and how his hand glides up her cheek

A Thank You Gift

Member(s): Suga / V // BTS

Genre: CatHybrid!AU, Romance, Smut, Poly

Words: 1.9k

She felt cold that morning, something lacking by her backside and under her arm; the usual morning warmth from her two pets was gone and she felt empty as she awoke. Only not for long, as soft nips at her neck and licks up her stomach let her know that she was far from being alone and even further from being lonely.

She chuckled lightly, scratching behind the youngest ears, pulling him away from her stomach as he purred in bliss at the feeling of her fingers roaming through his sensitive spots of pure pleasure. “What’s with the nice wake up call, Tae?” she asked of the youngest, knowing that it would have been much more difficult to make the elder speak, particularly not when he was so into nipping and licking at her neck, sending small waves of shiver down her spine so early in the morning.

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request: “Hi! I absolutely loved Your recent story, Bittersweet. Is it possible you could write a part 2 when the month has passed? And Draco still loves the Reader and she still loves Him as well or something? Ah! I love your writing thank you for the wonderful stories! Xx” — by anon + “Is there a chance you could write a Bittersweet Part 2?? Super fluffy maybe? I love your writing so much. Thank you! ❤️💛” by @paperrplaness

a/n: thank you, guys 💖 knowing that people out there appreciate my works makes me motivated to write further more! x



The month has passed in such a fast blur that Y/N hardly noticed it for she wasn’t being herself the whole time it did. She was rarely seen out of her house’s common room; the only instances people would get a glimpse of her sunken face would be at break times and class hours — and it wasn’t like she made sure her appearance was known, because she didn’t talk nor made any type of noise for that matter. All she did was listen to the teacher, write down some notes, then after class, would head out before anybody else could attempt to try and start a conversation with her.

Of course, of all the students who took notice of her sudden change of attitude, Draco was the one who resisted so hard to confront her about it, knowing her answer without asking, anyway. He was feeling guilty and regretful for even agreeing to give her space because it was obvious that it wasn’t taking a good effect on her. He wanted to scoop her into his arms, say comforting words in her ear, and assure her over and over again that he loved her and he’ll be there for her no matter what. Yet again, would telling Y/N that he was still hopelessly in love with her make her feel better? Was he even sure that she still felt the same way?

Closing his eyes, Draco tried to get a good night sleep. The moment the sun rises up in the morning, it would mark the day where their deal of taking a break from each other would be disregarded and he could finally talk to her. With another twist and turn on his bed, he looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was already three o'clock in the morning.

He groaned, taking a pillow and putting it over his head, not caring that he was already trickling with sweat due to humidity of the room. The sound of his roommates’ snores didn’t help either, but Draco managed to drown out the noise until he finally felt himself drifting away from consciousness.

Y/N did her usual morning routine the day after. She would arrive at the Great Hall for breakfast, eat a couple of bacon strips and help herself with some orange juice, before standing up and heading out without telling her friend where she was off to. Draco had memorized her pattern that he didn’t bother to eat breakfast himself, but instead patiently waited at the hallways for her arrival.

She didn’t seem like she noticed him for she carried on looking through her Ancient Runes textbook with no interest whatsoever. Though Draco boldly coughed and walked beside her, the young girl’s eyes stopping at a paragraph to instead flicker her attention at the person on her right.

“One month, am I correct?” reminded Draco softly and it was obvious from the look of her face that she knew — she was just surprised that he did.

Snapping the book shut, she nodded. “I suppose it has been a month.”

“Want to take a walk?”

For the first time in weeks, a small smile was seen on her lips and Draco took every inch of restraint not to kiss her at that moment, but instead hold out an arm in hope that she’ll take it.

Y/N sighed, adjusting the strap of her bag on her shoulder and reluctantly placing a hand over his arm. He smiled at the touch, soon striding forward where he noticed a few students were now staring at them with wide eyes and shocked expressions, though he didn’t particularly care and neither did Y/N.

Comfortable silence filled their surroundings as Draco led them close to the Black Lake. Whenever he would take glances at her, he would see that she had her eyebrows furrowed in deep thought and he wanted so bad to know what she was thinking of. He suddenly felt afraid that maybe she was planning on ending their relationship after all, that’s why she was so quiet — though his worries were erased when Y/N finally made eye contact, smiling again.

“How are you?” She asked, retrieving her hand and placing them inside her robes.

Draco raised an eyebrow. “I should be asking you that question.”

“What? Is it wrong for me to ask?”

“I guess not.” frowned Draco. “And I’m okay, but I know I would’ve been better if I were with you.”

“About that …” trailed Y/N, “I — I thought about that night a lot, it’s probably obvious by how much of a wreck I’ve been, and I’ve concluded that it was unfair of me to judge you so quickly. I should’ve just believed you when you told me that it was Pansy’s plan all along, I should’ve at least tried hearing you out — all the things I said, all those hurtful words I told you, I didn’t mean it. I was just afraid, and insecure, and I didn’t want to lose you, and Draco,” she looked at him straight in the eyes. “I love you. I still do. I don’t know how to stop.”

