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Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 4 - Blades (4/?)

Last week @bonnie-wee-swordsman​ suggested I do a WIP video, and so, because she’s awesome, you get a Bonnie-inspired painting this week! Still editing the video, but planning to post it tomorrow! In the meantime, here’s the finished piece :)

Happy Monday everyone! We’re one week closer to September!

Parachutes 7a - The Mission

This AU sees Claire working for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II.  She is on her way to France for a special assignment with two Scottish paratroopers in tow…

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My thanks to @bonnie-wee-swordsman for the mammoth edit and @suhailauniverse for the beta reading.  There is a 7b, coming very soon… Hopefully not as long as the last one…

A long, languid sigh of contentment came out as Juliane opened her eyes. Gaston’s head was coming up to meet her neck, lightly kissing her hollow.  

‘He’s happy with me?  Are you sure?  Karla knows who I am?’ he asked between kisses.

‘But of course my dear!  You are a vital part of the French cause!  I have made sure he has heard everything of your exploits and how you are the most committed agent he could hope to have in his ranks.’   He chuckled and she could feel his chest expand in a peacock fashion.  He moved down to her breast, lightly nipping and kissing which brought a sharp intake of breath from her.

‘The British have instructed me to head out on another, longer mission.  I’ll be away for at least a week.  We have a series of drop offs and reconnaissance to undertake.’

She sat bolt upright, eyes flared and glowing with anger.  ‘We? Who is we?’  Hearing the pique in her voice, Gaston looked up sheepishly at Julianne.  Moving back up towards her, he rested his head on her shoulder, slightly pouting.  

‘Don’t be like that, my little ‘witch’.  It’s only orders and they’ve said someone needs to be with La Dame Blanche for as long as she needs; and as commanding officer, I thought it only appropriate for it to be me’.

Her head snapped towards him, her eyes gleaming.  ‘La Dame Blanche is here?  Do you have a name?  Who is she, then?’

‘You know I can’t tell you that and compromise another agent.’  He started stroking her long auburn hair, moving it away from her ears, nibbling her lobe.  ‘What’s so special about her anyway?’ he whispered.

Julianne, hoisted herself up on her elbows, hair falling down around her and hiding her breasts.  Gaston gently moved it away.

‘Special?  My dear, La Dame Blanche is the British Army’s medical botany specialist!  I heard they’d sent her out into the field but didn’t believe they would be so stupid to do it.  They must be desperate.  Or she’s working on something big.’


I sighed and looked around again waiting for Gaston to appear.  He had been due thirty-five minutes ago and we had already missed the train to our destination.  The longer we waited, the more nervous I became.  My general antipathy for Gaston was a large part of that.  The relish with which he had delivered the news that London wanted me to go ‘with a commander’ on this mission filled me with dread.  I highly doubted that he was named in the dispatch itself, but he wouldn’t let me see all of it, just the aspect pertaining to my set instructions.  Of course, it made no sense to the other members of the resistance group.

‘Sources say Culloden almost prepared, the bitter cascara might be the only option’

I had groaned at the thought.  The Nazis were close to preparing the lethal botanical weapon and I had to sabotage the production.  The cover was that Gaston would be my husband, an executive for a beauty company and we were visiting the town and factory for product.  We had been told that the beauty factory was only a cover and that a separate factory was adjacent and where Culloden was being manufactured.  We had secured a meeting and now journeyed for a week long mission.  Anyone else I wished.  Anyone.

A cough stopped my train of thought.

‘Madame? Claire?’  I recognised the soft voice with the hint of Scots lying underneath.  For some reason, I caught my breath and felt the valves in my heart quicken.I looked up to see a riot of ginger curls, the sun beaming through, blinding me.

‘Jamie? Where is Gaston?  I’ve been waiting for nearly an hour and the next train is due in ten minutes’

He scooted next to me, the warmth radiating so violently that my cold body was fighting to not sit up against him.

‘Taken ill, weird sickness.  Raymond said it’s almost like M. Robichoux, so God knows how he caught that.’  His feet tapped on the platform and he glanced down at them. ‘So, I’m your husband’ He coughed again and looked towards my bags and before I could respond to his statement, stood up and collected everything and strode towards the platform, leaving me to rush behind him.

‘What do you mean you’re my husband? Are you saying you’re taking his place?’  

Jamie stopped so abruptly, I almost crashed straight into his tall frame, panting with the quick exertion.  

‘Well, er. Yes. What kind of a friend would I be to leave you in the arms of <Rupert>?’ I smiled and was returned by a glint in his blue eyes. ‘I don’t know what we’re doing, but I figured at least one of us does, I am at your service, madame’.

