and how his hand glides up her cheek

A Thank You Gift

Member(s): Suga / V // BTS

Genre: CatHybrid!AU, Romance, Smut, Poly

Words: 1.9k

She felt cold that morning, something lacking by her backside and under her arm; the usual morning warmth from her two pets was gone and she felt empty as she awoke. Only not for long, as soft nips at her neck and licks up her stomach let her know that she was far from being alone and even further from being lonely.

She chuckled lightly, scratching behind the youngest ears, pulling him away from her stomach as he purred in bliss at the feeling of her fingers roaming through his sensitive spots of pure pleasure. “What’s with the nice wake up call, Tae?” she asked of the youngest, knowing that it would have been much more difficult to make the elder speak, particularly not when he was so into nipping and licking at her neck, sending small waves of shiver down her spine so early in the morning.

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request: “Hi! I absolutely loved Your recent story, Bittersweet. Is it possible you could write a part 2 when the month has passed? And Draco still loves the Reader and she still loves Him as well or something? Ah! I love your writing thank you for the wonderful stories! Xx” — by anon + “Is there a chance you could write a Bittersweet Part 2?? Super fluffy maybe? I love your writing so much. Thank you! ❤️💛” by @paperrplaness

a/n: thank you, guys 💖 knowing that people out there appreciate my works makes me motivated to write further more! x



The month has passed in such a fast blur that Y/N hardly noticed it for she wasn’t being herself the whole time it did. She was rarely seen out of her house’s common room; the only instances people would get a glimpse of her sunken face would be at break times and class hours — and it wasn’t like she made sure her appearance was known, because she didn’t talk nor made any type of noise for that matter. All she did was listen to the teacher, write down some notes, then after class, would head out before anybody else could attempt to try and start a conversation with her.

Of course, of all the students who took notice of her sudden change of attitude, Draco was the one who resisted so hard to confront her about it, knowing her answer without asking, anyway. He was feeling guilty and regretful for even agreeing to give her space because it was obvious that it wasn’t taking a good effect on her. He wanted to scoop her into his arms, say comforting words in her ear, and assure her over and over again that he loved her and he’ll be there for her no matter what. Yet again, would telling Y/N that he was still hopelessly in love with her make her feel better? Was he even sure that she still felt the same way?

Closing his eyes, Draco tried to get a good night sleep. The moment the sun rises up in the morning, it would mark the day where their deal of taking a break from each other would be disregarded and he could finally talk to her. With another twist and turn on his bed, he looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was already three o'clock in the morning.

He groaned, taking a pillow and putting it over his head, not caring that he was already trickling with sweat due to humidity of the room. The sound of his roommates’ snores didn’t help either, but Draco managed to drown out the noise until he finally felt himself drifting away from consciousness.

Y/N did her usual morning routine the day after. She would arrive at the Great Hall for breakfast, eat a couple of bacon strips and help herself with some orange juice, before standing up and heading out without telling her friend where she was off to. Draco had memorized her pattern that he didn’t bother to eat breakfast himself, but instead patiently waited at the hallways for her arrival.

She didn’t seem like she noticed him for she carried on looking through her Ancient Runes textbook with no interest whatsoever. Though Draco boldly coughed and walked beside her, the young girl’s eyes stopping at a paragraph to instead flicker her attention at the person on her right.

“One month, am I correct?” reminded Draco softly and it was obvious from the look of her face that she knew — she was just surprised that he did.

Snapping the book shut, she nodded. “I suppose it has been a month.”

“Want to take a walk?”

For the first time in weeks, a small smile was seen on her lips and Draco took every inch of restraint not to kiss her at that moment, but instead hold out an arm in hope that she’ll take it.

Y/N sighed, adjusting the strap of her bag on her shoulder and reluctantly placing a hand over his arm. He smiled at the touch, soon striding forward where he noticed a few students were now staring at them with wide eyes and shocked expressions, though he didn’t particularly care and neither did Y/N.

