and how he keeps doing whatever it takes anyway

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How would the Karasuno boys act when they have to buy condoms from Ukai's shop, having to look their coach in the eye as they pay for them?

i laughed for like 10 minutes after reading this request i love it. i’ve been having some health issues lately and needed a good pick-me-up

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 - admin rachel lauren

The only way I could rationalize them willingly buying condoms from Sakanoshita–as opposed to any place else–knowing that their coach is minding the shop is that the team has some crazy bet going on and these are in the event that they are the loser of said bet. Whether or not they’re doing the do and actually need them is entirely irrelevant.


  • He’s one of the few who don’t make it weird somehow. It’s just another transaction, right? Not to mention that Ukai’s made it clear to them that whatever they do outside of volleyball is none of his business.
  • It’s not embarrassing until he gets to the counter to pay and has a moment of internal panic that this is very awkward. But Daichi’s a master of keeping his composure while screaming internally all the while, so you’d never know.
    • It doesn’t hurt that he buys a few things he actually needs along with them. But still.


  • He tries to play dumb when they’re rung up: “Whoops, how did those get in there? Well, I guess I’ll take them anyway. Doesn’t hurt to have some, right?” Cue the forced bashful laughter.
  • It’s clear to everyone within a 5 mile radius that Suga is playing this up too much. Like it’s painful to watch.
  • Once out of the shop, Suga will show no mercy and pelt either the first person who laughs or the person who suggested the bet in the first place with the box.


  • He has to buy at least four or five other things along with them in hopes that Ukai doesn’t give the condoms a second thought.
  • Except he kind of just grabs whatever is within arm’s reach in a tizzy without paying attention, so it’s an interesting mix of things.
  • He forgets how to breathe when Ukai rings his things up. You’d think that having his coach be unfazed by all of this would make it less embarrassing, but the contrast in their demeanors makes it worse. 
    • You can bet his s/o will be the one to buy them from now on because he’s scarred for life.


  • Slams the box down on the counter and looks Ukai straight in the eyes. It’s the only thing he’s buying.
  • Noya’s got a dead serious look on his face the whole time. Coupled with the fact that he’s standing in a power pose, it makes the transaction feel more like a battle of wills than a simple interaction between a shopkeeper/coach and his customer/pupil.
  • Seriously, Ukai is unnerved by this until Noya shouts out a thanks and bows deeply before leaving the shop, and hearing Tanaka’s cry of “Noya-san is so cool!!!” from outside.


  • Tries the nonchalant whistling thing, which makes the whole process more suspect and embarrassing.
  • “They’re for my sister’s…. boyfriend…”
    • He doesn’t know why he went with that excuse. Even if Saeko had a boyfriend, neither of them would bother having Tanaka buy a box for them.
  • Ukai’s, “Good for them, I guess?” does nothing to alleviate any of Tanaka’s embarrassment.


  • If it’s questioned, he has his excuse of “A prop for the new movie” all ready to go. Although, he’s also worried that unless he can make up a plot for this movie that doesn’t exist (yet), it might be considered a cause for concern that his movies are getting too adult for high school students to be in charge of.
  • Takes five minutes to come up with an elevator pitch just in case before he has to go in.
  • Ukai doesn’t even ask or indicate that he’s buying condoms and Ennoshita–red-faced and stuttering–goes on about some Seth Rogen-esque stoner comedy that he’s working on.
    • “Well, just don’t get in trouble filming something like that. You’re still a kid, after all.”


  • Can’t stop dropping his change, which is the perfect excuse to physically hide how ridiculous he feels.
  • The transaction from then on can be described as swift, as in the second Ukai hands him the bag Narita takes it and heads for the door with a, “Hm thanks coach see you tomorrow bye!” It’s all in one fluid motion and yes, that goodbye is punctuation-less .
  • Just…never bring this up again. He’d rather forget the whole thing.


  • He can’t go in alone. He has to do this with at least one other person going into the shop with him, and Noya is the only one who also isn’t embarrassed by this in any way. The other second-years are embarrassed by proximity, so-to-speak.
    • Except Noya gets distracted trying to find his usual ice cream flavor, so Kinoshita has to ride solo at the counter.
  • It’s clear he’s nervous about the whole thing; his whole body is stiff and he reacts to anything Ukai says as if the man is correcting his technique during practice.
  • He does have to keep his eyes on his wallet and money most of the transaction because there’s no one he can look his coach in the eye while buying them.


  • He knows he’s not smart and that everyone knows this as well, so he decides to tackle this issue by using this to advantage.
  • Except he anticipates Ukai will say anything in the first place, and blurts something out totally unprompted..
    • Ukai: “That’ll be–”
    • Kageyama: What do you mean those aren’t water balloons?
  • The following is the most tense five seconds of silence you’ll ever see between these two.
  • He’s so red that Ukai is worried that Kageyama’s head might explode. Or he passes out on the spot, especially because he stops breathing.


  • He thinks he can play it cool, but it’s like watching a trainwreck.
  • He suddenly can’t hear anything. There’s so much blood rushing to his head that he can only hear that in his ears. Ukai tells him how much he owes and Hinata keeps repeating, “What?” each time it happens.
    • “Just… take them, alright, Hinata?”
  • Once he leaves the store, his face seems to be stuck in a smile and he doesn’t react to anything anyone says or does to him. His soul has left his body. He’s straight-up astral projecting in front of the vending machines outside the shop. Never make him do that again.


  • Like Daichi, he also is does not make it weird. The glare from his glasses absolutely helps to hide anything his eyes might give away about feeling like an idiot the whole time.
  • But you could replace the condoms with any other item in the store and everything would be exactly the same about this interaction.
  • The rest of the team is mad because there was no point of having the loser of their bet do that if the loser wasn’t affected by it.
    • But this eventually backfires on Tsukki because guess who Noya and Tanaka have now playfully dubbed, “The Condom King.” He hates it.


  • He’s a blend of Suga and Kageyama in this situation: “I thought they were rubber gloves! What? T-those aren’t mine!” (Which one is it, Yams?)
  • Things get worse because the barcode scanner just won’t scan this box and every second feels ten times longer than it actually is during this.
  • At this point he’s just praying that no one else–sans the rest of the boys–has to bear witness to this. If Yachi walked in and saw, he’d probably die.

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Writing prompt! A fight over girl scout cookies.

set in Jack’s senior year, sometime in the spring?, before he and Bitty are together; warning for homophobic jerks in the form of Lax Chads

Jack is trying to write his senior thesis – he has his bedroom door shut and locked and everything – when Shitty barges in.

That, in itself, isn’t all that suspicious because Shitty had taught himself how to pick locks at Andover and had always been pretty blatant about barging in. If Jack really needs his space, he’ll stay away but Shitty has pretty strong opinions on what constitutes as “really needing his space” and Jack’s “I am writing my thesis, Shits, don’t bother me” at breakfast had clearly been inefficient. Hell, it probably just spurred him on.

However, what is suspicious about this current situation is that Shitty is fully clothed. 

“Jaa-aack,” Shitty sing-songs. “You fucking majestic specimen of human perfection, you beautiful songbird on a crisp spring morn–”

“Shitty,” Jack says, refusing to look up from his laptop. “Whatever it is, the answer is no.”

