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Kill ‘Em With Kindness - PART TEN

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

You had been detected. You were now on their radar.  You were recruited for one mission only.  You’re trained and put to the test.  With your background, everyone realizes it was a mistake recruiting a college student who would soon be faced with the thing that drove her to kill in the first place.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, mentions of sex

Word Count: 2,515

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen… I want to ruin you.”

“You’re too late.”


     A lot of things surprised you: pick-up lines, people who spread the ketchup on their fries, and men in general.  When it came to pick-up lines, you loved the cheesy ones.  For example, “Did it hurt? When you fell from Heaven,” was usually a line that would have you blushing like mad.  Although, the last person to ever flirt with you was four years ago.  The second you walked into the kitchen the next morning, Bucky introduced himself with that line, wrapping his arms around your waist as you poured your coffee.  Even though you enjoyed the effort, it was clearly being debated by the rest of the team.  

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Eye for an Eye

Part 3: Pain

Part 1|Part 2|AO3

Warnings for blood, gore and graphic descriptions of injury.

His hunt for ender pearls had grown into a blood sport.

Teleportation made travel through the Nether faster and somewhat less dangerous – he had nearly teleported into a freshly opened lava pit on several occasions – but he’d mostly gotten the hang of it. He thought he would have gotten used to the pain, but every time he used a pearl, it was just as sharp as the last. He wasn’t going to let it deter him.

Originally he’d convinced himself there was a way he could use the pearls to teleport directly to the Overworld, but as he continued to use them, he grew less and less convinced there was a way to “glitch out” of the Nether and instead turned his focus back to finding another portal.

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Apocalypse, what, NOW?

In discussions about the season 12 finale, I’ve seen mention of how it changes the nature of the story by rewriting the Apocalypse and undermining the whole s4-5 arc – that Sam & Dean weren’t apparently the chosen destined hosts of Lucifer & Michael, that it just went on without them.

I like that idea myself, but I have another question – how do we know that’s the Apocalypse they’re talking about?

Cas says, “This is a world where you were never born. It’s a world you never saved.” He doesn’t specify saved from what.

The Winchesters have stopped more than one potentially world-ending threat. And AU!Bobby says, of Mary, “Azazel killed her about 10 years ago.”

Ten years before season 12 wasn’t the Lucifer vs Michael showdown. It was the end of season 2, when Azazel was trying to open the Devil’s Gate, a door to Hell. Bobby called it, “end-of-the world big.”

Only the Winchesters averted it, closing the gate before too many demons escaped.

What if they weren’t there to close it? What if Mary was working alone, and failed to kill Azazel with the Colt, and Azazel’s chosen psychic child (and he had many; Sam wasn’t even the winner of his contest in our universe) took the Colt and opened the gate with it?

What happens when a Hell’s gate stays open, pouring demons and evil into the world, so powerful a force that they can physically manifest? Until it gets so bad that the angels themselves come down to fight it, furious that their planned Apocalypse isn’t going to happen; but by then it’s too late, so might as well try to clean up the pieces and reset. Except the few humans left aren’t so interested in being swept away, even when it’s an apocalypse…

More meta from my Twitter account, on Jack as a soldier and the symbolism of his Vietnam commando skins:

Just think about completely Jack identifies as a soldier.  There’s so much there, both good and bad. He’s been doing this since he was eighteen.  He’s never been anything else, never known anything else.

Like he does it because he believes what he’s doing is right, but also there are issues of indoctrination there; both military and maybe from his family background, if he comes from your conservative blue-collar flag-waving ‘rah rah USA’ midwestern kind of home.  He’s not dumb. He’s clearly aware of politics and the potential for moral compromise and that kind of thing. I don’t think he has an uncritical belief that the military can do no wrong.  It’s just that I wonder how much of the soldier thing is “this is what he wanted to be” and how much of it was kind of his environment deciding his path for him?

And yet he HAS made the best of it. I don’t think you can argue against that. He’s clearly tried hard to what he believed was the right thing.  He helped save the world. He built basically a superhero team. Inspired an entire generation to try to be better. To stand up as heroes in their own right.

But still it feels a bit like he never got to be anything else, whether he wanted to or not, and eventually he stopped even trying.  There’s no glimpse of the multiple facets you see with the other characters.  Even Gabriel shows a wicked sense of humor and an artistic interest in costume design.  But Jack?  I mean.  MAYBE golf, but that’s only assuming the whole Summer Games deal wasn’t just a total lark.  He seems to have made soldiering and Overwatch his entire identity.


Okay so those skins are specifically VIETNAM COMMANDO skins. That’s when Army Special Forces was founded.  And there are a few things about the Vietnam War.

1: It resulted in lots of broadly heroic yet melancholy war movies about personal sacrifice & loss for the greater good and/or FOR YOUR BROTHERS.  Because let’s be clear about a thing regarding the Army: your #1 loyalty above all is to your brothers. Sisters. Teammates. Over god, country, or even your commanders.  That whole ‘band of brothers’ deal, that’s where a lot of the drama comes from in those movies, and it’s not just Hollywood theatrics.

2: Infamously, the vets who came back from the Vietnam War were essentially cast out of US society.

They went and fought a war for their country, because they were told to. A lot of them were drafted. And when they came back, they got spit on.  THEY DIDN’T WANT TO BE THERE EITHER, but they were the ones wearing the uniforms, and so all that hate for Vietnam as an unrighteous war got aimed right at them. All they went through, and in return many of them, those who hadn’t already t given their lives, lost their sanity, health and every tie they had left.

I grew up in the 80s & 90s (yeah I’m dating myself), when entertainment media was saturated with a push to rehabilitate the image of those veterans.  At that time, a lot of the guys who fought in the war had risen to positions of influence, and many of them used it to try to question what had happened and rehumanize Vietnam veterans as people, even heroes.  Whether you want to call it propaganda or making amends, a generation of us steeped in that as cultural context. In Jack’s time, all that media would still be out there for the enjoyment of any fan of war narratives.

And we know Jack likes war narratives.  More than one of his voice lines are quotes from the movie “Patton.”  So he probably marinated in that stuff.

And in some ways just as importantly, if they’re around my age, then so did the game’s writers and creators. Because they’re the ones who choose the symbolism and associations for each of these characters.

So.  The Vietnam War means something specific to people–at least Americans–my age. It means years of struggle against power, a generation fighting for a voice or choice in their own destiny.  “Old enough to die but not old enough to vote” was one of the slogans of the time (the reason the voting age was lowered? Vietnam War).  A generation of young men forced to fight and then abandoned to suffer when it was over.  Who had to spend years in the aftermath working to make their own justice and healing if they wanted it.  The current state of Veteran’s Affairs, of PTSD treatment, of so many other things? A RESULT of the Vietnam War.  Those things weren’t there for those soldiers.  To this day, a disproportionate number of the nation’s homeless and untreated mentally ill are STILL veterans, and in particular Vietnam veterans.

