were at gabe and helen’s otherwise philip would have heard him snoring then 

so i’m thinking that after staring at that watch for a while he probably spent the rest of the night looking at philip sleeping, marveling at the fact that this amazing boy cares so deeply for him and how lucky he is that philip moved to town

Reasons to read Captive Prince it has quotes like

  • What’s a death but easy, quick. It’s supposed to haunt you forever that the one time he beat you was the one time that mattered.
  • I don’t share your craven habit of hitting only those who cannot hit back, and take no pleasure in hurting those weaker than myself.
  • Like a man who enjoys owning an animal who will rake others with its claws but eat peacefully from his own hand, he was giving his pet a great deal of license.
  • A golden prince was easy to love if you did not have to watch him picking wings off flies.

It also has quotes like

  • You hit like a milk-fed catamite.
  • How lucky I am to have servants to point out my shortcomings.
  • “Is there anyone at this court who isn’t my enemy?’
    ‘Not if I can help it,’ Laurent said.
  • Laurent could inspire homicidal tendencies simply by breathing.
  • Nephew. you were not invited to these discussions.’
    ‘And yet, here I am. It’s very irritating, isn’t it?’
  • Damen had never before seen half a dozen soldiers reduced to compliant housekeeping by the sheer force of one man’s personal arrogance.
  • Yesterday I brutalised him. Today I am swooning into his arms. I would prefer the charges against me to be consistent. Pick one. 
  • Yes, apparently I have fucked my enemy, conspired against my future interests, and colluded in my own murder. I can’t wait to see what feats I will perform next.


  • He pulls out his hearing aids when he’s working to avoid auditory distractions. Lance learned that pretty quick when they were in the Garrison, and sits where Hunk can see him to better be able to tell him when someone needs him.
  • Pidge was the first to suggest that she and Lance learn sign. Hunk cried when he found out.
  • Hunk was really lucky when they found Blue. He’d had a feeling and shoved a new package of batteries in his back pocket before they left, so he has a couple months of life for hearing aids. He’s terrified of the day they run out.
  • He literally talks with his hands- signs along with his words constantly. He got made fun of by some of the other cadets, so now he tries to keep something in his hands to stop signing when he doesn’t need to. 
    • Lance found out a few weeks later. He tried to fight them, but Hunk ended up patching him up and crying.
  • Sign language depends a lot on body language to express “tone of voice”, so Hunk is very, very expressive. Thankfully, so is Lance. Pidge learned she had to be the same pretty quickly, because tone still goes over Hunk’s head sometimes.
  • Keith, Shiro, and the Alteans don’t know Hunk is HOH until a drill- those alarms are loud enough he gets a faint, watery sound- caught him while he was working. Lance and Pidge started signing Shiro’s pep talk to him, and when Shiro trailed off and asked what they were doing, they realized we never told them Hunk is deaf.
    • Shiro immediately demands to be taught sign language. He needs to be able to communicate with his son teammate.
  • Turns out, having a language that comms won’t translate is tactically useful.
    • Less useful in their Lions, where Hunk can’t see them.
  • Yellow learns quickly that her new paladin doesn’t always respond to sound and feeds the impressions across their psychic link. Because of that, his reactions are a little slower to things he can’t see, but Yellow can protect him. Her requirements for a paladin and “kind and caring”. She doesn’t care about trivial things like his ears.
EDIT: My friend corrected me. The batteries would last maybe a month if he’s careful.
NCT Reaction- Being Asked About You (idol gf)

This is a Request from @smolsbear-mp

A/N- I had a lot of fun imagining their reactions to this it made me all bubbly inside. It’s them at an interview and the topic is switch to your relationship. Hope it tickles your fancy! :D

Taeil: asdfghjkl. Yo He is such a ball of giggles and happiness. When the interviewer first mentioned you he started to giggle and blush hiding his face in his hands. But he would quite easily talk about how much you mean to him.

Originally posted by taeilmun

Hansol: He would love when people talked about how successful you where and how they thought you were the ultimate idol couple. He would be smiling at the ground thinking about his lovely S/O and how lucky he was to have you.

Originally posted by kunxxxsol

Johnny: Ok, do not, I repeat DO NOT let him start talking about you to anyone. He will give them your entire life story. Telling them how much he loves you, that he wants you to meet his whole family and want to do collaborations with you.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Taeyong: Honest to god he loves you more than anyone thought possible. When you are brought up at the interview all his members would be smiling at him as he tells them every little detail he loves about you.

Originally posted by isabelle-c-r

Yuta: This boy would smile so much when his lovely Y/N was mentioned. Fans had titled you both ‘the healing duo’ because in every picture of you both together you were giving each other healing smiles, he would talk about you until the end of the interview.

