and how he let's his characters suffer

A sad, but real view of Reiner and Bertolt relationship

I always said I don’t care who you put Bertolt with: ships and friends are always welcome to me as long as Bertolt gets the love he deserves. This helped me realizing what is the real thing between him and Reiner.
I’m really sorry to say so, but Bertolt didn’t get any love from his friend. I agree with the theory that Reiner has strong feelings for him, maybe even romantic (as hinted many times after the herring dialogue with Ymir), but he was never able to show them. You may think he didn’t because he was aware of his feelings to be one-way, since he pointed out more than once that Bertolt has a crush on Annie (and I believe this is true), but it’s sadly not because of that.
It’s because Reiner is a coward, and probably loves himself more than anyone, even Bertolt. Since we could get some development for his character, we started noticing how much this guy does his best to keep himself away from sufference. He even built up another personality for this purpose. Ymir’s words in the forest were clear: he developed mental problems because he was not able to cope with his guilt, not because he was born that way. No sickness involved.
So yeah, he is indeed the weakest of the duo, yet the only one who felt a total failure until the end was Bertolt. And this is not what I call love: it’s what I call being selfish. Reiner let him go thinking he was a coward with no will, as he has always made him feel. He has always been cold with the most precious thing he had (after himself). If he really cared about Bertolt more than about himself and his pride he would have never recommended him to be careful like this:

It’s as clear as the water that he is using cold tones to make sure Bertolt to do his best to survive, but these could be his last words to him (and they will be) so why being an asshole until the very end?
Because Reiner is too scared to ever show his feelings. He is too scared to suffer, so he rather make the ones he loves to suffer instead. He is too afraid to use his love as a weapon to give courage to his friend. He rather uses Annie, once again, who’s not even there and whose they’re not even sure is still alive:

But this was just the last proof of his selfish behaviour. During their time as trainees, Reiner deluded himself multiple times in the soldier play, believing to be a normal recruit like the others. He even had a crush on the girl everybody like, so just like a regular cadet. He has been seeking for normality all the time, forgetting his only friend, who was probably like the Devil to him. Bertolt was the one who used to bring him back to reality, that one reality Reiner was escaping. It was in those moments that Bertolt proved himself to be reliable, something that Reiner was probably too busy to see.

And now… now it’s a little too late to go back:

It’s not the Walls, Reiner: it’s you. Ymir wrote that letter because she knew she wouldn’t have seen Historia again. She accepted the idea to die (and I honestly hope she died in the end, since I have enough of fake final speeches) because she had no regrets or remorses. She told Historia what she wanted to tell her, because she learned and was able to admit to herself that you can’t live for yourself, even if you get a second chance. And you’re not going to have it anyway, Reiner, because Bertolt won’t never come back to hear what you were never had the guts to tell him (I’m not talking in a strictly romantic way, I’m talking about feelings in general).

I honestly hope we are going to see Reiner figuring out how much selfish he was, because if he really cared for Bertolt more than himself he must let his fears go and clearly tell us what his regrets are. He must speak to us, which is not what he did with Bertolt. A quick, single page showing a flashback of him and Bertolt standing on the Walls is not enough: I want to hear his rage towards himself, I want him to prove me wrong, or his character will be totally fucked up.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Next to Normal is a modern masterpiece. The heart wrenching show is truly one of the best of its age. It is one of the most moving and interesting musicals anyone could watch. It’s modern and honest take on mental illness and how it affects a family is SO IMPORTANT, not to mention the music is extremely likable. Alice Ripley’s performance in this show is absolutely breath taking. The way you can hear the pain in her voice can bring me to my knees in prayer. Her character demonstrates what it means to suffer from severe mental illness that you feel you cannot get away from. Aaron Tveit as Gabe Goodman is one of the best things on this planet. His voice is completely orgasmic. The way he lets his character play with your mind so that you’re almost rooting for him is completely genius and its a sheer demonstration of his endless talent. Also Jennifer Damiano is so beautiful and talented. Her character is so smart and is a perfect demonstration of what it can feel like to live in a dysfunctional family. Next to Normal is truly everything and needs to be cherished like the beautiful musical it is. 

fartsanddies  asked:

Not sure if you're still doing the requests so I'll just say please consider drawing more of my pure and innocent son Spider-man cause Tom Holland literally was created for this role and I love him so much so after I saw the movie I was suffering bc there's just not enough fanarts and then YOUR ART HAPPENED and it saved me cause it's amazing how well you captured his character. So just letting you know I love you for that <3

this was so sweet omg thank you! i agree i love him he is adorable and so good for the role

“Don’t forget, we are in LOVE

-Jumin’s bed Bad Ending 2

While some people tends to forget that this ending existed because MC was provoking and encouraging his possesive behavior and literally wanted to be locked up and explicitly told him that don’t ever let her escape even if she wanted to;; but keep blaming jumin for everything when he is also suffering. He was unable to be free from his twisted mind (tangled thread) which is very suffocating and the saddest part is he won’t be able to feel how TRUE LOVE is; his entire life. Poor juju TT_TT

p.s. I don’t particurally like this ending because of the implication behind it but damn the cg was so good I get to see jumin’s smirking which is enough for me to die

Thanks again to the lovely @merwild for this beautiful portrait of yet another of my wardens.  I can’t quite get over how pretty he came out.  I mean, he’s supposed to be pretty but DAMN.  His hair looks so soft and the expression on his face is perfect.  :)  

I seem to be incapable of creating a character without giving them siblings and other assorted family members.  So have one Warden Illya Tabris, slightly older brother to my previous Warden Commander Nikita Tabris

 He is a Dual-Wielding Warrior/ Champion/ Berserker who has the distinction of being my only warden yet to slaughter his way out of Howe’s estate and avoid going to Fort Drakon.  Under no circumstances was he going to let his baby sister suffer the consequences of Vaughn’s actions alone.  (”You’re barely a year older than me!” “Still means you’re the baby of the family sis.”) 

As for romance, once he was certain Alistair wasn’t going to hurt his sister, he gently and persistently wooed Zevran.  They’re almost as sappily sweet a couple as Kit and Alistair and neither of them particularly care.

Kuroshitsuji Chapter 129 Analysis: Gaging the Morality and Possible Lack of Self of R!Ciel

Now that we’ve got the twins, many recent posts within the Kuro fandom have debated whether or not R!Ciel can be classified as the “evil twin,” following the event of Agni’s death and in comparison with O!Ciel.  While it is possible to generalize him as such and it is most likely that he was one of the two killers that had attempted to murder Soma and killed Agni, it also opens up a lot of questions in how we might interpret his behavior and why he is the way he is. 

For now, let us start with the most recent chapter and the true introduction to
R!Ciel’s character.  As O!Ciel and Sebastian enter the manor, we find that R!Ciel is already inside and has already interacted with the other servants: Finnie, Meyrin, and Baldroy.  He greets his brother calmly, and even shows concern regarding O!Ciel possibly suffering from his illness as a result of being out in the rain knowing the latter’s weak constitution.  He also tells O!Ciel that, “There is no need to worry anymore.  I will never leave your side again."    

