and how he was all protective

Dating Newt Scamander would include:

- Meeting at school, and becoming friends and spending all your time in library researching creatures. 

- Newt reading to you when you can’t sleep

- helping him with his book about creatures

- him calling you things like: love, darling, sweetheart & treasure 



- fighting over which Hogwarts house is better

- Niffler preferring you over Newt

- “you’re just jealous he likes me better” 

- “am not!” 

- “are too!” 

- teaching him how to cook

- helping him with Credence

- being jealous of Tina and him

- “you know I love you” 

- cuddling all the time




- “how did I get so lucky to have you?”

- dancing around in the kitchen when cooking

- jawline kisses

- holding hands in public 

- protecting each other no matter what

- “we’re in this together” 

- “its always gonna be me & you” 

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Maybe an imagine with jealous Alex?? Or literally any imagine with Alex?? (your writing is really good btw, ly)

aww jealous Standall has been requested a lot! hope whoever requested for a jealous Alex likes :) ~

471 words, Alex Standall/fem!reader

Wolf whistles followed you down the hall, always. Everyone thought you looked good, even if you weren’t so sure. You were flattered, but it got to you sometimes that people had the audacity to do so all the time - especially when Alex was with you. He’d always put his arm around your waist or hips to pull you possessively close to him. You appreciated it, the protectiveness of your boyfriend.

He always acted like it didn’t bother him, but a glance at his expression as you walked away from the vulgar comments. He was jealous that other guys thought of you the same way he did, no matter how many times you could reassure him that you didn’t feel the same for them. He trusted you, but after everything that he’s heard, he couldn’t trust the guys who went after you. 

It was always Bryce and Monty who started off the ‘compliments’ as soon as they caught sight of you, other guys eventually joining in. People rarely got physical, until this morning. You were standing by your locker alone, Alex wasn’t in school yet and your friends were at the opposite end of the halls. You did’t know what was happening until you heard the deep voices growing louder until they were right in your ear, as well as the clunking of locker doors being slammed. It came from either side of you, causing you to look from side to side, Bryce and Monty to the left and right of you. Beginning to panic, because this stuff had never gotten this serious before, you smiled wryly and attempted to slide away. Of course, neither of them were having it, trapping you further against the lockers.

“Please, I don’t want this from you-” you croaked out, wanting it desperately to go back to the now seemingly innocent verbal attacks. Horrible smiles grew on their faces, making you feel ill. 

“Jesus, you two! Leave her the fuck alone,” Alex had burst through the glass doors at the sight of Bryce and Monty surrounding someone, when he saw it was you, he felt adrenaline burst through his veins. He was jealous as ever, but furious that they’d taken it to this level. They cleared off quickly, sneaking glances back at you as they sauntered off, flipping Alex off for spoiling their fun. 

He called after them; “She’s mine, assholes!” he bit his bottom lip before letting go of it to kiss you comfortingly and a little possessively. “I’m sorry I wasn’t here, oh my god, y/n, are you alright?” he held you gently by your hands, your back still up against the locker. You nodded, drawing yourself against his body which shook with emotion. As much as he was having to comfort and protect you, you felt like doing the same for him. 

13RW Reaction To You Coming Out As Bisexual


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Doesn’t know what to say at first, but he eventually makes a stupid remark and then apologize right after

“You’ll even choose girls over me”

“Sorry, sorry. That was stupid. I’m stupid; I didn’t mean that.”

“Don’t be jealous, Clay”

But he’ll be 100% supportive no matter what.


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Probably the most understanding cinnamon roll out of all of them. You can always talk to him, and he’ll always listen. He’s so protective over you since he has double the amount of people to worry about hurting you. Always wherever you are, looking out for you.


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He’ll make some gross remark about a threesome, and you’ll play right into it to fuck with him.

“So, you know, how about we invite one of your friends over to, you know, uh, have some fun *greasy wink*”

“Sure *Sly smile*”

He gets all excited, “Really?!”

“Yeah, how about Zach?” you say as you walk away

“Wait, huh?”


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Doesn’t really care. Tells you he’s known since the moment he met you.

“How could you have possibly known that?”

“You would literally stare at my ex-girlfriend whenever we were together”

“But how did you know I was bi and not lesbian?”

“We’re dating”

“Oh. True.”


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Glad you confided in her, but scared to hold someone else’s secret. You become best friends after that. She tells you all about the people at the school to avoid because she knows everyone.


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Pretty passive, doesn’t even know why you’re telling her. Calls your problems petty, but tells you to keep it to yourself next time because she knows what the guys will do if they find out.


