and how his proximity does something to her even while she finds it weird

The End of a Dream (1/1)

Rating: M

Killian and Emma have to wake up in the aftermath of the Wish Realm.

He hasn’t let go of her hand.

From the moment Gideon’s spell lifted and Hook’s arms wrapped around her: hook into hip and chin on forehead, warmth and leather bleeding through around her singing safe-safe-safe into her skin, he hasn’t let her go.

He kept their fingers clasped as she hugged her father, as she held her son. He walked with her to thank August, standing silently beside her metal warming under her grasp.

It’s not like she’s in a huge rush to let him go either.

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falling for you pt.4 | jimin

Originally posted by kthmyg

Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: angst/fluff + highschool au

Word Count: 3.3k

Part | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Jimin’s P.O.V

Sitting on the couch, I ran my hands through my hair, contemplating whether I should talk to Yejin or not. Knowing that I was partially, ok completely, at fault, I had to apologize and make things right with her. I didn’t want to be the one making her upset, instead I wanted to be the one making her happy.

Groaning out loud, I put my head in my hands as I muttered,“Why is this so hard?!

Beside me the couch dipped a little, when a voice asked,“What’s wrong Jimin hyung?”

Looking up at Jungkook, I sighed as I fell against the couch, slumping.“I don’t know how to apologize to Yejin…I feel like I misunderstood the whole situation and got upset at her when it wasn’t even her fault…”

Rolling his eyes, he replied,“Hyung! You just gotta be a man and apologize. The more you drag it out, the more pain she’s going to be in.”

As he stood up, he said,“I’m going out for a run now, so just do it and get it over with, you’re gonna regret it more and more if you don’t, okay? And just relax, she doesn’t hate you, ya know?”

Sighing, I shook my head,“ Yea right, that’s not what it sounded like yesterday.”

Clapping me on my back, he cheered supportingly, “Hwaiting hyung!”

Groaning, I pushed him towards the door and said,“ Okay, okay just go now, so I can get this over with.”

Smiling cheekily, he put on his shoes and walked out the door before shooting me a thumbs up and another hwaiting gesture. Chuckling, I waved goodbye as I closed the door shut behind him.

Where is he going?” a small voice asked behind me.

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anonymous asked:

Sleep habits? We only know about Bertolt ^^

Eren has rather sporadic sleeping patterns. He had mild insomnia, and sometimes finds it difficult to fall asleep/stay asleep at night, which leads to him taking naps at old times during the day (and often in really odd places where you wouldn’t expect to find a sleeping boy.) He tends to sleep curled up on his side in a tight ball, which is usually how he fits into such odd places as in desk chairs, window alcoves, or under/on tables. Also suffers from pretty intense nightmares that also complicate sleeping. 

Mikasa tends to fall asleep easily and wakes up just as easily. Her body knows how long it needs to sleep, and will let her know if she’s not sleeping enough. Like Eren, she has pretty frequent nightmares, but she is usually able to get back to sleep if they’re bad enough to wake her up. She’s taken to keeping an extra pillow and/or stuffed animal close so that she can hold onto it to help anchor her to the world when she tries to fall asleep post-nightmare. It works. She’s also just comfortable sleeping with something (or someone) held close. 

Armin is a very deep sleeper, but if he does get woken up in the middle of the night, he finds it incredibly difficult to fall back asleep and will be grumpy the next day. He needs a minimum of five hours of sleep to function, and only goes less than that during a hectic finals week, (but he’s not really living, more like coasting through life if he hasn’t gotten at least five hours.) But he’ll be pretty grouchy unless he gets at least seven. He’s a very active sleeper, and is known for stealing pillows (if sharing a bed with someone, or sleeping in close enough proximity to do so.) 

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The Exception

 Requested by anon: Hey nice job on the blog I really like your writing! I was wondering if you could write something with Jace and a faerie!reader?

 Pairing: Jace Wayland X Reader

 Word count: 775

 The world is upside down. Everything you know is that Valentine has one of the Mortal Instruments. And your name was heard. Now, sitting here, surrounded by shadowhunters, you’re tired of repeating you’re innocent. You didn’t know that the Mortal Cup was missing. And you honestly don’t want to know anything about it. But this woman, Maryse, don’t seem to understand.

 “I can’t lie. Are you stupid or something? Am I speaking Japanese?” You stand up abruptly, just to be pushed down violently.

 You hate them, all of them. Always acting like their superior. You’d kill this woman without thinking twice.

 “Mother, that’s enough.” A black haired guy swings the door open, alongside with a girl and a blonde man.

 “Enough? Valentine himself spoke her name.” Maryse keeps her eyes on you like you could disappear at any moment. “I will make her speak.”

 “So your brilliant plan is torturing her?” Is the blonde man so speaks now, staring down at you.

 “I have a name, Shadowhunter.”

 “And so do l. It’s Jace.” Jace doesn’t have evil eyes like Maryse, but still, you avoid looking at him. “Won’t you tell me your name?”

 You can tell he’s being careful. Probably because he wants to make you speak by using another strategy.

 “Why? You don’t care. Nobody here does.” You stand up again, walking around the room. “I want to go home. You have no right to keep me here.”

 “I’ll allow you to go if you tell me why Valentine spoke your name.” Maryse grabs your arm violently, making you groan in pain.

 “Maryse, let her go.” The guy with dark hair pulls Maryse away from you, while Jace checks your arm. It hurts, but you won’t let her notice how much.

 “My name is (Y/N) and it’s a very common name among my people.” Keeping your head up, you force a smile.

 “She’s right.” Jace stands by your side, his eyes on Maryse, who’s furious.

 “She’s staying until I speak to the Clave.”

 “What?” You would yell at her, maybe even try to punch her, but she leaves too quick. “This isn’t fair! I want to leave right now!”

 “I’ll find a bedroom for her.” The girl kindly smiles at you, walking out and pulling the other guy with her.

 “Jace, right?” You touch his shoulder, making him turn around to face you. “You know I’m telling the truth, right? Help me go back home. I don’t want to be… tortured.” Taking a deep breath, you look down. You notice how Jace is looking at your pearl skin. It makes you feel weird, and you almost tell him to stop. You’re thankful that your skin isn’t blue or something.

 “I can’t help you but I won’t let Maryse hurt you. She’s worried about the Cup that’s all.”

 “I honestly don’t care. You Shadowhunters think you rule the world, but you’re all a bunch of idiots.” You take one of the many books you see in this room and throw it at Jace. He just moves, making the damn book hit the wall.

 “Don’t do that.”

 “Or what? Huh? You’ll put me in a prison cell? Fuck it! I’m not scared of you, Shadowhunter!” Yelling, you let a single tear roll down. “I don’t care.”

 “Shut up and listen.” He grabs your shoulders, forcing you to stop and stare at him. “Maryse is wrong and I know that. I already have my plans and they don’t include you being hurt.” The proximity makes you feel uncomfortable. “And I like your skin.”

 You would say something, but the guy with dark hair comes back, announcing that your bedroom is ready.

 Is Jace who takes you there, explaining that you can’t leave the bedroom until he comes to get you. You have no idea of what he’s planning, but by the tone of his voice, you can tell that he’s being honest.

 “Well, goodnight, (Y/N).”

 “Have a good night, Jace.”

 “Thanks.” He smiles and your heart skips a beat. It’s the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. Cleaning your throat, you try to keep this thought out of your mind. Jace is a Shadowhunter and you spent all your life hating Shadowhunters. You just can’t make an exception for him. Can you?

 “For what?” You ask in a low voice.

 “For saying my name.” After a few seconds staring at you, he turns around and walks away.