Comfortable silence filled their surroundings as Draco led them close to the Black Lake. Whenever he would take glances at her, he would see that she had her eyebrows furrowed in deep thought and he wanted so bad to know what she was thinking of. He suddenly felt afraid that maybe she was planning on ending their relationship after all, that’s why she was so quiet — though his worries were erased when Y/N finally made eye contact, smiling again.

“How are you?” She asked, retrieving her hand and placing them inside her robes.

Draco raised an eyebrow. “I should be asking you that question.”

“What? Is it wrong for me to ask?”

“I guess not.” frowned Draco. “And I’m okay, but I know I would’ve been better if I were with you.”

“About that …” trailed Y/N, “I — I thought about that night a lot, it’s probably obvious by how much of a wreck I’ve been, and I’ve concluded that it was unfair of me to judge you so quickly. I should’ve just believed you when you told me that it was Pansy’s plan all along, I should’ve at least tried hearing you out — all the things I said, all those hurtful words I told you, I didn’t mean it. I was just afraid, and insecure, and I didn’t want to lose you, and Draco,” she looked at him straight in the eyes. “I love you. I still do. I don’t know how to stop.”

“Then don’t stop.” answered Draco simply, not bringing himself to stop anymore and finally press his lips against hers passionately.

It seemed that Y/N was anticipating his movements because as soon as he kissed her, she immediately responded and pulled him closer. At that mere moment, it felt as though they were the only people around, and it was partially true since the spot where they were standing on wasn’t famous to a lot of students — thanks to the trees that you had to walk over before reaching the destination.

Draco’s palm was against her cheek while her hand was firmly on his neck, her fingers gliding up and down on his exposed skin that made him crazy. Unwillingly, he broke away from the kiss to let themselves breath but didn’t dare to untangle himself from her embrace. He was now grinning, and with a light kiss on her temple, he lifted her up from the ground without warning.

“Draco!” squealed Y/N, slapping his shoulder, the young boy chuckling and putting her down.

“You don’t know how relieved I am right now. You don’t know how I’ve been wanting to do that for ages.” He stroked her cheek. “But Y/N, whatever happened in the past, it was because of the two of us, it wasn’t just you — hell, it might even be on me majority — but what really matters is that we overcame it because I’m not letting you go that easily.”

Y/N returned the big grin on his features. “Yeah, I figured. You’ve put on a pretty good show at the Great Hall with Parkinson last time we talked.”

“You heard that?”

“How could I not?” She crossed her arms. “I reckoned you were purposely speaking too loud to let me listen or you really just wanted to humiliate her that much.”

He snorted. “Well, what I did was nothing compared to what she did. She basically drugged me.”

“I never knew someone can be so desperate.” muttered Y/N bitterly.

“At least you know that you’re the only girl I have my eyes on.” smiled Draco, kissing her forehead tenderly. “Ah, I love you so much, Y/N.”

She let out a contented sigh once more, closing her eyes as she replied. “I love you more, Draco.”

Bedtime Stories

This is the first of two prompts I picked for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s third writing challenge! The prompt for this one is “Caught Reading Fanfiction”…oooh! Scandal!

Summary: Sandra (aka. Mouse) is a timid, quiet woman who spends her days fantasizing about fucking Negan’s brains out. She discovers a group of other women living in the Sanctuary who feel the same way, and they collectively begin to write smutty, fictional stories featuring their sexy leader. But what happens when he catches her reading one? Will he let it go, or find some way to punish her for writing about him?

Word Count: 3,688

Warnings: Smut, smut and more smut! Swearing (of course), finger fucking, oral sex, hand jobs, and cum!

This is very loosely tied to another short fic I wrote called The Girl Named Mouse, but you do not have to have read that to enjoy this at all. The installment is a million times smuttier than the previous one. Enjoy!

Bedtime Stories

Sandra could feel his warm, rough hands gliding across the silk of her bare skin, from ass to neck. Slowly, gradually gaining territory as his fingers crept closer to their target: the long, dark hair that spilled over her shoulders.

A sudden burst of fire shuddered down her spine as he grabbed a handful near the base of her scalp, pulling her head back and up toward him gently but firmly. Negan’s hot breath puffed against her cheek as he leaned closer to whisper roughly in her ear:

“How d’ya do, Mouse-y Poo!?”