(I know, little of this is new or different for black people & many others. And who’s surprised that the ones who suffered most were black kids, latino kids, poor kids, and others with little recourse to start with?  Fun fact: if you could go to college, you could defer the draft till graduation.  And with a college degree and skills, you could try getting in as an officer or in some other less cannon foddery position. Chances were you’d still get shot at, but at least you’d have perks and maybe some protections.)

So all of this means that associating Jack with those skins–regardless of whether they’re a depiction of Jack’s own self-image or not–is Saying Something about how the creators see him, his current situation and mindset.

The Over-RoadTrip

Tracer: Demands control of the radio and jams to the top 40 until you’re out of the station’s range and she spends several minutes clicking through channels until she finds the least staticky replacement.
Winston: Loves audiobooks, ignores everything around him while he has headphones on. Tired of people (Tracer) daring him to drive with his feet.
Mercy: Prints directions from Google Maps, and cross-checks them with a GPS constantly just in case anything is inaccurate. Strictly adheres to speed limits and gets theatrically distressed when in the car with a reckless driver.
Zarya: Falls asleep and stays asleep no matter how chaotic the car’s interior becomes, but unfailingly wakes up for every rest stop.
Soldier 76: Packs his stuff in the car the night before, likes to get up at the crack of dawn for road trips in order to avoid rush hour traffic.
Mei: Always remembers to pack a bag of snacks and bottled drinks for the trip in case anyone gets hungry, always forgets some small but essential toiletry item like her toothbrush or deodorant and doesn’t realize it until halfway to her destination.
D. Va: Brings 10 different gadgets and plays with them the entire duration of the drive. Buys candy and a soda at every gas station stop.
Lucio: Zones out listening to music and staring out the window. Likes to stretch his legs out, will get territorial if sharing the back seat with someone.
Symmetra: Loves nothing more than to “make good time”, boils with rage when there’s been an accident on the highway and traffic slows to a crawl.
Pharah: Has a seemingly endless supply of Egyptian pop mix CDs and sings along to them very quietly, then swaps them out as soon as one has entirely played through.
Torbjorn: Deeply offended if anyone makes a joke about him not being able to reach the pedals and makes hair-pin turns that send everyone sliding across their seats. Reads the whole time if he’s a passenger.
McCree: Rests one arm out the rolled-down window so much that he gets trucker’s tan. Smokes while driving, much to the chagrin of other passengers.
Bastion: Can’t fit! Has to ride in a trailer hitched to the car, staring vigilantly at Ganymede’s travel cage through the back window.
Reinhardt: Cautious driver, constantly gets passed on the highway because he keeps 6 car lengths behind the nearest vehicle. Will eat the whole time if there is food readily available and then be puzzled when he’s not hungry for dinner.
Zenyatta: Never learned how to drive, always sits way in the back, closest to the luggage. Says he’s going to meditate but occasionally slips into “power save mode” and has to be woken up at the end of the trip.
Genji: Gets bored 1/3rd of the way through the trip no matter what he brought to amuse himself, and contorts into weird positions trying to get comfortable. Slams on the brakes really fast when he’s the driver, probably going to give himself whiplash one of these days.
Hanzo: The worst backseat driver in the world, truly insufferable, points out every stop sign and starts bothering the driver about not missing the exit 10 miles before it comes up.
Reaper: Screams at other cars for going too slow/passing him/taking too long at lights/being hesitant at taking unprotected turns. Needs to be talked down from going on a shooting spree if there’s a traffic jam.
Widowmaker: Doesn’t drive, always sits very still and quiet and watches her surroundings. Creepy as hell.
Roadhog: A motorcycle man through and through, enjoys long rides down the open road just because. If he has to ride in a car, always rolls the windows down and gets irritable if he can’t. Subject to worse road rage than Reaper if he encounters incompetent drivers, or worse, cyclists.
Junkrat: Roadhog recommends attaching him to the top of the car with bungee cords. It sounds like a joke but it’s not, this man is a nightmare to keep in an enclosed space for several consecutive hours.

The (kinda) Lost and (sorta) Found  (Bruce Banner x Reader Soulmate AU)

A/M: Hey! I got a request for a Bruce Banner Soulmate AU piece with a plus sized reader so here goes! I know it’s kinda late so I tried to make it longer! Enjoy!

(Y/H)= Your height

Bruce Banner remembers hiding in his closet a lot as a little kid. He would squeeze in between his dresser and his wall and cover his ears with his hands muttering to himself trying to block out the sounds coming from his parents room.

He would mutter for hours. He would start muttering as many prime numbers as he could remember. Then he would move on to equations, quadratic and the one used to figure out how fast the stars outside his window were decaying.

Then when it got really bad and he could hear his dad banging on his door and slurring his name he would start muttering the words on his wrist. “There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!” Over and over he would mutter those words knowing he would never be like his father. He would find his soulmate and love her more than anything in the world.

He would be a good man. He promised himself. He promised his soulmate. He promised.


In college Bruce didn’t have to hide in closets anymore. (Except after that one time he stole some lab equipment so he could do an unauthorized experiment in his dorm room but he doesn’t really like to talk about that.) He was pretty much invisible. Sure everyone in the science department knew him, but girls tended to steer clear. The only ones who talked to him were his science partners and as soon as the first words out of their mouths weren’t the ones written on his wrist he lost interest,

Bruce Banner was convinced if he didn’t find his soulmate he would end up like his father. He would hurt whoever he tried to love. Finding the one person in this world meant for him was his only chance of not becoming the thing he feared most.


He became one anyways. He became a monster. But he was something far worse than his dad had ever been. He didn’t just hurt one person. He hurt hundreds of thousands. And no one was going to be able to stop him.

That’s when Bruce realized he had never had a chance. He wasn’t meant to have a soulmate. He was just going to hurt whoever it was.

 So he went into hiding. He told himself he was just trying to keep his promise. He was just trying to protect her.

Because even if he never met her he knew he loved her. He knew he would always keep his promise. He would always protect her. And if protecting her meant staying as far away as possible then that’s exactly what he would do.

And at night when he worried she would hate him because she would never know why he wasn’t coming for her he would whisper into the universe and pray somehow, someway she would understand, “I know you’ve been looking for me, but I can’t come to you. Not until I know I won’t hurt you. Be safe… I…. I love you.”


