and how he treated her

Take a second and look at Lydia.
How she looks at Stiles as he’s expressing how he was worried about losing Malia.
Her face looks filled with surprise, sadness, anger, maybe even guilt.
Lydia knows that’s how Stiles used to be towards her.
She’s realizing he has moved on.
She came to the conclusion that she didn’t take advantage of how he used to treat her.
She is just now beginning to realize her feelings for Stiles, just as his feelings have turned towards someone else.

So today in my maths class, a boy got his butt both slapped and grabbed randomly by a girl he has never talked to, he calmly stepped away and asked her not to do that again as it made him feel uncomfortable, she then proceeded to stand up and yell at him swearing about how he is treating her badly because he asked her not to do that again and how he must hate her. I couldn’t help but think, what would have happened if he had done that to her? The answer is he would have been expelled almost immediately and would have had a serious talking to about sexual harassment. Why is it that it is socially acceptable to grab and slap a mans butt and it is seen as “playful” but if he were to do that to her he would most likely have charges pressed against him. This is why we still need feminism in our society, male victims are not seen as legitimate because they are socially seen as always wanting it. When are we eventually going to treat people equally regardless of our gender?
River Song is back for 'Doctor Who' Christmas special! - CultBox
The BBC has officially announced this morning that Alex Kingston is returning to Doctor Who for this year’s Christmas special. The actress will reprise her role as Professor River Song in the show’s eleventh Christmas episode, which begins filming this week. The special is written by Steven Moffat and directed by Douglas Mackinnon (Sherlock). River...

I guarantee that Twelve will be written out-of-character when River is around.

  1. He’ll be very flirty with her (in the sexual way Eleven always was with her).
  2. He will suddenly be very far from appearing to be asexual, I’m sure.
  3. River will probably make him ‘lighten up’ and he’ll be nice to her (unlike how he treated Clara last season, but he might change before that).
  4. He will be in love with her, even though, as I said just yesterday, that would not make sense in the logic of the show that Moffat has introduced.

And, to all you pro-Moffat people that call me vile for not liking River: I’m not going to start liking her any time soon. I’ll be complaining about her, don’t like it? Stop coming back to my blog after I’ve blocked you.

Queen of Shadows Spoiler? (Maybe idk)

So I am a Rowaelin shipper and I really like their dynamic, whether it be platonic or romantic.

However when I see things comparing Chaol to Rowan and how on is better than the other for Aelin it makes me kinda sad. That we are becoming so engrossed in the romantic aspect of this amazing story that we don’t appreciate the world that Sarah made.

That being said, this is a post about the ships 😐

In my opinion Rowan x Aelin is a mirror to what Chaol x Celaena was and could have been.

Chaol and Celaena were amazing, I loved how they looked out for each other, how sweet he treated her, how he was her friend first and loved next. But how he “betrayed” her. (I’m not saying that Neheima’s death is his fault) Because of how Celaena felt he acted she walked away from him. While they did forgive each other and work together (even if there was A LOT of fighting) I don’t think they will end up together. Because how he was raised, how his biases got in the way, because he would never leave Dorians side or leave Rifthold. And that’s why I think he will end up with Nesryn.

Now, Rowan and Aelin, those two started hating each other. Cursing the living daylights when taking or thinking about the other. However they grew to love each other, protect each other, trust each other. Very similar to Chaol and Celaena. Rowan, unlike Chaol did not cause her the same emotional pain. He did cause her pain, called her names, hurt her. But her also pieced her back together. He urged her to accept her fate, he stood by her throughout everything, and he truly accepts every aspect of her; the assassin, the warrior, the slave, the maid, the Queen.

Aight so here's how I interpret Cry Baby's story
  • Cry Baby:just introducing the character. a young, sensitive girl who gets shit for it but carries on
  • Dollhouse:Cry Baby's life is shit and she starts realizing it, trying to bring her mom to her senses
  • Sippy Cup:Cry Baby's mom slips deeper into her alcoholism and depression and snaps, killing her husband and his mistress though she pretends to be happy
  • Carousel:Cry Baby grows up and meets a boy at the carnival, falling in love with him even though he's an unobtainable dick, she compares how she feels to where they met
  • Alphabet Boy:she's starting to get frustrated with how he treats her, she's her own person and is trying to stick up for herself though she still has feelings for him
  • Soap:after saying a bunch of nasty things to the boy, she starts to feel guilty and wants to take them back but is getting tired of watching what she says to him now
  • Training Wheels:Cry Baby gives herself one last chance with him, it's take her or leave her, she's naked and showing all of herself to him, literally and figuratively. there is no safety net with how he treats her anymore
  • Pity Party:it's Cry Baby's birthday! she sends out invitations to all her friends but they get misplaced, and she creates the worst case scenario in her head that everyone hates her and is pulling a joke
  • Tag, You're It:an older man has fallen completely in love and has become obsessed with Cry Baby, he follows her to a parking lot and chases her around, saying if she beats him in a game of "tag" she can go. even though she wins, he still kidnaps her and holds her hostage, sexually harassing her
  • Milk and Cookies:Cry Baby's sick of his shit. enough is enough. she makes him a snack of spoiled milk and poisoned cookies, taking her chance to escape and kill her abuser
  • Pacify Her:the kidnapping fucked Cry Baby up. she meets a boy and thinks she's falling in love with him and has convinced herself that he loves her. she kills the boy's girlfriend
  • Mrs. Potato Head:as she grows older, Cry Baby realizes how her mother was so obsessed with looking good because maybe her father would still love her. she falls into this state of mind too and wonders how unattractive she is and if anyone will really love her if she doesn't get surgery
  • Mad Hatter:finally coming to terms with her growing insanity, Cry Baby starts to hang out with a bad crowd of kids. they cause shit, do drugs, and harm/kill people for fun. but hey, she's happy this way