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Kind of surprised but not really surprised because he always kind of knew in the back of his mind. He’s just really happy that you decided to tell him so you can just be yourself with him. He feels like you’re comfortable with him now and you can tell each other everything.


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Doesn’t even focus on the fact that you just told him your biggest secret, just wonders, out of the hundreds of other people at this school, why you decided to tell him. Freaks out because he doesn’t want to fuck up. Fucks up by leaking pictures of you and your s/o on accident. 


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You told him in confidence because you thought he was sweet, but he’s actually just teasing you about it the entire time. He tells all of his friends who in turn, tell the rest of the school. Doesn’t seem remorseful at all and just denies that he told anyone at all even though he’s the only person you told. 


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You thought she would be one of the most understanding, but she just seems to pity you and stays away from you now in case others found out about it and thought you two were dating.


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Pretentious as fuck. Tells you you’re stupid for keeping it a secret and that no one will really care. He acts like a dick but thinks he’s actually helping you even though you never asked for help. Publishes the confession you wrote him about it to be an even bigger dick and, again, thinks he’s doing the right thing.


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Supportive but afraid you’ll backstab her, so she doesn’t really say much about it. Asks you if you’re sure a lot, but always makes sure you know she doesn’t mean harm by asking that. She just wants to make sure you’re okay and safe.

Mr. Porter

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Probably really uncomfortable, asks you if you want to talk about it. Doesn’t really know what to say, stutters a lot until you just decide to leave and then he pretends to call you back into his office as if he’s actually concerned.

Spiritassassin headcanon that every time someone insults Baze, Chirrut appears yelling, “Fight me!” And, like, look, it’s Baze Malbus so it’s less people insulting him and more just people being so fed up with how perfect he is so they’re like sitting in the courtyard being all, “And then there’s Baze Malbus at it again. Perfect handwriting. Perfect answer. Just, ugh, perfect.” And then there’s Chirrut wheeling around the corner, robes flapping, screaming, “FIGHT ME!” And the other initiates are just looking at him like he’s lost his goddamn mind because, what.

It eventually gets to the point where Chirrut just shows up shouting, “Fight me!” whenever someone other than him says Baze’s name. Which gets rather annoying when Baze is introducing himself to new people. 

“Hello. I’m Baze…”


*long suffering sigh*

Eventually Baze just gives up, takes Chirrut everywhere, allows Chirrut to introduce him, only hears his name in Chirrut’s mouth, which he turns it into “I love you” every single time because Chirrut. 

Maybe the Mud//Stiles Stilinksi

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Anon: could you write a stiles x reader with 4 and 16? thanks so much!

4: “Is that my shirt?”

16: “Just shut up and kiss me”


Going out into the woods with Stiles to “investigate” wasn’t such a good idea in the first place, but going with into the woods with Stiles to “investigate” with a huge crush and the rainy weather was an even worse idea.

We walked around in raincoats holding flashlights for about two hours, and didn’t leave until we both fell into a giant mud puddle. Lucky for Stiles, he had on more to protect him from the elements than I did.

I spent the entire way back to his house in mud covered jeans and rain-soaked shoes. All I wanted to do was go home and take a shower. And to forget how much I just embarrassed myself in front of him.

When we got back to the Stilinski house, I ran to my car in hopes of speeding home, but my two flat tires ruined my plan. Stiles saw the damage to my car and ran over to me with an umbrella.

“Let’s go inside, you’re gonna get sick standing out here” he shouted.

I grabbed a bag from my car, and then we made our way to the house. Even covered in mud, he still made butterflies erupt in my stomach.

He led me inside and to the bathroom, giving me a set of towels.

“You might feel better after a warm shower, and I can wash wash your muddy clothes for you. I’m so sorry I dragged you out there, not exactly a romantic spot” he rambled on, catching himself after the end of his sentence.

Flustered he spoke again “Just, um, leave your c-clothes outside the door or something and I’ll come get them”. He quickly shut the door behind him, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I turned on the shower and waited for the water to get warm. Romantic? Does he like me too?

Thoughts swirled in my mind as I rinsed the murky muddy water out of my hair.

I stepped out of the shower and threw on the sweats I had in my bag. After slowly opening the bathroom door, I saw a nearby door open with the light on. As I approached it, I heard Stiles whispering to someone on the phone.

All I could make out was “..yeah she’s in the shower” and “what do i even do”. Was he talking about me? I heard a quick “gotta go” from Stiles just before I walked in the room, his face was flushed.

“Uh, hey y/n, I put your clothes in the wash… actually let me go check on them” he said quickly before exiting the room. He left me alone, again, this time in his bedroom. I look curiously around the room at all the books and red string.