Originally posted by chokemewinwin

Kun: When he was asked a question about your relationship he would get this little twinkle in his eye. He would tell them that you both often went out for dates and that you looked even more amazing in person than on stage.

Originally posted by jonginka

Doyoung: He would gloat and rub it in everyones faces that you were his, but no one had a problem with it as he would have this expression that showed that you were his world. He would also talk about how funny and smart you are.

Originally posted by smboys

Ten: he would love talking about you and would probably be the one to start the topic of you at the interview instead of being asked a question. He go into extreme detail like how your smile could bring world peace and thing like that.

Originally posted by jenntsukiyomi

Jaehyun: He might be a bit shy about talking about your relationship as idols but once he started talking he got lost in thought about you and had to be asked to stop. He loved it when he went home after filming and seeing you blushing over what he said.

Originally posted by mkayjaemin

WinWin: Most people think he would be shy about answering questions on what he thought about you as an idol but they were pretty wrong. He loved talking about your music and your dancing, he just generally loved talking about you.

Originally posted by yoon-to-the-oh

Mark: Aaah, this kid would be super dooper giggly when it came to talking about you. He thought your rapping was far better than his and would tell the interviewer. He would also talk about how much you loved each other. He might even have mentioned having couples items.

Originally posted by nctmark

RenJun: A stuttering, blushing sunshine. He will not look at the camera lens at all  while answering the questions about you. He says a little bit about how much he likes dancing with you, also how you both do little couple things like baking cookies together.

Originally posted by jenosgf

Jeno: EYE SMILES. EYE SMILES. He would laugh loudly when the topic of his idol relationship came up. Not because he was embarrassed but because he can’t help but smile when he remembers his talented Y/N.

Originally posted by neotechs

Haechan: He would probably boast that he was the best visual in NCT and thats why he gets the only other idol to match his fabulousness, he would talk about all the things he found attractive about you, he might also throw some roasts in tho so look out.

Originally posted by zeusmayo

Jaemin: He would be confident when talking about how much he loves and adores you. He’d talk about how you both dance and sing together, and how he wants to marry you one day. Everyone would be so dead from cuteness.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Chenle: He’d laugh when asked what he thought about your singing, saying it was listening to his own angel and he’s lucky to be with you. He tells the interviewer he likes to do couples things with you like feed the ducks at a park or riding your bikes together. 

Originally posted by yutaly

Jisung: SO SHY, my son would be a giggly, bubbly cute mess of a boy. His members would punch his shoulder little to encourage him to talk about you. He would talk about how you both make up choreography to exo songs then he takes you out for ice cream. The room explodes with cuteness.

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Christmas with Ezra Miller Would Include :

Originally posted by impossiblycharming

  • Being crazy to find the perfect present for him
  • Him being afraid of buying something you don’t like it
  • One year you two would pass with your family, the other with his and it goes like that
  • Him being so excited to set up the christmas tree and everything ending in you two having a big fun
  • Loving to eat the food your family makes and Ezra loving how you got excited about it
  • Playing in the snow
  • Snow fights because you two are big kids
  • Making angels on the ground
  • During dinner, he realizes how much he loves you and how he feels lucky to have you on his life
  • Sharing loving smiles and sparkled glances everytime
  • Your and his family realizing how much you two were meant to be
  • Waiting until midnight to share and give the presents
  • Him being excited as a little kid and you feeling that there’s no way you can fall more for him
  • But you still fall more when he gives you his present 
  • His present being something you wanted with so much desire that almost made you cry (feel free to imagine what you would like)
  • Him being so thankful for the present you give him, thanking you all the time, giving lots of hugs and forehead kisses
  • But night isn’t over and he may have more planned for you
  • When everyone is already asleep and it’s just you two alone, he makes something that makes your heart beat faster
  • He started saying how much you mean to him and that he was afraid and doubting about this decision, but it got crystal clear on that night
  • Him kneeling on his knees and bringing out of his pocket a little black box with a ring on it
  • He proposes with cute jokes because he is so nervous about it
  • Your eyes are filled with tears
  • That night being the best of your lives, principally, because you said yes
Vomit and Burns (Host Club AU Jonghyun)

Originally posted by shinee-who

Type: Fluff

Jonghyun zipped up his pants as you brushed your teeth. “I can’t believe you did that. Do you know how much these pants cost?” he asked you. “I’m sorry I couldn’t help it” you mumble sarcastically. “You puked on my lap. These pants cost more than what your family makes in a year” he hissed “that’s depressing” you click your tongue “someone is dumb enough to spend that much money on pants” you continue as you throw his pants back at him. “Must be nice having your lame existence handed to you” you say as you walk out of the men’s room you were both hiding in after the incident.

“You’re lucky you’re smart or your poor ass would have never been accepted to this school” he hissed sassily sticking out of the room you guys were in as you roll your eyes.