Tyler took a deep breath as he studied himself, looking over his clothing and features. He looked straight ahead at himself now, his eyes shifting colors, causing him to shake his head quickly. He didn’t want to believe what he’d become, he didn’t want to be this way. Josh knew nothing about it, what Tyler was. He saw him as his best friend, how he’d always seen Tyler. Taking another breath, Tyler took one last look at himself before turning around and heading for the door. He was going off to meet someone he knew a long time ago, though he had no idea how she’d react to him now. He’d treated her differently back then, distancing himself from her, due to his thoughts. But now he needed help, and she was the only one who could give that to him.

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Do you ever think about how lottie waited for harry, n how she was young when she met him and prolly learned by example how to treat him, n hes prolly important to her because he is a beautiful person but also cuz hes so precious to her older brother

He’s her brother too. :((( The three of them must have such a fun time on the road together, their family adventure. :(((


Whereas I believe many of us thought this was going to be a pure Riley x Lucas episode, I saw it as beautiful character growth for Riley and that makes me so happy to see her growing up. Personally, I love the idea that Riley is starting to realize that she may like having a life-long friendship with Lucas better than a romantic relationship with him. That definitely shows maturity on her part and can be relateable to SO many middle schoolers.

And honestly, I really like Charlie. It takes guts to do what he did and it’s so sweet how he treats Riley. He has liked her from a distance for a while and yet still understands if she chooses Lucas. Honestly Charlie and Riley would be so cute together. But Riarkle is still my otp (did you see when Riley looked at him for reassurance?!?). 

And of course, I can’t forget to mention the moment when Lucaya danced together. Lucas might not realize that he has a major crush on Maya yet but they are both starting to enjoy their friendship more and it’s beautiful to watch.

Lastly, Jack Hunter being back and giving Riley advice gave me life, and those middle schoolers need to learn the definition of dancing, because it’s not the same thing as jumping.

Steroline Appreciation Week: Why Do You Ship Steroline?

I ship Steroline for one simple reason. Stefan and Caroline are good for each other. They respect each other. They support each other. They trust each other. And perhaps most importantly, they make each other happy.

Stefan supported Caroline from the start. He protected her from Damon, hating how his brother treated Caroline as his puppet. Stefan paid attention to Caroline because he saw that she felt ignored on the double date with Matt and Elena. When Caroline transitioned into a vampire Stefan was by her side, guiding her so that she’d keep her humanity intact. Stefan was patient with Caroline, never dismissing her for her neurosis or eternal optimism.  He calmed her down, and let her know that she wasn’t crazy. No one supported Caroline more than Stefan after Liz’s cancer diagnosis and death. Stefan was Caroline’s shoulder to cry on and her punching bag. As Caroline turned her humanity off Stefan worked to get her back.  Stefan didn’t give up on Caroline.

Caroline changed Stefan’s life. Caroline stepped up as Stefan’s sober sponsor, teaching him that he could have fun without losing control. She reminded him who he was when he lost his memories, and she helped Stefan overcome his PTSD when they returned. Stefan despaired after his break up with Elena. Fortunately, Caroline was by his side. She reassured him that he’d find love again. Stefan, a broody and serious vampire who didn’t smile or laugh nearly enough, avoided dancing. Yet, Caroline made Stefan smile, laugh, and dance. Caroline brought joy to Stefan’s life.

Stefan and Caroline bring out the best in each other.