On his dresser was a pile of neatly folded clothes, my favorite blue t-shirt of his laying right on top. I ran my fingers over the fabric, thinking about how soft it would be against me. The shirt I had on was drenched in water from my hair, so why not? I had a semi-plausible excuse, right?

I slipped it onto my body and I was immediately enveloped by the scent of Stiles. I was so distracted by the smell that I almost didn’t hear the footsteps behind me. I turned just as Stiles entered through the doorway. His mouth was open, and was speechless for a few seconds.

Is that my shirt?” he asked quietly.

Not being able to read the expression on his face, I began to feel embarrassed.

“Uh, y-yeah, mine got soaked from my hair. I hope this is okay, I mean I can change if you want” I sputtered out.

“No” he answered quickly, “you uh, you look great”.

A blush began to creep up on my cheeks as he made his way closer to me, my now clean clothes in his hands. They fell to the floor as both of Stiles’s hands come to cradle my head. His breaths were shallow and his tongue peeked out of his mouth to lick his plump pink lips.

He brought his face closer to mine and his soft lips met mine. We stood there for what felt like ages, and his face was flushed when we broke for air.

“You really do look good in my shirts” he chuckled “you should wear them more often”.

“Oh, just shut up and kiss me” I replied, before our lips met again.

Maybe the mud isn’t such a bad thing after all.

Writer’s Note: Thank you for the request anon! I hope you like it! -M

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Hamilsquads reaction to a close friend coming out to them?


  • he’s so proud of you!!!
    • (everyone is but he is especially)
    • he hugs you nonstop and he’s just so giddy
  • he works in the government so he feels like he’s gained another perspective when it comes to his job
  • if maybe a bill/legislation is trying to be passed that he feels wouldn’t benefit you, he’s so quick to fight against it
  • he hates hearing about how people are unfairly discriminated
    • he’s even more angry if you find yourself aligning with that group of people
  • most likely to punch/yell at/educate anyone who ridicules you or your lifestyle
  • he’s insanely protective of you, please know that


  • he’s screaming
  • he too is very proud
  • he’ll ask you lots of questions
    • if this bugs you let him know, but he’s just trying to understand
    • he’s scared of offending you or doing something wrong
    • he’s just trying to get it all right
  • he’s just glad that you told him and he promises that he’s here for you no matter what
  • he’ll go to rallies/marches/walks with you if you ask him
    • he’ll help you make signs for whatever cause


  • he’s very happy for you
    • he’s also glad you told him!
    • he feels a little honored (even if he wasn’t the first person you told)
  • he’s comforting you and reassuring you that no matter what your family might think, he’ll always be there
    • well, him and all the boys will be there for you–don’t worry
  • he won’t treat you differently
  • if anything he loves you a little more


  • he’s thrilled
  • you’ve probably barely got the sentence out but he’s already hugging you so tight you feel like you can’t breathe
    • but it’s nice!
    • you’re being accepted and it feels nice
  • he listens to you very intently
    • you can tell him everything–your fears, your excitement, how so-and-so reacted
    • he’ll help you as best as he can
  • he just doesn’t want you to feel alone but he’s glad that you were brave enough to tell him

Scott was surprised by how protective his crew had become of him in such a short time. He supposed he understood it though, he was their Pathfinder. He had SAM, the best SAM, not that anyone else knew about that. But he gets it. They need him. He genuinely likes them, but he’s a pretty easy going guy.

He becomes less easy going when he has all these people constantly trying to control him and his choices. It never worked when his parents tried it, and his sister knew better. It certainly wasn’t going to work now with Tann and Addison both fighting over his successes and pushing him to do more. Everywhere he goes, everyone demands things of him. Find this. Fix this. Fight this.

Some demands though, he’s more than happy to meet. Leave your hands here. Don’t move. Keep your eyes open. Watch me. Stop biting your lip. Let me hear you. Tell me what you want. Beg me. Let the whole port hear you scream my name. All said with a voice that sends shivers down his spine.

He’s glad his crew eventually came around to the idea of him and Reyes. He was less glad when Drack and Vetra ambushed him and left him tied up on top of their drop box. He was pretty sure the embarrassment was worth it though with the way Reyes was looking at him.

Someone PLEASE talk to me about Hades in Astraeus' route 😩

Honestly. I feel like I’ve been hit by a train. My heart hurts so badly. Why??? WHYYYY?!