 Closing the door, you try to keep that smile out of your mind.

 Actually, you struggle to keep Jace out of your mind. But you fail miserable, and he just keeps coming back, teasing you in your dreams throughout the night.

Art & Music

Highschool! AU You x Yoongi

Rated: G fluffy fluff, slight angst

Word Count: 5091

A/N:  Been in a bit of a rut writing Lunatic and another story.  Had this dream a while ago and figured writing it would give you guys at least something to read while I’m still working on the mains.   

The first time Yoongi saw you at school he stared for an embarrassingly long time.  You were alone in one of the art rooms sitting at a pottery wheel.  He was simply passing by but the whir of the table had caught his attention.  Specks of wet and dry clay covered your smock, face and arms.  He’s still not sure why his first thought was that it was cute.  

After that time he found himself always walking slower through the art wing and looking out for you in the hallways.  It never failed to jolt his system every time he found what he was searching for.  He’d beat himself later on for getting so frazzled when he knew it was coming.  How stupid is it to be surprised by the thing you’re looking for?  

Your affection for him was much slower.  It was a gradual build up from nothing.  You started to get the feeling that you were being watched.  It would happen once or twice a day at school but you never could find the source.  It’s silly how you would put in more of an effort to your look in the morning.  You had also taken to being with your friends more often slightly afraid to be alone. 

A new semester begins and new schedules are memorized.  Yoongi has a study hall right after lunch that he knows will more than likely be spent in the music room.  The teachers all know that he spends most of his time there and will have no problem with the arrangement.  Still he decides he should show up on the first day.  

With even steps Yoongi saunters in and sits in the back.  He doesn’t expect to stay so why take a good seat.  With a long sigh he lays his head on the desk and waits for the teacher to come.  He listens to the room.  He pays attention to the sounds of each person entering the room and settling in.  

Two sets of footsteps enter and come close.  Two bags are set down what sounds like two spots to the left.  “I knew you’d want to sit in the back Y/N.  I’m sure you don’t expect to be here very often.”  A female voice softly deflates the hush of the room.  “Sorry to abandon you.”  A second pretty voice replies.  

Their words peak Yoongi’s interest a bit.  There is someone else in the school like him?  He never saw too many people in the music room out of schedule.  What could they be skipping out for?  Curiosity has him rolling his head to the side to see who it is.  

The shock through him almost knocks him right off the chair.  It was her.  There she was sitting two rows over with nothing but a desk in between.  This was the closest he’d been to his dream girl besides passing in the halls.  The proximity has his heart floundering in his chest.  

He’s trying to focus so hard on breathing normally and not passing out that he doesn’t notice the way he’s staring at her again.  You feel it right away.  That all too familiar feeling of being watched but it’s incredibly intense this time.  Your head whips in Yoongi’s direction to finally catch your culprit.  

Your stare meets his and time stops.  The both of you go wide eyed but just keep staring.  A silent mind battle wages between you.  It’s a sort of strange recognition.  You’ve been trying to find out who’s been watching you for months.  The look of shock and terror on the boys face you know it must be him.  It makes you feel as though you know who this is without knowing a single thing about him.

The tension instantly draws your friends attention to also look at Yoongi.  He doesn’t even bother to acknowledge her.  With the way you’re looking at him she knows who he is right away.  You tell her each time you get that feeling of being watched and she always tries to find who it is for you.

The teacher finally enters and breaks the connection.  She holds your attentions for a few opening remarks.   She calls names for attendance.  Now you both know each other’s full names and sort of what your voices sound like, or at least how you say “present.”   

Yoongi spends the rest of the period with his head buried in the desk wishing he could disappear.  The way you stared back made his stomach knot up.  You must know that he’s been watching you.  He can feel how red his cheeks are from embarrassment for ten whole minutes.     

Once the teacher was done speaking you and your friend Yuri spend the time texting.

(Yuri) That’s him right?  Your stalker?  

(You) I guess so.  Unless I look that scary today.    

(Yuri) Can’t believe Min Yoongi is your stalker.  

         You poor girl.

(You) Why?  What’s wrong with him?  

(Yuri) Nothing really.  

        Just some weird rumors.  

(You) Ugh. Like what?  

(Yuri) Kids quiet.  

        Music student who is always in the music wing.  

        He’s really into hip hop.  

        I even hear he’s secretly an underground rapper.

(You) Really? He doesn’t look that bad?  

(Yuri) Idk girl.  Just be careful.  

        He’s probably got like a gun or something.  Or in a gang.  

Since Yoongi has his head down you take the time to look him over.  He really didn’t look like he’d be in a gang or something like that.  His uniform was standard and unaltered.  He didn’t even have his ears pierced.  Without seeing his face well he looked pretty normal.  

After that day Yoongi never came back to the room.  He’d always make a beeline for the music rooms during that time.  He hoped that you would forget about the whole thing.  He even promised himself he’d try to stop staring at you.  Anything would be better than that look you gave him.  

Unfortunately for Yoongi quite the opposite happens.  Word travels fast in the school that he’s got a crush on you.  Yuri is your dear friend but she always does talk a bit too much.  She managed to blow Yoongi’s little secret into a school wide gossip in a matter of two days.  

Yoongi hates it.  He hates the way people look at him.  Some of them look at him like a creep while others obnoxiously giggle or tease him for it.  He’s always been good at blending into the background.  It’s uncomfortable being the focus of everyone around him.  Worst of all he hates the rigid silence that blankets a room or hall when the two of you are close to each other.    

The whole thing makes Yoongi furious.  He doesn’t know which of you started the rumor but he’s blaming both you and Yuri.  Even if you had nothing to do with starting the rumor he’s disappointed with the way you handle it.  The way you blatantly try to ignore him and avoid him even if you now know the truth.  A real confession hadn’t been made so obviously he wasn’t expecting an answer or for you to fall for him now.  He just wants you to maybe try to talk it out to help him explain his side and shut everyone up.  

Yoongi hates the situation so much he starts to hate you.  With everyone’s eyes on him he had to stop looking at you.  Over time his anger made him not want to look at you.  Even just the slightest glance in your direction got him fuming about it all over again.  It’s all your fault that his quiet lifestyle is shattered in bits.  

Your reaction to the whole thing is the exact opposite.  Despite Yuri’s warning you find yourself looking out for Yoongi.  At first you’re so embarrassed with the way people react that you avoid him.  Over time you get curious about him.  Since he’s not looking at you anymore it’s easy to watch him for a short time.  Sure he’s not strikingly handsome but he has nice enough features and pure milky white skin.  

It’s not his looks that drag you in but his mystery.  Why was he interested in you?  What about the other rumors?  What about his rapping?  You learn small things about him like how he’s really a good student and probably loves music as much as you love art.  

It all makes you want to reach out to him but it’s a little too late.  It’s been weeks since you found out it’s him and you haven’t said a word to him.  Though he certainly doesn’t make it easy for you to approach him.  These days he’s taken to glaring at you if you make eye contact.  That icy hard stare keeps you in your place.  

Perhaps you were wrong in thinking that he was watching you because he liked you.  Maybe he really did hate you for some reason.  Maybe Yuri is right and he’s planning your murder right now.  Those thoughts keep you from getting too close to your mystery man.  

Yoongi hates today.  No single day could possibly be worse than this day for the rest of his life.  He had a dream about you last night.  A simple dream about just talking to you.  Actual face to face talking like normal people with no one else to worry about.  It had been so nice that it tears him up.  He’s supposed to hate you but that had felt so right it made his resolve of anger waver.  

