and how grateful he is

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I just feel like Phil is falling in love with Dan all over again like have you SEEN the way he is looking at him lately? Like he is in completely aw about how the shy boy he met in Manchester turned out to be and how grateful he is to have him in his life :')

LITERALLY THO ?? like i remember a little while ago saying dan was falling in love with phil all over again and now it’s phil’s turn i’m ?? 

i like to think about Bilbo and Thorin tripping over themselves trying to make the other happy after botfa. apologizing over and over for mistakes made on both sides, Thorin trying desperately to express how profoundly grateful he is to Bilbo and how very sorry he is for what he did, Bilbo ceaselessly trying to convince Thorin that it doesn’t matter now, it wasn’t him, there’s nothing to forgive, Bilbo never held it against him. just. Thorin thinking that Bilbo would be happier if he returned to the Shire and promising to make all the arrangements for him and give him whatever he needs. Bilbo realizing that Thorin would be happier if he stayed, that Thorin does not in fact want him to leave despite promising to help him go back, that there’s no way he’s leaving Thorin, that he wants to stay in Erebor, and working hard every day to make a disbelieving, overwhelmed dwarf king believe that, that it’s not too good to be true, that Bilbo wants him. ugh.

Don’t think about how Raymond Holt has been a cop for over 30 years and has never had a better job. Don’t think about how he was discriminated and judged for all those years. Don’t think about the struggle he went through to get his own command. Don’t think about how much effort he put into it to make it the best precinct in Brooklyn. Don’t think about the fact that he could have kept his precinct, but instead made sure the people who had made the precinct what it is stayed there. Don’t think about how much the squad respects him and how they knew that he wanted them to be the best. Don’t think about the fact that Jake wore a tie for him to show him that he was determined to help him. Don’t think about how he knew that and how grateful he was for that. Don’t think about how Gina turned her phone on airplane mode to try and keep the captain there. Don’t think about how she left with him because she cares that much about him. Don’t think about how he much he has cherished the last 21 and a half months and how he has remembered each moment including the first moment he met Jake Peralta.

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Wait do Dolan and Cynthia actually start dating or does Cynthia forever just have a crush

ooc: They start dating once Melody finds interest in Terry, thus leaving Thomas down in the dumps, only for Cynthia to bump into him like “Ayyyy lmao don’t worry about it wanna chill” and he’s like “I HAVE NO CHILL” and she’s like “lemme show u how to chill it’s gon b grate” then boooooom he falls for her and finally gets the guts to ask her out once consulting FInnick like, “Hey man, I know i  throw you in the garbage sometimes but does that one friend of yours seem to like me” and finnick’s like “ye bruh don’t take my peanut butter pls”

So yeah. They do end up dating. And then some. Sad stuff. Happens but. Shh.


After seeing the wonderful gifset of Maggie and Jocelyn that parallels the Sherlock tarmac scene, I was inspired to watch Broadchurch.  I really enjoyed it: it was bleak but wonderful.  The chemistry and friendship between the main characters is amazing.  

An the end of series 2, Miller and Hardy are ready to part ways, after bonding over some very intimate experiences.  By the looks that Hardy’s ex wife keeps giving them we can see that at least she thinks that they’re starting to look like they have feelings for each other.  

Anyway, Hardy and Miller are about to say, ‘goodbye’.  Hardy thanks her for all her help and she’s visibly tearing up.  He then tries to really stress how grateful he is and her response is, 

‘Don’t be nice to me, it’s not how it works’.

As Miller is ready to leave she puts out her hand, Hardy says, 

“A handshake?”

And her response is, 

‘Yeah, not hugging you’.

This, to me, is so reminiscent of the tarmac scene and of why they didn’t hug or they didn’t say anything deeper.  We can see, here, that Miller is barely holding it together just to shake hands.  They both know what they mean to each other and what they’ve been through, they don’t need to say it and Ellie in particular cannot handle any declarations of friendship, here.

She’s trying not to cry, she’s trying to keep herself together, that’s why she can’t hug Hardy because that’d be too much and the whole thing’s already too much as it is.

This is also why John and Sherlock don’t hug, why they don’t say, ‘I love you’.  They don’t need to and they could not emotionally stand it if it were to happen.

It's just a wheelchair

Ok so I’m going to prom with a friend of mine and he’s in a wheelchair and it’s really starting to piss me off how people are reacting. Like, they think they’re being nice but I constantly hear stuff like

“Oh that’s so sweet of you!”