“I’m not going in there” you tell your new friend, Jieun who pouted “but the boys there are so perfect” she said on awe. “They’re a bunch of stuck up rich kids” you say before covering your mouth. “I’m aware silly. They’re just pretty to look at” she tells you with a chuckle. It was something you liked about her she was very sweet and different from the other rich kids you had met. You were dragged with force into the room to be greeted by the five boys who called themselves Shinee. You went to back out when Jieun grabbed you again. 

You sat down away from everyone scrolling through your phone when a presence sat down next to you. “You know most girls come here to socialize” you hear as you looked up to see Lee Taemin there. “You’re the chick who puked on Jonghyun” he said as you quickly covered his mouth “don’t say it out loud” you tell him as he smiles. “Anyone who wears pants that cost that much are asking for it” he jokes as you smile. “He wouldn’t shut up about his designer pants but now he wants nothing to do with them” Taemin laughs as he smiles at you. “Why don’t you join me over there? We have cake, cookies, tea, and coffee” he said sticking his arm out for you. You took his arm “why did you puke?” he asked as you smile “I had a smoothie drinking contest with my younger brother and Jonghyun happened to walk by at the wrong time”  you say as he nods “what flavor?” he asked “mango” you tell him as laughs.


Jonghyun laughed at the girl who told him a bad joke as he moved some hair away from her face before he saw Taemin sitting there. His smile dropped when he saw you there “excuse me for a minute princess” he said as he got up and made his way over towards you two. “Are you here to apologize for ruining my pants?” he asked as you chuckled “the moment I apologize will be the moment your ass actually looked good in them” you say as Taemin held back a laugh “do they not teach manners to poor people?” Jonghyun asked as you smiled “we’re nothing but uneducated swine” you coo as he scoffs. 

“Just say sorry for ruining my pants” he said as he got closer to you “I won’t apologize” you say stubbornly as Jonghyun looks you over. “Then you’ll pay me back for the pants” he says crossing his legs.  “What size do you wear?” he asked as you raised a brow.


You held a tray behind your back to cover your skirt as you bowed. “You know how to pour tea right?” Jonghyun asked as you looked down. “Pour” he ordered as you set the tray down and picked up the pot. “What is this?” one of the girls asked “tea” you state “what kind of tea?” she asked. “Green tea” you say “it’s good for keeping your figures” you say as she smiles “really?” “yup” you say pouring the tea. You gave a smile before you picked up the tray. Bowing you walked off. 

“I didn’t know you were hiring people, can I work here?” she asked excited as Jonghyun smiled taking her hand. “Princess, she owes me a big favor. Even though I would get to see you in a cute little maids outfit, you’re much to pretty to be pouring tea” he says as you scoff being able to hear him. “Are you saying our new server isn’t pretty?” Kibum asked as he popped between the pair “of course not. She’s just used to having to work” Jonghyun defended. “Contradicting yourself something fierce” Kibum says resting his head on Jonghyun’s shoulder.

Soon the crashing of a cup filled the air followed by a hiss “you can’t even pour tea right” the girl said as you held your leg. “I pour it just fine you’re the one who poured it on me” you said as you were helped up “why would you pour tea on her?” Jonghyun asked as she rolled her eyes “she got tea on my dress” she said “we don’t hurt people here” Minho says as he grabs her arm. 

You let out a yelp as you were picked up off of your feet by Jonghyun who carried you to the bathroom.


“What are you doing?” you ask as he presses a cold wet towel lightly to your leg “5 minutes. Then I’ll take you to the nurse but this is the best thing to reduce swelling” he spoke as he poured more cold water on with his hands. “You know how to take care of burns?” you asked “my nanny taught me” he told you with a smile. “She taught me a lot about taking care of boo-boos” he joked. After a few minutes you felt the towel pulled off of your leg. You were picked up once more “I can walk” you tell him as he looks you in the eyes “not until it’s properly taken care of. We have to go downstairs and I don’t trust the strength of a burnt leg” he said. “You’re a really good actor” you tell him as he chuckles “don’t believe I care to help you? I don’t like seeing people hurt” he explains as he opens the door to the nurses office.

He sat beside you as he watched the nurse apply cream and wrap your leg “do you want me to kiss it better?” he jokes as you lift your leg up playing along. “they really should make those skirts longer” he says as you lower it. “It doesn’t mean I didn’t like the view of your little teddy bear undies” he said as you rolled your eyes and got up. He watched you limp off “what?” he calls “that’s the Kim Jonghyun I expected. A dirty pervert” you say loudly as he chases after you “you’re the 17 year old wearing teddy bear underwear” he says just as loud. 