By some luck, we had it all to ourselves, which seemed to be both a blessing and a curse.  There was a lingering tension in the air, from what I could not say, but it was palpable.  Maybe Jamie was nervous about the mission, seeing as he didn’t really know the full extent of it.  It was musty and dishevelled through wartime neglect.  I smiled.  Not unlike us all, I mused.  I settled myself into the corner, by the window.  Jamie, after placing our luggage in the overhead shelves, sat opposite me.  The French countryside looked calm and reassuring, green fields suggesting fertile crops seeming to mock the shortages being felt by the population.  I looked away to find him staring at me.  I looked at him quizzically, and raised an eyebrow, he responded by reading a copy of the local newspaper, but his constant glances up at me, at the door, put me on edge.

Mission nerves.  We all got them from time to time. Luckily, I had other things related to the expedition on my mind; how we were to find the cascara substitute, and how on earth we would be able to get into the factory in the first place to disrupt the process.  I opened up my book and begun to study the composition of the plants the Nazis were using.  Seemed simple, if yet very clever stuff.  The fact that the British hadn’t even thought of it when the French surrendered was mind-blowing.  Well, in truth, they had.  Or rather I had.

My inability to get the team I was working with to consider the possibility that the plants could or would be synthesised was part of the reason I transferred into the SOE.  Very firmly one evening, I was pulled aside by the section leader, the cigarette smell stale and worn on his motheaten jacket.  It was ‘explained’ to me rather idiotically, that my idea would not get far, that I should give it up.  Three weeks later, he came back again and warned me to drop my theory and protests to the head of command.  But I persisted and found it so frustrating, that they moved me to another team.  The boredom of that work was the reason, despite Frank’s displeasure, I ended up in the SOE.  

But I was right.  I was bloody right, the bastards.

The jostling of the train relaxed me and I looked up out of my window, closing my eyes to envisage the structures of the plants and how they were fusing together in the most deadly way. Clarity and sense of purpose flowed and I began to see how much cascara we may wish to use.

‘What have you got in that wee book there?’ I was thrown out of my meditation by Jamie’s soft Scottish burr.  I glanced around and seeing that we were still alone looked at him ‘Your lack of security is quite something. En français, s’il te plaît’.

A lopsided smile came across his face. ‘Well, what is in your book that has you tapping and muttering so?  Can I take a look?’

My large companion moved, to sit next to me.  I moved closer to the window, the seat barely registering my presence, yet Jamie seemed to completely disrupt the wadding inside and,  much to my amusement, bounced me in the air as he settled into place, dust moving everywhere like tiny wisps.  In all the commotion, and in his eagerness to see the book, he practically sat on top of me, so close that our legs touched in a familiar, yet strange way.  

‘It’s nothing really, just a little book on plants that I like to read from time to time.’

‘On plants you say?  I’ve noticed you picking up little bits here and there.  Is it a hobby of yours?’

I glanced up at him, meeting those earnest blue eyes.  I breathed slowly, not knowing how much to give away in this area.  I’d talked freely to Jamie, as open as one could be in the circumstances.  I found him easy company.  He was a born storyteller,  like most Scots I’d come across, we had shared many stories and had reached a friendly intimacy and I felt awkward telling him the truth.  I wanted to tell him more, yet I was torn.  Any more information could certainly put him in jeopardy and I didn’t want his death on my head.

‘You could say that’.

I saw him eyeing me up, wondering what to say.  ‘You could say that…’ he trailed off.  ‘Something tells me you’re not telling me the whole story with that Claire.  It’s more than just a hobby isn’t it?’  I could feel the perspiration begin to form on my neck, the clamminess uncomfortable and I moved my hand to my neck to try wipe it away.  Jamie continued, low.  Like a horse tamer trying not to startle a newborn foal.  

‘I think there is room for secrets in the world we live in.  God knows, you have to have them.  But not lies.  Not between us.  Know that you don’t need to tell me anything that isn’t classified, anything that would compromise the mission and’ he paused and looked at me ‘more importantly you’.

I gulped.  It was now or never.

‘Medicine isn’t my specialty.  I am a trained nurse, but botany was my first love.  The two together are rather fascinating to me, how nature itself can heal.’  And that was it.  I found myself explaining my background, mindful to not tell him everything.  I couldn’t tell him about Frank.  Something always stopped me.  

Silence.  Jamie just looked at me.  His face impassive and hard to read.  I felt anxious but resolved.  He wanted the truth, and I gave it to him.  He knew some measure of the type of woman, the type of person I was.

He smiled that lopsided smile that gave me reassurance, a dusting of stubble lightly flecking his face and a twinkle lept to his eyes.

‘Now! I almost forgot, time to make it official!’ And with that he jumped up off of the banquette and grabbed at his case.  ‘Can’t have my wife going about without a ring now, can I?’  I rolled my eyes.  He chuckled, his shoulders raising.