“He’ll never forget that night”

“People are gonna be so impressed that he got a girl like you to go with him”

And these are supposed to be compliments but you know what, they’re fucking patronizing. As if I’m only going with him as a favor because he’s in a wheelchair. Nobody knows how smart he is or how much he can grate on my nerves. Nobody wants to ask how we know each other or what he’s majoring in. Every fucking time it’s just

“Aw. How did it happen?”

“Has he always been in the chair or was he in an accident?”

And you know, I don’t know. You know why? Because it’s none of my fucking business so I’m not going to ask even if I’m curious myself. He’s a human being people, stop acting like he’s a charity. 

Book Worm|| Open

Sam could sense it. The cooling sensation of the mark on the nape of his neck. How grateful he was that his hair was now long enough to cover it properly. Books were spread before him, onto the table. Pages were flipping slowly whenever his gaze landed on one. Then, he would lower his gaze back down to his notebook to take notes. It was way faster to do some research that way. Well, at least, nobody was around to catch him, so he took the occasion to use his abilities to good use.

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Big Bang reaction to you surprising them with a homemade dinner

I hope you like it sweet~~

Jiyong: He’d feel very touched and he’d end up getting a little shy “You did all this for me?”

Daesung: He’d so overwhelmed by how good it smells and looks he’d want to dig in straight away.

Seunghyun: He isn’t someone who is particular good at expressing emotion but he’d want to try and show you how grateful he was for always looking after him so he’d just and want to take you in his arms “Jagi come here, I love you”

Seungri: “Jagi since you’ve been so good, how about I reward you after?” (Classic Seungri)

Taeyang: He would be putty in your hands and he’d turn go all red and shy “Jagi your too good to me”

Eggs,Bacon & Blood ||kadyn & Roman

Kadyn made an effort, he wasn’t sure if Roman even ate breakfast foods but he wanted to do something for his master that showed him just how grateful he was for the kindness he was shown. He scrambled eggs, buttered toast, and cooked bacon under the grill, even cutting his wrist to fill a glass of blood and placed it all into a plate, heading to his masters room as his wrist healed.

The smell of blood was most prominent to him but he was sure the masters human would only pick up on the eggs and the bacon, so he left a plate out for her as he slipped into his masters room without knocking. Placing the tray down he slid onto the bed beside the vampire and curled up against him, nuzzling under his neck with a soft quiet whine. “Morning Alpha.” He nipped lightly at the cold skin and reached over for a piece of toasty, lifting it to the vampires mouth “I made breakfast.”


Hi everybody! So I’m probably late to the game, but I heard it was Asian Invasion! I’m not comfortable with putting my face here, but I wanted to be a part of this.

I think we are all beautiful, and I love when I get to see everyone’s gorgeous selves! :)

I am Chinese and was adopted at a very young age. I am proud of my birth country, and am comfortable in my skin. I am grateful for how God made me, and the opportunities He has put in my path. :)

I hope you all have a lovely day! Stay chill, cool cats. :)

The night previous had been nothing but proactive for Jericho, making sure his movements around the house were incredibly silent as Irvine slept; a post-it note stuck by the nightstand with words for his boyfriend to make his way to the kitchen where a flourished bouquet of red roses would be standing upon the counter, and against the glass vase, another note telling him to move towards the living area where a box of chocolates - Reeses, of course - were situated upon the coffee table alongside an sealed envelope that contained a letter detailing 104 reasons  (he tried for the 1004 but didn’t have enough time) why he was incredibly in love with the ayatollah and how he was so grateful to have him within his life, yet another post-it note then stuck upon the wooden furnishing that the chocolates had been upon telling Irvine to get into his car and make his way towards the nearest hockey stadium where a surprise would be awaiting for him. Excitement burned throughout Jericho’s veins after prepping the post-it journey for his counterpart to wake up to, snuggling back within the bounds of bedsheets with the man that he loved most, praying that the present he had in mind would go without a hitch especially considering said hockey stadium was booked out for just them to be within for the morning, hopefully not to become a waste of time. Sleep hardly came to the rock-star before he shifted out of satin duvets in the early morning, partly scared in case Irvine awoke before him as he shifted himself into a grey suit and purple tie combo, and blonde tresses spiked before placing a Winnipeg Jets jersey over the formal attire, wanting to look the part whilst in the confines of the stadium; his motions incredibly silent in order to not bring his doppelganger away from his slumber before he exited the abode and hailed a cab towards the destination that he needed to be within. Nerves interlaced incredible excitement as Irvine finally made his way into the main area of the stadium, skates placed upon his feet before he skated himself over to the middle of the ice-rink within the empty arena and simply waited; hoping the surprise that he had in mind for Irvine would be an unfathomable triumph. 