The whole morning at school he can’t stop thinking about that damn dream.  He can’t get it out of his head how pleasant it was and how wrong that is.  His biology test he’s sure he failed because he was daydreaming about how his own heart was feeling instead of labeling the anatomy of one.  

It goes on through each class all day until he’s given himself a migraine.  The study hall period finally comes and Yoongi is ready to nap away his problems in the music room.  When he gets there the teacher is giving someone a saxophone lesson of all things.  He tries the soundproof practice rooms but the honking of this beginner still makes his temples throb.  

He gets an idea but it’s not a good option at all.  Still he heads to the study hall room in hopes that you spent today in the art room.  Every head turns to look at Yoongi when he comes in the room.  It’s dead quiet like a ghost just appeared in the doorway.  The only good thing about this room is that you are not in it.  

He makes his way to the back trying to avoid all the eyes.  Just as he reaches his desk he notices it’s pushed together with the one next to it and yours.  A strange collection of objects are arranged across the surface.  Yoongi can tell they are set up in a specific pattern but he can’t figure it out.  

He groans and rubs at his throbbing temples.  With an annoyed grunt he clears all of the stuff off of his desk and piles it onto the back counter.  A few loud scrapes of the desk and chair legs across the floor grate through the room before Yoongi is settling back into his place.  He drops his head against the cool surface and thinks he can finally get some peace.  

Not even two minutes later he can hear the door open and two sets of footsteps coming toward the back.  They stop one desk away and pause.  “Min Yoongi what the hell?  Why did you move this stuff?”  Yuri asks close by.  Yoongi would consider ignoring her and pretending he’s asleep but he’s too angry and hates this girl just a bit too much to let it go.  

He picks up his head a few inches and gives Yuri his best death glare.  “Well why was your stuff on my desk?”  He spits back.  Yuri scoffs and throws back her own daggers.  “How is it your desk?  You’ve only sat in it once.  What are you even doing in here?”  She takes a step closer and puts her hands on her hips.  Yoongi takes brief notice of the panic in your eyes.  

“Doesn’t matter if I’ve only used it once I’m still entitled to my own desk.  And I was trying to get some rest so why don’t you be quiet and let me do that.”  Yuri is ready to retaliate again but the teacher cuts in.  “Kids don’t fight.  Yuri just take that other extra desk and leave him alone.”  Yoongi smirked and settled his head back down.  

Yuri huffs but steps away.  The other desk is a bit further away and instead of picking it up she starts to drag it slowly through the room.  The loud squeal of the legs against the floor and rattle of the top irks Yoongi to no end and he knows she’s doing it on purpose.  

Once the new desk has replaced Yoongi’s the girls set to work resetting the objects.  All the little sounds and soft chatter of their infrequent talking keep Yoongi on edge.  He gives up on trying to sleep but keeps his head lowered anyway.  

The time he has to daydream automatically goes back to his dream from the night.  It drives him crazy that you’re right next to him but his dream would never come true.  He fights so hard to resist the urge to look at you.  To try and see what you’re thinking.  

His will crumbles and he peeks open one eye.  It’s just in time to notice you picking up a notebook with an old dial telephone on top of it.  The receiver is left behind you on the counter and stuck under the pile of other things.  Yoongi watches in horror as you keep walking and pulling the cable farther and farther.  With a clatter of things crashing to the floor the receiver flies forward.  

It slings right past you and hits Yoongi in the thigh.  If it were any other day and any other person Yoongi would have barely flinched.  Today his nerves are simply too frayed to keep bottled in any longer.  

The receiver has barely hit the ground before he jumps out of his seat and turns on you.  His hands are balled into tight fists.  “What the hell is wrong with you?!”  He yells.  In one motion he picks up the receiver and closes the distance between you.  “Can’t you do one simple fucking thing right?!  All I asked is for some peace but I can never get that with you around!”  

Yoongi shakes the phone in your face with each point he makes.  He throws it to the desk, knocking over half the things you’ve reset.  His eyes never stop burning into yours and you don’t dare look away.

“Why are you even in here?  Can’t you do this shit in the fucking art room like a normal person?  Do you see me practicing my music in here?  Of course not!  You’re being a huge pain in the ass like usual!”

By that time the teacher has come to stand near by.  “Yoongi.  Let’s stop this now.”  The teacher says in a level tone.  He’s really glad she did.  The simple request diffuses his rant.  He slumps forward and heaves in and out deep breaths.  

Since he’s broken the eye contact you can look away.  Tears immediately slip down your cheeks and you spin around into Yuri’s open embrace.  Normally Yuri would’ve had some other things to say to Yoongi but even she is a bit shaken with how defiant and angry he is.    

Yoongi mutters a barely audible “Sorry” to no one in particular.  Then he grabs his bag and ducks out of the room.  He only gets halfway down the hall before the bell rings and students start to fill in around him.  The temptation to skip his next class is so strong but he thinks better of it.  He’s caused enough trouble for one day.  

It is his last class anyway and he can’t wait to get it over with.  It’s history class and the old man who teaches it drones on in a monotonous voice.  He makes it all too easy for Yoongi to mull over the stupid thing he’s just done.  

Why did he have to yell at her like that?  He really didn’t mean to be so upset.  Too many feelings are coursing through his mind.  He thought he hated her but it was just hate for how things had become.  Deep down he still had a crush on her and he knew it.  He has a crush on a girl and he made her cry.  Cursed in her face and made her cry.  Way to go.  

He’s even more glad now that the teacher had intervened.  If she hadn’t who knows what else he might have done or said.  Given enough time to rant he more than likely would’ve spilled all of his thoughts on her.  He would’ve told her how much he liked her and hated that the whole school teased him about it to the point that he thought he hated her.  

The last period finishes a lot faster than usual with his thoughts so preoccupied.  Yoongi drags himself through the halls to his homeroom class for the last ten minutes of the day.  They go over some upcoming events before the teacher dismisses them.  He starts to leave but she calls him to the front.  

She looks a bit upset and it worries him.  “Yoongi you have detention today.  Mrs. Jung said it was for threatening another student and using foul language.  Is that true?”  Yoongi groans.  Great another half an hour stuck here with his somber thoughts.  “Yes, Ma’am.”  He answers with a lowered head.  She’s more than shocked that he really did something like this.  “Yoongi dear is everything okay?  What happened?”  

Yoongi sighs and rubs the back of his neck.  He knows that it’s her job to care about these kinds of things but he really doesn’t want to explain this situation to her.  “It’s really nothing teacher.  I just had a bad dream last night and couldn’t sleep so I was in a bad mood.  I was trying to rest in study hall but someone woke me and I over reacted.  I promise it won’t happen again ma’am.”  

It takes a moment of her studying his face to be sure he’s telling the truth.  It’s not exactly a lie so it’s easy for him to make it believable.  “Alright.  Just please make sure you get some sleep tonight okay?”  She gives him a soft smile and finally let’s him go.  

Surprisingly Yoongi doesn’t spend the whole half an hour of detention thinking about his actions.  Even though that’s technically what he’s supposed to be doing here.  He’s had just about enough of facing his feelings for one day. 

A few days pass and word had spread quite quickly about their incident.  Students went back to giving Yoongi the cold shoulder and even making an effort to stay away from him.  Some students were really starting to believe that Yoongi had originally been staring at you because he hated you for some reason.       

The whole thing had really levelled you.  Until that point you believed that Yoongi was interested in you.  Despite everyone telling you to stay away, you couldn’t help but grow a little fond of him.  Then out of nowhere he insults you and makes you feel like garbage.  No one had ever been that angry with you before.  What could you possibly have done to make him hate you so much?

Friday comes and Yoongi couldn’t be happier.  The last few days have marginally mellowed out his stress.  He really needs two days holed up in his room with his music equipment to finish getting out his last bits of frustration.  