“Then don’t stop.” answered Draco simply, not bringing himself to stop anymore and finally press his lips against hers passionately.

It seemed that Y/N was anticipating his movements because as soon as he kissed her, she immediately responded and pulled him closer. At that mere moment, it felt as though they were the only people around, and it was partially true since the spot where they were standing on wasn’t famous to a lot of students — thanks to the trees that you had to walk over before reaching the destination.

Draco’s palm was against her cheek while her hand was firmly on his neck, her fingers gliding up and down on his exposed skin that made him crazy. Unwillingly, he broke away from the kiss to let themselves breath but didn’t dare to untangle himself from her embrace. He was now grinning, and with a light kiss on her temple, he lifted her up from the ground without warning.

“Draco!” squealed Y/N, slapping his shoulder, the young boy chuckling and putting her down.

“You don’t know how relieved I am right now. You don’t know how I’ve been wanting to do that for ages.” He stroked her cheek. “But Y/N, whatever happened in the past, it was because of the two of us, it wasn’t just you — hell, it might even be on me majority — but what really matters is that we overcame it because I’m not letting you go that easily.”

Y/N returned the big grin on his features. “Yeah, I figured. You’ve put on a pretty good show at the Great Hall with Parkinson last time we talked.”

“You heard that?”

“How could I not?” She crossed her arms. “I reckoned you were purposely speaking too loud to let me listen or you really just wanted to humiliate her that much.”

He snorted. “Well, what I did was nothing compared to what she did. She basically drugged me.”

“I never knew someone can be so desperate.” muttered Y/N bitterly.

“At least you know that you’re the only girl I have my eyes on.” smiled Draco, kissing her forehead tenderly. “Ah, I love you so much, Y/N.”

She let out a contented sigh once more, closing her eyes as she replied. “I love you more, Draco.”

All That I Am ; An Elucien Fanfiction — Part 1

a/n: so i just randomly got the idea for this fic and decided to start it. it’ll probably be 3-4 parts in the end. i’ve never written elucien before, so i hope that this is okay! thanks so much to @sarahviehmann​ for helping me edit and giving me constant support, i love you!

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,813 

Part 2 / Part 3

No one is there for Elain. Not with Nesta standing by, in all her loud, violent glory. Nesta screams for days, until her voice is hoarse, even after that, and Elain doesn’t know how anyone can bear to be around her anymore. But then one day, she stops. Elain is there to watch her, sitting on a bench at the edge of one of the many terraces in the House of Wind. Angry tears drip down her sister’s chin, her face contorted. She’s holding onto the metal railing, the only thing keeping her from vaulting herself over the edge. And then it melts beneath her touch, just like that.

Nesta pulls back quickly, staring at her hands as if they were something foreign. Elain thinks that maybe they are. A flicker of a flame dances across Nesta’s fingertips and she yelps. One of the warriors comes running when Nesta stops screaming, worried she’d been hurt, but Elain doesn’t care enough to see which one it is. All she sees is him leading Nesta back inside, talking excitedly about her new power, and a glimpse of Nesta’s teeth as she smiles. Elain is left alone. Forgotten. Ignored.

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Silk [VIXX, Leo]

Originally posted by coffeeprincetaekwoon

Characters : VIXX’s Leo || OC

Royalty Au inspired by the Shangri-La era.

My Leo trash ass is to be blamed.

Rating : PG

Warnings : Blindfolds? Implied sexual intercourse? Implied nudity? 

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It’s a Long Flight

Harry and Y/N really know how to join the mile high club, don’t they?

You would think having a private plane wouldn’t be so boring, but with Harry falling asleep only 45 minutes into the 5-hour flight things aren’t exactly wild. Y/N has spent the last two hours attempting to read, play candy crush, and even watch a movie but her eyes keep going back to Harry. His shirt is undone all the way down with the exception of two meaningless buttons, his hair is wild from the beanie he was wearing earlier, and finally, his tight jeans that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination.

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First time

It was his idea. 

“Stefan, I don’t think this is going to work”

“I’m fine, just keep going”.

The fact that this was said half way through a groan, was not convincing to Caroline at all. His hands were locked behind his head, pushed as far into the pillows as they could go, his waist bearing the full weight of her and his feet limply hanging off the bed.

Her fingers lightly massaged his wrists, eyebrows furrowed in concern as she took in his current position. “Maybe there’s a loophole”

“Caroline, I’m human not made of glass. Humans do this all the time.”

His lips found the skin on her neck, the dip right where it met her jaw, and she was fully accustomed to how good Stefan was at winning an argument.

Especially during sex. 

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“When’s the last time somebody touched you, Darling?” And it catches Y/N off guard, he thinks because she thought they were having an unspoken agreement to not bring up how hot n’ bothered he’d gotten her without touching where it counts.

“S'been a while…” she trailed off, coming back with a, “…like a year, maybe.”

The car swerved under Harry’s hands, head snapping to her, “A year?!”

“Watch the road you idiot!” She cries out, and Harry looks out the windshield with a look of desperation on his face.


