and how he smiles before he kisses her

even’s mom is much smaller than her son (he gets his height from his dad), so even always has to bend down to hug and kiss her

and when they go over to even’s place, she greets isak with one of the biggest smiles he’s ever seen and he’s so surprised at first because they’ve never met before and yet she’s looking at him like she’s known him for years and she hasn’t seen him in way too long and she’s missed him

and she takes isak by surprise and gives him a hug, squeezes him, and isak thinks “how does such a small woman have that much strength in her arms” but he can’t help but laugh a little. and as he looks over at even and gives him a look that says “is she like this with everyone?” even just looks at them and smiles, a smile that reaches his eyes 

and his mom says “i’ve heard so much about you, i think even is trying to convince me that you’re the eighth wonder of the world, i have to admit he’s been doing a pretty job” and even is like “mom” and isak is just so pleasantly surprised? you know, the way he was when even admitted that he had noticed him on the first day of school 

and the house smells of spices because she’s cooking diner and baking all these sweets and she tells the boys “i didn’t know what you liked isak, so i made a bit of everything” (the way she says his name surprises isak, because he hasn’t introduced himself, he didn’t need to and it’s just a reminder that even has been talking about him to his mom, a lot. it makes isak feel content and warm) and even says “sweet pretty woman reference there, mom” and his mom just shakes her head and says “darling, not everything is a movie reference” and even teases “of course everything is a movie reference”, to which his mom just sighs, a happy sigh because she’s just glad to see her son seem so happy and full of energy today 

and she tells the boys that diner will be ready in about an hour, so in the meantime they go to even’s room, and they talk and cuddle and kiss

Besides the many Christmas presents all over the floor making Emma write a mental note to ask Henry to put them somewhere else later, another thing catches her attention.

- What’s up with the Santa hat, Killian?

- Henry said it was tradition in this realm, Swan.

- Oh, did he?

Emma makes a huge effort not to laugh at her pirate, but he looks so cute, it’s impossible not to smile at how adorably clueless he is. And why not make up for the little prank her son pulled on him…

- And did he also told you about mistletoe?

- Mistle… what?

- That little plant over our heads. Well, it’s common knowledge that if two people stand together under the mistletoe they must kiss.

While Killian looks up at the ceiling, Emma pulls him to herself and they share a loving kiss and before it gets out of hand, Emma breaks the kiss.

- Easy, tiger, we got company… for now.

Emma winks at him, while he stands there smiling at her.

- I quite like that tradition, love.

- Oh, if you like that, wait until you see your present.

They press their foreheads together, enjoying their quiet moment.

Meanwhile, Henry and Violet are too immersed in their own conversation, not even noticing the two silly adults who look more like teenagers than themselves.

Merry Christmas to all my followers, friends and shipmates. May this be a blessed Christmas to all. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, have a beautiful day!

For Love & Money Pt.12


Words: 4994

Genre: Fluff, Slice of Life, Forced Marriage!Au

Summary: For love, you foolishly lied to yourself. For money, you married a stranger.

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“Y/N!” The door opens and little Haru jumps into your arms.

“Haru!” You swing her around and she giggles.

“Y/N?” You recognize the older boy and another younger one comes toddling behind.

“Junseo! Minguk! How have you all been?” You bend lower, tapping each of their heads.

They smile gleefully at you and Minguk grabs your hand and drags you in. “Who’s this?” Haru asks, looking behind you.

Junseo steps in front of him, as if protecting you.

“I’m Y/N’s husband, Jin.” He smiles but they all frown.

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Most of my fandom friends know this is my favorite kiss from last season. Why? It’s not only a blissful and romantic kiss from when they were engaged. It’s representative of them as partners and lovers. (Yeah, sorry Felicity I used the word lovers) It’s a moment after they’ve finally taken a step in putting their plans for their future together into motion. However there’s a sense of equality and passion into. That starts with how Oliver squats down to her level. She leans forward. He rises just a tad, so he matches her height while she’s sitting better than before. She cups his face delicately, showing off her engagement ring. He smiles into the kiss. And they’re happier than they’ve ever been, despite the events from the day.

Hot Water

Pairing: Elijah x Reader

Shower Smut

The hot water ran down her back as she leaned more into the kiss while stroking him in her hand.

Elijah cupped his loves face pulling her in closer to him, if that was even possible.

“You’re so hard Lijah.” Y/N smiled before softly tugging at his bottom lip.

He didn’t want to lose control but how could he possibly not!

“My dear, I need to be inside you.”

His hands traveled down her back and under her bum.

She looked up at him with her E/C eyes full of lust.

Elijah picked her up pressing her up against the shower wall.

He took his length pumping it a few times before setting it at her entrance.

He carefully ran his tip between her soaked folds earning a moan from her.

“Don’t tease me Lij.” Y/N pouted.

Elijah smiled before thrusting up into her.

“Oh fuck.” Y/N cried.

“Waking up and hearing you please yourself, you’re a naughty girl. You know only I can touch you.”

Y/N tightened her thighs around him. “I’m sorry baby… But you made me wait all night for you to get home and you never showed, I shouldn’t of been alone for so long.”

Elijah nipped at her shoulder going up to her neck.

“And when I woke up this morning seeing you asleep… I just feel my panties get soaked. I wanted to suck your cock off as a Good Morning but you were a bad boy who didn’t come ho- OH YES!”

Elijah’s thrust soon became harder and faster causing Y/N’s toes to curl.

“You have such a tight cunt dear… Do I not fuck you enough!?”

“I’m-I’m gonna cum.” Y/N’s breathing became more heavier as she scratched up and down Elijah’s back. “Elijah… Please cum in me.”

Elijah bucked his hips harder and soon his seed spilled into her a bit running down Y/N’s legs.

“I’ll do my best to give you my full attention from now on… I love you.” Elijah panted as he hid his face in her neck.

Kabby in S4 will be Breathtaking

Can we all take a moment to appreciate this kiss?

How she smiles to him, this makes me think that probably they were talking about something while she was already naked on top of him (maybe this is not the first kiss of the night, maybe this is not before the real sex scene, we don’t know yet, so i am just guessing on what I can see with my eyes), maybe they were sharing an “I love you” or another deep and intense feeling. She opens up her mouth with hunger, you can see how she literally devours him, and he let her, he follows her, enjoying her “being a top woman” behavior. You can see how her jaw moves, as if she is stretching all of her muscles to take him in completely, from head to toe. How after their lips touch, she guides him toward her, her hand opening slowly on his cheek, her fingers stroking and touching, learning and holding with care and love. How he leans up toward her, his nose crashing against her cheekbone, closing his eyes, letting himself enjoying the moment completely, his features relax, he was indeed smiling, you can see it because the happy wrinkles around his eyes fade away clearing the way to the next emotion he would feel, the love, the natural arousal that will grow inside of him. How she starts to dive into him, how she takes him in, taking control of the moment and giving him the hint to follow her. Her thumb that strokes the corner of his mouth, and her ring finger that slowly goes under his ear.

And now that she had adjusted him against her, now that their lips had met and had start to dance together, she just let go, keeping herself close, her hand follows a known path inside of his dark locks, diving into them, she opens her fingers again, taking them strand by strand, holding them, feeling how soft and wild they are under her fingertips. And if I am not wrong I can see a moving light on Marcus’ face, as a candle light, this makes me think that maybe they are in Polis, or in a tent, but anyhow this seems a Grounder place to me, and if it is not, it seems arranged to look like a special cocoon, warm and safe. I love how she seems to be completely naked, exposed, true, honest, even fragile somehow. But Abby is everything except for fragile now, she seems confident, she knows what she wants and she is guiding him into it with her. I have the feel that he is somehow too much overwhelmed to take control of his movements at the beginning, as if she is just too much, this is too much, so she is the one that leads the way, she is the one the presses her lips against his mouth, she is the one that starts to make love to him.

And this time they were smiling and sharing happy things, they were probably into a hope moment, they were living their love, exploring and enjoying each other. And we all know that in the trailer this scene came after that Jasper says “I don’t want us to survive, I want us to live" and that’s to me means just one thing…Kabby is indeed alive, in love, trying to live what they have in those 6 months they know, because this is all they have for now, and they don’t want to waste it.