Based on this, if we don’t assume he’s faking, we can interpret that he truly does care for O!Ciel, his brother.  There’s no telling how much he knows as of yet in regards to what Ciel has been doing over the past three years, but he’s not surprised and doesn’t seem to care if he does know that O!Ciel has been posing as him.  He’s acting almost as if everything is perfectly normal.

So what constitutes as ‘normal’ for R!Ciel?  First off, the obvious: He loves his brother.  If we reflect on R!Ciel’s appearances throughout the manga prior to his reveal in this chapter, O!Ciel has always depicted him as this protective, comforting figure that he was always able to turn to.  During the Green Witch Arc when he was suffering and basically trapped within the confines of his own mind, it was his twin–out of all people–that he envisioned being there to console him beyond the guilt O!Ciel carries as a result of the other being sacrificed.  Now, while we can’t fully trust those flashbacks due to the possibility of O!Ciel placing his brother in high regard as a result of familial love and as a result of his fragile state of mind, Chapter 129 would also support that R!Ciel is more of the protecting, loving sort where it concerns O!Ciel.     

Now, stepping into the Phantomhive manor, R!Ciel shouldn’t have had any idea who Meyrin, Finnie, and Baldroy were as only Tanaka was among the original staff before the attack on the Phantomhives.  However, based on the fact that the three had no idea about the case of their being twins until the very end of the chapter, R!Ciel just accepted the fact that they were there and already knew who he was.  If he knew about O!Ciel posing as him, that just makes it worse, because then that means he purposefully led them to believe he was O!Ciel instead of explaining things to them before O!Ciel’s arrival to the manor.  Why is this important?  Because he’s the aristocrat: They’re the servants.  As Tanaka had said during Book of Murder, "The head of the Phantomhive household should not be shaken by something as trivial as the death of a servant.  I never once saw the master lose his composure due to such trifles."  Now, we’re talking about a human life here.  Being called "trivial” and “a trifle."  On top of that, they’re servants of a dangerous family–always left at the risk of getting killed and being replaced.  This is how R!Ciel views Finnie, Meyrin, and Baldroy: Another trio of replacements for their last batch of servants.  Their presence is just something he accepts as a grim result of the attack.  This shuffle is normal to him.

Take that note to how the Victorian society placed a strong focus on social class, and it gets worse.  Even well into the Edwardian period following the Victorians, your class dictated your education, your social behavior, the places you were to go, the people you were to spend time with, and everything in-between.  For example, on the Titanic, its maiden voyage was celebrated by allowing 2nd class passengers to get a taste of the luxury of 1st class passengers by allowing them within certain areas of the ship for a short while that would normally have been excluded to them.  3rd class passengers were not allowed in these areas and the differences between the three of them were striking.  There was an African-American family on board that, while having enough money to purchase a 1st class room, was only allowed to purchase a 2nd class room because of their heritage–which leads me to my second point of what I’m about to say later.  Victorians, as a result of international colonization, also strictly differentiated each other by culture and heritage: They actually tried to come up with studies that dictated how human a human being was based on where they came from.  The elites of this era always tended to try to dehumanize others globally and among their own society.  They were elitists. 

R!Ciel shows strong hints of following that elitist mindset–in part, because he’s a Phantomhive and then also because he’s an aristocrat.  It’s strongly hinted that he views himself as being better, or more human, than the Phantomhive servants–as well as with Soma and Agni due to their being from India.  That’s why, if that’s him from the previous chapter (which it’s a guarantee, I just don’t want to call it that since we didn’t actually see a face) he says to Soma, "Don’t you presume to touch me.”  Soma may be a prince, Soma might’ve been living at the townhouse, but Soma's a stranger and is Indian to R!Ciel, and the latter doesn’t view him as an equal.  He doesn’t seem to be affected and even smiles when he’s called out as an imposter, but he glares at Finnie when Finnie speaks up.  Because Finnie is a servant, who in his mind shouldn’t have a place to voice himself: He just works there and should know his place. 

O!Ciel is a brat, but even so he treats the servants more like his family.  He tries to help Soma and protected Agni’s identity when he could’ve just thrown him to the Yard.  He spares Sullivan instead of killing her and trusts her enough to be his ally while helping her in London–all while making sure the Queen doesn’t get that deadly gas she has the ability to create despite it giving him more work and leaving him to be forced to rely on her faith and good nature.  He let Snake into his house, just the other servants, despite the attempt on his life and the possibility of Snake finding out the truth–because then Snake would really have to die.  He could’ve had Sebastian kill Doll right as soon as she showed up, but he didn’t give the order until she attacked.  He’s an Evil Noblemen and will sacrifice innocent people, but more often than not he does what he can to avoid it and he doesn’t judge others solely by their origins.  The only time he’s ever really killed someone for the sake of destruction was when he killed the children in Book of Circus–and I personally largely blame that on PTSD rather than an actual judgment call of "yeah, they couldn’t be saved" made with complete sanity because he wasn’t in his right mind at that moment and he himself is a living example of moving forward beyond tragedy, whether he believes it or not.   

“We’re strangers, so of course we’re different.  What is there to be ashamed of?  In any case, I’m free to choose my companions.” –Ciel to Snake, in Chapter 52

R!Ciel though… He might take to the title of an Evil Noble far more than his brother.  He doesn’t have to force people away, because it doesn’t seem like he cares for them anyway.  He cares for O!Ciel because their aristocrats and their family.  If we take it that R!Ciel was also the one who said “I don’t need any fake brothers,” in the chapter Yana Toboso created in the second fan doujinshi, we can also assume that he likely even views other aristocrats as being less than him–highly possible considering the Phantomhive family’s strong ties to the Queen and the amount of betrayal among the elites. (Who could you trust?)

This elitist mindset, this idea of “I must look after my brother,” and the numbness to the deaths of others and the willingness to kill should be perfectly normal for a member of a family of Evil Nobles.  It fits well with R!Ciel’s character, because this is what he probably grew up being taught to believe and act upon.  “I'm likely going to take up the work of a dangerous family that is involved in horrible things. Tragedy is going to happen both ways: Better get used to it."   He also fits well for the mantra of advice that the Undertaker claims to have been telling each generation of Phantomhives:

 "Even though I told him to hold each and every soul dear.  Because you hold great power you gradually fail to understand the importance of things that cannot be recovered.  You will realize that once it’s too late.  How many times have I told you and others the same warning?” –Undertaker, Chapter 35      

The problem is, R!Ciel clearly has not learned that lesson yet. Granted, Undertaker is a hypocrite, but he basically is saying to cherish life.  R!Ciel shows no signs of doing that beyond a select few.  And that’s jarring for multiple reasons: One because it reflects on the kind of person he was prior to his being sacrificed, and two because it can also reflect on the fact that he isn’t human anymore.  What would he care about the precious fragility of life if either A.) He doesn’t even have a soul to guide him and is truly just another puppet like all of the other Bizarre Dolls, or B.) Undertaker did by some miracle manage to save his soul, but he was revived anyway so what could it matter?  He’s alive and so is O!Ciel.  I prefer A, however, because B would allude to him not caring for his parent’s deaths either. 