But sometimes staying in hiding wasn’t the way to protect her. Sometimes protecting someone you never met but always loved was leaving your life behind to try and save the world.

And that’s how Bruce found himself as an Avenger. He told himself he could stay here and help people. He could protect people. He could try to make things right.

Of course he could never go find her. No. That would be putting her in danger. Even if he had gotten better at controlling himself. Even if he was around people who could stop him and get her to safety it wouldn’t be enough. He would never trust himself with her. She was too precious.

So he kept his promise and tried to keep his distance from everyone. He would lock himself in the labs. Refusing to talk to anyone except Tony and his other teammates. He refused to meet new people. He couldn’t risk it. He couldn’t risk her.


Of course all the hiding in the world couldn’t stop fate. Eventually she came and she wrecked Bruce Banner’s life like he couldn’t believe.

It was a normal Thursday afternoon in the labs when she came in and stormed right over to Bruce, “There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”

Bruce nearly jumped out of his seat in shock at her voice. He hadn’t heard her come in, so imagine his surprise at her saying the exact words written on his wrist. His wide brown eyes scanned her up and down as he tried to calm his furiously racing heart. She was shorter than him maybe (Y/H), and her (Y/H/C) hair was pulled back and out of her face. She was wearing an adorable sundress with a large cardigan over it and cute flats that pulled it all together.

When his eyes finally made it back to her face he realized he had to say something, and fast. Her eyebrows were scrunched up in the most adorable way and her mouth was moving but he had no idea what was coming out of it. “No,” he started shaking his head and stood up to walk away from her, “no way. It can’t be you. You need to leave.” At this point Bruce was on the other side of the lab and was tinkering with some machine willing his body to listen to him for once and not go running over to sweep her into his arms.

It was silent for a minute, and Bruce thought she might have left when she finally responded, “I knew you were going to say that. I mean of course I did, it’s written on my wrist.” Bruce could hear her sniffling and he had to keep telling himself he was doing this for her own good. “But honestly it hurts a lot more hearing it in person.”

Then she left, and Bruce was free to completely break down. Free to trash the lab and destroy months of research in a fit of rage. Free to sit in the corner between the filing cabinets and the wall with his knees to his chest and whisper to himself like he used to when he was little.

Except he couldn’t lie to himself anymore He couldn’t make any promises. He couldn’t pretend. He could only face the sad reality of his life.


“What the hell happened in here?! Did you Hulk out?!” Tony asked upon running into the destroyed lab a few hours later.

“Who was she?” Bruce whispered when Tony made it over to him. Bruce was still curled up between the filing cabinet and the wall. His eyes looked dazed and confused as he tried to focus on his concerned best friend. “Who was the women who came in here earlier?”

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)? She’s the new psychiatrist Fury sent over to check up on us,” Tony was trying to figure out what had happened since the last time he had seen the doctor but nothing was coming to mind until- “Wait! Did she set you off?! That bitch! Wait until I teach her a lesson and-”

Bruce growled as his skin flashed green and he jumped up and grabbed Tony’s arm. “Don’t you dare talk about her like that ever again! I swear to God if you lay a finger on her I will not hesitate to let the Hulk end you.”

Tony’s eyes were wide in shock as he stared at Bruce. “Uhhh. What the hell?”

Bruce had to take a few more deep breaths before his skin went back to its normal hue and he could unwrap his fingers from Tony’s wrist. “She’s the one. She’s my soulmate.” He looked defeated. Like the universe had finally added the straw that broke the camels back.

“Oh man I’m sorry! Y’know about saying those mean things. But honestly I don’t get why you’re so upset?”

“You don’t get it Tony! It’s not like you finding Pepper or even Bucky finding his soulmate! I’m a monster! I will kill her if I try to get close to her! I can’t lose her Tony!” His eyes looked sadder than Tony had ever seen them. More vulnerable. More broken.

“Bruce you know I hate giving advice and intervening in other people’s business,” Tony’s comment already had a smile tugging on the edges of Bruce’s lips. “But if you never go after her and try then you’ve already lost her…. What’s that sappy quote girls like to write on everything after they’ve been dumped? ‘Better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all’ or some shit like that.”

The lab was quiet for a second as Bruce thought through his friends advice. Then he shot to the elevator like a rocket while shouting a quick “Thank you!” to Tony over his shoulder.

He was going to find her. He was going to try. He was going to stop being afraid of himself because she deserved better. She deserved everything he knew he could give her. They both deserved love.


(Y/N) was packing up her office that had been in Stark Towers. She had already called Fury to tell him she was coming back to HQ and she had already sent word to Pepper via JARVIS that she would no longer be using the office space.

She didn’t know why she was so upset. She had always known her soulmate wasn’t going to want her. And why would he? She wasn’t thin. Hell she wasn’t even what people would classify as ‘curvy’.

But still it hurt. Especially when she saw him. Bruce Banner. The scientist she had been studying for days now so she would be prepared for their first session together. But that didn’t matter now. She wasn’t going to be able to face him now. She wouldn’t be able to talk about his feelings when she would have too many of her own to shift through.

She would just pack up and leave and stick to dealing with field agents. She was sure Fury would understand. If she just-

“(Y/N).” The voice was breathless and startled her so she dropped a stack of books onto the ground.

“What are you doing here Dr. Banner?” (Y/N)’s tone was professional with a hint of coldness.

“I’m sorry (Y/N),” Bruce swallowed hard as he stepped the rest of the way into her office. “I was scared and I didn’t know what to do.”

“Scared of what? Scared of me crushing you or being made fun of for being seen with me?” Tears started collecting in her eyes again as she tried to tell herself she was better than that. She wasn’t worthless like everyone had always told her.

“What?” Bruce was so confused by her questions that he almost lost his train of thought. “Why would any of that scare me?”

“Because I’m.. y’know…. bigger…” He laughed. He actually had the audacity to laugh. Now it was (Y/N)’s turn to be confused. “Why is that funny?!”

Bruce took a few steps closer to her and grasped her face in his hands unable to keep his hands off of her for a second longer. “It’s funny that you think that could ever stop me from loving you. I wasn’t scared because of you. I was scared for you. I was scared of me. I was scared I would hurt you. I was scared I was going to hurt the most precious person on the face of the earth because I can’t control myself. It’s funny that you could ever think you are anything less than perfect to me.”

“Don’t be scared,” (Y/N) whispered as their lips inched closer and closer together. Bruce’s hands were still cupping her face, and her hands were now resting on his firm chest. “I trust you Bruce. You aren’t going to hurt me. You won’t let yourself.”

