and how his proximity does something to her even while she finds it weird




PREVIOUSLY: “‘Seeya tomorrow, partner.’ He grinned, walking away I took a few moments to compose myself before going to join Davey and Crutchie, all the while thinking if the way he’d been looking at me.”

A/N: this took so long oh dear,,,, sorry? i’ve been having some trouble lately. this is kind of boring, but i’m all about a good slow burn :) it’s not my best and i feel like it’s shorter too, but i’m working on planning out some of the upcoming parts so i don’t have as much trouble writing them. hope you enjoy !!


I spent that night Katherine’s again, but I was out the door before she was even awake. I used some of her more effective methods to pin up my hair and wrap my breasts, happy with the way it had turned out. When I got to the news stand they still hadn’t put up the headline, but many of the boys were already waiting. I spotted Crutchie and went over to him, sitting beside him. He smiled at me and slightly tipped his hat, making me grin back.

“This is gonna be hard,” he said quietly. “Now that I know youse can talk and I still can’t talk to ya.” I shrugged and gave him a sympathetic look. We sat in silence, watching as some of the other boys goofed off. Eventually, Crutchie had to get up to go settle a dispute between a few newsies. He was only gone for a minute before someone had sat down in his place.

“Mornin’ Mute, how’d ya sleep?” I looked up to find Race smirking down at me. I shrugged as a response, trying to keep my cheeks from going red. It was a lot damn harder not to get flustered around him now that he kept looking at me like I was his next meal. At least I knew my voice had no opportunity to betray me.

We both looked up as the rest of the boys began to remark about the headline. It was some story about a disease going around in a neighboring state, which was definitely something that could be sold easily. In line, Race took my money and paid for our papes together. As I walked by I could feel the Delanceys glaring at me and did my best to ignore it. I let out a small sigh of relief as Race and I headed out for the day.

We got a few buyers on our way to our usual area, all of them giving the same horrified expression as Race announced that a ‘deadly disease’ was ‘bound for New York.’ He grinned at me proudly every time he sold a pape and it was one of the most adorable things I’d ever seen. He was definitely doing it on purpose, he had to be.

“Buy a paper, Miss?” He asked an older woman passing by. She smiled kindly at us as I held out a paper to her. 

“Oh, I don’t know…” She definitely didn’t seem to want to buy one, but Race was persistent.

“Don’t ya want to read about the disease that’s been spreadin’?” He grinned charmingly. Her eyes widened and she handed him money quickly,grabbing the paper from my outstretched hand. As she walked away, I spotted a woman with a younger boy I assumed was her son. I walked over to them with papers in hand. By the time I was standing in front of them the woman was smiling kindly at me, but she was hesitant. I held the paper out to her, acting timid. She gave a confused look at my lack of words/

“My partner here,” Race walked up behind me, beginning to explain. “He can’t speak, and he cant afford an education ta learn dem fancy sign language, either.” The woman’s face contorted with pity as she glanced at her own son. 

“Here, take a dime,” she smiled at me. I took it slowly, pretending to stare at it in awe as she took the pape. Whenever we were in a situation like this I always acted like I was younger, and faked being surprised at any small act of kindness. It helped them feel like they’d done something good rather than fall for a trick, and that meant selling more papes.

“And that is why you are the perfect selling partner,” Race whispered from behind me. His breath was tickling my neck and I tried my best to keep my breathing normal at his close proximity. I would get used to this, eventually. I had to, otherwise I was in trouble.

We continued selling for the rest of the day, able to get ride of our papes pretty quickly by spreading stories of the disease that was ‘certain to be the cause of mass death in New York.’ When we finally sold the last pape, I was starving. From the way he stared longingly though the windows of restaurants and diners we passed, I could tell Race was too. I hit his arm to catch his attention and pointed at a stand selling fruits. he nodded and walked over while I waited for him.

He returned with two apples and we walked while eating them. Before we were done, we reached the alleyway that I had used to escape the Delancey brothers. Race had shown it to me on our very first day of selling together. We ducked into it and sat beside each other, leaning against one of the brick walls.

“Does it make this weird for you?” I blurted out while we were eating in silence. Race turned to me with a confused look and I sighed. “Me being a girl - does it make this weird for you?”

“Course not,” He smirked. I could tell in an instant that he was about to flirt with me again. in order to save my dignity, I spoke up again before he could.

“So it doesn’t change anything between us?” His smirk grew wider and even more cocky at my words, if even possible.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that.” He was leaning closer to me, and it was occurring to me that we were in an alley alone. And, really, how well did I know this boy? Definitely not well enough to be allowing him to get this close when there was no one around to hear if something happened.

“It’s getting dark,” I stood up, brushing off my pants. “We should be heading back.” I looked down to see him still sitting, slightly bewildered. I could understand why - a girl who blushed every time he grinned at her at just blatantly denied the chance of him kissing her. I felt guilt flood me at the thought of having led him on.

He stood up and we started walking, a rather uncomfortable silence falling between us. We made it all the way back to the lodge without saying a word. I was slightly worried that I had wounded his pride and he wouldn’t want to keep selling with me, but at the same time it was ridiculous of him to think that. He’d only even known that I was a girl for a little over a day. He didn’t know me at all, and it wasn’t like he’d been opening up to me while he still thought I was a boy. We were still basically strangers.

And strangers definitely should not be kissing in dark alleys all alone at night. Not as long as one of those strangers was me.




A Taste of Heaven

Character(s): Reader X Minhyuk, Dasom getting married to jooyoung (?) idk

Genre: fluff, romance, friendstolovers!au, smut

Warning(s): sweet talk?

Length: 6.8k

Summary: In which Lee Minhyuk causes you way more stress than you ever signed up for.

You first meet Lee Minhyuk in kindergarten, halfway through the year. He seems pretty nice upon first glance, smile a little too creepy but hey, it’s kindergarten. You figure he’s probably been sniffing too much Elmer’s glue or maybe he ate one of the plastic eggs from the housekeeping play section. All things aside, he’s still pretty nice. He has a rock collection and one of them is named Casserole which is coincidentally your favorite food and you have a pet leaf you’ve named Goat which makes Minhyuk giggle.

“Goat is a weird name,” he tells you between barely hidden snickers, fat fingers coming to cover his mouth as you both run to the slide on fumbling legs.

“Yeah, well, Casserole is a yummy food but rocks aren’t yummy. I would know. I tried eating one last year and mommy cried and took me to the doctor,” you inform him expertly as you climb the ladder up to the slide.

You beat him up the slide and a whoop leaves your mouth as you slide down, but Minhyuk’s smile is long gone when he lands on the wood chips behind you softly. His face scrunches up, reddening, and snot leaks from his nose as he blubbers something about ‘mean girls who are mean’ and runs away from you.

You don’t really care because he made fun of Goat’s name and what kind of person does that, honestly, but a little guilty feeling settles into your stomach when you see him sniffling during lunch, poking at his chicken nuggets.

So right after school ends, you go out front and pick him the prettiest rock from the playground, stumbling back on your little legs.

“Here,” you pant, dropping the rock on Minhyuk’s desk and bending over to hold your knees. “I got him for you. His name is Bleach because mommy yelled at me one time when i picked up a bottle and tried to drink it. Like how she got when I ate the rock.”

Minhyuk looks up at you, a little pout on his lips that slowly morphs into a beam that makes his eyes sparkle.

“Really? For me?” He asks, hands clasped together underneath his chin.

You nod, a little surge of relief flowing through you at the sight of his smile.

“Thanks! I’ll bring you a leaf and you can name it Bro because we can be bros now!”

You frown at him, shaking your head, “Bros is for brothers which are boys, but yuck, I’m not a boy.”

Minhyuk shakes his head vehemently, face pulled into a serious expression, “My mommy and daddy told me that those are gender erstro-stero-stereotypes.” He sticks his tongue out of his mouth as he enunciates the syllables.

“What’s that?” You ask, confusion marring your features.

“I don’t really know but they told me that it means that we can call each other whatever we want as long as it makes us happy,” he tells you with a thoughtful expression. “Oh! But not bad words! One time, my big brother, Kihyun, said a bad word and oooooh,” he does a little jig as he bounces on his toes. “My mommy got really mad at him.”

You nod solemnly at this, “My mommy said that “govnurnment” will find us if we say those words and that the sky might fall.”

Minhyuk gasps at this, one hand clutching his chest.

And thus begins your friendship with Lee Minhyuk.

It turns out he lives in the apartment down the hall from yours which means playdates every weekend which slowly turn into sleepovers. Your parents love him to the ends of the world and back and it’s a little infuriating.

In the third grade he sends you a note via some kid named Jooheon who has dimples so deep you could swim in them for days. 

The note reads, “I like u, do u like me, check yes or no (pls yes).”

You smack him on the playground and that’s the end of that.

In the seventh grade, Minhyuk fills out a little, still lanky, but now his legs are nicely proportioned to his torso and his smile is a little more bright and a little less creepy. Girls notice this too, but Minhyuk is still awkward around them, swerving three feet into the opposite direction when he spots a girl in proximity. You tease him endlessly about this, telling him he’s never going to find his love because he’ll be too busy running away from her.

Come the ninth grade, Minhyuk grows a little taller and suddenly becomes a little more cocky with the girls. This leaves a bitter taste in your mouth for some reason, and this taste only intensifies when he gets a girlfriend he spends most of his time with. She’s pretty, with a cute little nose and sharp, mono lidded eyes. Her smile is bright and cheery and matches Minhyuk’s in a way that makes your blood boil.

“Hi, I’m Seulgi!” She announces herself one rainy afternoon, Minhyuk’s arm wrapped loosely around her waist as she waves excitedly at you. “Minhyuk and I are dating and I know you two are best friends so I wanted introduce myself!”

Your eyes narrow at Minhyuk who looks somewhat nervous. “Dating?”

Minhyuk nods firmly at you, “Yeah, I asked her out today. No problem with that, right?”

Your heart twists a little uncomfortably in your chest and your stomach tightens. Nodding at Minhyuk and hastily sticking your water bottle into your bag, you shoot him a strained smile. “Of course it’s okay. Why wouldn’t it be okay? Everything is okay. In fact, everything is so okay I don’t remember what not okay is like. Ha. Ha.”

They break up a few months later but that weird feeling in your chest comes back every time you see her. Minhyuk doesn’t seem too heartbroken in all honesty and she ends up dating Jooheon a couple weeks after. He doesn’ even act all that surprised, truthfully.

You have a movie night at your house with ice cream and chicken nuggets because even ten years later, Minhyuk loves chicken nuggets. He leans into your shoulder and tells you it’s no big deal, because Seulgi “isn’t a mean person’. The night ends with you feeling even more confused because your heart still does the clenching thing when Minhyuk says her name but it also has started doing this weird skippy thing when he comes close to you and oh god when he hugs you goodnight you forget to breathe.

High school passes and you come to terms with the fact that Minhyuk has a nice smile that isn’t creepy and he has pretty hands and really pretty lips and a good, sweet personality and maybe, just maybe, you’ve somehow ended up liking Lee Minhyuk.

Maybe you like like him.

But Minhyuk is a little dense and never notices and you’re too terrified to tell him yourself because of that one time in the third grade you rejected him. So it just stays a secret. Except Minhyuk is the only one who can’t tell. And everyone else makes suggestive jokes and teases you about it. And Minhyuk still doesn’t know.

Getting over your best friend is hard and it’s even harder when it’s Minhyuk, especially when you both decide to go to the same college. So when he asks you to live together during that time, there’s not much you can say except yes because you’ve always been a little weak for Minhyuk.

Living with him is awful, you realize just a week later.

Now that there isn’t a whole apartment between the both of you, he just comes barrelling through your door at random times, screaming about who knows what. He also leaves his pants all over the place. Just his pants. They’re hanging off the lampshades sometimes or draping across the back of the sofa and one time you even find them dangling from the ceiling fan. Turn out, he just likes flinging his pants around the room because pants ‘constrict the creativity flow, which is essential for a lit major.’

It’s awful.

Sometimes he stumbles out of his room early in the morning, in boxers and a loose t-shirt and he mumbles a rough ‘good morning’ as he pours a cup of coffee. His voice is throaty, laced with tiredness and if you could physically bathe in it, you would. And sometimes he gets cold in his room as night so he pushes into yours with a blanket wrapped around his head and snuggles in next to you.

This is even more awful.

It’s a ride through hell.

Lee Minhyuk is your best friend of fifteen years and now, at the age of twenty, you refuse to develop any feelings for him.

This is easier said than done.

The situation isn’t helped when your older sister, Dasom, calls you to tell you that she’s getting married in a week, not two months.

“Minhyuk!” You call, following the smell of chicken nuggets to his room. He sits in the middle of his bed, blankets pooled at the foot of the bed while he dangles his head off the side, half a chicken nugget hanging out his mouth.

“Yes, cutie?” He replies, crooking his head as he stares at your upside-down form.

“Dasom’s getting married to Jooyoung in a week and mom wants you there. Your parents are coming, too,” you tell him, moving into his room.

“A week? I thought the wedding was in another two months!”

You roll your eyes, crossing your arms over your chest. “Right, well, I’m pretty sure something must have happened for the wedding to be pushed back. My mom called it ‘special circumstances’. My bet is that Dasom got pregnant.”

Minhyuk snorts, sitting up only to fall back and lay on his bed, “Yikes, sounds like this’ll be a fun wedding.”

A sinking feeling settles in the pit of your stomach as you move to sit next to him, resting your head on his shoulders. Another day of listening to your mother rant about how horrible Jooyoung is and your father’s irritated grumbles about Dasom’s future.

“Oh, come on,” Minhyuk says, jiggling his shoulder, “there’s no way it’ll be that bad. Weddings are supposed to be fun!”

You glare at him from where your head rests, eyes rolling up. “It won’t be. Jooyoung’s mom is rude and snobbish, and mom and dad think Jooyoung’s family isn’t good enough for ours.”

Minhyuk just nods sympathetically, grinning at you, “I think you should create a diversion.”

“A diversion?”

“Yeah, like you find something that’s so completely shocking neither family even has time to think about how much they hate each other.” Minhyuk nods to himself, as though commending himself on a plan well thought out.

You crinkle your nose, wracking your brain for an an idea when Minhyuk snaps his fingers, bringing his face close to yours with a proud smile.

“Pretend you’re dating me.”

It takes approximately five and a half seconds for the thought to sink into your head before you choke, hacking your way through profuse rejections and vehement denials.

“Oh, come on,” Minhyuk says, bouncing up and down a little, “it’s not like we have to stay together. This is purely for appearance’s sake.”

You nod agreeing with Minhyuk, because yes that makes total and absolute sense, but your heart also wrenches a little for some godforsaken reason.

You chalk it up to heartburn and for the rest of the day, you ignore the way your heart seems to swell whenever you’re around Minhyuk.

Minhyuk somehow forgets that weddings include formal wear, as in a suit, so six hours before the wedding you both shuffle out to the department store located one too many bus stops away. His justification is that university students have no reason to use suits and therefore “they are useless”.

Be that as it may, you refuse to show up at the wedding with him dressed in the suit he bought for high school graduation.

“So what color do I get?”

You sigh, rifling through the racks of suits, “Minhyuk just pick a simple suit.”