“I don’t want anything!”

“You just called me a songbird.”

“You are a songbird. On a crisp, spring morning atop a rosebush full of the–”

“You are high.”

“As a kite, Jack, that’s why I need you.”

“I am not letting you stare at my ass again. Go bother Ransom. He’s been working out with Bitty.”

Honestly, sometimes Jack doesn’t even know what to do with the sentences he is forced to say on a semi-regular basis. 

“No, Jack, no- I need sustenance. I need… Lardo took her car and there is no way for me to get to Murder Stop and Shop without her but without food, I will die and you are the captain. You have to save me.”

“No,” Jack says. And turns back to his paper.

Ten minutes later, he’s in the car. 

Jack should have taken Samwell up on their offer to give him a single his freshmen year.


“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god– YES!” Shitty shouts as they pull into the parking lot. “THEY’RE HERE!”

“What? Who?” Jack says, though he’s not sure he wants to know. Shitty is coming down off the worst of his high but even a sober Shitty is prone to get excited over just about anything.

“THE GIRL SCOUTS!” The car hasn’t fully stopped when Shitty opens his door. “IT’S COOKIE SEASON!”

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got7 at a sleepover


- the gayest one giving dares for boys to kiss each other
- kisses mark because he said ‘no homo’
- brings over beers
- passed out drunk at 2am
- last one to go to sleep


- brings a book
- doesn’t actually read it because everyone keeps him occupied
- looks like he could be someone’s father
- takes a nap
- doesn’t actually want to be there
- savage


- the shy potato
- does the most gay things because he was ‘dared to’
- somehow ends up naked and afraid
- smokes weed in the living room
- eats whatever he can
- wants the succ


- orders kfc and tries to keep it to himself
- everyone eats the fried chicken anyway
- brings over his 50 cats
- first one to sleep
- complains about how stupid everyone is (bambam)
- stays in the kitchen most of the time


- dabs constantly and gets others to do it
- runs around naked screaming
- gives horrible lap dances
- bumps trash rap music
- eats all the candy
- feels grown after drinking a can of beer


- dancing competitions at 10pm
- orders pizza and other food
- wakes up in a dumpster
- gives everyone piggy back rides (mainly Jackson)
- has to get everything from the top shelf
- is dared to kiss someone so it’s bambam


- the pure marshmallow who suggests watching a Disney movie
- plays seven minutes of heaven with JB
- suddenly gay in one night
- doesn’t actually drink the alcohol
- eats like a beast
- is dared to drink alcohol
- actually does it and is falling over everywhere

I’m Something Beautiful With you

Anonymous Requested: Jimin or Jin for 12 please!! “It’s our first Valentine’s Day together and I think you went a little overboard.” Part of my Valentine’s Day prompt series.

Genre: Jimin x Reader

Words: 1822

Originally posted by chimchams

“Be My Valentine.”

That’s what the heart the medium sized bear held that Jimin dropped off at your work. You should’ve known then what you were in for. He’d come in struggling to hold the bear and plopped it down on the counter with a smile so big his eyes seemed to disappear.

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Whiskey Tango

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: Nalu

Rated: T

Summary: Without a second thought, Lucy quickly downed one last whiskey before jumping to her feet and grabbed Natsu by the hand without a word, dragging him to the dance floor. He didn’t seem to mind though, stumbling his way after her with his face flushed and graced with a smile.

Word count: 5247

Just a one-shot I thought up as I had a really rough week not too long ago with midterms and projects and this was the result. 

This deals with anxiety and alcohol and all that jazz so just a heads up on that.

Part 2/

I read tags guys so if you wanna leave a quick comment it’d be really appreciated! 

Also thanks to the amazing @x-benihime for your help with this. It honestly probably would have been shit without your input so thank you <3 

                                  Into each life some rain must fall.
                                   -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“A double whiskey please.”

The bartender nodded, pulling out a bottle of Jameson and pouring it into a glass, handing it across the bar. Lucy sighed, looking down into the glass with a sort of resentment before knocking it back in one swing. It had been a long week with her midterms and assignments all shoved together forming her own personal hell.

She ordered another.

She was tired. She was so tired, and she just wanted to drink and have a well-deserved break. It was a Friday night, and she didn’t have anything due again for a while so she told herself why the fuck not.

Though, she supposed, getting wasted at 8pm alone probably wasn’t the best decision she made in a while. But she didn’t have anything else to do (except study and catch up on some work, but who’s counting), and her friends all decided to go home for the weekend, so here she was. It’s not like she minded the alone time though; the bar was really relaxing at this time with only a few people around, and the music was pretty calming.

In any case, at least she would get a good night’s sleep for once.

“What’s a pretty lady like yourself doing all alone at a bar on a Friday night?” Turning towards the voice, Lucy fought down the urge to visibly shudder. An older man- probably in his 60’s- sat beside her, leering down at her.

Forcing a small smile onto her face, she politely lied, “oh I’m not alone, just waiting on my boyfriend. He should be getting here any minute.” Lucy turned her back on the man and turned towards the bartender, ordering another drink.

She was definitely going to have a headache in the morning.  

“Well that’s awfully rude, making his little miss wait so long.” The sickly voice drawled, slurring on his words and making Lucy twitch. She thought she had dealt with the situation.  

She just wanted to be left alone.

“I came early, he isn’t late. Totally my fault.” She avoided looking at the man, trying to give him the hint to leave her alone.

She heard a chair scrape against the floor, and glanced over to see him moving closer. She internally groaned, not in the mood to deal with this at all.  

Just as he was about to say something else- probably something sexist and degrading- she felt an arm slip around her shoulders, a voice whispering in her ear.

“Just go with it.”

Startled and confused, Lucy glanced to the side to see a man with pink hair and a large grin plastered on his face, hand giving her shoulder a squeeze.

“Hey babe, sorry I’m late. Got caught up with some work.”

Lucy saw the old man get up and move, probably to find some other poor young girl to creep out. The pink haired man moved his arm away taking the seat next to her, looking sheepish.

“Sorry for just springing up out of nowhere, just looked like you were really uncomfortable so I thought I’d try to help.” His cheeks were a bit rosy, from embarrassment or alcohol Lucy didn’t know. He scratched the back of his neck, almost absentmindedly as he ordered a drink.

“What’s your name?” she blurted out, face heating up after realizing she had been staring.

Whiskey was not her friend in that moment.

Looking surprised, the man quickly regained composure and offered her a large grin. “Names Natsu, nice to meet ya!” He threw out his hand, which Lucy took without a second thought.

“I’m Lucy. Nice to meet you too.” She supposed she should have been a bit more skeptical of the guy, but he seemed familiar- though she could place how- and he was, simply put, very attractive.

“I know.” Eyes going wide, Natsu started to fumble his way through his slip up. “I mean, you go to Magnolia University, and, well I’m not a stalker or anything, I know that’s what it sounds like but ah, we’re in the same economics class and, ah shit this is weird, but you know my roommate Gray and-”

Lucy couldn’t help it; she burst out laughing. This was honestly one of the cutest things she’s seen in awhile. At least she knew now why he seemed familiar.  “Oh! You’re Gray’s friend who sets things on fire all the time! He’s told me about you.” Apparently he even caught himself on fire once. Lucy remembered wondering why Gray would live with someone who could potentially set their whole apartment on fire, but to each his own.