Sandra’s heart leapt instantaneously at the sound of Negan’s low, gravelly voice coming from right beside her. Her whole body shook with adrenaline as she quickly slammed the black notebook she held in her small hands shut quickly, hoping that he hadn’t caught her this time.

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All That I Am ; An Elucien Fanfiction — Part 1

a/n: so i just randomly got the idea for this fic and decided to start it. it’ll probably be 3-4 parts in the end. i’ve never written elucien before, so i hope that this is okay! thanks so much to @sarahviehmann​ for helping me edit and giving me constant support, i love you!

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,813 

Part 2 / Part 3

No one is there for Elain. Not with Nesta standing by, in all her loud, violent glory. Nesta screams for days, until her voice is hoarse, even after that, and Elain doesn’t know how anyone can bear to be around her anymore. But then one day, she stops. Elain is there to watch her, sitting on a bench at the edge of one of the many terraces in the House of Wind. Angry tears drip down her sister’s chin, her face contorted. She’s holding onto the metal railing, the only thing keeping her from vaulting herself over the edge. And then it melts beneath her touch, just like that.

Nesta pulls back quickly, staring at her hands as if they were something foreign. Elain thinks that maybe they are. A flicker of a flame dances across Nesta’s fingertips and she yelps. One of the warriors comes running when Nesta stops screaming, worried she’d been hurt, but Elain doesn’t care enough to see which one it is. All she sees is him leading Nesta back inside, talking excitedly about her new power, and a glimpse of Nesta’s teeth as she smiles. Elain is left alone. Forgotten. Ignored.

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You Should Know Better Pt.14

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six)(Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve) (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen) (Part Fifteen) (Part Sixteen)

Summary: After two weeks of keeping their relationship professional, things turn a bit…unprofessional.
Warnings: Oh, yeah, there’s smut in this.
POV: Long Dong Joe
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie, Ryan, Dustin Ayers
Word Count: 4700ish
Author’s Note: Next chapter might not come out for a while since I have no where to go next. Might start working on that Max fic. 
Quote:  “What’s six inches, hard, has white stuff on the end, and goes in and out of a hole?”



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Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Thirteen

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 5902
Warnings: smexy, swearing, angst and heartbreak

Lauren stared at the change in the pendant around her neck with awe. Towel wrapped tightly around her, she touched the web of intricately laced branches which now rested where once the delicate chain had. It was only about an inch wide, maybe two where the branches fell to a point beneath the pendant, surrounding it as if to highlight the golden rectangle. It was exquisite, like nothing she’d ever seen before, but she wasn’t so foolish not to realize there was more going on here than a simple gift.

“Loki, explain this to me?” she tapped it gently with her nail.

He appeared behind her in the mirror, chest bare, towel riding low at his waist. The smile he wore was simply sinful as was the look in his eyes when he peered at her through the glass. Tapered fingers landed ever so gently on the delicate gold filigree, tracing the design with care.

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Silk [VIXX, Leo]

Originally posted by coffeeprincetaekwoon

Characters : VIXX’s Leo || OC

Royalty Au inspired by the Shangri-La era.

My Leo trash ass is to be blamed.

Rating : PG

Warnings : Blindfolds? Implied sexual intercourse? Implied nudity? 

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Benefits Of Living Together - Castiel x Candy

Requested by @xstalkingtheshadowsx

What was the best part about graduating high school and going away for college? Many would say that it was the independence that came with moving out, or the fact that you didn’t have to see the people from high school that you hated everyday. Castiel already had the first thing while in high school, and although the second thing was nice he wouldn’t dare to say it was the best. No, for him the best part was that he and Candy were living together.

They hadn’t originally planned on living together, or even planned on going to the same college for that matter. But with the twists and turns that life threw at them during the senior year in high school, that’s what had ended up happening.

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Dusk Til Dawn (with extended ending)

Pairing: Ivar x reader

Warnings: Angst, happy ending

Word count: 1,334

Summary: Ivar is in love but the only problem is that his lover can only be with him from dusk til dawn.