He seems to think that all suits are the same size because the first one he steps out of the dressing room in hangs embarrassingly over his frame. The sleeves fall over his lithe wrists, just the tips of his fingers poking out and the shoulders droop awkwardly. He looks like he’s mid-puberty.

You pinch the bridge of your nose, sighing. “Change of plans. I pick a suit and you wear it.”

Minhyuk nods as you pluck a black suit off one of the racks and pass it to him. “There are sizes, Minhyuk. That’s why I asked for your measurements.”

“That’s why I asked how to pick!”

You don’t even bother supplying him with a response, pushing him into one of the dressing rooms and turning to sit in one of the empty chairs near the big mirrors. Minhyuk grunts few times, complaining from inside the room about starchy fabrics and too tight collars as you laugh, inspecting your fingernails. A rack of ties hang beside you, colorful prints and dark, solid colors. You trace the tips of your finger over each tie, plucking out a soft pink one, satisfied with how well it matches with your dress.

The swish of the curtains swinging open is the first thing you register before you look up and oh-

Minhyuk stands, one hand pushed into his pocket, the other fiddling with the lapels of the suit jacket, one knee cocked. His brown hair is swept back from his face, tousled from what you assume are his fingers raking through it. He looks breathtaking and you gulp a little bit, voice caught in your throat for a moment.

“N-nice, you -you, you look nice.”

Minhyuk’s fingers graze over the fabric, his eyes locked on you, hints of a smirk playing at the corners of his lips. “You think so?”

You force back the impure thoughts budding in your mind and manage a stiff smile, sending him a wink. Minhyuk’s cheeks redden and he coughs into his fist, mumbling something about you being too cute for your own good. You’re not exactly sure why that makes you blush and fluster when you hear that but you spend the next ten minutes hacking up a lung while Minhyuk asks you if you’re okay.

You nod and it’s another day of ignoring the fact that Lee Minhyuk looks amazing in both sweatpants and a suit.

So when you get back home, you make a beeline for your bedroom, eyes refusing to grant Minhyuk any glances.

It’s stifling in your room, surrounded by the smell of Minhyuk’s cologne and mental flashes of his suit, the white collar of his dress shirt unbuttoned, fingers latching onto the tie to wriggle it loose.

You find it nearly impossible to rid yourself of the intrusive thoughts, flinging yourself into your bed. Solace comes in the form of your fingers sneaking down your jeans, pushing your panties aside as you rub at your folds, fingers flicking against your clit. Your eyes flutter shut as you arch your back, mouth opening in a silent moan, thoughts of Minhyuk running through your mind. His fingers pass fleetingly through, thoughts of how well those long fingers could work you open, pressing against all the right spots.

Your fingers twirl around the bundle of nerves, mind now delving into the ways his tongue could make you feel, swiping over your folds, pushing into you. You can picture him pressing you into the sheets, lips burning trails all over your body, leaving light hickeys on the unmarred skin, his voice raspier as he grunts into your ears. Minhyuk could fill you up so well, taking his time with making you feel good, leaving you writhing and satisfied. 

You imagine his face when he cums, mouth open and face twisted in an expression of pure ecstasy. It’s what finally has you unraveling around your own fingers, voice breathy as a whisper of his name slips through your lips.

You lie there in your bed, limp and spent for a good fifteen seconds before the weight of what you’ve done washes over you. Your cheeks burn with embarrassment of having just gotten off to the mere thoughts of your best friend, quickly wiping your fingers clean with the tissues on your bedside table.

A sudden loud rap comes from your door and Minhyuk’s voice wafts through, sugary and sweet. “Are you dressed yet? The wedding starts in about two hours.”

Your voice catches in your throat for a quick second, a garbled croak sounding from your lips first. “I-I mean almost!”

Minhyuk groans from the other side and you can almost picture the pout on his lips. “Well, hurry up!”

It takes you only a few minutes to slip on the dress, light pink and soft and airy, the most comfortable one you could find. You forsake the comfort of your feet, however, for high heels, teetering a little as you stand  from your chair.

Minhyuk’s hand is still shoved into his pocket when you step out, but this time his eyes are locked on the watch on his wrist as he stares at it intently, tapping his foot on the hardwood floor, little irritated clacks resonating. You clear your throat a little, eyes widening when you see that he’s cleaned up, swept the strands of his hair to the sides, the tie properly knotted around his neck, a small pink rose tucked into the pocket of his suit. Your breathing stutters a little and a silence follows, Minhyuk’s eyes widening as he looks at you, scanning your body up and down as he drags his tongue over his cracked lips in a quick swipe.

“H-hey, you look nice - like good- like really good, you look really good,” he stammers, rubbing the back of his neck shyly, the skin flaming a right red. Minhyuk clears his throat once, twice, holding out his elbow. “Shall we, m’lady?” He seems to be able to compose himself enough to step closer, instead, lacing your fingers together.

“It’s what real couples do,” he says when you glance at him inquisitively, but his cheeks are a telling pink as he looks away.

The moment your step into the church your eye lock on your mother, fanning herself with the wedding pamphlet in one hand, the other swishing a glass of red wine. Her face is twisted into an irritated expression, lips thin and wrinkled. Your father is slouched over the table, glasses perched low on the bridge of his nose as he traces the tip of his finger over the rim of his wineglass. He looks more glum than anything else, eyes occasionally flitting up to eye the white, lily-covered aisle and flower decorations with a heavy sigh.

“Minhyuk!” Your mother exclaims, face lighting up the second she sees him. She opens her arms wide, a smile splitting her frown, “I’ve missed you so much!”

Your father even seems happier, clapping Minhyuk on the back with enough force to nearly knock him over. “How’s college going, Minhyuk?”

“Oh, I’m sure he’s at the top of his class, just like in high school!” Your mother gushes, hands clasped together in happiness. Minhyuk just smiles, wrapping an arm around your mother’s waist and planting  a kiss on the crown of her head. She giggles, leaning into his shoulder.

Your cross your arms over your chest, eyebrows furrowed.

“Hi, mom. It’s me. Your daughter.”

Your mother spares you a glance before turning back to Minhyuk, “Yes, sweetheart, I know. Believe it or not, I was there when you were born.”

You barely have enough time to splutter back an offended reply before Dasom comes barging in, eyes glinting with anger, her dress swinging back and forth dangerously.

“Where are my calla lilies?” She nearly screams, shoving Minhyuk aside.

He stumbles, nearly crashing into the table as she huffs, slamming her hand down onto the table. A sort of fury ignites in your chest as you latch one of your hands onto Minhyuk’s elbow, tugging him close. “Hands off my boyfriend.”

Minhyuk looks back at you, his face unreadable.

Dasom’s expression shifts from anger to utter confusion as she turns to look at you, mouth open. “What did you say?”

The anger inside of you dwindles, your rash actions catching up to you. “Uh-I mean-uh”

“We’re dating.” Minhyuk announces, moving his elbow out of your hand to instead interlace your fingers together. “I’m here to provide support for my girlfriend’s family.”

Dasom chokes.

Minhyuk’s whisks you out of the church after that, calling out a cheerful ‘be right back!’ over his shoulder. You can hear your parents fumbling for words, half-finished sentences and garbled sounds.

When you go back in moments later, this time equipped with knowledge from google (how to fake a relationship), your parents are more composed. You mother is seated in one of the high stools, your father right next to her. Her legs are crossed, fingers wrapped around the stem of the wineglass, swishing the red liquid as she eyes you with a cold, calculated look.

“So,” she begins, the second you both step closer, “when did this happen?”

Minhyuk speaks up, one hand pressed against the small of your back, “We’ve been dating for about a month, but we didn’t want to make it a big deal.”

“Of course it’s a big deal,” your mother exclaims, the wine sloshing dangerously in the glass. She shifts her gaze to glare at you, “I can’t believe you kept the son-in-law of my dreams hidden from me all this time!”


She rolls her eyes, turning to look at your dad, “Do you see this? She kept this hidden for an entire month!”

Your father grunts a little, squaring his shoulders, “We all love Minhyuk sweetheart, why wouldn’t you just tell us?”

Minhyuk winks at your parents, greasy and playful, “I love you guys, too.”

“See,” your mother chimes, “there was absolutely no reason to keep him from us!”

You open your mouth to respond when the church doors fly open, a hot blast of air flying through the room.

Jooyoung’s mother stands there, sunglasses perched on her nose, designer bag swinging from the crook of her elbow. Minhyuk wraps an arm around your shoulders, rubbing the skin gently as he waves, voice cheerful.

“Hi hello!”

She tilts her head, peering at him over the top of her sunglasses before sniffing and strutting forwards.

“I’m the groom’s mother.”

An awkward silence follows.

“Ah, yes,” Minhyuk says, clearing his throat and smiling uncomfortably. You can practically see his inner struggle, desperately trying to impress. Minhyuk has always been like this, striving to make sure everyone likes him and please anyone he meets.

Your mother rolls her eyes, mumbling a quick greeting and darting away with your father as quickly as she can.

Another awkward silence follows.

“So,” Jooyoung’s mother  says, taking off her sunglasses and slipping them into her purse, turning to look at you “How are you?”

“I-I’m fine,” you croak, slightly intimidated. “Got a good job and moved into a new apartment and -”

“You’re so independent” she chimes, voice saccharine sweet. “It’s no wonder you haven’t found anyone yet!”

You choke a little, eyes widening and Minhyuk stiffens next to you.

“Actually,” he says, pressing himself a bit closer to you, “we’re dating.”

Your heart flutters a bit - just a bit- at his words, leaning into his warmth. Jooyoung’s mother regards him with a calculated look, eyes sweeping up and down his form.

Well,” she sighs, turning to look back at you, “if that’s the kind of man you wanted, you certainly got a good one.”

You’re not quite sure what to make of that but guests slowly begin filing in and Jooyoung moves to greet them all, shaking hands and casting smiles.

Jooyoung’s mother shuffles away, heels clacking loudly on the tiled floor as she hugs some of the people coming in.

“Wow, she seems really nice,” Minhyuk says dryly, mouth pulled into a wry smile.

Your mother appears next to you, lips pressed into a thin line. “She’s quite a piece of work isn’t she?”

Minhyuk’s eyes flash to her before he grins, planting a soft peck on your temple. “Don’t be sad, I’m here to make the perfect son-in-law for you!”

You don’t hear your mother’s reply because all the blood in your body is rushing to your face, the pounding of your heart beating too loudly in your ears. Lee Minhyuk’s lips are soft and feel like clouds pressed against you and his arm feels so incredibly secure, like they were meant to keep you safe, it’s hard to breathe now.


Your eyes snap back into focus as you feel Minhyuk’s elbow nudge you in the ribs softly, mumbling an intelligent “huh?”

You mother just sighs, pointing to the pews with a tired hand. Minhyuk guides you to your places, a warm and comforting presence. The wedding passes by in a blur; Dasom practically radiates beauty and Jooyoung clearly can’t stop smiling. They exchange vows and your eyes brim with tears as Dasom slips the ring onto his finger, overwhelmed with the sudden realization of your older sister moving onto the next chapter of her life. The tips of Minhyuk’s fingers brush underneath your eyes, sweeping the tears away. He wraps his hand around yours, rubbing comforting circles into the back of your hand with his thumb.

You unconsciously lean into the touch, reveling in the warmth his body provides against you, comforting and soothing. The smell wafting off of him is familiar, allowing you a sort of solace in this uncomfortable atmosphere.

Your mother shoots you a knowing glance, smiling surreptitiously and leans into your father’s side, whispering something.

The rest of the ceremony moves by just as quickly, the reception more or less bustling with people holding too many wine glasses.

Dasom and Jooyoung have their first dance and people slowly fall into a relaxed state, swaying to the soft music, arms wrapped around their partners.

“Hello, darlings,” Jooyoung’s mother says, sidling up next to you and eyeing your mother up and down. Her eyes convey irritation as she plasters a fake smile across her lips. “That shade does wonders for your wrinkles!” She says, gesturing towards your mother’s dress.

Your mother’s lips twitch as she brings the wine glass to her lips.

“My, that’s the eighth glass you’ve had since I’ve gotten here! I envy you and your daughter, not worried about what others may think!”

Her eyes narrowing, your mother clears her throat, bringing the glass down from her lips to ask, voice quiet, “And what exactly does that mean?”

Jooyoung’s mother sniffs, inspecting her fingernails, “Of course, I mean your obvious issue with alcohol, for lack of better word. Furthermore, I would never allow my child to cling to their partner in public in such a way, especially during someone else’s  wedding, but it’s wonderful that the both of you are so confident you don’t concern yourselves with anyone else.”

You feel yourself step back in shock, unprepared for the attack aimed your way. This time, your mother places the glass on the table, straightening her back and clasping her hands.

“I think,” she begins, voice eerily calm, “That it’s none of your concern what we do.”

Jooyoung’s mother crosses her arms, the leather of her purse dangerously hovering over her sharp diamond bracelet. “Well, of course it is. You’re family now.” She spits out the word like it’s venom, mouth wrinkling in distaste.

“Right,” Minhyuk interjects, coolly wrapping his arm around your waist again, fingers playing with the fabric of your dress. “Family. But auntie, is everything alright at home? Jooyoung told me about your … financial issues, and you know we’re always happy to help. After all, that’s what family is for.”

Jooyoung’s mother chokes a little, composure breaking as she stammers, “I-it’s fine. We have everything under complete control.” Her voice cracks a few times before she wobbles away, calling out for Jooyoung.

You and your mother stare at Minhyuk in awe as he plucks a mini quiche off a platter and pops it into his mouth, chewing happily.

“Financial troubles?” Your mother croaks, eyes wide. “Since when?”

“Not sure,” Minhyuk says around the food in his mouth, munching noisily. “That,” he swallows the last of the quiche, sticking up his index finger, “Was a shot in the dark.”

“A shot in the dark,” your mother repeats slowly, as if mulling over the words. “You didn’t know if it was true?”

“Nah,” he says, shrugging his shoulders, “but she was clearly on edge all throughout the wedding and what kind of mom wears more expensive clothing than her son on his wedding day? Only a mom that felt insecure about her finances.”

A stunned silence follows.

“Well,” your mother says, standing from her chair, teetering a little bit, “I’m going to go get another drink, because I need it if I’m supposed to survive this wedding.”

She hobbles away, swaying a little and nearly crashing into one of the waiters as she searches for the open bar.

Minhyuk chuckles by your shoulder, puffs of air hitting the side of your neck, “Told you I’d be a good buffer.”

You turn to face him, mouth open and ready to fire back a reply but he’s staring down at you, eyes twinkling and lips curved into the sweetest smile and the words somehow get caught in your throat.

“May I have this dance?” He asks, offering his hand, and grazing the tip of his nose over yours.

Words aren’t needed as you slip your hand into his, nodding with a shy smile. Minhyuk’s hand feels secure and safe as he pulls you close, slipping them down to hold your waist.

“So,” he says, smiling as you wrap your hands around his shoulders, “seems like they bought the whole thing, huh?”

You frown, steps faltering, “What do you mean?”

“Our relationship.”


A sort of wrenching feeling builds in your chest, similar to how you felt when Seulgi announced she was dating him and at this point you’ve accepted your feelings for Minhyuk because, really, there’s no way out.

“But,” he says, pressing his forehead against yours, “You don’t seem all that happy.”

You square your shoulders, jaw setting. 