Natsu’s face seemed to heat up even more at the fact that she knew about his pyro-like habits, and she suddenly felt bad. “But he’s also said you’re a great guy and a decent roommate, besides the fact.”

That seemed to ease him up, as he suddenly sat up straighter and a smirk appeared on his lips. “Ice princess said that? I’ll have to keep that in mind.” He leaned forward slightly on the arm he had resting on the bar, “got any other ammunition I can use against him?”

Lucy rolled her eyes, taking a sip from her drink. She briefly wondered when it had gotten half empty. “I’m not helping you out in whatever weird competition you two have.”

He downed the rest of his drink, quickly ordering another. “How do you know him again anyways?”

“My mother and his father went to school together and were good friends, so we used to visit each other a lot as kids.” Lucy smiled fondly while thinking of her raven-haired friend. She can’t even remember a time when he hadn’t been there, he just always was. “He’s like my brother honestly.”

Natsu’s brows squeezed together in confusion for the briefest of moments, but Lucy saw it. Her mind was in too much in a haze, however, to figure out what was confusing. She should probably slow down on the whiskey, but she was having fun, and she wasn’t quite drunk yet.

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anonymous asked:

Klance, how do you take care of each other whilst being sick? Is either of you super dramatic or needy while having a flu for instance? Do you get more clingy than usual? Tell me everythinnng 🌹💙❤

Keith: Lance is so dramatic when he’s sick. He could have the smallest cough, yet he wraps himself in twenty blankets and whines about how he’s dying.

Lance: Keith is an ass when he’s sick, he doesn’t let me take care of him. And he gets really snippy and cranky too. He also keeps his distance cause he doesn’t want to get anyone else sick. But he rarely gets sick anyways, so it’s whatever.

Keith: I would never get sick if you weren’t so clingy though. He pouts and whines so much when I try to get away, even if he had asked me to go get him something. 

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Do you think that Johnny/Daken's canonical relationship was at least semi-abusive or at least really unhealthy? I see a lot of people really liking it but their interactions in that comic book gave me a lot of red flags :/

Oh yeah, 100%, this is not a healthy relationship in canon. I think my thoughts on that have always been pretty upfront? I know I’ve never written it happy or healthy lol. Not to knock anyone shipping it, everyone should ship what they want and besides I ship this (not in terms of wanting a happily ever after or for them to necessarily even interact again, but more in terms of where’s the 30k dirtybadwrong smutfest), but yeah, I think it’s more than fair to say that in canon this is messed up from start to finish, as one would expect from a relationship between Johnny, who Just Wants To Be Loved, and a master manipulator like Daken.

I’m going to break it down with pictures because otherwise I have to work on fic who doesn’t love a deep read. While, for the record, I don’t believe Daken ever had to use his pheromone powers to get Johnny to sleep with him, he canonically uses them to influence several people in Dark Wolverine #75 alone, and at least one of them sleeps with him as a direct result, so sticking a consent warning on everything. Long and picture-heavy exploration underneath:

Dark Wolverine #75-77, the beginning:

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one of those nights - evak drabble

Note: Inspired by an AU thing I saw here on Tumblr and I really wanted to write it so here it is.

+Ch. 1/1

Isak isn’t the type of person who likes to be woken up in the middle of the night - just like every other human being on this planet.

Especially not by the blaring of an old 80’s movie soundtrack.

Isak groans as he runs a hand through his hair, feeling that it’s slightly knotted, as he sits up from the couch he’s borrowing from Jonas, seeing as he crashed after a late study group session a Physics test and the music is filling his ears, causing his head to throb at how loud it is. He knows it can’t possibly be Jonas blaring the music, because he’s not one for this type of music, so who the fuck could be blaring the Dirty Dancing soundtrack at 4 am?

Isak swings his legs over the edge of the couch, rubbing his eyes as he stands slowly, making his way carefully through the dark room and once he gets to the hallway, he can see the lights on in the small kitchen of the flat and as he moves closer, he squints from the light and the music grows louder and it takes all of Isak’s strength to not cover his ears. How the fuck has this not woken Jonas? As Isak swings around the corner into the kitchen, he stops short as he sees someone sitting on the kitchen floor, a beer bottle beside their feet and their phone right next to that, the screen lit up with the soundtrack screen - and, are they crying? Isak didn’t even guess that Jonas had a roommate, but you learn something new every day. Even if it is 4 am.

Isak steps back, covering himself in the dark shadows of the darkened hallway as ‘She’s Like The Wind’ begins to play and Isak can see the guys shoulders shaking as he raises a hand to wipe tears from his eyes, and Isak doesn’t have the heart - not yet, anyway - to step up and tell the poor guy to turn down his music because 1. he’s cute and 2. he’s obviously upset about something Isak doesn’t know about. Isak questions for a minute if he should just go back and flop himself on the couch and drown out the terrible music, but something in his gut is screaming at him to just talk to the guy.

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Elemental Control AU

Okay so this was requested by Zenny but I changed it up slightly. Zenny wanted a superpower AU but I THOUGHT THIS WAS COOLER.


  • He was just playing a game of LOLOL once and he lost and he kind of was sad and he looked outside. It had started to rain. He shrugged it off.
  • A similar thing had happened when he was told Rika died.
  • So everything was fine until he got a crush on someone and was building up courage to ask them out. Until he saw them with someone else.
  • He was mad/hurt/sad and suddenly the clear skies turned into pouring RAIN. There was even some thunder and lightning.
  • After that he was really freaked out and ran home where he cried for at least four hours and during that time the rain got even harder.
  • After he passed out and fell asleep he woke up and felt still shitty. The rain had stopped but he was unsure if what happened earlier really did in fact happen.
  • So his first thought was to test it out.
  • No wait that’s just water from the TURNED OFF TAP.
  • Damn he can control water so sweet!!


  • What the hell does this guy do??? He’s sitting outside and SUDDENLY THE WIND IS BLOWING AND DAMN LOOK AT THAT FLOWING HAIR.
  • He discovered his ability over air when he was a bit younger. He got pissed and then suddenly a gust of wind blew over the person he was mad at.
  • He decided to use it to look more attractive.
  • Like goddammit Zen can you not???
  • He uses his powers sometimes to mess around with bullies. Oh you’re harassing that girl over there? SUDDENLY A GUST OF WIND PUSHES YOU OVER.
  • It totally was a freak accident. No way anyone could have done that but what if GHOST????
  • Now they think this bar is haunted. Oops.
  • Haunted by a sexy person protecting everyone.


  • His ability and power is…. Different…
  • He can control matter. But in this matter controlling business he just decided to only make cats.
  • Like he was sad so he thought about cats and suddenly he sees a cat being formed???
  • He’s excited but tries to hide it. “Oh a cat. Well I guess I should pet it.”
  • What the ever-loving-hell is this????
  • He throws cats at Zen randomly because he wants to.
  • Lowkey has another power over darkness/shadows.


  • You’re sitting with Seven and suddenly you’re blinded by a bright light. Seven’s laughing and the next thing you know your face is being drawn on????
  • Where did he hide the flashlight or whatever it was????
  • He says he knows a trick. He opens his palm and suddenly there’s another bright light flashing????
  • Like how the hell does he do that??? But anyways you can use him as a flashlight now. So there’s a plus.
  • Except Seven likes using his power for pranks.