  • Harry: Wonder what Malfoy's up to.
  • Harry: I bet Malfoy's plotting something.
  • Harry: *stalks Malfoy more than his supposed crush on the Marauders' Map*
  • Harry: Definitely up to something. I must stare at him endlessly. Because he's up to something. Yes. That's it.
  • Harry: Sorry, Hermione. I can't concentrate cuz Cedric Diggory exists and is gorgeous as fuck.
  • Harry: Sirus is handsome. So handsome. What a guy.
  • Harry: Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have such a handsome godfather? I mean, my parents sure knew what they were doing.
  • Harry: THAT HAIR THO. gLeAminG iN tHe bLOnD aNd sOfT...
  • Harry: I'm 100% straight. I like Cho. And Ginny. Yep.
  • People Who Don't Ship Slash: Okie dokie. Sounds legit.
Co Workers (Part Eight)

A/N: I’m really excited that you guys like this story so far. It’s my first series and it really means a lot that you all like it.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, talk of mental illness, slight details of an attempted suicide (past story, not a current character) and talk of domestic violence

Word count: 2.2k

Catch up! Co Workers Masterlist

Originally posted by castielimaginesboi

You got dressed and slowly made your way out of the bathroom, Misha already fast asleep in bed. You smiled, thinking about how you were lucky to have him. He was no doubt already your best friend before the two of you made it official, and now he was so much more. You were still sniffling and wiping tears away as you crawled into bed next to him. As you pulled the covers over you, Misha started to stir in his sleep until he found you, and pulled you into lay your head on his chest.

“We’ll talk tomorrow baby, promise.” He mumbled, his sleepy voice one of the most comforting voices you had every heard. “And don’t cry, everything’s going to be fine, I promise.”

You snuggled in even closer to him and fell asleep with his hand in your hair, while listening to his heartbeat.

You woke up early the next morning to the sun shining in your face. You rolled over to see that the bed was empty. You heard the shower running and saw that Misha had left the door open. You quietly undressed in the bedroom and snuck into the shower, Misha was rinsing his hair, so his eyes were closed. You wrapped your arms around him and let the warm water wash down over you.

Mmm, get lonely in there?” He said, his voice still slightly groggy.

“I did.” He finished rinsing his hair, turned around with your arms still wrapped around his warm, wet body and leaned down to kiss you, you smiled and let out a small moan when his hand came down and slapped your ass, the wetness of his hand making the smack sound even louder. You felt his cock hardening against your stomach.

“Let’s finish this in the other room.” Misha reached down to turn the shower off before his lips were crashing back into yours. Neither of you worrying about drying off on your way to the bed.

You pushed him down and jumped onto his lap, straddling him. You leaned down to kiss him while rubbing your wet folds on his erection. He moaned into your mouth, and tried to grab your ass with both hands but you pulled back.

“Nope,” you started, taking his hands and bringing them above his head, “I’m in charge this time.”

He looked up at you with a smile, and you could swear he got even harder.

“Okay baby girl, what do you want me to do?”

You leaned back down to whisper in his ear, “You, just relax,” you started working your way down his neck, leaving a trail of bites and kisses, “and no touching.” You said to him firmly. You continued working your way down his body with your mouth, kissing his chest, your hands running down his torso to teasingly stroke his cock. The lower your mouth got, the more you could feel him struggling to keep his hands to himself. When you finally reached his throbbing erection, you licked up the underside of his shaft slowly, then you quickly took him in your mouth; but only for a second, causing his body to tremble slightly.

“Y/N..” he groaned, you took that as a hint, and you brought your mouth to his head, lightly sucking on the tip, cupping his balls with your hand. The feeling of him squirming under you was making your core ache for him. You took him farther into your mouth slowly, making sure so suck every sweet writhe and tremble from him.

“Y/N, please… let me touch you.” he begged you as you sucked harder. You mumbled a mhmm while his cock was in your mouth, causing his hands to shoot down to your head, taking your hair in both of his hands. You bobbed your head up and down slowly, you wanted to see how much more he could take. His breathing was heavy as you slowly brought your mouth back to working on just his tip, one hand still cupping his balls and the other stroking him every so slightly.

“Ughh, I-I can’t take it anymore baby” he struggled with his words, “please, come back up here.” You listened, but not before you took his length into your mouth one last time, giving him one last hard suck, causing him to pull your hair so that you’d let go of him. He brought you face level with him, his breathing was heavy as you planted a wet kiss on his lips.

“It’s my turn.” he said, low and seductively as he grabbed your hips and flipped you so that you were now laying on your back. He laid over you and looked up and down your naked body.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” You covered your face with your hands and he scooted closer to you, and pulled them away. “Don’t hide from me, you’re perfect.”