Right. Be an adult. Rip the bandaid off. Get it over with.

“Minhyuk,” you sigh, eyes locked on the collar of his shirt, “I-”

“A hypothetical,” he interrupts, this time slight panic laced into his eyes, “What if, hypothetically, I actually wanted to be your date for once and I just did this so that you’d give me a chance?”


“And, hypothetically, I like it when you take care of me so I purposefully depend on you?”


“And maybe, just hypothetically, what if I said I’ve liked you since the third grade? So,” he scratches the back of his neck, laughing awkwardly, “If I said that, would we keep pretending or could we actually start dating? Hypothetically.”

You blink.


This time Minhyuk groans in exasperation. “Oh my god, you don’t get it. I like you.”

“You what.”

“Like you.”

“Like you like me? I know you like me; we’ve been friends for years, Minhyuk.”

“No, like I like you like you.”

This new piece of information takes about three minutes for you to process during which almost eighty different emotions pass over Minhyuk’s face.

It finally hits you and your legs shake as you take a step back, “W-what?”

The world suddenly becomes all wavy and Minhyuk’s arm slips around your waist, catching you as your knees nearly buckle. “What do you think?”

Your arms slip back around his neck, searching for balance and he’s so close, so incredibly close, his lips ghosting over your own and before you realize it, your eyes have slid shut, lips parting.

Fuck it, you’ve waited for this for years.

You forget everything, the family stress, the people around you, the piles of work you have left at home, and focus solely on what you’ve thought about for years.

Minhyuk’s lips press against yours with the softest of touches and nothing you’ve imagined could have prepared you for this moment, lips tingling, fingers flying to latch onto his shoulders, drawing him closer. Minhyuk’s lips are made of fireworks and coming home, he’s the comfort you’ve always needed and the sunshine you so desperately crave. He tilts, his head, lips leaving your for a split second as he gulps in air, a whisper of your name slipping past his lips. You only grow more desperate for his touch, leaning into him, fingers scrabbling for purchase as they drag at his shoulders.

“I’m guessing that’s a yes?” He laughs when your lips part, foreheads still pressed against each other’s.

You can almost physically feel his warmth squeezing through the cracks of uncertainty in your heart as you nod, a smile spreading over your lips.


Minhyuk has a hard time keeping his hands to himself. You discover this on your hasty car ride back home, as you both quickly bid your parents goodbye, quick pecks on the cheek and surprised hugs thrown your way.

His hand rests on your bare knee as he drives, his shirt popped open a few button, tie loose and hanging around his neck.

“Minhyuk, move.”

“No. I like my hand there.”

Correction. He just doesn’t like keeping his hands to himself.

“Something wrong with it,” he pauses, almost contemplatively, before a slow grin spreads across his face, “baby?”


“Baby,” he says, this time the smirk on his face much too prominent.




He smiles, tilting his head, “So you like being called baby.”

You cross your arms over your chest and glare at him, but he seems unaffected.

“You looked really pretty today, baby.”

A minute of silence goes by.

“So pretty, baby.”

“Never speak to me again, Lee Minhyuk.”

Minhyuk’s lips are pressed against yours the moment you both step into the apartment, fumbling to take off your shoes, you heels catching on the edge of the rug as you stumble.

His hands roam, pressing into your sides and tugging your body close as he stumbles into the living room.

“You’re so pretty, baby,” he whispers, hands burning as they pull you into the bedroom, shifting to the back of your dress to fiddle with the zipper.

You sigh, voice catching in your throat as your body lands on the messy sheets, “You–you looked pretty good, too.”

He grins, lips curving against the column of your neck. “I noticed you liked the suit, baby.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

Minhyuk just shoots you a cheeky grin, fiddling with the clasp of your bra, “I saw your face when I came out of that dressing room. Admit it, you think it’s hot.” He smiles when the bra finally unclasps, falling from your shoulder

You roll your eyes, locking your legs around his waist and drawing him closer. “I think,” you huff, rolling your hips up to meet his, seeking relief from the lust that’s building inside of you, “that you need to talk a little less.”

Minhyuk’s finger’s move up to pop another shirt button, smile widening when he hears you draw in a sharp intake of air. “You sure this isn’t making you wet, baby?”

“Minhyuk,” you whine, fingers making their way up to his shirt to unbutton it, irritated with how long he’s taking, “shut up already.”

He just giggles, his lithe fingers trapping both of your wrists and pressing a kiss to each before he leans back down, pressing your wrists against the sheets, to kiss you again. His hands move down your frame, ghosting over your nipples and leaving goosebumps in their wake.

Minhyuk’s lips move to your neck, biting down on your collar bones and licking lightly up the side. Your fingers weave back into the strands of his hair, tugging him closer as he groans against your neck, rolling his hips down t meet yours.

“Thought about this for too long,” he pants, hands sliding down to tug at your panties, “wanted you for so long.”

Your words catch as a moan spills past your lips, pleasure coursing through your body as Minhyuk’s fingers trail up your folds, flicking your clit and sliding into you with ease. “I – ah – m-me too, Minhyuk, yes, me too.”

His fingers curl inside of you, pressing against your walls and dragging out the moans coursing past your lips that threaten to grow so loud you’ll receive noise complaints in the morning.

“What do you mean, baby?” He asks, breathless as he pumps his fingers into you, “You thought of me like this? Thought of me making you needy and desperate? Like the good girl you are?” His voice is laced with shock, eyes staring into yours with mild disbelief.

Your body squirms, hips lifting to try and rock back against his fingers. “Fuck yes, Minhyuk, so please please please –”

“Not so fast,” he interrupts you, his fingers slowing down to an agonizing pace. “What did you think of, baby?”

Please, Minhyuk,” you nearly sob as his fingers push into you again, reaching spots you never could and pressing them in all the right ways.

“No. Tell me what you thought about.”

Your body twitches underneath his as you surrender, too weak to try and argue. “Thought about your fingers, how they’d feel, and your lips and the way you’d fuck me so good, fuck, Minhyuk, I know you’d make me feel so good,” you mewl, fingers clawing thin red stripes into his bare shoulders as he shrugs his dress shirt off.

Minhyuk groans, eyes burning a darker shade as he brings his lips back down to yours, teeth clacking messily, too much tongue, but it feels so damn good.

“So,” he pants, “perfect,” his fingers pull out of you, “for”, he rolls on a condom, “me.”

Minhyuk likes taking his time, Like winding you up, making you more whiny and desperate for him. He pushes into you with a low groan, his pace slow and steady. Your toes curl and your eyes roll back as he brings his thumb down to rub at your clit, satisfied at the half-scream that spills from your lips.

His thrusts aren’t enough, though, just shy of exactly where you need him, so you wrap your legs around his waist, tugging him closer and hissing a stuttered “faster”.

Minhyuk kisses you, harsh and desperate, and when he pulls away, he sucks your lower lip into his mouth, watching with satisfaction as he releases it and it pops back into its place. His eyes rake over your face appreciatively, watching the delirium that slowly takes over your body as you writhe against him, drawing him closer, begging for more.

“You’re just so fucking gorgeous, baby,” he groans, snapping his hips and pressing hot, openmouthed kisses against your jaw. “You’re so perfect.”

You can only moan in response, nails dragging up his shoulders and raking over the nape of his neck.

“And,” he hisses, angling his hips a little differently, “You’re even perfect when you’re like this, pretty and wet all over my cock.”

“Fu-fuck, Minhyuk fuck,” you sob, words coming out in little broken cries as he snaps into you with newfound force. “S-so good, yes, more.”

You can faintly hear the sound of the headboard slamming against the wall, but everything disappears and all you can focus on is Minhyuk’s lips and his hands and the way he fucks into you.

Your body convulses underneath his as a scream is ripped from your throat, Minhyuk’s name slipping past your lips and it’s so, so hard to focus when his sinful lips are dragging over your body, red blotches littering the already marked skin.

“Come on, baby,” he whispers, rubbing his thumb over your clit, “cum for me. Cum over my cock like the pretty little girl you are.”

It’s what finally has your back arching, jaw slack as a harsh scream slips past your lips, eyes rolling back. Minhyuk’s thrusts grow more erratic before he releases into you with a low ‘fuck’. There’s a moment of pure silence as he noses into your neck, steadying his breathing. He sighs, pressing soft, lazy kisses against your forehead as he relaxes, your legs falling from his shoulder, body already sore.

You feel your body go limp as he pulls out of you with a low hiss, rolling the condom off his length to throw it out. Minhyuk flings himself into the space next to you, one arm thrown over your waist, his legs immediately moving to tangle with yours.

“So,” he whispers, peeling back the strands of hair that have plastered themselves to your face, “I hear you like me.”

You snort, nuzzling into his chest, “Heard you like me, too.”

Minhyuk just hums, practically molding himself to you and your arms find their way around him being living with Lee Minhyuk is ride through hell but being with him is a taste of heaven.

A/N: hi helo this was weird 2 write but i realize that i rlly like writing for minhyuk bc hes such a gr8 person i now stan minhyuk buhbye also wats a casserole google wont give me an answer

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[Anon] Please write a Minhyuk fluffy smut? I need more of this! It’s so hard to find 😭


Not The One - Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request - “ do ya mind writing one either about jeff being good/best friends with the reader & he’s drunk in a party so girls try to flirt but he simply says they’re not the reader & starts looking for her or the reader confesses she likes him but he leaves for some time bcos he doesn’t know how to react but comes back & kisses her passionately “

“I’m just really not sure, Jeff, i mean there’s going to be so many people and it’ll be crowded as hell, the weather is meant to be bad, anyways.” You sighed, walking down the hall in front of your best friend Jeff.

“Remember that time you called me at 3am because Buttons was throwing up everywhere, and i came to help you and you said you owed me? I’d like to cash in that favour, please.” Jeff smirked.

“For some stupid party? Why?”

Then, he got down on his knees and flashed you the puppy dog face which he knew you couldn’t resist. “Pweasee.”

“Get up!” You grabbed his arms and pulled him up. “You’re so dramatic.”

“Is that a yes?”

“If that means you’ll stop drawing attention to us.” You said through gritted teeth, dragging him along next to you. He gave a starlit smile indicating he was over the moon.


Just like you’d expected, the place was crowded and the suffocating stench of alcohol and hormones permeated everywhere. Jeff had arrived before you, so you decided the first plan of action was to find him.

You spotted him leaning on a cabinet in the corner talking to a girl. The dazed look indicated that he was already pissed, you weren’t sure you wanted to talk to him until you’d had a little alcohol yourself. So you headed to the bar and poured your drink of choice.

“Y/N! You made it!” A few drinks later Jeff was staggering up to you. He put his hand on the counter beside you, cornering you in with his close proximity and smelling strongly of Tequila. You, yourself we’re feeling tipsy so this wasn’t an issue, and if you were honest, sober you wouldn’t have minded much either.

“Steady there, Jeff.” You giggled, gripping his arm to centre him.

“You look very pretty.” He slurred in a somewhat whisper. He was close enough that you could hear.

“Don’t I always?” You joked.

“Yes, but I don’t always tell you because… I’m shy.” He chuckled in that drunk way.

“You’re silly.”

“I know.”

“We’ve been best friends for an eternity, you shouldn’t be shy in front of me.” You reached up and touched his hair absentmindedly.

“You wouldn’t understand…” He trailed off, his head lulling and landing on your shoulder.

“I think you may even be drunker than me.” You snorted, supporting his head with your hands. “Jeff there’s something I need to tell you…”

He snapped his head up, as though a lightbulb lit up above him. “I never spoke to Zach!”

You laughed at him once more, concealing the hurt that he’d just ignored you entirely and tapped his shoulder with a ‘go find Zach’, before he sauntered off through the people to find his friend.

Jeff had become scared that you’d say something he didn’t want to hear, and his reflex was to run away, he needed to come up with a game plan. Zach was always happy to help him. However, Jeff lost his train of thought halfway through the house, and found himself stopped by one brunette girl who’s name he couldn’t put his finger on.

“Hey Jeff.” She swooned. “Looking good.”

“Thank you.” He smiled, not one to be rude.

“So, how have you been recently?”

The conversation was menial, and Jeff’s memory for it was gone up until they both ended up sat on a couch outside. By then, he’d been joined by two more girls, a blonde, and one who he remembered may have been called G/N.

“That shirt really does suit you.” The original brunette purred, casually throwing a leg over his.

He looked confused down at the limb, but honestly, still didn’t think much of it.

G/N had shot her a dirty look, while the blonde tried nearing Jeff on the other side of the sofa.

“I’m gonna be honest Jeff. I think you’re so hot and… I really like you.” The brunette stroked his jaw.

“Hey!” G/N screeched. “I thought we agreed I was gonna get him tonight?” Meanwhile the blonde still edged even closer.

“Look, girls…” Jeff started, trying to gather his thoughts. “I’m flattered, but I sort of like someone else…”

And with the protesting moans of the three girls, he stood up and moved in the direction of the house, on the hunt for the girl he really wanted.

“Jeff!” The blonde girl ran up behind him. “I get it. But we can just make out or… something else…” she pulled at his shirt collar.

He moved her hand simply and deadpanned; “You’re not Y/N.”

“Y/N?!” she spat with disgust. But Jeff didn’t hear the rest, for he’d already left her behind.

That’s when he saw you. He’d sobered since you’d last spoken (not entirely, of course) and although he’d be too scared to do this stone cold, he was clear in what he was doing. You were dancing by yourself in the middle of an almost empty room, as most of its occupants had migrated to bedrooms. Carefree, gorgeous, and totally independent, he was reminded of all the reasons he’d fallen for you in the first place.

You saw him, and lifted your hand in a wave. Except, he’d sped over to you, taken that hand in his, and collided his lips with yours.

You’d expected him to taste of Tequila and forgotten nights of the past not to be revisited, but instead his flavour was of raspberry sorbet- sweet and tangy and you just wanted more, more, more. Your fingers tangled up into his hair, matted slightly by spilt beer but otherwise smooth and clean. His found the small of your back and your waist. The poppy music in the background slowed and muted as though you were hearing it underwater, all your senses utterly overtaken by this earth shattering kiss.

Every time you’d dreamed this, you’d expected there to be some discourse over the fact he was your best friend and it was weird, but everything fit. It didn’t feel wrong at all. It felt like finally, you’d both found your missing half.

When, after god knows how long, you finally broke apart, your forehead found his and your two contrasting gasps for breath filled the space.

“Wow.” You only just got out. You were drunk. Not from the alcohol, but from Jeff.

“In case you haven’t guessed, I’ve wanted to do that for a while.” He chuckled breathlessly, still gripping your waist with one hand, tucking hair behind your ear with the other. “Even after I had to clean up Buttons’ vomit at 3am.”

“Me too. Forever.” You grinned, as you and Jeff basked in each other’s adoration, and the feeling of something dormant finally coming into bloom.

The End of a Dream (1/1)

Rating: M

Killian and Emma have to wake up in the aftermath of the Wish Realm.

He hasn’t let go of her hand.

From the moment Gideon’s spell lifted and Hook’s arms wrapped around her: hook into hip and chin on forehead, warmth and leather bleeding through around her singing safe-safe-safe into her skin, he hasn’t let her go.

He kept their fingers clasped as she hugged her father, as she held her son. He walked with her to thank August, standing silently beside her metal warming under her grasp.