  • So what is Jaehee’s power??? She can kind of control flames?? She always would keep warm in winter by imagining she’s taking in the air to fuel a burning fire inside of her body and it worked!
  • She always had trouble going to some places because she felt a weird urge inside her body that she couldn’t explain??
  • So one day she went camping with a friend. And they couldn’t get the fire started???? Like okay whatever. Jaehee jokingly pointed at the fire pit and said “Let there be fire” AND WHAT THE HECKIE??? THE FIRE HAS STARTED???
  • They tested it on a few things and Jaehee held out her hand and suddenly flames appeared????
  • Like oh shit she can control fire!


  • His power doesn’t have to do with elements per say either. It’s… A weirdly complicated thing.
  • Darkness plus the control of the senses. He can make it dark or take away any of the senses from someone.
  • He doesn’t use any of his abilities very often. But when he does it’s often to protect the people he cares about.
  • He once got mad and accidentally took away someone’s power to hear and see and he freaked out and cried.
  • Precious baby needs to be protected.
neighbors!au part. 2

Min Yoongi | BTS | M

part one

After Yoongi spilled his emotions to you that night, someone gave him your number, that someone being Jeongguk. When you asked him what the hell he thought he was doing by giving your number like a ‘buy one, get one free’ coupon, Jeongguk just shrugged and nonchalantly aired, “oh, yeah. Hyung is sick, and I already knew, so what better way to make an ill man happy by giving him a pretty girl’s number.”

Sure enough your phone was being blown up like fireworks on the Fourth of July,

“____-ah, hey you know I’m sick, make me better. Ah, I know! Go on a date with me, I’ll be cured in no time.”

“Jeongguk is ass at cooking, please make that seafood soup for me; it really is amazing, just like you. ;)”

“I’m dying and there’s a huge ass badger in here; he keeps trying to sell me a house. SOS, come quick. I can’t finance that, I’m poor.”

“You know _____-ah, you are very cute. I may be on some strong antibiotics, but nothing can make me get rid of you.”

You couldn’t lie though— Yoongi was persistent. Even as he suffered through his cold, he held his ground, and you couldn’t help but feel for him. It was truly something.

“Come on ____, give him a chance. It’s not every day that Yoongi hyung brings a girl home, hell it’s a miracle for him to even talk about a girl, and now all he does is blather on about you.”

“Hey! Jeongguk, I swear I will murder you if you bring him up again. Leave it be, and stop saying his name. You’re lucky I’m not kicking your ass right now for giving him my number―without my permission might I add.” You huffed in annoyance, going to grab another slice of pizza from the box, and pick up the remote to begrudgingly turn down the tv’s volume since Jeongguk was so invested in the probable fate of you and Min Yoongi. The movie night that you two had almost every week could wait this one time, I mean seriously―if I watch Batman vs. Superman one more time, I’m going to scream. We have got to buy more movies.

“Ha, I’d love to see you try and beat me; I’m great at everything, remember?” He arrogantly voiced and then went back to the main topic on hand, “And bring up who? Oh, you mean your boyfriend,” Jeongguk teased, earning an eye roll from you, “you know, what kind of girlfriend refuses to see her sweetheart, especially when they’re sick off their ass and nearly dying? It’s kinda rude don’t you think?” He finished, mouth garbling the rest of his statement as he went to take a quick swig from the beer that sat on the small coffee table in your living room.

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Rain & Cupcakes - dad!jason au

Characters: Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, lil bit of Damian Wayne
Pairing: jaydick
Summary: If there was one thing Jason knew about this moment right now, it was that Damian definitely did not own that raincoat before Dick stole him for the afternoon.
A/N: This was a prompt from Best Friend Adam from last summer, because he’s the best. You all claim I tortured you with fic this morning, and I felt a little bad so. Here, have fluff, toddlers and secret pining instead. 

Other things for Nevolition’s Dad!Jason AU


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there-was-a-girl  asked:

Today I was imagining what the heck Dooku would be up to in the Obi Wan and Shmi Worst Vision verse. Like, I have this amusing thought of Shmi remembering what this man did/will do to her son and challenging him to spar and then surprising the hell out of him by kicking all sorts of ass. Meanwhile Obi Wan sits and smirks in the corner and wonders if he should try and stop his grand Master from leaving. Also imagine bb!Ani kicking Dooku's shins and stuff. So many fun thoughts today. <3

Some very, very foolish crechemaster decides that OF COURSE Yan Dooku is the absolute PERFECT person to introduce duelling to the younglings, except said foolish crechemaster was also a padawan at the same time as Yan Dooku and therefore has juuuuust enough dirt on him to get him to do it. Dooku thinks this is ridiculous, but whatever, he wasn’t doing anything important today anyway. Also, he will wear PLEATHER before he lets those childhood holos ever be seen again. 

bb!Anakin takes one look at the bastard, ENTIRELY forgets he is supposed to have no idea how to fight lightsaber-on-lightsaber, and goes right for his knees and/or Achilles’s tendon. He’s not picky, whatever works. 

Dooku is CHARMED. Anakin immediately becomes his favorite little crecheling and he proceeds to keep teaching the younglings just so he can teach him all the violence ever. Anakin is still bb enough to get distracted by learning exciting new ways to stab people and is also Anakin, so is like “ooooo SHOW ME AGAIN”. And again, is also ANAKIN, so goes for his knees a few more times. Or few dozen, whatever. 

Also, if Dooku is ever unfortunate enough to spar with Shmi, she is gonna go full-on Vader on his ass. No holds barred, no restraint, FULL-ON FUCKING VADER FROM A COLD START. If Dooku fucks up he is getting fucking SMEARED across the fucking FLOOR. 

Mr. Turner had been rambling on about the amendments to the Constitution for over a half hour, and even a straight A student like Cas had heard enough. He gazed about the room, notebook open to a blank sheet, and observed his classmates.  

In the very front sat Raphael, head down on his desk and sleeping, as were the rest of his crew. Mr. Turner doubled as the football coach, and everyone knew all the starters for the team had to do was show up to pass.

Behind them, Charlie played games on her phone surreptitiously under her desk, while Jo sat next to her and elbowed her every time Mr. Turner turned his gaze their way. Meg Masters sat to Jo’s left making faces every time Kevin Tran nodded along with whatever their teacher was saying.

On Cas’ right, beside him in the very back of the classroom, sat Dean. He was chewing gum, doodling absentmindedly in his own spiral notebook, and Cas’ heart gave a pleasant lurch at the sight of him. He hadn’t known Dean for long; the other boy had transferred to the school at the end of their junior year. Somehow, though, he and Cas just fit. They had been inseparable over the summer, and now that school was back in session, they took as many of the same classes as they could. Senior government was one of them, and Cas doubted he could get by without him. He was just happy it was their last class of the day.

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Fate - Let’s go to the beach - AU series

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warning: mention of cancer

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  • Read part 3 - ‘Best wingwoman ever!’ HERE
  • Read part 4 - ‘Meet mom’ HERE

Theme song: Summer Vibe - Walk Off The Earth

Word count: 2,876

Y/N was dreaming the Grand Canyon when the doorbell rang and she jolted awake; she quickly got out of bed and went to open the front door. A smiling Dean was standing there, “Wakey-wakey, it’s 7 am!”