Going off all of that… Let's get back to talking about how R!Ciel greets O!Ciel.  There’s no talk of the tragedy or of their loss.  There’s no warm, cherishing reunion of “I’m alive!  I’m alive and I’m here for you: I’m so glad you’re alive!  Demon, get the heck out before I shoot a harpoon through your face: You’re not touching the little cinnabon muffin that is my twin!"  Instead, it’s just, "Oh, your back!  Welcome home!  You shouldn’t be the rain,” as if nothing that they went through happened.  A normal person does not act this way.  There should be emotion.  There should be an acknowledgment of what happened.  There isn’t.  R!Ciel treats the situation as business as usual.

This hints very well to the fact that R!Ciel isn’t human anymore and likely doesn’t have a soul.  He’s more like Agares, and is just another mindless doll under Undertaker’s command.  You can’t fake humanity.  You can try to recreate a person, but once they’re gone, that’s it.  Even if you cloned them perfectly, or saved the body, with a copy of their memories, it’s just as Undertaker said: There’s only one immortal soul.  One of them in the entire world.  Without it, everything else is just parts of a machine.  R!Ciel, this doll, remembers how it used to be before his death, and clings to that: It doesn’t have the power to learn and change its morals beyond that.  (And I’m calling R!Ciel an 'it’ now because of the high chances that 'it’ is no longer a person.)  Really, it probably doesn’t have any true essence of freewill.  If there’s any actions done on its own accord, it’s because it knows was the true R!Ciel would do and acts on that, or else what Undertaker–and maybe even O!Ciel–would want for it to do. 

I’m going to bring up the anime just for the sake of comparison: Drocell/Drossel Keinz.  Drocell was the anime equivalent of the Bizarre Dolls before they showed up.  The difference was though was that he didn’t need to directly be fed commands as the others need.  Both of the Bizarre Dolls on the Campania and at Weston, while gradually being advanced, had to be basically kept on a leash whenever Undertaker didn’t want them to go after a soul.  They knew some part of them was missing.  The first batch were like mindless beasts.  The second batch could talk so long as Undertaker fed them them right words, or they repeated words that their former selves would say and still attacked without otherwise being restrained.  This time, however, R!Ciel is likely a doll like Drocell, convinced that it’s human and it’s alive.  That it has a soul.    

“To think all this time I thought I was human.” –Drocell, Kuroshitsuji anime

Unless Undertaker actually thinks he’s giving O!Ciel more than just a walking, empty corpse, unless he’s lost his sanity that badly due to his pain, returning R!Ciel like this… I can barely even begin to imagine how tortured and torn a person–O!Ciel–would be over that.  That a doll, a figment of someone you once cherished, could look and act exactly like the person you lost without ever being more than a husk.  Seeing that, knowing that it’s a problem, and being faced with a sudden choice: “Do I accept this even though this isn’t real or do I kill this lookalike? Do I destroy the one essence left of someone I cared about, or do I let this continue for my emotional benefit?"  People grieve after a loss and then they move on.  They heal.  Bringing R!Ciel back like this does not allow that for O!Ciel, Lizzie, or Undertaker. I don’t know what is going through Undertaker’s head right now, but this is the beginning of a downhill spiral of pain and misery…                        

Aang, Katara, Zuko, and Loss

So, after thinking about it, aside from the the main storyline, the one theme that has the most interconnections for the narrative three is loss.

Zulo loses Lu Ten, his mom, his father’s love, and temporarily Iroh.

Katara loses her mom and then almost loses Aang and Zuko.

Aang loses Gyatso and his entire culture, temporarily loses Appa.and then has to deal with whether or not he can lose/let go of Katara. 

All three of these loss arcs are extremely interconnected and cause the main three to interact all through the story. 

Aang is affected by the Air Nomad Genocide, and Katara by the attempted genocide of the southern waterbenders. And, because Zuko bears the burden of his forefather’s legacy, he is indirectly connected through these tragedies–only he’s on the other side, not knowing how those around him must feel. 

Then Zuko’s mother leaves and Zuko gets banished, and this changes the whole dynamic between these three characters as Zuko’s banishment and suffering eventually leads to Zuko being able to emphasize with the people around him, which ties into his redemption arc and everything. 

But, until that point, we see how everyone interacts through their loss, and how their loss affects them whether it’s Aang mourning Gyatso, Zuko sending three years on a quest to regain his father’s love, or Katara connecting with Aang and Zuko because of loss. 

This is why loss is such a powerful theme in Avatar: serving not only to bring together the main three and giving them backstory, but also causing them to clash, interact, reconcile, and ultimately come together to bring balance to a war torn world. 

Inuyasha could be used as a teaching tool. 

I know, I know. It sounds like the weirdest statement ever, but consider this: psychology courses. Like most forms of television and media, Inuyasha is practically dripping with examples of psychological issues; but is also a story about overcoming them and not letting them define you for the rest of your life. Because you are more than just your disorder. Let me say it again. 

You are so much more than your disorder.

And so are all of these characters in Inuyasha. 

The most glaringly obvious character to me is Inuyasha.

Inuyasha himself suffers from an inferiority complex. Granted, it is developed in him through years of emotional and probably physical abuse by his peers. By his peers. Are you guys catching that? Peers. Because abuse doesn’t just come from your family; your friends, your classmates…they are all capable of it and no matter what you tell yourself they still hurt. Inuyasha is an example of that; he shows how long those vicious statements that probably mean nothing to them stick with the one they are hurled at. 

Think about how much it must have taken him to simply sit next to Kikyou: a being that was raised from birth to kill his kind. Inuyasha had probably encountered mikos before. He knew the danger they posed, but he decided to trust her. After all of the things he had suffered in his life, he decided to half-way open himself up to her. I say half-way because, well, from what little we saw, they didn’t seem to have the same understanding of one another that we see Kagome and Inuyasha have. At that point in his life, I don’t think Inuyasha was ready to talk about the things that had happened to him…and he likely was afraid that Kikyou would agree with the people who had hurt him. 

Then Naraku’s scheme happens. Can you imagine the pain Inuyasha must have felt? Here was this woman that he had opened himself up to–for the first time since a child–looking at him with such hatred, such anger, and attempting to kill him. It was the ultimate betrayal. When she pinned him to the tree, instead of killing him, his last thoughts aside from why were probably ‘they were right.’ 

And then, and then, fifty years later: Kagome happens and he’s free. But all he sees at first is the woman who hurt him and the woman he longs to hurt in return. This changes fairly quickly. He stops seeing Kikyou and starts seeing Ka-go-me, but he still unwilling to open himself up to her. But gradually, he does because Kagome is warm; she proves that she is a safe place for him. 

This was monumental for Inuyasha. He’s vulnerable again and it likely feels all the more frightening because of his past experience. But–here is the important part–he trust her. Over time, he has come to trust her. He likely wouldn’t have opened himself up again around another person if he didn’t trust that person. Kagome has his trust; and he has hers. 