It’s not like she’s in a huge rush to let him go either.

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anonymous asked:

for your kissing prompt: can you please write 3, 9, 17 or 19 for shieldshock?

i don’t know who you are, nonny, but you got a hell of a prompt fill. here, enjoy a full-blown fic. i couldn’t resist.

@ragwitch, you deserve all the credit for this one. couldn’t have done it without you, bb.

The first time Steve found the amaranth she’d sewn into the lining of his uniform, Darcy almost spit her coffee across the kitchen. He didn’t seem to know what it was; his nose screwed up adorably as he sniffed at it curiously. When he turned to Tony, loudly asking what the plant stuffed in his suit was, she panicked. Her first instinct was to flee the room, but that would be too suspicious, so she stared into her cup of coffee instead.

As she stared into the swirling steam, Darcy’s ears ached with the strain of trying to hear the entire conversation. Their voices rose—Tony was loudly denying that he’d messed with Steve’s suit, saying he would never take a prank so far, would never endanger a teammate—and she closed her eyes in pain. All she’d wanted to do was keep Steve safe out in the field, keep him from getting killed; she’d never wanted to create strife between the two of them.

With an excruciating awareness of the heavy silence now permeating the room, Darcy gulped down her coffee, choking back the scalding liquid. She didn’t dare look up—there was no way she was going to draw attention to herself. Until Steve addressed her directly, and then her eyes rose to his, almost unwillingly. He looked confused, but not suspicious. A little knot eased in her stomach as she realized that her secret was safe.

His eyebrows furrowed, and she realized that he’d been speaking to her. “Sorry, what?” she asked, setting down her coffee cup with a little too much force.

Tony snorted as he passed her on his way to the coffee pot. “You’re worse than I am with the caffeine, Double D.”

Steve ignored him. “I was wondering if you knew what this was,” he said, showing her the grain he had crumbled in his fist. With a pounding heart, Darcy reached out to brush a finger across the amaranth—bulletproof, she reminded herself, the deception was worth it—and tried to ignore the rough warmth of his skin, or the way it felt against hers.

She hummed noncommittally and withdrew her hand. “Maybe Clint would know?” she suggested, throwing the other troublemaker under the bus and trying not to think about all the negative karma she had coming her way. “He has a farm, right?”

Steve’s grin was bright and genuine. “You’re right, Darce. Thanks.” Guilt twisted and churned in her gut, and she poured the coffee out in the sink. Bulletproof, she reminded herself.  

“Yeah, no problem,” she said, heading for the door. “I hope you figure it out! Gotta run, sorry. Jane needs me in the lab.” She walked away as sedately as possible, trying not to flee.

Just before she was out of earshot, she heard Tony say, “That’s weird. Darcy always finishes her coffee before she heads to the lab.”


In hindsight, making Jane a flower crown to wear around the lab so soon after the amaranth incident probably wasn’t the best of ideas. But in her defense, no one but Tony and Thor ever came to the astrophysics lab. Tony barely noticed anything—and to be honest, flower crowns weren’t even close to the weird shit he kept in his lab—and after many years of impromptu flower crown ceremonies, Jane hardly noticed that she was wearing one. Thor said nothing about them at all, but his knowing eyes settled on Darcy more often than usual, and she wondered if he knew more about her than he let on.

And then Jane went through a period of rotten luck. She was so clumsy, they’d gotten to the point where they’d run completely out of Band-Aids, the first aid kit was permanently left out on Darcy’s desk, and they’d only narrowly escaped dismemberment by lab equipment. Twice.

So, Jane didn’t protest when Darcy came in the next day armed with a crown overflowing with carnations, clover, honeysuckle, lavender, and violets. “Well, at least the lab will smell good now,” was all she said, pushing her new headwear up her forehead so that she could peer at the data more closely. Darcy’s witchy behavior was one of those things they simply didn’t talk about, but her best friend accommodated her more out-of-the-box requests and demands with grace. Most of the time, anyway.

When Jane stubbed her toe while wearing the crown, Darcy went hunting through her Book of Shadows. She was poring over all the magic she’d used to protect Jane in the past—ignoring her friend’s mocking comments about her overreacting—and completely failed to notice Steve’s arrival.

He cleared his throat awkwardly, drawing their attention abruptly. Darcy’s head shot up and she slammed her book closed on instinct. His eyes flickered down to it and back up to her face, and she was barely able to keep herself from wincing. Way to keep it cool, Darce. Graciously, he ignored her weird reaction and gestured toward Jane’s floral accessory instead. “Is it a special occasion?” Looking between them, he checked, “I didn’t miss a birthday, did I?”

Jane stared at him uncomprehending for a long moment. Then she laughed and stroked one of the violets. “No, Darcy just brought me a flower crown today.”

His sharp eyes turned on her, and Darcy felt them like a knife to the gut. Shivers raced down her spine, and she couldn’t decide if it was the fear of discovery or the way seemed so…interested. “Is that right?” His voice was quietly curious, and he didn’t break eye contact.

“Mhmm,” Jane confirmed, already distracted by her next task. “She does it to protect me.” Darcy couldn’t help it; she closed her eyes in frustration. Of all the times for Jane to be observant.

When she opened them, Steve was still staring at her. Assessing. She was afraid to find out what his conclusion was, and she hurriedly made an excuse to get him out of the lab.


Meeting Wanda was terrifying. Well, that wasn’t entirely true. In the beginning, Darcy had been really curious to meet the Scarlet Witch. She’d had all these little fantasies of watching and learning from afar—after months living with the Avengers, she was running out of new ways to protect them—and then Jane casually mentioned that the female Maximoff had the ability to read minds.

In a blind panic, Darcy began to avoid all the common areas. She didn’t make her coffee in the common room kitchen anymore, and got all her and Jane’s food delivered directly to their lab or the apartment. She worked crazy hours, slinking to and from her apartment when she was positive no one would be around. She couldn’t explain her own actions, even when Jane confronted her about it.

All she knew was that she loved it here, loved the crazy superheroes and their insane antics. In all honesty, she didn’t know how she’d handle it if they  cast her out, couldn’t accept her for who she was. And so she kept sneaking around. It wasn’t a long-term solution, and Darcy knew that she’d have to face the Scarlet Witch sooner or later.

Sooner. It was sooner, rather than later. One morning, right at the crack of dawn, Darcy opened her door and froze. Wanda Maximoff was leaning against the wall directly across from her, a cold and suspicious look painted over her face. “Why are you avoiding me?” she asked, cutting straight to the point.

Darcy closed her eyes, waiting for pain or recriminations—or something—but nothing happened. Until there was a cool, gentle touch on her elbow, coaxing her to open her eyes. Wanda’s eyes were warm and sympathetic, a direct contrast to their previous expression. “I see,” she murmured, setting her hand in the crook of Darcy’s elbow and guiding her down the hall. “We have stories to compare, don’t we?”

No one said anything when Wanda began wearing new jewelry—blue stones on a red string—but they were curious to see that she and Darcy became close friends, after all.


The wonder that was her friendship with Wanda—they sewed protective charms into the team’s uniforms together, wove flower crowns for Jane’s hair, and even made a wreath for Bucky’s door, to help him have peaceful dreams—lulled Darcy into a warm sense of security and safety.

That lovely sensation, the feeling of home, was shattered when she walked into the lab to find Steve idly sorting her paperwork. She had no idea what he was looking for, but she could tell the exact moment he found her Book of Shadows. He only had time to flip the first page before she was there, drawing his attention with an overly excited greeting.

Steve dropped the page and looked up at her, taking her in. Praying that he interpreted her sudden flush to their close proximity, not fear, she chirped, “What brings you to the lab today?”

He stood up, bringing their bodies even closer together. As he opened his mouth to speak, her eyes dropped to his lips. She couldn’t help it; they’d never stood this close, and he smelled so good. The warmth of his body radiated in the space between them, and all she wanted to do was reach out and touch him. The extended silence drew her eyes up to his, and what she saw there had her biting her lip.

Steve’s eyes were dilated, and his gaze raked across her face with undisguised hunger. When he caught sight of her lip caught between her teeth, his breath visibly stuttered in his chest and he swayed forward. She met him in the middle, rising to her tiptoes and bringing his face down to hers.

It’s a good distraction, she told herself. That’s all it is. Her reasoning sounded weak even in the silence of her own mind. And then his tongue was sliding against her lower lip, soothing and teasing the spot that had been captured by her teeth, and she didn’t have anymore thoughts. He pulled her closer and she went gladly, with hands in his hair and scraping across his scalp. His arms reached around her, hiking her up his body.

She had no idea how long they stayed that way, curved around each other. It wasn’t long enough, would never be long enough. And then FRIDAY’s voice came over the speakers. “Captain Rogers, my apologies, but there’s a situation that requires your immediate attention.”

They broke apart, staring into each other’s eyes. His hand came up to stroke her cheek, and then he stepped away. “I’ll find you later?” he asked, and she nodded.

As he walked away, her eyes were drawn to the Book of Shadows, making sure it sat undisturbed. She glanced toward the door, and there he was, watching her. His eyes darted to the book, then to her mouth. She watched as his face fell in disappointment, falling into a series of harsh lines. And then he walked away, fading into the darkness of the hallway without a backward glance.

Darcy sank into her chair and tried not to cry.


She didn’t see Steve for a week. Her insides were all mixed together, writhing in guilt over her deception. And yet she could still feel the faint impression of his lips on hers, and she savored and cherished the memory. Darcy waited every day for him to come confront her—she was sure he’d known exactly what she was doing—but he never showed.

Convincing herself that she needed to get her shit together and move on, she dragged herself down to the lab to work on some paperwork while Jane was sleeping off a science bender. To her dismayed surprise, there were two people waiting outside the lab doors. Without preamble, Wanda shoved Steve in her direction and ordered, “Talk to him, Darcy.”

Then she was gone, and they were alone. Without meeting his eyes, Darcy sighed and asked, “Want to come in?” He didn’t give a verbal answer, but followed her through the open door.

After a moment of tense silence, Steve whispered her name. When she looked up, he seemed caught by surprise. His mouth worked for a second, then he finally said, “So. You’re a—”

Darcy nodded quickly, not wanting to hear him say the word. If it was spoken with disdain or disgust, she wasn’t sure she’d be able to take it. Not from him. She wrung her hands together and began to pace back and forth.

Spotting the fear that ran riot across her expression, Steve reached out to gently untangle her hands. Holding them between his, he said, “Darcy. You don’t need to be afraid.” Her eyes darted up to his, and the sweet expression on his face made her want to cry.

Watching the way her eyes welled with tears, his face softened. “I just want to know more,” he said, stroking his thumb across her knuckles. Reassuring her, telling her something important. “I want to understand you—to know you.”

“Okay.” Her voice broke slightly on the second syllable. It was scary, allowing someone to truly see her. All of her.

His whole body shifted and relaxed, as if he’d been afraid she would say no. “Okay,” he echoed quietly. “Would you like to get some coffee and talk about it?”

“I would love that,” she said, “but maybe we could drink it in the apartment? This conversation isn’t really conducive for—” she waved a hand through the air vaguely, “public spaces?”

“Alright.” His easy grin slid away, the corners of his mouth drawing down to a serious expression. Her breath caught in her throat, and anxiety stirred in her gut. “Darcy?”


“The next time you kiss me, don’t do it because you’re trying to distract me. Please.” His words were stern and his face could’ve been carved from granite. She swallowed past a heavy lump in her throat. But then the light shifted across his face, revealing the hurt swimming in his eyes, and her heart beat for a different reason.

“Oh, Steve,” she said, reaching for him. Their conversation could wait; right now, she needed to show him exactly how real that kiss had been for her. There was no doubt in her kiss, no worry. With her lips on his, she fell into the feeling of him, showing him exactly how she felt. He didn’t let her fall alone.

tfc au ramblings

-imagine the foxes all grew up in the same neighbourhood, all like a five minute walk from eachother’s houses tops

-They all grew up getting lumped together by their families WHO IN MY VERSION, LOVE AND SUPPORT THEIR BABIES because they were all in such close proximity of each other

-apart from Neil, but we will get to him later

-so since they were able to toddle about they were all chucked together into one of their houses or out onto the gardens or local park to play together

-And like even though they knew their parents were forcing them together just out of pure convenience , as a group it kinda worked

Like Renee was a shy kid and being a part of this group of weirdos really brought her out of her shell a lot.

-Maybe too much, she and Andrew became besties very quickly (much to his shock and horror, but he does eventually decide Renee is pretty cool for a girl)

-and Andrew and Aaron finally get to be around other kids who are actually bothered to try and tell them apart

-it keeps them from getting into too much trouble at least

-Matt and Dan are the responsible ones of the group, Renee is too, sometimes. When she isn’t spending too much time with Andrew making mud pies and trying to force Aaron, Nicky and Kevin to eat them.

-anyway, it keeps them out of mischief, at least until some of them realise just how fun it is to get in trouble together. I’m looking at you, twinyards, Nicky and Renee.

-They have sleepovers all the time and stay up as late as possible pigging out, watching cartoons and having tickle fights until they crash out in one big pile on top of each other

-They go on wildlife searches together in the park and all freak a whenever they find something super gross/weird

-“Hey Andrew, this bug totally looks like you.” “Nah, but that warty frog sure reminded me of you.” “Shut up! If it looks like me then it looks like you too, stupid!”

-“Oh alright, but the flattened bird we saw totally reminds me of Kevin.” And that snail? Totally gave me Nicky vibes. So did those two dogs, all drooly and excited and ick"

-all in all, their strange, mean little jibes make little sense, but they make the other kids laugh. A lot.

-Alison is not impressed with crawling through dirt to find bugs and frogs (and neither is her mother when her little princess’ fancy designer jeans and new shoes come back all torn and muddy)

-She and Renee end up wandering off halfway through to make daisy chains and braid the flowers into each other’s hair. The others eventually join in too. They all go home that night with flower crowns

-Kevin’s mum teaches them to play a watered down version of exy at the park with tiny little soft baby racquets and balls

-whatever they do, Dan always gives 110%, determined to keep up with the boys’ shenanigans. She is usually the one that comes back the messiest. I’m talking twigs in her hair, mud caked on her cheeks and the biggest, exhausted yet content grin ever

-exy is how Neil comes into their lives

-the foxes are all like 8/9 at this point. It’s summer and they are playing in the park. Kevin wanted to set up a match between the foxes and the kids from the next block over, but there were not enough players

-so this new kid they’ve never seen before wanders over. He’s about their age and he’s new to the street

-so they get to play afterall and by the end of the game, despite him playing for their rivals, he is part of the gang

-him and Matt? Instant bffs.

-Nicky loves him. I’m talking heart eyes, gifting him those candy hearts, the whole shebang here

-Kevin doesn’t really care much about the new addition to their group, as long as the kid can play that makes him cool in his book

-Andrew…well. ..He may have already been aware that there was a new family on the street. He may have noticed the new kid move in and it might have piqued his interest

-but only because their street is so boring that nothing like this ever happens.

-other than that the new guy is very boring. Boring hair, boring face, boring beautiful eyes. Boring.