Homeroom ends and he heads to the music room.  He wants to borrow a certain audio mic for the hundredth time.  The music teacher has no problem at all loaning the mic to him.  Yoongi takes the case carefully and heads back out.  

He has to pass through the art wing to get to the exit but it barely registers until he’s already in it.  He passes an open door with the faint sounds of Epik High floating out into the hall.  Just like the first time the sound has him looking inside.  

There you are sitting at a high top desk.  The laptop in front of you runs an audio program that Yoongi knows all too well.  Every so often you change the screen to a video program linked to the audio.  It takes Yoongi a few minutes to realize that you are frustratedly trying to get the audio to play at the right time with the video but they aren’t syncing correctly.  That’s when he realizes he’s been staring again.  

Yoongi keeps telling himself to leave, that he’s being a total creep again but your little huffs of annoyance are keeping him rooted in place.  How dumb is he to be doing this again.  Standing here where all the trouble started thinking about how cute you are.

After ten full minutes of watching you struggle Yoongi decided it would be harmless to help you out quick and leave.  He steps just inside the doorway and clears his throat.  It doesn’t get your attention so he tries again.  “Excuse me?”  He asks softly with another stride forward.  

This time you lift your head and turn it slowly not wanting to tear your eyes away from the screen.  You thought about glaring at whoever was interrupting you but your annoyance dies with the sight of who it is.  You have to grab onto the table to keep yourself from falling off your stool.  

You panic.  What if he’s here to yell at you again?  What if he tries to hurt you or worse?  Is there anyone still in the building to hear you scream?  He is the last person you want to be alone with right now.  

“Sorry.  Didn’t mean to scare you.”  Yoongi says softly.  Your eyes grow even wider because wow it really is Min Yoongi standing here.  “I uh.  I saw you struggling with that.  Not that I was watching you or whatever.  Just heard the music on my way by.”  Yoongi speaks slowly and you miss most of what he says.  

You’re still frozen in place so he pauses to tilt his head and step a bit closer.  Did you just die of fright?  The lack of reaction let alone movement from you is making this so uncomfortable for Yoongi.  “Um.  Well anyway I know quite a bit about that program.  I could help you out if you wanted.  If not I can just go.  I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”  He rubs the back of his neck and takes a step back.  

Finally the gears in your head start to turn.  Did he really just offer to help you?  There was no yelling or cursing?  Is he leaving?  The last question startles you out of your stupor.  “Oh! Um. No you don’t have to go.  That’s really…nice of you to ask.”  You splutter.  Yoongi stops and waits for more of a go ahead.  

“Actually, yeah that would be great if you could help.  I’ve been stuck with this stupid problem for like two hours today and I can’t fix it for the life of me.”  Yoongi smiles a bit at your exasperated tone and maybe a bit because you agreed to him helping.  You can’t believe you just witnessed a smile on Yoongi’s face.

Yoongi takes the few more steps up to the desk.  “May I?”  He asks before you let him slide the computer closer to himself.  Right away he gets into the program and sets up what he needs.  Within minutes he’s fixed your problem with ease.  He even explains each step of it carefully to you for next time.  The height difference is a bit awkward with him standing and you in the stool just above his eye level.  

“Wow you made that look too easy.”  You say shaking your head.  “Nah.  That used to be a big problem for me too.  Just takes some practice with the system.”  Yoongi easily brushes off your insecurity.  “So this is a project for your art class I’m guessing?”  He asks.  That’s when your brain clicks again.  

“Oh!  Yes for um visual editing.  We had to make a stop motion video.”  You answer nervously because yes this was the class assignment but it was also for Yoongi.  Months ago when you thought he liked you, you started this project to give to him.  

“That’s cool.  Why this song though?  It’s my favorite.  You also like Epik High?”  Yoongi is truly curious about this.  “Yea they’re good.  I just thought it would go well with the images I had in mind.”  You answered while fiddling with your sleeves.  

That was mostly the truth.  The other truth being you’d never heard the song until the day you walked by the music room and heard Yoongi rapping to it.  That had been your turn to stare through the open door.  

“So are you finished with it now?  Could I see it if you don’t mind?”  Yoongi asks shyly.  Oh dear.  He wants to see the video?  I mean sure it’s supposed to be for him but you hadn’t prepared yourself to show it to him just yet.  Though in this situation it would be too weird to say no.  

“Yeah sure.  Let me know what you think.”  Your heart pounds in your chest as you start the finished video.  It starts perfectly with the music for the first time and you’re excited about that at least.  

Yoongi recognizes the objects in the video right away.  It’s all the things you had laid out on the desk that he ruined twice.  The filming made all those random things look like a small city.  It pans back to a cassette tape that breaks apart.  The tape film swirls up and turns into the silhouette of a sparrow that flies back down through the city and up toward the sky.  The camera pans back down over everything to show the city spells out FLY.  

The video ends and Yoongi is honestly in awe.  The whole thing is so beautifully done.  To have a special video to his favorite song like this is really incredible.  It made the feelings he has for you swell a little more in his chest.  “This is really incredible.  Honestly so creative.”  

You can’t keep back the blush of your cheeks from his compliments.  It made all of the hard work worth it.  Who cares about getting a good grade because Min Yoongi just told you your work is incredible.  

“Thanks.  I uh sort of made this for you anyway.”  You mumble towards the floor.  Why were you even confessing this?  Yoongi turns to you in surprise.  “For me?  What do you mean?”  He asks.  

You take in a deep breath and try to look at him but you just can’t.  It’s time to spill before your nerves can hold you back.  “A few months ago when everyone was telling me you liked me I really believed it.  I’m sorry I never said anything to you about it but everyone kept telling me to stay away from you.  That you had some secret life outside of school.  Like something silly with underground rapping and having a gun and oh god all kinds of ridiculous rumors.  They scared me off at first but I was also curious.  I think while I was trying to figure you out I started to like you.  I thought I could make this for you as a way to kind of break the ice or whatever.  One day after that I heard you rapping this song in the music room and I looked it up.  I put the whole thing together but then the other day you snapped at me.  I thought maybe you actually hated me and were planning my murder or something.  So anyway if you’re here now helping me out I guess you don’t hate me that much?”

Wow that was a lot.  It was a lot for Yoongi to take in and it was a lot for you let out.  “Wait, so you, like me?”  Yoongi asks after taking a long time to process the information.  “Uh, well yeah I guess I do.  Is that all you got out of that?”  You chuckle a bit and Yoongi blushes.  “No! No, I get everything.  I’m so flattered that you made this for me.  Honestly it’s the coolest thing anyone has ever done for me.”  You both smile

“And no, I don’t hate you.  Not at all.  Sure I thought I hated you for a while.  I don’t know what happened that one day I saw you in here making pottery and I just thought you were so cute.  I couldn’t stop thinking about you or watching you at school.  When you found out I was watching you and the whole school found out I was mortified.  I realized what a creep I had been for just watching you like that.  I don’t like being the center of attention and I was so annoyed with it all that I started blaming it on you.  Which is totally stupid.  That day I yelled at you I had a dream the night before about talking to you like this and I couldn’t sleep well after that.  I was grumpy and frustrated about my feelings.  It was stupid of me to take it out on you like that.  So thank you for still liking me after something like that.”  

Something peaceful and warm settles in the room.  All of the tensions between the two of you dissipate into thin air and are finally replaced with attraction.  “Well now that we know we like each other.  Would you agree to a date with me tomorrow?  Maybe a movie or something?”  Yoongi asks.  He looks you right in the eye.  He’s so full of courage now that everything is out in the open.  