He crashed his lips into yours desperately, he needed you after you teased him like that. As he kissed you his hands began roaming your body. Kneading your breasts and gripping your hips tightly, he was touching you everywhere except for where you needed it the most. His lips left yours so that he could look at you as one of his hands made its way down to cup your soaking sex. He traced a single finger around your entrance before dipping it in quickly and removing his hand completely. He smiled at your reaction, you bit your bottom lip as you let out a frustrated moan, with a small please. Hoping the look you were giving him would be enough for him to stop teasing you. His head dipped down and began leaving open mouth kissed along your torso, stopping to latch onto your breast, swirling your hardened nipple around with his tongue.

“Misha, please…” You begged. He looked up at you with a grin.

“Please what baby?”

“Please fuck me.”

He came back up and kissed you once again, you spread your legs for him so that he could get into position. He placed the head of his cock at your entrance, you bucked your hips up from the contact.

Mmm, you really need it don’t you baby girl?” he asked, teasingly rubbing his head up and down along your folds.

“Yes” you moaned.

He didn’t waste another second before he thrust into you hard. Both of you calling out from the pleasure. He began moving slowly, kissing you, enjoying the moment before he grabbed a pillow and placed it under your lower back. He sat up on his knees while still fully seated inside of you. He held your legs up and began slamming into you. The sound of his hips slapping against you filling the hotel room. You felt your orgasm fastly approaching with every thrust.

“I want you to fill me up baby”  You moaned, you moved a hand down to rub your clit, which sent you and Misha both over the edge.

“Y/N..fuck.” You felt his cock twitch inside you as he coated your walls with his cum, your own orgasm ripping through you. Let out a short scream from the pleasure, not caring who heard. No one had ever made you feel like this. You gripped the sheet on the bed tightly as you both finished. You only gave Misha a few seconds to catch his breath before you playfully pushed him off of you so that he was now laying on his back.

“I see how it is.” he said jokingly, trying to catch his breath as you got up to take a quick shower.

“We have to get ready, you’re taking me out for breakfast.” You poked your head out of the bathroom and winked at him.

“Oh am I?” he asked.

“Mhmm” You hummed as you brushed your teeth. When you hopped in the shower, you heard Misha’s phone ring. He answered it, you heard him talking quietly as you finished washing up. You wrapped a towel around your body and one around your hair and you walked out into the room to get dressed; you noticed Misha had a worried look on his face.

“What is it?” you asked him

“There is a-um, a few photos of us that have been put out.” You heart sank. Great. There was one more thing to deal with on top or Renee and whatever else was going to inevitably happen today.

“Are they of us on the plane?” You asked, he nodded.

“One of them is of us coming out of the bathroom all over each other.” He held up his phone to show you the picture.

“Well that’s not so bad, at least we’re clothed” you shrugged, it could be worse you thought, “what’s the other one.”

Misha was silent as he held up his phone to show you the second picture. It was of him and Renee, at the airport. After you’d left. They were kissing.

Your heart sank even more and you looked from the phone to Misha. Guilt was washing over his face, and your heart felt like it had been snapped in half. You turned around to go through your bag on the chair.

“I should’ve known better.” You said.

“It’s not what it looks like, Y/N.” You rolled your eyes as you slid on a pair of panties and put on your bra.

“Then maybe you would care to explain.” You threw your hands up in the air before putting on your jeans and t-shirt.

“It’s how I got her to leave, I-uh, I let her think we were still together. So I let her kiss me.” You stared at him with your hands on your hips. You didn’t care what kind of mental illness she had or if she couldn’t control he emotions or whatever. Misha needed to let her go.

“Do you still love her?”

“No. Of course not.” He deadpanned.

“But you must still care about her.” You said.

“How could I not babe? I know you still care about Andrew,” Misha stood up to walk towards you, he was right, you knew that you couldn’t just stop caring about people. “you and Andrew just broke up, and-and I’m going to take Renee to a hospital tomorrow, after the convention’s over.”

You crossed your arms and he grabbed onto your hips, pulling you close. You couldn’t look at him yet.

“I think it’s time you tell me what happened with you and her, Mish.” you finally looked up at him, there was sadness in his eyes. Whatever it was that happened was difficult for him.

“Okay. Fine, let’s go get breakfast and I’ll tell you.” you uncrossed your arms and wrapped them around him, leaning your head on his chest. “But then we have to figure out how to deal with this whole picture situation.”

The two of you had went down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast and Misha told you what had happened between him and Renee. That one night when she was arrested, apparently she had attempted suicide once she was released. Misha was there, and had to call 911,  she was admitted into the hospital for a few weeks, where she was later diagnosed with an extreme case of bipolar disorder. Misha let tears fall as he told you how he found her, on the bathroom floor, pills spilled everywhere; her wrists cut open, blood everywhere. Even if he didn’t love her anymore it was still an emotional experience for him. You wouldn’t want to find anyone like that.