-after a while, the other baby foxes are determined to host a fake wedding for those two

-I dunno, they all just grow up happy and healthy and loved together

Great Chemistry (Part 3)

Summary: After years of auditions and small acting jobs, you finally get picked to play the female lead in a major spy movie: Rogue Agency. Suddenly you find out that the actor playing the male lead and love interest is none other than Sebastian Stan himself. Throughout the story you go through the motions of filming a movie and come to find out that you and Seb have great chemistry. Do you take the leap and let yourself fall in love with your costar?

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Word Count: 3,274

Warnings: Fluff, Angst (a little at the end), cussing, fake violence

A/N: Hello again friends! I’m posting this before I have no signal at school tomorrow (a tragedy) and become unable to post it. I’m glad so many of you have been liking this series. I get so excited thinking about what to write next. There are parts of the story that I am so excited to write, but I guess we’ll both have to be patient until we get there. In this part there’s a little backstory to the reader at the end. I hope you like it *anxiously bites nails*. Let me know what you think! (But be nice lol)


“I can’t say I’m surprised.” You say casually.

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falling for you pt.4 | jimin

Originally posted by kthmyg

Pairing: Jimin + OC! Kim Yejin

Genre: angst/fluff + highschool au

Word Count: 3.3k

Part | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |

Jimin’s P.O.V

Sitting on the couch, I ran my hands through my hair, contemplating whether I should talk to Yejin or not. Knowing that I was partially, ok completely, at fault, I had to apologize and make things right with her. I didn’t want to be the one making her upset, instead I wanted to be the one making her happy.

Groaning out loud, I put my head in my hands as I muttered,“Why is this so hard?!

Beside me the couch dipped a little, when a voice asked,“What’s wrong Jimin hyung?”

Looking up at Jungkook, I sighed as I fell against the couch, slumping.“I don’t know how to apologize to Yejin…I feel like I misunderstood the whole situation and got upset at her when it wasn’t even her fault…”

Rolling his eyes, he replied,“Hyung! You just gotta be a man and apologize. The more you drag it out, the more pain she’s going to be in.”

As he stood up, he said,“I’m going out for a run now, so just do it and get it over with, you’re gonna regret it more and more if you don’t, okay? And just relax, she doesn’t hate you, ya know?”

Sighing, I shook my head,“ Yea right, that’s not what it sounded like yesterday.”

Clapping me on my back, he cheered supportingly, “Hwaiting hyung!”

Groaning, I pushed him towards the door and said,“ Okay, okay just go now, so I can get this over with.”

Smiling cheekily, he put on his shoes and walked out the door before shooting me a thumbs up and another hwaiting gesture. Chuckling, I waved goodbye as I closed the door shut behind him.

Where is he going?” a small voice asked behind me.

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The Moon

the series read as follows:

SupermanMondayCheezy PouffsBaconStumblingTrail Mix …  PunchFridayPreparationUncle MudlerNormalBackseatMudler-senseThe FBIUnthinkablePatienceElephant JokesCooking Rickety TablesMr. SkimmerBert and Ernie … Midnight Confessions


There’s some stuff at the end .. fun stuff .. stuff the cat said was inappropriate for virgin eyes … I told her to go take a nap …


Frustration won.

Growling in the darkness, heart racing, mind flying, she banged the mattress with balled-up fists, “stop. I’m sorry. Can you stop?”

Mulder, having felt her getting nowhere fast and the tension building up accordingly, slowed, then stopped his fingers, burying his lips above her ear, whispering through a kiss, “can’t stop thinking, can you?” Wiggling her hips slightly, she waited for him to remove his hand before she dropped her forearm across her eyes, not daring to look at her partner in that moment, choosing dark embarrassment over honest concern. Mulder, however, wasn’t having any of it, reaching up to gently pull her arm away, “hey, it’s okay.”

Groaning now, she hauled herself up, sitting on the edge of the bed, feet resting on bedframe, elbows on knees, head in hand, “really? Because it feels fairly annoying to me.”

1am had its good moments and 1am had its bad moments, “I’m just telling you what I think and I think that maybe you went looking to forget a little too fast.”

“Are you honestly going to psychoanalyze me in the middle of the night?”

“Nope.” He stood up, then took her hand, a little rougher than usual but feeling it necessary to get her to move, “come on.”

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anonymous asked:

Sleep habits? We only know about Bertolt ^^

Eren has rather sporadic sleeping patterns. He had mild insomnia, and sometimes finds it difficult to fall asleep/stay asleep at night, which leads to him taking naps at old times during the day (and often in really odd places where you wouldn’t expect to find a sleeping boy.) He tends to sleep curled up on his side in a tight ball, which is usually how he fits into such odd places as in desk chairs, window alcoves, or under/on tables. Also suffers from pretty intense nightmares that also complicate sleeping. 

Mikasa tends to fall asleep easily and wakes up just as easily. Her body knows how long it needs to sleep, and will let her know if she’s not sleeping enough. Like Eren, she has pretty frequent nightmares, but she is usually able to get back to sleep if they’re bad enough to wake her up. She’s taken to keeping an extra pillow and/or stuffed animal close so that she can hold onto it to help anchor her to the world when she tries to fall asleep post-nightmare. It works. She’s also just comfortable sleeping with something (or someone) held close. 

Armin is a very deep sleeper, but if he does get woken up in the middle of the night, he finds it incredibly difficult to fall back asleep and will be grumpy the next day. He needs a minimum of five hours of sleep to function, and only goes less than that during a hectic finals week, (but he’s not really living, more like coasting through life if he hasn’t gotten at least five hours.) But he’ll be pretty grouchy unless he gets at least seven. He’s a very active sleeper, and is known for stealing pillows (if sharing a bed with someone, or sleeping in close enough proximity to do so.) 

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never be the same, now.

Guys, I was inspired by an anon from @alwynswifts !! This one shot is based on this ask and I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. I might continue writing on this one or I’ll start something totally new and different.. we’ll see! Now enjoy xx


He opens his eyes all of a sudden, breathes heavily. He was deeply asleep when a loud noise from downstairs was startling him to death. The next thing he can notice through the dark is the empty side of the bed beside him, the blanket put aside and her smell the most noticeable reminder that she has been sleeping here, right next to him. Joe slowly sits up, starts to get worried all of a sudden. It’s obviously the middle of the night and the combination of a loud collision and his missing girlfriend is something that is not helping him get back to sleep any time soon.
Barefoot and with nothing on but but his boxers and a shirt, he starts to make his way downstairs the carpeted staircase. He can hear her voice from afar, the bright light in the kitchen already dazzling his eyes. As soon as he enters the spacious room, he stops in the doorframe confused and clearly sleepy with his eyes pinched together.
„No. Kennel. No. That’s not your food. Stop or I’ll have to…“
„What the bloody..“
„Oh my god.“ She suddenly startles hysterically, looks up to the man standing in front of her, then sighs deeply and places a hand on her heart. He almost scared her to death since she hasn’t noticed him walking downstairs. Joe just looks at his clearly agitated girlfriend, who’s crouching in front of a huge mess of icing on the floor, both hands on the kitchen paper to clean it all up while trying to keep Kennel, his beloved Husky, away from the sugary consistency.
„You almost startled me to death.“ she sighs, then keeps on cleaning up while having a shoulder to snout fight with his dog. Joe can’t help but smirk at both Taylor and Kennel and grabs the dog by his collar to keep him from eating the unhealthy stuff.
„Any particular reason why you’re cleaning some chocolate icing from the floor at three in the morning or should I just not ask.“ he says sarcastically and incredibly tired while crouching next to his dog. Taylor just looks up at him, still make- up free and with a little curly bun in her neck while wiping over the floor one last time to make sure the marble tiles won’t be sticky in the morning. Taylor sighs and gets up to throw away the left-over kitchen paper. She then turns to the sink to wash her hands, doesn’t really answer him.
„I was waiting for the scones to be ready and I couldn’t find anything better to do so I thought, why shouldn’t chocolate scones not have the right to be covered by even more chocolate? Exactly. There’s no logical reason behind it, so I…“ she blabbers, has felt Joe placing his big hands on her hips right over her loose shirt already when she started talking. By now, he already wrapped his arms around her stomach and puffs some warm breath into her neck while laughing about her statement.
„So you were just casually working on your petition for the justice of chocolate icing on chocolate scones?“ He mumbles into her warm skin, still a big grin on his face even though he could fall asleep immediately while pressing his head into her neck. Taylor escapes a small giggle. She loves him for keeping up with her weird stories sometimes.
„Exactly.“ she replies. Thanks to the towel in front, her hands are dry now and she places them on his arms while softly leaning back and looking outside the kitchen window. It’s too bright in the room to see anything but the reflection of them in the glass. Yet she focuses on the lights of the city of London from afar that are sparkling through the black night.
„What’s wrong?“ he asks then, a lot more serious and gentle than before, kisses her neck one more time before letting go off her and making her turn around to face him. As soon as she can look into his eyes, she wraps her arms around his shoulders. Leaning against the sink now, she looks at him, tries to fake a smile but he knows that something clearly is up.
„I really don’t know.“ she answers him, is not lying with that statement. Joe looks at her and how she sinks her head. She does that so very often when she is lost in her own thoughts, even though they are standing here. Chest to chest and tummy to tummy.
„Of course you know what’s bothering you.“ he says and she knows that he’s right.
„It’s stupid. I guess it’s just one of those nights where my anxiety overcomes me and all I can do is.. bake it off.“ she mumbles, can’t help but smile at herself for using that reference. It’s one of their inside jokes. He used to mock her every now and then that normal people would go to therapy whilst Taylor is simply ‚baking it off‘.
Joe smirks a little, doesn’t loose proximity to her. In fact, he holds her a bit closer now and presses gentle kiss to her lips.
„It’s because of the release next week, isn’t it.“ he mumbles, doesn’t even try to sound like he was asking her a question since he already knows that she has had trouble sleeping in the last nights because she is just to nervous for the next months to come.
Taylor doesn’t even say anything, just looses some grip on her arms and lays her head down on his shoulder. She presses her nose into his neck and takes a deep breath.
„I don’t wanna be a singer anymore.“ she mumbles in a high pitched voice, almost sounds like a little child. He can’t help but laugh a little with her, knows these moments too well where she just needs to be pampered by him while working herself up into something.
„Of course you want to be a singer, silly.“ he answers, just remains like this and holds her tight. She doesn’t answer him, just closes her eyes. She realizes just now how tired she really is, hadn’t had a good night sleep since days. Suddenly, the oven timer is ringing. But instead of moving to save her scones, Taylor just whines sleepily and doesn’t move at all. Joe laughs quietly.
„You know what can magically solve all your problems, love?“ he says with his deep and calming voice. Taylor slowly uprights her head and looks at him sleepy.
„What?“ she mumbles, just looks into his eyes. His incredibly beautiful eyes.
„A scone, a cup of tea and an exclusive therapy session with Dr. Alwyn.“ he grins, presses a gentle kiss into her neck. She can’t help but laugh again and closes her eyes for a few seconds while feeling his gentle touch. It’s so silent in this house. So silent in her head, finally.
Just when she was about to let herself drift away again, she feels him losing closeness to her. She looks at him a bit confused. But Joe casually grabs the kitchen towel, turns off the oven and takes out the metal full of perfectly golden chocolate scones while looking at her with that mischievous smile.
„Icing on the floor is all I can take at three in morning. A burning oven not.“ he says as he leans forward to kiss her cheek once more.
„You look tired.“ he observes, really hopes that her current sleep habits will improve before she’s going to have loads of traveling to do for her new album.
„But I’m not.“ she mumbles while her body posture is telling him otherwise.
Joe laughs a little, grabs a plate and hands her one of her baked goods. She takes the plate from his hand and then starts walking off to the big and comfy couch at the end of the living room. Joe on the other hand starts to boil some hot water before preparing two cups with her favorite english roibos tea bags.
„Good?“ he asks, as he sits down next to her. She just tried some of her scone and shrugs her shoulders.
„The chocolate icing would’ve made everything better.“ she says dramatically and Joseph can’t help but let out a big laugh.
„Oh baby.“ He replies and opens his arms for her to crawl into his lap. He can’t help but laugh as well and cuddles herself into his arms. Her messy and curly hair right under his chin. She loves being in his arms. As soon as she’s at this safe- place, all her problems seem so far away.
„Now tell me what’s bothering you.“ he says, still holds her tight while stroking over her naked arm slowly. She just sighs. Taylor knows that she can tell him anything yet she feels bad for keeping him awake and making him listen to her nonsense over and over again.
„It’s just.. I was rewatching the sequences of the video again and..I don’t know. I feel like it’s awful. And then I could literally hear what everyone would say about me. ‚oh she’s trying to be badass now‘ or ‚this music video is literally a horror show‘ and..“
„Why would anyone think that?“ he asks her. She slowly moves a little so that she’s able to look at him.
„Because it looks like a fucking musical.“ she sighs desperately.
Joe tries to suppress a laugh, then places his hand on her thigh.
„Do you want to hear something that makes you feel better or do you want to hear my non- boyfriend opinion?“ he asks. She looks at him a little confused, then opens her mouth again.
„Please be honest.“ she says.
„I do think that the song and the video and all the metaphors you’re using are incredibly smart and well- thought out and put together in an innovative and non- commercial way. I love the song, you know that, and I love the video. And everything about it. But..“
„But?“ she asks, a little frightened all of a sudden. He has never made her feel like he doesn’t absolutely support everything she does. Never before, which is the reason why she has no idea how to deal with critic from him. Especially now.
„But I think that you should reconsider everything, and I mean literally everything you’ve been working on since we met, If you still lay awake at night and doubt wether what you’ve been doing is good enough.“ he says, looks at her while she is suddenly more interested in her nail polish than his face.
„You wanted the message to be care- free. You.. you told me you want to kick ass and not care about anything anymore but.. here you sit, worrying again what someone could maybe think of you..“
„It’s not that easy all the time.“ she interrupts him. He has clearly noticed that she doesn’t really like what he’s telling her. Yet he would never not be true to her. His hand lands on her back and he draws small circles with his thumb on her neck.
„I could never imagine how hard it is, baby. But you have to believe in you and your work, no matter what. If you want this to be as strong of a statement as you planned, then you have to break down walls and overcome the fear of failing.“ he finishes. Taylor, who’s sitting cross- legged by now, just looks up at him and nods. She seems incredibly silent now.
„You’re right. I.. I do absolutely stand behind what I did but sometimes, I just.. I just feel like these walls are caving in around me and I had this horrible dream again and..“
„Why didn’t you tell me?“ he asks, almost a little offended that she didn’t tell him she had this dream again. Ever since their relationship has developed into something more serious than expected, Taylor has those nightmares in which she looses him in a big crowd and can’t find him again. He knows that this dream just reflects her fear of losing him in this media drama. Yet he hates that she feels this way, hates that he can’t make this fear go away.
„I don’t know.“ she just answers. „You’re right. With everything you said and I.. I know that I love the album and the song it’s just.. sometimes there’s still this little voice telling me that everything they said about me might be true. That maybe, I..“
„Okay, stop.“ Joe interrupts her, now grabs both of her hands. She sighs, got really worked up in these last minutes. He notices that.
„It’s absolutely fine to lose your shit sometimes, love. I do it as well and you know that.“ he laughs to ease the situation. „But I don’t ever wanna hear you say that any of these horrible made up stories and characterizations about you are true. Because it’s bullshit and you know that.“
Taylor nods. She has no idea why she got so worked up tonight.
„I know you’re right. I’m just..“
„You are tired and nervous because you created some form of art that will be revealed to all those people not believing in you. But my love, it’s so normal to feel like this. You’re putting your handwork out there and you become vulnerable. Don’t let that stop you. Let that.. fuel you. You are intelligent and you are good to people. Don’t ever let other people make you forget that.“ he says energetically. Taylor can’t help but smile softly. He looks so serious, so very aimed to make her believe in herself.
She has no idea wether she deserves him or not. But all she knows is that as long as he lets her, she’ll love him for the rest of her life.
„Mhm?“ he asks confused. She doesn’t say anything, just smiles a little and wanders with her hands to his shoulders while getting on her knees and climbing onto his lap. She then smiles even more and steals his perfect lips a small kiss.
„Gosh, you must be so in love with me.“ she smiles, a little giggle escaping her mouth while being incredibly close to him. He smiles silently as well yet looks a bit confused also.
„I am. Why?“ he asks and Taylor tickles his nose with hers for a few seconds. „Because.. I’ve never had anyone who believed in me as much as you do.“ she whispers, sounds incredibly emotional suddenly. Joe observes her lips almost touching his, while he can feel her hot and agitated breath against his mouth.
„That’s a shame because.. there’s so much to believe in when it comes to you.“ he whispers back before kissing her again. He can feel all the emotions in her kiss, one hand on his cheek and a deep sigh coming from her voice. He could get lost in this woman. He could kiss her again and again without ever feeling like he has had enough of her.
Enough of her smile. Enough of her mind.
„Don’t leave, okay?“ she whispers so low that he almost can’t even hear her anymore. All he feels and all he observes are her eyes. He can read so much in her beautiful, blue eyes.
There’s past hurting.
There’s fear and then, there’s love. Remedial love. Healing.
„I won’t, baby. I won’t.“

I forget their names, now.
Never be the same, now.