“I think that would be great.”  Again you both smile.  The faraway longing and pining for each other now flourishing into a close connection.


anonymous asked:

steter, soulmates, ace - drabble? i'm in the mood for some high-quality steter ficcing after all the s6 gifsets but i know you're busy with exams tho so feel free to ignore =D

To celebrate the absolute shit essay I just handed in literally 20 seconds before it was due, as well as officially finishing all my exams and now I’m just sweating over waiting for the results, I give you this short blurby does-this-even-count-as-a-drabble-nope:

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[VKM Spec] The Gradual Deterioration of Yuuki’s and Yori’s Friendship

In the original Vampire Knight series, Yori was once Yuuki’s closest female friend as well as her roommate. Yori was never Yuuki’s best friend——that position was held by Zero——but she was the next most important after Zero.

Their friendship hit a rough patch after Yuuki became a vampire. Yori wanted to continue the friendship, but Yuuki put significant distance between herself and Yori both out of concern for Yori’s safety and because of Kaname’s eventual rampage. The original series ended with Yori putting more into the relationship than Yuuki.

As Vampire Knight Memories has unfolded, it’s become increasingly noticeable how absent Yuuki is from the important moments of Yori’s life. And by “absent” I mean “how little screentime Yuuki shares with Yori as the story progresses post-VK.” In fact, there are so few panels of Yuuki with Yori in VKM that I had to resort to using a panel from early Arc 2 for my teaser pic for this post!

I’d like to break down the process of disintegration that I believe Yori and Yuuki’s friendship goes through during VKM, from the first scene of VKM 1 until Yori’s death in VKM 1. I’d also like to speculate a little about the underlying causes for this unraveling of one of the only friendships Yuuki ever created. 

Warning: This is analysis is a bit on the depressing side, tread with care.

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Whose ready for resbang 2016? Not this chick really, but I mostly did it. Thanks to Caitlin for assuring me it mostly made sense, the mods for everything they do to make this event possible, Amanda and sigsegv for art that is far better than I deserve! Onwards to the fic.

No thanks to my device for making posting this fic on any platform I could get my hands on a Herculean task like fight me and fight me tumblr mobile for not letting me italicise or bold anything your killing my aesthetic I’m too tired for this I need a mug of hot chocolate. This is neither the first nor the last time I will cry over resbang and it going a little pear shaped on me but it’s here so please do forgive me for the disappointing aesthetic.


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anonymous asked:

i wanna ser the male shepherds fight each other for the chance to help robin apply her sunscreen.

Hello Anon. Have a nice long harem fic~

Your name: submit What is this?

You frown at your arms, as you notice that you’re starting to get a sunburn. You look around for some sunblock and see you don’t have any. You stand up and get out of your spot under your pink umbrella to see if anyone has what you’re looking for. You see Ricken seriously applying cream on himself. You walk up to him and ask if you can borrow his tube after he’s done.

“Sure!” he says happily. “I can put it on for you, if you want,” he adds, not quite looking you in the eyes.

“Okay, if that’s–”

“I’ve got her covered, tiny.” Gaius has an arm around your bare shoulders. “Come on, ______,” he whispers in your ear. “I’ve got some adult stuff with me…none of that kiddie lotion.”

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fenrirmitsuki  asked:

How about the companions reactions to the SS dancing with them, their ststyle of dance, and accompanying song they dance to.

Codsworth: He’s flattered, if a little confused. He doesn’t even have hands, not proper ones, but if the Sole is insistent on holding them, they sort of sway rhythmically. If it’s just a fun dance and they’re relaxed about it, Codsworth spins in circles while they dance around him.

Preston (romanced): He grins, pulling them close into a sort of cuddle-dance, very close together, with a lot of tripping feet because their legs are in such near proximity. Good thing, anyway, because he’s never had much of an opportunity to dance, and at least this way he’s got an excuse to be terrible.

Preston (normal): He smiles, sympathetically, because he knows the Sole would have danced before the war, maybe to the same music. But soon they’re both smiling, as the Sole brushes of their skills (or lack of) and snort-laughs whenever he steps on their feet.

Danse (romanced): There’s never been a use for dancing in the Brotherhood, but he kind of likes the idea of it when they offer. The first song that’s on is kind of slow, and the SS leads. He picks up on it quickly, and maybe he enjoys being dipped a little too much (until a slightly weaker Sole drops him.)

Danse (normal): He’s beet red the entire time, even as he finds it to be fun, because the song is disturbingly romantic. But the Sole is laughing and he’s happy that they’re smiling, so they carry on for a few songs.

John Hancock (romanced): He’s been waiting for them to ask for ages, laughing at their face as they decide. And when they do, it’s incredible. Hancock can make any song dirty. Any. They wonder whether that’s what he does when he’s high, make up disgusting (amazing) alternate lyrics, and practice dance moves to go along with it.

John Hancock (normal): He grins when they asks, the brightest smile, and practically drags them to him. They move loosely, quickly, with a lot of dizziness and laughing. In the end they trip over each other’s feet and land in a pile of giggling.

Piper (romanced): Piper knows how to dance, okay. But she doesn’t want to dance properly, not right now. She wraps her arms around their neck, and sways on the spot. More like swinging, really, just quiet and warm and happy with each other. She kisses them on the cheek when the song ends, feeling a little embarrassed, but more content.

Piper (normal): Piper is going to impress the heck out of the Sole, smirking when they offer a dance to her. She changes it to an upbeat song, and breaks out the moves that make her renowned at parties. Maybe renowned for the wrong reasons, just maybe, but the Sole still dances with her.

Dogmeat: He stands on his hind legs, paws awkwardly on their shoulders (or chest, depending on the Sole’s height), kind of occasionally hopping, licking their face and slobbering all over them.

Curie (romanced): At any other point, she’d want to learn properly, but the song is only so long and she’s just so happy that the Sole wants to dance with her. They’re moving in almost a kid’s version of dancing at first, holding hands, her twirling occasionally and jumping. Then they’re ten songs later, completely red faced, foreheads against each other’s, just spinning and humming.

Curie (normal): Dancing 101. She wants the full course. The Sole only has so much knowledge, and it gets to the point where they’re either making things up or teaching her the hokey cokey.

Maccready (romanced): Maccready’s a little worried. He wonders about their spouse, whether they have expectations, whether old world dancing is a load different, but in the end they both end up being complete dorks because Maccready is bright red and it’s adorable.

Maccready (normal): He sweeps them off their feet practically, with grand, awkward moves out of a trashy rom-com. The romantic music was too awkward to be normal with, so instead it’s two friends being so dramatic it’s comical to watch.

Strong: Strong doesn’t know what dancing is, and when he’s taught, he thinks it’s stupid. He humors the human, for like a minute, until they realize his hand is the literal size of their waist, and give up.

Nick Valentine (romanced ‘cause you all wanna bang the toaster): He’s a little worried at first, and his fans (it’s embarrassing) whir for a moment in his own little version of blushing. But he soon remembers the old Nick’s memories, the basic steps, until he decides he’ll try to make something just for them this time, this dance. They’re spinning and the Sole is turned upside down at one point.

Nick Valentine (normal): He smiles self-deprecatingly, wondering why they want to dance with him, but he relents. With his friend, it’s slower, and they chat in between, laughing when the Sole is intent on dipping him and twirling him. Friends is an odd concept, someone outside of work, but so far? Yeah, he loves it.

Deacon (romanced ‘cause you also want to bang the liar): It’s slow, which the SS never expected, and he has an odd look in his eyes as he watches them. Absolute love and warmth, a sense of something solid and real, and they laugh as he kisses their face all over.