Hold on to it guys, we will have a great season, I have a lot of faith in this.

From The Ashes We Will Rise

May We Meet Again

It takes a certain kind of monster to be content in the dark. Content, never happy. Not with the nightmares that run rampant with only slight reprieve for the good. He glances up toward the ceiling. He wonders about the sun. He misses it.
She wonders about freedom, if it could be something tangible that turns over and over in her hands. What would it be like to fall? Wind slashing against her face, obeying gravity, and plummeting down. She imagines the view and thinks the beauty would be worth it.
If he could feel surprise, he imagines it would taste like her lips each time she steals kisses up and down him before settling on his lips. He wants to build her an empire. Kingdoms are born from the curve of her back, and forests sprout from her hands. She was a Queen long before he met her.
Breath becomes something debatable between them. She knows how to silence ghosts with only a smile. If he could, he’d tremble at the sight of her; lips dipped in pomegranates, the sun in the Underworld. It’s in her presence that he forgets he’s a god. He is more like Icarus reaching for the sun, and hoping the sea will cushion his fall.
—  Persephone is her own kind of monster completely in love with the dark, and more than happy in the day // L.H.Z
Uncle Hayes

Request: so sinc hayes just met his niece can you do an imagine about him and yn meeting her and being all fluffy and cute and ugh he’s just so cute with her

a/n; ohmygosh, I literally died when I saw the picture of him with Eloise, so cute!

Word Count: 905

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Babe, you’re more excited than I am and I’m the one who’s related to her.” Hayes laughed, pulling to a stop in Will’s driveway. “I know, but, I don’t know okay. Babies are my weakness.” I responded, as he turned the car off, “oh, I see how it is.” He joked, I leaned over the center console, kissing his cheek. “I guess you’re pretty great too.” I remarked, before stepping out of the car. 

“Jeanne!” I smiled when she opened the door, I was so lucky that I got along with all of Hayes’ family, they’re like my second family, and I love that. “Hi, guys.” She opened the door letting us come in, Hayes went over to greet Will, while I sneakily got to meet Eloise first. “Can I hold her?” I asked Jeanne as Hayes and Will talked about who knows what. “Of course.” She nodded and I instantly leaned down and picked Eloise up off of her spot on the couch, pillows surrounding her so she couldn’t fall off. 

“Hello Sweetheart.” I cooed down at the still very young and fragile baby, I placed my finger by her hand and she latched onto it. I looked up and made an ‘in awe’ face at Jeanne and she nodded in agreement, “she’s adorable.” I told her, pulling the blanket up a little bit to cover her better. I could feel Hayes glaring at me, I turned and looked at him, “you took too long.” I told him simply, nonetheless, walking closer to him so he could get a good look at her. 

“Hey, Will.” I smiled finally greeting him, he smiled. “She likes you.” He informed me, looking down at the very peaceful baby, she wasn’t sleeping but she just laid there, enjoying being held. I looked at Hayes, asking him if he wanted to hold her, and he nodded instantly. I let him take her from me, watching as he knew exactly what to do, and to make sure her head wasn’t just hanging there. 

It felt like my heart was exploding from the cuteness of seeing my boyfriend with a baby, let alone his niece. He looked down at her as if she was the most precious thing he’s ever seen, which I’m sure she was, aside from when Skylynn was her age. 

I watched him sit down and pull his phone out to get a picture, Will was in the background. 

I started talking with Jeanne as the boys had now moved on from the baby, she was laying in her crib down the hall, fast asleep. Hayes and Will were downstairs playing video games, I laughed to myself as Jeanne said something. You would think I had met her hundreds of times before, we act like it, but really I’ve only met her twice before this. And I know it means a lot to Hayes that I get along with his brother’s wife. So I know that he’s happy that when we’re with them he doesn’t have to stay with me so it isn’t awkward. 

Jeanne got distracted by the sound of Eloise crying over the baby monitor. “I could get her if you want?” I offered, knowing she must be tired, having a two month old is hard, even if it’s as good a baby as Eloise is. “If you don’t mind.” She answered, I nodded with a smile, before I stood up and made my way down to Eloise’s nursery. 

Just as I was making my way back to the living room with the now calm baby, Hayes and Will were making their way upstairs to go get pizza for dinner. I went ahead of them and made it out of the not so cramped hallway. “I’ll be right back, baby.” Hayes told me as Will grabbed his car keys, I couldn’t help but let a small smile make it’s way onto my face as Hayes kissed my forehead, his hands cupping my cheeks like he always does. 

I swear that I heard a phone camera go off but I shook it off and said bye to Hayes before he walked out the door. “You can lay her back down in her pop up pin if you want.” Jeanne told me, looking up from her phone, I shook my head, looking down at the sleeping baby. “No, I’d actually like to keep holding her.” I responded, sitting down softly on the couch. 

I unlocked my phone as it buzzed with a notification. “Instagram: @jeanthang tagged you in a photo.” I smiled when it popped up on my phone, a picture of Hayes and I from just a minute ago, Eloise easily being seen in between us. “Uncle Hayes & Y/N came to visit Eloise!” With a heart emoji was the caption, I liked it and took a screen shot of the picture. 


“Dear god, she looks angry in all of these.” Hayes mumbled to me as we laid in the hotel room, “that ones cute.” I pointed to the one with Will in the background. “Yeah.” He agreed, opening Instagram to see the picture of us, he tried to hide it but he smiled at the picture, he did the same as me and took a screen shot. “Love you babe.” He mumbled, knowing very well that I was watching him, “love you.” I told him, kissing his shoulder area since that’s where my head was. 

Prompt: “I’m so happy I could kiss you!” riarkle requested by anon

“Okay so basically you can just use your calculator and plug in all these variables and then you’ll find the slope for the line,” Farkle fiddles with the calculator before showing her the resulting graph.

Riley gasped in amazement, “That’s so magical…” She smiled happily in awe. “How’d you do that?”

“Riley…” he smiled at her adorable grin.  He handed her the calculator, “Your turn, give it a shot.”

She looked at it in confusion for a second, before quickly plugging in some numbers. “Voila!” She showed him her answer.

“Perfect! Riley you’re totally gonna rock this test!”

“I sure hope so; I really need a good grade on this exam if I wanna make an A this semester.”

“I believe in you, Riles.” Farkle encouraged her.

“Farkle, you’ve always believed in me,” she tilted her head with a small smile.

His eyes couldn’t help but light up when he looked at her, “And I always will.” Riley blushed.

“We should probably head to school,” Riley suggested, and she climbed out the bay window, Farkle following closely behind.

.      .     .


Riley skipped out of her math classroom, paper in hand over to Farkle’s chemistry class. She waited outside the door until he came out. “Riley?”

She flipped the paper around to reveal a sparkling red “A” on her math test, a squeal escaping her mouth.

“That’s amazing! Oh my god!” He picked her up and spun her around in a circle, feeling as if they were the only two in the world.

“Thank you Farkle! Thank you thank you thank you!” Riley’s smile widened. “Ugh I’m so happy I could kiss you!” the words slipped out of her mouth, and before she could stop herself, she brought her lips to his.

Riley could feel Farkle’s breath hitch as she placed her hand on his chest, pulling him closer, before looking up at him. His heart stopped.

“Farkle I-”

“Just please. Kiss me again.” She smiled brightly, closing her eyes and kissing him passionately.

“Wow,” she breathed.

“That was..” he couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Pretty amazing.”

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why do you call her princess? they ask.
he grins, teeth blinding white
but soft with fondness—
the same one that matches his twinkling eyes.

she’s a princess, he says and says nothing else.
because how does one describe a lady so enchanting
whose eyes flare with determination, but whose
hands overflow with gentle grace?

why do you call me a princess? she asks one night
and he kisses her: her knuckles, her nose, her freckles, and the corners of her lips
before he says, because you’re you and a loyal knight
shall always serve his lady.

sweet bells chime in his ears and hands caress his cheeks, chilled by the night breeze.
my knight, always is such a hefty promise, she comments, blue bell eyes glimmering as lights tried to capture a glimpse of her smile.
he murmurs, but nothing is too big to stop me from being with you.