Misha went on to tell you that she took her medication for a few months, and everything was fine, great even; but she started wanting to sleep all the time, getting sick, and she blamed it on the meds, he told you how she left for a few weeks, nowhere to be found, and when she came back she was off her medication. Misha said that he had tried to get her to go back to the hospital but since she wasn’t suicidal he couldn’t have her admitted.

Eventually, he got tired of her controlling him again, and things went back to how they used to be. He tried to leave a few more times, but she just somehow had always guilted him into coming back.

You held Misha’s hand as he finished telling you everything. You two were back in the hotel room now, it was almost time for you to go to your photo ops.

“So how do you know it’ll be different this time?” you asked him.

“I got a hold of her family, they’re going to help me get her into a hospital here.” He looked down at his lap, he still looked hurt from it all. “You’re the only one besides Jared and Jensen that knows all of that.”

You leaned over and hugged him, happy that he finally told you, but also sad that he had to go through all of that.  

“I love you” you told him, which brought a smile to his face.

“I love you too,” he kissed you before looking at his watch. “We’ve gotta get down stairs.”

You and Misha were making your way down the hallway, hand in hand, smiling and laughing. You had completely forgotten about the pictures that had been released, it didn’t matter anyhow, the only thing about them that was true was you and Misha. Right as you got to the room where the photo ops were, your phone buzzed in your pocket. You pulled it out of your pocket to see who it was from, not worrying about reading it right now. Your smile fell when you read the name that flashed across the screen. Andrew.

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I genuinely from the bottom of my heart feel so heartbroken for the people who have so much hate and ignorance in their hearts that they can’t see the pure loveliness of this First Family. The Obamas are truly a gift that just radiate class, warmth, hope, and humility as well as hard work and strength. What a presidency we were lucky to witness. I can’t tell you how much I’m going to miss them.

You make them lunch: Shinwon, Yuto, Kino, Yan An

“How would Shinwon, Yuto, Kino, and Yan An react to their girlfriend making them a lunch for work or something?”

Shinwon - Say he found it on the counter before he left while you were still asleep. He wouldn’t go and wake you up, but he’d leave a thank you note in the lunch’s place. One you woke up and texted him, the first thing he would mention is how lucky he feels he is to have you.

Yuto - He’d likely go and brag about it to the others. Who else has a wonderful significant other that would stay up late/get up early just for his benefit? He’d open it up and almost not want to dismantle your work, but ends up being too hungry to care.

Kino - I think it would be very revitalizing to him. Like, he just gets to the Cube building and practices all day and he’s exhausted, but when he opens his bag he finds the food you made him. You likely left a note with it, so he’d eat right away and keep the note in his bag for a future mood boost.

Yan An - He would find it the sweetest (or at least have the sweetest reaction~). He’d be about to walk out the door, and you’d quickly get his attention and hold the container out to him. All I can picture is a sweet smile and a hug, him saying something of gratitude, and leaving feeling very ready for the day.

Imagine Kai telling you how much you mean to him when he thinks you’re asleep

You were snuggled up in the large bed you shared with your boyfriend, Kai, having just woken up. You rolled over, still with your eyes closed, so that you were laying on his chest, his heart beat in your ears. He was so warm underneath you, and all you could think about was how lucky you were that he was yours.

‘Y/N’ he whispered to you, breaking your thoughts ‘angel, are you awake?’

The sound was muffled by the duvet, but you were just about to reply when Kai wrapped his arms around you and kissed your forehead softly. You could feel his dark hair tickle you, and you knew that if you were to look up you would find his blue eyes staring deeply into yours.

‘I love you’ he said quietly ‘I guess I haven’t got the guts to tell you just how much when your awake. But I really, really do. I think this is it for me Y/N. Your my one. Like, soulmate. I want to be around you all the time, and when you smile it’s like butterflies inside me, but it’s good. I just want to love you and show the whole world that you’re mine. Even if it does ruin my psycho reputation.’ He gave a small laugh and kissed you again, this time on your nose. 

‘I’m going to make you my wife someday’ he said ‘that’s a promise.’

Your heart swelled in your chest at your boyfriends words, and love for him flooded through you. You fluttered your eyelids open, and when you looked up, as you had thought, he was looking back down at you.

‘Your’re finally awake’ he smiled ‘good morning baby.’ He shifted his hand so that it was loosely knotted in your hair, running the strands through his fingers.

‘Good morning’ you smiled back, wriggling upwards on top of him so that you could kiss him properly. Your hand found the back of his neck and you pulled him even closer to you. 

‘I love you’ he whispered to you again as you broke apart, this time knowing that you were awake.

‘I love you too’ you replied, meaning every word as you looked up at the boy you loved; your soulmate. You were never, ever going to let him go.