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Whenever he's in town, Clark loves to purposely walk the alleyways of Gotham late at night. His favorite nights are when some soul tries to hurt him. He loves it because he gets to be "saved" by his lover- or should I say his Bat?

Ohh, man, those lovers have no idea what they’re about to get into.

Batman would beat up the criminal and Clark would be acting horrible about how strong Batman is and how grateful he is and Batman gets to carry him out of there and after all of that, Batman gets mad and tells him to stop doing that but Clark doesn’t.  And once Bruce snaps, Bruce gets to take Clark in the alley and fuck him right there against the wall.

Unconditional Love

How grateful he is

To be able to love

To love without conditions

To love without expectations

How grateful she is

For the love surrounding her

For the love of nature

How grateful they are

How fortunate

To be sending out waves of love


“Love is not a debt that needs to be paid back with love”

Shadows Part 2 (Klaus Mikaelson)

It’s been exactly 24 hours since I have found out what I am, and Klaus has yet to leave my apartment. Probably because of how skittish I am, but I’m grateful that he hasn’t left yet. I don’t want Damon and Stefan to come after me, and Klaus had been telling me stories about the reaper he once knew, and what he found out from her.

“According to what I was told, a reaper is a force to be reckoned with. Powerful and strong. And the more aid given to the shadows, the stronger you will be. A reaper’s spirit can leave their body to guide the balanced, or rather the ones who are ready to move on, but that is a skill that will take a while to learn.” He explained.

“What do you mean, aid the shadows?” I asked.

“They will give you little tasks. Things that they require you to do.” He said as he pulled out a piece of paper, and handed it to me. I looked at it confused.

“What is this? Is this even English? I asked as i tried to decipher the beautiful, but old script.

"Yes love, it is English. My sister translated it into English. My mother wrote it in rune script some thousand years ago.” He said as he snatched the paper out of my hands. I looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Well aren’t you going to tell me what it says?” I asked him.

“Don’t get snippy with me, sweetheart. I’m getting there.” He said, his patience obviously waning. He’s probably wishing that I went back to being the scared girl he met a day ago. Well too bad.

“Well…?” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Are you always this annoying?” He asked.

“Are you wishing Damon had ripped my throat out when he had the chance?” I asked bluntly. He gave me an amused look.

“Never love.” He said more softly. I nodded my head, and i relaxed my posture slightly. “It says that you can also be a guardian to humans in dreams as well. Like a a guardian angel.” He said with a smirk.

“That’s funny. What else does it say?” I asked.

“It says you are immortal unless someone burns your body while you are guiding a soul. Then you either become a shadow, or you go to the other side.” He told me. I looked up at him alarmed.

“Relax Anna. I wouldn’t let anyone burn your body.” Klaus said. I went to say something, but he put his hand up to stop me. I looked at him confused, but he gestured to the door.

I walked over, and i opened it. I saw Damon and Stefan there. Damon looked angry. What else is new? They made a move to get in, but they hit an invisible wall. I looked over at Klaus in confusion. He simply smirked, and cocked his head to the side. Oh yeah, only originals can enter without permission.

“Anna, tell us what you are! I’m going to kill you! I will rip your flesh off your face. I’ll rip your heart out so fast, you’ll be able to see it beat in my hands right before you die.” Damon growled out. I took an involuntary step back, away from the door, even though I knew they couldn’t enter.

I ran into Klaus and he was glaring hard at the brothers. “If you even dare to come after her, i will rip both of your heads off, only after i have killed everyone you have ever known. Starting with your precious Elena.” Klaus sneered. He put his hand on my waist in a protective and possessive manner.

“Are you really going to trust him, Anna? A man who kills just to get his way.” Damon snarled.