—  alyssa (@marinetteetadrien)
One Kiss

Originally posted by 9taefox

Jimin watched as his crush, Y/N, laugh at one of Jungkook’s jokes. His eyebrows furrowed, he stared intently, watching their every move like a hawk. Who is he to talk to her like that? He knows about my feelings for her!

Jimin was lost in thought, presumably formulating a plan to murder Jungkook in his sleep (poor maknae, indeed). The one thing he didn’t notice was Y/N come up to and smile softly before walking toward the door.

I wonder when he’ll see how much I love him…. Y/N thought. Everyday, every night, every second, every minute, every hour, this man was on her mind and he wouldn’t go away. She was convinced it must be love- and that it was. The only thing she wanted to know was if he loved her as much.

She walked past Jimin, wondering if he saw her smile. And she realized that he didn’t. His face seemed troubled, as if he was concentrating on an issue. Little did Y/N know the issue was her.

“Yah! PARK JIMIN! Hyung, go. Tell her!” Jungkook screamed loudly, flailing his arms (A/N: I can totally see this happening), snapping Jimin out of his trance.

“She doesn’t like me…” Jimin whispered, his face in his hands.

“You idiot. Yes, she does. HAVE YOU SEEN THE WAY Y/N LOOKS AT YOU?” Jungkook frowned.

“I should go.” Jimin said, as he ran out the door.

“Y/N! Wait!” Jimin yelled, running as fast as he could.

Y/N turned around, only to see a panting Jimin.

“Chim, are you okay?” she asked, concern in her eyes.

“I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you.” he repeated.

Y/N stood still for a moment. Shock was written all over her face. Upon seeing this, Jimin dejectedly started walking back, his shoulders slumped.

Y/N stretched her hand out and took Jimin by the arm. She spun him around and kissed him- right in front of everyone.

“I love you, too.” she whispered into the kiss, smiling softly.

Okay, this was for @jiminsshawty!! I kind of twisted it a bit, but I hope you like it!! I don’t own Jimin or BTS! I only own this story!! Feel free to reblog, BUT CREDITT MEEE!  Love ya <3!

That Voice - Part 5

“Finn, I need ya to get her home. She lives really close to you.”
Chloe had smiled as she patted his shoulder. How did he get here? Why couldn’t Chloe manage to get her own mate home? Finn shrugged and shook his head in frustration. Since when was he in charge of getting drunk girls home? Especially girls he didn’t know!
He huffed out a breath and looked at the girl in the chair before him. The loud laughter and chat had died down in her. She was studying her fingers very carefully. She looked up and smiled drunkenly at Chloe when she kissed Mae on the cheek.
Chloe whispered something to Mae that Finn couldn’t hear. Mae shook her curtain of dark hair and looked unhappy. Chloe rubbed her arm and tutted at the girl.
“Finn will get ya home. It’s going to be fine, babes.”
Mae sighed and nodded.
Chloe winked at Finn and waved as she headed over to join a lad that had been chatting her up for the past hour. Finn was certain something more was going on than Chloe’s usual plotting.
Returning his gaze to his charge Finn blew out a breath.
“S’pose I better get you home, girl.” Mae muttered something indecipherable in response.
Finn put a hand out to help her get to her feet. She took it for a moment but seeming to think better of it she lightly batted it away and stood on her own.
Since Chloe said Mae’s house was close to his, Finn pushed though the pub doors and started walking toward his.
“You’ll be able to tell me where we need to go?” He said it keeping his eyes forward, not looking at the girl a few paces behind him.
“Yeah. M’fine. Dunno why Chlo insisted ya come.” Finn stopped at this and let her catch up to him.
“Well, Chloe wanted you to get home safe.” He smiled at her.
“More like she wanted to get that lad at the bar to herself.” Mae mumbled.
Finn laughed. “Ya may be right about that, Mae.”
A look of confusion interrupted her smile. “Mae? Why d’ya keep callin’ me Mae?”
Finn laughed again. She must be pretty far gone to be wondering about her own name.
Smiling at her Finn teased, “It fits ya.”
She laughed with him this time and shaking her head said, “Mmmmhhhmmm. Mae.”
Suddenly looking up, she pointed to the street sign ahead. “That’s my street. We need to go left.”
Nodding, Finn said, “Lead the way, Mae. I’ll follow you.”
“So, you live around here, do ya?” She raised an eyebrow at him.
“Em, yeah. Mine’s just down that way and another right.” Finn replied a little awkwardly.
She smiled. “We’re neighbors. Of a sort.”
“S’pose so.” He returned her grin.
A few stumbling paces later they arrived out front of her house. Turning to him, the girl he called Mae, waved and uttered a quick word of thanks. Finn watched her go inside. He wanted to be certain she made it all the way in.
A few minutes later, well after the girl had closed her door and turned off the porch light, Finn was still there. He saw a light come on in an upstairs window. It occurred to him that must be her bedroom. Smiling to himself, he pushed off the front step and turned toward the street that led home.