Y/N is Harry’s personal assistant 

part 1

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Ficlet: Never-Could-Be

Summary: Reminiscing brings closure (and other stuff). 

Ships: Shallura

A/N: I needed Shallura fluff. Such is life. 

“…and every year, Father would open the juniberry festival. People from all around Altea would come for the harvest.”

From his position next to Allura, leaning against the projector, Shiro glanced about the holo-room, taking in the wonderful sights of the blooming valley. “I would have loved to see it in person.”

Allura’s face grew dark then, sad and forlorn, even as her fingers tangled with his. “If Altea still existed, I would be next-in-succession for the throne.”

Shiro’s heart thumped an unease rhythm. “You are still next-in-line, Princess.”

“For an empty throne, for a planet that has not existed in over ten thousand years.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

Her fingers tightened with his, her warmth blazing against his own. “I mourn my planet every day, but…on Altea, in order to ascend to the throne, one must marry another royal.”

Dread seized Shiro, though he never thought this would last. Even as he and Allura grew closer, shared meals and rooms and not-so-public displays of affection, he knew this would be fleeting, a fling for a princess, a torturous what-never-could-be for her paladin.

“I – I would never stand in your way, Princess.” Emotion strangled his voice, keeping it low and raw. “Even now, I understand that you may need –”

“But,” she interjected, a sad but true smile upon her face, “even if Altea lived and I still her princess, I would give up my right to the throne for my right to be with you.”

Heat rushed to his face, and Shiro tried to will the sudden stinging from the corner of his eyes. He failed. “P-Princess, I would never – I couldn’t possibly ask you to do such a – ”

Her hand glided across his cheek, drawing him close for a kiss. “I always find it amusing how you think you have a say in such things,” she said, forehead pressed against his. “What I choose to do with my life is my decision and mine alone. And in any case, my father would have wished for me to be happy, so he would have changed the laws to allow you to be my consort.”


“And I am happy. So very happy with you, Shiro.” She glanced away, her strong front failing for a moment, and she looked up with nervous glint in her eyes. “Are you happy?”

He turned to kiss her palm and then bring her knuckles – her ring finger – to his lips for a tender admission. “Eternally.”

The End

I lied


Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Angst (?)

Prompt by anonymous:  hey! I love your imagines. Could you do one where the reader is an avenger and she and Cap had an one night stand( you can past that scene) and Steve told her that he loved her and she should take his side in the Civil war ( she being in team Iron Man), then the next day when she decide to tell him that she will be with him she see Captain and Sharon kissing eachother and then she start fight with Steve telling him he’s a liar and stuff like that. Sorry for my bad english. Love ya!

A/N: This is one hell of a prompt. I love drama like this. Thanks for requesting anon!


Being a part of the Avengers was difficult. Being in love with one of them was even more. You never knew if Steve would come home after a mission. You had to live with the fear of him being taken away from you, you had to worry all the time. You learned to live with it eventually. Being worried was nothing more than normal to you.

How did this happen with Steve, you ask? Of course it would be in one of the infamous Stark parties. You were a little tipsy, well kinda drunk actually, but you could think straight and talk normally. What you couldn’t do was walk, especially to your room. You didn’t trust your legs so you called Steve to carry you there. He gladly accepted and wrapped a strong arm around your shouders and another under your knees, carrying you bridal style like you weighed nothing but a feather. 

He helped you to your bed and once you arrived, he laid you there carefully. He asked if you wanted anything else and you didn’t answer. You just stared at him. More like admiring him. Steve was on his knees in front of you, his crystal clear eyes were boring holes in yours. His plump pink lips turning into a side smile when he noticed you looking at him.

“Stay.” you said. He laid next to you, never breaking eye contact. The alcohol taking over you, you started talking and you felt like you couldn’t lie one bit because of it. You confessed all your emotions to him that night. Both verbally and physically. Yes, you had a one night stand with Steve.

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Divided: Part 9

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: itty bit of smut, angst, fluff… lots of fluff

Word Count: 2229

Summary: The morning after your first night with Bucky results in some complicated conversations 

Authors Note:  I personally love this part and I’m getting stupidly excited about how this series is working out, hope you guys are too. The song mentioned in this part is Only Forever, definitely check it out, its adorable. Hope you all enjoy. Tagging is open, they’ve just been moved to the bottom, just ask if you want to be tagged :D

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

The music swirls in his head, the memory of the old dancing hall swimming around him as the band plays his favorite song, Bing Crosby’s “Only Forever”. He sways in time with the music, remembering the familiar lyrics. He spins slowly, noting the fellow dancers falling into step around him.

Then he sees her. Y/N. Standing there in a soft green dress, cut tightly around her waist, her thick hair framing her face in soft curls. Her red lips pushed out in a pout as she reaches out to him, waiting for his hand. In a moment Bucky steps forward, taking her fingers in his own as his other arm glides around her waist, pulling her close as they sway to the music.