#15 Undercover

A/N: Hey guys! Here to deliver your daily (okay not so daily bear with me I’m doing the best I can) dose of Linstead. This turned out to be slightly different than I expected, but I’m quite happy with how it came out.

Prompt #15: Undercover - They were a good team.

Word count:  1,678

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The Exception

 Requested by anon: Hey nice job on the blog I really like your writing! I was wondering if you could write something with Jace and a faerie!reader?

 Pairing: Jace Wayland X Reader

 Word count: 811

 The world is upside down. Everything you know is that Valentine has one of the Mortal Instruments. And your name was heard. Now, sitting here, surrounded by shadowhunters, you’re tired of repeating you’re innocent. You didn’t know that the Mortal Cup was missing. And you honestly don’t want to know anything about it. But this woman, Maryse, don’t seem to understand.

 “I can’t lie. Are you stupid or something? Am I speaking Japanese?” You stand up abruptly, just to be pushed down violently.

 You hate them, all of them. Always acting like their superior. You’d kill this woman without thinking twice.

 “Mother, that’s enough.” A black haired guy swings the door open, alongside with a girl and a blonde man.

 “Enough? Valentine himself spoke her name.” Maryse keeps her eyes on you like you could disappear at any moment. “I will make her speak.”

 “So your brilliant plan is torturing her?” Is the blonde man so speaks now, staring down at you.

 “I have a name, Shadowhunter.”

 “And so do l. It’s Jace.” Jace doesn’t have evil eyes like Maryse, but still, you avoid looking at him. “Won’t you tell me your name?”

 You can tell he’s being careful. Probably because he wants to make you speak by using another strategy.

 “Why? You don’t care. Nobody here does.” You stand up again, walking around the room. “I want to go home. You have no right to keep me here.”

 “I’ll allow you to go if you tell me why Valentine spoke your name.” Maryse grabs your arm violently, making you groan in pain.

 “Maryse, let her go.” The guy with dark hair pulls Maryse away from you, while Jace checks your arm. It hurts, but you won’t let her notice how much.

 “My name is (Y/N) and it’s a very common name among my people.” Keeping your head up, you force a smile.

 “She’s right.” Jace stands by your side, his eyes on Maryse, who’s furious.

 “She’s staying until I speak to the Clave.”

 “What?” You would yell at her, maybe even try to punch her, but she leaves too quick. “This isn’t fair! I want to leave right now!”

 “I’ll find a bedroom for her.” The girl kindly smiles at you, walking out and pulling the other guy with her.

 “Jace, right?” You touch his shoulder, making him turn around to face you. “You know I’m telling the truth, right? Help me go back home. I don’t want to be… tortured.” Taking a deep breath, you look down. You notice how Jace is looking at your pearl skin. It makes you feel weird, and you almost tell him to stop. You’re thankful that your skin isn’t blue or something.

 “I can’t help you but I won’t let Maryse hurt you. She’s worried about the Cup that’s all.”

 “I honestly don’t care. You Shadowhunters think you rule the world, but you’re all a bunch of idiots.” You take one of the many books you see in this room and throw it at Jace. He just moves, making the book hit the wall.

 “Don’t do that.”

 “Or what? Huh? You’ll put me in a prison cell? I don’t care! I’m not scared of you, Shadowhunter!” Yelling, you let a single tear roll down. “I don’t care.”

 “Shut up and listen.” He grabs your shoulders, forcing you to stop and stare at him. “Maryse is wrong and I know that. I already have my plans and they don’t include you being hurt.” The proximity makes you feel uncomfortable. “And I like your skin.”

 You would say something, but the guy with dark hair comes back, announcing that your bedroom is ready.

 Is Jace who takes you there, explaining that you can’t leave the bedroom until he comes to get you. You have no idea of what he’s planning, but by the tone of his voice, you can tell that he’s being honest.

 “Well, goodnight, (Y/N).”

 “Have a good night, Jace.”

 “Thanks.” He smiles and your heart skips a beat. It’s the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. Cleaning your throat, you try to keep this thought out of your mind. Jace is a Shadowhunter and you spent all your life hating Shadowhunters. You just can’t make an exception for him. Can you?

 “For what?” You ask in a low voice.

 “For saying my name.” After a few seconds staring at you, he turns around and walks away.

 Closing the door, you try to keep that smile out of your mind.

 Actually, you struggle to keep Jace out of your mind. But you fail miserably, and he just keeps coming back, teasing you in your dreams throughout the night.

Art & Music

Highschool! AU You x Yoongi

Rated: G fluffy fluff, slight angst

Word Count: 5091

A/N:  Been in a bit of a rut writing Lunatic and another story.  Had this dream a while ago and figured writing it would give you guys at least something to read while I’m still working on the mains.   

The first time Yoongi saw you at school he stared for an embarrassingly long time.  You were alone in one of the art rooms sitting at a pottery wheel.  He was simply passing by but the whir of the table had caught his attention.  Specks of wet and dry clay covered your smock, face and arms.  He’s still not sure why his first thought was that it was cute.  

After that time he found himself always walking slower through the art wing and looking out for you in the hallways.  It never failed to jolt his system every time he found what he was searching for.  He’d beat himself later on for getting so frazzled when he knew it was coming.  How stupid is it to be surprised by the thing you’re looking for?  

Your affection for him was much slower.  It was a gradual build up from nothing.  You started to get the feeling that you were being watched.  It would happen once or twice a day at school but you never could find the source.  It’s silly how you would put in more of an effort to your look in the morning.  You had also taken to being with your friends more often slightly afraid to be alone. 

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anonymous asked:

Please, more of the Jungkook roommate au! I'm in love. Pretty please 🌸🌸🌸

HEY LOVELIES~ SO here’s the long awaited PART 2 for the roommate AU with Jungkook ! OMG I still can’t process through my brain that 14 of y’all have requested for a part 2 T_T thank you so much ,for giving so much love to my scenarios! I thought of maybe starting a small series of Jk roommate AU, depending on how much you guys want it ;) Comment/Request and tell me <3 


Genre: romance/fluff/love
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 3134 words
Summary: Jungkook is your campus roommate who has a huge crush on you. He’s been hiding it for so long and you’re still clueless about it.


You pondered for about a few seconds before you made up your mind and sat down on the couch next to him. His eyes were fixated on the screen and he didn’t budge until he felt your weight shift on the couch.

Just as if it was on cue, the boy stood up from his seat.

As soon as you saw his fluffy hair stand up, you were pouting like there was no tomorrow

“Where are you going?”, you furrow your brows cutely “ Leaving somewhere again?”, you sigh

Jungkook turns his head to stare at you. You rarely asked him such questions. You never questioned him about anything and that’s what  actually made him feel comfortable. Yet now , you were asking him something.

Why do I feel like she’s trying to get closer to me nowadays? Is she….perhaps worried about me? He ponders in his head

“Don’t go out, Jungkook, let’s have a roommate night together, huh?” you smile at him as you pull on his sleeve while aegyo-ing the SHIT out of him “I want to spend some time with you…we rarely talk”

He stared at you with his cute round brown eyes before he tried answering your question. A stutter was what came out of his lips.

“W-With me?” He processed what just came out of your mouth

Is it my imagination? Of course it is JEON JUNGKOOK, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! Y/N is a nice girl and she gets worried about everyone, why would you be an exception to the rule? Jungkook ruffles his hair as he scolds himself

“H-Hey”, you stood up as waved at his face “Jungkookie…are you ok?”, you tilt your head to the side and your ponytail does the same

She’s too good for you anyways. While you ignore her like an asshole , she actually makes an effort to cook you breakfast and even bothers to ask you how was your day….and damn , her eyes ….can’t she stop staring at me like that? I feel like I’m slowly losing it, Jungkook’s brains processed as he stared into your beautiful eyes

Just why was he holding back so much, when you were around? You felt so distant to him and you wanted to break off that wall between both of you. You wanted to be closer to him, but what if he hated the idea to get close to you?

Oops…maybe I went a bit too far…Why did I asked him such a weird thing, when he’s barely home most of the time!! You don’t know him Y/N, stop assuming shit! Maybe he hates the idea of being around you, you reprimand yourself

You often saw him on campus having fun with his friends in the hallways or when they were playing basketball at the court. The image he had at the dorm was far more different than the one he had around his guy friends. He seemed to be a lively boy who enjoyed having so much fun, yet he always got so dull and stiff at the dorm.

But still, you decided to pull your courage and stay with him

“Let’s watch that movie together, Jungkook!” you exclaim

“Y-yeah…Actually, I wasn’t leaving….I was about to get something to drink”, he avoids your eyes

“I’ll go with you then! We’ll bond better that way”, you grab his forearm in a friendly manner

“Sure…why not?” he rubs the back of his neck in the most adorable way ever.

You could see that slight smile of his showing up and your dimples show as you chuckle with him.

You get to the kitchen and Jungkook reaches the top shelf to get his glass while you stare at him amazement

“Whoah, you’re so tall”, you comment “I’m envious”

“Not really… I mean…I wish I could grow taller”, he replies back while opening the fridge

“Why?” you furrow your brows “You have the perfect height to–”, you stop yourself as you notice what you were about to say

Jungkook turns his head to look at you

“Perfect height, to do what?” his cute clueless face asks you

“N-No, Nothing”, you shook your head

“What is it?” he turns to look at you with that curious gaze “You can tell me”

“uhm…NO, It’s stupid….You don’t need to know haha…it’s not important ”, you laugh awkwardly

Of course you had to go all up in your fantasies about the prince charming. For some reason, Jeon Jungkook always had what it takes for you to start making up scenarios and fantasies in your brains.

“O-Oh…ok”, he smiles awkwardly back at you “Let’s go back to watch the movie, then?” he replies in his manly voice and it’s your turn to stutter


You wanted to get closer with Jungkook and your only way to do so was to stay with him tonight .He always locks himself up in his room unless he watches tv, eat or study for finals.

This time was your one and only chance, because he was watching a movie.

A horror movie.

Why did it had to be a bloody horror movie, for Jesus sake? And why did Jungkook felt like turning all of the lights off?! You shiver as you realize you’re being oblivious about his maniac habit to close the lights whenever he watches a movie.

“D-Do you like watching this kind of movie so much?” you hide your eyes

A scary sound in was suddenly heard and you jumped in fright

Jungkook feel like chuckling as he stares at you.You were peeing your pants and the movie didn’t even start.

“I mean… its interesting”, he feel his lips curve into a slight smirk

“Were you a psychopath in your other life?!! Yah, how can you not react to this”, you fake a sob

“It’s not that scary”, he comments in that husky manly voice that makes you all tingly.

His husky voice + the dark atmosphere made your heart race at an abnormal state.

What the hell is wrong with me? You held onto your chest

As the movie started you couldn’t take your eyes off his gorgeous side profile. Black silky hair dropping perfectly on his forehead. His lips that he couldn’t refrain from biting. His piercing eyes that wouldn’t leave the screen. His Adam apple going up each time he drank a sip of his drink.

As you were admiring the artistic traits of Jeon Jungkook, the music got higher just on cue and you got startled.

Little did you knew that you were sitting closer to him after you jumped of fear

You kept on hiding your eyes and Jungkook kept his gorgeous eyes on the screen, still not noticing you and your presence being close to him.

It was smooth for the next minutes until it got to the climax of the movie, where sadako showed and frighetened you .

You find yourself screaming in such a high pitch that Jungkook got startled too. Just as he was about to turn around and ask if you were ok, you emitted another scream of fright before you literally threw yourself into his arms. This time he couldn’t help but finally take his eyes off the screen and notice you.

Of course he couldn’t really miss your presence, when you were literally sitting on his lap with your face hiding on the crook of his neck, meanwhile your arms threatened to choke him from the tight proximity you were sharing.

He could smell your usual peach scent that made him dizzy and that itself was not a good thing.

O-o-o-omfg…..What now? W-w-w-what am I supposed to do n-n-now?

His eyes rounded in realization at the situation he got himself tangled in,

The darkness of the room wasn’t helping him at all. Your outfit wasn’t helping either, since your shorts could make him feel the outline of your perfect butt.

Well…F*ck…Just why did I turn off the lights in the first place?!You’re having ingenious ideas nowadays, Jeon Jungkook, very ingenious *facepalm* I should just kill myself for making my life ten times harder. He thought

His heart was suddenly starting to race at an abnormal pace and he could feel his body heating up. He was killing himself to not shift too much in case ‘something’ could occur in his pants. He was biting so hard on his bottom lip to prevent any sound from coming  out. His body was screaming for help and Jungkook was doing his best to not give out to this stupid war of hormones he was having. He was going to keep it in his pants no matter what. He respects you too much for this.

We’re all F*cked, it’s official , JEON JUNGKOOK, PREPARE YOUR SHIT TO GET THE F*CK OUT OF THIS DORM, he internally cried his entire life

He doesn’t want to lose his dignity like this. He wanted you to keep the respect you had for him, not only as a roommate but also as a man. He was going to need self-control, because he’d rather choose you instead of his sexual frustrations.

Lets’ think about something else!!Something that would turn me off…hmm…how about that time jimin hyung dressed up as a girl?…ewww….ok that was too much, the image of it makes be want to puke, he tells himself as he finally opens his eyes to stare at you

He takes a deep breath to calm down before gently removing your arm that was hooked around his neck, to look at you.

“A-Are you okay Y/N?” you hear his manly voice vibrate through his chest

He tries looking at you but you refuse to lift your head up from his collarbone. You only shake your head and he can’t help but find this sight of you too cute.