Bruce let out one last soft chuckle before finally connecting their lips. Of course fate would give her to him. An angel who would always be able to figure out exactly what he was thinking and how he was feeling. Someone who had their own demons to wrestle with.

And for the first time in his life Bruce Banner knew he was going to be alright. So long as he had (Y/N) he could get through anything. Because they could fight their insecurities together. Apart they were just two broken halves, but together they were whole.


I swear my endings get cheesier every time. Sorry! Also I’m sorry it took so long for me to write this finals were insane! I promise if you request it shouldn’t take this long again!

I hate this so much. Lea is going through all of this trouble to save Sora’s butt and some dude in a hood jumps up to stop him. In the first pic Lea is all like “F*ckin’ great, who’s this dumbass?” And then Isa’s hood falls off and Lea at first is like “Wtf.” But then he REALLY realized that it’s Isa and is like “What? Bro, how could you do this? How could you keep DOING this?” and then just gets pissed off because one of his best friends in the whole world is trying to stop him from saving his very best friend (Roxas in Sora) and all he can do, because he’s so pissed off, is basically spit out Isa’s name as if just the name itself sitting on his tongue is so vile he has to spit it out. It makes me feel so sad for Lea because Isa was his best friend before the Organization and now he realizes he can never ever get his friend back because he’s too far gone in with Xehanort’s scheme.

sorry jack thorne but are you honestly trying to convince me that harry would have been a neglectful father? harry james potter who grew up in a cupboard under the stairs, abused and unloved. harry james potter who saved the world due to his ability to love? bc i can tell you that he would have done everything to make sure his children never felt an ounce of how he did. they 100% received howlers that would declare how much he missed them and how proud he was in the great hall, with ginny in the background trying the wrestle his wand off him, telling him to stop being so embarassing

Do I have too put you on a leash fandom? Christ stop whining about Boruto and Sasuke’s headband…

Sasuke is telling Boruto about his past with his father, Naruto. Too help him understand why his father does what he does everyday. Just to keep his world at peace every each day. How Naruto fought for Sasuke and never gave up on him just like how he will never give up on his own son.

How most of this fucking damn story was revolved around Naruto trying too save a friend no matter the cost. Have we forgotten the story of these two?

Just because he didn’t give it too Sarada doesn’t mean anything. Sarada either knows or will learn about her father’s past soon enough but first Sasuke needs to show his student what his father is all about. THIS KID HAS DADDY ISSUES. Stop fucking bashing Sasuke when we’ve only seen a god damn trailer. God why do I try.

This week dose of fanfiction

sorry for the wait! here are some new/or updated fics

Last First Kiss     

The one where Zayn and Liam are both dying and they meet each other at a convention to meet other teenagers who are dying. Zayn is kind of done with interacting and then Liam comes along and invites him over and wow are they already laying in bed?- or - The one were Zayn and Liam are both ill so they meet each other at an Illness Convention™ and end up becoming friends and maybe they kind of kiss and kind of w
question their sexuality. Part 1 of 4

in the bed all day, bed all day, bed all day. 

Zayn and Liam’s relationship worsens over time spent in their bed. But what happens when Zayn discovers he’s left something big behind..

Song One Shots

A collection of One Shots based on songs.

The painting on the Wall

Liam and Louis would stop at nothing to have what they truly want, at the expense of a rather naive Zayn. Greed overcomes everything else, or maybe not?(Sugar Daddy!AU that isn’t really one. Liam and Louis manipulate Zayn in order to steal everything from him. However along the way feelings and friendships develops and everything isn’t really that easy anymore)

You’re no good for me, but baby I want you

Basically, a love story between a drug dealer and a boy who’s hopelessly in love and engaged to him.


You are good, Zayn.” Liam says with his voice firm but gentle. His eyes lock onto his face and Zayn can notice the soft smile that pulls onto his lips, especially when Liam places his hand (that’s so very nice and warm hand) on his knee. “You’re proper brilliant, Zayn. Everything you put out is so real…so raw. Your voice is fantastic, you can hit notes people dream off. You’re just so…so amazing it’s just – pretty fuckin’ amazing.” Everything in Zayns head was telling him to move Liam’s hand off his knee.
[Zayn needs a new producer and Liam Payne happens to be available.]

Primetime For Our Love      

Zayn was twelve years old when his soulmate died. It was the worst thing he’d ever experienced, but he tried to pull through. Singing seemed to be the only thing that could bring him a semblance of normalcy and he was pretty good, according to his family at least. He wanted the chance to do it for a living, so he signed up for X Factor hoping that he would be able to overcome his loss in the process.

We’re Not Friends

When world famous singers Liam Payne and Zayn Malik get nominated head to head for 5 grammys, a feud breaks out between them online until the award show.

Christmas Without You      

“They want me to do a Christmas special and perform.”“Liam, tell them no. Christmas is our holiday!”“I know that, love. They’re not giving me a choice here, but we’re still spending Christmas together. Nobody will ever take Christmas away from us.”

nobody saves me, baby, the way you do 

Zayn’s got a penchant for saving people, and Liam’s got a penchant for almost dying.

I Shall Return For You, My Love 

“Zayn, is it? I’m Liam,” he said reaching out a hand to shake Zayn’s. “I’m sorry if I’m keeping you, I know you’re closed. I didn’t think I’d end up with a dead phone and twenty paps following me when I popped out for some fresh air.”

Viva la Vida 

In which Liam is not a princess, but needs saving anyway; everyone is just a pawn in a dangerous game of politics and brutality he’s not sure anyone knows how to play; there’s more than one side to everything and maybe no right side to anything; and you can find and love and learn to live without people even after you’ve lost them. And instead of a princess that needs saving, there might be a boy who never needed anything, except maybe something worth dying for.(Or, Liam is the crown prince of England who gets kidnapped by rebels and finds out that the world is a big, ugly place full of beautiful, broken-up people who may never get a happily ever after, no matter how hard they try.)


“You’re cute when you’re scared.” Was the first thing to come out of Zayn’s mouth when he stopped in front of Liam.Liam’s eyes widen the tiniest bit as he looks at Zayn, his hands fist tightly into his jeans by his side, as he gulps. Zayn was attractive, it’s hard to deny that, but the way he acts and the personality he holds, makes him look ugly to Liam. Liam’s standing face to face with a killer, and he still doesn’t know what he’s done to wind up like this. Zayn lets out a small chuckle before shaking his head as a smirk appears on his face.“Now, lets have some fun.”