‘Heaven forbid! What did Gaston give you, some old dusty gold ring?’

His eyes shifted to his case.  The mood in the carriage suddenly went very serious.  

‘Ah well, no. I brought my own.’  And with that he ceremoniously got down on one knee, I couldn’t help but smile at the sweetness of it all. ‘Claire Beauchamp, will you do me the honour of being my wife? My mission wife that is’.

I nodded, and he slipped the ring on, muttering something I couldn’t quite make out.  

‘What was that?’

‘Nothing, just a bit of the Gaelic. Seemed wrong to put it on and not say it. Traditional like.’

‘Have I sold you my soul?’ I teased, laughing ‘and more importantly, did you give me your soul to so with as I like?’

you know, I am pretty pissed at the how the finale turned out all around but, I can definitely acknowledge the good parts it had.

- Bonnie got her happy ending
- The return of the Bennett witches, aunt Jenna, John, Vicki, Lexi etc.
- Damon and Elena literally did not say one word to each other (lol)
- Kevin decided to cut out Damons proposal scene (love u kev)
- Klaus’ letter to Caroline
- Katherine reminding Damon for the last time that Stefan is the better man
- Stefan being the hero one last time (minus the death bc it should’ve been Damon imo)
- Delena may have been endgame, but Stefan basically chose for her, being selfless. Him and Elena actually talked, hugged and had a good heart to heart.
- everyone finally found peace in the afterlife.

Reblogging this stuff about FNAF and reading about how people think children shouldn’t be exposed to it made me want to share something–the artwork that my daughter, who is 6, has drawn of it.

Here is the first Five Nights at Freddy’s:

From left to right: Bonnie, Freddy, Chica, her cupcake character named Cakey that she created, and Foxy down below coming out of the curtains.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2:

From left to right: Bonnie, Freddy, and Chica.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location:

From left to right: Fun-Time Freddy, Baby, Bellora, and Fun-Time Foxy.

And probably the most special one of all, something she made me for Mother’s Day last year:

That’s all the original FNAF characters there, with Cakey included.

Notice how all of these images are positive. There’s no blood, the animatronics aren’t hurting anyone–they all look happy and like they’re having a good time. In fact, she views the animatronics as positive entities; one night she told me if she was ever afraid of monsters living under her bed, she would imagine Freddy scaring them away for her. I think that’s pretty awesome, to be honest.

If Stefan is the one to die, I’m going to be pissed...

Can we talk about how every time Stefan goes off the rails he comes back and spends episode after episode making amends, is threatened with death and regularly forced to give up his happiness while the writers have Damon’s victims throw forgiveness at him (for no reason other the fact that it’s Damon *looking at Bonnie*) and maintain his glorified position between Elena’s thighs. That’s the extent of his guilt and that lasts only as long as she stays with him. 

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Im one of those confused people. i have absolutely no idea what the hell happened in those last five minutes, stefan dies and then all of a sudden sees elena. but bonnie has bought her back. how did she do that? then all of a sudden theres the funeral for stefan, matts cutting something, bonnies forgot her passport, klaus letter and jenna is back.

Okay, so before Stefan died he gave Damon his blood which turned Damon human. Bonnie somehow (even after seasons of saying no loopholes) wakes Elena up. Bonnie deserved her happy ending so just go with it.

Stefan says his goodbye to Elena, explains what happened and then walks out of the school into the sun, showing he is at peace. Lexi, his best friend, joins him also at peace.

Matt is still sheriff (he now has a badge) and is considering running for Mayor. The two people closest to him, Vicki and Tyler, are shown to be looking over him and have found peace.

Bonnie is alive, well and is finally living her life to the fullest. It is implied she is travelling the world. Enzo is also at peace as he watches over her, Bonnie can no longer see him. She outlives both Damon and Elena.  

Alaric and Caroline with help from Jeremy open the Salvatore Boarding House for the Young and Gifted. Jo looks over Alaric and her kids at peace and Sheriff Forbes also at peace looks over Caroline. Caroline receives a letter and a generous donation from Klaus.

Elena returns to Mystic Falls after attending Med School, where she is writing in her diary in the graveyard with a crow ala season 1. She writes that they get to live their lives because of Stefan.

She sees Damon and they hold hands as they walk off together, except the scene changes and they’re walking towards the Gilbert household. Elena looks away and before she knows it Damon is gone, implying he has died.

Elena keeps walking and eventually ends up at the household where she sees Jenna, her parents and John. Her interactions with them imply that she is now also dead. They are all at peace.

The final scene is between Stefan and Damon. Where Stefan opens the door and finds Damon with his infamous ‘Hello Brother.’ Damon has found peace.They hug and the show ends.