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Pre- Christmas 2019 | 4

Taylor stirs slightly and suddenly opens her eyes. She feels warm hands and warm water surrounding her until she finally realizes where she is.
“God..” she murmurs disoriented and holds onto Adam’s arms a little tighter than before.
“I honestly fell asleep. In the bathtub.” she determines laughing at herself. He smiles quietly as well and kisses her head that’s laying under his, right on his chest.
“You did.” he says quietly, moves his big hands in slow circular motions over her belly.
“How long was I gone?” she asks and yawns.
“Just fifteen minutes perhaps.” he says and Taylor nods. Suddenly Adam feels a strong movement under his hands.
“Oh my..” he can’t even finish his sentence because he feels someone kick against Taylor’s bump once more. His wife simply giggles a little, takes his hand and presses it onto another part of her belly where she can feel her baby kicking again.
“She’s saying ‘hi daddy, what’s up? I’m also awake now’..” Taylor says and makes Adam smile like a little boy. It’s just in these moments that he can really really believe that there’s a human- being in Taylor’s stomach. A human- being that he created with her.
“It’s so fascinating..” he whispers, doesn’t even think about removing his hands for a split second.
“When you were sleeping, she was so still and now you’re awake..”
“..and she’s starting to throw a wake- up party in there again. The usual.” Taylor says and laughs a little, just like Adam.
“Here.” she says once more, grabs his hand and holds it onto the side of her belly.
“This is her head. She just turned around a few minutes ago.” Taylor says quietly and Adam just takes a deep breath. He could cry because of happiness. He can’t even explain how it’s possible that his heart skips a beat whenever he thinks about Lily even though she’s not in his bump but in Taylor’s. He can’t explain why he loves this little girl already so much when he can only feel her through Taylor’s skin sometimes. But he does. All he knows is that he does.
“Adam? Can we talk about something?” she asks then and moves a little bit out of his arms. He looks at her and how she moves in their big bathtub until she’s sitting in front of him. Now he can finally see her beautiful face again. He appreciates her natural beauty a lot. Especially when she’s sitting nakedly in their bathtub and looks at him with her bangs that are a little messy and her big eyes that simply look at him. She looks a bit tense, he can clearly see that.
“Sure. What’s wrong?” he asks gently and places his hands on her soft arms. She just looks at her hands and plays with the foam in between her fingers a little. He can’t help but smirk a little. This is her typical behavior when she’s about to talk about something uncomfortable with him.
“Babe..” he says and reminds her to talk. She looks at him and takes a breath.
“Ok there’s two things we need to talk about. The first thing..” she says and looks for words.
“Well, remember when I showed everyone Lily’s room yesterday?” she asks and Adams nods.
“Well, everyone loved it. Of course. But.. I don’t know. I mean, I know that it takes a lot of money to get all those high quality products when it comes to a baby. But I don’t know, I just…” she says as Adam interrupts her quietly.
“Babe, what are you talking about?” he asks, couldn’t quite understand what she tried to tell him.
“Well, your mom was really impressed.” she murmurs. Adam still doesn’t understand why she looks a little down while saying so.
“Oh god what did she say?!” he suddenly asks a little off. Taylor just shushes him with her hand on his scruff. The last thing she wants is him being angry about something his mom never said.
“No no, babe. She didn’t say anything! I just.. I just had a feeling and I want to ask you for your opinion.” she says. Adam still looks confused as hell at her.
“Ok?” he asks.
“Do you think we splash out too much money for our baby?” she then asks him straight out.
He looks at her for a few seconds and then sighs annoyed.
“Seriously, Tay. What did my mum say?” he asks again. It there’s one thing he really doesn’t want then it’s his mum making his heavily pregnant wife insecure about any decisions.
“No, Adam. She didn’t say anything. You know that. They.. they just were so impressed about everything.” she says obviously uncomfortable, still sitting naked in front of him.
“About what?” he asks, still doesn’t really get the essence of what this talk is all about.
“The size of the babies room. The beach window front. The bracelet.” she continues.
“The bracelet?”
“Yeah, the one you got me last week. With the little diamonds..” she explains. Adam simply looks at her and slowly starts to smirk. He understands now what all of this is about. Taylor always tries to maintain in balance between living a life of someone who made more than a hundred million dollars and someone who knows that money doesn’t grow on trees. He admires that about her a lot. It shows how grounded she is, how her parents raised her.
“Well, I wanted to give this diamond bracelet to my wife. That’s on me. Why are you uncomfortable about it?” he asks, looks at her. He slowly strokes a hair strand behind her ear that has just fallen off of her little braid.
“I’m not uncomfortable about it. I just.. I don’t want our families to think that we’re just two superstars who have totally lost their normal relation to money. I don’t want them to think that we splash out money and go crazy and raise our daughter like a little rich kid.” she says, clearly upset. He just stops her and strokes over her arms.
“Baby, why do you think they’d think that? Because you have renovated a room in this house beautifully? Or because you got all baby equipment just like you dreamed about? Don’t you think that’s what other mums do as well?”
She sighs.
“I know that. But.. I don’t want to raise Lily like that.”
“Like what?”
“Like a millionaire’s daughter. I don’t want my daughter to run around L.A as a teenager with designer handbags, being arrogant as fuck and not knowing that people have to work for that kind of stuff.”
Adam just sighs. She clearly over exaggerates again.
“Do you think I want to spoil my kids? There’s no fucking way. I had to work my fucking ass off to be where I am today and so did you. This is part of who we are. And Lily will grow up with that knowledge. And making sure that our kids have exactly what they need is not a crime. That’s what all parents do for their kids. But instead of investing our money into designer handbags for a teenager, we will make sure that she.. I don’t know, goes to the best high school in this country. Gets the best education possible. I wanna splash out money for stuff like that.” he says and Taylor nods, lost in her thoughts.
“Babe where does all of this come from? Did Sophie make a rude comment?” he asks, knows his sister too well to not know that she can sometimes be a little moody.
Taylor shakes her head again.
“No, not at all. They were just so.. so impressed how you spoil me.” she says and a little smirk forms on her lips. She knows that this was exactly what he wanted to hear. He smiles and comes closer to kiss her.
“I love spoiling you.” he says and kisses her again. “You can’t ever stop me.” he adds and makes her laugh a little.
“Baby..?” she asks in between the kisses.
“There’s something else we need to talk about..” she says then. He pulls back.
“Oh boy, what else?” he laughs and she hits him playfully in the side.
“This is serious, Adam.” she says and he waits patiently for her to start talking.
“Ok, so.. I’ve been thinking a lot today about giving birth. And I talked with mom and Sophie about it a lot. And.. you know how scared I am.” she says, grabs his hand and intertwines their fingers. She really hopes that he’ll support this decision of hers.
“I know..?” he asks.
“Well.. the most important thing for me is that you are there with me. I just want us to be together in the delivery room. I need you more than ever there.” she says and he smiles and kisses her once more.
“I’ll be there babe. You know that.”
“Mhm.” she says and takes a deep breath. He looks at her confused. Is she seriously nervous to tell him something else?
“What?” he asks and she bites her lower lip.
“Promise me you won’t be mad. And please think about how fucking scared I am and that I need all the support I can get in this situation.” she says quickly. He doesn’t say anything because he didn’t get until now what she tried to say.
“I.. I think I want my mom to also be in the delivery room with us. I.. I know that Lily’s birth is going to be such an important moment for you and me and I promise you that we will have this moment. But.. I could really use someone in there who has gone through this already and whom I trust and who can also try to calm me. She won’t do anything, just sit in this room and..”
“Babe.” he interrupts her laughing. He has to admit, he was kinda scared what she’d tell him now. But even questioning her decision is totally irrelevant for him. He knows that Andrea is besides him the most important person for Taylor. He also had the thought the other day that having Andrea with them would might calm Taylor a little.
“This is totally fine with me. You are the one who has to push the baby out of her vagina and I think we need all the support we can get in this situation.” he says and Taylor just smiles and nods. She places her hands on his scruff again and pulls him in for a kiss again.
“Thank you. I was so terrified to ask you. I thought you’d might not want..”
“Tay, I want what’s best for you. Ok?” he interrupts her. Taylor just smiles shyly and nods. She feels Adam pressing a soft kiss onto her forehead.
“Let’s get out of the tub babe. I think Ashley and Kayla will come soon.” he says as Taylor looks at him in shock. She covers her mouth with her hand.
“Oh my god, I totally forgot.” she says. Adam, who has gotten out of the tub by now, just looks at her and smirks.
“God bless the pregnancy- brain.” he jokes and helps Taylor get out of the tub again. She wraps herself in the towel he just handed her and grants him a smirking look.
“Shut up.”