“Like you are any better? When Elena told me about vampires after i was attacked, she told me about what you both have done. All of it. So don’t you dare act like you are any more noble than Klaus. In the past 24 hours he’s been more kind to me, than any of you. You both have tried to kill me, i was thrown across the room, and now you’re threatening me. Again. I thought you were supposed to be the good guys?” I said, feeling the need to defend him. He tightened his grip on my waist, and i looked up at him. He had an unknown emotion hidden in his eyes.

Damon advanced forwards, and pounded on the invisible barrier. “I’m going to kill you!” He snarled.

“You don’t even know what i am.” I said in a bored voice.

“If Klaus is defending you, then it’s something bad.” He said.

“No, she’s pure. I just recognize the power she possesses. I wish to protect her purity.” Klaus said.

“I’m going to track down little Izzy.” He said, and my face paled.

“Damon, don’t. Don’t provoke her!” Stefan said, but Damon didn’t pay any attention to him.

“I’m going to track down little Izzy, I’m going to bring her back here, then i will drain her dry. Right in front of you. Or… Or I’ll turn her, then stake her, and leave her head in a box as a present.” Damon said.

I felt an incredible rage fill me. It felt like a stir crashing in my head. I have never felt anything like it before in my life. But with the rage, i felt an incredible power fill me. I felt strong.

I ripped myself out of Klaus’s grip, and i marched forwards. I felt like i could do anything. Both Damon and Stefan looked at me in shock. I left my apartment, and Damon came towards me, but i raised my hand, and as he touched my hand, it was like a rubber band snapped, it was like raw power was released, and he was flung backwards, and he was left convulsing.

I was being dragged backwards, and right as Klaus closed the door, i collapsed. Klaus caught me, and carried me to my couch, and laid me down. I recognized the veil and the shadows. The same little girl appeared before me.

“How did I get that much strength and power?” I asked her.

“The shadows hate it when Reapers are threatened. Especially the young ones who are new to everything, and are seen as weak. So we channeled our power and you released only a fraction of it.” She said as she played with her curly blonde hair.

“Why is it you who always appears to me? Are you the leader or something?” I asked.

“No, no. There are no leaders. I’m just tied to you. I’m your real sister.” She said, and I felt a wave of sadness crash over me.

“Stop that. Don’t feel sad for me. I died of natural causes. I didn’t have the reaper gene.” She said.

“So why are you here? You told me this was for the lost.” I said, watching her carefully.

“Okay, you got me. I was put up for adoption, too. My adoptive brother pushed me down a well, and I drowned. They found my body, but i was already here when it happened. I won’t be at peace until you are at your full potential, but you will still be able to communicate with me, no matter where I go from here.” She said.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Lily. Now here’s your first mission. You must find out who mother is, appear to her in her dreams, and guide her. She hasn’t been taking souls.” She said.

“How do I do any of this?” I asked.

“You have to find out who she is, meet her in person, then do a ritual, and appear to her. It’s usually not that difficult, but we don’t know where she is. She has herself cloaked.” Lily told me, and before I could asks anymore questions, she and the others vanished.

I sat up quickly, gasping for air. I looked wildly around, and Klaus was at my side in an instant. “What is it?” He asked.

“I know what I have to do.” I said, then I passed out once more.

i love how passionate michael is about everything that he does and how he always shows the fans love and is never ungrateful for anything you do for him, he knows that without the fans they wouldn’t be as big as they are now and you can just tell that he’s so beyond grateful. i love how sweet and gentile he is to fans, how he takes time out of his day to follow fans or reply to them and sometimes even meet them or tweet to apologize about how he couldn’t meet them. that boy is so god damn grateful for everything the fans have gotten him and if you try to tell me differently you’re wrong. michael clifford is a blessing to this earth please treat him nicely.

I think the most inspiring person for me is not a massively iconic figure but a simple man from Ireland who decided to make YouTube videos. Jonathan Joly. His life story is so sad, he went through so many hardships and disappointments. He was depressed and alone for most of his life. Until he met Anna. Anna Saccone. It took him over 30 years to find the love of his life but he is the happiest person alive. He has two beautiful children and has just hit 1 million subscribers. He always says how grateful he is for his life now. He always says how much he’s glad he never slipped away when it was really getting bad. I’m so glad he didn’t either.
It just shows that if you hold on for that bit longer, for that bit further, then you could end up living the life you never dreamt of. A life which is full of happiness, hope and love.
Just hold on. Please. You never know what life could bring you in the future.