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Hey so I love your modern Glasgow story! You have one where Claire is working and gets the call that Jamie's been in a car accident... Imagine if Jamie gets the call that Claire has been hurt in this universe

Modern Glasgow AU (and follow up to this ficlet)

“…Which is why despite the continued softness in the Continental market, we expect that launching the new e-book platform will lead to a commensurate doubling of sales…”

Jamie discreetly checked his watch under the conference room table, hoping that Lawrence Stern (a friendly but decidedly dull accountant whose personal collection of over 10,000 beetles had been published in a handsome coffee table book last year) wouldn’t notice. He was happy to attend these management meetings - securing an invitation meant that Rupert considered him to be one of the key decision-makers at the company. But he should have left this meeting half an hour ago, so that he could be at the hospital in time for Faith’s feeding…

Wee Faith. Born two months ago at only 30 weeks gestation - she was a bonny fighter. Getting stronger every day, and even able to feed herself once a day now. How Claire cherished the ability to breastfeed their daughter after so many weeks of watching Faith take her nourishment from a feeding tube. And how Jamie treasured being with Claire during that feeding - holding his girls close.

“…took the liberty to mock up some projections, using different assumptions of pound and Euro interest rates…”

Jamie sighed and pulled his phone from his pocket. Better text Claire at the hospital, sharing the news that he wouldn’t be able to make it tonight. She’d be sad, but of course she’d understand. He’d be there in time to take her home - to support her as, yet again, they had to leave their baby girl in the NICU ward until she was strong enough to sleep without constant supervision. Only a few more weeks now - though it seemed like forever.

His lock screen was a picture one of the nurses had taken just the day before - Faith wide awake, clad in a fuzzy blue cap Murtagh had bought for her, boneless against Claire’s shoulder as her Mama gently burped her.

Two missed calls. Three text messages.

Thumb trembling, he unlocked the screen.

From Murtagh: Come to hospital.

Another from Murtagh: Why arent u at hospital?

And one from Dr. Joe Abernathy: You’re needed at the hospital.

Jamie swallowed, stood, and rudely walked out of the room. Then raced to the street, flagged down a taxi, and prayed.

And kept praying as he flew down the corridor, up to the NICU ward on the third floor, and grabbed the first nurse he could find.

“Faith Fraser,” he gasped. “Is she all right?”

“Faith?” the nurse gaped, shrugging Jamie’s huge hands off her shoulders. “Why yes, she’s perfectly fine - just checked in on her myself. You must be Jamie - yer wife was asking whether ye were here.”

“Clare?” he said stupidly, heart still somewhere in his throat. “She’s fine? Faith is all right?”

The nurse - her nametag read MAISRI - narrowed her eyes, but kindly took Jamie’s elbow and led him down the hall. “Aye - she’s bonny. I’ll take ye to them?”

Wordlessly, Jamie nodded and followed the wee nurse down the corridor, past the long glass wall of the nursery full of healthy newborns sleeping in their incubators, and down to a door reading “CONFERENCE ROOM.”

“What’s this?” his voice was raspy, confused.

Maisri gently eased him toward the door  and turned the handle. Jamie pushed it in, heart pounding -


Seated at one end of a long conference table were Murtagh, Mrs. Fitz., Dr. Abernathy, and Claire’s friend and former colleague Mary Hawkins. On the other side of the table, Claire held an alert and wriggling Faith close to her shoulder, beaming. A pile of presents was stacked neatly on the table, along with a plate of biscuits and a pot of tea.

Jamie’s knees gave way and he collapsed into an empty chair.

“What’s all this?” he croaked.

“It’s a baby shower,” Claire explained patiently, using her best Nurse Fraser voice. “We never did finish buying Faith everything she’ll need when she comes home.”

“The two of ye have been so worrit about the wee lass that ye never took the time to think about what comes next!” Mrs. Fitz murmured around a mouthful of scone, shaking her head at Claire. “Claire told me ye didna even have a car seat yet! So I mentioned to Dr. Abernathy that perhaps we could organize something, and - ”

“I knew nothing. I swear.” Claire shifted Faith to her other shoulder and sipped hot water from a paper cup. “I arrived here with Joe just a few minutes ago - Mary was kind enough to wrap the gifts.”

Jamie sank his face into his hands, resting his elbows on the edge of the table, breathing deeply. “Murtagh and Joe scared me half to death wi’ their text messages. I ran out of Rupert’s meeting thinking ye and the lass gravely ill, Claire.”

Murtagh tsked while Claire gently stood and moved around the table to sit beside Jamie. Instantly he took her and Faith into his arms, kissing the baby’s forehead and inhaling the scent of Claire’s hair.

Safe. They were safe. Silently he willed his heart to stop racing.