Deacon (normal): The chicken dance. Stir the pot. All of the dad moves, all of them. At one point he tries to lift his leg and hop in some weird way, and falls flat on his face. The Sole ends up lying next to him, and he describes the way he learned each dance, and they’re fairly sure it’s all lies. Especially the brahmin part.

Cait (romanced): Cait would never admit it, but there’s a girlish giggle in her somewhere when they ask. She takes their hand, and even though the Sole doesn’t know it, they manage to bull their way through ballroom style somehow with minimal injury.

Cait (normal): Cait can do dance-club dancing, and not much else, and she teaches the Sole some of the new moves. She forgets her usual demeanor somewhere along the way, both of them red and sweaty and happy as they teach each other moves from their own era.

X6-88: No. If they do (somehow) convince him, it’s all very stiff and formal, with him a very dominant lead, but there’s a warmth in there somewhere, and the Sole would bet their life that he’s enjoying it.

leave the world behind

Fandom: Love Live!
Pairings: NicoMaki, side RinPana
Summary: Maybe magic does exist in this world. Maybe in songs, maybe in smiles. Nico, Maki, and a Walkman without a tape. Urban Fantasy AU.
Word Count: 7.8k
Notes: This year I had the greatest and grandest honor of being @nicotachi‘s LLuminati Secret Santa! Mon, you have no idea how happy I was when I saw your name. Hope your Christmas was (as the kids say) highkey lit 🔥  


It’s the kind of cold she feels in her bones — gray and gloomy, hard to breathe, throat-burning.

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Lipstick Kisses (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: It started with lipstick and ended with kiss.

“You don’t really have to give me an answer, not yet. Just let me be with you, at your side, like always?”

Ideally people would always like to make a great first impression and there are a number of ways to do that. Being caught with a lipstick almost crammed up your nose is not one of them.

“What are you doing?” The question’s followed by a soft giggle and Y/N’s staring up at a dark haired male not too much taller than her. He looks younger, but it could just be his baby face. His eyes are crescent shaped from the wide curve of his smile and she notices two things, first his teeth are really straight and white, and second, he has great lips for gloss and lipstick. But he’s a boy, the only thing she’ll be doing is using a smidgen of gloss and a lip stain when asked.

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WestAllen Fic: Boyscouts and Baby Giraffes

Title: Boyscouts and Baby Giraffes
Rating: E
Characters: Barry Allen, Iris West
Summary:I don’t know. Eight orgasms in twelve hours feels pretty romantic to me.” AU, Iris picks up a boy in a club and gets significantly more than she bargained for. 

Notes: This started as a short wee prompt fill for explicitlywestallen and spiraled into 5000+ words of smut. UR WELCOME.


Iris picks him because he’s the least threatening guy in the club.

She’s been watching him for half an hour, and all he does is hang out by the bar looking faintly puzzled by his surroundings. He’s a little baby faced and scruffily hipster, skinny jeans and chucks and a button down shirt, of all things, but he’s nice and tall, and every now and again one of his friends says something that makes him laugh and his whole face scrunches up into a big, easy grin that is off the charts levels of adorable and yes – Iris would happily get with that smile.

He’s there with two friends (one male, one female, neither of whom he appears to be romantically involved with), and he occasionally does this awkward little approximation of dancing which makes it clear this is not really his scene. She wonders which of his friends dragged him out tonight, and why.

Either way. She’s taking him home.

“That one,” she nudges Felicity.

“That one?” Felicity cranes her neck, “oh, the baby giraffe?”

“Baby giraffe?”

“He’s all legs and eyelashes.” Felicity pats her arm, encouragingly – and she kind of has a point about the legs. And the eyelashes. “It’s cute. He’s cute. Go for it. And if he turns out to be a creep text me and I’ll send Oliver over.”

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anonymous asked:

do u have any like hcs or cool thoughts on Trans girl Keith?? bc i like the idea of Keith as a Trans girl but haven't seen any meta on that hc

um! i dont have meta per se, because i dont think anything in canon points to it, its just a Feel i’ve got… and idk if my thoughts are especially Fun, but! i have A LOT TO SAY IM SORRY THIS GOT REALLY LONG

  • she kinda gradually figured it out in her like, mid-late teens? (i hc keith as 19) from being on sorta bad parts of the internet. like, there are a lot of trans girls who gradually find themselves through hanging out in fetishizing 4chan threads, unfortunately… i feel like she stumbled across that bc of going there for like, video game threads or whatever, i think practically everyone went to /b/ a couple times as a teenager just to see why people talk about it
  • she doesnt have “girly interests” really so it takes a long time to realize that her body dysphoria is still valid for being trans, and not just a “fetish” or something, the way people online treat it… meeting pidge was a big step in helping that worry
  • shes generally a really private person, so she feels like theres a strong divide between ‘boy keith’ and ‘girl keith’, and like ‘boy keith’ is genuine, but she’s not bigender, she’s a girl… she comes out really slowly, to one person at a time, once she feels like they know her well enough to really understand her as just a Person, not like, “a boy who does/likes x”
    • like, even if the other person is also trans or very accepting, it’s less about concern for Coming Out As Trans and more concern about being ‘vulnerable’ by letting them past the “quiet rough impatient pilot boy” version of her. she’s very private about a lot of things but gender ties into a lot of it because ‘boy keith’ is a standoffish public mode and ‘girl keith’ is a real self
  • she came out first to some online friends, most of whom are also trans; they probably met through some obscure embarrassing like, teen mechanics forum, or a video game fandom, and unknowingly stuck together as Future Trans Kids
  • the first person she came out to irl was shiro, when they were friends pre-kerberos; they hung out a lot doing stuff like dirtbike racing in the desert, and shiro was open about not really liking masculinity stuff, and keith felt a bit like shiro could tell there’s something Not Boy about keith but never treated her weirdly for it, so it felt safe to come out. obviously shiro was accepting and later decided he’s nb (tho i cant decide exactly what sort)
  • hunk was probably next? hunk is easy to talk to, i care a lot about him reaching out to keith, and tbh keith has kind of a crush on him… they spend a lot of time together in general (or at least, a lot by keith’s standards), so hunk noticed her feeling a little strange and stressed around pidge after pidge came out and asked why
  • keith has some inferiority trouble about pidge at first, because pidge Always Knew and is already transitioning, while keith figured it out “late” (teens is still young but you know how it feels) and in a “weird”/”gross” way and couldn’t imagine trying to come out to her foster family (they probably wouldve been.. well-meaning. theyd understand eventually but still be frustrating at first and probably tell her to wait to do hrt as an adult), and feels anxious about the fact that transitioning would be Visible and draw questions… she sees pidge as the Good and Real type of trans and herself as fake and gross. but after admitting this to hunk he assures her that it’s still valid and that pidge herself wouldnt think of someone else as fake or lesser for having a different process
  • so keith decides to come out to pidge and they gradually get closer and become really sisterly; it definitely reassures keith that neither of them are very femme and both have “male” interests. she learns some hacking and programming stuff from pidge, and helps pidge and hunk work on modifications to the lions and stuff
  • lance is last because… i love lance but he did not react very tastefully to pidge coming out, and, the way he interacts with keith specifically is really macho from the start. keith feels like she definitely has to be Boy Keith with lance all the time, because lance treats her as a Boy Rival. she tries to be friendly with lance (the cradling thing, which lance shut down and tbh that hurt her feelings because.. keith doesnt reach out a lot..) and they spend time in proximity because theyre both close to hunk, but it’s harder for keith to get very personal with lance, because of the macho antagonism stuff. 
  • but once shes out to everyone else it feels sort of frustrating and messy to be closeted with Just lance, especially like.. with the voltron mind link.. (i wish we had more info about how deep that goes, though.) so she decides to trust lance and try to take friendly initiative by coming out to him too. probably overly casually, or she maybe gave the others permission to start using she/her in front of lance finally. hes confused and kinda fumbles his reaction but apologizes quickly and thanks her for trusting him
  • akdjks this is so long already sorry so uhh allura and coran basically just find out by everyone else referring to keith differently (she doesnt have very strong one-on-one relationships with them yet, so it hasnt come up), and theyre cool with it
  • once she’s out to everyone she starts changing presentation gradually! because tbh so long as her teammates support her she doesnt have to care at all about human gender standards/impressions, or feel weird about strangers noticing changes
    • she actually cuts her hair shorter, rather than growing it out, because the mullet was kind of a dysphoria thing– maintaining a lazy shitty haircut because you dont know what you actually want to look like, or are afraid to pursue it
    • they find a way to synthesize hrt for her, for gradual body shape changes
    • she used to prefer to keep her arms/chest pretty covered, but knowing that people believe in her gender, and knowing shiro is nb and Mega Ripped, helps her comfort and she wears tanktops more
      • when she grows boob she is Free with it. does keith look like someone who would wear a bra, ever,
    • she doesnt like makeup that much because she doesnt like.. textures, or having to wash it off, but a bit of eyeliner and highlighter helps her look how she wants to. she just leaves it on for days. her skin isnt great and she wont let lance help with that bc not washing her face is her right