Let Me Think Of How To Word It

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | (All parts on AO3)

A/N: @posiey I may have you mixed up with someone else, but I am relatively certain you liked this series lol

Jason felt his heart in his throat as he read the words on his screen.

How could a perfect girl like Y/N still be mourning him a year after his death?

He hadn’t been much to begin with. A street kid who got lucky. He may have been smart, but everything else was Bruce and his money.

He had been stubborn and temperamental and had only succeeded in getting himself killed. Even his resurrection wasn’t on his own merit, but on the whim of Ra’s Al Ghul.

And yet here you were, still broken up about him a year after his death. He felt awful that you would be sad over him. He hadn’t even deserved to know you, but to have you love him was more than he could have ever dreamed.

He hesitated before beginning to type. “I am proud of you, doll. I wouldn’t have wanted you to be sad over me in the first place. I was a fucking mess that you somehow managed to see something in. I want you to move on. I want you to fall in love and get married and have kids and do all the things we talked about.” He thought over there dreams and the plans they had made.

He hadn’t even wanted the white picket fence life until he met her. The thought of a boring ass vanilla lifestyle was enough to make him sick, but he would have lived through every ring of suburban hell to make her happy. He looked back at the screen and studied his profile picture for a minute.

They were so happy back then. Carefree and young. That was before everything went wrong, before he ruined everything.

He pushed his thoughts back in favor of finishing his message. “You aren’t giving up on me. You are letting me die. Which is what you should have done months ago. I’m dead and gone, doll. Let me stay that way. It is better that way.”

He hit send and immediately regretted it.

What the hell was Y/N going to think about getting messages from a dead man? How the hell was she going to cope with that?

Not much he could do now though. Part of him wanted to take the time to find a way to delete the message before she could see it.

But another part of him wanted her to see it. See take it as a sign from the beyond and do what he said.

He pushed out all thoughts of her out and logged off. Regret was for people who could afford to live in the past and with a past like Jason’s…

All he had was the future and even that wasn’t looking too bright.

Orphans - Part Ten

Summary: Your parents died on a tragic car accident. Though you were lucky and survived. Depending on how one would describe lucky since you were now an orphan and had to live in an orphanage where you didn’t know anybody. But that quite blue-eyed boy, seemed to become a closer friend than you first expected.

Chapter Summary: Castiel showed up at your doorstep, asking you if you would let him stay. At least until he found a new place.

Words: 1179

Pairing: eventual Castiel x Reader

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

Warnings: angsty

A/N: Feedback is as always appreciated!

Orphans - Masterpost

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Case of the Mondays (Niall shower sex)

Flashback Friday to my first blurb that I wrote :D

It was a sunny, humid Monday after a long weekend of partying. You had hit the snooze button at least five times by now, but you knew if you stayed in bed any longer you would be late for work. You groaned to yourself as you rolled out of bed, landing on your feet. You made your way to the bathroom to get ready for a shower, noticing that Niall was up already and playing FIFA. You were jealous that he had the day off today, but he looked so cuddly and adorable that you couldn’t be mad at him. You smiled to yourself, knowing how lucky you were to have him.

After getting undressed, you stepped into the shower and turned the knob to high heat, letting the steamy water soak into your muscles. You rested your head against the glass shower door and jumped when you heard Niall’s voice echo throughout the room.

“Y/N!” He shouted.

“Oh my God, Niall. You scared me, don’t ever do that again!” You scolded.

He had a playful look on his face as his mouth turned up at the corner into a smirk. “Sorry Petal. What’s wrong with ya anyway? Why are ya sleepin in the shower?”

You giggled at him. “I’m not sleeping silly, just resting. I’m really tired this morning, that’s all.”

He rubbed his thumb and forefinger over his stubble, thinking of a solution to make you feel better. “I think I know what will wake ya up.”

A shit eating grin was plastered on his face as he took his clothes off and opened the shower door, exposing your skin to the cold air outside of the shower. You felt your nipples go hard at the contact, and Niall was quick to notice.

“Are ya eager, petal?” He rolled your nipples between his fingers as you let your head roll back at the feeling. When he broke away and you looked back up, he was sitting on the shower seat with his legs spread wide open.

“Come here,” he coaxed. “Put your foot up on the seat next to me.”

He grabbed your ankle as your lifted your left leg up, setting your foot on the marble material. He ran his hands down the curve of your waist and past your hips, his right hand landing on your ass in a smack before he kneaded the skin harshly. He kept his hand there as his other stroked along your already slick folds.

“M'gonna fuck ya with me fingers,” he grunted softly, his accent thicker than usual. “But lemme get ya this way for another minute or two.”

You weren’t sure what he meant until he started swirling his thumb on and around your clit at lightning speed. You moaned out his name, making him hum at the satisfaction he was giving you.