A/N: I said I’d post this a while ago so I’m posting this now while I’m being productive. 

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

He was cold, he was cruel. He was everything that the stories had said he was. Yet, there was a softness underneath him. There was a small light in there, soft and gentle. It was just rare to see it.

It had been brewing for a long time but never had the proper chance to be seen. In the shadows of night, softest caresses of candlelight, Ivar could finally be the man that was not told in the stories about him and the woman who had given him the chance to be soft, soft without consequence.

It had crossed his mind that this was wrong of him to do. He was a ruthless Viking, conquering land after land, often coming home in blood. Yet underneath it all, here he was. He was in the arms of his lover, one that would appear to him at dusk and leave at dawn.

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First time

It was his idea. 

“Stefan, I don’t think this is going to work”

“I’m fine, just keep going”.

The fact that this was said half way through a groan, was not convincing to Caroline at all. His hands were locked behind his head, pushed as far into the pillows as they could go, his waist bearing the full weight of her and his feet limply hanging off the bed.

Her fingers lightly massaged his wrists, eyebrows furrowed in concern as she took in his current position. “Maybe there’s a loophole”

“Caroline, I’m human not made of glass. Humans do this all the time.”

His lips found the skin on her neck, the dip right where it met her jaw, and she was fully accustomed to how good Stefan was at winning an argument.

Especially during sex. 

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talking bodies (6)

Summary: Min Yoongi, also known as Suga, is notorious for being one of the few male stars that doesn’t need a fluffer before a shoot. You are the girl who is known to leave men walking off set with their heads down, embarrassed for finishing too quickly. These are your collaborations. (porn star!au)

Read part: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Warnings: sensory deprivation, breath play, use of a sex toy

You’re four parts excited and one part anxious.

The thing about female directors is that they’re completely unpredictable, and here, now, lying on the bed with nothing but a blindfold and black lace underwear is living proof of that. As per the director’s instructions, you have no idea who your co-star is going to be today; Namjoon knows, though, and his approval, his lack of complaint, is enough to ease your nervousness.

You can hear the shuffling of feet around you, quiet murmurs of instruction uttered a few feet away. You clench and unclench your hands resting at your side, anticipating what’s to come.

“Alright! Everyone ready?”

Director Lee’s voice rings throughout the room, and you flinch a little. There’s no script, no instructions, but this isn’t your first time doing a shoot like this. The only thing you’re completely sure of is that your co-star, whoever he or she may be, is aware of your safe word.

“Okay. Off we go.”

You take a deep breath, and for a moment, everything is completely still. You don’t hear a single sound in the entire room that isn’t the sound of you breathing, so when you feel the bed dip slightly beside you, you gasp.

“Shh. It’s okay. You’re okay.”

Oh. You’d recognise that voice anywhere.

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I lied


Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Angst (?)

Prompt by anonymous:  hey! I love your imagines. Could you do one where the reader is an avenger and she and Cap had an one night stand( you can past that scene) and Steve told her that he loved her and she should take his side in the Civil war ( she being in team Iron Man), then the next day when she decide to tell him that she will be with him she see Captain and Sharon kissing eachother and then she start fight with Steve telling him he’s a liar and stuff like that. Sorry for my bad english. Love ya!

A/N: This is one hell of a prompt. I love drama like this. Thanks for requesting anon!


Being a part of the Avengers was difficult. Being in love with one of them was even more. You never knew if Steve would come home after a mission. You had to live with the fear of him being taken away from you, you had to worry all the time. You learned to live with it eventually. Being worried was nothing more than normal to you.

How did this happen with Steve, you ask? Of course it would be in one of the infamous Stark parties. You were a little tipsy, well kinda drunk actually, but you could think straight and talk normally. What you couldn’t do was walk, especially to your room. You didn’t trust your legs so you called Steve to carry you there. He gladly accepted and wrapped a strong arm around your shouders and another under your knees, carrying you bridal style like you weighed nothing but a feather. 