He inhales her scent, pressing his cheek to her temple, humming quietly as his eyes drift happily shut. “Do you think I’ll remember, how you looked when you smiled?” Bucky sang along with his favorite song, the lyrics familiar and true as he gazes down at her, her perfect smile flashing up at him. “Only forever, That’s puttin’ it mild”.

“Y/N, I want forever.” He whispers softly, his lips connecting tenderly with hers as the song fades away, light growing around Bucky’s vision.

His eyes blink open, squinting slightly at the sun shining through a crack in the boarded window. He squeezes his eyes shut, begging to recover the dissolving dream. Shifting his arm slightly, he becomes aware of a small pressure causing him to open his eyes to see you curled beside him.

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renmayling  asked:

Sorry about that, here you go :) In 1x11 when Jamie brought Claire to the stones to ask her to go back to her own time. Jamie asked what Claire did and she approached the stone with both hands up. Jamie then stopped her because he said he wasn’t ready. But what if Jamie didn’t manage to stop her in time? What would Jamie have done? Where would he go? What would Claire have done when she realized she just (accidentally) made the biggest mistake of her life by going back?

I’ve been trying to write this ever since I received your ask! This is a brilliant prompt and I’m so glad I get to write it for you! Sorry it took so long! Hope you enjoy! <3 

It wasn’t until that moment that I realized how bad I needed to tell someone. Anyone. When the words finally came I felt a weight lift from me, but at the same time another replaced it. The truth of how I came here sounded just as ridiculous as any lie I could conjure up.

But he believed me.

He wanted to know everything, and so I told him. He couldn’t make sense of it, I barely made sense of it myself. But now he knew, and part of me could finally breathe again.

The world was a better place because of him, and i’m so glad that he was mine.

The fire burned low as the wind moved through the trees, rustling the leaves and branches into song. The clouds moved overhead, the small shimmer of a star shining through in its occasional absence. Claire slept soundly in Jamie’s arms, all of the turmoil of the day before forgotten in his embrace.

Jamie remained awake, relishing in the feel of her against him. This would be the last time they slept with one another, he decided, and Jamie didn’t want to forget a moment of it. She didn’t belong here with him, in this time. She had tried for so long to get back to her time, to her real husband. His heart ached to be one with hers since that moment she wept in his arms that first night at Leoch, and praise God that he got to love her for a time. He never wanted it to end, but her happiness was more important than any selfish need he had of her. He loved her enough to let her go. All he wanted was for her to be happy.

A large finger traced the outline of her jaw, then the soft curve of her lip. Those same lips that he had longed to kiss ever since the first time he laid eyes on her.

He brought his own lips down gently to hers and kissed her tenderly.

He could feel her sleepily smile against his lips, and he smiled in return.

If only you knew how happy you make me, a Sorcha. Come to me.

One hand cupped her cheek as the other drifted lower to the mass of her skirts. He swiftly pushed them out of the way and let his fingers glide along the smooth skin of her thighs. He could feel gooseflesh rise, and the fine hairs stand as his hand drifted up… and up.

He could feel her warm breath against his cheek as his hand reach the apex of her thighs.

Not as slippery as an eel, but still slippery, nonetheless. He thought smugly to himself.

His fingers moved against her, rubbing that magical spot that often had her screaming within minutes.

Soft moans escaped her lips as her eyes fluttered open. A smile.


“Shhh.” He silenced her with a small kiss and went back to his task.

Teasing her, he slipped the tip of one finger inside her before pulling it back out again, lingering near the small spot of her pleasure.

“Oh Jamie, I want you inside me.” She whispered as she pulled him down to her, desperate.

“No, sassenach. I want to watch you.” He smiled as her brows knitted together in anguish.

No, I can’t risk you being with child. Let me do this for you, Mo nighean.

His balls ached to be inside of her, to grant her request, but he couldn’t.

She moved her hips against his hand, urging him on, wanting, needing more.

She wanted him. Badly. But there was no persuading a Fraser.

He slipped one finger in, and then another. His thumb rubbed the spot and he soon brought her to her peak.

He kissed her again, swallowing her screams and falling with her into sleep.

He slept fitfully, fighting with himself on the decision to send her back. There was no help for it. It had to be done.

She was wrapped in his plaid, standing at the edge of the river as she laid her hands in the stream. The morning sun lighting the bits of auburn in her deep brown curls.

“So, sassenach. Are ye ready to go home?” His voice came deep, as he tried his best to keep back the utter ache he felt throughout his entire being.

“Yes.” She breathed. She smiled as she stepped into his arms, kissing him deeply.

Tears nearly broke to the surface as he pulled away. “Take a look.”

The walk to Craigh na Dun was short, yet it felt as if an eternity had passed. With each step his breath became short and shallow. Yet he had to face the inevitable.

She stopped dead as the stones came into sight, all the air leaving her body. She had tried to get here for so long. To get back. To her time. To Frank. Now she was here, yet she was anything but happy. She turned to Jamie, as if asking why.

He simply nodded and they moved ever forward. Ever onward.

It was as if she could feel her heart trying to escape her chest with each step she took, the cool morning air seeping into her bones.