“Oh my god he is so precious.” Taylor says excitedly for probably the hundredth time and looks into the stroller that is standing in the middle of their living room. Everybody had dinner by now and Kayla, as well as Ashley and her baby boy have arrived in Los Angeles.
“Yeah, he is.” Ashley smiles from the table and looks at Taylor who’s standing in front of her baby with a huge bump. A funny picture.
Suddenly a very loud and clear babies cry fills the room. Taylor looks at Ashley who was just talking to Alison a few seconds ago.
“Should I .. should I take him out?” Taylor asks a little insecure and looks at Ashley again. She just smiles and nods.
“I think he’s just moody again.”
Taylor takes a deep breath and grabs the little baby to take him out of the stroller and press him against her chest.
“Hi baby..” she whispers and holds his head carefully. Everyone is looking at her now, still deepened into their conversations. Andrea smiles and grabs her phone to quietly take a picture.
“Aww, look at you, mummy.” Pamela smiles as well. Adam just watches the whole scenario. He smiles quietly to himself. Seeing her with a baby makes everything even more real to him.
“You better get used to that view.” Scott jokes who was just talking to Adam about his upcoming birthday over a glass of red wine, when the cries of little Brady interrupted them. He pats his back. Everyone laughs. Adam gets up as well and walks up to his wife who is quietly standing in front of the window with the little baby boy.
“Brady, look! Who’s coming there? It’s Adam.” she whispers to the little baby in her arms. He’s really calm now, seems to enjoy Taylor’s company.
Adam places his hand on her back and smiles at her.
“You two look like you’re having fun.” he says and watches how she stands right in front of the big window fronts, looking outside with the little baby boy while admiring the L.A. sunset. She looks so comfortable, so naturally with him. Slowly swaying back and forth and making sure the little man is pressed tightly onto her chest. The little babies feet are pressed against her big bump, that clearly in in the way. He places his hand on her shoulder right in front of him and presses a soft kiss onto her temple. She looks so natural without any make- up. She simply is nothing less than a beautiful masterpiece.
Taylor smiles and presses her nose into Brady’s chubby cheeks.
“We are. He is so cute. I can’t let him go.” she says dramatically. Adam laughs, still standing closely next to her.
“You two could trade baby’s in two weeks. Then you can keep him.”
She looks at him ironically.
“No way. Can’t ever let my baby girl go.” she mumbles and makes Adam laugh. He kisses her temple again for a second.
“I was joking, Tay.”
“I know.” she answers and looks at Adam again.
“Do you wanna hold him?” she asks and tries not to show her excitement.
“Sure.” he says boldly. Taylor hands him the tiny baby and Adam carefully holds him on his chest. This is the moment she’s been waiting the whole night for. She knew that seeing him with a baby would make everything even more real. But she never thought that he’d be so courageous to just hold him without any hesitation.
“Hi buddy.” Adam mumbles. Taylor just looks at him in awe. He sees her smirk and smiles.
“Looks good on you.” she says softly. He smiles. She walks back to the table.
“Guys look how cute those two are.” Taylor says and everybody smiles at Adam with the baby. Taylor quickly takes a photo with her phone as well.
“I honestly cannot believe how cute this is.” she mumbles and everybody smirks.
“That’s good practice Adam.” Sophie says proudly to see her brother carrying a baby. It looks really funny actually - a huge man with a tiny baby on his chest.
“How does it feel?” Andrea asks him with a smile on her face. She can’t believe that he will carry her first grandchild soon.
“Feels good.” he smiles a little insecure and sits down next to Scott and Taylor again with little Brady on his arm.
“Great job, babe!” Taylor says excitedly. She never would’ve thought that Adam would be so natural with a newborn. He carefully grabs his little head with one hand and holds him with the other to be able to look at Brady’s face.
“Hi mate. How are you?” he asks the little baby and makes everyone smirk. Taylor, who’s sitting next to him almost can’t contain her excitement to see her husband with a little baby. She has never been as excited about having a baby as she is right now.
Brady starts to smile at Adam. He laughs.
“Oh my god he loves you.” Ashley smiles and everyone looks at Adam and Brady in awe. Taylor places a hand on Adams hair and caresses him proudly.
“You just made a new friend, babe.” she says jokingly. Adam slowly hands him to Ashley.
“He knows what’s good.” Adam smirks and gets a kiss from Taylor. She then gets up again and slowly walks into the kitchen.
“Guys, are you ready for dessert?“ she suggests and receives a mixture of excitement from the kids and sated sighs from the rest of the table.
“I’ll help you, Sweetie.“ Andrea answers and slowly walks up into the kitchen as well. She finds her daughter standing in front of the kitchen table with her black skinny jeans and her black- and white striped top. Andrea just wanted to ask her something about the recipe when she notices how Taylor painfully holds her belly.
“Are you okay?“ she asks worried and walks up to Taylor. She just pulls a face with pain but nods slowly. She placed on hand on the counter in front of her and the other one on the downside of her belly.
“Yeah. She’s.. she’s kicking like crazy all day. Really hurts.“ she mumbles under pain. Andrea still looks at her concerned and places a hand on her bump.
“Oh my goodness. She’s a rip- killer.“ Andrea laughs, could clearly feel the strong kicks under her hand. She places her other hand on Taylor’s back to comfort her. She motions small circles with her hands on her back as well as her belly and smiles silently. That was until she looked at Taylor’s face again and determines how her daughter is still under immense pain.
“Still not better?“ she asks a little worried. Taylor doesn’t really answer, just holds herself in front of the counter and tries to get through the strong kicks. “Deep breaths, honey.“ Andrea says and Taylor does so. “Are you sure that those are just kicks, Taylor?“ Andrea whispers quietly so that the rest of the family won’t be aware of the current situation in the kitchen. All the laughter and noises from the living room seem far away from here. It’s a little more quiet which certainly is a good thing for Taylor right now.
“Yeah, I’ve.. I’ve had that already. It can get so intense sometimes.“ she says, still feels Andrea’s soothing motions on her belly and back and slowly relaxes.
“Are you sure? That looks a lot like a contraction to me, sweetheart.“ Andrea says slowly. Taylor takes a deep breath again. It seems to have gotten a little better. She stands up straight again and draws circles on her bump a few times.
“No, I can just feel her kicking like crazy. Sometimes she just lays upside down inside my belly and catches an ankle to kick that hurts as hell.“ she answers and takes a deep breath. Andrea does so as well and laughs.
“I was really worried for a second.“ she answers as Adam suddenly stands in front of them. He definitely felt a little buzzed after the third glass of red wine with Scott and was therefore just about to get some water in the kitchen. His jaw drops a little as he sees a pale version of Taylor standing there, taking deep breaths.
“Everything okay here?“ he asks and walks up to her.
“Yeah, the murder- kicks started again. But that’s it.“ she assures him exhaustedly. He just sighs relieved and kisses her head shortly.
“Sorry, babe.“ he says sympathetic.
“I’m okay.“ she says quickly, trying to convince herself and helps Andrea get the dessert for everyone.

He wakes up and looks around the room disoriented. Everything is dark except for the light of Taylor’s night lamp.
He turns around slowly and sees her sitting upright on their bed. Both hands on her belly.
“What..what’s wrong?” he asks. She looks terrified. More than ever before.
“I.. I think I have contractions.” she mumbles. Her hands are shaking. He can clearly see that. After less than one second, he sits upright in front of her as well.
“Really? Oh my god.” he says, doesn’t really know what to do after being awake for less than a minute.
“I.. I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep and suddenly I felt this.. this incredibly strong pain in my belly. Just for a few seconds. Then it was over.” she says with a shaky voice. He can feel her fear. He smiles and kisses her forehead softly to reassure her.
“Did you have it again? Or just once?” he asks her.
“Just once.” she says terrified.
“Ok, let’s run you a warm bath and see what happens.” he says. Taylor nods. Adam smirks at her.
“Don’t be scared baby.” he whispers and kisses her lips.
“I try.” she says quickly. He gets up and starts to turn on the water. After a few seconds he gets back into the bedroom to wait for the water to fill up the whole tub. He sees Taylor sitting on the edge of the bed wearing nothing but his shirt and her slip. He can clearly see her on her face that she’s under immense pain as she holds onto her belly desperately.
“Is..are you…contraction?“ he mumbles concerned and panicked and knees down in front of her. She just nods. He can clearly see that she’s in a lot of pain.
“Deep breaths baby.” he says and places his hands over hers that are right on her belly.
“Fuck.” she mumbles and tries to breath calmly.
“You’re doing this so amazing.“ he says quietly, can only hear exhausted breaths and the running water from the bathroom.
“Over?“ he asks then as she literally collapses into his arms. He kisses her head, feels her shaking hands in his.
“If this is what giving birth feels like I wanna kill myself now.“ she sobs quietly. Adam’s heart breaks. He really hopes that she’ll calm down slowly.
“Don’t say that. Let’s wait. Maybe those are just preliminary contractions.“ he says calmly. She pulls back and nods. A little tear is running down her face. He wipes it away and kisses the spot on her cheek then.
“Do you know at what time you had your last contraction?“ he asks and gets up to take a note on his phone.
“I.. I think it was around 1.53 am.“ she says slowly, still holding her belly.
“What? That long ago? It’s 2.36. Babe, why didn’t you wake me right afterwards?“ he asks a little mad. She clearly feels that.
“I.. I first tried to fall asleep again. But.. I just got so scared all of the sudden so I..“
“Next time, I want you to wake me right away. Okay?“ he asks and takes a deep breath. She just nods, stares into nothing and sighs. Adam walks up to her and grabs her hand.
“C’mon now. Let’s get into the bathtub. If the next contraction comes in less than fourty minutes, it means that we’ll have to go to the hospital.“ he says excited and a little scared as well and they both enter the bathroom.
“Don’t say that. I’m about to have a panic attack.“ she mumbles and undresses quickly. He helps her get into the bathtub for the second time today and helps her lay back again. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.
She hates nothing more than that.
“Is your bump still soft? Or hard?“ he asks, remembering what her gynecologist told him about contractions once. She presses onto her bump and looks at him in shock once more.
“Oh my god, it’s so hard. Adam, feel this.“ she says. He puts his hand into the water right onto her baby bump.
“Yeah, definitely.“ he mumbles. He takes a deep breath as well and closes his eyes for a second to calm himself. She looks at him and stays silent, only to part her lips  again. “Are you scared?“ she whispers into the night, breaking the nervous silence between them.
He opens his eyes again and looks deeply into hers. He then smirks a little and places his hand on her head. He strokes over her messed up but soft hair.
“Of course I am. I’m more excited though.“ he says. She nods. “Me, too.“ she sighs, her hand never leaving her belly.
None of the two knows what to say in this moment. Adam seems totally lost in his own thoughts while waiting for something to happen. So does Taylor.
“Remember when met for the first time in London.. when Ellie introduced us and you poured your scotch over my purse?“ Taylor suddenly asks him. He looks at her a little confused but laughs then as well.
“I do. Last one was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life though.“ he answers. She laughs too in memories of this unconfident but handsome man in a suit who made her laugh through the entire night.
“Who would’ve thought that buying me to a drink would lead to a marriage and a baby.“ she smiles silently to herself, knowing far too well whose quote she changed a little here. She looks at him. He smiles happier than ever and grabs her hand. He doesn’t say anything, simply kisses her hand for a few seconds.
“I’ll never forget this moment.“ he whispers then. She looks at him a little surprised but smiling as he starts talking again. He fixated one point on the wall with his eyes while holding onto her hand as close as possible. He’s usually not the type of man for big words. But right now, he seems as emotional and fragile as her.
“When you stood there with your green dress and your bangs flipped onto the side. And when we talked through the entire night, I was immediately so freaking much in love with you.“ he says quietly. She giggles, remembering this amazing moment.
“And when we broke up three years ago, I dreamed of this moment every single night.“ he adds.
She suddenly looks at him confused.
“What? I didn’t know that.“
He looks at her and grins. He gets closer to her and kisses her softly.
“That’s actually what told me deep down inside that you were so good for me. That having you in my life made everything better and that I would really have to change myself in order to ever have a chance with you again.“ he says.