Her eyes went wide, “Oh man, I’m so sorry… I’ll be ready in five minutes!” She promised, starting to run towards her room to change.

“No need to run… We’re not in a rush!” He said from there shrugging and then he got inside, closing the front door.

“Yeah, but you said at seven, we’re gonna be late…” She replied from her room.

Dean smiled, proud of  his plan, “Not really, I sorta lied to you.”

Her head appeared from the bedroom, “What do you mean ‘lied’?” 

“I knew you were going to be late, so I told you to meet at seven; now you have an hour to get ready and you’re gonna be on time!” He said with a satisfied grin.

He didn’t get any verbal response. Just a pillow, that she grabbed from the couch, came flying at him. He didn’t see it coming and it hit him directly in the face. “Hey, no need to be violent!” He exclaimed offended.

“I was dreaming the Grand Canyon, you idiot! You don’t go and wake people up an hour before! It’s rude!” She stated, crossing her arms.

“Yeah, but I brought you breakfast to apologize.” Dean offered, showing a little bag with the name of their usual diner printed on it.

She was a little surprised by this gesture, “You brought breakfast?”

Dean frowned, “Why so surprised!? We’ve had breakfast together for two months; I didn’t want to interrupt the tradition.” 

Y/N uncrossed her arms and just smiled sweetly.

“What?!” He asked impatiently.

“You know, you’re really adorable when you want to,” she said still smiling at him.

He covered his face with an indignant expression, “I always am!” But, as soon as she picked the pillow from the floor and turned her back to him, to put it back on the couch, he smiled widely.

“Where are the others anyway?” 

“Well, it’s Jessica’s mom’s birthday today, so she won’t be coming,” he started, putting their breakfast on the table., “And that freak of a brother I have had to really go for his morning run. So he’ll get there with Charlie.”

Y/N couldn’t suppress her laugh, “You mean he’ll get there in Charlie’s yellow car?”

Dean smirked and nodded, “That is exactly what I’m saying!”  

“Man, I’d buy tickets for that show.” 

“Well, apparently we’ve gonna have front row seats to that show today.” 

They were both sitting at the table eating when Dean noticed something, “Hey, where did you get that bruise from?” He asked, a frown showing up on both their faces.

“What bruise?” 

“This one.” He answered, pointing at her forearm. “I’m pretty sure you didn’t have it yesterday.”

She hadn’t noticed it yet and, when she did, realization hit her. But she wasn’t going to think about it, just for today. She was going to deal with it tomorrow. She made sure of not showing any concern when she replied, “I probably slammed it somewhere, don’t worry about it.”  And, before he could say anything, she stood up. “I’m gonna go get ready, I’ll be quick.” 

Once inside her room, she looked at her forearm again, and her heart broke a little. I’m not gonna think about it! Just for today… She thought, taking a deep breath. Then she started to change her clothes.

Two hours later Dean was parking his car in front of a lovely white wooden house with blue fixtures; Charlie’s car was already there. 

“Man, this is your beach house? It’s beautiful!” 

“Yeah, I love it here!” Dean admitted smiling and getting out of the car. She followed him. Mary and her husband noticed them and started to walk to meet them halfway.

“Good morning,” Mary welcomed them, hugged them both.

“Morning,” Y/N replied, onsmiling. Mary had this power of making her feel safe; she shared this trait with Dean for sure.

“Hey mom,” Dean greeted her and then his father. “Hey, Dad,” he said giving him a quick hug and Y/N’s heart grew in her chest. She could see how much he loved his family and it was heartwarming. His dad smiled, hugging him back, “It’s been a while, huh, son?”.

“Definitely!” Dean admitted and then continued, “Dad, this is Y/N. Y/N this is my dad.”

“Nice meeting you sir,” she smiled, offering her hand.

“None of that. Call me John,” He replied shaking her hand with a smile on his face.

“Sammy and Charlie are already down at the beach; why don’t you guys go meet them? We are going to make some sandwiches and see you there,” Mary proposed.

“All right! If you need help with something let me know,” Dean replied as he started to walk alongside Y/N towards the beach. Once they got there they noticed that Sam was talking on the phone while Charlie was enjoying the view, listening to some music with her headphones on. When she spotted them, she went to her feet and walked towards them, “Dudes! This place is amazing!” 

“I know, right?!” Dean said satisfied, watching the sea.

But Charlie’s mind was now busy with another thought. “Hey Dean, give me a second with Y/N. We need to talk about some girly stuff,” she said suddenly with a serious face.

“Why are you girls so rude in the morning?” He asked, pretend to be offended.

Y/N knew what Charlie wanted to talk about and she couldn’t avoid it, this much was sure; so she wanted to just do it and stop thinking about it for the rest of the day. “Go, Dean,” she sighed, already preparing herself to admit the truth to her red-headed friend.

“Or what?” He questioned playfully. “You don’t have any pillows to throw at me here,” he said smugly.

“No, but I have plenty of sea stones!” She replied with a smug expression herself.

Dean’s face got serious and it was clear that he was looking for an answer but that he was unable to find it so he decided to leave them alone. “I have plenty of sea stones,” he muttered, mocking her as he started walking towards Sam.

When Charlie decided that Dean was far enough she started, “How did the checkup go? Everything okay?”

Y/N sighed, “I’m gonna tell you but then we’ll stop talking about it until tomorrow. Deal?”

Her friend was concerned already at this answer but she agreed, “Deal.”

“I’m going to have the results tomorrow… so nothing is sure yet but -” 

“Y/N I swear you’re worrying me… Did something happened?” 

Y/N wrapped her arms around herself before answering, “I got this nosebleed two day ago.” 

Charlie was quick to reply, “That could mean nothing. Sometimes it’s just the heat.” She was growing scared by the second but she didn’t want to worry her friend more than she was already.

“Yeah, I really wanted to think that,” Y/N admitted sadly. “But then this morning  I woke up with this,” she continued showing her bruised forearm. The fear she was trying to contain was on the verge to break out. “I know what it means, I’m not stupid,” she sighed, shaking her head slightly with wet eyes already. “I’m not that lucky to have two coincidences like this in two days and be okay…I know I’m not okay…” she wiped a few tears with her hand.

“Y/N…” Charlie said sadly.

Y/N closed her eyes, trying to stop her tears and she managed a little. “Nothing is sure until tomorrow, so I don’t wanna think about it just yet,” she confessed with sad eyes but regaining a little control over herself. “I just want a good day and I’ll deal with all of that tomorrow.”

Charlie was on the verge of crying herself, but she needed to be strong for her friend, so she took a deep breath. “Good idea! Let’s go bother the guys,” she said with a strained smile.

“You want a hug, don’t you?” Y/N asked, smiling a little and Charlie just shrugged not making eye contact. “All right, I’m gonna hug you and then no more sadness for the day. I want your word though.”

Charlie didn’t answer, she just hugged Y/N as strongly as she could, with no more control over her tears. It was like what had happened two years ago was now back to hunt them again. It had been difficult for them both but somehow their friendship had made that whole thing easier. Charlie had lost her mother two years ago and her heart felt broken already just at the idea of losing her friend too. But the promise was kept anyway, they didn’t talk about it for the rest of the day. 