He helped you to your bed and once you arrived, he laid you there carefully. He asked if you wanted anything else and you didn’t answer. You just stared at him. More like admiring him. Steve was on his knees in front of you, his crystal clear eyes were boring holes in yours. His plump pink lips turning into a side smile when he noticed you looking at him.

“Stay.” you said. He laid next to you, never breaking eye contact. The alcohol taking over you, you started talking and you felt like you couldn’t lie one bit because of it. You confessed all your emotions to him that night. Both verbally and physically. Yes, you had a one night stand with Steve.

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anonymous asked:

I think I saw that your doing prompts, and if you are, could you maybe do Killian and Emma being in their house after shes just fought Gideon? Make it angsty or fluffy or something like that!

You saw correctly,  my little anonymous friend. I was listening to Divide while writing this and then suddely Hearts Don’t Break Around Here started playing and I saw so many similarities with what I had written down, hence the title being one of the lyrics

I feel safe when you’re holding me near

~1700 words

His arms curl around her, the force of his body creating a tight pressure on her chest. Although he is nearly crushing her, it feels good. It feels so good to be back, to be able to burrow her nose into his neck, to smell the fragrance that equates to home in her mind. Never had home been a person, it had never even been a place before Storybrooke. This is an uncharted territory. But she’s home now, back with him, with them and she’s is considering chaining herself to their dining room table to prevent her from leaving ever again.

“You are amazing, Emma.”

The words settle into her heart, routing the fear and anger, it doesn’t matter that Gideon nearly won; it doesn’t matter that her victory was on the verge of being a defeat. He thought she was amazing and he loved her.

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Ficlet: Never-Could-Be

Summary: Reminiscing brings closure (and other stuff). 

Ships: Shallura

A/N: I needed Shallura fluff. Such is life. 

“…and every year, Father would open the juniberry festival. People from all around Altea would come for the harvest.”

From his position next to Allura, leaning against the projector, Shiro glanced about the holo-room, taking in the wonderful sights of the blooming valley. “I would have loved to see it in person.”

Allura’s face grew dark then, sad and forlorn, even as her fingers tangled with his. “If Altea still existed, I would be next-in-succession for the throne.”

Shiro’s heart thumped an unease rhythm. “You are still next-in-line, Princess.”

“For an empty throne, for a planet that has not existed in over ten thousand years.”

“I know. I’m sorry.”

Her fingers tightened with his, her warmth blazing against his own. “I mourn my planet every day, but…on Altea, in order to ascend to the throne, one must marry another royal.”

Dread seized Shiro, though he never thought this would last. Even as he and Allura grew closer, shared meals and rooms and not-so-public displays of affection, he knew this would be fleeting, a fling for a princess, a torturous what-never-could-be for her paladin.

“I – I would never stand in your way, Princess.” Emotion strangled his voice, keeping it low and raw. “Even now, I understand that you may need –”

“But,” she interjected, a sad but true smile upon her face, “even if Altea lived and I still her princess, I would give up my right to the throne for my right to be with you.”

Heat rushed to his face, and Shiro tried to will the sudden stinging from the corner of his eyes. He failed. “P-Princess, I would never – I couldn’t possibly ask you to do such a – ”

Her hand glided across his cheek, drawing him close for a kiss. “I always find it amusing how you think you have a say in such things,” she said, forehead pressed against his. “What I choose to do with my life is my decision and mine alone. And in any case, my father would have wished for me to be happy, so he would have changed the laws to allow you to be my consort.”


“And I am happy. So very happy with you, Shiro.” She glanced away, her strong front failing for a moment, and she looked up with nervous glint in her eyes. “Are you happy?”

He turned to kiss her palm and then bring her knuckles – her ring finger – to his lips for a tender admission. “Eternally.”

The End

Rumour (Escort!AU)


Vile swirls of words that maim friendships and destroy reputations.

They’re like a dark shadow that constantly follows, attached to your heels and mimicking movements, yet it doesn’t belong to your body.  

It’s not you.  

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In the Blood : Part One

On FFdotnet and Ao3

I always wanted to write a Sherlolly vampire story.  This one is rated M.