August 2017

“Wow, what’s all this?“ she asks confused, stands in front of his coffee table with a glass of wine and notices the huge stack of books.
“Oh, that.. uhh, yeah I just found this book and it was really interesting so I started reading another one and..“ he says cooking from the kitchen, a little insecure about the fact that she has found his books.
“The Success Principles - How to get from where you are to where you want to be..“ she reads, “The Happiness Advantage - The seven principles of positive psychology that fuel success..“ she continues. Adam doesn’t really reply as he places the two plates on the big marble table in the kitchen. He knows that there will definitely come one or another comment about his choice of literature this evening.
“Wow, that’s interesting to read.“ she comments, can’t really believe that he seems to have tackled himself for the first time since she knows him.
“Yeah, it’s.. well, it’s all a long story.“ he says. Taylor came closer into his kitchen again by now and sits down.
“Well, tell me.“ she says and smiles at him. He sits down in front of her as well as Taylor, who looks at the delicious plate of food in front of her.
“Wow, thanks for the food. I actually didn’t mean to invite myself to stay for dinner after recording, but..“
“I’m glad you did, Tay.“ he simply says. She smiles silently and then starts eating.
“Okay, I truly missed your skills of making a good chicken fajita in the last year.“ she says, enjoying his self made food as much as she did back then.
“A man needs at least one meal he can cook on his own to survive alone. That’s what my sister told me when I moved out.“ he jokes. She laughs a little.
“So tell me that long story, Adam.“ she says hesitantly after a few minutes of awkward silence. He looks into her deep blue eyes and sighs.
“Well..I..I usually don’t like talking about this because it’s so personal. But you are.. I mean, we…we know each other very well, so..“ he mumbles as Taylor starts laughing a little.
“Don’t tell me you’re a member of Scientology now.“ she says with a full mouth. Adam starts laughing, just like her.
“No worries. I.. I just started analyzing everything a lot since October, November last year.“
“Really? What?“ she asks happy to have a nice conversation with him and sips on her wine glass.
“What went wrong. How the woman I was sure to marry someday could ever leave me. I mean.. how I could ever become a person who..who looses his one great love. I just found that..that there had to be something fundamentally wrong and I didn’t understand for so long what the real reason was.“
“And.. and what was that?“ she says a little insecure after his words. He doesn’t look at her anymore, seems to be too ashamed to face her by now. He quietly eats his dinner as he starts talking again.
“My own dissatisfaction with myself, with my life and everything surrounding me.“ he says and then slowly looks at her. She seems a little speechless. His honest eyes make her knees go weak.
“I always tried to cover up my.. my deep insecurities and my lack of self- confidence with anger and jealousy and.. simply was a negative person most of the time. And I am sorry for that, Tay.“ he says, slowly looks into her beautiful face again. He can’t really read her face, keeps on talking anyway.
“Well, I.. I just got this book from my brother. It’s called ‚The Law of Success’ and I read it and.. well, one thing lead to another and so I just worked on myself a little and changed some small things. And the great thing is that.. I found that those small things are actually big things and so.. yeah. You know the end of the story.“ he says. She smiles a little surprised about his honestly.
“So that’s why your book is called ‚small things‘?“ she asks. She racked her brain over the title for weeks, still never felt emotionally able to read it. When the news got to her, Taylor was more than surprised. Him. The man who was never truly interested in literature and words as much as she was, wrote a book? She found some reviews on the internet, saying that this book truly is a life- changer. That ‚Adam Wiles‘ was ‚able to motivate people in starting all over, changing themselves and their way of living a passive life into living an active one‘. That he no longer hid behind Calvin Harris and that Adam Wiles himself was so much stronger and successful than he gave himself credit for in the last thirty- three years. This book simply is the story behind his success. When she heard about him donating money to charities (something he always admired her for doing but never got active himself when they were together), writing a book and then starting his own record- label, she knew that he had gotten to the point where she always wanted him to be - being the best version of himself. She always saw all that in him. The ability to work hard, to be smart and soft. To help himself by helping other people. His book does all that. She knows that, even though she never had the balls to read it. Maybe because she was too afraid to find herself in those lines. To read his point of view, that might crack up all her beautiful memories of when they were in love.
“Yeah, exactly.“ he mumbles and looks at her. She simply smiles at him with this look in her eyes. This look he knows too well.
“And so I.. I started doing the things I really wanted to do my whole life. And it felt great.“ he laughs. She smiles again, tries to not stare at him too obviously. She can’t believe seeing him like this. It gives her chills. This happy, bright man in front of her with his chic white shirt and the smile on his face and especially in his eyes. She remembers seeing that smile in his eyes when they first started dating, back in 2015. It was then, when they realized how much they loved each other and things got complicated.
“You look happy, Adam.“ she says softly.
He smiles and nods.
“I am.“ he says quietly, looks at his wine glass. She has finished her dinner by now and so has he. None of the two really knows what to say.
“Your book was a huge success, huh?“ she asks then.
“Yeah, it’s amazing. I wrote it right after i had my own record label last year. You know, when things started rolling. And somehow this book gave me so many other ideas of what I could do with my life and..“ he looks at her. She looks at him so addictive. She simply is addictive. The look in her eyes makes him open up more and more.
“What ideas?“ she asks excited.
“Well, remember when I dreamed about opening my own gym someday?“ he says. She looks at him in disbelief.
“Oh my god. Did you..“
“Well, it’s still in the planning process. But I don’t want it to be a regular gym. I want it to be a place for personal- coaching. Mentally and physically. I want people to truly believe that they’ll grow stronger in there. And that doesn’t just include their muscles.“ he explains.
“Adam, that.. that sounds amazing. This.. I’m so proud of you.“ she says. Her last sentence truly touched him. He looks at her and she just shakes her head in disbelief. If she compared this man in front of her with her grumpy ex- boyfriend, she would truly think that those are two different people. She is so proud of him. Not just because of what he achieved - but because of what and who he became during the process.
“Gosh, Adam. I feel so guilty that I didn’t read your book until now. It’s just that.. to be honest, I was a little scared that..“
“No, no. That’s actually a good thing. Cause I still got a special copy for you.“ he smirks but feels his shaky hands. She looks at him confused but laughs.
“What? Wow!“ she says as he gets up to grab one copy of his book from the shelf in the living room.
“There you go.“ he smiles. She looks at the minimalistic cover. Small Things. And his name. Her little heart feels like exploding because she’s so proud.
He sits down again and looks at her smiling. She’s silent. He knows why. He takes a deep breath.
“This.. this will probably be the cheesiest thing ever. But.. I wanna use this chance to say sorry.“ he says then, chokes one time. She looks up at him in shock, really doesn’t know how to react now.
“I wanna say sorry for.. for not treating you like you deserved to. For not prioritizing you over everything else in my life. That’s what I should’ve done and I didn’t, so.. I wanna say sorry for that.“ he finishes.
She looks at him and takes a deep breath. She looks back at the book in her hands and then back into his beautiful face.
“It was worth it, Adam.“ she says, means more than just this book. And he knows that.
“Well, I’m gonna go downstairs to quickly make you a copy of the track we wrote today.“ he says to quickly end this conversation. When she came over into his studio this afternoon to work on a new song, just like friends do, he never expected things to get this personal. She just nods and watches the tall man disappear downstairs. She looks around. She can’t believe that he has changed so much in the most positive way possible. After praying for months and months that he would finally see what he does to her with this dark side he sometimes had inside of him, she never thought that it would come to this. That losing her would finally make him find his way. She looks at the copy and flicks through the book. He finds one of the last pages with the headline „Thank you“. Taylor starts reading his thanks to his friends and family. All those little stories make her laugh a little. She turns the page and her heart stops beating. That’s what he meant when he talked about his ‚special copy‘. The very last page.