Jungkook doesn’t know if it’s his instinct as a man that tells him to do what he’ll do next , but he suddenly wraps his arms on each side of your waist.

Here you were securely in his strong arms and you felt like that spot in his embrace belonged to you.

A few minutes passed, yet you didn’t budge at all. You didn’t felt like separating yourself from him either. You loved his comforting detergent -soap like smell. You just wanted to stay in his arms forever and he wasn’t not complaining either. You could say he was currently experimenting what heaven feels like.

The girl he liked was literally sticking to him and refusing to get off, which made him the luckiest guy on earth. He still didn’t knew what was awaiting him though…

The movie was done and Jungkook wanted to get up to turn the lights on, but here you were still not letting him go ,and him still struggling to remain composed.

STOP STOP STOP , Damn, Jeon Jungkook, let’s not move too much in case something in your body goes against the rules, he reminds himself

“ hm… Y-Y/n”, he stuttered as he tries looking at you “I-I think … we need to turn t-the lights on”

You refuse and don’t move. This was probably the first and last time you were ever watching a horror movie in your life.

You suddenly realize  the situation and feel your cheeks heating up.

Just what have you been doing for the past half an hour, sitting on this poor boy’s lap while strangling him?!

“O-Omg…omg omg… I’m s-so sorry!!!” you suddenly push yourself off  of him

Jungkook is relieved but annoyed at the same time. He frowns at the sudden lack of warmth and fights against the urge of pulling you back into his arms, but what could he even do? He was your roommate and shouldn’t be crossing the line.

“It’s ok!” he replies “I-I mean…I understand!! It can happen”, he avoid your eyes as he wipes off the beads of sweat on the side of his face

“I-I…m-must have surprised you…I’m sorry! I’m not usually like this!!” you shook your hands in despair “I-It was my first time watching a horror movie! I-I didn’t think, I’d get scared like that”

Jungkook hides his shy smile behind his hand as he stares at you before getting up and turning the lights on

He turns around to look at your cute scared sight as he feels hesitant. He felt like he should be staying away from you in case something he could regret, could happen.

“I’ll go back to my room”, he suddenly replies and your eyes rounded in response

“J-Jungkook!!” you call out as he walks upstairs

The boy was in his own little world and kept on walking up the stairs until he reached his bedroom’s door. He was about to turn the door’s handle, when he suddenly felt your arms sliding around his waist from behind.

What were you up to? Panic arised through his body. What was going on? Why does this scene seem similar to all of these cheesy dramas Taehyung forced him to watch?

“I-I…C-Can I stay with you for the night?” you stutter

Jungkook can feel your fingers grasping tightly onto the fabric of his sweatshirt. He feels tension arising through his body.What was he supposed to do now? The girl he liked was basically asking him to spend a night in his room.

Without any thought, his hand grabbed onto yours before his loosened your tight hold on him before he turned around to stare at you with his shaded eyes.

His hair was perfectly hiding his usual adorable brown eyes and you couldn’t help but feel your heart jump in excitement when he suddenly pulled you into his strong arms.

His shirt was fluffy as you expected it to be, and you enjoyed burying your head against his chest. It was a comforting feeling that you needed.

“Did the movie scare you that much?” he manages to say after a good minute between the hug passed

You simply nodded, not a single word coming out of you, because you wanted to enjoy this moment

He suddenly loosen his arms around you and grabs your hand in a very hesitant manner.

This was a new side of Jeon Jungkook and you felt the need to see more of it. He seemed like a shy guy at first, but he also seemed like someone you can rely on.

He opened the door to his room and you could feel jungkook’s smell invade your senses. It still smelled like hair products and strawberry chapstick, but this time there was this tiny cologne aroma that was added. Did Jungkook started using cologne and after shave?

He went over to his bed to turn on the small lamp on his nightstand. The ambiance in the room was like the one in these fancy hotels. It was tidy and clean like the usual. His room was better than yours and you felt like face palming at how prettier his room looked rompared to your mess.

Jungkook led you to sit onto his bed as he shyly sat beside you while playing with his hands nervously.

“Are you going to sleep? Or…” you finally managed to ask

“hm… I don’t know…Do you want to sleep now?” he asks straightforwardly

STFU Jeon Jungkook, why ARE YOU PRESSURING HER?! Let her decide whatever she wants! YOU JUST MADE SHIT MORE AWKWARD *FACEPALM*, Jungkook reprimands himself in his brains

“I don’t want to invade your bed… I’m sorry, I-I…I’ll follow whatever you want us to do”, you stare at him

“F-Follow whatever I want?” he gulped on his own saliva in disbelief at what you just said

There it was, his imagination running wildly with no tomorrow. You just caused him to start imagining all sorts of things.

“N-No! There’s no way we’re following what I want! You decide”, Jungkook stammers and you find it adorable

You almost chuckle at his adorable sight

“You’re really cute, you know that?” you ruffle his black hair with your fingers

He froze on the spot and stared back at you with that stoic face of his. You were there smiling at him and touching his hair while he was internally going insane.

“Oh…thank you”, he bows his head slightly “S-So…what do you want to do?”

“Let’s sleep, then? I guess”, you chuckled “If it’s alright with you”

“Oh…yeah”, he nods “um… together?”

JEON JUNGKOOK, I WARNED YOU, STFU RIGHT NOW, Jungkook screams internally to himself

“Of course!”, you nudge his arm “ I came here for this…you know”, you bite your bottom lip with that embarrassed look on your face

For this? …f-for this? FOR THIS??!! Y-YOU CAME F-F-FOR T-THIS??!!, panic arises through his body

Omg…if Yoongi hyung saw me, he’d think I have no swag left *le cries*…HAVE SOME CONFIDENCE!, Jungkook encourages himself

“Y-Yeah sure”, Jungkook tries to gain confidence

You came here, because you wanted to stay with him!It wasn’t as if it was the other way around. He never asked you stay, you invited yourself to spend a night in his room, therefore he shouldn’t be feeling guilty about spending the night with you.

“S-Sorry again! I’m a scaredy cat ”, you comment “That moving wig in the movie was scary”

His expression soften as his eyes meets yours

“ No need to be scared, Y/N, I promise,nothing will happen to you”, he takes up his courage to put his manly hand over yours but he still blushes at the skin to skin contact “ Let’s go sleep?”

You nod as he takes off the bed sheet to let you lay under them as he hesitates about joining you or not. He could always just sleep on the floor, but there was no way on this earth where you’d let your cute roommate suffer on the floor

“Hey! Jungkook…just come here! I-I mean… it’s your bed. I feel bad for taking it”

“No, I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable ”, he shakes his head “You might not like the idea of sleeping beside a guy”, he rubs the back of his neck

“It’s ok, Jungkook! I trust you!” you smile at him “I know you’re not like the other boys”, you nudge his arm

You didn’t leave him the chance to react as you casually pulled on his arm. The boy fell on the bed right beside you. Jungkook was lying beside you and you could sense his stiffness.

“Please relax, I won’t bite you”, you pout as you lay on your stomach while propping yourself on elbows

You won’t bite me Y/N, I’m afraid I’ll be the one biting you, Jungkook thought as he clenched his fist

That was going to be a long night for Jeon Jungkook


Just us.

I combined two prompts for this.

(…) something about mikadam. like, both of them starting to feeling things about each other.

(…) maybe some angst? like adam saying ‘why do you keep fighting it everytime you feel?’ and some sad mikael

I’m going to be honest here, I have no idea how this turned out. It’s the first time I’m writing them as the focus and since we didn’t see too much of them in the show I might have written them out of character. So any comment is very welcome.


As always the boys are hanging out together. 
Honestly, it’s a relatively cold day but Mutta wanted to eat ice cream and the boys had not left the house in hours so they ended up going to the ice cream parlour.

“Mutta, I’m not giving you any of my ice cream!”, Adam exclaims while taking a step away from Mutta.

Doing that, he crashes into Mikael, who tries to give Adam a bit of support with his free hand so that he doesn’t stumble more.

“Why not? You gave Yousef some of it!”, Mutta complains taking a step closer to Adam.

They had left the ice cream place a few minute ago but Mutta finished it quickly. Seeing as they are too far away to go back now, Mutta tries to eat some of the other guys’ ice cream.

“Because Yousef just wanted to try and not eat all of it!”, Adam responds and laughs. 

Mutta pouts and while Elias hands Mutta his ice cream, Yousef says: “It wasn’t too good anyway.”

“No! This…”, Adam lifts the cup in his hand, “…is delicious!”

Adam feels a light jab to his ribs. Confused Adam looks to his left side, his eyes finding Mikael looking at him with wide eyes and shaking his head.

Mikael leans closer to Adam and whispers: “It’s better if he thinks it’s bad.”, and nods towards Mutta.

Adam cannot look at their hungry friend as quickly as Mikael does. He is very close. A few more centimetres and their noses would touch. It makes Adam gulp and having to actively remind himself to breathe.

When he finally manages to look away, and to his other friends, Adam thinks to himself.

Why did that close proximity just make him feel like that? A bit nervous, but somehow in a good way.

He never feels like that with the other boys.

They walk around for a while, just goofing around and having fun until Yousef stops them.

“I need to go in there and buy something. It’ll be just two minutes.”, Yousef says while pointing at the little bakery they are walking past.

All of them stop walking and turn to Yousef.

“Are you getting something for Sana again?”, Adam asks.

Whenever Yousef sees something that he thinks Sana would like, he stops and goes and gets it or takes a picture or something like that.

Mikael finds himself smiling at that thought. He teases Yousef a lot about it but secretly he admires it.

“Actually, no. My mom told me yesterday she craved the cupcakes from here.”, Yousef answers.

Mikael smiles at that and sees how Elias rolls his eyes.

“This is the reason why my mom tells me to be more like you!”, Elias complains but ends up laughing along with the other four.

Yousef just smirks. “Sana loves those cupcakes too so I’ll get her some, too.”

Adam and Mikael roll their eyes at the same time.

Elias joins Yousef to buy his own mom something sweet and Mutta runs after them just to see if he wants something to eat, too.

This only leaves Adam and Mikael who then sit down on the stairs leading to the little bakery.

They start talking about the last football game they watched, which was the night before at Adam’s house, only Adam, Mikael and Mutta.

Mikael leans on the right banister, Adam on the left, they’re facing each other.

As Adam is waving around with his hands animatedly while talking about the amazing goal that fell last night Mikael smiles, nodding along. He has never been too into football but whenever Adam talks about it, he feels like maybe he’ll like it more the next time he watches a match.

“Are you listening to me?”, Adam asks after noticing Mikael stop nodding along and just looking at him with a small smile playing on his lips.

Mikael is pulled out of his trance and nods. Then he looks towards the door of the bakery and still no sign of the three other guys.

“You know, we tease them a lot but Yousef and Sana are really great together.”, Adam says out of nowhere. He had followed Mikael’s gaze.

Apparently he was done talking about football and Mikael didn’t even notice.

Again, Mikael nods and looks back at Adam, who has to shade his eyes with his hand a bit because the sun is shining right in his eyes.

“Yeah, he’s always thinking about her.”, Mikael says and asks himself if him thinking about Adam so much lately means anything similar like that.

Then, it gets weird between the two friends. Only for a few moments in which Adam wrings his hands together and keeps looking from Mikael to the bakery door nervously.

“About that.”, Adam starts slowly, gathering the confidence to say what he wants to say. He has been thinking about how to say it for too long now, he just confuses himself more. That’s why he decided to do it like he would want someone to open up to him.

“I wanted to talk to you about something.”, Adam continues.

He can see how Mikael’s face quickly changes but he doesn’t know how to interpret it. Does Mikael know? Does he feel the same way? Is he freaked out because he doesn’t?

“Let’s go!”, Elias shouts, hopping down the stairs and over Mikael and Adam’s feet.

Adam jumps at the sudden loud interruption but stands up. Same as Mikael. While he goes over to Elias, Adam curses himself for not speaking faster. Who knows if he’ll ever gather the courage to bring this topic up again? It was hard enough now. Mikael is his best friend, after all. Having these confusing feelings now is not easy and messes with Adam’s head but in that moment, a few minutes ago, it feel like the right time.
The way Mikael kept looking at him, the tone of his voice when talking about Sana and Yousef…

Maybe he did imagine it all, the signs that Mikael might return the feelings.


Once again, Adam spends his day with his best friends. They are his second family by now, some weeks he sees them more than his actual family. 

Today the plan was to go watch the new Spiderman movie after Elias, Adam and Yousef said it looks better than the other ones just from the trailer.

If there is one thing anyone should know about this group of friends is that they are very well adjusted to each other. They know when to leave the others alone, when to try and help and when to just accept how they are and not question it.

Another thing all of them know is that Mikael won’t shut up during a movie. It doesn’t matter if it’s at home or in the cinema. He will not shy away from commenting or criticizing the movie and the actors, not even when other people shush him. That’s why none of the boys fight over who gets to sit next to Mikael. Well, not until too long ago. Now Adam just does it without thinking or talking about it. He started to care less and less about Mikael not shutting up about something he is so passionate about it. 

And when Mikael started to lean over to Adam to tell him something and just stayed like that, Adam had a harder time concentrating on the movie. 

Little did he know that Mikael didn’t even realize what he was doing. It just felt very comfortable being so close to Adam. Not in the way he feels with the other guys. He feels comfortable with all of them but Adam… there is something else to it. 

However, when Mikael notices that he’s almost leaning his head on Adam’s shoulder he quickly sits up and leans the other way. He shouldn’t feel differently with Adam compared to the others. 

The movie ends and without even talking about it all of them start walking towards the Bakkoush house. 

“I’m just saying… Imagine one of us would be a secret superhero!”

“Mutta, we spend pretty much all day together. We would notice.”

“No, but that’s what the family of superheroes usually think, too.”

“The only one that spends less time with us lately is Yousef … but then he is with my sister.”

“See, maybe they are a badass crime fighting couple.”

Their very interesting conversation gets cut short by a group of girls. Some of which are girls the boys went to school with. They all say hi and hug and start catching up a little. Some of these girls Adam has not seen since they finished school.

Ten minutes they stand there and talk until the girls say they should get going. With that the guys start walking again too. 

Adam puts his hands in the pockets of his coat because it has gotten pretty cold and just standing around didn’t help.

“She just gave you her number?”, Yousef asks. He sounds surprised but at the same time not at all. 

Adam was deep in his own thoughts and didn’t hear who it is directed at. But that the other three guys look at Mikael gives him his answer and immediately he presses his lips together. 

“Who gave you her number?”, Adam presses out and tries to be casual about it. 

Mikael just shrugs, looking uncomfortable but Mutta answers for him. “Luisa, the blonde one with the freckles.”

Adam just nods and looks away. His eyes are directed to the way they are going when he hears Elias laugh and say something that makes him look up quickly.

“Aww, Adam. Don’t be jealous.”

“Why would I be jealous?”, maybe he says it too aggressively. 

Mikael looks between Elias and Adam and lets his gaze rest on the latter. Why does it bother Adam this much that a girl gave him her number? Could it be the same reason he really wanted to interject when the girl with the long hair hugged Adam for a second too long?

“Because Mr. Looking-like-a-model over there..”, Elias points at Mikael,“…doesn’t even have to try and gets phone numbers thrown at him.”

The whole way to Elias’ house Mikael notices how Adam doesn’t look into his direction once. 