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(2/2) figures in his life, always doing what he wants therefore doesn't know how to treat the people he loves, he never lays a finger on her (though I am aware emotional abuse is just as bad) THAT IS ALL HE KNOWS but the POINT is he grows up to find himself and get fixed and turn his life around for HER, so don't sit here saying it condones abuse and portrays him as whatever when you're probably turning around and reading Harry SMUT. Goodbye.

honestly thank you for sending me this ive never laughed so hard oh my god

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Hi. I read your posts (love them!) and I noticed you get a lot of Lauriver questions because you answer with such honesty. I see a lot of anti lauriver posts about how Oliver was, and still is, bad for Laurel. How he treated her so badly and how he is just generally not good for her. My question to you would be, how do you think Laurel was (and still is) bad for Oliver? Why does SHE not belong with him? How is SHE bad for him? Thank you in advance.

Anonymous Ask Blitzkrieg Response #29:

Hi! I do seem to get a lot of Lauriver questions – this is a fun one! :)

I think that Laurel is bad for Oliver for several reasons. The biggest for me, I think, is that he’s the worst version of himself around her. He just doesn’t seem to like her, and his impatience with having her around combined with his lack of trust in her make him very unappealing in their scenes together. It’s telling that he’s actually more dismissive of her now that she knows his secret. He still lies. He still refuses to involve her unless absolutely necessary. He still takes personal shots if an opening presents itself.

I imagine that there were some hoping that the two would be friendlier once Laurel knew his secret identity; if anything, bringing Laurel in has allowed Oliver to give up on censoring himself around her. Laurel doesn’t make Oliver happy, and he no longer bothers trying to convince himself or anybody else that she does. The shades of Ollie that remain in Oliver tend to appear around Laurel, and regression is the last thing that he needs.

Even if Oliver did like her – heck, even if Oliver jumped up into the air and clicked his heels together every time her name was mentioned – Laurel would still be a walking reminder of everything that has gone wrong in his life over the past decade. As we saw with the picture that Flashback Ollie gazed longingly at for a few episodes in Season 1 and with Oliver’s pressing need to see her in the flesh in the pilot, Laurel has been intrinsically linked with the island for him. Beyond the guilt of what he did to her by cheating on her, beyond the guilt of what happened to her sister because of him, even beyond the mess of their aborted attempt at rekindling their relationship in Season 1…we haven’t been shown that anything of his romance with Laurel made for a happy enough story to outweigh all of the awful.

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With all do respect, how do you know how CH treats her or if he is even a good guy? You act like you know them. Nobody knows anything about them or their relationship. What they 'choose' to show you publicly may have zero resemblance to their real lives. Taylor has said she will protect her next relationship from the media.

Calvin & Taylor have been dating for 6 months. This is the ONLY relationship she has acknowledged publicly since Joe. And she only acknowledged that she had dated Joe after he dumped her.

Can you honesty tell me after hearing all the songs wrote about Joe, John, Jake, and Harry that they treated her well? That they treated her like she deserved?

I’m not saying Calvin is perfect. I’m not saying Tayvin will be together forever. Relationships are a full time job and tayvin could break up tomorrow. All I’m saying is, is that currently with everything we know, Taylor has never been in a solid, secure, healthy relationship with anyone like she has with Calvin.

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The while situation made her look really childish. Like she's looking for attention. And the stuff she said about him being a bad boyfriend seems false to me. Like he had to be good boyfriend being that invested to give her a promise ring, come one.

Totally agree 👍
But about the bad boyfriend part, it might have been his or even their first serious relationship. And who’s immediately the perfect boyfriend? A promise ring is a nice gesture, but it’s not always a sign for how he treated her. Maybe he made mistakes, you never know. I wouldn’t even completely doubt that.

But even if he did, it takes two people to make a relationship work, and usually two people to blame if it doesn’t work out, not only one. It’s in the past, he moved on and he probably isn’t even the same he was back then. Was my first boyfriend always doing everything right? nope. Do I talk bad about him because of it? NOPE.

Plus he’s handling it much more peaceful than she is, which also says a lot. ✌️

I thought our love will last forever... part 3

You couldn’t celebrate christmas in a happy atmosphere like you planned it. Instead you were sitting there crying with your friend comforting you as much as she could after you explained everything to her.

“Is he being serious?” she was shocked after hearing everything out of your perspective. “This guy… ugh what is he even thinking!! I would like to beat the shit out of him!” she said and you smiled a bit.

“What? I am being serious here! How can he treat you like that?” she exclaimed as she ran her hand through her hair. “ok good that you two didn’t get back together” she said as she leaned back after you calmed down.

“well maybe there is something… that i… didn’t tell you…” you started as you looked at her apologetically making her stop in her tracks and widen her eyes.

“Don’t tell me” she started as she looked at you and saw your facial expression “you two got back together?!! Ho- Why?” She almost yelled as she was like really shocked by your actions. 

“I said yes before everything else happened” you said to her.

“Y/N!” she yelled and then sighed “i see.. you still love him after everything he did..” she said and you nodded then she embraced you in a hug. “Everything will be fine.”

You kind of wanted to believe in her words but you knew that it wouldn’t be unless you broke up with him.