Then they were there.

“This is the place?” Jamie asked, his hand on his sword as he paced the circle, checking for any threats.

“Yes.” Was the only word she managed to choke out.

Deciding they were safe in their surroundings, his hand left his sword and tried his best to put on a confident facade.

“So, what did ye do? The first time.”

“I didn’t do anything really, I heard this buzzing,” Suddenly she was moving, as if her legs moved of their own volition. “And I touched the stones…”

His hand came to pull her back, but she was gone.

“Claire…” He whispered in disbelief. He wasn’t ready, she wasn’t supposed to go just yet. He hadn’t told her how he loved her, how much she meant to him. And now it was too late. She was gone. Claire, his light, his home, his heart. Was gone.

I hadn’t willed my legs to move, but they did, as if the stones were pulling me towards them and I could not resist. In an instant I was falling, the veil screaming and tearing me piece by piece, only to haphazardly put me together again. I don’t remember closing my eyes, or how long they had been closed, but when I opened them I knew I was no longer in the 18th century. Everything was different, the deep rich greens were now faded nearly to a sickly brown. The trees lay still and silent, along with what life lived within them. The smell of grass and mud and wilderness, faded and mingled with the smell of asphalt and gasoline.

It felt as though my heart had been ripped from my chest. Yes, I had wanted to come back for a long time, but I no longer belonged here. I hadn’t even realized I loved him, and now it was too late. My home laid within the heart of a man who was two hundred years in the past.

Baby Love

Originally posted by serecenhawke

@50-shades-of-laufeyson asked: Thorin finds out that the reader (me lol) is pregnant with his child and he’s more excited than he’s been in his whole life and he gets really really protective over her and loves to brag about how she’s having HIS baby 

(Can I tell you how much I love this prompt?)

Genre: fluff || Songspiration: Baby, Baby by Amy Grant || incorporating these @imaginexhobbit imagines: x, x

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mafiamoll  asked:

so i just binge-read all of ur mermaid au!winteriron fic and W O W im in love im so invested in this holy shit

Yay! Thank you so much. I know you just finished binge-reading the story so far, but here’s another update anyway. :D

Winteriron Mermaid AU Pt. 26

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8/ Part 9/ Part 10/ Part 11 /Part 12/Part 13/Part 14/ Part 15/ Part 16/ Part 17 / Part 18/ Part 19/ Part 20/ Part 21/ Part 22/ Part 23/ Part 24/ Part 25/ Part 26/ Part 27/ Part 28/ Part 29  

Tony gasped and flung his hands over his mouth to keep the anchovy he’d caught from fleeing to safety. He’d finally caught an anchovy! Weeks of failure and he’d finally caught one.

Tony slammed his mouth shut and screwed his eyes tight against the sensation of the anchovy swimming inside his mouth. His second row of teeth descended and Tony chewed the tiny fish to pieces and swallowed.

“I finally caught one!” Tony cheered. Tony threw his arms up and did a back-flip.

“Finally,” Sam shouted, relief and happiness in his voice. “I was worried about you.”

“I thought he was faking his inability to catch anchovies.” Natasha swam past Tony. With little effort she snapped her jaws shut on three anchovies and devoured them.

“Congrats, Tony,” Steve said.

Tony crossed his arms over his chest. “Thank you, Steve. At least someone around here knows how to respond when your friend achieves something.”

A hand glided across the cradle of Tony’s back. Tony turned his head and was nose to nose with Bucky.

Bucky’s cheeks were puffed up like a chipmunk’s. He cupped Tony’s face and brought their lips together.

Tony’s stomach flipped like an acrobat.

He grabbed hold of Bucky’s arms for purchase and used his fingertips to caress Bucky’s forearms. He opened his mouth and accepted the anchovies Bucky fed him.

Bucky withdrew his mouth from Tony’s, giving Tony space as he happily ate his food.

“Congrats.” Bucky kissed Tony’s cheek. “So I can go back to catching anchovies for just myself now.”

“I didn’t say that.” Tony slid his hands up Bucky’s arms and around his shoulders.

“You just want an excuse for Bucky to kiss you,” Sam said.

Tony pressed a finger to his lips and shushed Sam. “Stop telling everyone my secrets.”

Natasha rolled her eyes as she lazily swam through the water on her back. “‘Secrets,’ he says. Secrets.” She snorted in disbelief.

“You’re making me miss the kids. They are the essence of love and joy. all of you are bitter and sarcastic.”

“Hey, don’t lump me in with them,” Steve said.

“Or me.” Bucky pecked Tony on the cheek.

Tony blew a stream of bubbles in Bucky’s face. “All four of you are sarcastic, and it hurts me.”

Bucky hugged Tony around the waist. “Aw, don’t be like that.” He nuzzled Tony’s cheek. “You love us, and you know it.”

“Maybe,” Tony drew out his vowels.

Bucky huffed and tickled Tony’s sides.

Tony curled up and laughed. He clung to Bucky as his laughter shook him. “Mercy! Mercy! I can’t take it.”