After a long moment, Murtagh pushed a long, wrapped box down toward the Frasers. “Open it,” he said softly. “I brought the car so I can help ye cart all the wee boxes home. And I’ll help ye get the lassie’s room set up good and proper for when she comes home.”

Jamie sat up straight, re-filled Claire’s empty cup, and slid his finger under the wrapping paper.

“Is it all right for Faith to be here? I dinna want - ”

“Relax,” Joe smiled. “You’ve got one doctor, one medical student, and two nurses in the room. Faith will be just fine.”

Jamie sat up a bit straighter, feeling Claire roll her her eyes at him, and ripped off the wrapping paper.

An hour - and ten onesies, four bibs, one carseat, one breast pump, two stuffed Highland Coos, four bottles, three baby dresses, a pile of childrens’ books, and a lovely Fraser tartan quilt (“It was nothing, lad - I truly enjoy the quilting,” Mrs. Fitz had said as Jamie and Claire thanked her profusely) later - only one envelope remained.

Faith dozed against Jamie’s shoulder, so Claire carefully opened the envelope.

A lovely card - and pictures of a pram, pile of diapers, crib, and changing table fell out.

“It’s all over at my flat - I’ll bring it by afore the lassie comes home,” Murtagh explained. “And I’ll also get a crib for my flat, in case ye are ever over and she wants to take a wee nap -”

Jamie swallowed a sudden lump in his throat - so deliriously happy to have this strong, quiet, loving man in his life. In Claire’s life. And now, in Faith’s life.

“Thank you,” he said, voice thick. Claire nodded in agreement, heart full. “Thank you - all of you. This means a lot to us. We - we -”

“We are overwhelmed. This is so incredibly kind.” Claire eased an arm around Jamie’s shoulders, smiling at her adoptive family. Ragtag, and random - but hers. Hers and Jamie’s.

Faith sneezed against Jamie’s neck, suddenly awake. He cradled her head in one big hand, Claire peering over his shoulder to make sure the baby was all right.

The photograph Murtagh snapped at that exact moment would remain on his refrigerator until they moved to Lallybroch nine years later - and then would rest, framed, on his bedside table until he was an old, old man.

The Vampire Diaries 8x01

It was stupid.

Let’s start with the positives:

Stefonnie at last. I’ve been one of the many people rooting for Stefan and Bonnie to finally be friends again, and they had a lot of friends-supporting-each other scenes in this episode so that was good.

Violence. It was good violence. I always thought this show was best when it wasn’t afraid to stick somebody in the back with a giant hook, shove them into a vat of blood, and have them eaten alive. That’s some good horror. 

Meta humor. The opening callback was whatever to me, but I loved that part of it where the couple discussed genres and one of them goes, “I’m just glad the whole vampire craze is over.” TVD’s humor is best when self-aware. It’s not afraid to make fun of itself, that’s for sure. It doubles my appreciation of the crack when I think about how TVD, while a seemingly derivative vampire show, was still highly influential on pop culture. I also greatly appreciated the imagery of Damon lounging out by the blood pool while people get stuck and eaten like fishes, reading Fifty Shades of Grey. I could see it in a comic book. If you don’t know me, comic-book-y imagery is my shit.

Um…I guess I’m glad Steroline got a few scenes.

It’s not Season 7, so that’s good.

Now for the cons:

Everything else.

Boring. I was on board for maybe the first ten minutes of the show, totally willing to give the new season a new shot. By minute ten, I was bored. The plot was uninteresting, I wasn’t engaged or invested in any of the characters that I have known for so long, and I spent the rest of the episode on my phone.

Alaric. There was too much of him. Part of the reason the episode was so boring was because Alaric was in it. He was the most boring part. I’m not interested in Alaric and I never was. I always thought he was a creep. I was proven right when he started that weird relationship with Caroline.

The plot. Stupid. I don’t really need to say any more.

Bonnie and Caroline never spoke throughout the whole episode and apparently don’t give a shit about each other.

Bonnie is heartbroken. Why? Not because she’s lost the two most important men in her life. Because she’s lost Enzo. Damon might as well be chopped liver. Sure, Jan. Also, screw important, apparently Bonnie doesn’t have anyone else in her life except Enzo because she barely accepts Stefan’s friendship by the end and Caroline is a non-factor. Instead she spills her feelings to a diary addressed to her dead friend. Did Matt leave the show or…?

The kids are stupid. The whole twins storyline is stupid. Caroline being a “mommy” is egregriously stupid. Do I think it could have been done right? Maybe. But it wasn’t. I don’t know which one is which and I don’t care. They got too much screentime. They annoyed and bored me. I could care less about the little monsters. Again, the whole premise of Caroline being their mom and Alaric being their dad is fucking weird, but on top of that, Caroline’s mom scenes annoy the living shit out of me. The nanny storyline is fucking stupid as hell too. Who cares?