Finally Found You

Zayn and Liam were best friends, but soon enough life separates them each in his own path. Will they cross paths again? And if they do, will it be a crossroads or something more

You’re my Mush      

Prompt: “I was cleaning up and I found an old birthday card I gave to you years ago. Why did you keep it?“

Found An Angel

…and after that, he leaned in and kissed me. Just a peck on my lips and it lasted like 3 seconds, but boy I wished it was longer. It was like a dream come true. Zayn, the one I spend half my time checking out, and the other half thinking about him kissed me. The angel kissed me. Or: Liam is being bullied, and Zayn is trying his best to protect him.


Liam lost his eyesight when he was eight years old, growing up blind has always been a struggle for him. But when he’s done the same things over and over, he’s come to recognize and know his surroundings. When a new neighbor moves in across from him, he seems to suddenly become lost again.
Liam’s been blind since he’s eight, and he’s now twenty three. Zayn’s a painter who plays his music too loud, and always wears a collogne that sticks in the hallways. Liam has an imaginative mind, and Zayn has the brushes to paint it. They help each other out.

nothing can come between you and I 

… except for thirteen centimeters (at most).or the one where Zayn got accepted to go to a university away from Liam and the latter isn’t sure how to feel.


Zayn tired of being Liam’s mistress decided to face the problem once and for all, and surely get rid of the competition.


Zayn, a stray cat, had been living on the street for more than ten months. He stole food from houses to survive. One day, Zayn got attacked by a Golden Retriever, and was rescued by a kind human called Niall. However, the dog that bit Zayn was living in Niall’s house. His name was Liam.Also, Zayn could change into human form if he wanted to, so did Liam.

Love in the Dark

This is inspired by two things; Adele’s “Love in the Dark” and One Direction’s “Love you, Goodbye.” When I heard both of these songs basically back to back in the car one day I had a thought of Liam asking Zayn to stay. Zayn ends up staying just one more night. This is what came of that one shot idea.

The Last Alliance      

Zayn has not been sleeping well of late. And that mind of his is an odd place when deprived of sleep….

one that’s beautiful as you are sweet

zayn finally decides not to keep his secret from liam any longer.

The Way We Do 

Zayn and Liam play on rival football teams, and it’s hate at first sight, in Zayn’s case at least.

Perfect Standards (tw for rape)

Zayn Malik has been working as a stuntman for the last five years of his life. He coincidentally meets Liam Payne, the Hollywood superstar, on the film set they are working together. However, Liam always gives Zayn a cold shoulder with no clear reasons. Little does Zayn know that Liam is the kid he used to bully twelve years ago.

Welcome Home (Part 1)

This one is actually based on a few Prompts!!

onefish-twofish-redfish-goldfish asked:  “…Could you like, do one where its like the reader and Owen broke up in the past and then like, then either something happens with the raptor with her or like, she gets hurt or almost killed my the indominus and owen is like oh blah blah blah i can’t see you hurt im sorry blah blah blah…” 

And anons asked: “Hi! Maybe Owen had to leave behind the love of his life when he went to the navy. He never went back because he was guilty, or something. Then one day, Owen finds reader at the park. You can decide if she’s a guest, or if she’s visiting :)”


“Heyyy can you do one where reader and owen used to be a couple but broke it off due to whatever reason and the rest is up to you omgg thanksss”

A/n: Thanks for the awesome prompts guys! Love you all!

You can find all other chapters here:

Watching him drive away was the hardest thing you’d ever done. You loved him, there was no denying that. However, you both agreed that it would be too hard to maintain the relationship while he was overseas. You decided to take a break and, when he finally came home, you would get back together if it were still meant to be. The only problem was, he never actually came back home.

You had sent him a letter when his mom passed, and you didn’t really expect a reply, but were disheartened none the less when nothing came back. You never stopped loving him, though; never even went on another date. You knew your heart would always belong to him even if he never came back to your small town. After a while, you decided you didn’t want to know why he didn’t return or even where he ended up. You went on with your life; saving up enough money for college where you began studying animal behavior. When InGen approached you through the Jurassic World Park with a job opportunity, you thought you’d give it a try. You’d never worked with dinosaurs exactly, but how different could it be really?

On your first day, you find out that you have to be analyzed before being placed with a certain dinosaur. This involves visiting every exhibit and listening to its trainer talk about their dinosaurs before you ever step foot in a paddock.

The t-rex exhibit was first, (weeding out the weak ones, you guess) and four of the nine people decide that they definitely couldn’t do that. It’s not a big deal to you, you’re not really afraid of big things. Next is the aviary: scary, but still doable. The Apotosauraouses are your favorite so far. The gentle giants just called to you. One actually came right up to you, sniffing you, and allowed you to scratch her head. It was the single greatest accomplishment of your life.

However, as you approach the raptor exhibit, you suddenly wished the T-Rex had eaten you. You see him up there on the catwalk, calling out commands and you panic. It’s been years since you’ve seen him, and frankly, you didn’t think you ever would again. You pull your hair back into a ponytail and put on your official park trainer ball cap, slip on your sunglasses, and try everything in your power to just not look like yourself. All you have to do is get through this and you’ll never have to see him again (at least that’s what you tell yourself).

He walks over to the group with that goddamned smug look on his face that you could never get enough of. He looks the same, but different somehow. He looks harder, and sadder, and less… trusting. His eyes don’t shine like they used to, and he doesn’t seem to smile much anymore, at least not genuinely.

The way he talks about the raptors nearly takes your breath away. He loves them. You can see that, because that’s exactly the way he used to talk about you way back when. You can see by the way that they react to him that they love him too or at least respect him greatly. You remember all your old fantasies of seeing Owen raise a baby and replaced that image with baby velociraptors and you were sure he made a great father. He seems to be just about to finish up when he asks if anyone wants to volunteer to go up on the catwalk. Obviously everyone is too afraid to so he looks in your direction and your blood runs cold.

“How about you, ponytail?” he asked, “You too scared?”

You can feel your posture straighten as his challenge sinks in. You shake your head, not trusting your voice and go to walk up but he put his arm out to stop you.

“Hold up now, first they gotta know your name. It’s all about trust with them.” He gives you a smirk, turning on all his charm and you’d be lying if you said it didn’t hurt your heart a little.

“Well,” you say, trying to keep your voice calm (and slightly different than how you normally sound) “Just call me ponytail.”

You walk up to his spot on the catwalk and call their names like he had, and they come running. However, after a few moments you hear someone yell “PIG LOOSE!” and you feel the catwalk shake as a keeper runs by you. He bumps into you, knocking you into the railing and you lose your balance, falling over into the paddock.