Dear Taylor Alison Swift,

Who would have thought two years ago, that a drink at a bar with a girl at three in the morning would turn my life around like this?
People used to say that we were like can and pot. Perfectly made for each other. I like to believe that we were both pots, encountering and crashing each other all the way. Our relationship was never easy, though I have to admit that those fifteen months with you turned out to be the most important months of my entire life. Even though I never succeeded in showing you, I want you to know that at that time I could have never imagined someone else by my side than you, regardless of all pointless fights and tears of jealousy we spent.
I want to thank you for believing in me when I did the least. You stood by my side when my life steered into a dangerous direction and you still loved me. You never allowed me to waste my talents and you kicked my butt when necessary. Lastly, you walked away. Thank you for that, too. It takes a loss sometimes to realize what’s good and what isn’t. I know now that you were good. And I wanna thank you for that. It makes me proud to still call you a friend and I’m proud that we snatched up nevertheless. For everything that has been, and everything that will never be: Thanks for your unique personality, your inspiring bright attitude, your ability to make me laugh at any given time and your love.
I’ll always love you more than anything,


Adam Wiles.

Taylor closes the book. Tears are rolling over face and she tries to take deep breaths to calm herself again. Never in her entire life has she felt this feeling. The feeling that you found what you were looking for. That some things need time to grow and get into the right place. She places the book next to her empty plate and takes a deep breath again. She wipes her face and stands up to slowly make her way downstairs…

“And when you did, you made me the happiest person in the world.“ she smiles at him. His big hand is on her big belly again and she smiles at him. He gets closer and kisses her softly.
“I love you.“ he says into the kiss. She smiles.
“We love you, too.“ she answers. He kisses her again.
“How long has it been since the last contraction?“ she asks then after he has ended their kiss. He looks at his phone and smiles.
“Almost fifty minutes. I guess you really just had preliminary contractions, babe.“ he says. She nods a little relieved and takes a deep breath.
“I’m glad. Having the whole family in our house and delivering a baby would be too much at once.“ she sighs. He laughs.
“True.“ he says. “Tell Lily to stay in there at least until tomorrow.“ he laughs.
“I think she already listened to her dad.“ Taylor replies. “Let’s go back to bed.“ she says then but Adam stops her.
“No babe, I think you should still wait a few moments. Just to make sure.“ he says. She smirks. His overly protective side is annoying but extremely cute at the same time. She looks at his big teddy bear eyes and places a hand on his cheek, right over his scruff. He looks concerned and stricht at the same time. He really wants her to wait a little more to make sure those really were just preliminary contractions. Taylor rolls her eyes but nods.
“Fine.“ she says, lays back again.
Adam looks at her and quietly caresses her head again. She looks so natural, so beautiful. He comes closer and kisses her hair.
“I was so proud of how you handled those contractions, babe.“ he whispers. “If I would have been in this kind of pain, I had already started crying after the first one.“ he says to comfort her and make her feel better. She smiles.
“Let’s not tell anyone about the preliminaries tomorrow okay?“ she whispers. Adam nods.
“I don’t want everyone to worry too much.“ she says to him.
Adam nods.
“Me neither.“

Got7 Reaction To Coming Back From Tour To Their S/O Sleeping In Their Shirt And Holding Their Pillow

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Can you do a Got7 reaction to their s/o in their shirt sleeping holding their pillow when they come back from a tour? I LOVE YOU AND YOUR BLOG!!

Mark: *he couldn’t  but smile at how cute it was. He wouldn’t even want to wake you as he frantically got ready to get into bed with you since he didn’t want to wait any longer for it.* Aw, I guess she really missed me like I missed her.

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JB: *Since he’s a bit clumsy at times, he woke you up when he came into the bedroom. Once he saw you were up, he’d come up to you, pushing his hair out of his face before he kissed your cheek.* Hey babe, I’m home. I missed you.

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Jackson: *When he finally got settled enough to get back into the bed with you, he’d lay down facing you and just start gently brushing the hairs from your face, marveling at it since it was the first time he’d seen you in person for weeks.* Oh baby, there’s no way you could know how much I missed you and how happy I am to be home. *you’re yuggie*

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Jinyoung: *this gif is killing me omg* *He’d almost be sad seeing you like that because it was so clear just how much you missed him and he felt almost guilty for having to  leave even if he was overjoyed to be back. He’d be counting down the seconds until he could hold you again.* Oh wow, she really missed me…I wonder if she ever cried about it without telling me…Still, I’m glad to be home.

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Youngjae: *As he is a ball of happiness and sunshine, he couldn’t help but let out a laugh he was so happy to see you again. Of course the laugh woke you up, but before you’d sat up completely, he’d barreled you  down with a hug, peppering you with kisses and happy exclamations about how happy he was to see you and how great the tour was, etc.* Jagi! I missed you! Oh my god! I’m happy to be home! I have so many stories to tell you!

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BamBam: *He would probably be a little turned on the hormones of the young man what can you say but he would do his best to be stealthy as he slid into the bed, whispering his hellos in a seductive voice while he pressed his lips into your skin* Oh baby, you have no idea how much I missed you… *and then…*

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Yugyeom: *He’d be a little turned on, too, but he wouldn’t be as forward as BamBam. Instead of sliding up next to you on the bed, he’d kneel down and kiss your cheek, whispering his hellos and letting his hand glide down your back.* I’m finally home Jagi, I missed you.

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Baby Girl (part one)

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This is set after 12.02.
Summary: Mary comes back from Heaven and learns more about her sons than she ever thought she’d know.
Pairing: Dean x Reader.
Warning: nothing.

Mary smiled as Sam and Dean showed her where everything was. They led her through the library, the kitchen and bathroom, their make shift living room and the bedrooms. They even showed her the storage room, garage and the dungeon. It immediately felt like home to her.

Dean smiled as he led her to the room right next to his, “well, this is yours, mom.” Mary stepped in and smiled. It was small and quaint, but she loved it. “Thank you, Dean.” He kissed her on the cheek before walking down the hall to finish the pie he left in the kitchen.

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Sneak peek...

And it’s then that he breaks the kiss, with a light whisper of “m'gonna get ye’ sick, too, poppet.”

But she disregards the comment, instead she looks him over. The crinkles by his eyes from how he smiles down at her, his lips plump and pink from having just kissed her, his hair just a tad disheveled from having just taken the beanie off.

“If you’re as sick as you say, on you go for a shower!” She pecks his lips one last time before bringing a hand down to his bum and giving him a playful pat.