Part One

Normally Molly didn’t mind covering the night shift in the morgue.  She didn’t have to do it very often now that she had some seniority in the department; but “With great power comes great responsibility” and sometimes that meant taking one for the team and agreeing to cover Halloween night so Geoff and Samuel could each take their significant others to a couple of fancy dress parties.

Unfortunately, she’d forgotten to pack anything to eat when she’d left her home that afternoon, and the vending machines in the break room were disappointingly empty.  She spent a few minutes debating whether or not to chance the ham and swiss sandwich that had definitely seen better days and a bag of crisps, or heading back to the lab where she’d left her laptop and seeing if the good curry place up the road was still willing to deliver this close to midnight.  Odds were not in her favour, but the ham sandwich wasn’t likely to go anywhere while she double checked.

Her steps slowed as she approached the lab.  The door was ajar.  She was almost certain she’d closed and locked it when she went to find food.  Hardly anyone came down to the basement this late at night unless there was an emergency or they were looking for something to steal.  She shoved her hand into the pocket of her lab coat in search of her phone, and then cursed under her breath when she realized she’d left it next to her laptop.

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Divided: Part 9

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: itty bit of smut, angst, fluff… lots of fluff

Word Count: 2229

Summary: The morning after your first night with Bucky results in some complicated conversations 

Authors Note:  I personally love this part and I’m getting stupidly excited about how this series is working out, hope you guys are too. The song mentioned in this part is Only Forever, definitely check it out, its adorable. Hope you all enjoy. Tagging is open, they’ve just been moved to the bottom, just ask if you want to be tagged :D

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

The music swirls in his head, the memory of the old dancing hall swimming around him as the band plays his favorite song, Bing Crosby’s “Only Forever”. He sways in time with the music, remembering the familiar lyrics. He spins slowly, noting the fellow dancers falling into step around him.

Then he sees her. Y/N. Standing there in a soft green dress, cut tightly around her waist, her thick hair framing her face in soft curls. Her red lips pushed out in a pout as she reaches out to him, waiting for his hand. In a moment Bucky steps forward, taking her fingers in his own as his other arm glides around her waist, pulling her close as they sway to the music.

He inhales her scent, pressing his cheek to her temple, humming quietly as his eyes drift happily shut. “Do you think I’ll remember, how you looked when you smiled?” Bucky sang along with his favorite song, the lyrics familiar and true as he gazes down at her, her perfect smile flashing up at him. “Only forever, That’s puttin’ it mild”.

“Y/N, I want forever.” He whispers softly, his lips connecting tenderly with hers as the song fades away, light growing around Bucky’s vision.

His eyes blink open, squinting slightly at the sun shining through a crack in the boarded window. He squeezes his eyes shut, begging to recover the dissolving dream. Shifting his arm slightly, he becomes aware of a small pressure causing him to open his eyes to see you curled beside him.

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How To Ruin A Birthday

My contribution to Friday Fluff Fanfare #2, Happy Birthday theme!

Title: How To Ruin A Birthday

Genre: Fluff/Angst 

Rating: K+

Summary: Tom and Kate have been dating for a few months.  Her tendency to be forgetful contributes to his birthday being a memorable one. 

Author’s Note: I tried to do something that switched around a gender stereotype!  I hope you enjoy it!  Let me know what you think!


“You forgot my birthday.”

The soft pronouncement caused her hand to freeze as it neared the lock on the apartment door.


Tom ran his hands through his dark blond curls and then shoved them into his pockets, his cheeks flushing and a pained expression filling his face. He had leaned up against the wall to the left of the door and his sullen attitude that had cast a shadow over their meal finally pushed her to ask him what the problem was.

“You forgot my birthday,” this time said with more force and volume.

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Baby Love

Originally posted by serecenhawke

@50-shades-of-laufeyson asked: Thorin finds out that the reader (me lol) is pregnant with his child and he’s more excited than he’s been in his whole life and he gets really really protective over her and loves to brag about how she’s having HIS baby 

(Can I tell you how much I love this prompt?)

Genre: fluff || Songspiration: Baby, Baby by Amy Grant || incorporating these @imaginexhobbit imagines: x, x

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