“Yes!” Bucky cheered and stopped tickling Tony, but kept Tony in his embrace.

Natasha whistled to get their attention.

Tony and Bucky broke out of their love haze.

Natasha pointed downward.

Tony and Bucky’s gazes followed her finger.

Dozens of mermaids and merman were headed toward where Bucky’s pod made their home.

Tony squinted and tried to get a better look at the merfolk below. “I don’t think I recognize anyone down there.”

“You wouldn’t,” Sam said. “That’s Jane’s pod.”

Tony tensed in Bucky’s arms. Jane’s pod? That meant Thor and Loki were due back any day now.

Once Loki returned, Tony and Bucky would have to visit him to undo the spell on them.

Bucky would soon have his memories back, and Tony would be human again.

It also meant that Tony and Bucky’s time together was drawing to an end.

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Cover My Eyes ~ Promised companion fic

Author: completedylantrash

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 4254

A/N: This is a companion fic to my series Promised. Someone suggested that I should tell stories of Izzy and Stiles’ past lives so this is what this is. If you haven’t already, you should read Promised before this, otherwise it won’t make much sense. This is a little different from what I normally write, so I hope you like it. If not whatever lol. Song that insipired this is Cover My Eyes by The Birthday Massacre

Originally posted by rockdinleyengorl

He remembered the first time saw her; her eyes sparkling, the color of the shamrocks that surrounded them as they ran through the fields, her long chestnut hair and the tints of auburn that glittered in the afternoon sun as it waved down her back. Her laugh was mischievous and full of excitement, sounding like the sweetest music to his ears. He was instantly smitten with her. How could he not be? She was a force that came barreling into his life, like the winds that came off the cliffs during a summer storm, knocking him off his feet and leaving him slightly terrified.

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Home Alone Tonight. Chapter 5

Warning! This story is rated M for foul language, sexual content, and adult situations. I do not own Fairy Tail.

Summary:  For the past few years, Natsu’s been dealing with his broken heart. He tries to drown his pain through unhealthy activities, but all it leaves him with is a string of failed relationships and a lot of drunken nights at the bar. He’s been a wreck ever since she left. How will he deal with her return, when his heart is still mangled? Inspired by the Luke Bryan song. Modern AU. NALU

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24.

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*The lyrics used in this chapter are from a song called ‘Fix’ by Chris Lane. (If you can’t tell, I have a thing for country songs.)

Chapter Five: Payback Picture

Lucy didn’t say anything else on the matter. She had no idea what a 'payback picture’ was, but she trusted Natsu. He snapped a picture, then pulled the phone closer to them so they could see it. The only word to describe it would be: terrible.

Natsu had a stupid grin on his face, while Lucy looked like she’d just been crying. Granted, she had, but that wasn’t the type of picture he wanted to take. He spent a minute fixing her hair so it would cover up the redness of her eyes. “You gotta look happy,” he said cautiously. “Like we’re having a good time.”

The blonde thought for only a moment before coming up with an idea that was sure to make her look happy, because it would actually make her happy.

“Can I try something then?” She saw how hard he was trying to get a nice picture. It made her want to try just as hard.

“Yeah,” he said, throwing the camera up again. “Say che-”

His words were cut off by Lucy’s lips on his own. He was stunned for a second, staring at the blonde who had her eyes closed. Her left hand came up, her fingers carefully caressing the scar on his cheek, obviously not afraid of his disfigurement.

Since Natsu’s mouth was already open, she didn’t wait for any formalities before invading him. Natsu’s eyes fluttered closed as he accepted the kiss.

Their tongues teased each other while Natsu’s hand up her back. He wanted to touch her more, but they were in public.

Her right hand grabbed his shoulder, making sure he didn’t move away from her. Like hell he’d even try! Lucy’s hand slipped from his cheek to glide into his soft pink hair. She tugged on it, making him moan in her mouth. He was lucky there was music playing. No one around them would be able to hear how much he enjoyed the kiss. He could already feel the heat collecting in his cheeks.

He snapped the picture, then brought his hand down to rest the phone on the counter. He bit at her lower lip, pulling it between his sharp teeth. She whimpered when he released it, wishing he would have continued. He darted his tongue back into her mouth, but it was captured. Lucy sucked on the wet muscle, making him forget everything around him for a split second.

It wasn’t until a customer passing by said, “get a room!” that they broke apart. Natsu was panting, having forgotten that he was supposed to breathe through his nose during a kiss. Lucy’s face was turning red, she tried to contain her smile, but her mouth betrayed her. She was giddy, like a high school girl who just got her first kiss.

Natsu opened his mouth to speak, “I-”

“I love you,” Lucy cut him off, no doubts in her mind on whether she should tell him or not. She wanted him to know how she felt. Natsu jolted back in shock, but she continued. “I never stopped loving you. Every day I thought about you, wondering how you were doing. I’m sorry I didn’t try harder to contact you. I have no good excuses. I never meant to break your heart, and I’m sorry I did. I promise, if you let me, I’ll make it up to you.”