“I think we’re ready for the next step, Angel.”

He slid one finger into you and your knees lightly buckled, causing you to bring your body closer to his so he could hold you tighter. His hand moved from your ass to the small of your waist, gripping your heated flesh.

“Let’s try two, yeah?” He rasped while slipping the second finger inside of you. He pumped his fingers into you, curling them once they hit your G-spot. You realized that your teeth were buried into your bottom lip; you couldn’t keep quiet anymore.

“Oh fuck, Niall. Fuck does that feel good.”

“Mhm,” he murmured “Ya like fuckin me thick fingers don’t ya? Come on Y/N, use those hips for me. Let me see you.”

You did what he said and slowly rolled your hips as he added a third finger. You were fucking his fingers as he thrusted them into you, his thumb tapping at your clit every so often.

Niall was still holding onto you so you wouldn’t slip and lose your balance. “I want ya to come, petal. Fuckin come for me,” he demanded as his fingers worked vigorously. “Show me what that pretty pussy can do.”

At those last words you lost it, coating his fingers in your juices as you moaned out a mixed of curse words and his name. His fingers were still inside of you as you tried to catch your breath. He took your ankle and lifted your leg, prompting you to put your foot back on the floor. He slowly pulled his fingers out of you, making you whine at the loss of contact while he stood up to face you. He placed his hands at the small of your waist and enveloped your lips with sweet kisses until you were melting for him all over again.

“Are ya awake now, petal?”

Another Ride - Chapter 5: Lunch

Chapter 4

The first live show was looming and Sharna was surprised by how nervous she felt. They were still five days away and their first dance was pretty much set except for cleaning up a couple small sections. They were actually lucky enough to have a cha cha. Sharna was happy to have a dance they had been working on and one that would make a good statement on the first night. James was just happy to get it out of the way.

“Who invented the damn cha cha?!” James burst out suddenly late on Wednesday morning.

Sharna did her best not to laugh because she knew James was frustrated. “It’s fine,” she told him in as comforting a tone as she could manage. “You’re doing great. Let’s take a break. It’s almost time for lunch anyways.”

“Finally,” James groaned.

They both sat down on the floor, leaning against one wall. James closed his eyes, sighed dramatically, then dropped his head onto Sharna’s shoulder. “Wake me up when it’s Monday,” he told her.

“Will do.” Sharna smiled and was grateful that he couldn’t see her blushing.

It had been a week and a half since Sharna had that conversation with Cheryl. Sharna was very carefully avoiding her, but the question Cheryl had asked was still on her mind.

Do you want something to happen?

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After so many amazing notes, I have finally finished “Thinking of You” pt 2. I really had no intention of writing this prior to all the kind comments, but you guys were so nice. It was very unexpected to get such a warm reception. Sorry it took so long. You can read Part 1 here! and Part 3 here! 

Thinking of You pt. 2 

She celebrated Adrien’s birthday the moment she woke up, not that she slept all that well. She’d been too giddy, thrumming with excitement. Though there were no more of his spreads on her walls, nor a photomontage of him as her computer background screen, she did still have a few images of him. Now she was lucky enough to actually have pictures with him on her phone as well as their class photos.

“Happy birthday!” she greeted fondly to a framed photograph.

Tikki laughed at her. “You act like it’s your own birthday, Marinette.”

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Cuddling {TVD Preference} Part 1

Requested by mycobrakai1972 - thanks for the idea lovely!<3

Damon: Damon would love just holding you. He would love you lying on his chest, hand clutching his shirt or drawing patterns on his skin. H’d hold you tightly and press kisses to your hair as you two spoke in hushed voices. He loved peaceful moments like that where you two could just lie and pretend to have totally normal lives - even if it was just for a few minutes.

Stefan: Stefan loves when you lay on his chest. He likes being able to hold your hand and run his fingers through your hair. He’d lay awake thinking about how lucky he is to have you and pretty soft kisses to your head as you slept.

Matt: Matt would cuddle with you all the time; if you were happy, angry, sad, tired. He loves that you come to him for comfort and tries his best to comfort you. He’d wrap his arms around you and let you use him as a pillow. He’d hold you tightly and wait for you going to sleep before he fell asleep too. 

Tyler: Tyler would love wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close. He’d love you lying on his chest and drawing patterns on his skin because it would calm him down - it would keep him in control. He’d stay up for hours just talking to you and if you fell asleep, he’d pull you closer and plant a tender kiss on your forehead.

Jeremy: Jeremy would love any sort of cuddling but I think he’d prefer you lying on his chest. He’d pull the sheets around the two of you and you’d snuggle into him. He’d wrap his arms around you and it would give him ample opportunity to kiss your head. is anyone else annoyed that i couldn’t find a jeremy gif bc i am