Your first thought when you hit the ground is how bad your ass hurts, but you quickly look up into the eyes of four preening raptors. You hear Owen behind you in the safety cage trying to get the door open when you stand up.

“No, stay down!” he shouts, sounding panicked, “they’ll think you’re challenging them.  Just stay down.”

You ignore him, and for a split second you think that dying because of him might give you some sort of relief, but you press that feeling down quickly. Instead, you slowly take off your hat as you stand up and remove your glasses. You keep your body bent slightly, so they’re still towering above you, but you put your arms out.“C’mon now Blue, down girl. It’s okay.”

Owen finally gets in the cage and jumps in front of you, slowly pressing you backwards towards the door before you both jump through.

You sit on the floor laughing at the adrenaline pumping through your veins when Owen looks up at you. You remember you’re no longer wearing your disguise, but you feel no shame or embarrassment. He’s the one that deserves to be embarrassed. You puff your chest out slightly and stand up, brushing the dirt off your pants.

“Thanks. Thought you were just gonna leave me. You’ve always been pretty good at that.” You mood shifts as you say this coldly and begin to walk out of the cage.

Owen jumps up and grabs you by the arm, spinning you around to kiss you hard and you could swear you hear people cheering. His lips taste the same as they always did, but now they’re desperate and hungry. It feels like he’s pouring his soul into you and begging for forgiveness, but that just isn’t enough for you. You pull back, and look him in the eyes, actually unsure of what to say. You just shake your head, pretending there aren’t tears in your eyes as you turn and walk away.

You hear him behind you, “Y/n, I-“

But you cut him off. “Not now Owen.” You say, still shaking your head, “I juts can’t do this right now.”

Keep an eye out for part 2!

Happy Little Accident

Pairing: Cullen x Inquisitor, Cullen x Trevelyan, Cullen x Tessa

Rating: T (TW Pregnancy, Labor)

Fandom: Dragon Age

Summary: Tessa made a little mistake, and now she and Cullen happily look forward to the future together. (SUPER LONG THING AHEAD)

Tessa stared down at her last bottle of potion.

How could she have possibly made this mistake?

The way the potion worked was simple. Drink a dose every morning and no children would appear. Tessa knew how the potion affected the body and how it prevented pregnancy, but that wasn’t important at the moment.

What was bloody important was the fact that she was due to get a new set of potions for this month and she had one left in one of her previous sets.

She had just enough for every day of the previous month, but there was one left among all of the empty bottles.

Which means she missed a day.

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anonymous asked:

Isn't the difference though that Asriel/Flowey pretend to want to destroy the world, but Chara actually does it?

… ? Asriel does want to destroy the world. Like, really actually. The world is unraveling around us as we fight him. ‘The whole world is ending.’ That he’s trying to reset the world rather than end it is mostly semantics, and in any case that’s actually a change from his plan. 

‘I don’t even want to destroy the world anymore. Now I just want to reset everything.’ He … Never actually told us he wanted to destroy the world before. He only says now, to inform us that he DID want to, but now he just wants to reset them. He if never told us he wanted t destroy the world then how is he trying to give off that impression without actually wanting it? How is that pretending? 

Then, if you want to get him to stop with this you need to pull off some sailor moon stuff and awaken the love of the people trapped inside Asriel’s dead heart to convince him to stop.

The main difference between Chara and Asriel is who stands in their way, and who is more effective.

anonymous asked:


12. things you said when you thought i was asleep

“I wish you would stop having these fucking fits, of trying to save the world.” Levi murmured, his voice silking over the sack-cloth blankets and Erwin’s still, sleeping shoulders - rising and falling deeply. It struck Levi how seldom he saw Erwin properly sleep, he was always simply resting, or having a light doze that to see him properly knocked out in bed made him want to shake him, to see if he was dead. 

“And even though -” Levi’s rough voice continued, his whitened fingers pressing against the blankets. “Even though you never listen to me, you damn oaf, even if you just keep my words inside your pocket to listen to just because it’s my damn voice - I wish I could tell you that your fucking life is more important than Titans, or the Walls. Commander Smith is replacable, Erwin, but you’re fucking not.”

Erwin’s eyes slowly open, but his back still moves deeply - sleep did not come easy, and it looked like tonight, it would never come for him. He slid his eyes shut, and listened to Levi’s angry voice - it was not often the man spoke for so long uninterrupted, it was like hearing a mother talk about her own needs. Sing me to sleep with your harsh words, Erwin thinks. 

“And you think it’s just me?” Levi laughs into the dark air. “Hange cried over you - the day we heard you returned from Sina, beaten up and kicked around the King’s court, tortured and mocked, and fucking hit around by the pussies at the Capital when you’re the only reason they’re alive. She cried over you, Erwin. And Eren, he’s just a shitty kid but he and the blonde rag talk about you all the time - how much they adore you, how much they love you, how much you’re their fucking idol. And Mike considered you his best friend in the whole fucking world, and he would not say a single word except that he’d watch every night sometimes to see if you’re working. Petra and Aururo, they’re dead I know, but you know who they idol-worshipped more than me? You, you shit head. Aururo would have killed to have you look at him, and when you handed Petra her fucking gear that day, she almost wet herself. And this all makes me sick.”

Levi’s face screwed up and his eyes widened. He could only ever speak so long and so fitfully at night, when there was nobody to hear. Erwin wonders quietly, if he says things like this every night. He is glad he doesnt hear it too often - he would die. 

“It makes me sick - that everyone loves you, adores you, and they don’t even know you. They don’t know how you like those shitty pickled eggplants in your rice, or that you always cheat when you play chess. They don’t know, Eren and Armin, they don’t know how you snore loud enough that I slept in the bathroom one night. Those fucking idiots that love you don’t know how you cried over that time I kissed you after the expedition, they don’t fucking know how you like your toothbrush to be blue to match the toothpaste, they don’t know - anything.”

“It makes me think -” Levi finishes, his voice ragged, and his eyes closing. “It makes me think of how much they would have fucking loved you if they knew all this. How… how much more irreplacable you’d have been.”

Erwin stays awake until morning.

A thing about Nico DiAngelo

Alright, so I know this might have people really coming after me on this, but this is something that’s been bugging me literally since late October (I’ve been trying to find a proper way to phrase all of it). 

So, it starts with a certain opinion of Cassie Jay Tuck’s. 

Now, for one, I understand everyone has the right to their opinion. This isn’t me trying to say that she has to change her opinion in the slightest. Heck, I doubt she’d see this. This is, however, me calmly expressing my dissenting opinion. While you have a right to your opinion, you also have a right to disagree with and even be offended by someone else’s opinion. The important thing is in how you express it. Which is what I’m here to do. 