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I commissioned the absolutely amazing @slavetothemocha to draw Hawke and Fenris from my modern au and she not only delivered but left me in tears at how wonderful it is. Seriously this is so beautiful and I am over the moon happy.

Her face stared up at him though her eyes were still closed in sleep. It was amazing to see her so still. Her hair had fallen over her face, the back and blue darkening her pale skin. The urge to reach out and touch it overcame him. It felt so soft and he let his fingers glide down her cheek. Her face was smooth; he had so rarely touched anything other than her hands. Chef hands, she often lamented, callused and rough from burns and cuts. But now he felt the soft creaminess of her face and marveled again at her stillness. Hawke was never anything less than a blur, always in motion. He took a moment to appreciate the line of her jaw. Her thick eyelashes resting against the tops of her cheeks. She murmured something and her eyes opened slowly. He looked into the deep pools of blue ice and felt a sudden jolt in his gut. He wasn’t sure how long they looked into each others eyes but soon she smiled at him gave him a gentle poke on the tip of his nose.

“I think I might be ready for bed.” She said and slowly got up. She said good night to everyone and he watched her walk away, feeling wistful at the loss of her presence. He looked back into the flames and could not shake the feeling that had struck him looking into her eyes.

“Well shit.” He said silently to himself, he was falling for his best friend.

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CS- "don't leave me"

Hey, nonnie! Most likely not what you had in mind, but 500 un-betad words of AU CS with a touch of Jones Brothers angst.

Prompt me: Feel free to send a prompt to the ask box. Usual ouat pairs stand. Pitch is fair territory. Emerald City if you’ve got something good - though I’m a little wary with so little canon to work from.


It’s awkward. It shouldn’t be awkward, but it is. Killian loves Liam, adores him, looks up to him. She’s not even sure why she’s surprised she doesn’t measure up.

She never measures up.

She shouldn’t be out here, hiding out in the alley behind the bar while her friends, while her boyfriend, are all inside. She’s not that girl. She hasn’t been that girl in a very long time.

Some habits are hard to break.


She doesn’t look up, continues to lean back, one leg perched up with her foot flat against the brick wall. She keeps her focus on the label she’s peeling off the beer bottle in her hand.

“Swan?” Killian repeats as he approaches, stopping just shy of arm’s reach. She can see the toe of his boot dig at a loose spot of asphalt, kicking aside a few pebbles. “Everything all right?”

She hates that he hasn’t made the last few steps towards her, but she doesn’t know if she can handle initiating closing the gap and have him step away. “It’s fine. I’m fine.”

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“Dinner Plans”

James Potter x Reader

request:  Can I request a James Potter X Reader story where they’re close friends and obviously like each other but are too scared to ruin the friendship so they try to avoid it until everyone gets fed up with them and makes them date?


Autumn sunlight was beginning to fade rapidly and the dinner rush to the Great Hall was becoming more apparent with each and every minute that passed. Leaning against a stone pillar, (y/n) waited eagerly for her best friends, Sirius, Remus, and especially James. 

It had been a rough few months. James and (y/n) had spent them trying hard to make things work. It wasn’t until they’d returned to Hogwarts after summer holiday, that he’d confessed, and (y/n) hadn’t denied the attraction on her end either. After considering possible outcomes, James finally agreed that the best thing to do was just to remain friends. It killed (y/n) to see him crushed, but she knew he understood as well as she did what would happen if things had ever gone wrong, and their friendship was far too sacred to the both of them.

Suddenly (y/n) snapped out of the memory-induced trance at the sound of her name being called. Blurred in the sea of Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws, Sirius and James emerged, racing towards her.

“Haven’t seen you since potions (y/n)! How are you?” Sirius buzzed.

“Alright I guess.” (Y/n) answered as James glanced at her with a shy smile.

“So who’s ready to eat!?” Potter asked merrily. “ Let’s find some seats before it gets swamped.”

Once Remus had joined them, they all began feasting on that night’s meal. Sirius, as wild as he was, ate so ravenously that he’d gained a few disgusted looks from two Slytherins and a slap on the shoulder from Moony. James admired (y/n) while she smirked at them, and shuttered when he had realized that she’d caught him staring. 

“Oi, Prongs! Just ask her already mate!” Sirius shouted, spraying bits of shepard’s pie across the table. Looking horrified, James merely blushed and stared down at his plate as Remus snickered. 

“Leave them Sirius!” he barked, swatting at the air. “It’ll happen in time.”

“It’s taking long enough!” Sirius snapped. At this point, (y/n)’s cheeks burned bright with a crimson glow, and she seemed distressed under the pressure of her friends.

“Excuse me guys.” (Y/n) said softly as she rushed out of the Great Hall with her robes flowing behind her, all while leaving the boys with expressions of confusion. 

“Look at what you’ve done to the poor girl! I ought to walk you two off the bloody Astronomy tower!” James scolded as he jumped to his feet and hurried after her.

Relieved to be away from the awkwardness, she settled down on a step at the top of the stairs. (Y/n) studied her fingernails as she tried desperately to forget what had happened only moments before. Lost in thought, she didn’t see James run out of the hall. 