uhh!! i THINK thats it. thank you for asking and giving me an excuse to organize all of this, it helped me solidify a few details so im grateful!!

The One With The Scrabble

Rating: T

Word Count: 2,879

This next part of the Tayvin Friends Series is a little late, and I apologize. But I also would like to announce that there will be three more after this, leading all the way up to the six-month mark of August. Stay tuned…

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Glowing in the Dark

Chapter 1 Chapter 2

Rating: Teen probably

Pairing: Ben Solo/Reader

Summary: In the end, they were just two kids in love. (I’m really bad at summaries, enter for mind-numbing fluff) 

So this is basiclly an AU where Ben never went to the darkside because I love writing fluff more than I love breathing. Did I mention Ben is the biggest marshmallow in the galaxy?

The middle of the night, in her pitch black room, a floorboard creaked.

Floorboards never creak.

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anonymous asked:

I just recently ended up in hospital with a bad concussion and intense stomach pains, they still can't work out what is wrong with me. Any chance you could write some kind of sterek ficlet to cheer me up pls and thanks?

I’m sorry you’re not feeling well! I hope they find out what it is soon and you feel better! I also got these prompts so I hope that the combination of them will be fluffy and cheer you up a bit  ❤ ❤ ❤

This isn’t really a Married At First Sight AU, second anon– I kind of put my own spin on it, and I hope you like it! 

Five thousand dollars, Stiles thinks to himself, gripping the edge of the blanket. Derek takes off his shirt, his back muscles rippling, the tattoo between his shoulder blades shifting attractively. Proving Jackson wrong, Stiles thinks defiantly to himself.

And then Derek takes off his jeans, leaving him in these little tight black briefs that leave nothing to the imagination, and it’s all Stiles can do not to whimper.

Derek lifts the covers and gets in bed next to him, and Stiles thinks this was either the greatest or the worst idea of all time. Derek inches closer, reaches for him and Stiles– he won’t admit he squeaks, but the noise he makes is pretty high pitched. “What are you doing?”

“Cuddling.” Derek lifts his eyebrows. “If we don’t cuddle we won’t smell like each other, and then Jackson and the other werewolves will know that we’re not doing the program. That’s the point, isn’t it? To do this program and not fall in love?” 

Stiles sighs. “Fine.” 

Derek curls up next to him and Stiles reluctantly admits that they fit really well together. He feels very warm and secure in Derek’s arms, and Derek just smells so damn good, and of course Stiles had the bright idea to sleep in just his boxers as well so there’s miles and miles of bare skin just touching.

I’m not falling in love with Derek Hale, Stiles thinks to himself.

Derek closes his eyes, nuzzling closer, his head on Stiles’ chest, like he’s listening to Stiles’ heartbeat. 


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anonymous asked:

I was rewatching the second season of teen wolf and during the first episode when Jackson's nose is bleeding there were a couple of shots where you see the blood, but it looked a bit metalic. I'm wondering if Jackson was a fetal experiment (and since it was planned to lose Jackson) or if the Dread Doctors have been in Beacon Hill the whole time, but either no one noticed or they had their memories taken. What do you think?

Like I rambled on in this post a while back I think everyone could be a chimera/experiment. And I definitely think it’s very possible Jackson could be an experiment. 

Let’s look at the oddities

He was bitten by a werewolf but turned into a Kanima. 

They explain away this by the fact that he has issues with his birth parents and doesn’t really feel like he has an identity. Remember this is all speculation on their part. No one ever asked Jackson about this. We know from his wolfsbane hallucination that parentage is something that weighs on him, possibly something he fears.

We also get the stuff about “sometimes the shape you take reflects the person that you are”. Again, not really something concrete to base stuff on. A bit to “fairytale” for my liking.

We have Jackson mysteriously coming out of the lake in 2x01, and he also looks a bit zombie like when he stands on the shore after. We know the doctors seem to operate in close proximity to water since they have their lair at the water treatment plant (the same in Russia). Did Jackson incubate in water instead of a hole?

Jackson experienced weird hallucinations connected to scary looking medical equipment in season 1 when he went to see Dr Fenris.

Was this memories trying to resurface.? Or is it Peter’s memory of being experimented on?

Jackson is infected with wolfsbane poisoning after Derek jammed his claws in just like we’ve seen Peter, Scott and Theo do to access memories. We also know it can erase memories. Peter also messed with them at the video store in 1x05. After that Jackson seems to be under Peter’s control (or whoever controls Peter). He starts going after Allison, he’s affected by Peter’s howl in 1x07, falling to his knees and clutching it.

And they glowed faintly of bluish purple when Peter messed with them. Not the vibrant blue of the chimeras, but we know he had aconite poisoning - aka wolfsbane in his system. Peter is the closest we’ve been to someone resembling La Bete, which would suggest he’s affiliated with the dread doctors at the time, perhaps unwittingly. Did he “infect” Jackson also? Mark him as another candidate. Did the aconite poison in his body start a process of inducing supernatural abilities in him..? 

Is wolfsbane the secret “ingredient” the doctors use? 

Let’s see what Stiles’ research back in season 1 said about wolfsbane

Wolfsbane has long be ascribed with supernatural powers in the mythology relating to werewolves and other lycanthropes, used to either repel them or in some way induce their lycanthropic condition. Aconite was often an important ingredient in witches’ potions and brews. Aconite was also said to turn a person into a werewolf if it is worn, smelled or eaten.

Would you look at that? Used to induce lycanthropic condition. Could turn a person into a werewolf if worn, smelled or eaten.. How about that? Does it also work for other kinds of supernaturals I wonder? 

We know it can give hallucinations and that is exactly what the doctors seem to be able to inflict as well. Scott’s inhaler was full of it, making him weaker and easier for Theo/Liam to kill. But was it also beneficial for the doctors? I do wonder…  I wrote a lot about this possibility in this post

What about the snake Jackson hallucinated going in and coming out of him? Oroborous? 

And at one point he even thought he saw the beast alpha claws coming out of his mouth? Was Jackson a promising chimera? 