Y/N avoided to even think about it for most of the time but after dinner it was like her fear was about to become real and it didn’t matter how much she tried, she couldn’t keep that bad hunch away and that’s why she went outside to sit on the porch. She didn’t want everyone else to know what was happening but Dean noticed anyway and followed her outside after a couple of minutes. “Something is wrong, isn’t it?” He asked concerned, sitting next to her.

Y/N wanted to lie, but she really didn’t have the strength to do it at the moment, so she just nodded, not making eye contact.

“Whatever it is, you can tell me… maybe I can help?” He offered taking her hand in his and squeezing it. This little gesture give her a little strength somehow; she felt safe there with him and there was still time until tomorrow so she was going to enjoy these hours without worrying about anything. She turned to look at him with a little smile, “I will, but not today…”

“Do I need to worry about it?” He asked, apprehensive, gently caressing her hand.

How did he manage to make her feel good with just this little gesture she had no idea. She smiled sweetly at him and shaking her head she replied, “No, not at all.”

Dean really didn’t want to push her. “Okay.”

“You really like it here, don’t’ you?” She then asked, looking at the sea in front of her, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, I always have… If I think about settling down and have a family this is the place that comes to my mind,” he admitted not making eye contact with her and just keeping his eyes on the hand he was holding.

“Do you think about that a lot?” She asked curious. He had never admitted any intention of settling down and with his record of hookups, it was kind of difficult to see.

“No, not really… I think I’m not cut out to have that but it doesn’t mean I don’t want it,” he answered and he was kind of surprised by how much sincere he was being. Probably holding her hand hadn’t been a good idea if he had wanted to maintain his tough attitude. “Do you ever think about it?” He then asked her.

“I used to,” she shrugged. “Now I’m more the live day by day kind of person… and about that I have an idea,” she continued, standing up. “C’mon, I’ll race you to the water!”

“What are you, insane!? The water is probably super cold at this time!” 

“Afraid you’re gonna lose, Dean?” She asked mocking him, with raised eyebrows.

“I’m way faster than you, Y/N.” He admitted smugly.

“Prove it!” 

His pride felt a little offended and he stood up. “Get ready to lose!” He said and was ready to start running when she distracted him. 

“OH MY GOD!” She exclaimed to have his attention and when he slightly turned towards her with interrogative eyes she continued with a surprised face, “What is that girl thinking, running naked on the beach?!”

His brain reacted exactly as she had thought. “What girl?” He asked turning back to look where Y/N had pointed. But, as soon as he turned his head, he heard Y/N laugh and he quickly realized his mistake. She had played him and she was now winning. “Not fair, Y/N!” He shouted, starting to run but she had the advantage and the water wasn’t that far from the porch so she had practically won. The moment her feet touched the water she wanted to yell her victory in his face but he had been right so the only words that came out were different ones, “My God, the water is frozen!”

He had caught up with her and now his face had one of his smug expressions, “I don’t want to say I told you so but… I told you so!”

“Shut up! Nobody likes a smartass!” She said crossing her arms and pouting her lips. She hated to be wrong about stuff and now he was practically gloating in his victory. 

Except she had misread his thoughts. He wasn’t thinking about that; he was thinking about how adorable she looked when she was pouting like that. He just wanted to kiss her right there but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to ruin their relationship and, oblivious as he was, he had no idea of how she felt about him; there was too much to risk. Luckily for him, she distracted him from his thoughts, “Is that music I hear?” 

Dean payed attention and he could hear it too and as soon as he recognized the tune he smiled and shook his head, “Yeah, that’s probably Benny… C’mon, let’s go see.” He proposed, offering his hand to her. She took it without even thinking about it and they walked like this for a couple of minutes, enjoying each other’s company, without saying a word. Once they got closer it was easier to see; there was a small bonfire with a few people around it; one of them, a man, was playing the guitar and, as soon as Dean and Y/N got close, he had finished to play the song and had stood up to grab a beer. It was then that he noticed someone he knew, “Dean? Is that you, brother?”

Dean smiled at him, “In the flesh.”

Benny laughed heartily and hugged him, “It’s good to see you, man!” Then he turned to the girl with a knowing look in his eyes, “Hey, I’m Benny.”


“Well, why don’t you guys sit down, have a beer with us?”

Dean looked at Y/N interrogatively. “Why not?!” She replied.

They sat there for a while enjoying the music and Benny’s jokes. He surely seemed like a good guy and his fiancée was the sweetest; she had immediately started to talk with Y/N and it seemed like they were alike in many things and that’s definitely a way to start a friendship quickly. After a while Benny and Dean had stood up to grab a beer, after asking to the girls if they wanted one, with two negative answers. 

They sipped their beers looking from afar at the two girls and that’s when Benny asked what he wanted to, since the first minute he had seen his friend back. “So, are you settling down?”

Dean was surprised. “Settling down?”

“Yeah, man,” Benny replied. “I remember a rule you once told me. I think it was ‘no girls at the beach house, except the one that I’m settling down with’.”

“It’s not like that with Y/N… we’re just friends.” .

“Let me tell you something brother, ‘just friends’ don’t walk hand in hand on the beach. But don’t worry about it… sometimes it takes a little to realize that,” he chuckled.“Took me almost a year…”

“Maybe,” was the only reply Dean gave him.

Ten minutes later he was sitting next to her again. 

“I like them,” she said, smiling at him.

“Yeah, me too… Benny is the oldest friend I have… They’re like family,” he explained, looking at the bonfire. It was somehow relaxing to sit there, with Y/N next to him. Everything seemed peaceful, everything seemed right.

He turned to look at her and noticed an eyelash that had fallen on her cheek; he smiled as he took it and put it on the back of his hand. “Make a wish… A really good one though,” he told her.

She smiled, closed her eyes and blow the eyelash away two seconds later. When she opened her eyes it was gone. 

“I really hope it comes true,” he said sweetly, putting an arm around her.

“Me too,” she replied with a little smile, putting her head on his shoulder.

Let me tell you this much, it will…

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anonymous asked:

the boys eating Candy out? can it be long too, please? c:

Hey Darlings! I’m so so so sorry it took so long to post but I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my life lately and it was hard to focus on completing your requests. I hope you don’t mind, but I decided to merge both of your requests to make one BEHEMOTH of a drabble. 

Also, Lysander and Armin are not quite finished :/ I’d like to work on them a little more before posting them if you don’t mind. This is my first really long NSFW request and I want it to be good.
I really have no idea how to write oral sex. And so, this post only has Kentin, Nathaniel and Castiel, but the two other boys should be out in a few days :)

Again, so sorry it took this long :( I hope you enjoy anyway and keep an eye out for Lysander and Armin’s parts!



Having his own apartment was the best thing that had ever happened to Nathaniel. The freedom was a perk that had never felt so good before. He absolutely loved it. The teenager was free to do whatever he wanted, when he wanted and with whoever he wanted. Therefore, it seemed illogical to not take advantage of such a privilege.

That day, Candy had told him that his parents were out of town for the weekend, and so, it was the perfect time to spend some time alone. She could come home whenever she wanted to after all, and that meant she could easily spend the whole night with Nathaniel.