So I’m having a hard time understanding just what the hell happened to Hades. It’s like he did a complete 180! How does he go from being head-over-heels in love, wanting to marry MC, promising to cherish her and protect her, to throwing her to the wolves (or GODS in this case) without fighting for her rights?! Without even honestly trying to see her side in it all? How does he go from loving her to literally CURSING her very existence in this life and every life to follow? How does he turn that love off so quickly? He didn’t even fight for her! It’s like it’s not even the same God. Someone talk to me about this, please, because I hate him in this story. It’s not him. It’s not.

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What if something happens further into the season and Yousef hooks up with someone else and there's a scene where Sana's at home and she's upset and then Elias comes and hangs out with her and asks whats wrong and she's like nothing and then he's like is it about Yousef? I WOULD DIE. Over protective Elias who is secretly wanting his friend and sister together would end me

uhsjkhiufkjnsdf Protective Big Brother Elias™ who also wants sana and yousef to be happy and together is an AESTHETIC

bc at first he’d definitely be like “!!!!!! yousef and sana??? i’m ??? that’s my baby sister what are youu—” but then when he realises how happy they make each other he’d just be like ?? oh. okay. this is kind of cool actually

and now all i can think of is this:

@skam do the thing please

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Headcanon that when Link and Zelda are finally expecting their first child and Link is SUPER PROTECTIVE and super in tune to her cravings and needs

oooh cute one

◇ as much as Zelda doesn’t want to admit it, she’s really bad at hiding her emotions. So Link can read her like a book. He knows when she’s not happy and when she wants something but doesn’t know how to say it, and this is really amplified when she’s pregnant for the first time. 

◇ it’s brand new to both of them!! They’d seen pregnant people before but never really knew the details and what it all came with. So Zelda is a little grumpy and sad, and Link is nothing but patient and loving, and this makes her even more frustrated because he’s TOO GOOD TO HER why can’t he just be a little bit of an asshole to make her feel better? obviously she doesn’t actually want that, but she feels v gross and unhappy (still excited obviously) and wishes Link kinda knew how bad it was?

◇ he brings her twice as many flowers, and cooks hot and spicy food or cool and chilly food depending on the weather that day. she starts craving more sweets than usual so he hunts down wildberries and tries making crepes and cakes for breakfast

◇ even though he’s always calm and cool on the outside, on the inside he’s kind of panicking because what the fuck babies are so weird and giving birth is so weird and Zelda being pregnant is So Weird. but the idea of being a dad is really good motivation because he can’t wait to be a great father and he knows Zelda is gonna make the best mum in all of Hyrule and he tells her this almost daily!

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Trolls Human AU: Idk if this question had been asked before, but in your opinion, who do you think is the most protective parent? Poppy or Branch? Despite the fact we all know how Branch is.

Yeah, man. It’s Branch. He’s been a safety nut his whole life and now he has CHILDREN who don’t fully understand the dangers of the world so Branch gotta step up and fucking pROTECT.

This applies to everything. Babyproofing the house when they first start crawling, panicking as he teaches them to ride a bike cuz he’s terrified they’re gonna cause an accident. Sticking to a strict healthy diet. Setting a curfew. Monitoring just what they get up to on the internet, making sure he knows what shows they’ re watching. He does try his hardest to give his kids their privacy cuz he knows they deserve it but Branch has a difficult time shaking off his worry.

My own mother still instinctively grabs our hand when we cross the street with her. Me and my siblings range from 15 to late thirties. Tell me Branch doesn’t do this well into the twins’ adulthood. They love him but they are so fuckin sick of it.

I met my crush through overwatch. how fuckin weird is that… he played all mass effect games… loved liara and Jane just like me… has a super cute innocent face and pretty glasses and like, a voice of gold and a British accent and his personality is the fucking best he’s so sweet and caring and protective and playful and has been through a lot of shit which is… relatable… and, just like me, difficult relationship with his mom which is why he had to move, literally same rn and idk i just….

i can’t sleep

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about your post, thinking about it if mutsuki does something to touka, i dont know if kaneki would be able to do anything to her because he cares about her so if that's the case the person that might actually do something might be ayato. hinami might be a little hesitant because mutsuki is important to kaneki so i dont think she will go to the extent of hurting mutsuki badly but ayato will go insane.

ohhh and yomo! uncle yomo won’t stand by and let touka get hurt as well. in all honesty, i seriously think that no matter how dangerous mutsuki is, he can’t do much to touka because kaneki definitely won’t just stand by and let him hurt her. and even if he can’t bring himself to hurt mutsuki, then there is ayato who’d probably go crazy, there’s hinami who’d at least protect touka, yomo will be there, nishiki and shuu won’t do nothing either, koma and irimi would jump in for her as well. so unless mutsuki kills touka instantly in re, he stands no chance if he kidnaps her or something because like half of goat won’t even stand for it. LISTEN TOUKA IS THAT WELL-LOVED BY THE CHARACTERS IN THE SERIES. also, she’s pretty badass herself. i mean if she can stop two special classes’ attack, i’m sure she’s capable enough to at least stay alive against mutsuki long enough for back-up to arrive.  