The next day you two got up early and she left for work as you stayed home and started to get ready for the ‘date’ with your ‘boyfriend’.

12 pm you two met up at the cafe and went inside sitting at the table that you two usually sat at whenever you used to have dates here. You ordered your drinks and sat there in silence at first across from each other.

“So how did you celebrate yesterday?” he asked breaking the silence between the two of you.

“Minah and i spent the time home” you answered ‘she was comforting me from your lies’ you thought “and you?” “oh i went back to the dorm and was with the guys” he replied.

“The same like you last time said?..” you murmured under your breath as you looked down. “What?” he asked curiously “ah no its nothing” you smiled it off as you looked at him.

“is there something you maybe want to tell me?” you asked reffering to the calls of yesterday hoping he will catch the thought. “I really missed you and sorry i really was an ass” he said to you thinking it was that what you meant. ‘yes you are one’ you thought.

“Well ok thats not what i meant actually.” you replied taking a sip of your hot caramel macchiato.

“what did you wanted to know then?”

“About the call. Who called you yesterday?”

“I thought I told that the guys called me to check up”

“Chanyeol!” You snapped at him. “Please stop making it harder for the two of us stop lying! I know who called you! I know that it was Kyungri who called you! She called the first time when you were at the bathroom. I listened to everything she said and i can’t believe you Chanyeol! You lied! How could you lie to me! Saying that you cut off every contact with her after our break up even though you were with her the whole time!! I just really can’t believe you! Do you think I am that stupid! Am i really that easy for you to play around with me?” you bursted out with tears strolling down your cheeks.

He looked down and felt really guilty towards you as he knew that sooner or later you would have found that out. There was no other way.

“I am sorry” was everything he could say now.

“It seems like you can only say ‘sorry’ instead of taking real actions” you snapped at him as you wiped your tears away.

“I can’t believe you lied to me after i forgave you. You begged for forgiveness. You went on your knees. And then the next second you started lying again!” you said as you ran your hands through your hair.

He just listened to you not knowing what to do. Well what could he even do? You were right in every aspect. He did love you. He did cheat. He begged for forgiveness. And the most important one.. He did lie again.

“I won’t be able to do this again! I am serious Chanyeol. Let’s break up for good now!” you blurred out and his head shot up at your direction immediatly as he shook it.

“No. Please! I really love you! Don’t do that! I promise I will change! I will do everything for you just stay by my side!” he started protesting as soon as you mentioned the break up.

You just shook your head. “I am sorry but i can’t do it anymore! I do really love you but look for someone else to play around with” you said standing up.

“But for now, really forget about me about everything we had and the most important… there won’t be a ‘we’ ever again!” you said to him as you placed a hand on his shoulder and then left him at the cafe.

Tears streamed down your cheeks like waterfalls as soon as you walked out the cafe knowing that this was the last time that you saw him and touched him. You won’t see him ever again. Or touch him. There won’t be any more happy memories ever again with him and thats for sure.

You will miss it. A lot. But that’s what you needed to do to spare your heart from more pain.

You went home crying all the way. Passing by people and bumping into them. But you didn’t care right now… you were lost in your thoughts.

‘No more “We”. No hugging you. No kissing you. No touching you. I will miss you. Like hell. I wished that everything wouldn’t have happened the way it did… I loved you. A lot. I believed you. A lot. But you crushed everything… Everything what you could… You broke promises and my wishes… and the most important you broke our love… because… I thought our love will last forever…’

So that was the 3rd part😄😄
How was that? Please don’t kill me if you wanted a fluffy ending😭😭😭😭😥😥😫😫😂😂
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I would've loved to seen Sasuke and Sakura's wedding, but especially his reaction when she told she was pregnant, how he treated her during her pregnancy, and his reaction when Sarada was born. Could he have reacted happy when he learned she was pregnant and when Sarada was born, and he could've waited on Sakura hand and foot while she carried his child?

Me too!, that’s one of the few things that bother me that there hasn’t been in Gaiden. It would have been amazing if Kishi would show all these things. 

Personally I really believe that Sasuke would have embraced her and be grateful for bring a wonderful gift in his life when he learned that she was pregnant and I think he would be very overprotective of Sakura’s pregnancy.

And also I guess that he cried when his little princess was born, he would have accumulated many emotions when passing from the joy of her arrival to the fear of touching and carrying, see how fragile is baby Sarada. But anyway, he would be a happiest man would be with these events.

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I have yo say I am finding it harder and harder to understand why you keep saying you still love Maks. I'm just not seeing much there to even like. Can you remind me again what good qualities he has because I'm not seeing them lately. You say you don't like Peta yet Maks seems exactly like her maybe worse because of the way he treats her. So how can you love Maks but dislike Peta?

First of all I’ve never been a fan of Peta with or without Maks..I can love Maks and not like Peta. Maks does have good qualities..they’re there..just a little harder to see right now..