The opinion in question that’s caused quite a bit of a stir for me is how Cassie expressed how she felt about Nico DiAngelo’s reveal in House of Hades about his crush on Percy. 

Now, this is going to be a bit wordy (I’m a woman of many words), so I’m putting this under a Read More tag.

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Curse of Curves

Hey I saw you’re prompts open post and I was thinking of something a long the lines of chubby-but-fit!reader and Owen really likes her but she don’t need no man until some shit goes down w the dinos and he gets rescued by her and she kisses him okay bless your soul I hope you like the idea 💗💗💗😌😌😌

A/n: The entire time I wrote this I was singing “Curse of curves” by Cute Is What We Aim For.

“I’ve got the gift of one liners, and you’ve got the curse of curves” Yup, that sounds like Owen x reader to me! Also, I’ve had this claw mark idea in my head since I first saw the movie and have been dying to use it in a story! Anyway, I hope you enjoy!!

You get out of the shower and dry off before getting dressed.  You peruse the pictures on his dresser and smile when you think how lucky you are to be friends with Owen, especially in times like this. The hot water in the employee housing goes out more often than you would like and Owen always lets you borrow his shower when you need it. He doesn’t smile in most of his pictures, except one with a young girl about 12 and one with you.

You smile at a picture of the two of you where he had thrown you over his shoulder and Barry snapped a pic of you screaming to be put down while Owen just laughed. You scrunch your nose up at the memory remembering how uncomfortable it made you feel. It’s not like you’re out of shape. You’re fit and very cute (if you do say so yourself), it’s just that you’re built differently than most of the girls you see around the island; a little more chubby with more curves. So when Owen picked you up, you worried about your weight being too much for him, but of course, Owen noticed no such thing. He carried you like you weighed nothing and he never treated you any different because of the way you look; that’s just the kind of guy Owen is.

You wring out your hair with the towel and head out to find him, but you hear someone on the front porch. You walk up to the screen door to see Claire Dearing talking to him about some new dinosaur. When she says she needs to consult with him, he gets that flirty look in his eyes.

“Do you want to consult here, or in my bungalow?” He asks and you feel jealousy bubble up in your chest. It’s not like you and Owen are together so you have no right to feel that way, but you still feel protective of him and Claire is definitely not the right girl for him. She looks at him, obviously not amused.

“That’s not funny.” It’s like everything she says sounds snooty, but she’s not a bad person; she can be very likable when she wants to be. You push open the door and begin to talk.

“Besides, this bungalow is already occupied.” Both you and Owen wait for Claire’s reaction and neither of you are disappointed.

“Oh.” She says, eyebrows shooting up, “I didn’t realize you had company.” You laugh and Owen doesn’t clarify why you’re there, so you don’t either.”

“It’s no problem,” you say as you walk towards her, “and Owen would love to give the paddock a look, wouldn’t you.” You look at him pointedly, as you have heard rumors about the dinosaur and how dangerous it is. It would be nice to have someone that you actually trust to assure you that it’s safe.

He laughs and agrees before going inside to put on a new shirt. You look to Claire and she asks you, “So are you two together?” You want to say yes just to screw with her, but you shake your head and laugh.

“No, Why?” You ask, smirking, “Do you wanna hit that?”

She looks appalled at the suggestion and explains. “Oh my god, no! We  actually went on a date once and he showed up in board shorts! Who does that?” She sounds horrified about it and you can’t help but laugh along. He’s never been known for his class.

“Seriously?” You ask, and she nods.

“Yup. Suffice to say there was not a second date.” Seeing Claire joke and smile makes her seem a much more approachable person and you make mental a note to try to get to know her better. When Owen reappears you all head towards her vehicle and you look to Owen.

“Hey, nice shorts.” You say sarcastically, and Claire lets out a giggle. He doesn’t ask but just shakes his head as if he doesn’t want to know what gossip the two of you shared.

When you get to the paddock, you just hang next to the security desk as Claire explains things to Owen. He doesn’t seem happy, but suddenly there’s a problem. The thermal sensors aren’t picking up any indication of the creature and Owen notices the wall marks that can only mean one thing. The Indominous escaped.

Claire runs to her car in a panic to head towards the control room and track her as Owen heads down into the cage. You, however, stay in the viewing room. You have a bad feeling in your stomach as you stare at the scratches on the wall. Something’s off about them. You move closer to the glass and examine them for a few moments when you realize what it is. Your eyes go wide and you run over to the computer and look at the 3D rendering of the dinosaur. Its front claws are longer and sharper than the ones on its feet, but the claw marks on the wall are all the same size. If it tried to scale the wall, there would be marks from both sets of claws.

You grab the intercom and shout. “She’s in there! Get out right now!” Owen looks up towards the room for a split second and then shoves the guard towards the door. He puts in the code to open the door as the trees shake and she steps out into the open. The men hurry to get out as she charges at them and just as she reaches it, the door locks into place. She throws herself into the metal, but it doesn’t budge.

Owen runs back up to you with the two other men in tow and when he opens the door, he stares at you breathlessly.

“How did you know?”

The security guard runs up to the computers and presses a few buttons that show that it’s thermal signature is being picked up again and he says, “How in the hell did she hide from this?” But you ignore that, looking to Owen to answer his question. You point at the dinosaur next to the claw marks on the wall.

“Look at her claws. Her front claws are different than the ones on her feet. If she had climbed out of the cage, there would be two types of marks.”

You gasp at your own realization. When you first identified it, you didn’t ask yourself why they were there in the first place.

Owen walks towards the glass to watch the dinosaur run back into the trees and you go to stand beside him. “So what you’re trying to say is she made those marks on purpose to lure us in there?” He looks down at you and you nod softly. How would she know to do that? What is this thing made of?

When you get in touch with Claire she is relieved to hear everything went well and you head back to Owen’s place to get your things. When you get inside the house and head to his room, he follows you and leans against the door frame, arms crossed.

“I didn’t say thank you.” He looks concerned when you turn to look at him and see him glaring at the floor.

“Hmm? Thank you for what?” You assume it’s the highly intelligent dinosaur that has him looking like that but he goes on.

“For saving my life.” He looks up at you, his eyes turning surprisingly kind. “You’re brilliant, and if you hadn’t been there, I might be dead. So thanks.”

You laugh at him and turn to finish packing your stuff. “Well, you let me use your shower so we can call it even.” He doesn’t respond, but he comes to stand right beside you and looks down at you.