At first, he had been uncomfortable with the idea of her breaking rules in the absence of her parents. However, the more he thought of them being alone in the intimacy of his apartment, the less important rules seemed to be.

“We could have dinner together watch a movie?” She had proposed. It was a simple, yet romantic date. And it was perfect.

Before she got there, Nathaniel made sure every curtain was closed and every door was locked in order to ensure total privacy. The last thing they needed was someone to surprise them with a random visit, and Amber tended to stop by sometimes ever since he had left their family’s house.

He had went all out with dinner. Having had to cook several meals for his picky and high class parents, Nathaniel was skilled in cuisine. Candy’s impressed face as she saw him serve a perfectly prepared roasted duck was priceless and filled him with pride.

He wrapped his arm around her as they cuddled on his couch. Her body pressed against his and she slowly caressed his chest as the movie played. It felt like a dream, he was barely watching the movie anymore.

It was just so tempting to just grab her and kiss her. After all, it was the perfect moment. They were alone. He could see it in his head, them making out intensely on his couch, driven by their feelings and lust for each other. He would touch her everywhere, and he’d make sure she’d like it.

He swallowed hard at the thought. Nathaniel wanted nothing more than to hear her moan at his touch.

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What Tomorrow Brings part 3

Rated T

Part 3 of either 4 or 5 ^^

 Farkle’s mind felt hazy as he let his body melt into the seat of the car. He started to zone out going through everything that had led him to here since yesterday. He had drowned out their words. Smackle’s and Zay’s. They fell on deaf ears. Kaitlyn made him send the invitation as he was worried about having Riley close . Farkle fretted the day he would see Riley again not knowing what to expect , and before he knew he was mindlessly driving his car to pick her up at the airport.

He made a promise to himself that he would not let Riley effect him. That he would come pick her up , and be around her just like a normal person should be around another person. Kaitlyn was also the one who suggested the sleepover , and Farkle said yes mostly to prove to himself he could have a sleepover with Riley like they used to before feelings got in the way.

Strolling through the airport calmly trying to keep his mind clear , but as soon as he saw Riley he was running towards her before he even realized. Farkle had missed her so much , and he couldn’t wait to feel her in his arms. Though he convinced himself he was just going to miss his best friend knowing tonight sleepover was more then likely their last. While he was hugging her he hated how good it felt , and how even after all the time they have been apart she still looked like Riley.

The plan had been working well enough as he let himself get lost in just enjoying the night. Farkle  let himself relax just reveling in how lucky he was to have Riley in his life through everything. It was all go according to plan until he let his guard down when he watched her a little to long when she laughed at one of the movies. Farkle’s heart almost jumped  out of his chest when it woke back up a familiar longing for the woman in front of him. After that everything moved faster until Farkle almost punched himself for being stupid , and making Riley cry.

Letting out a long breath Farkle felt his chest getting ever more tight as his thoughts started going haywire.

Riley crying started the downhill spiral. His thoughts between the one in his arms , and the one waiting for him. As he held Riley he wanted to just squeeze her tight , and tell her their sleepovers would never end. Instead he stayed quiet rubbing her back letting the silence fill the room knowing if he told her that it wasn’t true. Morning came fast , and he got up first trying to surprise her to cheer her up. She was beautiful when he left her sleeping there. He bought her the dress. Maybe he shouldn’t have bought her that dress. He knew why he chose it, and what feelings it would bring up. But then he even made her breakfast, something he’d always wanted to do.

In a way he figured doing some of the things he always dreamed up would help him let Riley go . He was with Kaitlyn now, and Farkle hated how hard he was struggling to once again shake off his feelings for Riley. After an amazing breakfast is was time for him to give her the damn dress. He laid it out for her, but she even noticed the color. She shouldn’t remember that unless she cared. But… She shouldn’t care. I thought she didn’t before, so does she now? This whole thing is wrong… How she looks in the dress… There aren’t words in any language. maybe a last dance. Just one. Then he won’t be obsessing over the dance he didn’t get.

Having her that close was probably not the best decision. Getting lost in the music it almost felt dreamlike to be there actually getting to dance with Riley. Which is why he assumed he was hearing things when Riley mumbled into his chest. She said it like he always imagined she would. He had right? I mean Riley wouldn’t say that. She had never wanted him that way. That was just the way she was. But he said it, and the look on her face. She knew. She Had said it. He had responded, and she had heard. They had finally said it. The thing he had avoided saying since he saved her from the apples, But he was getting married. He couldn’t just stop that. This woman loved him. Kaitlyn that is. She wanted to marry him,  But she saw him, and she saw Riley, and then she even said no. Like it was easy. Why did he get that dress? Why did he have that sleepover? How was it a good idea?

Farkle’s heart finally started to calm a bit with the next few thoughts. Kaitlyn had honestly given him a gift , and it’s not he didn’t love Kaitlyn . He loved Kaitlyn of course he did , but when it came to matters of his heart Farkle had built up walls. Walls to remind him to run his life with logic instead of emotions. When it came down to feelings he had never really had a choice. It has always been Riley from day one , and deep down he always knew that . Even Kaitlyn knew , and she had only seen them together for less then five minutes so that proved even more something was There between them. Something he could never explain with logic , something he would not be able to just ignore . With Riley it was not explainable , and all of sudden it felt clear that this is exactly what he should be doing. Honestly Farkle wished he had realized this before Kaitlyn so she didn’t have to go through all of this , but At the same time maybe he never would have without  Kaitlyn.  Damn he really need to thank her later , but right now…like a lightning strike he know knew the answer to all the things that had happened. He was in love with Riley Matthews , and always had been it was a battle he was never going to win but…Maybe

“Earth to Farkle..Come back from Mars..” Zay started waving his hand in Farkle’s face trying to pull him back into the now.  “Ex-Lovesis you have freaked out enough , and we must get on an airplane for our destination” Smackle added while parking the car.

“I was on Pluto . Huh?” Farkle pressed his face against the window. “Why in the hell are we at the airport?!? We are suppose to be going after Riley.”

Yes but Riley is already on her way to NY, so we are here. , and I refuse to be the best man who let you down so we are all going home too!” Zay stated proudly as he took Smackle’s hand in his both of them watching Farkle . “You need to finally get this dude. The way I feel about Smackle is the greatest thing , and I have been waiting years for this day so you are not going to screw it up!” He let go of Smackle’s hand then they both got out as Farkle followed.

“But what about my stuff its all with Kaitlyn…”This was something Farkle would never do under normal circumstances.

Smackle put her phone in her pocket while retaking Zay’s hand “Kaitlyn said she would get your stuff to you , and  My sweetums is right . You have to do this , and we aren’t going to let you say no.”

Pacing a few seconds before stopping , and staring at them both “You guys are right I can’t give up again…I am not going to miss this chance.”  Farkle smiled nervously while his hands were shaking , and with that they all boarded the next plane to go home. A home Farkle hadn’t been to awhile , and he hoped good things would replace the reason he had to leave in the first place.

A few hours later

Zay is dragging Farkle through the airport since after he had fallen asleep on the plane , and woken up he wouldn’t stop bringing up bad things that could happen. “Now Off to Riley!”