Theo Raeken Smut

Y/N ran her fingers throughout Theo’s hair lightly as she glanced down at the so called bad guy. Sure, he was a bit bad but to Y/N, he was perfect. She smiled a bit when his eyes opened and glanced at her,grinning a bit.“Hi handsome.” “Morning to you too.“Theo murmured and grabbed a hold of her waist,pressing his lips to hers.“Did I ever mention how fucking gorgeous you are?“He mumbled as he nuzzled his face into her neck,leaving kisses. "Yes Theo,you told me all last night."Y/N teased with a giggle before he squeezed her thigh lightly."You realize how handsome you are?"She murmured and rolled over onto his lap."What are you doing princess?"He asked as she ran her fingers down his bare chest lightly. "I love you."She cooed to him and he grinned widely."I love you too."He whispered back to Y/N before he pulled her down against him an pressed his lips against hers in a passionate kiss. He raised an eyebrow when he felt her grinding against him."You want more?"He teased, giving Y/N a cheeky grin as she blushed a light shade of pink and nodded her head. "Yes."She murmured and he squeezed her thigh."I can’t get enough of you anyways."He murmured to her before he rolled the two of them over, a confusing look going over his face when she pouted."I wanted to be on top."She whispered before he chuckled and flipped them back over. Theo moved his hands to her thighs and held them lightly as she grinded against him."Come on, no teasing darling unless you want me to make you sore all over again."He mumbled to her as he smacked her ass lightly. Theo tugged at the shirt that she was wearing which was actually his. Y/N leaned back and let him take off the shirt before she pressed kisses down his chest, her fingers hooking in the band of his boxers before she tugged them down. Her mouth watered at the sight of his cock that seemed so unrealistic due to the size and thickness."Stop drooling sweetie."Theo called and snapped Y/N out of her thoughts before she made eye contact with him. She took his tip in her mouth and sucked a bit,smirking as he heard his gasp. She slowly began moving the length down her throat inch by inch as he bucked his hips up impatiently. His hands tangled into her hair as she gagged a bit, moving a small dainty hand to wrap around what she couldn’t take in her mouth. He bucked up his hips again and he groaned out loudly,throwing lines of curse words and Y/N’s name. She continued to bob her head even faster as Theo felt himself coming closer to his high. "A-Almost the-what the fuck princess?"His attitude changed when she removed his length from her mouth."I want you to fill me up."She mumbled with a giggle and a blush tint to her cheeks. She moved back to sit on his lap,grabbing a condom from her table that was bedside. Y/N rolled it over his thick length before she hovered over his hard on,pushing it in her pussy before she lowered herself down. She gasped and bit her lip,adjusting to his size as he filled her to the hilt. She let out a scream when he gave her no time to adjust but just thrusted up into her with a smirk evident on his face."Fuck fuck Theo!"She chanted as she met with his thrusts,grinding down against his length as her hands were pressed against his chest. "Who’s pussy is this? Who can only fuck you like this?"He asked and smacked her ass as she threw her head back,gasping loudly."Fuck only you Theo! Only you!"Y/N screamed out and felt her pleasure skyrocketing through the roof when Theo began rubbing his thumb against her clit. "Hold on."He growled as he felt pussy squeezing and contracting around his length. He began thrusting a bit more faster before he let out a strangled moan as the two reached their highs. She moved off of his length and laid beside him,panting as she tried catching her breath."Y/N, I’d love doing this every single morning.”



prompt- can you do one where its your first night home with your new baby and you want to take a shower or something and leave Nial aloone whith it and he gets nervous and it starts crying and stuff. I love your dad niall imagines. and can you make the babys name be Maribel  

~ 1109 words 


Niall breathed a sigh of relief as he pulled into the driveway and turned in his seat so he could look at you, sat in the back seat watching over your sleeping newborn in her car seat. “How are my girls doing.” He whispers gently, voice tired from the stressful few days that was spent at the hospital. 

“We’re doing okay.” You smiled, running a finger gently on her soft cheek. 

He got out of the car walking around to your side opening the door for you and helping you step out. He placed a sweet kiss on your cheek before he leaned into the car unhooking the baby carrier from the base and lifting her out of the car. He moved slowly as if she was going to break. “She’s a baby, Niall. Not a bomb.” You giggled as you grabbed your bag and the diaper bag from the car before shutting the door and followed your husband into the house. 

You followed him into the kitchen where he sat the carrier down on the counter before he stretched a yawned. You smiled at him, he did so well over the last few days even though he was just a scared as you were. Niall never left your side, always holding your hand and kissing your forehead, he even let you all but crush his hand when you were in the peak of labor. His hair was a mess, and facial hair was well over grown from not shaving for three days. 

“Hey Ni?” You said coming up behind him and rapping your arms around his waist, resting your head on his shoulder and looked at your sleeping baby. 

“Yes petal?” He smiled grabbing the baby’s small pudgy hand. 

“Would you mind if i got in the shower? I feel is bit gross from being in the hospital.” 

You could feel him tense a bit, “uh, i- uh.” He tried to come up with an excuse, it wasn’t that he didn’t want to spend time with his new little girl and he knew that you taking a shower would make you feel better, he was just worried. Worried that he’d do something wrong. 

“Ni, baby, you’ll be fine.” 

“What if i don’t hold her right or what if i hurt her somehow.” 

You smiled at him and kissed his stubbly cheek, “Here ill show you.” You said unbuckling the small infant from the carrier. Small hands grasped at the air and a whine was heard from behind the pink pacifier. You cradled her to her chest and kissed her head. 

“Okay Niall, all you need to remember is to always support her head.” He nodded and wiped his nervous hands on his jeans before you gently placed the baby in his arms. She started to whine. 

“See, (Y/N). I did something, i hurt her.” He said wanting to hand her back. 

“Babe, calm down. You didn’t do anything. We woke her up with all the moving. And you’re holding her too far away from you.” You gently spoke moving his arms so that she was now cradled close against his chest. Maribel quieted down and snuggled into her fathers warm chest. 

“If she gets fussy again just bouncer her or talk to her. And if that doesn’t work she might be hungry, put the bottle in the bottle warmer for about 4 minutes.” You told him before laying a kiss on his chapped lips before walking away leaving him standing in the middle of the kitchen. 

Niall sucked in a shaky breath before looking down at the baby. “Okay, we’re gonna be okay. Momma is just gonna take a shower and daddy n’ you are just going to chill and get ta know each other.” He took the soft pink blanket his mom bought as a baby shower gift and walked to the living room and sat down on the couch, and made sure to keep the baby pressed to his chest. 

He was still nervous, his heart stopped every time she moved or made a small noise. “Your mom and i are so happy you’re finally here Maribel. Daddy is so scared that he’s gonna mess up somehow, I just want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for you.” He smiled as he watched her dummy bob in between her little lips, her cheeks a light shade of pink and her tiny hands were balled up into little fists. 

A sigh left Niall’s lips as he tilted his head back so it rested on the back of the couch. The home was silent, the only noise was the faint noise of the shower and the suckling noises Maribel was making. His eyes started to close, but were soon shot open when the baby made a sharp cry. Niall’s heart started to race thinking about all the things you told him to do if she woke up. 

The little girl started to cry making her father panic slightly scared he had somehow hurt her. “Okay, shh. It’s okay. Please dont cry little love.” He said starting to gently pat her bum, something he saw you do before. 

Her face grew red as she got herself more worked up, “Uh, are you hungry?” He asked as if she could answer back. Niall stood from the sofa being mindful of the small infant. Walking to the kitchen he got a bottle out of the diaper bag and sat it in the bottle warmer that was already set up. He amazed himself that he was able to do this with all one hand. The baby continued to cry, the timer finally rang but it still took way too long in Niall’s opion. He took the bottle out off the warmer and tested it to make sure it wasn’t too hot. Deciding it was okay he slipped the dummy from the little girl’s mouth and replaced it with the teat of the bottle. 

He sang quietly while swaying back and forth as his daughter drank her milk and started to calm down. A since of pride rushed through Niall as Maribel looked up a him with big bright blue eyes. 

“Ni?!” You called through the house as you searched for your husband and daughter. You cute your shower short after hearing your baby’s cries. You soon found them in the kitchen, Niall looking down at the girl as he fed her her bottle.  

“See, you’re a natural. I knew you’d be fine.” You said walking over to your tiny family. 


once again, a really sucky ending but oh well. Hope you liked it and requests are open.