Kagome’s and Inuyasha’s relationship isn’t just a story of love; it’s a story of trust, respect, and healing. Kagome slowly but surely healed a lot of Inuyasha’s hurt simply by staying by his side and being Ka-go-me. Of course, she likely couldn’t heal all of it because that is something he has to do on his own. No one else can fix you. You have to willing to take some steps yourself. And I think, with encouragement from his friends, Inuyasha would be able to do that. It wouldn’t be immediate. It wouldn’t be easy. He would probably fall back into old habits a lot, but I fully believe there would someone there to pull him out and help him along. Because that is important. He isn’t alone anymore. He has people that care, that love him just as he is; and–in those years Kagome is gone–I fully believe Miroku and Sango were there to remind him. 

Now for the lesser talked about charater here: Kagura.  

Kagura is honestly one of the most hopeful characters I have ever seen. 

Kagura is fighting to get away from her abuser. In every way, she is trying to get away but he is holding something over her. He has her heart–in the most literal sense of the meaning. But despite that, she never stops trying.

Take away all of the demon aspects, Kagura is just a woman trying to escape a rather crafty and cunning abuser; but every time she tries, she is pulled kicking and screaming back into a situation she doesn’t want to be in. But no matter how badly she is punished, she still tries again because maybe, just maybe this time will be it. She will finally get away. 

I fully believe she would have–if not for that really annoying plot point of Naraku literally holding her heart. But Kagura teaches to never give up. Just because it didn’t work out for her, doesn’t mean it won’t work out for you if you just try. 

She reached out; surprisingly enough, Kagura reached out for help. First, she sought out Sesshomaru. He was the strongest; one of the only beings that she knew could actually free her. Then, when that failed, she indirectly reached out to Inuyasha (because Naraku kept such a close eye on her and the group, she couldn’t tell him directly). Point is: she reached out to people…and no one helped her. 

Kagura didn’t really get away until she died. ((I am gonna make myself cry.)) But for her, as sad as it is, there was freedom in her death. It is tragic that, in the end, this was the only way she was finally free. 

Now, let’s move on to Kikyou. 

Kikyou’s story is one of forgiveness.

When she is brought back, she is angry and likely still hurting. Those last moments of her life are etched onto her soul. Naraku’s scheme hurt her as well as it hurt Inuyasha. It killed her. It doesn’t matter that it was Naraku that killed her; he wore Inuyasha’s face to do it. I think a lot of the fandom passes over what a mind fuck that would be. 

Just because she knows that Naraku was the one who struck her down doesn’t immediately erase the things she feels. The news doesn’t immediately make her go ‘Oh! I forgive you then!’ Because it was still Inuyasha’s face; it was still his voice…and she can’t forget that. 

Her hatred and rage toward Kagome are simple yet incredibly complex. She knows that the girl holds her soul; this girl is her reincarnation, but she is also everything Kikyou is not. She is taking her place in Inuyasha’s life. It is further proof that Kikyou no longer fits in Inuyasha’s world. She is his past; Kagome is his future; and that hurts. It hurts a whole lot. And it probably hurts more because she is, in a way, seeing what her relationship with Inuyasha wasn’t. She says so herself. Kagome is doing something for him that she never could. That stings.

In her anger, she has left herself open. Her judgement is clouded. I fully believe the Kikyou Inuyasha had known fifty years ago wouldn’t have done half of the things the resurrected Kikyou had. ((Like attemping to murder Kagome and stealing her shards and allying herself with Naraku–albeit very grudgingly and at the threat of death.)) In trying to get back at Naraku, she is endangering herself. She is blinded by her need for revenge. So much so, she doesn’t see that her actions are hurting more than they are helping.

Kikyou’s journey was finding herself again, getting back to some semblance of the person she was. She likely realized that she wouldn’t ever truly be that person again because the tragedy she suffered had changed her. 

Kikyou succeed. She found herself again; and, with that discovery, she begins to forgive. She realizes she can’t hold on to all of that anger because it isn’t helping her. And as she forgives, she comes closer to the person she was before she died. 

She didn’t forgive Inuyasha for him; she did it for herself. 

Now, I am going to move onto Miroku. 

Miroku lives everyday knowing that he will die. That alone would be enough to depress someone. But he goes on. Instead of giving into the feelings of hopelessness he must have felt, he stood up and gave himself over to his mission wholeheartedly. He does not let it stop him from living his life; if anything, he strives to beat his sentence. 

He holds onto his hope that he will overcome it while being a realist and accepting that he might not. Miroku doesn’t just have courage; he is courage. Everyday, he has physical proof of his sentence. There are moments where he gives in to depression, but then he finds the power to say: not today

Defeating Naraku is the only way he will be free of his curse, but in all likely hood he was not prepared for what came after. He was not prepared for victory. 

So when Naraku falls, he is likely shocked and awed. It takes time for him to grow accustomed to the thought that he will live. Maybe not a whole lot of time, but it still would be jarring to him. 

I believe Miroku would never take anything for granted. The life he has after Naraku is one that he never thought he would ever obtain for himself. He likely adores his life with Sango and his family. 


Sango has survivor’s guilt and grief. Her entire village is massacred; her father and her brother are gone…and everyday, she lives with the knowledge that it was her younger brother–under the control of another–did it. But still she goes on. 

Her need to avenge her family and her village is so strong in the beginning that she doesn’t care for her own life. As long as she kills the one who took everything from her, she does not care. It is reckless, but Sango is hurting. She is letting her anger and her pain drive her. Her life no longer matters. She does not even give herself time to recover from her injuries. ((Not that Naraku would have given her that time, but still…))

Then, she is forced to realize that she has been misled. Naraku was responsible. Her enemy is more cunning and elusive…and then he played the most devastating trump card: Kohaku. 

Kohaku still lives. This is brings on a mixture of emotions that are enough to cripple even the most well-adjusted being. She is happy he is alive but is forced to realize that he is still under the control of Naraku. He is on the side of their enemy though not willing. And despite her insistence in the beginning that she can kill him, he is still her little brother. She is being brave but false. When she is forced into the situation where she must back up her words, she can’t kill him; she would never bring herself to hurt him. So, she resigns herself to dying with him. 

But solely, someone else moves into her heart too. Kohaku isn’t her sole reason for continuing on anymore. Miroku, Kagome, and inuyasha all join him in her heart. 

Sango is strong. Despite losing everyone, she still finds the courage to continue on; and I think, part of that, had to do with the people she surrounded herself with. Kagome, Inuyasha, and Miroku all kept her going until she found a way to stand on her own. 

There are days of course that she is set back, days when the pain rears its head, but she continues on. She moves past the pain. 

I could keep going because all of the characters in Inuyasha have suffered, but I am afraid I don’t know how to put the rest into words. I will leave that up to someone else. 

Know before you respond that I did not mean to come off as preachy or a know-it-all. These are just my observations. Feel free to add your own. Feel free to debate. 

Unpopular Opinion About Tamlin: Maybe We’ve Been too Harsh?

I enjoy the “Tamlin the Tool” tag as much as the next person, but ever since I wrote my ficlette “What Rises from the Ashes” (in which I use the fact headcanon that Amarantha was Tamlin’s mate to explain his behavior) I have been thinking more and more about Tamlin.