Stefan and Caroline are still weird together and not themselves, although they’re definitely much better than last season, which we better not talk about. But they’re still not the Steroline of old (S4, S5, S6, etc), probably because Season 7 fucked them in the ass. But also, let’s be honest, because the writers can’t write their dynamic for shit. I think they get confused by the whole friends-and-lovers thing. They probably think that if two best friends become lovers they suddenly stop being best friends and get weird or something.

The new villain is another basic white girl Elena-lookalike. Cool.

Caroline’s character actually bored me in this episode. Holy shit. New low.

Stop bringing up fucking Elena constantly. Stop giving us Elena/Delena flashbacks to try to keep her relevant. No one cares. We care about the characters that are still on the show now. Damon’s pining for Elena is old hat. We went through that last season. We get it. He misses her. Everyone does. Poor Elena. We miss Elena. What will we ever do without Elena here to guide us through our struggles. How will we survive without her strength. You’ve beaten us over the head with this crock of shit. Fuck it, I get it. I’m a believer. Are you happy? Stop.

Bonenzo is boring. I appreciate that a sexy man genuinely loves Bonnie and prioritizes her. But the Enzo we see loving Bonnie was still created by the writers as a Discount!Damon to try to steer fans away from Bamon and shut them up. Some people ate their shit. I didn’t. Enzo actually kinda grosses me out a little when he gets all lovey-dovey. The relationship is a failed attempt at telling a rushed loved story and falls flat when it tries to be more and carry the episode.

Everything else. Except for the brief glimmers I mentioned at the top, it fell flat. The show needs to revive itself, and I think I know how. I’ve been saying the same thing for years now.

On a final note, I’m basically only watching the show for Bonnie and Caroline now, so it’s especially a bad idea not to give them their due or have them in scenes together. 

So ever since the press room tweets from Emma Loggins yesterday, I’ve been trying to reconcile Kat’s teases of Bonnie being a badass and taking-no-BS and so forth with Julie’s tease that Bonnie will be saddled with some guilt over what happened to Elena (despite Caroline Dries’ indications to the contrary last month).

What if that guilt is there, but it’s a source of struggle for her, ie. something she rejects/fights? As in, there is guilt, but Bonnie doesn’t want it. That’s definitely a storyline I could get behind. 

I would love to see a Bonnie who is angry right now, because she’s finally learned how to live her own life, and now she can’t even be unapologetically happy about it because the guy who tormented her for months gave her one last asshole-ish parting gift by making it so that the aforementioned life comes at the cost of Elena being in that coffin.

This would be a Bonnie who chooses to rail against that guilt, to overturn it in that way. It was guilt that was thrust upon her by Kai’s actions, not guilt she’s actually culpable for, and she recognizes that.

That actually fits in with the equal, unaired resentments spoiler re: Bamon, too. Because Bonnie would be perfectly aware that Damon is misplacing his grief upon her, and that she doesn’t deserve his shit right now. 

We could very well see her resenting him right back, not because of Elena, but because Damon’s the one who is supposed to support her, who has always been the one she turned to. For even him to act in ways that imply the question of whether or not she deserves be alive? I could definitely see that getting under her skin and her getting more and more resentful every day over it.

When that all finally boils over, Damon’s going to get his ass handed to him, and it will be beautiful.

I think my main fear in hearing JP say “saddled with guilt” is that we’d get a Bonnie who reverts to seasons 1-5, whose life stops whenever Elena isn’t on top of the world with joy. But if both Kat and JP are telling the truth, it might actually make for an interesting storyline.

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[prompt] klaus+caroline; “Someone once told me that explaining is an admission of failure. I'm sure you remember, I was on the phone with you, sweetheart.”

this turned a little smutty towards the end, i apologize (but not really).

the planets bend between us;

He calls her on her birthdays. It doesn’t have to mean a thing. 

(She tells herself; she doesn’t tell him.)

They make awkward small talk, Stefan this and Elena that, Rebekah wants and Elijah needs. They don’t talk about the baby.

(It’s always the baby. Not his baby, not Hayley’s baby, their baby, our baby - you get it.)

(It really, really doesn’t have to mean a thing.)

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I really think Kai cared much more for Bonnie than he let on because he admired her and he wanted to be more like her but there’s more. He risked his life for her and even though he never got credit for it, he never said anything.

She was the only person he apologized to. Not his sisters, not anyone from his family or even Elena or Damon- no one but her.

He patches up her wounds when she’s hurt. After he shot her, after he stabbed her, after he took her blood. 

Even at the wedding- he makes sure she wasn’t at the wedding and with the spell- it was his way of torturing Damon. Not her. Never her.