“but what if she has already moved on…What if I’m too late. Logically I should just stay in this airport.” Farkle was really worried about laying his heart out to Riley all over again.

Smackle glanced back at the two”Relax. You have always loved her , and She is in love with you. According to Maya she has been for awhile.” Smackle turned her head back around , and continued to walk.

Letting Zay drag him Farkle spoke softly “I just don’t get why it changed..Riley never wanted me before. So how can I trust everything will work out now?” Zay patted Farkle’s shoulder “Love is a big mysterious thing , but I do know when you finally get it in return you do whatever it takes to keep it also its RILEY…It’s not like its a surprise”

“Once again relax before you pop a blood vessel” Smackle stated glaring at Farkle “It doesn’t matter what changed it is happening now so stop! We all know I’m smarter then you anyway!” Zay just smirked at his girlfriend getting all feisty.  

Farkle knowing he had lost just nodded then started to try to plan what the hell he was going to say.

WHAT FELT LIKE A VERY LONG TAXI DRIVE LATER (now in front of Riley’s studio apartment)

Smackle , and Zay had decided not to go with him so they walked down the street to have coffee . So now it was just Farkle about to face the one thing in his life he never fully understood. With one more deep breathe he knocked on Riley’s door deciding just to wing it.

Riley answered not even getting anytime to talk before Farkle spoke up first taking her hand “Do you have a bay window ?” Riley blinked then nodded leading them over to it while staying quiet being to shocked to know what to say.

With a small smile at the fact somehow Riley had found a studio apartment with a bay window he sat down then patted the seat next to him. Riley sat down with no argument as her eyes never left Farkle.

“I’m just going to keep talking , because if I stop I’m afraid I might die or never finish so here we go.” Farkle grabbed Riley’s hand mostly to keep himself from shaking. “Fark..”Riley went to speak ,But farkle squeezed her hand “No. I have things to say and I have been Waiting since I saved you from apples. I love you. As a friend, but also  so much more. Every one you dated was wrong because they never cared enough, I hate that it took this long, and there is more. I should fought for you many times , and I didn’t. I’m sorry I left without telling you , but I need you to know I think of you every day. Even miles apart I couldn’t let you go . For a genius I am completely clueless when it comes to  love , and being around you makes It even more complicated. Now not that its a bad thing its just you run your life on emotions , and I always envied you for that Riley. You are so beautiful inside , and out from your head to your toes. In seventh grade when I called you the sun that lit up my whole day I was wrong. Just like Pluto I tried to forget about you, and just like Pluto I failed. You are Pluto, and you are the sun. I revolve around you, my life has no purpose without you, and no matter how hard I try, I can never stop believing in you”

Feeling her heart in her throat Riley nervously spoke “Do you mean all of that?” She was surprised she had even managed that with all the feelings going on inside of her right now.

Farkle smiled brightly the worry clear on his face even though a smile was plastered on it “Every single world Riley”

Slipping her hand out of his Riley looked away then stood up glancing back down at him “But what about your wedding…I don’t want to be the girl who ruined that”

Farkle tried to reach out to touch her , but Riley moved her arm away “Riley she told me to go…She saw everything I just said to you”

“But see you were told to come , but at some point you chose Kaitlyn. You should be with her not me , an…” Riley stopped as Farkle stood up towering over her something that she still got distracted by bringing her back to when she was the taller one.

“Riley don’t you get it I did choose you…I chose you on that very first day. It just took me this long to finally see that , and I’m so sorry for that.” Riley had never seen such intensity in his eyes such a passion she had only seen him use when he was really into something. She didn’t deserve someone like him after all the times she had taken him for granted , and he still looked at her like that.

“Maybe its just too late Farkle , Maybe too many things have happened between us , or should I say to many things were left unsaid. Now it’s all tangled , and how do we  ever get back what we used to have” Riley tried to walk away , but Farkle got inches from her face placing his hand on her cheek to make sure she wouldn’t turn away.

“Maybe you are ignoring how much I care about you! Maybe just accept that I love you, I can’t live without you, and I had to leave my friends, my family, and my state, just to try and avoid the very thought of you, and even that didn’t work. I fought for a long time to try and forget you because I thought that would make you happy, and I’ll be damned if I stop now. So don’t just listen please. Feel my words, and know, I choose you. I have always chosen you. It is never too late, everything can be said now, and we never lost what we used to have. You are my sun, and my Pluto. Beginning and end. So please just talk to me How do you really feel?“ Riley shocked by what he said not completely understanding some of it , and was about to ask as tears formed in her eyes when her phone went off.

Riley sniffled as Farkle let her face go so she could answer seeing the text was from Maya.

Maya: It’s me Lucas! Maya is in labor..Please get down here..I can’t do this alone. Zay , and Smackle should be waiting downstairs for you.

Riley: Oh my god…YAY….I’ll be right there! Tell her to not  have the baby without me! Oh , and let her know Farkle is here.

Maya: Maya wants her peaches please hurry , and I know which is good this is a big day for our family..which includes him.

With a huge smile all the sadness gone , but still a twinkle of confusion her eyes Riley took Farkle’s hand, and started to run out the door. “Maya’s in labor we got to go  , but we will finish this later.!” Farkle couldn’t help , but smile even though he really wanted to finish this now he would never come in between Riley , and Maya also he wouldn’t miss this moment for anything he had already missed enough.  

anonymous asked:

Hey, whenever you have the time, you should write some Solangelo stuff *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

inspired by this text post 

“So, is this like a…” Reyna stopped herself, frowning.  She tried to read Nico’s expression, but she couldn’t tell if his eyes were wide with panic, or anger at her incompetent work as ‘best friend’.  

Her mind tried to find a happy medium between her instincts and deductions. 


Nico’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion, his face expectant and somehow betrayed.  

“A…date?” he finally prompted.

“Yeah!” Reyna pretended she’d meant that all along.  “So it’s a date?”

“Of course not!” he retorted immediately, his dark eyes blazing with an edgy nervousness.  

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smile on your face like summer (with a little luck)

Title: smile on your face like summer (with a little luck)
Pairing: Michael x reader
Rating: PG-13 
Words: 13.5k
Warnings: Language, kissing, Michael says “pussy” once

Summary: It starts with one of your neighbors getting your mail, but snowballs quickly into something else.

AN: Hey cuties, I got this lovely prompt, well, nine days ago, as it says, and I’m finally done with it. Remember how I said “oh, yeah, it’ll be 500-1000 words”? This got really out of hand. That being saaaaaid, I didn’t follow the prompt exactly (I stayed more true to the first part than the second), but hopefully this is still something that satisfies you, friend! Primary title is from Matchbox Twenty’s “Overjoyed”, secondary title is just something that ended up being a motif, so.

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about the omega 4 relay

Of course, Shepard could stand there, eyeing over the picture of Kaidan sitting on her desk. She knew Miranda had been the one to put it there, after finding out that she and Kaidan had been in a relationship (or whatever you could call it) when she died. She appreciated the gesture, but after Horizon, it burned to look at. 

She thumbed over the call button on her terminal for more minutes than she cared to admit, and drew her hand away several times. There was no use. They’d fly through the relay, and maybe never come back. Whatever she said, it wouldn’t matter.

But the longer she thought about it, maybe that was all the more reason to do it.

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