The Preface:: I think Tamlin is emotionally and physically abusive (based on how he treats Lucien before UtM and his tantrums destroying rooms). Now, he’s not the kind who would beat someone for not having dinner ready on time, but I do think he’s abusive (I’m not getting into defining that, this post has other purposes). I do not subscribe to the headcanon that Tamlin is bipolar. Just putting that out there. He also seems to have some inherited misogyny and racism as far as his views to women & faeries proper places.

After Under the Mountain, I think Tamlin suffers from severe PTSD, and that finds a poisonous mix with his other character flaws that basically turns him Amarantha-adjacent.

Now, About Tamlin…

If you look at the series from Tamlin’s point of view- is it really so difficult to understand why he did what he did and where he was coming from? 

I think Rhysand and Feyre started vocalizing this bit by bit in ACOWAR as they thought more about it, but if you look at the story from Tamlin’s point of view, here’s how things played out (remember, TAMLIN’S point of view only)–

  1. After UtM Tamlin obviously suffers from PTSD. Feyre repeatedly begs him to let her go out, but he forces her into the role of his wife. He might need things to have a sense of normalcy, he might think he is protecting her, and he might think it’s what she needs- probably a mix of all 3.
  2. Feyre looks utterly terrified on their wedding day, and then Rhysand appears. It was obvious she was about to reject Tamlin, but at the time- if his mental state was anything like Feyre’s- he probably linked those two separate events to Rhysand causing Feyre’s fear, like she could sense him coming through the bond or maybe he spoke into her mind directly.
  3. No one seems to know that Rhysand was Amarantha’s sex-slave. Even the High Lords are surprised and suspicious when he reveals it in ACOWAR.
  4. When Feyre returns, she passes on that Rhysand showed interest in the possibility she has this potentially devastating array of powers.
  5. More and more, Rhysand comes for Feyre and repeatedly reminds Tamlin he is powerless to stop it.
  6. Tamlin tries locking Feyre in the house, and one of the most powerful figures in the Night Court strolls right into his manor and takes her away.
  7. Eventually, Feyre sends a mega-short letter dumping him. If this conversation had happened face-to-face, the rest of the series probably would have been VERY different.
  8. The Night Court- and a High Lord Tamlin betrayed to the death of his mother and sister- now has Feyre and might be interested in some more retribution (I know they were friends once but that ship is long since sunk).
  9. In ACOTAR and early ACOMAF, Rhys’ court is repeatedly said to be what Amarantha was inspired to re-create. Basically, Amarantha(’s willing little lover) now has Feyre.

The next bit is based on what Tamlin himself says in ACOWAR and what others imply (not dealing with the execution of the sentries because that was wholly knee-jerk).

  1. Tamlin, at some point over those months, begins to realize he was choking the life out of Feyre and that she suffered from as many nightmares as he did if not more (again, we have no knowledge of what happened to Tamlin UtM when he wasn’t in front of the crowd. Did Amarantha do to him what she did to Rhys?).
  2. At one point in ACOTAR, Lucien hints at inter-court spying and it sounds as though there are eyes in the Court of Nightmares that report directly or indirectly to him.
  3. If that spy does exist: All Lucien and Tamlin hear after desperately searching for Feyre is that male-Amarantha suddenly shows up with Feyre one day out of nowhere and very nearly fingers her in front of everyone. When she is not with him (before he enters and when he has her step away), she is immediately surrounded by and remains slavishly close to his inner circle- his spymaster, warlord, and that very same woman who dragged Feyre out of the house. To an outside, biased observer they might appear to be her handlers.
  4. When Lucien tries to rescue Feyre, she suddenly sprouts wings like her “master”.
  5. At some point, Tamlin goes to Hybern to make a deal to get Feyre back.

I want to focus on that deal Tamlin made. He was called a traitor to his entire continent for that decision. But from his perspective- wasn’t he just doing what Feyre did for him? 

He made a bargain with a demon in order to try and free the female he loved, who he honestly believed loved him and was under the control of a massively dangerous male who (again, only as far as he knew) had willingly been Amarantha’s lover.

Feyre sold herself to Amarantha for a chance to save him. After failing her so wholly and completely, he probably thought he was being gallant and returning the gesture. Amarantha controlled him so that even when Feyre was tortured in front of him he never dared blink an eye or behave in a way Amarantha did not allow, what if Feyre was doing the same? What if Rhys was controlling her through his powers, taking advantage of her already shattered mind, or if he’d tortured her into submission like some kind of Stockholm Syndrome (or whatever the Fae call it)?

Moving on a little bit—

  1. When Feyre is freed she explicitly incriminates Rhysand, saying he held her mind. Rhys confirms this.
  2. Over the next few weeks, Feyre does not outright say Rhysand repeatedly raped her, but she makes leading statements and to Tamlin that’s the same thing. She never contradicts him or Lucien when they dare talk about it and they immediately back down to spare her the memory.
  3. Tamlin seems to have learned his lesson- he lets Feyre leave whenever she wants to, even when he doesn’t like it. When he really doesn’t approve, he just comes along. He never locks her in again (threatens to but she reminds him how well that went last time and he backs down).

I mean, if you look at the story from Tamlin’s perspective, he thinks he’s this great and mighty hero come to save the woman he loves- only to have it all thrown back in his face like a mountain of shit (why I ended the list where I did and didn’t go through the High Lords meeting). He’s pissed for being played the fool, embarrassed, and utterly enraged every time he’s called a traitor for trying to be a hero.

Again, I love “Tamlin the Tool” and think he’s abusive with that temper of his, but just from his point of view- are his actions really so hard to understand? Now, add Feyre and Rhysand’s perspectives back in the mix and it’s a whole different beast, but Tamlin didn’t have that benefit when he made his decisions. He didn’t know the whole picture.

So… when he said he thought he was doing the right thing, can you really fault him in the same vein as Hybern?

About Erwin...

After chapter 90 i miss even more Erwin. I know it has been almost seven months, i know he’s only a fictional character and i know i should let him go. But i can’t. I am not able to do so. I cannot accept the fate he was given. I cannot accept the way the story treated him even after his death. I simply cannot accept how things ended for him considering the sufference he faced during his whole life. I can’t move on. Not yet. I love him, he was simply amazing. A great man, a really caring and clever person and one of the best characters i ever found in a story. He deserved more than what he had at the end.

Thank you for everything Commander, there will be always be someone who will love and remember you.

Castle Kisses & Princess Proposal

Words: 879
Tony StarkXReader
 “So like I have more… Are you sick of me yet ?? lol if so say when haha. Im going to DIsney in June and I can’t help but think of kissing Tony Stark in front of Cinderella’s castle.. the rest I leave to you as always. :)” tonystarksgirl

“We should take a picture in front of the castle with our ice creams!” You squealed as your boyfriend Tony Stark handed you a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bar.

“You’re insufferable, you know that?” He rolled his eyes before taking a gigantic bite out of one of his Mickey’s ears. It was the fourth day of your Disney World vacation, and overall Tony had been a good sport about adhering to your every whim thus far. Including, but not being limited to, Disney Bounding as your favorite Disney couples each day, taking pictures with nearly every character that you could find, and suffering through It’s a Small World for you.

“You were just saying how much fun you’ve been having!” You sighed. “C’mon, I won’t let them take a hundred pictures like they usually do.”