He knows it was Damon’s plan in the first place. He knows Damon is really the one who fucked him over but even so Bonnie went along with it. Was happy to and I think that hurt Kai the most.

So bad he snapped which would take a lot. Bonnie left him and he couldn’t take that + everything that happened to him in the past.

I feel so bad for Kai. No one ever cared about him and in turn he never cared about anyone. 

So I think for him. the first time he ever cared about someone was with Bonnie and right when he thinks he’s making progress with her she leaves him. That hurts him more than anyone could know because no one even tries to know how Kai feels ever.

Even in the last episode when Damon leaves her he gets so upset because- How could someone choose Elena over Bonnie when Bonnie is literally the most amazing person to him?

I bet you a thousand dollars if given the chance he would save Bonnie.

I also bet you a thousand dollars if given the chance he would start all over with Bonnie. He tried to in 6x17.

He would take back all the pain he’s caused her so that she would care about him as much as he cares about her.

Literally just look at how he looks at her

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Why was Doctor Who so phenomenal tonight? Well let me explain.

First and foremost, PETER FREAKING PERFECT DOCTOR CAPALDI’S SPEECH. If you weren’t close to tears during that scene, you’re lying to yourself.

Secondly, Jenna Coleman’s FLAWLESS portrayal of two completely different but yet still somewhat similar people (they were the same person after all) The way she played Clara as she normally does and Bonnie as this cold-hearted, completely evil villain was absolutely incredible. It was like two different actresses, only BETTER.

Thirdly, past Who references EVERYWHERE YOU TURN.

Fourthly, the way that equality between races was shown. I loved how there were some Zygons who were perfectly happy to coexist with humans, and how THAT’S OKAY! The bond between the Osgoods showed us how fabulous a human/alien relationship can be (apart from the Doctor/Companion; that’s a different story).

Lastly, the writing and story line that was truly incredible and unforgettable. I’ve been loving Series 9 so far, but this episode (and last weeks as well!) was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. There was something special about this episode, and I really hope we get more like it. 

Wondering all the while..... If I ever fell for you! (Steroline Drabble)

Missing scene- Amnesiac Stefan comes to know about Tyler being back in town

A/N : I guess most of the awesome drabbles have already been written about the amnesiac dance, and so I didn’t know what else to write more. But, I was getting bored.

When he felt like nowhere else to go, he ended up at the crypt, again. He sat on the bench, the temptation gripping him from inside, the urge crawling his way out of his system to take a plunge. His raising breath, and clutching the edge of the bench was doing no good to him. He shut his eyes, hoping to concentrate on something, to find anything to fight it back.

This is not you….. You may not remember yourself, but I do.” The soft voice echoing in his ears, released the anxiety, calming him down. Her face showing up in his mind, led out a soft chuckle from his lips. His grin widened when he look into the phone buzzing, and popping her name out.

“Hey, so how is your diet going? I thought maybe we can go out for a hunt.”

“How do you even know when to check up on me? Is it telepathy or something?”

“Yup. It’s called best friend radar. It starts beeping when the other is in need.”

“I am glad that I am part of it then. So, what are we going to hunt?”

“Bunnies. You are kind of into them.”

“I am into killing those cute little things? And I thought I was the good brother.” Hearing her giggles had already calmed him down, but how can he deny her offer of help. Moreover something inside him was shouting out to go with her.

“You are the best one, Stefan. See you soon then.”



“How are you doing? I mean, Bonnie-“

“I won’t be fine with this news ever, but I have cried a lot last night. Tyler sat with me the whole night-“

“Tyler?” He frowned at the name. Last time he checked, Tyler, one of the werewolf/vampire/Hybrid, was out of the town.

“Oh, yeah he is back. I think I forgot to mention it, before. I am glad he is back though.” He could literally imagine her happy face for getting the so-called boyfriend back. He didn’t know much about him, but there was some nagging thoughts building in his head about Tyler. Reluctantly he just pushed them away for the sake of his best friend. After all, she deserved to be happy.

“Well, that was surprisingly disgusting.” The look on his face surely made her laugh.

“What did you expected? It will taste like a feast from heaven?”

“No, but I didn’t expected it to taste like vomit either.”

“Funny, but this is how it works best for you. Hey, by the way, we are having this ball tonight at Whitmore. You should come.”

“I thought I didn’t liked parties.”

“And I thought you lost your memories.”

“I lost my memories, I didn’t become an idiot, Caroline. I read in one of my journal before burning them, and according to it, I party hard when I go on a ripper binge.”

“I will be there, and I can pull you back if that will be the case.” He looked at her tenderly, thinking if there was any moment, when he thought something else about her. This was the first time he regretted burning all of the journals. Maybe he could have found something more about her.