Elias had once again forgotten his keys but luckily his family is home. Sana opens the door and lets them all in. Mikael notices how her eyes immediately find Yousef’s and how they start grinning at each other. 

Elias rolls his eyes at them with a smile on his face and leads the way to the kitchen. Sana and Yousef joining the rest a minute later. 

“Mamma made way too much food again so if you’re hungry help yourself.”, Sana tells the guys .

“Thanks!”, Adam says, “Hey, why didn’t you join us at the cinema?”

“I had to join a study group for an exam next week.”, Sana explains with a smile.

She’s standing behind the chair Yousef sits on. 

Elias and Mutta started looking through the pots to see what they could eat even if it wasn’t long ago that they ate.

A phone beeps and all six people in the room take out their phones. It was Sana’s.

Mikael observes how Sana reads the text and rolls her eyes. Before she has the chance to put it back in her pocket, it beeps again and again and again. 

Yousef, Adam and Mikael turn to her and look at her with an amused looks. She sighs and shakes her head as if she can’t believe what she is going to say now but she still does. 

Turning to Adam she says: “I can’t believe I’m saying this but this girl from my school, Ingrid, has not stopped asking about you since the Eid party in the summer. And she’s still not stopping so I’m supposed to ask you if you’re free to go out with her sometime soon.”

Sana looks like saying this puts her in great pain. Hearing it puts Mikael in great pain and he hates it.

That Adam’s gaze wanders over to him right after hearing what Sana says doesn’t help the fact that the uneasy feeling in Mikael’s gut grows. 

“I..”, Adam says and it’s all Mikael wants to hear. Quietly he leaves the room and knows he needs fresh air. 

When he gets out of the house he starts walking up and down the street in front of it. All he needs is to clear his head. Even if clearing his head works, ignoring the feeling in his chest is impossible.

Avoiding feelings that arise whenever Adam is near him while they are in a group is easy. He can just concentrate on the other people around. But he can’t do that when the topic of the conversation is Adam being set up to go on a date with someone else. 

“Hey.”, he hears being called out and turns around to see Adam walking towards him. 

Get it together, get it together, is what goes through Mikael’s head the closer Adam gets. 

“What’s up? Are you okay?”, Mikael gets asked which he just nods to.

“Yeah, just felt like getting fresh air.”

“Are you feeling sick? Elias’ mom has this great tea that helps a lot. I’m sure we can make you some of that.”, Adam says and looks at Mikael with a very worried look on his face.

Sighing, trying to ignore what he thinks, Mikael declines and says he just needs a minute. Adam nods and turns around to go back inside and give Mikael his space but then remembers what he wanted to say.

“I didn’t accept it.”, Adam says and makes Mikael stop in his tracks.

“That date with Sana’s friend. Not happening.”, Adam continues, taking a step towards Mikael.

Mikael raises his eyebrows, hoping not to show how that new information relieves him a bit.

“Oh, why not?”, he asks. Why is he doing that? He knows he is bad at things like this. 

Adam, who is more forward with what he’s thinking and feeling, takes another step closer.

“Mikael, look. I need to tell you that …”

Mikael doesn’t let him finish. He panics. He’s bad with this kind of things and he knows where this conversation is going. 

“I should get inside. It’s cold.”, Mikael stutters out and quickly walks past Adam to the Bakkoush house. Being in a group of people makes it easier. 

“Why do you keep fighting it every time you feel it?”, Adam calls behind him, before he is too far away. 

He doesn’t turn around, he just leaves Adam to look after him and wonder why he even bothers. 

As soon as Mikael is in the staircase, he stops. Why does he always do that kind of stuff? He messed up. If Adam doesn’t care enough anymore it’s all on Mikael and he knows it. 

Maybe he should have thought about it more but he takes his phone out of his jeans pocket and opens the chat with Adam. 

I’m sorry.”

Want to meet tomorrow? Just us.

After doing that he goes back inside and anxiously waits if Adam will come back inside and if he will answer. Elias and Mutta are too busy with the food and Sana and Yousef are too busy with being sickeningly cute to notice it.

Mikael’s heart stops when his phone vibrates. He takes it out but hesitates to look at it.

Sounds good”, is all the text from Adam says but it makes Mikael grin like an idiot. 

Exactly then Adam joins them in the kitchen and his eyes find Mikael. They look at each other from across the room with a smile that promises a better day for them together tomorrow than it has been today.

A Misunderstanding

Sam stares at the frighteningly earnest face of Vision, an innocent anticipation in his unblinking eye contact that makes the question about fifty times more unsettling. “Um…”

“Please be assured,” Vision’s hands raise, swooping up and to the side as he talks, becoming a real pro at utilizing body language while talking, something Sam should be proud of but can’t bring himself to care about at the moment, instead hanging on whatever comes next, “it is no different than our usual Friday activities.”

Ah, and there it is, confirmation that someone put him up to this, at least that’s what Sam hopes. This puts him on more solid ground, shoulders relaxing as he shines a megawatt smile at the man in front of him. “You asked everyone else about it yet?”

“You were the closest in proximity when I determined to initiate a bonding experience.”

Sam’s smile broadens as he places a congenial hand on the man’s shoulder, “Good. You should probably talk to Nat next, she’s always super busy you know.”  The understanding and obedient nod from Vision cements his plan. “Also, ask Wanda last.”

“I did not realize there should be an order.”

A nonchalant shrug slides the comment away, suggesting it’s something that everyone should already know, which means Vision won’t inquire further, “Listen man, as the social organizer, I promise, that’s the best order.”

Vision gives him one more serious nod and phases away. Immediately Sam pulls out his phone, fingers flying across the screen as he tries his best to get the message out before Vision finds her.

Sam: V is about to ask you a question. Play along and then hit me up.

Natasha: Roger that.

Ten minutes pass before his phone buzzes again, kickstarting his body with a jolt as his hands eagerly reach for the device.

Nat: I thought we agreed no more pranking Vision, he doesn’t know better.

Sam: Hey, mandroid came up with it himself, I’m just being opportunistic.

The ellipsis of Natasha formulating her response comes and goes, the three dots popping up and then disappearing until they finally stay.

Nat: We betting on the outcome?

Sam: Does Steve wear star spangled boxers?

Nat: $30 Rhodes says yes and then rushes to me.

Sam: I’ll take it, but he’s going to talk to me, not you.

Nat: Hope you’re ready to go broke.

Sam shoves the phone in his pocket, grabs a water bottle and begins wandering the common room, investigating each spot to determine where he can be most visible for when Rhodes comes walking into the room, face shell-shocked and voice cracking slightly.  Sure enough, footfalls echo down the hall, slow and plodding, a hesitation and horror clear in the “What just happened?” that seems to be his mantra for the day. ‘

“Hey man.”

Rhodes stops and stares at Sam, mouth agape and eyes unfocused as he forms his question. “Has Vision asked you…”


“Do you think he’s serious?”

An amused smile forms on Sam’s lips as he shakes his head, “No way he has any idea what it means.”

A hesitant shrug goes along with Rhodes’ comment, “Maybe it’s his thing.” His tone develops a mildly defensive air at Sam’s eye roll. “What? He’s odd and we’re a freakishly attractive group, can’t fault the guy.”

“Don’t go lumping yourself in with my sex appeal,” Sam wags a finger towards the man in mock anger. “But seriously, no way he knows.”

“Let’s hope.”

Rhodes walks into the kitchen, still shaking his head, and Sam takes this as his opportunity to brag, turning to snap a picture of the confused and slightly dejected Rhodes and sending it to Natasha.

Sam: I’ll take your $$$.

Nat: I feel betrayed.

He starts to type a reply but stops as the ellipsis pops up.

Nat: $50 bucks Steve is just as clueless.

Sam: No way, we’ve taught him better than that.

Nat: You’re cute Sam, stupid, but cute. What about Wanda?

Sam: $70 she explains it to him, all sweet and gentle, before they get here.

Nat: Oh no, she’s joining him. $150 she’s all moon-eyed and giggly until she sees us.

Sam contemplates both options, he rarely wins against Nat, but he already bagged thirty bucks and he feels like he has a better handle on the social side of team dynamics.

Sam: $150 it is. Can’t wait to be rich.

That night Sam lounges on the couch, feet up on the table, arms out along the back cushion, and grins. “So are we just going to sit here in terrified silence?”

The scoff to his side belongs to Natasha, her legs crossed and a magazine in her hands, “I’d say anticipation of the upcoming shit show of embarrassment more so than terrified.”

“Speak for yourself,” Rhodes leans forward, elbows pressed into his knees as he glances back towards the dark hallway, “I wasn’t going to come but you two insisted.”

Lonely footfalls resound in the metal hallway, Steve’s broad shoulders lifting as he smiles at the group. “Hey guys.” He’s met with a chorus of Hellos as he sits between Sam and Natasha on the couch, hands clapping against his knees. “Really great of Vision to plan this, I’m glad he’s finally taking some social initiative.”

Sam groans a “Yeah, super proud,” as Natasha reaches behind Steve, mockingly rubbing her thumb against her index and middle fingers as she celebrates her first victory.

The conversation doesn’t continue, the voices floating down the hall arresting their attention. The gentle, polite intonations of Vision telling a story are met with, Sam frowns, uncharacteristically giddy giggles. Wanda is never shy to entertain Vision, even at his most weird and inhuman moments, but she’s not one for giggling. Natasha levels a pointed and victorious stare at him but Sam refuses to give in just yet. When they arrive in the room he raises an eyebrow at how Wanda’s hands are wrapped around Vision’s bicep, her body pressed firmly into his sweater clad chest as she looks up at him with a sickeningly sweet and hungry smile.

Natasha throws one more celebratory smile at him and loudly declares, “You two are late.”

That’s when Wanda freezes, smile faltering as she takes in the rest of the team and suddenly her cheeks are beet red, eyes turning up to the man next to her with a plaintive and confused “Vizh?”

Vision simply smiles and pulls her the rest of the way to the common space. “Thank you all for coming.”

Even though it’s juvenile, Sam can’t stop from tittering at the comment, confused lines forming around Vision’s gem as he looks between Sam and the intensifying blush on Wanda’s face.  She turns towards the synthetic man gently brushing his arm with her fingers as she prepares to sully his beautiful, endearing innocence. “Um Vizh?”

“Yes, Wanda?”

She glances back at the varying degrees of amusement on the their teammates’ faces, minus Steve who also has the blissful gleam of ignorance. “You do know what Netflix and Chill means, right?”

“Of course,” which is said with less confidence than usual, his ability to pick up on nonverbal cues getting more fine tuned each day, “it simply means to watch Netflix while,” he raises his fingers to utilize air quotes, “‘ chilling ,’ or relaxing on the couch.”

Sam glances at Natasha and finds that even she appears close to breaking, lips held tightly shut as her face reddens slightly from the effort to remain neutral. Wanda sighs, an internal fight that manifests in her fingers waving with red when Sam releases another laugh. “Actually it, um,” only now does she seem to realize how the whole situation looks, a nervous, wide-eyed glance behind her as she tries to figure out if everyone else pieced together her intentions towards Vision. Sam gives a helpful wink and a thumbs up, mouthing Get it girl , and she ducks her head to hide another blush before addressing Vision again. “It means to,” her fingers lift awkwardly as she air quotes, “ watch Netflix but you actually, um fool around.”

Sam adds a gleefully helpful, “She means have sex!”

The confusion on Vision’s face fades slowly into intrigue, a brief, slightly heated questioning turn of his irises when he looks at Wanda that quickly dissolves into embarrassment as he takes in the smirks around the room. “I see.”

“Wait,” Steve studies the faces around him, “seriously?”  Natasha gives his shoulder a soft, reassuring pat.

Despite the clearly awkward atmosphere, Vision raises a finger, eyes squinting as his mind works through the revelations. “I am a bit confused by the concept.” Everyone sits in rapt anticipation as he formulates his inquiry, the paths of Vision’s mind a fascinating and often unpredictable journey. “The enjoyment of Netflix is to consume entertainment, yet the very foundation of the,” now that they’ve defined the phrase it takes on a proper air, the same one he uses for talking about scientific terms, “Netflix and Chill is to forgo watching the entertainment. How is it possible to keep track of plots when otherwise occupied?”

“Um well,” the concern in his voice is so genuine that its effect on Wanda  is immediate, her lips lifting at the edges as she brings a hand to rest on his forearm. Sam wonders if he can get some of his money back because Wanda did gently and sweetly explain it, just not before being thoroughly embarrassed. “You can always just watch something you’ve already seen or something that doesn’t require your attention.”

This seems to solve everything, Vision grinning in understanding as he adds, “Fascinating, so would it be fair to say we often HGTV and Chill?”

Natasha finally cracks, her sniggering mingling with Sam’s own laughter at the fact they all can feel the heat coming off of Wanda’s cheeks as she mumbles, “I think I’m going to call it a night,” and walks from the room.

Hope you enjoyed! 

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Hinata meeting his somewhat some day sister-in-law Monaca after Komaeda dragged her back. You just gave me life.

Sorry for not answering sooner, this message was too cute to not write anything about it !

The first thing Hinata notices when he enters the hotel’s lobby, is that Sonia finally managed to connect the TV Kazuichi managed to fix up a few days before to the network, and that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is up.

The second thing he notices is that there is a green-haired teenager with a frown on her face and a cup of hot cocoa in her hands who is sitting on the couch next to their local princess, and that she doesn’t seem to like what’s on screen very much.

“She is so stupid.” The girl decides, gesturing in direction of a couple of girls screaming at each others - which makes it impossible to determine who this ‘stupid’ comment is for. “She was falsely accused anyway, why should she respect the law if that treats her unfairly ?”

Sonia cocks her head on the side, sipping her tea in such graceful way that Hinata doesn’t move, entranced for the shortest moment.

“Now, now, Monaca. It’s a parent’s duty to help their children to become upstanding citizens, don’t you think ?” She turns her head toward the teenager whose face isn’t the most convinced one, and probably catches a glimpse of Hinata standing here, for she smiles at him.

“Welcome back Hajime ! How was the meeting with Future Foundation ? Enlightening I’m sure ?” She asks.

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i wanna ser the male shepherds fight each other for the chance to help robin apply her sunscreen.

Hello Anon. Have a nice long harem fic~

Your name: submit What is this?

You frown at your arms, as you notice that you’re starting to get a sunburn. You look around for some sunblock and see you don’t have any. You stand up and get out of your spot under your pink umbrella to see if anyone has what you’re looking for. You see Ricken seriously applying cream on himself. You walk up to him and ask if you can borrow his tube after he’s done.

“Sure!” he says happily. “I can put it on for you, if you want,” he adds, not quite looking you in the eyes.

“Okay, if that’s–”

“I’ve got her covered, tiny.” Gaius has an arm around your bare shoulders. “Come on, ______,” he whispers in your ear. “I’ve got some adult stuff with me…none of that kiddie lotion.”

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steter, soulmates, ace - drabble? i'm in the mood for some high-quality steter ficcing after all the s6 gifsets but i know you're busy with exams tho so feel free to ignore =D

To celebrate the absolute shit essay I just handed in literally 20 seconds before it was due, as well as officially finishing all my exams and now I’m just sweating over waiting for the results, I give you this short blurby does-this-even-count-as-a-drabble-nope:

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