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How about Hunk and Lance? Just, anything with Hunk and Lance. Doing something fun. Or crying. Or fighting together. Or being protective. You pick. I Just want more Hunk and Lance all the time always.


Hunk was nibbling at his latest attempt at space nachos when he felt something thump on the couch and curl up next to him.  He turned his head and wasn’t surprise to see Lance snuggling next to him like a cat.

“What up?” he asked.

Lance shot him a pout.  “It’s cold,” he muttered as he nuzzled his face into Hunk’s side.  “I need body heat.”

Hunk gave a snort as he looked to where Keith had been reading in the corner.  “You could snuggle with Keith.”

Lance scoff.  “Keith is WAY too scrawny, and besides,” he took a deep breath, “you smell way better.”

“Oh, yeah?” Hunk asked in amusement as he lowered the bowl.  “What do I smell like?”

Lance shut his eyes.  “Cookies…the sand on the beach…you smell like home.”

Hunk went quiet at that and found himself leaning against Lance.  It didn’t surprise him.  He and Lance had known each other for years, and frankly Lance smelled like home to him too.  Without saying another word, Hunk reached for a blanket to wrap both of them in and offered Lance a nacho.

Lance gave a smile as he took one, and together they both felt happy, and warm.

What is this? Doing a 850 follower special!  Send me a character/shipping with a prompt and I shall do my best to write something for it.

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GerIta, 6, 20, 28, please?

6.  What is their favorite feature of their partner’s?

Ludwig likes how Feli can just talk to anyone, and Feliciano likes how Ludwig likes to join in with cooking.

20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

Gilbert is all for it, but often teases Ludiwg, but that’s what brothers are for. Lovino is protective, but accepting.

28. What do they do when they’re away from each other?

Feli talks to himself more often. He has noticed this, but can’t quite explain why. Ludwig often reads.

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a sfw where reader is a princess and Luke saves her from being captured by the Empire and they fall in love

You were a valuable asset to the rebels. Which is why the empire captured you and used you as bait for a trap. But what the empire didn’t count on was the jedi luke Skywalker himself to be on the mission personally. You were shocked to see the jedi in person. Even more so by how gorgeous he was.

“This way princess!” Luke said while he guided you through the base. All the while protecting you from stormtroopers lazer fire.

After you got to the ship and escaped you thanked luke Skywalker for rescuing you. On your planet such debts are never taken lightly and you owe him your life.

Afterwards you never stopped thinking about that jedi. His hair as golden as a star, eyes as blue as the sky on your planet. He was so kind too.

Luke never stopped thinking about you either. You never left his mind, your sweet voice and kindness touched his heart and he fell in love.

Confession was difficult. But once you both uttered the words “i love you” at the same time, everything seemed hopeful. You spent more time with him and fell deeper in love. Luke never felt happier with anyone else.

The day he proposed to you was the best day of your life. It never even crossed either of your minds that you were a princess. And that would make luke a king and you a queen. Well its not that bad, after all his sister is royalty too

“I’m a single father. I’ve had my son since he was two. His mother and I used to consume a lot of drugs, but I did a full stop when he was born. He saved my life in a lot of ways. But his mother never got her life together. She’ll show up sporadically but then disappear for months at a time. I try to fill in the holes with as much love as possible, but I know it bothers him. He’s just not at an age where he can fully express his feelings. I try to protect him from all the volatility of my own life. I broke up with my girlfriend yesterday. And I’m sitting here wondering how I’m going to explain it to him. I actually waited a long time before introducing them because I didn’t want her to be another absence in his life. But now it didn’t work out. And I’ve got to figure out how to break that down for him.”

(Bogotá, Colombia)

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Hello I've just wanted to share an idea about short dads and toll Thatch I mean what if after the shock how tall he is they are back to protective dads mode and Shiro takes Keef piggyback (like Keith literally sitting on his shoulders? i don't know how it's called in english :')) and they are like "WE CAN TRY AND FIGHT HIM ANYWAY IF THERE IS A NEED FOR IT" - i dunno I just remembered all the vines about short people and that is what came to my mind :'D

I had this thought
And I couldn’t stop myself