“So, what’s the theme?” She grinned with her smile reaching to her eyes, and at that moment, nothing seemed to worry him. He trusted her, and his instincts told him that no matter what, she will be there for him.

“You can be James Dean. This is going to be so exciting. Tyler and I are going to be Bonnie and Clyde.” She clapped both her hands, talking about the costume she chose, and well, all other plans.

“Did Tyler mentioned where he was the whole time? How did he not contacted you back?” he couldn’t resist his anger anymore to see her forgiving Tyler just like that.

“He was helping a pack of wolf. Stefan, I know what you are feeling.”

“You are?” His heart started to beat a little to faster, but he couldn’t get the reason behind it.

“Yeah, you are being concerned about me. That’s what best friends do right? But, don’t worry about it. We are good. He is back, and I can’t ask anything more from him.” Stefan looked at her for longer than usual, and couldn’t help but wonder how is it that there is one girl, his girlfriend who can fell for his own brother, and then, there is this girl, who fights and never gives up on her relationship. He wished he could remember what they were like, being friends, and how it never went beyond it.

“I might have wrote few suggestions.” His feet stopped in the hallway on hearing that voice. He concentrated on her and moved in the direction of the sound. He heard a guy talking to her, complementing her to be the hottest serial killer. He assumed him to be Tyler, and he felt a jolt of heaviness in his chest, as if something crashed into the pit of his stomach.

“I went easy on him.” He heard her saying, and he smiled, approaching her, sipping the drink he took when he came in that place. “I figured between the blood-lust drama, the Damon- Elena drama, the amnesia drama, he has been through enough.” Thanks to the super vamp hearing, he heard everything she said, and he didn’t know why it felt good, as if there was a beast inside him roaring in a little victory, almost telling him that she considers him worthy of being a friend.

When she looked back at him, he couldn’t agree more with Tyler. She was shining among the whole crowd.

“Dance with me. I am buzzed, and I am on the verge of having a good time.” He took her hand and went onto the dance floor. The things he read about himself, about losing control and not able to hold himself up seemed a lie to him. It wasn’t like he was keeping a count, but, that was the second time, or maybe third, in the same day he regretted on burning his written memories. He wondered, how it was possible that there was nothing more than a friendship between them, not even a tiny spark or crush. Even if it was, he was pretty sure it will be by his side. After all, who won’t fall for the girl in his arms? Maybe he will never get the answers to this question.

awesome-bamon  asked:

So if the writers let Bonnie and Damon fall in love who do you think realizes it first? Who do you think would admit it first? How would they react?

You know, last time someone asked me this question I remember writing a dissertation on why it would be Damon who would figure it out first, because he’d progressed so much more emotionally in season 5 than Bonnie had. And then 6x06 happened and all that progression was essentially thrown out a window, and now I just don’t know.

But basically, I think they could both fall in love without realizing it. Because their intimacy is such a natural, unconscious thing. Also, neither of them is well-versed in what healthy love looks like, so they likely wouldn’t recognize it right off the bat.

I’m going to be an optimist and say that Damon’s character progression will be evident again once Bonnie is back in the picture (I’m basing this speculation on the way he acted during his voicemail for Bonnie, and how it was such a stark difference from the rest of the episode).

I think he’ll realize that he loves her at a really stupid, mundane moment. Like he’ll be dropping Bonnie off at her place after the whole gang spent the evening hanging out somewhere, and he’ll watch her walk up to the building and when she turns around to wave at him, his breath will catch in his throat (I know vampires don’t have to breathe, but work with me here). He’ll drive away, but he’ll be shaken. Or she’ll be dropping off a book that she borrowed from him, and he watches her smile while she tells him what she liked about it (exactly what he had expected she would like about it), and he’ll smile back and suddenly realize how happy he is in that moment.

And then it’s all he can think about. How did this happen? How long has he loved her? This doesn’t feel the same as his love for Katherine or Elena, why doesn’t it feel the same? Has he lost his damn mind?

The last one will be because despite the intimacy of their connection, I think Damon wouldn’t be able to believe that Bonnie could love him that same way. She loves him, he knows, more than anyone else realizes. But romantically?

He would talk himself out of doing anything about it. He’d decide, very seriously, that having Bonnie in his life is more important than anything else. Confessing the truth would mean losing her, he decides, again very seriously.

And then the next time they’re in a room alone together, he just blurts it out. Because a. he is impulsive as fuck, and b. he can’t not be honest with her, who was he kidding?

Bonnie would be shocked at first, but she’d hear him out while he confesses that he’s never felt this way about anyone before. That the way he feels about her makes him question if he ever really even felt love before now.

And the more he talks, the more she realizes he’s describing exactly what she feels too.