What I do find extremely interesting in hindsight is how Jackson’s parents died and how he was born. Because Erica dug up the insurance report and Jackson’s mom died 

Stiles: Whoa, look the dates. 
Erica: “Passengers arrived at the hospital DOA. The estimated time of death - 9:26 P.M., June 14, 1995.“ 
Stiles: Jackson’s birthday is June 15th. It means he was born after his mom died - by c - section. They had to pull him out of her dead body. 
Allison: So was it an accident or not? 
Stiles: The word all over the report is “inconclusive.”

So Jackson was cut out of his dead mom at least two and half hour after she died. And they ruled it inconclusive - meaning they perhaps wanted the parents dead, or out of the way. Could Jackson also possibly have been a fetal experiment? Malia was adopted, her birth mom tried to kill her and now wants to hill her again. Peter didn’t know she existed. Stiles’s mom went crazy, 

This was a very incoherent post and jumbled post, I could probably have organized this better. I do think it’s entirely possible that Jackson was experimented on. I even wonder if the stuff Deaton gave to inject him with in 2x08 wasn’t just to paralyze him, but to boost him further. It didn’t take him long to recover and he soon after Jackson went into another “incubation” evolving to something with wings.

So yeah, definitely possible :) 

I wish I had a title for this

I haven’t written fanfiction in so long (I was in high school I think so that was like, a millennium ago) but this one got stuck in my craw. It’s based on something similar that happened to me. Please be gentle. 

The reception room is too damn hot, she decides as she takes off her jacket. It’s the middle of summer, for god’s sake, and it feels just a few degrees cooler in the room than it does outside. Rae looks around the room and sees no one else is sharing her opinion. In fact, she watches as the receptionist (tiny thing, she is) starts to put on her cardigan and picks up a phone call, a visible shiver running through her. Rae feels like stripping a layer of her fat off and draping it around her tiny body. She then realizes what a weird thought that is and spends the next minute or two imagining Tiny wrapped in (what her mind concocted) was a bacon-like layer of Rae.
She sighs. If Tiny takes any longer, she’ll be late in meeting Finn and it’s annoying her a bit. So Rae discernibly stares at her while she fumbles with paperwork and prattles on the phone about a scheduling conflict. Rae’s eyes land on the receptionist name plate and then flit back to her face. So Tiny turns out to be Lucy, a lovely name that matches her well. She’s petite, her face small, her skin flawless, with a small chest she finds quite endearing on her small frame and the package causes Rae shuffles her feet nervously. Women like Lucy make her nervous still. Little real-life dolls that probably had a hoard of man-slaves to do her bidding and could easily decimate them with a flick of her eyelashes. Women like her made Rae feel she was an involuntary contestant in a beauty pageant; as if by being around Lucy, others would jump to compare every little thing, from the rolls on their body right down to the pores on their faces (or in Lucy’s case, lack of both).
Finally Lucy gets off the phone, looking slightly irritated and Rae heads towards her, pulling back the sleeves of her shirt just a bit. It’s too damn hot in here.
“Hiya, I’m here to see Finn. He’s been expecting me,” for some time now, she wants to add but no, she stays polite. Lucy looks at Rae from head to toe with such a condescending gander that Rae starts fidgeting. Lucy should not be allowed this type of power, Rae thinks to herself, but continues to wait until at last she says, “i’m sorry but Mr. Nelson doesn’t meet fans here. This is his place of work, please do not come here to bother him.”
Though she was indignant at the accusation, she was also a bit surprised to hear Finn had “fans”. He was a music producer and she’d never heard of record label producers having fans before. An unsettling feeling burrows in her belly. She shouldn’t be surprised, really. At 25, Finn Nelson had reached the ultimate peak of bangable. She was sure being in his general vicinity would have women wetting their knickers. A look from his eyes to yours was sure to get you pregnant. Twice. Hell, just thinking about him made Rae a little weak in the knees. (But that might be because she knew very well what he would do to her if he was in her vicinity and she knew as hell what those eyes did to her, good lord almighty).
It was those freckles, she was sure of it.
“No I’m not a fan. He’s expecting me, i said. My name is Rachel Earl.”
The receptionist gives her a withering look but checks the registry nonetheless. She was an adult now and finally getting used to using her full name. (or so she tells herself but there are times when she panics and feels like she needs an adult to help her only to discover she is, in fact, an adult). It sucks really, how being a grown-up sucks the life out of things. Even though once upon a time she hated the nickname Raemundo, she sort of longed for it now. She made a mental note to ring up Chop soon.
Tiny, pretty, perfect Lucy finally shakes her head and tells her no such name is written down.
“I’m going to ask you to leave please.”
Finally Rae gets annoyed.
“Listen,” Rae starts, and her eyes flash, “I dunno what part of ‘he’s expecting me’ you don’t get so how’s about you ring him up or something? He’ll settle this.”
Lucy rolls her eyes but after a soft look at Rae (from head to toe once again, jeez, was she a lez or something?) she leans in to whisper something at her. From such a close proximity, her flawless skin suddenly doesn’t look so flawless. She has quite a layer of foundation on and though Rae doesn’t doubt she’d still be quite pretty without it, suddenly it seems like a suit of armor, quite similar to Rae’s own and suddenly adorable, perfect, Tiny Lucy isn’t so menacing anymore.
“I know that Mr. Nelson is one hella of a bloke. Believe me, we all work with him and we all have fantasies of him going down on us so often that we get distracted from our work–” Rae blanches, her face scrunching up in disgust, “–but listen, the guy is married and absolutely gorgeous and by the way he talks of his wife, she must be stunning too.”
Lucy gives a dramatic sigh, as if the world was an unfair and cruel place and it was bearing down her shoulders. Meanwhile, Rae feels like someone’s kicked her in the boob. She wants to shake Lucy (but gently cause it looks a single shake might prattle her pretty little bones and leave her an invalid) and bombard her with questions. Since when was Finnley married? Why was Finnley married? To who was Finnley married? Certainly not to her and then she wonders if he counts living together the same as being married and it’s both a terrifying and exhilarating feeling.
The receptionist leans back and gives Rae a sympathetic look.
“If you’re going to pretend to be on the registry, at least get a name on the list. And anyway he’s a nice man but even he wouldn’t go for someone like you.”
Rae remembers a time when this little sentence would have floored her and devastated her. In fact, she feels a pang of it now, but it’s dull and blunt on her toughened skin. No, she was nowhere near recovered but she was proud to know she was well on her way and though what Lucy says is low and shitty (what an arse, Rae thinks) she’ll have the last laugh. She raises an eyebrow at the pretty receptionist and opens her mouth to say something but the elevator door opens and Finn makes a beeline towards her.
“Hey numsey, what took ya so long? Listen, we need to get going cause they’re already upstairs and they’re itching to record,” his words tumble out of his mouth and into her cheek as he kisses her, then turns, “Lucy, I’m not available for anyone for the next two hours, all right?”
Lucy nods, looking skeptically between Rae and Finn. Finally her eyes settle on Finn and she looks somewhat betrayed by him, as if he was not the kind of man she would expect to have a “side” woman. Not a woman like Rae. Especially not like Rae. Lucy looks timidly at Finn and leans in to whisper,
“What should i tell Mrs. Nelson when she arrives then, sir?”
Finn looks sheepish as he glimpses at Rae and he’s about to mumble something (endearing explanation, no doubt. An explanation that will earn him one hell of a price later on) but Rae hasn’t had her revenge yet.
“Lucy, is it? I don’t think we’ve been introduced properly.”
She holds out her hand.
“I’m Rachel Earl. Or as you know me around here, Mrs. Nelson.”
The receptionist pales as Rae smiles and follows Finn into the elevator.
Mrs. Nelson did have quite a ring to it.