“I don’t know, Sweetheart.” He smirked. “You might want a few hundred pictures of this one.” You were pulling him by the hand away from the ice cream cart and didn’t notice him toss the empty stick from his ice cream away and carefully pat the pocket of his jeans.  You waved at an unsuspecting Disney Photopass cast member until they shyly walked over to you.

“Mr. Stark, Miss. [Y/L/N], is there something I could help you with?” The photographer was a younger woman probably not much older eighteen. She smiled sweetly at you both and waited for you to reply.

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[Mikejima Madara] Chapter One

I don’t know if anyone else has translated it, but here’s Madara’s first substory (第一話) that you get from his three-star “Sudden Reunion” (突然の再会) card.

When someone says Anzu, I get revived from my grave…

Writer: Akira
Location: Outdoor stage
Season: Spring

External image

Madara: “Ooi! Over here~! Yahooooo☆

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anonymous asked:

I personally believe as you said Izuku more than anyone (maybe as he grows older) believes in the world as gray and black more than black and white. Just from his experiences as a child, like he might not ever truly LIKE bakugou but he can still believe he never go full villain and he see someone like stain and agree the world is wack but still say that I'm gonna beat u to the ground any way

We’re all shaped by our experience, and Izuku’s personal one shaped him into a person who has a very free and boundless way to think. He was mostly left alone since his childhood, as he was trailing after Bakugou and others but was never close to them, even less once he was labelled as quirkless. So he couldn’t do anything but observe, learn and think for himself, and as he did that, he became very inventive and independent. This habit he picked of carrying a notebook, writing and analyzing technically everything shows just how eager he is to learn, analyze and acquire new knowledge to improve by himself. He doesn’t just stick with what other people think, but rather goes on and decide for himself before making any assumption. Whatever the situation is, he’ll always try to do what he consider the more satisfying and just, because he can’t help it; it’s in his heroic nature. Izuku is someone mentally strong and stable who decided he’ll save people, and the core of his character is that he can’t let people suffer without doing anything. It doesn’t matter who the person is; he’ll help them anyway because that’s who he is.

His relationship with Bakugou is the perfect illustration of Izuku’s heroic nature. Since their childhood, before he had any powers and knowledge at all, Izuku already reached out to Bakugou and tried to help. It didn’t had anything to do with Bakugou being weak or strong. It had to do with Bakugou facing a danger and Izuku naturally coming to help. 

The same happened when they were in middle school with the Sludge incident. Bakugou took it personally because of his inferiority complex, but it had nothing to do with his strength. Izuku helped because that came naturally to him. Then he did it again at the UA entrance exam, where he rushed to save Uraraka. In fact, considerations like ‘Is this person good or bad? Should I save them? Do they deserve help?’ don’t even come to his mind in these situations. What he thinks is more ‘How can I help/save them?’ and that’s the heroic spirit All Might noticed in him, and what makes Izuku deserving of One for All. I think ‘independent’ is what characterizes Izuku the best. He doesn’t label people at all, takes them for who they are, sometimes being more honest about them than they are with themselves. He doesn’t really have any filter that’ll cloud his ideas of how others are; that’s what allows him to be honest like he is with Shinsou, Todoroki, Iida, Stain, Kouta and so goes on. 

Somehow, Izuku is pure regarding his relationships with others because he doesn’t have any kind of expectations towards them; he takes them as who they are and respect them for that, and that’s it. It’s probably because he was alone during his childhood, and was the one suffering from stereotypes and fighting against them. His conception of the world is more free and vast as he doesn’t see it in a Manichean way probably because of that reason. That’s why he could tell Todoroki’s power was HIS power and not his father’s. That’s why he can still consider working together with Bakugou after all the bullying. I find those panels enlightening in those regards.

They don’t have a very good chemistry as friends, as they clearly struggle to understand each other, but could be good partners because they share the same passion and interest for heroes.They both fire each other up and could be good rivals once everything has been talked through. Izuku is honest about Bakugou; he has an awful attitude, he’s more passionate that anyone and he’s inspiring (but he maybe overvalues Bakugou’s confidence). He’s not taking only what’s interesting to him, but fully what Bakugou is, and he does that with anyone else. The other accurate representation for that is his relationship with Kouta. Izuku never took how Kouta was behaving personally, and tried to reach out to him just because he felt Kouta was in distress and wanted to help. In the end, Kouta really needed someone to talk and rely on, and Izuku was the one he could count on, and was grateful for that.

Izuku really is independent and flexible, as he’s always looking for a solution to go ahead and help rather than to protect himself. He’s willing to reach out to anyone, even villains he’ll try to understand but criticize for their wrong methods, because that’s just who he is, as All Might and Aizawa end up acknowledging.

Marlin - The Best Disney Dad

It’s Father’s Day here in the UK so what better time to celebrate the best Disney dad of them all - Marlin from Finding Nemo. 

There are a lot of great Disney dads - Mufasa, James, Maurice, Fergus… - but none that resonates quite so much as Marlin.

Finding Nemo is his story. Ruled by anxiety after tragedy strikes, he may be a fish but his dilemmas are relatable; how can you find a balance between protecting those you love and letting them live? How can you live yourself when you’re crippled by what might happen? His struggles with extreme anxiety are familiar with anyone who’s ever suffered from it.

Marlin is terrified of…well, everything. But he doesn’t let that stop him; he’ll do anything to find his son. His journey is immense and almost insurmountable in scale but with the help of his new friends, he never stops. As the other characters point out when they relate his story ‘that’s one dedicated father’.

Changed by his experiences with both Dory and supremely chilled fellow dad, Crush, Marlin show how far he’s come at the end when he lets Nemo help the trapped shoal of fish. He trusts in his son. He’s learned to be a more balanced father.

Finding Nemo is the story of fatherhood, one of Disney Pixar’s most touching tales of courage and growth. And Marlin is an amazing father, terrible dad jokes and all.

anonymous asked:

You're making me cry, thanks. Why do I still suffer for characters? This is heartbreaking. I want to punch Isayama for this, but hug him too because he created them. And my mind keeps going back to Erwin, I can imagine how excited he would be after discover that it does has humans in the other side of the ocean. I can see he talking a lot and making Levi just smile a bit because of his excitement. I... I'm still in mourning.

I’m so sorry I made you cry Anon.  Please dry your tears and let today’s screen caps of Erwin Smith shining like the sun heal your soul.