“(Y/n), are you okay?” 

“Huh? Oh… uhm yeah!” She said in a startled tone.

“Good. I told them not to bother us-I mean you.” he said, climbing the stairs to reach her.

“I guess I never realized how obvious we were.” (Y/n) replied with a rather sarcastic and empty giggle. “It kills me that I made you feel like this, James. I’m sorry that things couldn’t be… the way we wish they were.”

“That doesn’t mean they can’t be.” He whispered, stepping closer. Holding his hand out, (y/n) took it and stood up. Looking up, James placed a hand on her jaw and let his thumb glide over her rosy cheek. She met his eyes and before she knew it, his lips had fit her’s perfectly. The impact had caused her to stumble backwards a few feet, and (y/n) soon felt her back against the cold stone wall. She moved her hands up his chest and soon found herself gripping his robes in an attempt to pull him impossibly closer.

“(Y/n)… please.” James sighed pulling back slowly. He looked at her in that moment, with the most loving expression she’d ever seen grace his brows. “I can’t fight it anymore…”

“Neither can I.” (Y/n) admitted breathlessly. With one still around her waist, she took his free hand in her own and burrowed her face in his neck.

“HEY!” James and (y/n) heard Sirius exclaim. “What do we have here?”

“He’s finally done it!” Remus shouted as he appeared beside his friend. Looking back at each other, Potter and (y/l/n) simply giggled.

“Yeah… I did.” James grinned.

Drabble inspired by Gina's Amazing Art!

Original posting found here.

She hadn’t expected it to be like this. She hadn’t expected the intimacy and the romance.  But she was in dire need of it.

Reaching their destination- the small wooden round table just outside the restaurant with the string lights hanging down the walls- it seemed like it was going to be on the dopey and corny romantic side, and Emma Swan didn’t do dopey or corny.

It was after the second bottle of red wine had been sat down that Killian had asked her for this dance. It was then that her ears pricked up at the classic tune playing softly from somewhere in the distance.

Emma looked up at him in quiet surprise. With only the tiniest bit of hesitation, she placed her hand in his outstretched one from across the table.

His eyes were glued on hers, a deep and burning blue. The intensity of that stare only quickened her heart and made her want to be that much closer to him.

Killian’s arm wrapped around her waist, holding her closely. Emma, in turn, tentatively placed her arms around his neck, letting her head rest against his shoulder.

“Emma, love?”

She looked up at him suddenly, curious as to what he was thinking.

A hint of a smile as he watched her closely. “What is this song?”

She swallowed hard, eyes blinking as the lyrics blurred in her mind.

“It’s called… ‘The Way You Look Tonight.’” She shook her head. “It’s a very old song. A classic.”

It was as if his gaze was swallowing her whole. Pulling her tighter against him, he took a moment to listen closely to the faint lyrics.

Oh, but you’re lovely/ With your smile so warm/ And your cheeks so soft/ There is nothing for me but to love you/ Just the way you look tonight.

Those eyes were smoldering on her.

“It’s perfect,” he told her with a quick smile, a flash of teeth that was devastating her heart. His hand came up to caress her cheek, watching as her eyes closed at the feel. “Your cheeks are so soft. And you are… so lovely, Emma.”

She opened her eyes and saw something magic staring back at her.

A little swipe of her tongue darted out over her lip.

“Thank you, Killian.”

His smile only grew. “Dance with me, love?”

Emma nodded, completely spellbound by the moment.           

She buried her face deep into that spot between his neck and his shoulder as they began to sway back and forth to Tony Bennett’s voice. She felt his hand glide lower, finding a spot on her backside.

Emma smiled into shoulder at his boldness. Her eyes fluttered closed as she thought about how comfortable he was in that move,

Her fingers glided up,up, up, until they reached the back of his head. She held him close, completely and utterly happy in this stupidly happy moment.

“Killian?” she murmured softly.

“Yes, love?” He didn’t pull back. He held her even tighter.

Emma sighed. “Thank you for this beautiful first date.”

His lips brushed softly against her cheek.

“Thank you, Emma.”

Digibear Drabble: Like Us

RivamikaWeek, Day 1: Iridescence - Like the colorful effect of the inside of a seashell
Word Count: 1844 (short; reason for no Read More is because you can’t read at all on my blog grr) 

Like Us
a rivamikaweek fanfic by a rivamika fangirl
“That’s… a shit ton of water.”

“…That’s one way to describe it.”

Mikasa watched in minute fascination as the liquid expanse seemed to stretch towards their feet. All around them, clear water as far as the eye could see clashed with the white sand under their feet. For a moment, she feared that the mass of blue would take her, swallowing her whole and filling her lungs. But it couldn’t—not when they got this far. Not when they finally reached the end. Mikasa hesitated on instinct, one foot inching back in the sand.

A hand grasped her shoulder, stopping her. “Don’t,” Levi ordered just as the water tickled their feet. Swirling around their ankles, the freezing water sent chills to their spines and splashed little droplets onto their bare shins.

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