“Hmm, not quite even, I think,” He says and puts a hand on your waist, looking down at you with his flirty smile. It’s not like you never imagined kissing Owen, but you never thought it would actually happen until he leans into you, capturing your lips. His hand moves to you cheek and you have to admit, Owen really is a great kisser. He pulls back much too soon and smiles at you. “There, much better.”

You laugh slightly at this, and Owen still hasn’t moved his hand from your waist. His smile makes your heart flutter and you can’t stop looking at his lips, wanting more.

“Well,” You start trying your best to look flirty. “I’m not so sure about that. I mean saving your life was a big deal. Surely you can thank me better than that.” You smirk up at him, knowing Owen would never pass up a challenge like that. He makes it very clear just how thankful he is and you think that you will have to save his life more often if this is the reward.

 Thanks for Reading!!

Title: Two Little Lines

Paring: Dean/Reader

Word Count:923

A/N: I’m starting a new series and I plan on having at least three if not four parts in total. Im really excited about this story and where it will lead. I’m taking a break on the Cain Story… I just fell in love with this story line and the Dean girl inside me wouldn’t shut up until i wrote something. I hope you guys enjoy it. As always, let me know what you think. Love you guys! 

You sat on the cool tile floor, your head in your hands as you tried to take deep even breaths. It was quiet in the bunker, and you tried to focus on anything but the silence surrounding you. Two minutes. You closed your eyes and counted the drips leaking from the bathroom sink 11…. 12…. 13…. 14 you stopped to look at the timer on your phone. One minute. Pulling your legs to your chest you let out a shaky breath. You went back to counting…. 20…21…22. The familiar sound of your timer going off told you that your two minutes were up. There was a good chance that your life was never going to be the same again. You inhaled deeply, taking a minute to calm yourself before you picked up the offending piece of plastic. You felt the tears forming in the corners of your eyes and you could find it in you to hold them back. Two lines. Pregnant. 

Your hands found their way to your stomach. Even though you weren’t showing yet, simply knowing there was a little person inside you gave you Goosebumps. The corner of your mouth turned up on a small smile and you found yourself happy. You had always wanted a baby. Always wanted a family and a home, but living the life of a hunter never gave you that opportunity. That train of thought came screeching to a halt and you suddenly heard Deans voice in your head. The hunting life was not a place to raise a child. Dean didn’t open up about much, but it was clear that part of him hated his father for raising him and Sam in the life. Always being on the road, never staying in one place for more than a couple of months. You thought about how Dean would react to being a father. He would try to do what was right. He would try to settle down and stop hunting, but that’s not him, it never would be. He would eventually get the itch and would leave to save the world once again, not being able to resist the warrior blood that ran through his veins. It would tear him apart, having to choose between the two lives, and you didn’t think you could watch the man you love turn into someone he hated. You wouldn’t do that to him.

Within an hour, your car was loaded down with what little you owned. You stopped on your way out, looking into the cozy interior of the bunker, and fought the urge to unpack and abandon the entire plan. You shook your head, throwing the idea out the window before it could take root. You were doing the right thing. It was hard, but you had already made up your mind. You turned around and gripped the knob in your hand, taking a moment to memorize the shape and the way the metal felt under  your fingers as they moved across its smooth surface. Taking a steadying breath, you closed the door behind you. And you didn’t look back.


“Y/N!” Dean called out as he stepped into the bunker. The supply run had only taken a few hours, but it had felt like years since he had seen you. He was looking forward to wrapping you up in his arms and not letting go until he absolutely had to. Not hearing a response, he moved further into the library, then the kitchen, only stopping to place the bags from the grocery store on the counter. He would come back later to put them away, but finding you was the first item on his list. “(Y/N)? Where are you babe? Listen, I picked up some Nutella and Sour Patch Kids while I was out.” Moving through the hallways, occasionally poking his head in a random room in case you were in there, he made his way to the bedroom that the two of you shared. “I know that you have had a sweet tooth lately so I bought some chocolate bars too….” His voice trailed off when he arrived at the room, only to find it oddly empty. The small amount of things that you had were gone, including the photo of you and your dad that had always been on top of the dresser. Dean felt like his heart shattered in his chest. That picture was your most treasured possession, and he knew for a fact that you wouldn’t go anywhere without it. He didn’t have to look in the closet and drawers for your clothes because he knew that they wouldn’t be there. He sat down on the edge of the bed, placing his hands on the mattress to steady himself. The sound of paper being crinkled brought his attention to his left hand, which now held a small note in it.

“Dean? Did you find her? Because I really want to show her…” Sam came to a standstill outside of the door, pausing to take in the sight of his older brother. Dean looked lost inside himself. “Dean?” Standing, Dean made his way towards the door, head hung low, coming to a stop in front of his brother. He didn’t look him in the eye. Dean simply held out his hand and waited for Sam to take the note.

“She’s gone Sammy.” Confused Sam glanced down at the piece of paper in his hand as Dean silently pushed past him and left the room. He read two words. I’m sorry.

It’s a Wonderful Life canonverse (sort of) au
Cas is Clarence, Dean is George Bailey.

Castiel has waited more than 200 years to get his wings.

But now, now might be his time. As he watches snippets of Dean Winchester’s life, he gets more hopeful that this is his big break.

Dean Winchester’s had a hard life, but he’s a good man.

When he was 4 years old, he pulled his brother out of their burning house. Their mother died in the fire.

When he was 12, a ghost tried to drop his brother from the 10-story balcony of their motel, and Dean caught him just in time and pulled him back up to safety. Then he killed the ghost.

“He has saved his brother’s life 24 and a half times,” Joseph says to Castiel while they watch Dean fight off a vampire.

The scene changes to a 15-year-old Dean stopping his father from shooting a crying mother in the middle of a busy street. Dean takes his father to safety and hides him from the police and tells him he was wrong about the mother, she wasn’t a monster, he needs to be more careful or else he’ll end up in jail. His father clings to him and cries.

The clips continue almost endlessly, Dean always saving somebody or killing something evil until finally time jumps and there’s a clip of a man in his late 20s.

“I want you to take a good look at that face,” Joseph says as he pauses the clip.

“Is that Dean Winchester? Grown up?”

“Yes, it is.”

“It’s a good face. I like it. I like Dean Winchester.”

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Subhan'Allah My heart can not handle it anymore 
Shame on the world, Shame on the one who see this scene and never feel anything inside of his heart. Where is your humanity? Look his little body how he is trying to keep it and he is afraid. He is even an angel and a baby in the eyes of his father and mother. Imagine ur kids would have the same situation. What kind of this world and this people ! I can not find the words. Ya Allah Anta al Kahhar ! Help the Muslims in the world. Because we only have You ya Rab !