(cap credit @alwaysbesassy)

I do feel your pain though, and I can’t help feeling cheated that Erwin died without ever knowing that he had been right about the truth of the world all along.  Imagine that weight lifting from his shoulders? I can only imagine his delight and curiosity at finally being able to explore the world.  Erwin’s boyish excitement and Levi’s indulgent smile which he tries and fails to hide with a furious frown. And you can be damn sure he’d be able to find a resolution to the Marley conflict pdq so he an Levi could retire to that little cottage by the shore to live out their days in grouchy peace. 

chicago typewriter ep 15

tears, tears…
tears everywhere ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

the drama’s been giving us bits of the 1930s life of our trio since the start and that showed a great contrast to their present life. but for episode 15, they finally gave us a full-blown story of their youth in 1930s ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ a youth full of sadness, sacrifice, friendship, and love.. love for each other and for the country. it’s so so so heartbreaking i had to pause a lot of times to stop myself from crying :-( (i still cant control my tears rn fml)

here are some of my fave scenes in this episode:

1. hwiyoung crying while holding soo yeon’s photo + reminiscing their moments

FMLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL this scene hurts so fucking much oh my god asjflsjfsl hwiyoung was concealing his emotions right from the start so it wouldnt be a hindrance as a leader of joseon alliance youth ( thumbs up for being so tough, leader-nim!!) but i literally died when he finally broke down his walls and showed us his fragile side ㅠ he suffered so much for everyone 😭😭 gotta love yoo ah in’s acting here.. he brought out the best of this character 😭

2. yul confessing he’s the leader and seeing soo yeon/anastasia suffering

go kyung pyo’s acting is so daebak ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ yul’s character is so daebak ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ in this scene i realized how much yul and hwiyoung differs.. yul lets his emotions rule his decisions while hwiyoung doesn’t let his emotions control him, he gotta stay tough and focus for their organization. yul let out his emotions til the very end, sacrificing their plans just to save the woman he loves :-( i wanted to smack him so he could get into his senses.. like WHY CANT U THINK FIRST BEFORE MAKING DECISIONS!!! some of yall mightve rolled their eyes in this cliche scene of choosing the person he loves but this!!!!!!! was a powerful scene!!!!! it showcased a whole lot more about yul’s character that overshadowed that of hwiyoung’s (also got me thinking that maybe the reason why he wasnt reincarnated bc he chose soo hyun over joseon omg) and also the scene where he told hwiyoung that he’ll give up soo yeon in the next life so he should let him save her in this time made me cry buckets ㅠㅠ i need to see more of yul’s life/character

3. soo yeon’s “eye acting” + scene with madame sofia

oh my god literally all praises for im soo jung!!!!!! the scenes where shes telling yul to hold on, to not say hwiyoung’s name, was brilliant! ㅠㅠㅠ she swayed the scenes with her acting.. ahhhhh i couldnt get over it. heo young min also said he could see everything in soo yeon’s.. he was right bc im soo jung facial expression made it so convincing im asjfkslfjslfjaljdlsAHDIWLALAL
- also that emo scene when madame sofia said that ofc she would chose her son over joseon who hasnt done anything for her. omg that line’s one of my fave ever. it was full of emotions i had to pause for like a few minutes hahaha and when soo yeon said she treated her like a mother and she wouldnt forgive her ever….. i feel so sad like imagine how her mom (in the present life) felt when she left soo yeon bc of this tragedy :(( they need have a major get together in the last episode or else im gonna kms

4. hwiyoung confessing to soo yeon + soo yeon’s “don’t go” + goblin comparison

-EVERYTHING IN THIS SCENE FUCKED ME UP SO BAD I HAD TO PAUSE AGAIN TO DIGEST WHATS HAPPENING. this is one of the saddest confession ever…. the writer really loves torturing the audience oh my god.. imho this is even sadder than goblin’s letting go scene.. why???? because in goblin, atleast kim shin and eun tak had enough time to show their love for each other.. or had moments together before they separated. but here, OH MY GOD THEY SPENT ALL THEIR YOUTH FIGHTING FOR THEIR COUNTRY, PUTTING ASIDE THEIR FEELINGS, TO THE POINT THAT HWI YOUNG COULDNT DO ANYTHING TO SAVE SOO YEON BC JOSEON ALWAYS FUCKING COMES FIRST. HE COULDNT EVEN TOUCH SOO YEON’S HAND FOR THE LAST TIME *CRIES* AND ONE OF THEM DIED WHILE ONE LIVING IN MISERY.


in goblin, euntak’s memory vanished when kim shin disappeared, but she still felt constant pain and she didnt know why. but here imagine soo yeon living after the tragedy, knowing the love of her life died protecting joseon, not having any assurance of meeting him again, continue living with the memories deeply buried in her heart and mind ㅠㅠㅠ i couldn’t even imagine her life alone without her beloved friends ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ this is the saddest of all the saddest shit i dont want to feel again ever

5. heo young min’s villian acts
- yo raise your hands up if ya think kwak si yang did a fantastic job being the villian!!!! in 1930s or in the present life, hes such an effective villian to the point that everyone hated him and also pitied him. i love love loveeeeeeeeeeeee him as heo young min tho i hated his antics lmao honestly one of my fave villians rn (still nam goong min in #1 spot haha)

6. hwiyoung’s death

- well, save the best for the last right????? i admire how hwiyoung sticked to his principles til the every end.. and love his lines here omGGGGG (kudos to the writer ilysm 😭) no more words to describe this scene *insert millions of crying emojis*

7. se joo + jeon seol’s hugging scene

- in the 1930s, hwiyoung died while yul saved soo yeon. hwiyoung gave up soo yeon for joseon 😭😭 in their present lives, yul saved se joo and se joo finally saved jeon seol ㅠㅠㅠㅠ i died again when se joo told jeon seol that for this time, he finally saved her omg *insert tears* the power of their friendship is no joke… ㅠㅠㅠ

ok so this went so long omg those fave scenes are basically all of the important scenes in this episode hahaha im sorry but i just need to let it out since none of my friends irl are watching this drama yet 😭 anyways, still lots of things we need to see in the finale! it bothers me that the stalker’s sister got out…. im thinking thats she cooking something badass lmao.

do yall think we’ll shed more tears in the last episode?

p.s the ost automatically plays in my head when i see/read stuff related to chicago typewriter omg ajdkaldhalfbwl

p.p.s my fingers are so tired after typing this sorry for grammatical errors 😂 im so hypedddddddsd i didnt double check

Death of a Batchelor - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Title: Death of a batchelor

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader, Brendon Urie x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Can you please write a fic where your gonna marry Brendon urie and Jensen has crush on you but your in love with Brendon?

“So have you started making the preparations yet or what?” Jared asked with a small grin and you chuckled.

“Yeah, I’ve been looking like crazy for the invitations this week but Brendon said it’s better if I take it slow. To enjoy this more.” you shrugged, playing nervously with the proposal ring as you had your hair fixed for your next scene.

“Can’t believe it finally happened. Seems like only yesterday when the two of you met.” he chuckled and you nodded your head, eyes casting down at your hands. A tender smile on your lips.

“Yeah and shortly afterwards fell in love.” Jensen said softly and you looked at your best friend with a small grin.

“You really had been there with me through it all.” you chuckled “Remember how nervous I was on our first date?” you whispered and a small chuckle left his lips.

“I certainly remember all the dresses you switched till you found the right one.” he said softly and you giggled.

“Well, they all looked pretty damn awful on me so-”

He scoffed, shaking his head “You’re always beautiful. He was lucky you showed up in the first place. I wouldn’t complain if you came wearing even your pyjamas.” he shrugged, looking in front of him as he got some of his make up fixed.

“Yeah right.” you felt your cheeks heat up, smiling shyly “You’re saying that only because you’re my friend.”

“I am only saying the truth, (Y/n). I always do.” he said a little more seriously and only when he glanced to his left he saw Jared giving him a look.

“Yeah. Always.” he said even more seriously but the older actor only sighed and looked away from his accusing look.

You let a small giggle “But my nervousness could certainly not match up to his when he proposed.”

“Had he really booked up an entire restaurant for just the two of you?” Cassie asked and you nodded your head.

“Yeah and he- after I said the yes he-” you breathed out a laugh, feeling your heart swell “He sang ‘Death of a Batchelor’ to me. The sap.” you giggled as she smiled widely.

“Gosh that is so sweet.” she squealed and you took in a shaky breath.

“There are moments I can hardly believe this is real.” you whispered, love lacing your voice… pretty much like love laced Jensen’s features whenever he was close to you. Something that only Jared had come to notice that is.

“Well-” you sighed, still, dreamily; completely unaware to the real situation “-B is already helping me in all of it so I amdefinitely enjoying it.”

“Is he just as excited?” Jenny, one of the make up artists, asked with a smile and you nodded your head.

“Yeah, very much so. He is quiet nervous though. It’s kinda hard for him to settle down, you know how he is, but I am sure he wants this. It’ a big step but I know we’re both ready to take it.” you bit your lower lip as you looked at her with a shy smile.

A small scoff left Jensen’s lips “Well, he better. He’s lucky enough you said yes to him, much less everything else.” he mumbled and although you frowned for a second you played it off with a shrug.

“I don’t know. I think I’m the lucky one. He’s just amazing, in every way. Never thought I’d deserve someone like him.”

“You deserve only the best (Y/n).” Jensen said softly, looking honestly into your eyes and you gave him a small smile.

“Don’t know about that but- I am content enough I could find this kind of love in Brendon.” you whispered and as much as it hurt him Jensen put on a smile on his lips just for you.

“Well-” Jared spoke up, feeling the kind of tension that you couldn’t because you were too over the moon and in love to notice “-you still are both very… lucky.” he was careful to chose his words, knowing how difficult his place was considering what he knew about Jensen.

“Yeah, well don’t you think you guys are out of the hook though.” you smirked at them “There are a few things that I need a man’s opinion in and asking only Brendon won’t help. So better be prepared!”

Jared forced a chuckle “We wouldn’t expect anything else, little one. Besides it’s going to be your big day, we will do everything to make it the best one ever.”

“We promise to make it the happiest day of your life, (Y/n/n).” Jensen said softly, not helping but placing a hand on top of yours -the one with the ring mind it - and gave you a small comforting squeeze.

You smiled warmly at him in a way that showed how much you appreciated him but… not in the way he did.

“I know you will.” you rubbed your thumb over his palm and he gave you a smile, although sad. But you didn’t take notice.

Not only because he was such a great actor and could his feelings, not because you were too blinded by happiness and love for the singer you were about to spend the rest of your life with but because he was so used to it.He was completely used to it, to hiding his real feelings and not letting you know of how your… best friend, and 'brother’ as you playfully called him, - even if your characters were attracted to each other in the show - had such deep feelings for you. For so so long.

And Jared, well, he was the only one to know. As he was the only one t know of Jensen’s suffering, although the older actor himself only knew for real how insufferable that pain was. Because as much as he wanted to be happy for you about to have a life and family of your own he still felt broken at the thought that he would be forced to watch you walk straight into the arms of another man. Just because of that.

Because he so desperately wished he was that man. But he wasn’t.

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5 top show Jonsa moments and why?

well since they interact from the first time in season 6 a lot of my favorite scenes come from that.

5) The tent scene. So much tension, so much drama. Also we have one of the most sweet quote from the show by far “ I will never let him touch you again, I will protect you, I promise” 

4) The winter is here scene. The look Jon gives sansa, the forehead kiss, the smile sansa gives jon at the end. Everything really about that scene gives me joy. 

3) Them drinking beer and talking about taking winterfell from Ramsay. Oh man that some great scene and the chemestry between sophie and kit is just out of this world. 

2) When Sansa gives Jon his coat, the little smile he does when he has a clothing that is so similiar to his hero Eddard Stark, you can see how emotional he was about it. And for sansa to finally have someone nice to be with, to let her guard down, its just beautiful

1) The reunion. After 5 seasons of suffering, after his death and her being raped, to finally have that one moment when my favorite characters are safe in eachothers amrs, was everything i wished for and more. Sansa face when she hugs jon, her soft sigh, or Jon closing his eyes to really feel the moment. His hand caressing her back. It was THE MOMENT.  (i am Brienne, in that scene…)

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Chart analysis for the character: Cha Do-hyun and his other identity Shin Se-gi from the Korean drama Kill me, Heal me.

Cha Do-hyun suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID) and he has six identities but the main identity i will focus on is Shin Se-gi.

Let’s start with the Core personality and how i imagine or see Cha Do-hyun chart as:

Sun in Pisces Moon in Capricorn - Rising is Taurus with a Capricorn Midheaven - Mercury in Pisces - Venus in Aries - Mars in Aries - Saturn in Aquarius - Pluto in Scorpio - Jupiter in Scorpio - Neptune & Uranus in Capricorn. 

He lived a very traumatic childhood that lacked warmth or kindness and due to his illness he started to seek a doctor who can help him get better.  Cha Do-hyun is a shy, reserved, polite and kind. He has always agree to what his mother tells him, he is nice to other people and is considerate. However there’s a huge amount of pain and anger that is hidden and stored inside. When the other identities take over his core personality completely disappeared and when it returns he doesn’t remember anything that happened. 

The reason why i picked Taurus rising is because he will have Aries in 12th house with his Venus and Mars in there which the first identity Shin Se-gi is born from. 

Shin Se-gi is a very dominating personality, violent, aggressive and demanding. it’s like the arise placements in 12th house have suddenly became on the first house. You see Cha Do-hyun turning from this:

to Shin Se-gi :

Through this identity he lives life carefree, strong, powerful, expression of the bottled anger and going after the one he loves. He is no longer someone to be taken advantage off, nor is he weak or vulnerable and let’s people use him.

Shin Se-gi told to the core persona, Cha Do-hyun that he created him in order to do the horrible or dark stuff that the core persona is terrified of. He told him that he created him to fight the abuse that he used to take, him and his doctor/lover.

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David. Yunan. Setta. Solomon. Arba. Hakuryuu. (For the 6 character meme.)

Push off a cliff: Setta. Sorry baby.
Kiss: Yunan. I LOVE him. He is so cool. I wish he had more cool panels like his fight with Arba. 
Marry: Solomon.Hot family man.

Set on Fire:  David. I swear I have nothing against him, I just want to sacrifice his Godself which is right now for a higher Gods. Iet’s ignore that I have learned this barbecue recipe from himself.  

Wrap a Blanket around:  

Hakuryuu. Cute emo crybaby. No matter how characters develop or how much he becomes stronger, he is still the little crybaby Hakuryuu to me. <3    and let’s not mention I am sure he is still suffering from his choices and doings in Kou’s civil war.

Be Roommates with:  Arba. Sinbad would probably tag along some times  with her to plan for world domination so I would have a chance to ogle him. *is shameless*